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A Child's Nightmare: Revenge of the Mommy

If you have read the first several entries in the nightmare series then you might be thinking 'wow... Is this ever one dumb mom.' The kid is always a creep but what if the mom was just a little bit smarter?

Thanks to Sally for the suggestion

The Setup: Okay the kid has visited the mom the night before and shocked the hell out of her going through the whole routine of tricking her into making the dumb promises and everything [see A Child's Nightmare if you have no idea what I am talking about.]

The mom basically played along and let the kid explain how he had nightmares of her getting used and abused in every humiliating situation possible. She was a little disturbed by the kid, but this is one smart mom and she saw the hardon junior had to be giving his mom the works, so she rightly figured she might get a second visit the next night and has prepared a little surprise for her naughty little boy. [Note the dialog is presented in play script format]

son: Hey mo... you're awake?

mom: Yes honey, come on in.

son: I had a nightmare again mommy.

mom: Was it a bad one, like last night?

son: Even worse mommy, I nightmared about you...

mom: Just a second sweety.

son: What are you doing mommy?

mom: I dropped something just under the bed before you came in.

son: Oh?

mom: Okay... yeah I am ready now... you didn't just see my panties when I leaned under the bed did you?

son: No.

mom: I think you did. I don't really know if I am dressed proper tonight for you to see... if I pull my covers down, my short little nightie is all see-through.

son: Mom?!

mom: I better pull my covers back up... it isn't very proper is it? It was just so hot tonight... I was going to not use any blanket at all.

son: That's okay.

mom: You wouldn't mind? That wouldn't be too embarrassing for you? I am your mom.

son: No... I don't want you to be too hot... you can kick all the covers off... I won't even look or anything.

mom: I know you won't look... your such a good little boy... why don't you sit on the bed and tell mommy all about your nasty nightmare tonight... you aren't going to do any more smart tricking of me, are you?

son: No... I don't think so... but if I make you promise things then they have to be true.

mom: Yes they do sweetie... always, unless I can remember to cross my fingers first... Are you going to trick me into something first or tell me dirty stuff?

son: Ummmm... I guess dirty stuff... Are you mad at me mommy?

mom: Of course not honey, I was tricked last night so I could never get mad at you... don't you remember?

son: Yeah, it's just... I don't know.

mom: Is my little see-through nightie and tiny panties too distracting? I could put on a robe or something.

son: No! That's okay mommy. I like it when you are comfortable.

mom: Umm, I am so comfortable, I hardly feel like I am wearing anything at all... I am kind of embarrassed, but just before you came in, I was kind of... touching myself a little bit. Would it be too much if I maybe just did it a little while you tell me how I get fucked in your bad dreams?

son: Mommm!?!

mom: What? Moms have feelings too. Michael, you tricked me fair and square so I have to listen to your dirty dreams but if I get so horny then I think I should be allowed to just touch a little.

son: Yeah... that sounds fair.

mom: Goodie... okay start telling me about your worstest nightmare ever.

son: Ummm, I guess that you get raped again.

mom: Really, by big, black, sexy nigger gods?

son: No, not tonight... I think I did it mom.

mom: But sweetie, I am your mommy.

son: I know... it's just a nightmare.

mom: Do you know what will be fun... could you trick me again into listening to this dirty dream and then tell it to me and I will pretend I don't like it?

son: How come mom?

mom: It will be a fun game... and if you do it I will give you five free tricks of me, anything your naughty little mind can imagine.

son REALLY???

mom: Oh yes son, mommy is so dumb that you are going to trick me right out of these panties anyhow so I might as well just go along.

son: Can I just fuck you now mom?

mom: Oh-no, honey. It has to be a trick or mommy would be too dirty... but first you have to do your part.

son: Then I can fuck you, right mom?

mom: un-huh.

son: Oh-my-god.

mom: God has nothing to do with this sweety, now I need you to talk very loud and act like this is the start of the very first trick and I will fall into your trap but sound sad too okay.

son: I guess so, but...

mom: Michael, mommy, was sleeping.

son: I had a nightmare mommy.

mom: Oh-no baby, tell mommy so you can go back to sleep because you have school tomorrow.

son: You're going to get mad mommy.

mom: Why honey?

son: Umm... you need to promise me I can tell you my dream and you won't get bad.

mom Louder Michael, okay?

son: Why mom?

mom: Michael if you want to trick me to be your little fuck-toy then you have to do what I say. I guess I don't really need to do this first trick part again so I want to start where you see me bend over the bed and ask what I am doing, and I will just say I dropped something, then you force me to listen how you want to rape me and beat the fuck out of me and make me your toilet or fuck the dog or the football team and I will let you trick me into getting fucked by you or sucking your cock or letting you become my total master, but you have to say everything real loud and act like I am helpless and you are being mean to be, okay?

son: Yeah.

mom: Okay then 1-2-3, start.

son: Huh?

mom Michael, just do it... again 1-2-3, start.

son: What are you doing mom?

mom: Nothing honey, I just dropped something on the floor... please don't make me listen to your dirty dream.

son: I am going to mommy. I tricked you so you have to listen and then I will trick you and rape you.

mom: Oh-no, Michael... please be a good boy.

son: I had such a fun dream tonight mommy. I got some of that Ecstasy drug that was on the news and tricked you to eat so much.

mom: Michael, that is bad.

son: Uh-huh... I liked putting it in your food. You can't taste it, and I will feed it to you. It makes your taste get all funny so then I will get you some orange juice but you won't even know that I put lots of Vodka in it.

mom: Not your daddy's best Vokka, Michael?

son: Yep. Ecstasy makes girls really thirsty so I make you drink a whole bottle.

mom: Have you been reading about Ecstasy on the internet?

son: A little.

mom: What?


mom: Okay, tell me are you really planning to use some to rape me?

son: Yeah and it will make you so friendly that you will even like it.

mom: Hmmm... Just a second Michael.

son: What are you doing mommy?

mom: Just a minute baby.

son: What is under the bed mom?

mom: Nothing... I think I should take off my nightie.

son: Really mom?

mom: Yes but before I do, I want you to act like you are going to rape me on the bed. I want you to say 'but I don't even need Ecstacy to rape a bitch like you then jump on the bed and slap your ass like you just hit me and I will scream, then say 'don't fight bitch' and make another hitting sound and then tell me to suck your cock and I will pretend to do it while you call me names and act like you are raping my mouth but I will pretend to bite you and get on the floor and when I go under the bed then say like 'get back here bitch so I can knock-you up'... Can you remember all that?

son: I guess so, but why...

mom: This is important Michael, then you can fuck me for real.

son: Will you promise me.

mom: I promise Michael, and look... no crossed fingers.

son: Okay... are you ready?

mom Yeah, remember, real loud.

son: But I don't even need Ecstasy to rape a bitch like you, mom.

mom: Owww, don't hit me.

son Don't fight me bitch. Suck my cock.

mom Owww, my hair... ummmgh... slurp... acckkk... gulp... slurp

son. Oww! Fuck, Mom you really bit me.

mom Let me go!"

son: What are you doing mom?!?

mom: Don' try anything Michael, I have a tape-recorder going.

son What?

mom; You rotten boy... I never knew you were going to rape me... I was just taping you to show your daddy what you were doing?

son: Mom???

mom: Yeah, Dad is going to know, so you better not come near me and stick your filthy cock back in my mouth and make me suck it again.

son: But I never...

mom: Michael what are you doing? You're going to rape me... You're going to rape me. IEEEEEEEEEE!

son What are you doing mom?

mom: Hmm... this tape is going to sound pretty interesting to your father.

son: You can't mom, you promised!

mom: Don't be so stupid, A promise doesn't force someone into something.

son: But you always said a promise is a promise is a promise.

mom: That is what moms say, but I also tell you to keep your room clean and help with the dishes and you never listen to that.

son: This is a rip-off mom. You're not really going to tell dad.

mom: Oh yes I am and he will kill you.

son: No... Mom!!!

mom: I think maybe you will be my slave from now on and do all the housework for mommy.

son: This isn't even fair.

mom: You're the tricked boy now.

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