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College Prep

A true story. The names and details have been changes to protect the innocent.

My name is Mark. I'm 25 years old. I'm beginning my third year of graduate school at a major northeastern university. If all goes well, in twelve months I will have an MBA and a good job at a venture capital firm. I have always enjoyed reading fictional erotic stories, especially those involving incest. I always assumed that nearly every supposedly true story involving this subject matter was in actuality, fiction. To my way of thinking, fiction was perfectly alright, but the idea of actually having sex with a family member was wrong in the extreme. Having studied psychology in college, I know that most actual incest survivors don't recall their experiences fondly and I can't imagine that they would write about them under a pseudonym with the intention of circulation on the internet. Something happened in the summer of 1998 that would change my opinions regarding incest forever.

I had just completed my first year in graduate school and I was heading home for the summer. It was going to be good to be with my family. Graduate school was much harder than I expected and I rarely had time to visit during the school year. My parents were nearing retirement and my sister Jessica was about to head off for her freshman year at college following the summer break. For all I knew, holidays aside, this might be the last time we would all be in the same place at the same time. I was more than a little disappointed upon my arrival to find out that my parents were going to be away for most of the summer on a bus tour through Europe. In retrospect, they had told me about it, but I guess that I forgot.

It was now two weeks into my summer break and things were not turning out the way that I had planned. My parents were off in the Swiss alps somewhere and my sister, who I had hoped to spend some time with, was hardly ever around. On that particular night, she was out on a date with some guy named Fred, or maybe it was Ted. I didn't really care. She didn't seem to have a steady boyfriend, but since I had only been home for two weeks I couldn't be sure. I was in the den watching a really bad soft core porn movie on Cinemax when Jessica plodded in and dropped down onto the other couch in the room. It was still pretty early, about 10pm.

"What happed to your date?" I asked.

"Nothing," she replied.

For some reason I pressed her a bit. "Do your dates usually end this early?"

"Forget it," she said forcefully.

Her tone told me to quit while I was ahead.

Almost immediately after sitting down, she got up, announcing "It's too hot, I'm going swimming"

She plodded back out of the room in the way that all sisters do. As if to say to the world: "I'm so frustrated with everything, that merely walking requires too much effort"

A few minutes later I heard a splash behind me and I turned to look out the window. Jessica was doing the back stroke across the pool in our yard.

I caught myself staring at her figure as she swam. Jessica was definitely a pretty girl. Not what you would call gorgeous, but definitely pretty. She had short brunette hair and an extremely curvy figure. She was only 5'7", and her breasts seemed to large for her small frame. She was wearing a shiny lime green, one piece swimsuit. As with much of my sister's wardrobe, here large breasts stretched the materiel, making the suit cling tightly to her body. As she climbed out of the pool and walked towards the diving board, I could see her nipples protruding through her suit. Without even a thought that this was my sister I was watching, I strained to see every detail.

Then, just as I thought my eyes would burst from their sockets, she turned and briefly looked my way. The spell was broken. With a shock of embarrassment, I quickly turned back to the TV. I couldn't believe it, but I had a raging hard on.

I heard the back door slam shut and sound of Jessica climbing the steps to her bedroom.

A few moments passed, and my brief moment of insanity seemed to pass as well. Once again, I tried to return my attention to the TV. I started flipping channels, finally settling on the Playboy channel. The Playboy channel always seemed like a bit of a cheat to me. Sure you got to see lots of tits and ass, but it always was delivered in the form of some pseudo artsy video centerfold with flowing drapes, canopy beds and all that crap guys really don't give a shit about. All of the movies they feature always stop just short of actually showing any real action. Still... it was better than watching reruns of ER. Then, at the exact moment that I think I had completely forgot about my sister in the her skin tight, wet swimsuit, she came strolling into the den. She was wearing an oversized fleece robe. Not sexy at all. Out of force of habit I picked up the remote to change the channel. Jessie would normally berate me for watching "smut" and demand I switch to the History Channel or something equally boring. Much to my surprise, when she noticed me reaching for the remote she said, "It's ok, you can leave this on"

"Huh?" I uttered.

"I thought you hate this stuff?"

With a bit of a wry twinkle in her eye she replied, "No... well maybe I used too, but I guess it's ok now."

"Yeah? Why? What's changed?" I asked curiously.

She squirmed a bit on the couch. "I'm older now."

"Yeah... I can tell," I said.

Then all of a sudden she stood up. It seemed like she was about to say something, something she didn't feel comfortable saying while lounging on the sofa, but she immediately sat back down without a word.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Mark..." she started hesitantly.


"Look... I, uh..." she mumbled, now definitely looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Whatever it is, just say it," I encouraged.

"You have to promise that you won't laugh... and you won't tell anyone," she said.

"Tell anyone what?" I was starting to get annoyed.

"Look, you have to promise that everything will be a secret," she demanded.

"Ok, ok, I promise. What's going on?" Now I really was curious.

Suddenly a look of resignation came over her.

"Mark, before you left for college, you told me that if I ever needed anything, I should just ask," she continued. "Do you remember?"

"Yeah, of course I remember."

"Did you really mean it?"

"Jessie... of course I meant it... After all, you are my sister."

Something about the part about her being my sister seemed to make her a bit more uncomfortable. She squirmed on the couch a bit more. Then she seemed to screw up her courage again and continued.

"Do you think I pretty?" she asked.

All of sudden I knew what was going on... or I thought I did. Some guy she was dating wasn't being attentive enough and she wanted me to boost her ego a bit. Well... ok, I could play along. After all, I was her big brother.

"Yes, you're pretty! You're very pretty!" I offered.

That seemed to put her at ease just a little.

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

Still acting like the older brother trying to boost a siblings ego, I didn't think twice about my response. In retrospect, had I thought a bit more about my answer, things might have gone very differently.

"Yeah, you're sexy! You know you are!" I said.

"Who's saying that you're not?" I asked.

She didn't answer.


Almost a full minute passed before...

"Will you have sex with me?" she blurted out.

It took a moment for Jessie's question to sink in.

"WHAT?!" I said, almost shouting.

"Will you have sex with me?" she asked again quickly. It seemed like she didn't want the words to hang in the air even a moment longer than necessary.

"Jessie... you're my sister!"

"I know that, Mark," she replied. "It's just that... well..."

The time for subtlety was past.

"Spit it out Jessica. There's nothing that could shock me now," I said.

She began, "Ok... Mark you've been with lots of girls."

"I wouldn't say lots."

"Whatever..." she seemed annoyed at my interruption.

"I know that you had sex before you left for college. It's like... you were prepared," she continued.

I couldn't help but ask, "How did you know that I had sex before college?"

"Come on Mark... you fucked two of my friends, Lisa and Pam. You did it right in your room."

"What makes you think I did that?" I asked.

"Girls talk Mark, and besides... I watched you."

"Watched me?! How?" I wasn't sure whether I was getting mad or seriously aroused.

"Simple," she said. "Your bedroom is down on the first floor, and your window shades don't close all the way."

"Let me get this straight then," I said

"You want me to have sex with you... so you can be "prepared" for college?" I asked.

"Look Mark, with guys, it's no big deal, but it's different for girls."

"I don't want my first time to be with some drunken frat guy in his back seat. I thought that I would have had sex before the end of high school, but I guess I just never liked any guy well enough for them to be my first. Mark, I love you and I know you love me. I'm asking for a favor. It's not like a girl asks you to fuck her as a favor every day, is it?"

"No!" I laughed. "Not usually."

I couldn't believe this. My own sister was literally begging me to fuck her. Twenty minutes ago I was fantasizing about this. That was just a fantasy. This was real. I looked over at her, sitting cross legged on the couch in that huge robe. This was nuts. I couldn't fuck my little sister. That's incest. I found myself trying to think this through logically, but I couldn't. I kept seeing her in my mind in that wet swimsuit. I tried to think of the little girl that used to dress my old GI Joe toys in Barbie outfits. It was no use. My dick was already straining at my pants. Things would be different from now on.

I looked at her again

"Mark... does this help at all?"

Jessie stood up... and in one motion dropped the robe to the floor.

I was wrong when I said that she was pretty but not gorgeous. She was absolutely stunning.

I had seen her naked before, but only fleeting glances through the crack of a door.

If any girl's body had ever screamed, "Fuck me!" more, I certainly had never seen it.

The curves of her waist and thighs made me immediately think of what it would be like to be inside her. Inside my sister. What it would be like to fuck her. Her breasts were full and firm. The shock of cold from losing the robe made nipples stand out.

From this point forward the evening seemed to move much, much faster. I can't even remember all of the details.

She walked over and sat down on my lap.

She quickly noticed my hard-on.

"I guess we are going to fuck," she said in a smutty way that almost made me blow my load right there.

I pushed her off me and stood. There was no hiding the fact that I was seriously worked up.

"Jessie... this had better not be some kind of a joke..."

"I promise Mark," she answered.

"Ok... but it's a one time thing... and we don't ever talk about it again... not to anyone. You've got to promise."

"I promise," she said, throwing her arms around me.

"Alright baby, let's go fuck," I said sarcastically. I grabbed her by the hand and lead her downstairs to my bedroom.

Jessica followed me into my bedroom and closed the door.

She stood and watched as I took my shirt off. Despite all of Jessie's smutty talk and theatrics it was obvious that she was unsure of what to do.

I stripped down to my underwear. My hard-on was begging to be released. Jessie started to look but turned away as if embarrassed.

"Jessie, it's ok... come here."

As she crossed to me I pulled my underwear to the floor.

We stood facing each, both completely naked. We looked into each other's eyes and it felt right. We kissed for the first time. Not like brother and sister. It was great. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest and my hard-on was pressed up against he stomach. We stepped back a bit and I took her hand and placed it on my extremely hard dick. She looked down and felt my balls with her other hand.

"Mark, is this the normal size?" she asked innocently.

At nearly 9 inches I was proud of my asset.

"I'm probably just a little bit bigger than your average bear," I joked.

There would be time for a full lesson later. If I didn't get some release soon I was going to be in some serious pain.

"Go lie down," I said.

As she lay down on the bed I opened my night stand drawer and took out an unopened box of condoms.

"It's ok Mark, I've been on the pill for a while... just in case," she said.

Dropping the box back in the drawer, I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Jessie," I said looking her in the eyes. "You're sure you want to do this? So far we haven't done anything too serious."

"Mark... do it, please, now, before I lose my nerve."

That's all I needed to hear.

I knelt onto the bed and spread her legs apart.

God, I was about to fuck my sister.

I positioned myself at Jessie's virgin cunt. With one hand I slowly pressed the head of my dick in between the lips to her cunt.

"Uhh!" she moaned.

I felt her tremble.

Momentarily unsure, "Are you ok Jessie?"

"Do it please, Mark," she said, her voice trembling.

With that, I slid my dick inside of her slowly.

"Ahhh... oh my God..." she was nearly yelling.

She was very tight. The lips to her cunt stretched to accommodate my size. I looked down to where I entered her and I almost blew my load. The sight of my dick sliding inside my sister combined with the sensation of my cock being gripped by warm, wet velvet was nearly too much.

Slowly I continued to press into her.

"Uh, uh, uh..." she was panting. Her abdomen was almost in convulsions.

"Relax, Jessie... it's ok."

I leaned forward and kissed her passionately. I looked into her eyes that were moist with tears.

"You're sure your ok, Jessie?" I asked again, my dick deeply embedded in her now.

"Uh, please don't stop, Mark."

I moved down from her lips and took one of her large breasts into my mouth and began to suck her nipple gently while I continued to slide my cock deeper inside my sister.

I felt myself begin to press up against my sister's virginity.

"Jessie?" I looked again into her still wet eyes.

"Do it Mark... please."

I forced the full length of my cock into my sister, taking her virginity with one fast motion.

"Uhhayyyyyyyyy!" she screamed. "It hurts Mark!"

"Don't worry, Jessie, it'll be ok in a minute," I comforted her.

For the next few moment we lay their motionless. My cock was completely buried in my sister. I can't even describe the feeling. We were pressed up closely against each other. Jessie's breasts were flat against my chest. I felt the heat of her body and her cunt seemed to be twitching and convulsing around my cock. It took every once of willpower not to cum inside her right then and there. I leaned down and kissed my sister once more as a started to slowly fuck her with increasing speed.

"Uh, uhh, uhhh..." she panted as my motion increased

I started pounding into her with greater force. We were building into a rhythm. I couldn't believe that this was the best fuck I ever had, and it was with my sister.

"Mark, Mark...yes, oh, fuck...ayyyeeeeeeeee!" she screamed.

Jessica's orgasm was all I could take. I forced my cock fully into my sister and I felt my balls tighten as I shot wave after wave of hot cum deep into my sister's womb.

"Mark... I can feel it... I can feel you coming... oh my God... oh fuck," she uttered.

I stayed inside her for the next few moments. We were both completely spent and out of breath.

"Well Jessie, are you ready for college now?" I asked.

With a twinkle in her eyed my sister responded "I think I may be ready for my Masters."

It's been nearly three years since that hot night in 1998. Despite our agreement that our incest would be a one-time thing, we continued to make love throughout that summer. We fucked every day and usually slept in the same bed. That ended though when we both went to our separate schools in September.

I haven't slept with Jessica since then. She recently wrote me a letter telling me that she's engaged now and plans to get married following graduation. As sad as I felt at the thought of losing my sister to some guy, I also felt my excitement building. You see, she also mentioned that she doesn't feel quite "prepared" for marriage yet and she needs me to do her a favor.

After all, what are brothers for?

Fucking Older Sister
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