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Coming to Terms

Chapter 1.

Liz was still trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Her husband of 20 years had vanished from her life and all that was left was a gaping hole where he had been. Thank god for Krista though; if it hadn't been for her daughter's strength through all of this Liz doubted if she could have survived. Krista had surprised her. She had always appeared so dependent, and yet with Tom's death she had suddenly seemed so strong and had even started organising things and making decisions while Liz was still struggling to think straight. Liz knew that Tom's death had affected Krista as much as it had her. Being an only child she was close to both her parents and his sudden death left a gap that was just as large for her in their small family.

The night of the funeral they had no idea what to do. They watched TV and yet on every channel there seemed to be something that reminded them of Tom or his death. They cried so much they even laughed. Liz suggested that they try and get an early night. They both got ready for bed silently. Liz climbed into bed and tried to read a book and yet her thoughts slipped away again and again until she realised she had been reading the same page, over and over, but had no idea of what it said. Just before Liz turned out the lights, Krista appeared at her bedroom door. Her face was red and puffy and she asked if she could climb in with he mother for a hug. Liz readily agreed and they snuggled down. They were both so exhausted they fell asleep immediately in each other's arms.

The days passed, but every night, before going to sleep, Liz would hear Krista's bare feet padding down the hall and then she would appear and ask to sleep with her. For Liz this was a perfect arrangement. The bed seemed huge and empty without Tom beside her. Krista was soft and warm and every night Liz held her tight as if to prevent the demon death from taking another member of her family. Krista was being strong on the outside for her mother, but inside she felt like the world had ended, so she too clung to her mother so that they could never be separated.

During the day, they never spoke of their night-time terrors or the fact that they slept with each other, neither to each other nor anyone else. It was like a secret form of cowardice that neither could own up to, or a secret, fragile source of pleasure that if spoken of would vanish.

They had been sleeping together for about a month when they were startled awake by an almighty crash from Tom's study. Liz sat bolt upright in bed - she had been dreaming of Tom and her first thought was that he was in the study, but somehow enraged because she had taken a lover to bed with her. Krista, who slept very soundly, came dreamily awake and asked what was going on. Liz was disorientated, this was no lover in their bed, it was her daughter.

She jumped out of bed and ran along the hall to the study. A bookshelf had collapsed on top of the computer, sending books and diskettes everywhere. Liz looked for Tom, but as she gradually came awake, realised with bitter disappointment that she had been confusing dreams with reality - he would never be coming home again. She walked back to the bedroom and told Krista what had happened. As she snuggled in close to Krista she realised that she should no longer be taking pleasure from her daughter's presence in her bed - it could not be doing either of them any good - and resolved to tell her the next day that this was the last time that they must sleep together. After all, Krista was nearly 15, almost a woman not a child.

There did not seem a good time the next day to explain. School came and went, Liz was busy, but eventually, as evening drew on, Liz turned the conversation to how Krista was sleeping. Krista happily said that she was sleeping like a log. Sensing that she had the upper hand, Liz carefully said that in that case, maybe Krista could return to her own bed for a change - as if it was only Krista's desire that they sleep together. Liz immediately realised that Krista was hurt by this apparent rejection. Liz wanted to reach out and hug her and tell how much it was hurting her to say it, but instead she kept a calm, composed face and waited for Krista to say something. Krista came back with a reply that suggested she had only been sleeping with her mother for Liz's sake and she was perfectly happy to return to her own bed.

That night, just before lights out, Liz waited for her daughter to come. She almost willed her to appear, yet knew if she did she would have to refuse her. She forced herself to read another chapter of her book, but with still no sign of Krista, she turned out the lights and tried to sleep.

Neither Liz nor Krista slept much that night. Krista had been half hoping that her mother would come to fetch her. She lay in the dark, imagining she could hear her name being whispered, but it was just the sigh of the wind outside.

Both mother and daughter looked wrecked the next morning. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday, they could hardly speak at breakfast - neither could acknowledge the fact that they had missed sleeping with each other. Krista was keen to go out, but Liz insisted that she stay in and help her fix the broken shelf in the study. Krista reluctantly agreed, but she was tired and upset with her mother for her apparent rejection.

Liz had little DIY experience, she had gone through Tom's tools and pulled out what she thought might help. Krista had argued with her about the way to put the shelf back up, even though she really knew no better. Krista had refused to do any work in her normal clothes and had trounced off and come back wearing nothing except Tom's old overalls. Liz thought it was funny that, despite the give, because Krista was the same height as Tom, the overalls suited her. Liz was fond of Tom in those overalls; with his baseball hat on backwards Liz always joked that he would have made a perfect interior decorator. She was shaken from her memories by Krista's sour face - she looked so sour it was almost funny. Liz tried not to laugh, but the more she struggled to remain serious, the more angry and sullen Krista got.

They tried several things that didn't work and ended up shouting at each other. Shouting at least broke the tension. At the most heated point, the shelf, which had been precariously balanced in place, fell down again and startled them both. They stopped shouting and started laughing. Huge tears rolled down their cheeks as they fell on the floor laughing at themselves, at each other, at what, they didn't know. Krista climbed onto her mother who was helpless on her back with laughter and pinned her to the floor. Krista tried to her tell her that she had been right all along about the shelf, but this just made Liz giggle more. Krista tried to get her mother to listen to her by pinning her arms with her legs and holding her head still. Liz was surprised by the strength of Krista's grip and tried to pull away, but found herself truly helpless. Krista lent over her and all Liz could smell was the rich, solvent smells from the paint stains on Tom's overalls. She suddenly had a flashback to lying on this same floor, ten years previously, pinned down by Tom in these same overalls. They had been decorating the study and he had impulsively wanted to make love to her. He had taken her there and then on the study floor as she lay panting beneath him. The memory made her flush and she suddenly struggled with all her might to get out from underneath her daughter. Krista held on tight, and Liz was unable to budge her. Finally Liz gave up and lay vanquished, panting heavily at the exertion. Krista gave her mother a curious look, searching her eyes for why her mother had suddenly wanted to get free so badly from what had just been a game. Liz gave back a defiant look to her daughter as if to say, 'You have outgrown me, you are stronger than me, now what.....?'

Krista felt suddenly embarrassed at having pinned her own mother to the floor, but couldn't pinpoint exactly the root of her uneasiness. With her mother helpless beneath her she suddenly felt there were no boundaries any more, no restrictions, and this frightened her. The sensation was not just fright alone though, there was also excitement at what this new power might bring. It was too much to handle so she jumped up, feigning laughter.

That night, Krista appeared in Liz's bedroom before lights out, but didn't even ask to sleep there, she just climbed in without saying a word and cuddled close to her mother. Liz did not say anything, she merely turned off the lights, gratefully accepting her daughter's presence again.

Chapter 2

A few months later, Liz and Krista were still sleeping together. Neither spoke of it; it was now just a family custom. Krista had developed a lot since she was 14 and was now attracting a lot of attention from boys at school. Saturday nights had now become a battle as Krista had started going to parties and yet Liz wanted her home by 11.30, which meant she always had to leave before the end. There had more than one 'scene', the most vicious of which was when Krista accused Liz of being 'jealous'. Liz had reflected on this. She knew there was a hint of truth in what her daughter had said, Krista's love life was just starting, soon she would be leaving her and yet Liz felt, after Tom, her love life was over.

That Saturday night Krista came back hyped up. She was just in time for the curfew, although Liz was already in bed asleep. She had met a new boy at the party and they had spent what seemed like hours kissing on the pile of coats in a dark bedroom. Her lips were sore and her vagina was so moist she could feel it. Undressing quietly in her own bedroom she put her fingers to her vagina lips and they came back sticky with her own juices. She sniffed and even licked her juice from her fingers, but it did not have any particular taste. At that moment Liz called out dreamily if she was home and Krista guiltily put on the large T-shirt she wore to bed and joined her mother. She couldn't sleep however, thoughts of Mike, the boy she had met at the party raced through her mind. Her vagina screamed for attention and the only way she could stop her heart racing was to raise the hem of the T-shirt and push her hand firmly against her pussy. Liz was fast asleep and so Krista began to rub herself, very gently, to ease the pressure inside her. It felt wonderful. In her mind she imagined that it was Mike's fingers on her. Her legs parted naturally, her fingers worked harder and she slipped into another world of pleasure......

Liz was awoken by the rhythmic rocking of the bed, she couldn't understand what was happening. She sensed that Krista was lying next to her and wondered if she was crying, but couldn't wake up sufficiently to move. Then with horror she realised that the rhythmic movements the bed was making was the result of Krista masturbating. Liz came wide awake but lay perfectly still. She was acutely embarrassed but did not know what to do. If she said or did anything now she could really upset Krista, yet what on earth did Krista think she was doing? Liz was too tired to stay awake for long however and drifted off wondering when was the last time she had masturbated herself. She had not felt like sex since Tom's death.......

Krista was delighted with her new found pleasure. After a stiffled orgasm she fell straight asleep dreaming of Mike...........

The next day she couldn't look at her mother though. She felt that she had somehow done something 'dirty' the previous night, all the worse for having done it next to her sleeping mother. Liz was bright and cheerful though, so Krista didn't dwell on it for too long.

That night Krista was excited at the thought of bed, but told herself that she would not repeat the wicked thing she had done. However, after Liz had fallen asleep she lay in bed, unable to get to sleep. She resisted touching herself for what seemed like hours, but eventually the urge overcame her and she pleasured herself once again.

This pattern continued, night after night. Sometime Liz would wake, sometimes not, but she never ever confronted Krista with her actions. Krista began to feel less concerned by what she was doing; after all it was not as though she had been struck by lightning for what she was doing!

Krista's growing interest in the pleasure her own body gave her began to affect Liz too though. One day, while showering, her thoughts were wandering and Liz began to idly rub herself. Krista was out so when she finished showering she took herself to the bedroom, lay on a towel and masturbated in earnest for the first time in over a year. It was so long since she'd felt this pleasure.

As she played with herself she let her mind wander. She opened her legs wide and imagined that someone was watching her. She didn't concentrate too much on whom it was, whether it was a man or a woman or why they were watching her. She wondered vaguely what Krista imagined as she lay, night after night, doing the same thing. The thoughts merged and she suddenly imagined it was Krista in the bedroom watching her. This image was so exciting that she began to rub herself harder. 'Yes, you bitch', she thought, 'You're not the only one who has unfulfilled desires - watch your dear mummy while she plays with herself'. The idea was overwhelmingly wicked and yet sexy at the same time. She lifted her hips from the bed. 'Come closer, smell me,' she imagined herself saying and Krista coming closer, maybe kneeling before her with a horrified, yet spellbound, look on her face.....

The image of her daughter kneeling before her as she masturbated with abandon pushed her over the edge and when she came it was so explosive and tension releasing that she groaned out loud, involuntarily. She lay exhausted afterwards, sickened by the image her subconscious had summoned up. She tried to dismiss it, but the scene she had created persisted........

The sun was getting lower in the sky and orange light spilled into the room and lit her body. Looking down Liz decided that she didn't look too bad for 42. Although she felt she had let herself go since Tom's death, she had always managed to maintain her fairly slim, firm body. Only the birth of Krista had left one stretch mark and a little tummy she had never been able to lose.

After that pleasurable afternoon, Liz turned to masturbation often. No matter how she may have tried to deny it, the sick fantasy of Krista watching her do it would return again and again......

One evening, Krista was downstairs watching TV while Liz was busy upstairs doing the laundry. On top of the laundry basket were a pair of Krista's panties and without thinking, Liz picked them up and sniffed them. They were a little stained, a streak of shit at the back and crusty at the front, but they gave off a powerful, aphrodisiac smell that made Liz immediately aroused. The scent made her feel giddy and she realised that her daughter no longer had the scent of a girl, but of a woman. Liz locked the bathroom door, pulled down her own jeans and panties and fell to the floor, heart pounding. She began to masturbate furiously and as she did so, realised she was still holding her daughter's panties. With a trembling hand she again brought them up to her face and inhaled their strange perfume. Krista's presence in the house and the scent filling he nostrils was enough to make her climax swift and powerful and afterwards she could barely stand on her trembling legs......

Chapter 3

More weeks passed and gradually the traces of Tom began to leave the house. Liz finally brought herself to clean out Tom's desk in the study. At the bottom of one of the drawers she found a pornographic magazine. It was nothing special; flicking through, Liz saw page after page of pouting bimbos in contorted positions showing off their bodies. Tom had never seemed interested in porn and Liz suddenly felt a pang of jealousy that he had kept this hidden from her. She was going to fling it straight into the bag of rubbish she was collecting when the advertisement on the back cover caught her eye. On display were a startling a range of dildos and vibrators of all shapes, sizes and colours. Liz was initially amused, but also intrigued. Her own masturbation was fulfilling, but she missed having Tom inside her and wondered if one of these toys would help. Before she could talk herself out of it, she filled in the coupon and sent off for medium sized, plain vibrator, then threw the magazine away.

That night, as usual, Krista pleasured herself, carefully and silently as Liz lay awake, but feigning sleep beside her. Liz was amused by Krista's actions and wondered how she had got into this bizarre night-time ritual. Liz fantasized about jumping up and confronting her daughter, but cringed inwardly at the embarrassing scene that would ensue. Instead, she decided to tease her daughter and, still feigning sleep, shifted her foot, inch by inch until it came to rest against Krista's outspread leg. Krista froze instantly. Liz grinned and thought, 'That will teach you.......'

Krista's thoughts had been drifting as she masturbated. Initially it was always Mike she thought of, but lately her fantasies seem to have been getting wilder and wilder and she had even imagined herself being raped by strangers, both men and women. When her mother's foot touched her leg she was just imagining a large, big breasted blonde woman, tying her down to a table in order to have her evil way with her. Krista froze. She came back to reality with a painful jolt and realised where she was and what she was doing - masturbating in bed beside her mother. Her mother normally slept very soundly. Krista would tend to drift off for half an hour and then reawaken with a need for relief. By that time her mother was usually dead to the world. Krista waited for a few more painful minutes, her pussy still crying out for her to finish what she had started. There was no more movement from her mother so she gently began to soothe her pussy with gentle rubbing.......

Liz was amazed. Despite the presence of her foot, Krista was continuing. What did she have to do? Kick her.........?

Krista soon forgot her mother's foot touching her, or rather it became incorporated into her fantasy as the powerful blonde restraining her......

Liz felt the vibrations through her foot of her daughter's activity. The whole situation seemed ludicrous and yet, somehow touching........

Krista climaxed, her best yet, the touch of her mother's bare foot on her leg a tangible presence adding a dimension of reality to her wicked fantasy....

Liz felt Krista's straining body slump and knew that she had climaxed. She suddenly wanted to reach out and hug her daughter, yet knew she would never dare to.

After that special night, Krista would sometimes sneakily move her own legs until they were resting against her mother's slumbering form. She had discovered the touch of another body made her orgasm all the more intensive. She knew it was wrong, but her mother was always so soundly asleep that what could it matter?

Chapter 4

Liz's present arrived two weeks later in a plain brown parcel. At first Liz hid it straight away and chided herself for being so foolish as to waste money on herself, on a toy. But, a few days later as she pleasured herself, she remembered it and took it out to play with. After experimenting a bit, during which time she almost gave up, she found that she preferred to use the vibrator as just a dildo, holding it, with little movement inside herself as she used her fingers on her clit. Using the vibrator made her feel slightly ridiculous, but even more slutty when the fantasy of masturbating in front of Krista returned, unbidden, 'Look, look Krista,' she thought, 'see, your nice mummy is even more of a slut then you imagined, see me poking myself with this thing....'. The thoughts and the feeling of the artificial cock inside her brought her to an almost instant, shuddering climax and she moaned as she rolled on the bed, gripping the thing inside her as the aftershocks came.

After that Liz would put the vibrator away, convincing herself she was no old maid who had to rely on it. But sooner or later, out it would come again, her ever hard, ever faithful companion as she thought of it. She started off hiding it in all sorts of places, but eventually began to get a bit sloppy and one afternoon, after a particularly exhausting session, just dumped it in her bedside cabinet........

.....which is where Krista found it the next day when she was hunting through her mum's drawers for a hair grip. Despite her age, Krista instinctively knew what it was. She had heard jokes about them at school. She was amazed that her mum was using one. She could not picture it. She suddenly felt sad for her. This was a replacement for dad. She had never imagined that her parents had had a sex life, or even that her mum needed one now. Idly she switched on the vibrator and felt it buzz into life in her hand. The sensations ran up her wrist - it seemed remarkably powerful and Krista wondered what it would be like to have it inside her. She switched it off and guiltily sniffed at the tip. Yes, it had been inside her mother alright; the strong smell of her mother's juice was on the tool. Krista switched on the vibrator again and held it to her panties; even from outside her vagina, the sensations went deep and she suddenly had an overwhelming urge to have it filling her. Liz was out for an hour, so she pulled aside her panties and gingerly pushed the buzzing tip between her lips. The sensations were delicious and she lay back on the bed and began to fuck herself with the toy, pushing ever deeper and rubbing her mound at the same time. It didn't take long for her to climax and before her mother came home she guiltily washed the thing in the bathroom and put it back where she found it.

From that day on, both women shared the vibrator. Krista would take delight at the musty smell her mother left on it and came to associate it with the anticipation of pleasure. Liz never realised Krista was using it until the day Krista slipped up and put it back in the wrong place.......

Liz was mortified that Krista had discovered her secret. She sniffed at the vibrator and realised that despite the scent of soap that Krista had used to wash the thing, there was a background trace of Krista's own perfume, the same odour she had smelled on the Krista's knickers. Now Liz was doubly horrified, not only had her daughter discovered her secret toy, she was using it! Liz did not know what to do, her first thought was to throw away the vibrator. It would be just too embarrassing to confront Krista with her knowledge, it would be confessing that she herself masturbated with a toy, even though Krista obviously knew she did. Her fantasy of Krista watching her masturbate came back to her, now in a way it had half come true; Krista knew she masturbated, and with a vibrator. What must her daughter think of her? She reflected on her relationship with her daughter. Since Tom's death they had grown closer, sharing the same bed, yet Liz now realised that Krista masturbating beside her at night was wrong, especially when she seemed to deliberately touch her as she did it. The whole crazy thing must stop and Liz decided to put an end to it that night.

That night, Krista climbed into bed with Liz as usual. Liz wasn't sure how to begin and could not bring herself to discuss the topic. She fell asleep, frustrated by her own timidity. She awoke, about an hour later and again, felt the rhythmic rocking of the bed with her daughter's foot against her thigh. 'Enough is enough', thought Liz. She couldn't find the words to say so simply rolled over and put out a hand to Krista's wrist to stop her. In the dark she missed Krista's wrist and instead got hold of Krista's hand that was over her mound. She squeezed it tightly. 'Stop', said Liz, simply.

Krista nearly died with fear.

'I wasn't', she stammered.

Liz was tired of the whole thing.

'Oh, don't deny it, I know what you do night after night', she said.

Krista felt herself sinking, she only saw one way out.

'I'm not the only one who does it around here', she replied in self-defence.

Liz sensed that Krista was on the attack.

'What do you mean?' she said, but as she uttered the words, realised she had fallen into a trap.

'I found your vibrator', Krista said, testily.

Liz was suddenly furious that Krista had mentioned it and sat bolt upright.

'And you used it!' she accused.

'I, I didn't!' stammered Krista in defence.

'Yes you bloody well did,' stormed Liz, 'I could smell you on it'.

It was dark in the room, both mother and daughter were crimson with rage and embarrassment, but neither could tell. Somehow it was easier to talk to each other when they couldn't see or be seen.

Krista was stumped for a reply. Her guilty secret was out, mum knew she used her vibrator! What could she say in defence?

'I just wanted to, I just wanted to.....', but she couldn't finish and began to cry.

Liz realised she had pushed her daughter too far.

'Oh, god, look I'm sorry Krista. Its just that, well, we can't go on like this...'

'Like what?' Krista sobbed.

'I mean, you're nearly a woman, you can't come and do what you do in my bed every night', Liz could not bring herself to say the word 'masturbate'.

'I'm sorry,' Krista managed to release between sobs.

Liz reached over and held her crying daughter, but she felt Krista flinch as she did so.

'What's wrong?' Liz asked.

'I think I must be some kind of pervert or something,' Krista said quietly

'No, no' soothed Liz, 'Everyone does it, even your old mum'

'No, not so much that,' Krista continued, 'I have really bad thoughts when I do it.'

Liz was intrigued and thought back to her own 'bad thoughts' she had while masturbating.

'What do you mean?' she said, knowing that she was treading on delicate ground.

'I don't want to say' said Krista, 'but they're sick.'

'Its ok,' said Liz, the added, 'I have those too....'

Krista pulled back from her mother's loving arms and brushed a strand of hair from her face. She peered at her mother's face in the darkened room.

'You do?', now she was the one who was intrigued.

Liz felt herself on the brink of a precipice, there was a giddy feeling in her stomach. What was this girl to her? Daughter, friend, confidante?

'Yes,' she continued, 'When I do what you do it makes me feel like a slut'

'Me too!' said Krista eagerly, finally feeling that someone understood her, that she was not alone.

Liz laughed. "Oh dear, what are we going to do with you!' and she reached out and squeezed Krista to her in the dark.

'My little slut' she laughed to ease the tension.

'Mummy slut' laughed back Krista.

'C'mon, lets get some sleep now' said Liz, exasperated, and letting Krista go, lay back down in the bed.

Krista lay down too, but she was restless, she couldn't sleep and wanted to continue the closeness she felt to her mother right then. She couldn't think of what to say, so after a minute though she piped up:

'Mum, I never finished.....'

Liz was also lying wide awake. She too felt she had come closer to her daughter than ever before by their joint admissions. Hearing Krista she laughed, reached into her bedside cabinet, pulled out the vibrator and pushed it into Krista's hand in the dark.

'You'll need this then!' she countered. Liz was playing a game, but she was interested to know how far Krista would go.

Krista was surprised at her mother's reaction, though she wasn't quite sure what she expected, she felt they were both in new territory as far as their relationship went. Did her mother want her to masturbate with the vibrator now? Krista felt self-conscious, though the warm, cocooning dark made her feel somewhat distant from the decision.

Krista flicked on the vibrator and they both giggled as it buzzed in the dark between them. It really was a ludicrous thing. Krista poked her mother in the ribs with it, tickling her and Liz fended it away, with cries of 'Stop it!'.

Krista teased her mother with it again and again, poking her body in several places, darting away from the defending hands.

'Careful where you poke that thing!' joked Liz.

Both mother and daughter felt very happy and relieved. Their 'secrets' were out and they both felt closer than ever before.

Krista was suddenly serious.

'Mum, do you mind me doing it?'

'What?' said Liz, stupidly

'I mean, you know,' she was suddenly coy again, 'playing with myself'

'No, of course not, love,' replied Liz, 'but you mustn't do it in my bed anymore.'

'Why not?' challenged Krista. She wasn't sure she even wanted to, but at 15 she challenged practically everything her mother said.

'Because,' Liz was stumped for an answer now, 'It's not nice,' she finished weakly.

Krista was unsure how to respond. She wanted to push the boundaries as far as she could, yet she knew she'd come up against her mother's unreasonableness.

Liz was on uncertain ground. She sensed that something was going wrong, solid ground seemed to be slipping away. She KNEW that Krista should not masturbate next to her, yet she could no longer see why. She thought of her own fantasy - the wickedness of letting her daughter watch her masturbate - and knew the arousing aspect was the taboo of the whole thing. Suddenly her heart started pounding faster, she was closer to her fantasy now than at any other time. Krista was lying next to her - the vibrator was in the bed with them and they were talking about masturbation.

'You wouldn't like it if I played with myself in front of you would you?' she added, her voice giving out towards the end of the sentence.

Krista pondered this as the bizarre image of her mother masturbating filled her mind. She couldn't really picture her mother in the throws of ecstasy and said:

'I wouldn't mind', just to be awkward.

Liz's heart raced madly. She was suddenly on the brink of fulfilling her wickedest desire and she was not sure if she could go through with it. Without stopping she said:

'Alright then,' but then added, 'but you just tell me when you've had enough and I'll stop.'

Krista was bemused by her mother's actions. Liz switched on the bedside light and a dim glow filled the room. Liz pulled back the duvet they shared, revealing her body. She slept in a cotton nightdress. She looked at Krista:

'Right - want me stop?'

'No' said Krista, but a bit nervously.

Liz sighed - she thought she could win this one.

As casually as she could, she lifted up the nightdress, revealing her bushy pubes to her daughter.

'Had enough now?' she managed to say, though her throat felt as though it was about to close.

Krista was as nervous as Liz. She was not sure she wanted to see what happened next, yet she felt as though it was inevitable. What did her mum want her to say? She tried to be cool.

'I don't mind, if you want to....' she said.

'No,' Liz was adamant, 'I'm doing this to show you how wrong it is.'

'Go on then,' said Krista

That was all the signal Liz needed; closing her eyes tightly she put her hand over her mound and started to rub. She knew Krista was watching her, but somehow this seemed more embarrassing than arousing.

'Just tell me when you want me stop.' she said.

'Continue', said Krista, torn between fascination and revulsion.

So Liz did. Despite herself and the situation she found she was aroused. In fact she suddenly found it very easy to start rubbing herself in earnest. He legs drew apart automatically and she started to pant.

Krista watched with something approaching disbelief. This was a side of her mother she never knew existed. Her mother seemed to become oblivious to her presence so she slipped further down the bed to get a better view of the action. The lips of her mother's pussy were being pulled and stretched as her fingers worked rapidly on her clit. Krista suddenly caught a whiff of that familiar smell she associated with the vibrator that she associated with sex and her own pussy suddenly became wet with anticipation. In sympathy with her mother, her own hand dropped to her vagina and she began to tease herself.

Her mother was really getting going now and she seemed to be muttering to herself.

'What?' said Krista

'I said, look at me, look at your bad mummy', repeated Liz as loudly as she dared.

'I am', said Krista, even more aroused at her mother's words.

'Smell me', said Liz, immersing herself in her wickedest fantasy.

Krista knelt as close as she could between her mother's legs and inhaled the heady scent.

She was not sure what to do, but knew that she enjoyed being touched as she masturbated, so she put the palms of her hands on her mothers thighs and held them apart slightly further. Liz gasped with pleasure at her touch. She was having trouble thinking. Her mind was cloudy, at one point she even thought it was Tom holding her.

'Fuck me', she pleaded.

Krista was unsure what her mother wanted, but she picked up the vibrator that was still lying on the bed and put the tip to the entrance to her mother's vagina.

Liz felt the tip and thrust her hips down on to the toy. Krista responded by pushing the artificial cock deeper into her mother then held it as steady as she could as her mother fucked thing, writhing up and down on top of it. She moaned as she did it, Krista caught some of the words:

'What do you think of me now? I'm your bad slut mother. I want sex as bad as you. Fuck me.'

She was almost hysterical with the ecstasy. Krista was caught up with the passion too and rubbed herself hard.

Suddenly her mother shuddered and groaned as if in enormous pain. Krista was suddenly afraid she had hurt her somehow.

'Oh god,' groaned Liz, 'that was fantastic.'

Relaxing, she smiled sweetly at her daughter and whispered 'Thank you, honey.'

Krista was still on her own sexual high.

'My turn!' she said and withdrawing the slippery wet vibrator from her mother, lay back on the end of the bed and plunged it into herself and switched it on. The buzzing sensation filled the whole of her lower body and she bit her lip with the sweet pleasure. She smiled at her mother and, like a proud daughter, showed her what she could do.

Instinctively, like a lover, Liz sat up, moved to the end of the bed and held her daughter while she pleasured herself. Krista's slim, firm body was beautiful in the dim lamplight and her head was back, eyes closed and mouth open with the exertion. Looking at her mouth made Liz want to kiss it, so she did. At first a mother's kiss, light, just brushing the lips, but Krista craved more contact and the two women crushed their mouths together, tongues entwining madly, spiralling into a passion aroused by their own wickedness.

Krista came like this. Liz felt her cum and released her mouth and her hold. Krista slumped, panting on the bed, then opened her eyes and looked at her mother strangely.

'Was that like you and Dad?' she asked

'Yes, exactly like me and Dad.....', replied Liz and kissed her lover again........

Mother Daughter Fucking
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