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A Child's Nightmares I

"It is okay Michael."

"I just had the worst dream mommy. It was so awful. I never dreamed anything so bad before."

"You're trembling precious. The dream must have been very scary."

"It was so bad mommy. I am sorry I had such a bad dream."

"Michael, don't be silly. You know you can wake mommy up when you have bad dreams. If you tell me then it won't be so scary."

"Oh no mommy, I just can't."

"Of course you can sweety. I am awake now. Tell mommy your bad dream and then you can go back to sleep for school tomorrow."

"You won't like my dream mommy. It is so bad. I am sorry mommy."

"Michael, stop being so silly. You know you always feel better when you tell me your nightmares. Do you want to get in bed with mommy?"

"I better not mommy. If I tell you how bad my dream was you will just get so mad at me. I am so sorry. I didn't want to dream so bad."

"Michael listen... oh my goodness! Why do you keep saying mommy will get mad. It is just a dream. I think you better tell it to me now because I am starting to get curious."

"It is really bad mom. I know you would never be so bad. I know you are a good girl mom."

"What are you saying Michael... you didn't have a dirty dream did you?"

"I'm sorry mom."


"You're not going to tell dad are you?"

"No... of course not. Michael tell me about this dream."

"You promise you won't get mad mommy. You can't tell daddy."

"Yes Michael, I promise. Is this the first dirty dream you had?"

"No I am sorry mommy I have more."

"... Are they about me too.?"

"Don't get mad mommy."

"I am not going to get mad Michael. Mommy just never expected this yet. I guess you are getting to be a bigger boy. I better hear about your dreams so I can find out what you are interested in and see if there are any questions or things I should talk to you about."

"I better not tell you mommy. You are going to think I am so bad for dreaming such terrible things."

"Michael, it is normal for little boys to think about their mommies. I mean a boy does not pick his dreams and just if you dream about your mommy doesn't mean you won't find a nice little girl your own age when you get old enough. Is your dream about me and you?"

"Oh no mommy. Those dreams don't scare me."

"Oh... OHHH! Oh my goodness."

"Are you getting mad mommy?"

"No Michael I promised you I would not get mad. You remember that mommy always told you that a promise is a promise is a promise."

"And you didn't have your fingers crossed did you mom?"

"NOPE. I am not allowed to get mad now or tell your daddy either but I am really curious now about your dream. I mean you are so young. Just what happens in your dream."

"Lots of stuff mommy. I can't say most of it though."

"Yes you can Michael. I want you to."

"But I might have to use swear words mommy."

"Oh really!"

"I know that is really bad mommy."

"Well Michael I know I always taught you that only swear words are really bad but now that I am beginning to understand what type of dream this might be then I think maybe you can tell me swear words to describe it but only for tonight."

"Can I say all of them mommy?"

"Well what ones do you know?"

"Fuck and cock and ass and tits and cunt and..."

"Do you REALLY need all those words.?"

"Yeah and some names like bitch and slut."

"MICHAEL! Oh my goodness... You can use all those words and whatever other ones you need."

"When I swore before you washed my mouth out with soap didn't you mom?

"If I catch you swearing again I will do it again too so don't think otherwise. Michael I want to hear your dream now."

"Okay mom but no matter how bad it is I know you are a good mom and love daddy and I love you too."

"Of course, Michael."

"It is just in the dream you were not very good and that is what scared me so much."

"Why wasn't I very good Michael?"

"You liked your boyfriends better then daddy."


"I know you are not a slut mommy."

"Well thank you for that. Who were my boyfriends Michael. I mean I had more then one?"

"I dreamed six boys mommy."


"It is just a dream mommy. I am sorry."

"Don't be sorry Michael. I am sorry if I am embarrassing you. I know it is just an innocent dream and you are being very brave to share it with mommy so I want you to remember that I promised not to get mad or ever tell your daddy so you can use all the swear words you want and tell me exactly what a bad girl I was with my six boyfriends."

"You really liked all of them mommy even though they were just from the high-school."

"They were young, huh?"

"Yeah but you liked them way more then daddy."

"I guess I would... I mean Michael you must know I love only your daddy and have never had any other boyfriends but that does not mean your dream will make me mad. I am not going to get mad but I want you to tell me your nightmare exactly like it happened and if I did dirty stuff or the boys did then you can tell me so I will be able to help you with any questions you might have about what people do when they like each other."

"I know all that mommy."

"How do you know about that honey?"

"Me and Jimmy found a video his daddy had."

"MICHAEL! Michael, you should not have looked at that video."

"It was okay Mommy I liked it but the boys were all black."

"Really! Well there is nothing wrong with the boys being black."

"Really mom?"

"Of course. People are people. I always taught you that."

"You won't get mad then if I told you all the boys in my dream tonight were niggers."

"I certainly will if I hear that word again young man. That is a bad word."

"Why mom?"

"You know why Michael."

"But Tyrone says it."

"Well he shouldn't and even if he does it is different because he is black. Why are all my boyfriends black anyway?"

"Cause nig... black guys have the biggest cocks mommy."

"Oh my god Michael! How are you hearing all this so young. That is not even true."

"Yes it is mom. Tyrone showed me and I saw a book too."

"So just because black guys have bigger cocks you want mommy to be with them?"

"No I don't want it mommy. You would be a white trash slut if you did that."

"OH MY GOD! Michael what is wrong with you. The thing that would make mommy a slut is fucking around on your daddy. The guys being black has nothing to do with anything."

"So it is okay if they are black?"

"I thought I was teaching you better then this. Maybe you should go think about it."

"I haven't even told you the dirty or scary stuff yet mommy and you promised not to get mad. You are breaking your promise mommy."

"Right. Okay. I won't be mad. You can tell me what a bad girl I was with the black guys."

"I could even say the 'n' word if I want because you said I could use any words I wanted."

"I told you that you could use whatever words you 'needed' Michael. There are nicer words to use."

"I am going to sound like a dork."

"I really can not believe what you are saying. Oh my god, I can just imagine what your dream was."

"I am going to tell you mommy and you can't get mad. I just dreamed that you were here at home having fun with all of the boys. Daddy wasn't here yet so the boys got into the house like they did in the movie I saw at Jimmy's house."

"How is that Michael?"

"Like breaking in. You wouldn't even know they were in the house until one of them grabbed your hair."

"I thought they were my boyfriends?"

"Yeah all of them mom."

"Michael, boyfriends do not break into a girl's house and grab her by the hair."

"These ones do mom. It is my dream."

"Well maybe you should be telling this dream to a doctor Michael?"

"Mommy NO! You promised you would not tell daddy."

"I never said anything about your daddy."

"This dream is just for us mommy."

"Michael are all your dreams like this one?"

"Most of them mommy but sometimes you get in the gorilla cage at the zoo or bad doggies are your boyfriends and sometimes I get to be but my cock is always too small so you like it better in the other times."

"I don't think I would like it in any of those dreams Michael."

"You can't get mad mommy. You have to let me tell you all the dreams and you can never get mad or ever tell daddy."

"I just can't believe I am not dreaming this nightmare right now Michael."

"You are getting mad mommy?"

"No Michael but your dream is making mommy sad."

"It is just a dream Mommy."

"Your dream I could live with even though you are so young to have it but I am sad for how you are talking to me."

"You said I could mommy. You always said I could tell you anything."

"Of course you can Michael and I will always love you but it makes me feel like I was a bad mommy so hear such things from you."

"You're not a bad mommy. You are the best mommy. Jimmy's mom would never let him say swear words to her. He thinks you are way prettier too. We both thought the movie would be really good if you were in it and all those ni... black guys were making you be their bitch. I want to tell you the rest of my dream and how mean you are to daddy when he gets home."

"... okay."

"First you are like the girl in the movie and try to be all stupid and get away so all the boys have to hit you and stuff. In my dreams the best part was to see them really slap you hard in the face but it was all good when they threw you on the floor or slam you into a wall and pull your hair and punch you and kick you and everything. In my dream it is really funny because you try to phone 911 but your finger slips and you hit 912. It does not get you any help and once the ni... black guys know that you were not so stupid to spoil all their fun then they can just relax but they punish you anyhow for trying to use the phone by pulling the cord out and wrapping it around your neck to just choke you until you are like all falling down. The boys are just laughing at you then and one of them can pick you up by the hair and kiss you right on the mouth. It was good in my dream because you were so choked you had to let him put his tongue in your mouth like you were just a slut and he could feel up your ass too. Then a second boy used you the same way. In my dream all the boys knew what a good kisser you were and that proved you wanted their ni... black cocks but you started telling them you were married so they knew dad would try to interfere. In my dream you had to spend lots of time getting kissed until daddy would get home. The boys took turns sitting on the couch with you two at a time. In my dream you were out of most your clothes but still had your panties on so you could not blame the boys for doing rape yet."

"Michael. Are you telling me a real dream? I thought this was a nightmare. You make it sound like a sick porno movie."

"No mom it was my dream and it scared me what happened to dad and me."

"Something bad happens to you too?"

"... yeah. I don't like that part though mommy."

"You should not say you like any of this dream Michael. If I am going to listen while I am raped and heaven only knows what you are implying happens to your daddy then you better damn well tell me if you get yours too."

"You don't get raped mommy because you are liking it."

"Michael girls never like this. When boys break into the house and beat the fuck out of the girl

even if she goes along with them at the end it was still rape."

"No because in my dream the nig... boys know to marry you so the baby won't be a bastard and then they can fuck you and it is not rape."


"When you are married to them that is when you really like it and they don't put a cock into your cunt before then."

"WHAAAAT!? Michael. How do they marry me. What about the baby...?"

"Your making me mix up the dream mommy."

"You dream I get raped and knocked-up by black guys??"

"No not like that."

"Like how?"

"Mommy you are getting mad again."

"Just where did you get these sick ideas from Michael? What was in that movie you saw?"

"Just stuff mom. It showed how smart ni... black guys could be to show a white girl how nice they were. In the movie it looked beautiful because after they tied the girl up so she could be calmed down then they let her have three cocks in her at the same time. Jimmy said that was an oreo sandwich and it was very nice for the girl. Even when they had to hit her it just taught her that they wanted her to be their girl friend."

"And did she want the baby?"

"No the movie never talked about that but I studied in school and I know you and daddy can't make anymore babies because of his accident so I want the ni... black boys to give me a little brother."

"It could be a sister."

"I only dream it is a brother mommy cause he will be a ni... black boy too."

"Stop trying to be so clever Michael."


"You know you are making me mad when you say nigger. I mean I do not even know if I should care considering all the other horrible stuff you are saying."

"I haven't even said it mom."

"Every time you go to say something you act like it just slips out Michael but it is on purpose and you better stop it or this will be one promise I break and I will get mad."

"You told me the most important thing in the world is to never break a promise."

"That is the only reason I am not whipping that little butt of yours right now Michael. You set mommy up. I know you are so young I would not have thought it possible but you set me up didn't you. Well I have never broke a promise in my life so finish your wicked little dream. Marry mommy to the blacks. Breed mommy to the blacks but there better be something really awful happen to you too or mommy will know you lied and even though I will never punish you for a 'dream,' you will get a spanking hard enough to keep you from sitting for a week if you have been lying to mommy."

"That's cheating mommy."

"That is the way it is Michael."

"What a rip-off. I won't even feel sorry now because I dreamed you so dirty with the boys."

"You haven't been sorry since you started this sick story. I mean, good god, you have had a hardon for the last ten minuets."


"Oh my god. Your embarrassed about THAT?"

"I don't even have one."

"I can see it MICHAEL! I was just surprised you didn't bring it out and start touching yourself."


"You do that too don't you? While you think about your 'slut' mommy and her ni... black boyfriends. God, now you have me doing it."

"It is stupid to not use the word."

"Michael. Enough. You have made your point. You are just going to be really annoying if you bring it up again so drop it. I don't want to hear the word and no matter how much you think it would add to the story, it is not necessary so I will not allow it."

"Well I want to tell you what a wicked cunt you are when dad gets home anyhow."

"Oh I am wicked am I?"

"Yeah. The guys tell you what to do and you are so scared you have too or you will get the same thing dad does."

"I don't think I want to hear this Michael."

"It is when the dream gets scary mom to prove it so you will know I was not lying."

"You better not get gross."

"I won't mommy. You know I love daddy but it is your fault what happens because the guys can't marry you until your first wedding is finished."

"I guess that makes sense."

"Yeah mom. I only dreamed this because you would not want the baby to be a bastard and dad would never be happy anyhow to see what a slut you are making a black baby and just getting all big in your tummy until you embarrass our whole family so it is actually better for him not to be around and you like it too because then you can be with your boyfriends."

"So I am actually already liking it before your daddy gets home."

"Yeah. Even though they can't put their cocks in your cunt into you are married to them because then you could say it is rape, they are still able to show you what nice big cocks they have making you suck them."

"Michael you keep saying that marriage will make it not rape. That is not true."

"Yes it is mommy I heard on the news that guys get to rape girls as long as they marry them."

"That was in Egypt or one of those stupid countries. Michael, girls have rights in our country. Even if you daddy ever tried sex with me and I said no, then it would be rape. You have to understand that. You are my son but you are so screwed up. We are going to have to see a doctor Michael."


"Your daddy will not have to know. Michael we both love you. You are still so young. You should not have dreams like this for at least six more years and even not then. I wish I would have been a better mommy for you."

"You better not make me go to a doctor."

"It is not for discussion Michael."

"I will hate you if you break your promise mommy."

"I never promised about that Michael. You don't really hate your mommy. All boys have fantasies. You would really be sad if mommy ever did these things... wouldn't you?"

"NO. If you take me to a doctor I will get Tyrone to get other black guys and do everything for real."


"... Awww... I don't mean it mommy just please don't take me to a doctor. It will be too embarrassing."

"Well too bad, Michael! How embarrassed do you think I am, tricked by my own kid into lying here like an idiot, forced to hear the filthiest talk of my life about how I somehow deserve to be used and abused and end up like some willing concubinal child-breeding slave. I mean I just want to cry now so please finish this 'nightmare' so I don't have to hear anymore."

"Yeah well your really spoiling it mom."

"Oh poor baby. Yeah I know. Your hardon proves it. How did you expect me to react Michael? You tricked me good so I am not allowed to get mad. Did you expect me to get hot? Did you honestly think I would enjoy hearing this filth? Or maybe you thought there could be more. What type of girl do you really think I am? Would it be 'spoiling' it if I told you it would make me hot to hear about bad things happening to your daddy while I have to watch? Is that what you have been waiting to hear? Do you want me to get wet in my panties while you tell me how I willingly breed with all of the black bastards? What do you want from me Michael?"

"I am not even going to finish this dream mom if you don't stop it."

"... Michael. Do you want to fuck me now?"


"Do you want to fuck me?"

"No... of course not."

"Should I pull down my covers Michael? Would you like to see me without my pajama's. You have never really seen me before have you?"

"I saw you mom."


"Yeah... with dad even."


"It was okay mom. Jimmy and Tommy liked it too."


"We saw you that day when we were out playing football. You guys didn't even hear us come in. You were good though mom. We all thought you looked really pretty."

"Jimmy and Tommy saw too?"

"We all saw it in the movies mommy but you were just as good as any girl. If you want to really get fucked I know they would both love to do it to you."

"I don't really want it Michael. Oh my god. I don't even believe any of this. What do you want from me Michael? Why are you telling me this dream at all. Are you asking for help?"

"No mom. I am not a wimp. The dream is cool. I want to share it with you. I would like you to give me a brother."

"You know your dad can not do that Michael."

"You can tell him it came from a rape. He won't hate you for that."

"And should the father be black or do you want to do 'that' job?"

"I could mom but only if you would still love me."

"... I will always love you Michael but that is never going to happen. Do you understand. I am your mommy. I don't know why you are having these dreams but I can help you if you like. I can't let you make a baby Michael but would it help if we made nice love so you could see it would not have to be so mean?"

"I don't know."

"I don't know Michael. I mean I don't know what to do. I want to help you. I don't know what would help and what would make everything worse. Maybe I never held you enough as a baby. I could not breast feed you. I am sorry if I caused this."

"You didn't cause it mom! Why couldn't you feed me."

"It was a long time ago Michael."

"Didn't you want too?"

"Of course I did. You were a darling baby but there were complications. Maybe we never bonded and that is where you got your ideas. Would you like to suck my tits now?"

"Maybe... can I?"

"... yes."


"... Go ahead then Michael."

"... ummm mom. Your nipples are getting hard."

"Ouch! Michael, careful."

"Do girls like it when a boy bites, mom?"

"Every girl is different Michael but my titties are very sensitive so be gentle."

"Okay. I like this mom. Dad will never know will he?"

"No one can ever know Michael."

"Especially any doctors because you could get in trouble too."

"... right."

"So you won't take me to a doctor or you will be in trouble right mom?"

"Yeah, Michael."

"It is okay mom. I like to suck your tits and this time when you have your baby I will get to really milk you too."

"Milk is just for babies Michael."

"I could drink a little milk too mommy because I didn't get any when I was little. Most of it will be for the baby though."

"And just whose baby is it going to be Michael?"

"A black baby would be best just so long as you did not like it better then me."

"But what if mommy did. You said yourself that black boys are the best because they have the biggest cocks. I should think that I would like the best boy better."


"Yeah Michael. If you want mommy knocked up again then you might never be loved like you want and don't forget about all the work. Mommy is not going to have another baby until you promise to help do all the hard work and you are not allowed to cross your fingers."

"Like what work mom?"

"Ummmm... like baby-sitting while mommy can relax and changing ALL of the dirty diapers. I think you can especially be in charge of potty training so mommy will not get peed on again"

"I never peed on you before mommy."

"Yes you did but you don't remember because you were too young and it did not taste very good so when my new black baby is peeing all over a white face I want it to be yours or I will not get myself knocked-up."

"Are you true mommy. Are you really going to have a brother for me?"

"I can't promise a boy Michael... what am I saying. Michael you are so bad. I should be thinking about killing myself for raising such a brat and here I am wetting my panties. How are you doing this to me? We have to stop."

"I think you are ready to hear about daddy mommy."

"You have school tomorrow Michael."

"Yeah... well in my dream you are cock-sucking really good and your face is soaked in cum. You think it is such a waste for all that good baby-making juice to not be in your cunt but dad was at work and you had to phone him to get him home."

"I thought the phone cord was ripped out to strangle me with."


"Oh. So do I know what will be done to your daddy when I lure him home."

"Of course. The guys tell you it is to save yourself but you want to do it anyway because you need to end the marriage to him to get the new baby."

"Right. How would I be able to get daddy to leave work early? Wouldn't he call the police when he knew I was in trouble?"

"No because you can pretend you are horny and need him home so you can get fucked. It won't even be pretend because you really do need him home before you get fucked only he won't be having any of the fun."

"That is wicked Michael. I suppose I have to do phone sex with dad to prove I am really in the mood and need him only when he thinks I am making pretend cock-sucking noises he will actually here me slurping real cock huh."


"Would I be really slurppy and really make your daddy wonder how I 'pretend' such real sounds."

"He will even cum in your mouth and you will have to swallow it and gag while dad listens. He won't know anything though. He will just come home like he is so stupid and doesn't know what a slut you are to let the black guys get rid of him."

"Michael I don't want to hear this part. I know what you mean when you say daddy will go away so lets just do it that way. Even if I ever have a baby again I will always love your daddy most of all and I will have to be sure he will never 'go-away' in anyway."

"I know that mom."

"You don't need to tell me how mean things happen to your daddy when I lure him home. I suppose he just walks in and sees me sucking cock huh."

"Yep and he would not like that very much mom."

"No he wouldn't. He would try to interfere and get into trouble."

"He might stop one boy mom but not six."

"I guess I would just watch and enjoy seeing how manly my new lovers are to make daddy go away."

"You tell them what you want them to do mom."

"Oh Michael that is wicked."

"Can I say what you want them to do mom?"

"No. This is enough. So I would be able to get married then but wouldn't we need a church."

"I bet there might be some weird African way to get you married."

"That might be fun. I wonder if they would use wedding rings and dresses and stuff."

"Yup. In my dream a special ceremony is used to get rid of each of your wedding video and photo album and ring and then your own dress is put on you while you do the African ceremony so you can then fuck."

"So it would be time for the hornymoon then huh."

"Ha Ha!... That is funny mommy. You would be really horny for the baby."

"ummm. Oh my god Michael look at the time. You are going to school today Michael. If you need to finish the rest of your dream then you can tell me when you cum home tomorrow. I don't think you are too 'scared' now to sleep huh although with that bulge in your pajamas I guess you have a chore before you can drift off."

"Okay mom, but you want to hear more of my dreams don't you.?"

"You still owe me bad stuff happening to you but we will just have to wait and see how I feel about hearing any more of A Child's Nightmares."

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