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Computer Girl

I go by the name of C.W. and we live in one of the northern states of the USA. My wife is Jenny and my daughter (12) is Carol. We live in a modest home and live like any other people but one day it all changed... for the better I think. Get on with it? OK.

I bought Carol a computer for her birthday and she was always on it talking with people and doing research. My wife, Jenny wasn't interested at all but when Carol went to school I got on *smile*. One night I passed Carol's room, where the computer was and saw her on the chair in her robe with her back turned to me. If I didn't know any better I would have sworn her other hand was between her legs. Nah, not my daughter! She's only 12!! I walked on by going to my room for some great fantastic sex with my wife. Jenny is 100% Latina and that makes Carol half and both are beautiful.

I didn't think anymore about it, until I went in her room while she was at school and Jenny was at the market. I found a place on the computer called "history" and clicked it on. Y'know, I could understand a 12 year old looking at sex pictures and of course I wouldn't approve, but here was her whole history of where she was on the computer. I continued looking. The first was incest stories with a daughter and Dad. I read the story too. Actually I was shocked as hell! The next history I clicked on was pictures. Daddy and Daughters! Then more stories. I was angry and getting turned on by the minute. I shut off the computer and went back into the living room and turned on TV.

Was Carol really interested in Daddy/Daughter sex? How could I approach her with this without admitting I knew about her computer? What would Jenny say? Should I tell her? You wouldn't believe the questions going through my mind. Maybe she was just curious. I decided to find out. Gawd this was so evil!

I decided not to speak about this to Jenny. On Friday night Jenny and Carol were gone for a couple hours. How do I do this? What was my plan? Damn I don't know! Jenny and Carol came home and STILL I hadn't thought of anything.

Carol ran into her room and I heard her log in. Jenny came and gave me a peck on the lips. This was really bothering me! But each time I thought about it I got guilty as hell. My 12 year old daughter! How could I want to fuck her? I must be sick! Here I have a beautiful Latina wife that really knows how to satisfy me. Why was I curious about my kid? I didn't go into Carol's room for 2 weeks due to guilt. Perhaps I should just forget about it and say she was just curious about sex. Her tits were even blooming. 32a I think. C'mon, she's only 12!

I must be losing my mind. Every time Jenny and I were having sex, I was fantasizing about Carol! When Jenny was sucking my dick I fantasized it was Carol sucking. Damn, I was going completely nuts!

Monday rolled around; Jenny was gone so I turned on the computer. Yep, same thing. Only daughter/daddy stories and pictures. Maybe she didn't know how to view anything else. Son of a bitch, I had to be careful with this! Then I found a place on the computer where all her back messages are stored and started to read. I was absolutely shocked! She was writing Margo who lives just down the street. Margo was explaining that she sucked off her brother and saw her mom and dad fucking through the curtains and really wanted her dad to fuck her. I about shit! Then I started reading what Carol wrote. She told Margo that she would love for me to fuck her! AND, she would love to suck my dick! I turned off the computer and went and sat on my chair. Aw, maybe this was just bullshit and just girl talk about fantasies. Yeah, that was it. I sighed, a little relief answering my own question.

I decided to let Carol take charge of this situation. Jenny was going to visit her family in Columbia (S.A.) for a week and Carol wasn't going. This was 4 months after I first noted that Carol was viewing this stuff. I had a great idea!!!!!!

I got a blowjob while taking Jenny to the airport but I was a little sad to see her leave for a week. I stayed around to watch her plane soar to the sky and then I went home. I started to write a phony diary about wanting sex with Carol and I went into great detail. Then I saved it to the desktop and turned off the computer. I was really turned on by this idea!

Carol came home about 4pm. I guess she had a good day at school as she went right in to her room and logged on. I snuck to her door. Damn, she had it shut this time! I went back to my chair. In a few minutes I heard the shower running. I went back into Carol's room and checked her messages in her history. She was talking to Margo of how she found a couple pages of my diary that said I want to have sex with her. Margo told her to try and Carol said she would try very hard to seduce me. I got the hell out of her room, went into my own and put on my pajamas and laid on the bed, interested on how Carol was going to pull this off. A knock on my door--INSTANT HARD ON!

"Daddy, can I come in?" Asked Carol.

"Sure, what up?" I answered as she came in wearing her little robe that came halfway up her thighs. She crawled on the bed next to me.

"Dad, what is incest?" she whispered.

"Oh, that's having sex a family member," I answer quietly.

"Do people really do that?" she said straightening her robe.

"Actually its quite common."

"But isn't it wrong?"

"Depends on how you see it. It's against the law, but there's a whole hell of a lot of it going on," I said smiling.

"I just heard of brother and sister."

"Incest is brother and sister and mother and daughter and daddy and daughter and stuff like that."

"Father and Daughter?"

"Yes. In a lot of societies this is practiced."


"Yes. In some societies the father is responsible for teaching his daughter about sex when she is ready." (The plan was starting to unfold now)

"Well, how does the father know when the girl is ready?" She asked as I caught her eyes going to my crotch.

"Breast size, vagina size."

"Oh Daddy," she said, embarrassed as her face turned a bright red.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about. Its just life."

"Boy, those girls are lucky."

"If you weren't embarrassed I could teach you when you are older."

"I'll be 13 next month," she protested.

"Are you sure you want to be taught by me?"

"Sounds like fun. What do I do first?"

"First you have to promise not to tell your mom."

"Oh don't worry about that!"

"Would you let me see your tits?' I asked.

Carol stood up and took off her robe and let it fall to the floor. She was just wearing a pale blue pair of panties. She crawled in bed and lay down. Her tits looked just like Jenny's!! But smaller. I slowly and very carefully massaged each one, grazing her nipples until they were hard.

"I like that," Carol said very quietly. I then started to kiss and suck each one.

"Wow. I like that Daddy do more," she whispered. As I was kissing, licking and sucking, my hand went down to her panties and my finger grazed her mound and she jumped a little. Then I started to feel a little guilty of what I was doing. Too late now anyway!!

"Do you want me to continue?" I whispered giving her a last chance to stop this.

"Yes, please," she whispered back keeping her eyes closed. I slowly got to my knees and gently pulled her panties down. Carols pussy was lightly covered with hair and the lips were inverted. My finger grazed up and down the slit. She was soaked. With the other hand I spread the lips apart and found her clit.

"Ohhh Daddy, that feels good," she whispered. Fuck this guilty stuff. I spread her legs, got down and started to lick her pussy! I ate out Jenny a whole lot of times but Carol had one tasty box! My tongue went in circles when I tongue fucked her and finally I started to suck her clit. I felt her tremble, having a small orgasm. I got up and lay beside her.

"Gosh, Daddy that was great!" she said after a few minutes.

"Glad you liked it," I said smiling.

"Is there more?" she asked in question.

"Well...yes, but that would be going all the way."

"You said you were going to teach me," she pleaded. {Did I say that?}

"It might hurt at first."

"I know but we can do it if you want," she said smiling. I stood up and took off my pajama top and then I took off my bottoms, standing there in the nude. Hardon and all.

"It's.... it's big," Carol whispered with her eyes very wide. I guess I am gifted. I support 7 inches and its 2 1/2 inches wide. I lay down on the bed.

"You sure?" I asked.

"I'm sure. What do you want me to do?"

"Now put your hand around it. No, not like that, yeah that's better. Now move your hand up and down."

"Its warm and hard, Daddy. Does it feel good?"

"Oh yeah. You can lick it if you want too," I said hoping she would. She bent down and licked the head as she was moving her hand up and down. She didn't stop at one lick either!

"Tastes funny," she commented licking the area between my balls and asshole.

"Put it in your mouth and suck for awhile," I said. She didn't answer but she took my dick and started to suck. Damn, she was good! She was sucking and at the same time jerking me off.

"I'm gonna cum," I said.

She started to suck harder and her hand went faster. Damn I exploded! She was even swallowing!! After I spent my load I took her head off my dick and laid her on her back and spread her legs. Daughter or not it was fucking time! She closed her eyes as I moved my dick up and down her slit. She moaned a little as I just put the head in. I was about to take her cherry! I started to move very slow allowing her pussy to get used to it. Then in one mighty thrust I pushed all the way in!

"Ow Daddy! Its hurts!" She screamed. I rested my dick in her.

"Want me to pull out?" I asked.

"Give it a minute, I'll be OK," she panted.

I looked down and saw a ring of blood at the base of my dick. When I took Jenny's cherry she bled a lot! I slowly and gently started my movement. Carol closed her eyes again, smiling. My God, if Jenny ever found out, divorce would be on the table! She was Roman Catholic and incest was one of the greatest sins! I started to move a little faster as her hands held my ass pulling me towards her. Faster and faster I hammered her. Oh God, I was going to cum. I couldn't!!! She might get pregnant!! Fuck it! I hammered faster and Carol started to groan. Then I started to spill my seed into her. I rested on top of her. Without saying a word, I pulled out and laid her on her stomach and spread her ass cheeks. I lifted her ass and pointed my dick. She pushed back against me. Unlike fucking her pussy, I gently eased in until I was completely in her. I started to slow fuck her and my hands were on her hips pulling her to me. I had my dick in my baby girl's ass!! With each stroke I went a little faster until I was going and hammering like a jackhammer! I felt her shudder twice before I came again. She collapsed and I fell on top of her. My dick started to get soft and "plopped" out of her. I slowly rolled over.

"Did I hurt you?" I whispered.

"No. It felt great. Can we do it all over again?"

"We have all week," I smiled.

"By the way Daddy, I deleted your diary page," she grinned.

"Did I leave it on the computer?" I asked faking a little embarrassment.

"Don't worry, I deleted it," she smiled as she got up and put on her robe.

"Thanks," I said smiling.

"When you want to do it again, just say so," she said as she left my room going to hers. NOW, the guilt really started in. I heard her log on the internet, and then she was giggling. I put on my pajama bottoms and walked in.

"What's so funny?" I asked. Carol turned around smiling ear to ear.

"Read this," she said.

I bend down and started to read a message from Margo. It was a long and detailed message of how Margo just finished seducing her dad! My dick was really getting hard as I read. Carol undid my pajamas and as they fell to the floor, Carol started to suck while I was reading. I had no idea that Bill would have even thought of fucking his daughter, as I read amazed. Margo sucked him off and he fucked her.

My dick started to swell and I pumped my load into Carol's mouth as I finished reading, but just when I pulled out another load hit her face and she stuck out her tongue to catch it.

"Daddy?" she said licking around her mouth. "I wish I had a brother."

"How come?" I asked.

"Margo's brother fucks her all the time."

"I have a feeling that you and I are going to do quite a bit too."

"I'd like to see you and mom do it."

"Sounds good to me. Maybe someday we can do a 3-some," I joked not really meaning it.

"That would be fun!"

"Really? You want to try that?"

"Sure. I want to try everything."

"You know how your mom is. She would never allow such a thing," I smiled.

"You leave that to me," she smiled as she went back to her computer to type a message to Margo.

Now what did this little vixen have up her sleeve? Just the thought of it was turning me on as I pulled up my pajamas and left the room. I went to the fridge and got a cold beer and sat at the table. Yeah, this just might be fun.... a 3-some. But with Jenny??? It would be impossible, or...would it?

My Sexy Daughter
Their girls are grown up and they have a lot of sexy friends.
What can these fathers do but fuck all of them at once?!

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