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Chrissie's First "O."

Chrissie was sixteen. She had been sixteen for almost three months, now and she was disappointed. For years, she had heard from her older sister and best friend, Janine, that guys go crazy for girls when they mature, and Chrissie felt that turning sixteen would be the magic point for her- she should be making guys crazy, now.

Janine was almost two years older than Chrissie. But they had grown up playing with each other- first in sand boxes and with toys, and later, in bed, and with different toys. Chrissie had always watched with envy the way Janine led boys around by the nose. Or by the cock, was more to the point. She saw that Janine could get a guy to ask her out by simply smiling at him in the halls at school, and then being "around" when the subject of a dance came up. Chrissie sometimes sat in her big sister's room when Janine was getting ready to go out. She watched with careful interest as Janine chose her clothes for dates. Janine would tell her, "This is my tease 'em but no touching dress," or "This is my make them throb halter top," and occasionally, "This is my 'Let's play' dress."

Sometimes Janine and Chrissie shared intimate things, boy things. Janine would get home from a date and the next morning she would tell Chrissie all about it. They would giggle conspiratorially and relive the evening- Janine in her memory and Chrissie, vicariously.

It occasionally made Chrissie moist between her thighs when Janine would describe in detail the things the boys did to her, and the things they asked her to do to them.

Once, when Janine had first told Chrissie that she had let a boy fondle her pert breasts, Chrissie has innocently asked how it had felt. She had expected Janine to tell her about it. Instead, Janine was so horny from being felt up all evening the night before that she leaned over and lifted Chrissie's Tshirt and said, "Here, let me show you."

Chrissie looked a bit startled, so Janine went on, "It's wonderful. You HAVE to feel it to understand. Here, lay back and I'll show you."

They were in Janine's bedroom, sitting on her bed. Chrissie was in her pj's, and Janine was still in her halter top and shorts. Janine cradled Chrissie in her arms, just as her boyfriend had done, and began to slide her hand up under Chrissie's pj top, slowly encircling her budding breasts, brushing her dark nipples- teasing them to erection. Chrissie had loved it- her little pussy became very moist and she squirmed a little.

"Mmmmmm. I think Chrissie likes to be touched," Janine crooned.

"MMMmmmm, oh, yeah," was all Chrissie could say in response, slightly breathlessly. She noticed that her eyes were becoming a little unfocussed, and that her whole body seemed to melt away, except the parts that Janine touched.

Chrissie really wanted to touch her own pussy like she did in her bed at night- she felt so turned on- but she had never done that in front of anyone, and wasn't sure it was right. Janine sensed her need, and saw her hips begin to move slightly. "If you need to touch yourself, Darling, go ahead. I do all the time."

Chrissie was shocked at first. She didn't know what to say or do. Despite the number of hours they had spent talking about boys and sex, they had never admitted to each other that they liked to play with themselves. The thought made Chrissie's little cunny tingle even more, but she wasn't completely sure Janine wasn't teasing her.

Chrissie looked in her big sister's eyes and saw that they were not taunting her- she really meant it! Still she hesitated. Janine took Chrissie's hand and guided it down toward the younger girl's virgin pussy- lightly placing it on her pajama bottoms, at the place where her swollen lips ached to be touched and began to help her gently rotate her fingers for her. Chrissie did not resist. She let Janine make her hand move against her mound and tantalize her clit to erection.

"There, Honey, doesn't that feel better?" she asked.

They shifted a little and Janine pulled at the elastic waistband of Chrissie's pajamas- starting to lower them down her hips. Chrissie couldn't believe she was letting Janine do this, but she couldn't help herself. She lifted her hips a little to assist Janine, and felt her bottoms slip down over her smooth, round bottom and past her teenage thighs.

Chrissie pushed the bottoms down off her legs and dropped them over the edge of the bed. She was now sitting there in her pajama top and a pair of little white cotton panties. Janine looked at her and smiled. Then, rising from the bed for a moment, Janine quickly pushed her shorts to her knees and let them fall, stepping out of them lightly. Then she whipped her white tube top over her head revealing her perky, full breasts, unencumbered by a bra. She stood there for a minute in her tiny pink panties, letting Chrissie have a good look at her long tanned legs and slim body- a picture of innocence and sensuality.

Janine climbed back onto the bed, sitting back against the headboard, her legs slightly apart, obviously enjoying the fact that she was showing Chrissie her beautiful, developed body. She pulled her legs up and opened her knees. Chrissie couldn't stop looking at her sister. "Take off your top, Chrissie. Let me see you, too... Please?"

Chrissie felt like she was mesmerized by her childhood hero and confident. She felt she could not deny Janine whatever she wanted- not because they were sisters, but because she was so incredibly turned on. She slowly raised the soft flannel pajama top over her head and dropped it on the floor next to her bottoms. She felt a little self-conscious, and covered her breasts with her arms. Then, seeing that Janine was so open to letting Chrissie look at Janine's breasts, and seeing Janine pout when she covered herself, Chrissie let her arms slowly fall from in front of her breasts, until they rested in her lap.

Chrissie's breasts were slightly smaller than Janine's but they were firm and well formed and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. Janine was obviously looking at them, admiring them. It made Chrissie slightly self conscious again, but it also turned her on. She felt the old familiar moistness between her thighs, that tingling deep in her pussy.

"Now, watch me and just do what I do," Janine instructed. She slipped her hand into the thin pink material of her panties, and began to circle her love bud in small, slow circles.

Chrissie watched the outline of her hand move and reached down to do the same. She pulled the waistband of her own panties out to allow her other hand to slip in to touch her pussy. Janine smiled and watched her little sister with a lustful look.

"Honey, pull them down so I can see what you are doing," Janine coaxed. "Let me see your cunt open as you touch it for me."

Chrissie found the word "cunt" strangely arousing. Usually, harsh language was a turnoff for her, but this time it made her tingle. It felt so deliciously naughty. She lifted herself off her bottom and slipped her panties all the way off her legs. Then she leaned back against the bed head, and opened her legs, just as Janine was doing. Chrissie leaned back against the bed head, her knees apart, her hand between her thighs, slowly teasing herself as she watched Janine. Janine was kneeling, knees apart, directly in front of Chrissie, watching with earnest as Chrissie fingered herself. Janine's fingers made little circles around her own clit, under the fabric of her panties. Chrissie could smell the dank aroma of a woman's sex, and was not sure if it was herself she smelled, or Janine's sexy perfume. It made her tingle all over to think of it.

Janine's eyes widened as Chrissie began to speed up a little. "Oh, Chrissie, yes, that's so good. Make it feel good, Honey. Make it open for me."

Then Janine stood up on the bed, and unsteadily balanced as she lowered her panties. Her open, glistening pussy was right at eye level in front of Chrissie.

"Now, you, Chrissie. You take them off, too," Janine directed. Chrissie put her knees together for a moment, and slipped her while cotton panties down her legs and dropped them over the edge of the bed. Janine sat next to Chrissie against the bed board, and opened her knees to resume fingering herself. "Oh, Chrissie, I love the squishy sounds we make... don't you?"

Chrissie was sure she was near to going "over the top" as she called it, and slowed down a little. She didn't want to seem too juvenile- she wanted to be as mature about this as Janine. Chrissie was prepared to do this all night, if Janine would.

"God, Darling, I am so close... go faster... yes, faster... like this..." Janine instructed.

Chrissie was almost flowing with wetness, and needed no further encouragement. She mimicked Janine in every detail- circling her finger tips on her clit when her sister did, and inserting her finger in herself as Janine did to herself, first just barely inside her little slit, then, with each stroke, entering her opening cunt deeper and deeper. Then Janine raised back up to her knees, and said, "Now that we are both very wet and open, I think we should try something else. Are you ready for this?"

Chrissie looked lustfully up at her older sister's luscious body- her breasts full and round, her nipples and aureoles dusky and hard, her tummy flat, and her dark triangle pointing Chrissie's attention to her open, wet honey pot.

Chrissie didn't know what she had in mind, but was so turned on by this time, she was ready for anything.

Janine leaned forward and kissed Chrissie on the mouth. They had kissed before- trying out their kissing techniques, to get ready for boys, but this was different. Janine was obviously kissing her passionately. Chrissie felt a small orgasm roll through her body and tingle her nerves. She thought she should recoil, but instead she couldn't help herself; she began to kiss back.

"This isn't right," a little voice in her head kept saying to her, but her body pushed the words away and reminded Chrissie of how wonderful it felt. She wanted to make love to her sister- right here, right now. Her aching pussy needed it, demanded it.

Janine's hands roamed all over Chrissie's body and Chrissie returned the favour, enjoying the hardness of Janine's nipples, and roundness of her breasts. She felt her sister's hands slide across her back and over her breasts. Then Janine's hand slid sensuously down Chrissie's tummy and found her matted curls, glistening with wetness of her juices. She found Chrissie's love bud barely erupting from her folds and began to massage it.

Chrissie lay back, her knees now wide apart, and let Janine finger her little clit. She lifted her hips a little to allow Janine better access to her dripping pussy.

"Oh, Janine," she moaned, her eyes almost closing from the ecstasy. "Oh, God, that's incredible."

She pushed her hips up all the way up toward the other girl and opened her knees even farther to allow Janine access to her deepest regions.

Janine knew Chrissie was close, and smiled as she slipped her forefinger into Chrissie's pussy. Chrissie's eyes widened, and her mouth formed a perfect "O" as she pushed herself out over her older sister's finger, impaling herself on it and feeling it fill her little cavity.

Janine began to withdraw her finger, and Chrissie had a moment of panic before she realized that Janine's intention was not to pull free, but to fuck her with that long, slender finger- in and out and in, again. She felt the start of an enormous orgasm building inside, spreading across her hips and tummy and out to her farthest nerves. Janine's finger was beginning to pick up pace, and was becoming a flurry of motion- in and out, making a wet, sucking sound as it did. The sound was almost as sexy to Chrissie as the way Janine's finger felt.

"I'm fucking you, Chrissie. I'm 'doing' you like the boys would like to 'do' you. Does it feel good, Baby? It feels good to have something hard and long inside you, doesn't it?" she crooned in a husky voice, her hand flashing back and forth, her finger plunging in and out.

Chrissie let herself explode and came with a force she had never felt before. "Unghhhhhhhhhhhh, oh God! Yes! Ohhhhhh, Unghhhhhhhhh, unghhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned.

As she began to subside she lay back on the bed. Janine withdrew her finger and slipped it seductively into her own mouth, licking Chrissie's juices from it with obvious enjoyment. Janine smiled and asked, "Now, wasn't that better than doing it yourself, Sweetie?"

Chrissie could only nod and let a soft smile cross her face as she melted into the feather duvet and waited for the feeling to come back to her toes.

That had been the first orgasm she had ever had at the hands of someone else. After that, Janine and Chrissie had occasionally helped each other, "feel good" as they put it. But generally, Janine preferred to play with her boyfriends, and Chrissie had been left to her own to explore her sexuality.

Now that she was sixteen, Chrissie thought it was time that the boys would be able to help her, just like they "helped" Janine. And tonight would be the start of her life as a 'real woman'. Chrissie smiled to herself as she showered and prepared for her date. She could feel that old tingle begin to stir in her loins as she lathered herself with soap and felt the hot water crash against her skin.

Tonight would be the night. Tonight she would tease him a little and then get him crazy, and then maybe take him out, and then... Chrissie began to smile as her hand soaped between her thighs... But even if he did push his hard cock into her waiting pussy, Chrissie knew there would never be anyone who made her come like her sister did.

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