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Confessions of a Slut

Melody Mathews turned heads wherever she went. She was a lady with class and the looks and body to match. She wore her clothes stylishly sexy while not appearing slutty. No one would ever accuse Melody Mathews of slutty behavior.

Melody married a successful businessman with political ambitions. She never worked a day in her life but volunteered for every social cause that came around. She was active in church and her daughter's school activities, and never gave anyone cause to lift an eyebrow. She just dressed sexy, but most women who look that good do regardless of what they do or don't do. If you've got it, flaunt it. No one could blame Melody for flaunting it. She definitely had it.

Shannon Mathews was her mother's equal in poise and beauty, though she had just turned fourteen and had not fully developed into her mother's 37-23-35 figure. Still, she had a figure that, when walking beside her mother, caused traffic snarls on slow traffic days. The two were often seen together, as Melody had the time to devote herself to proper parenting and the pampering indulgence of an only child.

Gordon Mathews was surprised to see Melody enter his downtown office, and a bit dismayed. She only came to the office to hit him up for one cause or another. After the secretary closed the door behind Melody, Gordon reached for his check book, saying, "Just tell me how much, Melody."

Melody sat in the seat before his large desk with a somber look on her face. Gordon closed the check book and said, "What is it Melody?"

"I'm sorry to bother you at the office, but I finally got the courage to talk, so here I am."

"That's fine, but what is it?"

"Gordon, I have something just awful to tell you."

Gordon stood and said, "Did something happen to Shannon?"

"No, Shannon's fine." Gordon eased back into his chair as she went on. "It's something I've done."

"Melody, just spit it out. What did you do, overwrite your check book again?"

"No, nothing like that." Melody took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, then blurted out, "Gordon, I've been unfaithful."

"Is this a joke?"

"Gordon, please, it's no joke. I'd never joke about a thing like that."

"Out with it, Melody. Come clean, and I mean squeaky clean."

Melody sighed, looked up at the ceiling, took a deep breath, let it out in a sigh of resignation, then said, "I've been having sex with my gynecologist, Dr. Langdon."

"Is that what these monthly visits are all about?"

"Yes. We're not having an affair. I'd never do that, but we have sex in his office. It's just sex, no kissing or loving, just sex and then I go."

"Oh, well as long as you didn't kiss."

"Don't make light of this, please."

"Then shed some light on this, please."

"It started off innocent on my first visit eight months ago. He asked if the nurse could leave because she had work to catch up on. I said yes, because he had always been so professional. As soon as she left us alone, he began acting very unprofessional, feeling me up, not examining me. He turned me on. I couldn't help it."

"No, of course not. He felt you up."

"Please don't mock me. I'm trying to be serious."

"Go on."

"I think every woman imagines what a pelvic would be like with a good looking nasty doctor that took liberties while she was so vulnerable and open. I did, anyway. When the liberties started, I just let them continue. He massaged my vagina with his penis on that visit and had sex with me on the second a week later. I didn't know how to stop him; I couldn't stop him. I just laid there and let him do with my body whatever he chose to do."

Gordon started laughing, putting stress on Melody. He said, "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I can just picture you lying there taking this fuck like a trooper. As long as I've been trying to get you to sleep around discretely, did you actually think I'd be pissed?"

"No, I knew you'd be overjoyed."

"Damn right. He's perfect for you. He sure as hell won't tell anyone, so there's no harm done to my political career. To show you how not pissed I am, I'll even pay for these fuck sessions of yours. You can now have weekly sessions, and just tell Langdon to mail the bills to my office. He'll probably get a kick out of billing me for servicing my wife. Debrah will get an even bigger kick out of paying that bill."

"You're not going to tell your secretary are you?"

"I have a confession, too. She's more than a secretary; she's my mistress."


"Hey, two can play that game. Don't worry, it's not a romance. We don't kiss. We just love to fuck. What a coincidence, we also do the dirty deed in an office, usually right on that couch. If you'd have arrived thirty minutes earlier, you could have watched. We'd have enjoyed that. We've both talked about bringing you in on our dirty secret. Debrah has a thing for threesomes with another chick. She's quite smitten with you, Melody. Have you ever considered girl/girl action?"

Melody's face turned blood red, not from anger, from embarrassment. She said, "Gordon, I'm so pleased you are taking this so well, and I am grateful for the offer to pay for weekly sessions. In truth, I doubt there will be any more sessions after you hear the rest, although you are right, Dr. Langdon would get a big charge out of billing you directly. As for you and Debrah, I've suspected for some time. I'm glad you have a mistress as young and lovely as Debrah. She seems very nice and clean. I'd like to be her friend and be open about this, but a threesome with her would be a bit too much for me to handle right now. I could never reciprocate, and I'd feel badly about receiving without returning in kind."

"Shit, Melody, she'd be honored to lick your pussy for you. All you have to do is sit back, spread your legs, and enjoy. I'll take care of Debrah's pussy, don't you worry about that."

"That sounds tempting, Gordon, but I still don't think I can handle that. You know I have a thing about oral sex."

"What the hell is that doctor doing for his money? Don't tell me he's not making use of that beautiful mouth of yours."

"He does, even after we've had sex. I've come a long way in eight months. I'll show you if you want, but later."

"Well, that makes the money well spent if he can turn you into a decent cock sucker."

"Must you be so crude about this?"

"If I'm paying for it. You do want to see him on a weekly basis, don't you?"


"You'd like me to foot the bills, right?"


"Then I should have the right to be crude. Don't you agree?"

"Fine, then be crude. Gordon, there's more. I haven't told you the difficult part."

"Let it out girl. Is he packing your poop chute, too? Has he taken you down the old dirt road? Has he been driving his big rig down the Hershey Highway."

"Your crude metaphors aside, yes, but that's not it. Gordon, he got me pregnant. He did it on purpose. I'm not developing a tummy pouch. I'm four months along."

Gordon's expression changed as he studied the noticeable swell in Melody's lower abdomen. He sat up to look over the desk top into Melody's lap. She leaned back for him as he said, "What do you mean, he did it on purpose?"

"He planned the session to fall on my ovulation cycle. Like I said, he intended to get me pregnant."

"Weren't you aware of this?"

"Yes, he told me he wanted to get me pregnant. I went along because I figured he could take care of it before anyone noticed. I thought he just wanted the thrill of knocking me up. He did, but I just found out he wants me to stay pregnant now that it's too late to go to another doctor for an abortion. I'm sorry, Gordon, but I'm going to have Dr. Langdon's baby, and there's not a damn thing I can do about that."

Gordon was up and pacing while Melody sat stoically watching. He paced silently for a few moments, then said, "How stupid can you be, Melody? Do you realize what you've done? I'll be a laughing stock. After I participated in that article on men with vasectomies, everybody in town will know it's not mine."

"I know. I'm so sorry. I was so stupid."

"I may as well hang a sign on my chest that says: 'I'm married to an adulterous whore.' A month from now, when your pregnant condition is obvious to everyone, you may as well wear a sign that says, 'I am a whoring wife who doesn't even bother with protection when she sleeps around.'"

"I know! I know! I feel just awful, cheap, and vulgar. I feel like a whore, Gordon. I feel like the lowest of whores, a married whore with another man's child growing in her womb. When I wear my tight stretch knit dresses, I can feel people looking at my paunch and thinking those things about me. Some of the people know I'm pregnant. They snicker and whisper to others. It's bad now, and my belly gets bigger every day."

Gordon came to stand between Melody and his desk. He leaned back on the desk while studying her with a critical eye. After a long silence, he calmly said, "I see you still wear those tight stretchy dresses. Stand up, Melody." Melody stood. "Turn in profile." She turned. "Yes, they make your condition quite obvious. Debrah brought your belly to my attention just the other day. She said you were pregnant, but I laughed it off. You're getting off on this aren't you? I'll bet you can't wait to waddle down main street in your ninth month. Have you already picked out the string bikini you plan to wear?"

"Gordon, I..."

"I'll just bet your pussy is drooling. Step over here."

Melody bowed her head and came to stand before Gordon. Normally, she would never submit to such an inspection, but she came quietly as though eager. He reached under her dress and encountered a sloppy wet, naked pussy. He drew his fingers through the wet and slimy slit while saying, "You slut. You stopped off for a fuck before coming to me with this news. And when did you start going out without panties?"

"Two weeks ago. Dr. Langdon ordered me not to ever wear bra or panties again."

"He ordered you?"

"Yes. He ordered me to come to you like this. I had to swing by his office so he could fuck me."

"And you obey all orders?"

"I have so far."

"When did you start shaving your pussy?"

"He shaved it eight months ago. I have kept it shaved every day since."

"Has it really been that long since I saw your pussy?"

"Or felt it. You saw my pussy on our anniversary, ten months and two weeks ago Saturday."

"I did notice your new braless look, and now that I think of it, I first noticed two weeks ago. Obviously, you have been following his orders to the letter, too."

"I have to. He has friends that check."

"Oh, how nice for you." He pulled the hem to her waist and saw a greasy thumb print on her mound with mare dark smudges on both inner thighs. He said, "I see you just got checked. So Langdon shares his slut with his friends, and from the looks of things, one is his god damn mechanic?"

"Yes. He also shared me with the work crew painting his office building. They were the same five guys who painted our house last month."

"Great! They did a good job, now they're been tipped. How many of his friends have you serviced?"

"Eight, no, nine, but that's not counting the five painters."

"I see you're already starting to lose track." Gordon was still toying with her sloppy sex, and Melody was still offering him a passive pose, pressing her heated loins to his hand with a sensuous rolling of her pelvis.

Gordon said, "And now you're pregnant with another man's child and forced to carry the little bastard full term." Melody bit her lower lip and ground her cunt on the hand more forcefully. "You must be absolutely thrilled. Well, Melody, I have a surprise for you. I'm thrilled for you."

Melody stopped her pelvic grind and gave Gordon a curious look. Gordon said, "That's right, I'm not going to divorce you. My political ambitions are over, but I wasn't all that enthused about public service anyway. Your soiled reputation will have no effect on my business, so I'm thrilled for you. I can take the heat if you can."

"Gordon, are you serious? You're not really that upset?"

"No, surprised at the depths to which you've already sunk without my being aware, but not upset."

"I couldn't stop. He has this way with me. Each visit gets nastier and nastier. I was gang raped by those painters while strapped to his exam table on my last visit two weeks ago. He drags me deeper each time. I leave his office every time swearing I'll never return, but when the next month rolls around, I'm there. His ways are masterful. He gives me an entire month to dwell and adjust, and finally to accept what I've done. When the appointed time rolls around, I'm ready to try more."

"So, you must be truly thrilled by my offer to pay for weekly visits."

Melody hung her head and said, "In truth, I was, but I knew you'd retract the offer after you learned the truth."

"But I intend to follow through. Does that thrill you?"

Melody's raised her eyes with keen, surprised interest, saying, "I...uh...yes, it does. Oh Gordon, I'm so frightened and confused. I'm already in way over my head. I should have stopped months ago, four at least. I could not go on any further without you. I need you there. I need to know you'll be there for me. I feel myself sinking out of control. I know I'm headed for disaster, ruin, shame and degradation, but I want to go on. I am discovering things about my sexuality that I never dreamed existed, and I now crave them. I want more. I feel like I have an addiction, a sexual addiction."

"I never thought I'd hear you utter those words. My hat is off to the doctor. I obviously went about turning you into a slut all wrong."

"Well, he's doing everything right so far, but I need a safety net if I'm going to stay with the circus. I need to know you'll be there for me, to catch me, or lift me up at the end. It will end, too. Dr. Langdon is out to turn me into a full-blown slut, to ruin me. He told me so, and he's doing it just for kicks. When he accomplishes his goal, he'll drop me. Will you be there to catch me, clean me, and set me back on my feet?"

"Yes, I'll be there, but I won't clean you up. You'll remain a slut, but you'll be my slut after Langdon is through with you. In the mean time, you're his slut, and I expect you to do anything he asks of you to the best of your ability."

Melody launched herself into Gordon's arms, hugging his neck tightly, saying, "Oh god yes, I swear I will. I'll do anything he asks of me, anything at all. I'll deny him nothing, and I'll be your loving slut for the rest of my life. I'll lick your cum from your lover's pussies. I'll fuck your friends, your clients, your associates. I'll work in nude bars and sell my pussy for you. I'll do live sex acts on stage and pose for men's magazines, the vulgar ones like Beaver Hunt, and Pussy Pleasures."

"Don't forget the dogs, my favorite perversion."

"Oh, yes, I'll do that too. I'll do that just for you, Gordon. Langdon has never mentioned bringing dogs in, but I could easily drop the hint by telling him that I'll do anything but have sex with a dog. He'll have a dog at my next session."

"I have a better idea. Why don't you come right out and offer to perform with a dog for he and his friends."

"Oh god, Gordon! If I did that, Langdon would advance his schedule by months, and with weekly sessions, I'd be a full-blown slut in no time. That's what you want, though, isn't it? Oh, Gordon, you're so clever. You really do want me as a slut, don't you."

"Do you really have to ask? The question is, will you go through with fucking a dog...in public?"

"Yes, I will. I'll be a bitch for you, a human bitch...and I would love to be bred in public."

"You can make him the offer in front of Shannon. She'll be with you at your next session. [Melody's face fell along with her mouth.] Yes, and you'll be taking Shannon with you every week. I'm paying for her, too."

"Gordon, you can't be serious?"

"Can't I? Do you honestly think you could keep her out of this? Doesn't he know about Shannon?"

"Yes, he knows."

"Don't you think Langdon wants to drag her in? He's no fool, Melody. A mother/daughter team like you and Shannon will be the ultimate crowd pleaser. Melody, look at me. Tell me you didn't realize this."

"Oh, all right. Yes, I knew. He already told me of his plans for Shannon."

"But you still want to go forward, right?"

"I told you, I can't stop myself. I need you to stop me. One of us has to act responsibly for Shannon's sake."

"But I have no intention of stopping you or even slowing you down. I intend to speed things along, and it's because of Shannon."

"But why, Gordon? Why would you want to do this to Shannon? She's so young and innocent."

"Two sluts are better than one; besides, that little honey gives me the worst case of blue balls. I can't wait to vent years of pent-up lust in her tight little pussy."

"Gordon, she's your daughter."

"She's also the finest piece of tail in the state. Do you still want to go on?"

"Yes, damnit. I told you, I can't stop myself. If you won't stop me, Shannon is destined to share my fate. I want you to know that dragging her down with me may be my undoing. I don't know if I can handle that. I was hoping to postpone her involvement until the last possible moment, but you obviously have other ideas. Her first trip to see Dr. Langdon will probably put her in therapy for years, especially if you insist I make the offer to fuck a dog in front of Shannon."

"I insist. Don't worry about Shannon's mental health. We're going to begin warming her up this evening over dinner with you, me, and Debrah. You are going to introduce Debrah as my mistress, then you're going to tell Shannon about your pregnant condition and make a full confession of every act of infidelity, in graphic detail, using every filthy term you can imagine. I want this evening to last a long time so that it really sinks in. I want Shannon brought close to your level in one night, and I want her at your level by your next session."

"She'll never be able to manage that. She won't make it through the evening. She'll die, Gordon, especially if I tell her in the manner you just described. She's never heard me use a single curse word, much less describe the sex act using gutter language."

"She won't die, because you are going to turn her on with the way you tell it. When you discuss your baby, you'll stand over her in plain sight of me and Debrah and lift your dress high. You'll place her hand on your belly, then run her fingers low over your pussy on the pretext of feeling the baby. Each pass will take her hand lower and lower. By the time you start describing your sex life, you will be holding her hand tightly between your legs. Before long, you will be masturbating with Shannon's hand."

"Jesus Christ, Gordon. You can't be serious."

"I'm dead serious."

"Well, I certainly hope you know what you're doing, because I will do exactly as you say. If you want to see a masturbation spectacle involving me and Shannon, and Shannon cooperates, I will give you the show you want. I will make the scene as vulgar as I possibly can if the shock factor is what you're after."

"That's exactly what I'm after. I'm impressed, Melody. You seem totally committed all of a sudden."

Melody smiled a devilish smile and said, "I should be totally committed - to an insane asylum. You're right, though, I am. I made that decision just before I came up here. I was either going to stop cold, or go all the way without holding back. In truth, I was committed to quitting the sessions after the third session when Dr. Langdon shared me with two of his friends while I was helplessly bound to his exam table. His telling me what he had planned for Shannon brought me back to the fourth session. I have thought of little else since then, and I have been laying the groundwork since that fourth meeting when I stripped naked before Langdon and six of his friends."

"That's my girl. Tell me, how have you been laying the ground work?"

"By exposing myself to her, by talking about sex, acting horny in public and at home, and by letting her catch me masturbating. She has caught me masturbating three times now. She's also seen me flirting with men, and she once saw me allow a man to fondle me under my dress. This was one of Langdon's friends that was checking to see that I wore nothing under my dress."

"And Shannon saw this? Do tell. Details, I want details."

"He did this in an elevator with Shannon and a very startled elderly couple looking on. I only offered slight resistance while he crudely felt me up for a twenty floor ride in a slow elevator. I stood there and let this virtual stranger finger fuck me with Shannon looking on. I let him push my dress clear up to my tits. I fell back against the wall with my feet shoulder width apart and just stood there. She and the couple watched his fingers fucking my shaved cunt."

"That's terrific. Shannon won't be shocked to hear your confession then."

"She will be shocked, but certainly not traumatized. Who knows, she may enjoy my confession as much as she enjoyed watching me get finger banged in an elevator. Actually, I think you came up with an excellent way to break the ice with Shannon. I was stymied. I think your plan will work without traumatizing her. She never shies away from physical contact with me, and there are times when I think she's a bit overly affectionate. She is very interested in my intimate anatomy, that much I know for a certainty. I know she won't try to pull her hand away. Holding onto her hand will give me a sense of how she is physically responding to my confession."

"I'm sure she'll be fine, just don't look like you are being forced into this confession."

"Oh, no, she'd hate you if she thought that. I'll be convincing. I'm the whore, and I intend to make that fact perfectly clear to her, if I haven't already. In fact, I was thinking that removing my dress completely would be better than hiking my skirt. She adores my breasts, and being totally naked before your mistress will be much more degrading and effective for turning her on. My tits will be in her face the whole time. As long as there's a naked tit to look at, Shannon won't want to leave the room under any circumstances."

"You make her sound like a lezzie."

"She may be inclined that way, but I doubt she's a confirmed lesbian. If you'd seen the way she acted around those painters, you'd have no doubt about her sexual orientation. If I hadn't been there, you'd have two pregnant females under your roof. I finally gave up on keeping her decently dressed. She has a strong exhibitionistic streak in her."

"Interesting, so she's growing horns is she?"

"She's at that age when sex is all she thinks about. We don't talk about sex, but I remember that age and I know the look. I would say she's strongly bisexual and extremely oral. If I presented her with an inviting spread beaver, I think she'd dive on it without prompting. Would you like me to give that a try tonight? I think we should try to take her as far as she's willing to go. She has a lot of catching up to do, because I want to schedule my next session as soon as possible."

"Yes, I agree, but you just gave me an idea that Debrah would love. Suppose when you introduce Debrah as my mistress you launch into a speech about how she is the pre-eminent female, and that she must be treated as royalty, served hand and foot, pampered, blah, blah, blah. Then setting the example, you kneel before Debrah, raise her skirt, and plant a deep kiss to the center of her cunt. Debrah will give you a spread that will make that kiss most effective. After you kiss her twat, invite Shannon to do likewise. Don't order, invite. If she goes for it, then by all means get her to eat you later in the evening. If she balks, we'll save that for another day, possibly after her first session with Langdon."

"I love it, and I love the way your mind works. We compliment each other more than we ever suspected. Now, I'd like to do something for you and Debrah, a warm-up for us. Why don't you bring her in here and humiliate me before her. Put me in my place. Strip me, make me grovel at her feet, and by all means, make me serve her with my mouth. I'm ready now. I'll make you proud, Gordon, but don't have her do anything for me. It would not be proper for a mistress to serve a wife. I am to be put in my place, remember?"

"You shall be, Melody. You are going to love this girl's snatch, and Debrah will shit kittens when she sees what I have in store for you. Wait here. I want to have a talk with her first to set the scene."

"Just so I know, what are you going to tell her?"

"Basically, I'm going to lay it out as it really is with the exception that you never want to see that bastard ever again, and I am forcing you to return to the sessions on a weekly basis. Just look forced, cowed, humbled, ashamed, and humiliated. That will get Debrah's juices flowing. Don't be eager, be subservient, very subservient. This might take a while, so get comfortable and be thinking about how to appear properly humbled and subservient when we enter. Remember, you came in here wanting to sue that bastard and you just found out you'll serve that bastard along with your daughter. Get submissive and get naked."

Gordon left, and Melody thought. Twenty minutes later, Gordon and Debrah entered his office to find Melody, naked, sitting back on her heels, head down with her arms behind her back. Debrah giggled excitedly and exclaimed, "Oh, Gordon, I love this."

Gordon surveyed Melody and decided she never looked more desirable. He wanted to excuse Debrah and make passionate love to his wife. He fought that impulse and strode over to her, taking her by the hair and lifting her tear-stained face up to Debrah, saying, "Take a good look at the queen bee. Piss her off, and I'll have you working for tips in a nude bar down in colored town."

Gordon addressed Debrah, saying, "Introduce Melody to the queen bee's pussy, and let her pay homage to it."

Debrah giggled and said, "Oh, Gordon, I couldn't do that - could I?"

"I insist. This will put her in her place. Let her worship the hole I fuck."

Debrah could barely contain her excitement as she moved before Melody, jutting her loins in Melody's face. The excited secretary lifted her dress and stood with her feet widely-planted. Gordon used his grip on Melody's hair to move her face between Debrah's legs. Debrah hunched her back and widened her knees, looking between her legs as Melody's beautiful face merged with her shaved pussy.

Melody never saw or imagined a more attractive vagina or one that smelled so exciting. Debrah had no offensive odor in her crotch, only the aroma of a sweet perfume blended with feminine musk, freshly fucked, a heady combination that soon drew Melody's tongue out and into the slimy slit of Debrah's sex.

Debrah swooned and giggled, then began grinding her cunt on Melody's dutifully subservient working tongue. Melody groveled in the cunt of her husband's mistress, using her tongue liberally, sending her stiff tongue deep inside, then flattened and broad on an external exploration.

Debrah cried, "Gordon, this is super, absolutely super. Now, I believe every word you said. I could get used to this real fast. Tell me again what you're going to make her do tonight with Shannon. This time, assume Shannon wants a lick, and tell me how Melody will coach her into eating me out till I cum. I want to cum in Shannon's mouth tonight, Gordon. God, I want that so badly, especially if Melody will be there to see it. Mother/daughter action drives me wild."

Gordon described his fantasy scene, and in doing so told Melody what they expected for the night to be a success. Melody wanted nothing more than for the evening to be a complete success, above and beyond their wildest expectations. Her mind began formulating ideas of her own as she expertly served Debrah's pussy most subserviently through two orgasms. She also gave Gordon his first blow job from her wedded mouth. He patted her head and told her she was a good cock sucker. Debrah patted Melody's head and told her she was a good cunt lapper, too. Melody hung her head in mock shame.

* * *

Melody had three hours to be alone with Shannon before Gordon and Debrah were due to arrive. She decided she needed to make good use of those three hours if the performance was to be a great success. In order to assure success, she needed to eliminate as many surprises as possible. She knew Shannon better than any person can know another person, but the one area she new least about was Shannon's attitudes about sex, or Shannon's sexual likes and dislikes.

What she did know was that Shannon was a peeper and very oral. A peeper, because she was always on hand whenever Melody dressed or undressed. And oral because Shannon nursed until she was six, long after the milk ran dry, which also explained her breast fascination. There was just no weaning that kid off the teat.

Melody had always guarded her modesty, even around Shannon, because the hard stares at her chest or crotch made her uncomfortable. Only in the recent past months had she gradually lowered her guard while trying not to be too obvious. Seeing the possible future that lay before her, she decided that any show of modesty had to change, and quickly. When Shannon walked in the door after school, Melody arranged to be padding through the dining room in her birthday suit, almost colliding with Shannon. Even though they didn't touch, the shock made Shannon drop her armful of books and papers. Melody stopped to help Shannon gather her things, all the while surreptitiously keeping an eye on where Shannon looked the most. To cover her visual eaves dropping, Melody talked, saying, "I didn't mean to startle you, Shannon. I guess I lost track of time. Is it really four-thirty already?"

Melody noted the blush right away, then noted that her crotch drew more attention than her breasts. She went from a stoop to a squat as she turned to face Shannon head (or rather, cunt) on, keeping her knees out obscenely wide. Shannon had only to raise her eyes slightly to look directly into her mother's yawning beaver, just inches from her face.

The pose was so brazen and vulgar, Shannon could barely function. Melody saw Shannon reaching blindly for her things as her eyes were not looking where her fingers were groping. Melody gathered most of the items herself while keeping her splayed beaver squarely in Shannon's face. She gathered the items with meticulous deliberation, then stood.

Shannon looked up the columns of her mother's naked legs, then gradually rose to stand before her mother wearing a bright red flush to her features. Melody handed the items to Shannon and said, "Sorry about being naked, but I often go about in the nude when no one is home. I hope this doesn't offend you."

Shannon still had a full flush to her features, and her voice showed a tremor caused by jangled nerves as she said, "Offend me? Why should your body offend me? You're my Mom. We're family. And besides, we're both girls. What's there to get offended about?"

"I guess I'm being silly and old fashioned, but you're absolutely right. We should feel free to go naked in this house. We're family, and it is just us girls, right?"

"Right. It's no big deal. Go naked all you want. I might even try it some day."

"I am so relieved. Boy, when I realized I had squatted right in your face with my knees out, I thought, 'Oh my god! What must Shannon be thinking of me?"

The blush deepened quite noticeably as Shannon said, "Mom, I wasn't thinking anything. I hardly noticed."

"You must have been thinking something. I saw you staring right between my legs. [Shannon took on a deeper blush] You can be honest with me, Shannon. You were disgusted, weren't you? You must think only a slut would shave her vagina and assume such a shameless pose so casually."

"No, not at all. Never. I think your vagina is bea...nice looking...I mean, it is...uh, a natural part of you, and, and it's not offensive at all. I'm sure lots of ladies shave down there."

"Well, sweetheart, I'm flattered that you feel that way. You know, I'll share a secret with you. I like looking at other women's vaginas. I think the vagina is a beautiful organ, and I sometimes envy men. That's shocking, isn't it?"

Shannon seemed to relax a bit and a more normal color gradually returned. She said, "Not really. It just means you're human like the rest of us. I like looking at naked girls. I look at other girls' vaginas in the gym showers."

"I do, too at the spa. I swear, if a woman parts her legs, I have to look. I can't tell you how many times I have been caught staring at a woman's clit. I know they must all think I'm a lesbian."

"I doubt that. Everybody does it, but they try not to get caught. I think it's natural. We all like seeing how other females look between the legs. I liked looking at your vagina up close that way. You never see them like that. Most of the ones I've seen are just the front view, and you can't see much from the front with all that hair in the way."

"I know what you mean. The only way to look at a pussy is with the legs wide open and shaved bald. Oops! I see by your expression, I slipped. Well, damnit, I hate clinical words for body parts. I prefer the word pussy. In fact, I love the word pussy."

Shannon giggled and said, "I do too. It was just so strange hearing you say that word."

"Well, get used to it, because from now on, between me and you, a pussy is a pussy, a cock is a cock, and when they get together, they fuck."

Shannon's right hand patted her upper chest. Her eyes went wide. "Wow, Mom, you took my breath away - the 'f' word too?"

"Fuck, Shannon. Go ahead; Say fuck; I'd like to hear you say fuck."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, very. I want to hear you say fuck."

"All right...fuck."

"That was easy, wasn't it? I just knew that word would roll off your tongue like water off a duck."

Shannon smiled self-consciously, then said, "Cocks fuck pussies."

"There you go. Now your talking my language. This is great, you and me, finally opening up, sharing, being open and honest with each other. I like this, I really do. I like being naked in front of you. I like having you look at my body, especially when I see you looking at my shaved pussy."

Melody plopped into a nearby chair and hung her legs over the arm rests. She said, "There, see, no shyness whatsoever."

Shannon giggled, then settled to her knees directly before her mother. She sat on the back on her heels, saying while staring at a super wide beaver in good light, "I can't get over this change in you."

"Well, get over it, because I feel like changing."

Shannon could not take her eyes off the beaver for more than split seconds at a time while saying, "I didn't mean that to sound negative. I like this change. I like looking at your shaved pussy, Mom. I love your naked body - all of it - but especially your pussy. You're very sexy, and your pussy is beautiful. There, I said it."

"You make me blush, Shannon, but I completely understand. I think I am developing a crush on your father's mistress. She shaves her pussy, too. I would love to French kiss that gorgeous doll right between her sexy fucking legs for about an hour. How's that for honesty and openness?"

Shannon had her mouth open. When she recovered, she said, "Dad has a mistress?"

"Sure, I thought you knew. You've met her, Debrah, his secretary."

"Debrah is Dad's mistress? Are you sure?"

"Oh, absolutely. Don't you think she's beautiful, Shannon?"

"Well, yes, she is, but why aren't you angry at her - at them?"

"Honey, I'm no angel. At least your father picks one decent girl and sticks with her, and I adore the way she tastes on your father's cock. I'd lick that cunt till her head exploded."

"Mom, you're blowing my mind. What's happening?"

"Oh, Shannon, how foolish of me to assume you were ready for this. I always forget you're only a child of fourteen. I think of you as so much older, worldly, experienced in sexual matters. I forget you're still a child, and a virgin to boot."

Melody struggled as though to get up. She set one leg down, but Shannon reached out in an almost panicked reaction to stop the other. She prevented Melody from freeing her left leg from the arm rest while saying, "I am not a child, Mother. I know about these things. I'm not shocked. I think it's cool that you have a crush on Dad's mistress, really cool that you feel you can share that with me, and I think it's super cool that you want to French kiss her pussy for an hour. You guys ought to do a threesome. See, I surprised you, didn't I? You didn't think I knew about threesomes."

Melody slowly settled and allowed Shannon to replace her freed leg, noticing that Shannon left her right hand on the inside of her left thigh, just above the knee. Shannon also used the opportunity to scoot closer so that when she sat back on her heels, she wouldn't need to relinquish her hold on the leg.

Melody said, while trying to suppress an amused grin, "I guess I had you figured right after all. You're fourteen going on twenty. Here, let me get this nasty beaver closer for you."

Shannon held her place as her mother relaxed in a slump bringing her wide-spread beaver to the edge of the seat's cushion, just inches from her daughter's hungry eyes. Shannon stared right into the core of her mother's yawning sex and let her hand drift down to the intimate area of her mother's inner thigh while saying, "That's right. You'd be surprised at all I know."

Melody said, "You know, Shannon, your father has been bugging me to lay it all out for you so he won't look bad if you find out about his mistress. Besides, he'd like to get everything out in the open so that he can start bringing her here to fuck. I'd like that very much, and I think you're ready."

"Oh, I am. That would be so cool."

"Well, I'm going to ask that he invite her to dinner tonight. I will make a full confession to you, bringing you current on all my dirty deeds. I will also introduce you to Debrah as Dad's mistress, but you had best be mature about this, or at least, try to act mature."

"I'm ready, Mom, I really am ready. I'll be so mature about this. I'll go out of my way to make her feel welcome and comfortable."

"You'd better, but I bet I can make you blush."

"I'll bet you can't. No way can you make me blush, not even if you confess what you let that man do to you in the elevator last Saturday."

"That was nothing. That was a peck on the cheek by a grand parent compared to what I've done. I'll bet I can make you leave the room in tears."

"If that was nothing, you couldn't make me leave with a gun in your hand. That was the biggest sexual thrill of my life. If that was nothing, I'll be all ears and smiles, just waiting to hear more."

"I might just lick Debrah's pussy just to gross you out."

"You think that would gross me out? Lick her pussy in front of me, I dare you. I double dare you!"

"All right, but if I do lick her pussy, you have to lick her pussy until she has an orgasm."

"You're on, but if you chicken out, then you have to lick my pussy till I have an orgasm. Let's shake on that."

"Will you let me lick your pussy in front of your father and Debrah?"

"Well...no, I was thinking later, after they leave."

"Who said they're leaving. If she stays the night, I'll be sleeping with you. I could do it then, but what's the matter, are you chicken to show your pussy?"

"No, I'm not chicken. I'll even shave it so they can see everything better. I'll even do the splits while standing on my head if you want. I'm not chicken."

"Shit, I'll bet you'd freeze up tighter than a clam if I tried to run my hand up your leg tonight."

"I would not. I'd spread my legs, that's what. I ran my hand up your leg. I'll even touch your pussy. See?"

Melody felt an electric charge of excitement at Shannon's hesitant light touch to her pubic mound. With her passive silence, Shannon dared to let her fingers trail down one lip and up the other. Melody's continued silence brought increases in the pressure until Shannon was moving the wet fleshy parts about in her hesitant explorations, waiting to be stopped.

Melody tried to act unaffected and unconcerned as the fingers dared to get wet in the slit, saying, "You talk big, but I'll bet if I tried to expose your tits, you'd go screaming from the room, hugging your chest."

Awed by her success, Shannon boldly toyed with the slit, saying, "Bull. You could strip me naked tonight, and I wouldn't bat an eye. I have great tits, and I'd love to show them off. They're almost as big as yours."

Melody watched her daughter's fingers delve lower and feel around the opening of her vagina, saying, "Yeah, we'll see how brave you are tonight. I can make you break and run. I might just get naked, stand on your chair, and bring my wide open pussy right up to your face. You'd be out of there in a flash."

"If you do that, I'll lick your slit. I'll stick my tongue up your hole and wiggle it around in there." Shannon accented these words by slipping a finger inside, then sending it deep.

Melody showed her approval with a pelvic wiggle which invited a second finger as she said, "We'll see, Shannon. We'll see. I'll tell you what; if you handle yourself well tonight, I'll take you with me to my next appointment with Dr. Langdon. You can watch me getting fucked by three or more men. Would you like to see my pussy in action?"

With two fingers buried in her mother's twat, Shannon brought the other hand into play on the clit, now openly masturbating her aroused mother while saying, "You let men fuck you? Wow! Yeah, sure, I guess. Wow, Mom, you're full of surprises. I never would have dreamed you were messing around on Dad. Are you sure the men won't mind my being there?"

"No, they won't mind one bit, but you'd better not act like a child around those guys. You'll embarrass me if you do."

"I won't embarrass you, that's a promise. I'd like to guide a man's cock into your pussy and hold his balls while he's fucking you. I'll bet that surprises you? Would that embarrass you if I did that?"

"Honey, if you did that, I would be very impressed, and so would the men."

"I can do better than that. I'll bet they'd go nuts if they saw me licking his cock while he was fucking you, licking his cock and your pussy at the same time. I know that must shock you, huh?"

"Honey, shock isn't the word; you're making me horny. You have a dirty mind, and I love it."

"That's nothing. I have a filthy dirty mind. When I masturbate, I think about licking you and Daddy while you fuck. I would love to lick Daddy's cock while it's pumping you full of sperm. When he pulls out, I imagine that I lick all of his sperm out of your pussy and off his big cock. That has to shock you, but I'd actually do that and more if you let me."

"I told you, you're not shocking me, but you are giving me a raging case of the hornies. You do have a filthy dirty mind, and I adore it."

Shannon beamed a big smile and said, "I'm dying to lick your pussy, Mom. I want to suck your cunt."

Melody ruffled Shannon's hair and smilingly said, "Well, precious, lets go into my bedroom and get comfortable. I can kill an hour before I have to start dinner. I'll show you my collection of pussy toys, but you need to alter your fantasy to star Debrah and Dad. Your father and I don't fuck each other very often anymore."

Melody led Shannon to her bedroom. Debrah discovered a multitude of new and exciting ways to pleasure a pussy. She also learned how to lick her mother's pussy for the viewing pleasure of an audience. An hour later, Shannon was ready to put on a great performance. They rehearsed their roles between passionate sessions of lesbian love play.

* * *

Melody dressed Shannon in an old dress that no longer fit. She also had Shannon wear old bra and panties, because Melody planned to rip them all off at the right moment. Melody wore her tightest stretch knit dress with nothing underneath. When Gordon and Debrah arrived, the table was set with the food in serving dishes. Melody and Debrah were seated and waiting. With punctuality being Gordon's hallmark, they didn't wait long. They arrived at eight on the dot.

Melody rose to greet them, then held Debrah's chair for her. They exchanged pleasantries and enjoyed a good meal. Small talk was kept to a minimum. When the meal ended, Melody cleared the table while Shannon and Debrah talked about Shannon's school life.

With the table cleared and drinks refreshed, Melody addressed Shannon, saying, "Shannon, I want to introduce you to your father's mistress. Debrah, is to be treated as an honored guest in our house. As your father's mistress, her needs and desires come first and foremost. She's to be catered to and waited on hand and foot. We will wash her and tend to her after sex. We must always keep her neat and clean, especially that part of her that your father uses the most. You know what part I am referring to, don't you?"

Shannon shyly said, "Her vagina?"

"Her pussy, Shannon. Doctor's wives have vaginas. A mistress has a pussy or a cunt. Now, do you understand that we are to tend to the care and maintenance of Debrah's pussy?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good, but just so you know how we will do that, let me demonstrate. Debrah, could you pull your chair around so that Shannon can see clearly."

"Certainly, Melody. I want it done right, so make certain Shannon has a good view."

Melody placed the chair facing Shannon, three feet away, then raised Debrah's dress above her waist as Debrah sat back. Debrah spread her legs as wide as possible, placing the soles of her feet on the front corners of her seat, pressing her knees flat to each side. Melody got on her knees before that vulgar spread, as Shannon sat forward, peering into the shaved beaver presented to her mother.

Melody presented the vulgar spread to Shannan and said, "This is the pussy we serve, and this is how we will serve it. Shannon then watched as her mother licked all over the surface between the legs of the smiling secretary, even going low over her asshole.

Melody licked inside the hole and pressed her face in tight, then went up the slit to fasten her lips over the clit for a quick suck. She pulled off the clit with a sucking pop, then turned to face Shannon, saying, "Would you like to try?"

Shannon shyly said, "I guess so." She got up from her seat as Melody moved to make room, then beckoned Shannon closer. Gordon stood behind Debrah, looking down on the provocative scene, amazed at how easily Shannon took the news and took to pussy.

Once settled in place, Shannon immediately licked up through Debrah's slit as Melody pulled the lips apart. Debrah was rapidly brought to a state of near delirium watching a mother and daughter fawningly servicing her pussy. Her head lolled on the chair back and she gazed in Gordon's eyes, saying, "Fuck, Gordon, this is fantastic. Your wife certainly knows how to serve a mistress, and your daughter is an excellent pussy licker. Look at her licking out my fuck hole while her mother holds my cunt lips open for her. God, I love this. They make a wonderful team. They should always do this together, especially right after we fuck."

"They will, sweetheart. You heard Melody. Your every wish is their desire."

"Oh, thank you, Gordon. Thank you for giving me this. I'm in heaven."

Melody resumed her directions saying, "Get your face in tight and get that tongue way up inside her fuck hole. That's it. Get her fuck hole nice and clean for your father's cock. That's excellent, Shannon. You're doing it right. Now, lick her slit real good. Start down at her asshole and slowly lick your way up. Great, you're doing great. When you get to her clit, suck it in your mouth and nibble while batting it with your tongue. Suck hard, baby, make Debrah cum and get her fuck hole nice and juicy for your father."

Debrah cried out, "Oh FUCK! Oh yes. I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cumming. Suck my cunt, Shannon. Suck it hard. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Debrah collapsed in a slump, but Melody and Shannon continued to service her pussy with tender kisses and licks over the outside areas. Their tongues fought over the slimy wetness seeping from Debrah's hole. Their heads were together. Cheek to cheek, mother and daughter servicing Gordon's mistress.

Debrah basked in the obscene attention while slowly recovering from her powerful orgasm. As her senses returned, she gazed on the scene taking place in her yawning spread. She said, "That's it, girls, lap up my pussy cream. Each of you press you faces in my cunt. Get your pretty faces good and slimy with my fuck juice."

Shannon went first, prompting Debrah to say, "Yeah, get that face in there, girl. Smear it all around. Now you, Melody. That's it, all over. Now, lick each other's faces clean."

The girls went at each other's faces like hungry pups. They also licked inside each other's mouths. They lapped each other's tongues and lips, making Debrah giggle. They soon returned to licking more pussy. When Debrah had enough, she pushed the heads from her crotch and stood. Melody returned the chair to the head of the table and held it for Debrah. Shannon returned to her seat, and Melody took hers after dishing out everyone's dessert portions starting with Debrah.

The dessert, like the meal, was in sharp contrast to what followed the meal. They carried on light dinner conversation with Gordon setting the tone, asking about Shannon's upcoming cheerleader try-out and Melody's park's committee meeting. He and Debrah talked about the software distribution business. The only off color remark came from Debrah recounting an attempt by a vendor to look up her skirt, and her description of how she accommodated him.

When they finished the dessert and everyone could devote their full and undivided attention to the mother/daughter performance they'd rehearsed, Melody stood and tapped her wine glass with a knife, saying, "I have an announcement to make. This is primarily for Shannon's benefit since you both know the news. I will, therefor, address myself to her."

Melody stepped away from her chair and came to stand beside Shannon's chair facing Debrah and Gordon, between the couple and Shannon. They had pulled their chairs together and sat on the side facing Shannon and Melody, assuming the role and attitude of spectators. Gordon had his arm around Debrah's shoulder with his hand massaging her right breast. Debrah's hand was likewise fondling Gordon's crotch, further exciting a big erection that Shannon cast sidelong glances to.

Melody took Shannon's face by the chin and directed her head to face toward her, saying, "That may be exciting to watch, but I want your attention on me. Shannon, I'm sure you've noticed my paunch. You were sweet not to say anything, though I'm sure you thought I was letting myself go. The truth is, I'm pregnant - four months pregnant."

Shannon's eyes went wide. She stared at the mound in her mother's lower abdomen, then looked up to Melody's smiling face, then to her father, then back as Melody said, "It's true, Shannon, and no, your father did not recover from his vasectomy. I am pregnant with another man's child. I can see you find this hard to believe. Perhaps this will make a stronger impression."

With that said, Melody grasped her dress hem and in one deft pull hauled the dress over her head, tossing the garment aside to reveal her totally nude body in high heels. Once again Shannon's eyes made the rounds as Melody took her by the right hand and led that hand on a tour of her distended belly, saying, "There is a baby growing inside me, Shannon."

Shannon's hand, pressed flat to her mother's tummy, made a complete circuit before being led between her mother's legs to begin a more thorough tour of her mother's crotch. Shannon acted as though this were the first feel and her first good look at the place where she came into the world. Her fingers quickly became pliable, and her eyes never wandered from the provocative spread as Melody placed her left foot on the seat beside Shannon's right ass cheek and turned both knees out to fully open herself not only to Shannon's eyes, which were within inches of the mound thrust toward her face, but to Gordon and Debrah's eyes which had a head-on view.

In this obscene pose, Melody said, while pressing two of Shannon's middle fingers up her hole, "I am going to deliver a bastard which your father has graciously agreed to raise as his own, though this will cause him no end of shame. Everyone will know that he is married to a whore. People are already talking. By next month there won't be a soul in this community that won't know your mother is a slut that is carrying her lover's child in her womb. You will be teased as well, so you'd better make the adjustment to my new status. I can never get unfucked, nor can I get unpregnant without delivering the bastard."

Melody found that she needed very little pressure to guide Shannon's fingers. When Shannon began exploring on her own, Melody eased her hand away. Debrah snidely said, "Isn't that a picture, Gordon - a mother and daughter's intimate moment of sharing, a daughter's moment of discovery as she explores her mother's whore pussy for the first time."

Even Debrah's crude comment did not dissuade or inhibit Shannon. If anything, Shannon more boldly and aggressively followed her aroused impulses in a manner that looked more like masturbation than exploration. This, in fact, brought forth another comment from the excited Debrah as she said, "Oh, look honey, she's showing her approval by trying to get her mother off. She's a real momma's girl, that one is."

This brought Shannon's left hand up between Melody's legs. The left entered Melody's pussy and took up a slow three-fingered fucking motion while the right rubbed, tugged, and toyed with her mother's clit. Melody said, "My fate is sealed, Shannon. My future course is set in concrete. Your father has every right to toss me out without a penny to my name, but he graciously allows me to bear his name and remain his wife, though he knows I will bring continual shame on him by my sluttish ways. Your father is a prince among men, Shannon, and he deserves our loving devotion."

Shannon cast her eyes toward her father and saw that Debrah had his eight-inch erection in her stroking fist. Shannon bit her lower lip while staring at the pre-cum drooling head. Without lifting her eyes from the provocative sight, Shannon impishly said, "Thank you, Daddy. I always knew you were a prince, a handsome prince."

Debrah teased, "Oh my, maybe we have a Daddy's girl. Oh, yeah, I can tell your hard cock likes that idea, Prince Charming."

Melody said, "That brings up another point, Shannon. Every man deserves a pussy he can count on being his and his alone. A man takes a wife for that reason. In view of my adulterous behavior, I thought it only fair that he took a mistress. I also thought it only proper that I subordinate myself to her, you too for that matter. Her pussy remains faithful to your father's cock, and it is up to us to see that Debrah's faithful pussy never wants for anything, least of all worshipful attention. That is why we will worship her pussy from now on."

Shannon passionately declared, "I will, Mom. I will worship Debrah's beautiful and faithful pussy from now on."

"With your mouth, Shannon."

"Yes, of course with my mouth, my lips, my tongue, my whole body. She'll have to push me away when she's had enough."

Debrah laughed and said, "Me! Push that pretty face of yours out of my snatch? Never, Shannon. Not even when your prince of a Daddy fucks my cunt for me."

Shannon looked to Debrah and said, "I don't care, Debrah. I'll lick your cunt while Daddy fucks it. I'll lick your beautiful pussy after he fucks it too."

"Of course you will. How else would you clean my pussy, with a fuck rag?"

To demonstrate where Shannon stood in the female pecking order, Melody placed her hand on the back of Shannon's head and drew gently toward her crotch, saying, "As long as this gorgeous mouth resides under my roof, neither of us will want for a fuck rag, Debrah."

Shannon's head went the final distance on her own effort, freeing both of Melody's hands to pull her cunt lips wide, presenting her yawning pussy hole as a target. Shannon's face went right to the hole with her tongue fully extended. Debrah shot from her chair to take up a position at Shannon's right thigh, overlooking the point of contact with her face alongside Shannon's. She eagerly watched Shannon's long pink tongue enter Melody's pussy and begin a deep swabbing action, prompting Debrah to cry out, "Oh God, Gordon. You've got to see this up close."

Gordon joined Debrah, looking over her shoulder as Debrah said, "Look at her go. The little cunt lapper adores her mother's whore cunt. She can't wait to serve as the slut's fuck rag."

Gordon squeezed hard on Debrah's shoulder, a signal that she was going to far too fast. They had agreed before hand to be dispassionate spectators and allow Melody this first encounter to fully debase herself. Neither expected things to progress to this point through the course of the evening, and to do so at the start had Debrah completely unhinged. With a slight tug back, Debrah reluctantly eased away and returned to her seat beside Gordon. They once again resumed their spectator roles.

Melody picked up on the subtle communication and resumed degrading herself and Shannon, saying, "Debrah is absolutely right, Shannon, and you will be well-supplied with soiled slut pussy to clean. The purpose of this meeting with your father and Debrah is for me to come clean, and for you to completely understand your new role and responsibilities in this family. The first thing you must learn is that you never ever service a pussy with your clothes on."

Melody brought her foot down and stood Shannon on her feet facing Debrah and Gordon. In one violent ripping tear, she rended the dress in half, yanking the torn remnants from Shannon's body. The bra and panties were likewise removed, leaving Shannon naked under devouring eyes. Debrah reached out and crudely examined Shannon's shaved twat while Gordon leaned low to visually inspect his daughter's pussy.

Melody said, "From now on, you strip naked as soon as Debrah enters our house. I don't care who is here, you strip and begin your cunt worship. You'll do it before your friends, my friends, your father's friends, our relatives, even my mother and father. You're grand parents will love watching their favorite grand daughter in action. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mother. I'll do as you say."

"Good, now resume your cunt lapping."

They both got back in position. Melody saw no need to spend hours warming up Shannon with crude fuck stories. Instead, she listed her lovers and the sexual acts she had committed with each. For entertainment value, she described her last session, the one involving the painting crew. She began the tale by saying:

"My last session will give you an idea of what these sessions are like. Before I arrived, Dr. Langdon sat with the painting crew during their lunch break. Naturally, the men were curious about what it was like to work between the legs of naked women all day. They were curious about several beautiful women that had entered and left while they worked outside. Dr. Langdon described their intimate parts to them, then described a routine pelvic exam. Afterward, he asked them if they'd like to watch an exam. Naturally, the men were excited at the prospect.

"Dr. Langdon told them that his exam room needed a fresh coat of paint and his next appointment would not be put off by men working while she underwent the exam. They quickly went to work in the exam room, setting up ladders, drop cloths, and pulling cabinets and furniture away from the walls. When I entered the room, they were painting.

"You should have seen their faces when they saw who the next appointment was. You should have seen my face. It was the same crew from J&J Painting that painted our house last month. Nick, Joe, Marty, Chris, and Benjamin took one look at me and nearly fell off their ladders. Benjamin dropped a full paintbrush onto a stack of papers on Dr. Langdon's desk when I began stripping off my clothes.

They moved in when Dr. Langdon began securing me to the exam table. By the time I was bound open like a lab specimen, the guys were hovering over my crotch. Dr. Langdon said, 'Gentlemen, when you get a female in this position, on her back with her legs wide, she clicks into slut mode. There's no woman, once laid out like this, that will refuse a stiff dick. Help yourselves, men.'

"Joe was first, then Marty, Nick, and Criss. Benjamin still had his mouth open, dripping paint on my tits. When he finally got his cock in me, good lord did he ever screw my brains out. I've never had a fucking like that."

Shannon never stopped licking throughout her mother's confession, but after inducing three orgasms in a thirty minute period, her licking took on a lazy lapping with frequent pauses to make comments or ask questions. They were also in a new position with Melody reclined on the table with her feet drawn up and knees laid flat, raised up on her elbows, watching Shannon lick her twat. Gordon and Debrah had their chairs pulled up to Shannon's side, peering in at the spectacle of Shannon's attentive licking and prying fingers.

This is where Melody launched into their act, saying, "Remember how Benjamin used to get that catatonic look on his face whenever I went up a ladder in a short skirt, how he always muscled his way in to hold the ladder for me."

Shannon raised up to say, "Yes, and I remember how he began holding your legs instead of the ladder. I remember especially how you pretended not to notice that big black man's hands reaching high up your thighs with his head up your skirt. I'll never forget those scenes. They were the first signs of your slutty ways, and I was shocked out of my mind at the way you were flaunting your body at those painters."

"Yes, but you never saw my good shows. You never saw the day I came from a shower with a towel wrapped around me and entered my bedroom to find all five repainting a job that was perfect and completed. They were working the kitchen when I went into the shower. They had the step ladder positioned almost as a challenge. I decided to take them up on the challenge and mount the ladder in my towel.

"I put on a real show, one they'd never forget. I had the towel wrapped high anyway. The bottom edge of the towel just barely cut across my clit, and the towel split in the front. I planned to do a walk through the kitchen. I could bare my pussy by simply cocking my leg. I planned to do a lot of cocking, stooping, and bending, anyway, so going up the ladder was a perfect way to expose my full pussy to all five at once for a prolonged period. Benjamin, of course, stood ready to assist me. "I went up the ladder backward as they had the steps to the wall requiring me to twist around if I mounted the ladder facing the right way. They had taken to this method earlier in the week, so I was already conditioned to a backward climb."

Shannon said, "I loved those backward poses on the ladder. I loved the way you so blatantly offered him your pussy, and Benjamin so blatantly stuck his head under your skirt. It was all I could do not to finger my pussy while watching with the other men crowded around me."

"Well this time, I reclined with my knees apart and made the towel part to my tits. Benjamin had hold of my ass with his face hovering in my crotch. I remained like that for quite some time, but Benjamin never got the nerve to lick me."

"I know, Mom, I was there, remember?"

"That was the second time with the towel. Besides, it appeared to me that you didn't need to finger your cunt. I saw those hands go up the back of your dress."

"I know you saw, but you didn't say anything. They certainly thought it was okay to feel me under my dress, seeing that you didn't seem upset. Daddy, when she came down from the ladder, she went to her purse, took out her lipstick, then she came over to me, took me by the chin, and wrote the word 'Whore' all over my face. She may as well have come right out and told them it was okay to feel me up."

Melody addressed Gordon, saying, "It's true. They explored every inch of her by reaching under the hem of her skirt while I was writing on her face. My silent acceptance was an okay, but writing 'whore' on her face was a license."

Gordon said, "Yeah, a molestation license."

"And a whore's license. You should have seen your little slut daughter making herself available to those painters after I wrote that on her face. She did not wash it off. She wore that advertisement until they left. I walked in the den right after that to find Criss behind her with two hands full of titties with her dress rucked up in her arm pits. Marty was kneeling at her right side with his hand in the front of her panties. Joe was on her other side running his hands all over her naked ass."

Gordon said, "I am very curious as to how you handled this gang molestation of our daughter."

"I handled it very well, I thought. This was the first time they hadn't yanked their hands away from her when I surprised them at their dirty deed. Of course, I didn't expect they would after permitting something almost as brazen an hour earlier, and after issuing the molestation license. I stood in the doorway, watching them continue what they were doing. Shannon stared off in space with this glassy-eyed look on her painted face, not the least bothered by my being there, watching."

Shannon offered, "Not bothered? Mom, I almost had an orgasm when I saw you walk in and just stand there watching all those men feeling me up. That was a lot worse than what you saw from the ladder. They almost had me naked."

"True, but it was still a group grope." Melody addressed Gordon, saying, "I leaned against the door jamb with my arms folded and a smile on my face. Marty, the guy fingering her pussy, took this as a sign to go further. He dragged her panties off so that he could demonstrate his finger fucking talents. Criss, the guy behind her, pulled her dress off over her head, stripped off her bra, and did a vulgar grind in her ass while holding her up by the tits. Joe got on his hands and knees and put her left leg over his back so that I could watch him lick her pussy around Marty's fucking fingers."

Debrah said, "And she didn't cum?"

"That's when she did cum. I let her finish before coming forward and asking if she had her homework done. The men took this as their cue that the party was over. I calmly told Shannon, 'I am paying these men to paint, not play with your privates.' The job took a week longer than projected in part because of all the time they spent feeling up Shannon."

"Mom, you were there more than I was. I'll bet they were feeling you up too."

"Well, you're wrong. None of them ever had the nerve to touch me except Benjamin, and he only touched me on the ladder. Of course, I was constantly mounting ladders. I gave their work a thorough inspection during that last week."

Gordon said, "Well, it paid off. They did do a superb job, so I commend both of you girls for using your pussies to keep them on the job. Our kitchen has enough paint on the walls to continue standing after termites eat away the studs."

Melody laughed and added, "If a tornado ever hits the house, run for the kitchen."

"I did my part, Daddy. I didn't wear my bra or panties after that time in the den. It seemed like someone always had a hand between my legs after that."

"It's true, Gordon. The girl was insatiable after that. Keeping her away from the painters was impossible. She was like one of the crew, and I began treating her as one of the crew - the crew's whore helper, actually. I put a paint brush in her hand and left them alone. I made frequent walk throughs, but if someone had Shannon laid back on a bed or dresser, giving that pussy of hers a thorough workout with a finger, tongue, or paint brush handle, I didn't say a word.

"The only time I spoke up was when I saw Joe trying to get his dick up her twat while two others pinned her down and held her legs wide apart. Even then, I waited until he got the head in before saying, "There will be none of that. This is a job, not a bordello. I hired you men to paint, not fuck my virgin daughter."

Gordon said, "That's beautiful, Melody, fucking beautiful. I'm surprised you didn't slap his wrist for him."

"It gets better, Gordon. Joe had a hard time just getting his huge cockhead inside her pussy. Joe is hung better than Benjamin, and you know how well big blacks are hung. He obviously didn't want out. The other guys had gathered around. We were all looking at this huge rod sticking in Shannon's wide-spread beaver, her cunt lips stretched thin around the head of this monster prick. The last thing I wanted was to break up that exciting copulation, so I said, "I don't want to ever catch any of you men fucking my daughter. If I see you put more than the head of your cocks in her pussy, I'll be upset with you."

Debrah clapped and said, "I love it!"

Gordon said, "Honey, that was beautiful."

"Indeed it was. You should have seen those smiles, especially Joe's. His hand immediately went to grasp the shaft of his cock. He began jacking off. I said, 'That's fine, Joe. You can jack off in her pussy, but don't you dare fuck it.' Joe announced when he was about to cum, then he pumped our little girl full of sperm."

Debrah said, "Was she naked?"

"Yes, did I neglect to mention that they took to stripping her right away as soon as she'd walk in the door. She worked in the nude and was soon covered in paint graffiti from head to toe."

Shannon interrupted, "Mom is the one that got them started on painting graffiti on my body. She came through and saw me getting finger banged while Benjamin held me up with my elbows pinned back. She took a fine trim brush and dipped it in the red latex, then put a big 'W' on my face, an 'H' on my upper chest, a big 'O' that circled both of my tits, an 'R' on me belly, and a long 'E' that covered both my legs. They turned me around and she wrote, 'SLUT' on my back. The 'T' was on my ass with the vertical stroke going down my butt crack."

Melody said, "I like to paint; what can I say? In this instance, they had painted from her shoulder to her pubic mound, 'Please fuck my cunt,' in red. Her tits were a solid bright orange with the nipples carefully painted red. I found out later that she had another sign on her back that said, 'Fuck me in the ass,' and her ass cheeks were painted bright orange with red concentric circles targeting her asshole."

Debrah excitedly said, "Did someone fuck her asshole?"

"Yes, as soon as Joe pulled out, they flipped her over. I complimented them on their fine art work as Benjamin stepped up with his hard cock in his hand. He pressed the head of his shiny black cock to her little asshole and pressed in, making her grunt loudly. Everyone waited for me to set the ass fucking limits, but I wanted to see how much of that big black cock she could take. Benjamin waited a decent interval, then began inching that black shaft up her colon. Shannon took his ten-inch cock to the balls over several minutes. I then watched her get butt fucked good and proper.

"After that, I often walked in on Shannon getting fucked by one or more guys in her pussy, mouth, or ass - sometimes, all three at once. If someone were violating my directions, and fucking her pussy to the balls, I'd make a disapproving face, but I soon stopped doing that."

Debrah asked, "Did they try to hide what they were doing?"

"Fuck no! If she were getting fucked in the pussy, I'd hear about it. Someone would yell out, 'Hey, where's Criss?' Another would answer, 'He's fucking Shannon's pussy in the den,' or 'He and Joe are fucking Mrs. Mathews' slut out by the pool.' In this way, I always knew where the action was. Sometimes I helped with the graffiti or guided cocks into her."

Gordon addressed Shannon saying, "Is this true, Shannon?"

Shannon had never been a good liar. She started to say yes, but then said, "No, but I wish it was true."

"What gives, Melody?"

"It was just a harmless routine we concocted this afternoon to turn you on and show you how things could be around here. Shannon knows everything, and she is eager to get started. She wants to go the distance with me; she even wants in on the dog act."

"Was any of that story true?"

"Up to the point where Shannon gets felt up and I say nothing. According to her, she did get felt up, but never openly, at least I never saw that. The towel scene was made up as well. The rest was pretty much true. I was shameless in my flaunting, and Shannon was almost as bad. Well, can we stop playing games now and get this little slut initiated before she blows a cum gasket?"

"Yes, we wouldn't want a baby slut with a blown cum gasket. Debrah, you take her to the bedroom, oil her up, and get her ready for a princely fucking. I want a word with the mother whore."

Debrah led Shannon away. When they were behind a closed door, Melody said, "Am I in trouble?"

"No, sweetheart, anything but. I just wanted to tell you that I have never loved you more or found you more desirable."

"That's so sweet, Gordon. I love you too. I'll be the perfect wife for you now, and Shannon will be the perfect daughter for both of us. I'm stopping the sessions. They have accomplished their goal. I'll take it the rest of the way with your help, but you have to pick out our new family dog. You might want to get two. One other thing. Don't you think this house needs another coat of paint?"

"I sure do. I'll get with J&J first thing tomorrow morning."

The End

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