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Collette, Too

It had been a full year since Luc and Collette, brother and sister, had consummated their love for each other. Just before graduating from High School, Collette had allowed her wildest fantasy come true by seducing Luc. That evening would last forever in her dreams, and while she closed her eyes she could feel the soft kisses on her breasts, the slight tickling of his fingers as he stroked the insides of her thighs, causing enormous feelings of longing deep within her soul.

Now at the end of her Freshman Year at an out-of-state University, she was looking forward to going home. This past year had been hellish on so many levels: She was seriously beginning to wonder if her decision to pursue a double major was worth all the work, study, lecture, research, and sleepless nights. All work and not much play was her mantra for both semesters, and she was disheartened to realize that she really didn't' have too many friends at school. She had, though, thoroughly experimented with her sexuality. She'd bedded a few men and a couple of women as well. Each time was special in its own way. She'd learned much from her many lovers, and she couldn't believe that just a year ago she was a fresh-faced virgin. She cherished the fact that her loving brother brought her into this world of pleasure and excitement, and was determined to pay him back this summer...

Luc had finished his Junior year at college in another state, but closer to home. Nearing the final stretch, he couldn't wait to be out of there! School, to him, was always a necessary evil: it was only a vehicle to land a job that paid well. He hated school; he always had. Now he had finished his last semester with the best grades of his life, a 2.5. Not a stellar scholar.. And what's more, he had a summer "vacation" looking at him with its sixty-hour work weeks and primary research for his thesis, to be passed in at the end of first semester Senior year.

Collette arrived home first that day, followed by Luc soon after. He couldn't wait to see how her sister had changed after her first year at higher education, and he wasn't disappointed. She hadn't grown, she hadn't changed her clothing or hair or make up. She was still the 5'3" 110 pound beauty with brown hair that reached her shoulders. The change was more subtle. She seemed to be more worldly and mature, not just a High Schooler with hope, but a woman who'd experienced a bit in her life.

Collette, too, was happy to see her brother. He'd lost a bit of weight, owing to the fact that he worked on campus too much and didn't eat enough. Other than that he was the same good-looking young man whom she loved dearly.

Soon Luc was working his ass off, per usual, and Collette wasn't doing much of anything besides hanging around with friends from High-School, per usual. Luc wasn't looking to try to make love with his sister again; he had experienced something wildly erotic and every once in a while he would drift back in time to that evening. But, owing to the fact that he really wasn't terribly active sexually, he doubted anything like that would happen again.

Collette, however, had other intentions. Every chance she had she'd smile, or smirk, or wink, or anything at her older brother just to get his attention. That was hard to do: he was hardly ever home, but at work or the library or on the computer doing research. He had, however, noticed the slight flirtations and double entendres of his cute little sister--he just didn't know what to do about it.

Dad worked, but mom didn't, so she was always around. That sorta limits the amount of opportunities to be alone with one who was, he thought, one of the most alluring women he'd ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Days passed into weeks, and Collette couldn't wait any longer. The nights staying up, her hand pleasing herself as she imagined her brother were about to end. She was going to take matters into her own hands.


Luc awoke one morning before anyone else, as he had all summer. He walked to the bathroom, shut the door and turned on the light. He went to look at himself in the mirror only to find a white envelope taped to it, which read "Luc." He took it off the mirror, broke open the seal, and took its contents out. The first thing he noticed was the Polaroid picture. It was a picture Collette. But it wasn't the Collette he had grown up with or even had made love to the previous summer. This was something quite different. The picture was of her facing the camera at an angle, wearing nothing but her lightweight bathrobe. The bathrobe was open just enough to show the natural curves of her bosom, her slender waist that flowed out toward her soft hips, and her panty covered nether-region. She was no longer a girl, but a woman at the peak of her beauty, and her attitude in the picture resembled the subtle change that Luc had noticed.

What struck Luc the most, however, was the look on her face. Her hands behind her back, she looked up at him through the picture with her head nodded down just a little but with her eyes looking up to him. She wasn't smiling, but her lips were slightly open, as if she were somewhat panting from exertion. It didn't look slutty, which Luc despised, rather it looked enticing. Staring into his sister's eyes through the picture, his heart filled with love and longing. It was only then he noticed the rush of blood flooding his manhood, forcing it to rise underneath his boxers. Long minutes past while he studied every contour, every detail of this erotic sight before him. He placed the picture down reluctantly and opened the folded note that accompanied the picture.

"Luc, Please call in sick today from work. I'd love to spend some time with you.

Love Always, Collette."

He hardly needed any more persuasion than that. He walked back to his room, picked up the phone and dialed work, telling them that he wasn't feeling like himself, as if something was the matter with his stomach. And in fact, there was, but it was anticipation rather than illness. He went back to bed and an hour later was awoken by his mother.

"Aren't you late?" she inquired .. "I don't feel so well, as if I'm going to be sick to my stomach." That much was true; he couldn't wait to find out what his sister had in mind, and his imagination was sending the rest of his body almost into convulsions!

"Well, do you want me to do anything? Bring you some juice or medicine?"

"Thanks, mum, but I don't think I could handle anything right now. I've already called work to let them know."

"Well, ok. Your father will be leaving soon for work, and I've been invited to a luncheon with some ladies from church. If you want, I can call and cancel to stay here with you."

Oh, Christ, not that. "No, mum, I'll be fine. I'm not a kid anymore, remember? Besides, Collette will be here if I need anything."

"Well, ok, but she wont be up until 11 o'clock or so, like she always is. Actually, that'll work out fine, too, since that's about the time I'll be leaving for Mrs. Granger's. If you need anything until then, just holler."

"Will do, mum." She closed the door behind her and Luc drifted off to sleep with dreams filled with lust.


He was awakened a while later by the feeling of someone near him. He slowly roused his brain from the cobwebs of sleep and took a deep breath. He detected a faint sweet smell, one he hadn't experienced for some time. He opened his eyes and saw Collette sitting on the edge of his bed, softly running her hand up and down his exposed leg, staring at him. She was wearing exactly the same outfit as the picture, and the folds of the material only just hid her dark pinnacles of her breasts. She smiled down at him.

"I'm glad you're here. I really wanted to spend some quality time with you."

"Well, that invitation you left certainly made my mind for me," he smirked back.

He lay on his back, now fully aware that he was alone with her, with no one expected to return for some time. She kept rubbing his upper thighs, piercing his soul, devouring his thoughts with her eyes. Slowly she started to breathe harder, and inched her hand up, bit by bit, up to his awaiting penis. She encircled its girth with her fingers and very, very lightly began to stroke.

"Oh, God," Luc could only mutter, closing his eyes again as the reality overwhelmed him. Her hand was expertly gliding over the surface of his skin, not enough to cause orgasm, but enough to entice the mind to dream of what will come.

"I love you, Luc," she said. "Last year you were so gentle and loving with me, sharing the most incredible experience with me. I want you to know how much I appreciate it, and now, dear brother, it's your turn to be pleased."

"Oh, God," was his only response.

She stood up and he opened his eyes to see what she was doing. She slowly removed the bathrobe off her shoulders and let it slip down her back to the floor. She hooked her fingers under her waistband and drew her panties down, stepping out of them when she had reached the floor. Once again, she was in front of him, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, more than any woman he could have imagined. Her hair fell over her face somewhat, obscuring the gaze of sensuality falling on him. Her skin was soft, perfect, and slightly browned. Her breasts were of a fair size and hadn't felt the effects of age or gravity. Her belly was fairly flat, caused by her daily workouts and dance exercises. Her waist was slight and her hips enough to send any man into desire. Her legs were likewise perfectly shaped with well-defined muscles what with the leaps and strain of her lasswork. Her mound of brown nether hair was cropped short and partially shaped into a perfect triangle, hinting at pleasure-center it hid.

"I love being naked in front of you, Luc," she near-whispered. "I want to have what we had last year, again."

Dumbfounded, he could do nothing but stare at her un-equaled beauty. She leaned over him and removed the sheets covering him. She then lifted her leg up and around his knees, straddling his legs. Her palms ran up and down the length of his legs, from knee to hip. Slowly her brought her hands closer and closer to his loins, until his member was encircled again by her small hand. He laid his head back as she stroked him, bringing him to his full hardness. She watched as he started to pant, her own hand bringing his feeling of torture. She leaned down and rubbed her cheeks against him. He could feel his tip being rubbed against her lips, nose and chin. Slowly she led her moist tongue from base to tip. He grunted with pleasure.

"Do you like that?" she queried.

"Yes, Collette," he responded.

"Well, there's more to come, my brother."

She took his tip just into her mouth, sending electric fire through his entire being. As she re-started stroking, she sucked lightly on his tip, causing it to swell. After a minute, more and more of his erection disappeared into her mouth until her nose brushed against his hair.

"Oh, yes, Collette, God that feels so good."

The only thing real to him at this moment was the feeling of his sister's wet, tight lips engulfing him in a steady up-and-down movement. From end to end her lips and mouth sent him into near frenzy. Every once and again she allowed a grunt or moan escape her mouth or nose, exciting him even further. She quickened her pace as she got more into it. She could feel the tip brushing the back of her throat, and was keenly aware of how intensely hot her brothers penis felt in her mouth. She wanted him to have the same feelings as she experienced in the last encounter, when he was the one taking the time to make her feel incredible. Just when he placed his hand on her head to indicate how to bring him to orgasm, she stopped.

"Oh, no, no no no no no, Collette, what're you doing?" he pleaded.

"Your love is too precious to waste that way," she replied, shifting position so that her moisten entrance was over him. "I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel your hot seed splash against my womb."

With that, she lowered herself fully onto him. She gasped as her internal muscles expanded, allowing him access. Soon, her natural juices flowed from her as never before, allowing her to glide up and down her brother.

"Yes, Luc, that feels so good. Does it feel good to you, my love?"

"Of course, Collette...you're so hot and wet...oh, God it's not going to take me long to cum."

He reached up and fondled his sister's breasts, causing her nipples to harden into pebbles. She rode up and down slowly, reveling in the experience of having her brother again. He sat up to take one of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling and sucking at it as if he were her child. This made her close her own eyes, throw her head back, and pump faster against his manhood. She could feel every inch of him pulsing, burning into her, the friction rubbing against her clit time and time again, sending her to past the stars. He reached down and behind her to grasp her bum and kissed her full on the mouth. Once again, their tongues danced a wild, crazy waltz as they sought every way to please each other. Up, down, up down she went, until there was no turning back.

"Oh, God, Collette, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum inside you, oh yes, yes yes...." his voice trailed off to allow him to pant for the air he needed. She joined in his heavy breathing, as her own climax was approaching. She was nearly pounding him with her body, not letting either of their bodies have a second to relax, but driving both of them into incestuous heaven. She moaned as her orgasm hit, the hardest and deepest she had ever experienced.

"OH, LUC, Yes! You made me cum!"

That was enough to send his seed rushing through him. He felt the first spurt of pre-cum rush up through her, the rest closely following.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm going to cum into you again sister, oh, yes, yes YES YESYES! Unnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He grabbed hard onto anything he could as his semen leaped from him and into his little sister. Wave upon wave of pleasure surged from him, mingling with her nectar, and running out of her entrance and down the base of his cock. They kissed the kiss of lovers, allowing the wash of physical satisfaction and emotion overtake them. They held each other closely, neither one breaking the sanctity of the moment by speaking. Sweat nearly poured off both their bodies from the exertion, and air was hard to come by as they gasped. There they stayed from quite some time, still attached, kissing and holding each other, more tender than any two people had ever been in history.

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