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Considerate Parents

My wife and I believe in having an enlightened outlook on life. We brought up our two children, a son Christopher now aged 17 (going for 18) and his sister Karin, aged 16 (15 months younger than her brother), as naturally as possible. We had an open relationship with them, and from a young age they would have a bath together every evening before going to bed. Once or twice we caught them playing with each other's genitals, and each time my wife or I would treat it as a non-event, never admonishing them. We taught them that the human body is something to admire, and that there is nothing sinful about being naked.

When she was about nine, one evening whilst in the bath Karin pointed to Christopher's penis and wanted to know from her mother why he has a willy, but not she.

My wife Una explained to her the difference between the male and female anatomy, and decided that it was time to inform them of the facts of life.

"Can I touch Christopher's willy, mum? I want to know what it feels like," she asked in the bath.

I thought Una handled this tricky situation wonderfully.

"Well of course, my dear, provided Christopher would be willing to let you touch his willy," she replied.

"Okay, you can touch it, but then I want to see your pussy" he replied. From a young age we introduced them to terms such as "willy" and "pussy," and they were considered to be normal parts of the human body, just as is the case with toes, ears or fingers.

We allowed them to inspect each other's genitals. Una explained to Karin the names and functions of the various parts of Christopher's male anatomy - his penis, foreskin, his scrotum, his testicles, letting her handle and feel it. Christopher got an erection, and even this phenomenon was explained as something natural when you become aroused. Christopher allowed it all to happen, even enjoying the fact that his manhood was the center of attraction of his mother and sister.

Then it was Christopher's turn to be informed about the names and functions of the private parts of his sister: her outer and inner vulva, the clitoris, the entrance to the vagina, pointing out the hymen. Una handled the whole episode as something natural, and after this event the topic never came up again. The children were satisfied.

I took over the task of informing Christopher of the facts of life, whilst Una did the same with Karin. We stressed for both that the human's sexuality was something precious and to be enjoyed, and that when they were bigger, they would also engage in "making love."

When Karin was 12 it became obvious that she was entering puberty. Her breasts started to swell out, and a shadowy patch of dark, fuzzy hair appeared around her vagina. It was then that we noticed that Christopher likewise had dark hair beginning to show around his genitals.

We thought it wise to stop them bathing together, and each was allocated an own room as well.

Over the next four years they matured into two beautiful young people. Like all kids, they had their fraternal fights and differences of opinion. Christopher grew into a fine, tall lad, dark and handsome, and an excellent athlete. His sister, Karin, was likewise most attractive, having grown to full maturity during the past year. She had a full, sexy bosom, with nice slender legs and beautiful light brown hair. They were popular amongst their school friends and had no shortage of boys and girls respectively with whom they would hang out. As their parents we were justly proud of both of them. The only small worrying factor was that, for the past year or so, they had been fighting constantly with each other over every imaginable reason - a phase, both of us had hoped, would soon pass by.

A fortnight ago I told Una that I had a "father to son talk" with our son Christopher. We both realized that our two children were sexually mature and may already have been engaged in making love to partners. We also believed that young people will engage in sex, no matter what the parents may do, and that it is best to assist them in doing it safely. Furthermore, that sex education of kids go beyond telling them about the reproduction process and functions of the genitalia: that parents neglect their duty if they do not assist their kids in also enjoying their first experience of making love, and doing it right, and to educate them how to make love..

"I was worried that Christopher might have a sexual relationship with his girlfriend Susan, and that he may not take the necessary precautions to prevent a pregnancy," I said. "Besides, we must accept that both Christopher and Karin are at the age when they either are or will become sexually active, and the dangers of unprotected sex - including contracting a sexually transmitted disease - are real," I told Una.

"What did you talk about?" Una asked.

"I gently advised him to use safe sex should he engage in an intimate relationship with Susan, and went so far as to give him a packet of condoms to use."

"And then, what did he say."

"He blushed, and frankly told me that his relationship with Susan was over; they broke up a few days ago. And besides, he said, they have never made love to each other. 'Dad, I am still a virgin, if you want to know', Christopher added."

That revelation was a surprise to me, and Una was equally surprised when I told her so.

"Our son actually still a virgin? I wonder if Karin is sexually active," Una said. "I will have to have a 'mother to daughter' chat with her, just as you had."

A few days went by before the occasion arose. To Una's surprise, Karin also admitted to still being a virgin.

"And don't worry mom, William is not the sort of guy I would allow to be the first boy to make love to me. It will have to be someone special. And I will make absolutely sure that we practice safe sex when eventually I do so." William was her current boyfriend.

"Well my dear, I want you to discuss it with me should you start having a physical relationship with any boy, also because I want you to go on the pill when you do become sexually active," Una said.

"I promise I will do that," Karin replied.

"Perhaps we should do something soon to assist Christopher and Karin in enjoying their first experiences at making love, in stead of leaving it to chance and letting it happen in perhaps less than desirable circumstances," Una said to me that evening. "I am just glad that we have not left it too late, but any further delay may cause us to miss the boat."

"I was wondering what sort of chap I would like Karin to lose her virginity to. For a woman, that is a special experience, to be remembered for the rest of her life. There is one, and only one chap who has the privilege to take away any woman's virginity. For a woman it means deflowering her, piercing her hymen. It is an irreversible physical event. For a man it is less emotional. And we have agreed that Karin's present boyfriend William is not the guy we would like to see to do her the favor. I am glad that she also sees it this way," I continued with the conversation.

"Which one in Karin's circle of boyfriends do you fancy doing so," Una asked.

"There is not a single one I really fancy doing so. I would like her first man to be kind and gentle and tender, to be handsome and good looking," I replied.

"You mean someone like Christopher," Una said without hesitation. Then, realizing what she said, she continued, "But of course he is her brother."

It was then that I continued, perhaps without thinking about the matter thoroughly: "Well, why not get Christopher to do it for her?" I had never thought about this possibility before, but I could not think of anyone nicer performing this pleasant duty for Karin.

"You must be out of your mind! I mean, do you really mean that you want Christopher to fuck his own sister?" Una said loudly, obviously upset.

"Shhh. Christopher and Karin will hear what you say," I whispered.

"Honestly, I am shocked that you as their father can even dream of them committing incest. And more than just allowing them to commit it, that you seem to want to actively enable and encourage them to do so," she replied.

"Well, there is a huge difference between committing incest on the one hand, and participating in fraternal love-making on the other hand," I replied.

"You explain the difference to me," Una retorted.

"My dear, it is similar to the difference in connotation adhering to the words 'rape' and 'fuck'. Both imply the same action and activity. The one word, 'rape', has a negative connotation because it means fucking someone without his or her consent, of abuse and forced sex, and of coercion. The word 'fuck', on the other hand, has more of a neutral meaning. And if you prefer to have a nice word for the same activity, you can always use the expression 'making love' when it is consensual. It is all a matter of the connotation you attach to a particular word," I explained my position on the matter.

"I still do not think it is right that a brother and sister should be engaged in mutual lovemaking. For me it is incest."

"Not if it is a consensual act between two mature young people who love each other, and not if both want to do it. Then it is nothing more than fraternal lovemaking. You are put off by the fact that you are conditioned by society's negative attitude towards making love with a member of your close family. For society, for various reasons in years gone by, it was and to a large extent still is not acceptable. But society's norms and values change with time, and what is unacceptable today may be perfectly acceptable tomorrow, or the other way round," I defended my attitude.

"Such as?" she asked.

"A mere fifty years ago society found homosexuality or children born out of wedlock totally unacceptable; today the situation is totally different. Homosexual acts have been decriminalized in most states. Two centuries ago slavery was the accepted norm; today society abhors it. I believe that in the next millenium society will think differently about incest. After all, already voices are going up to decriminalize consensual lovemaking between close family members," I replied.

"I will have to think about it," Una said. "But I just do not think it is right for Christopher to pop his sister's cherry."

"Just a few minutes ago we both agreed that we would like Karin's experience of losing her virginity to be a memorable and pleasant one. We also agreed that her present boyfriend William is not the sort of guy we would like to see to be the first man with whom she makes love. He simply is not the right person, and I am glad that she also sees it this way. You were actually the one to suggest that you can think of no nicer guy to do her the favor of giving Karin her first experience at making love, than Christopher."

"What I said was that I would like some guy as nice as and similar to Christopher to do it; I never meant that he should actually be the one doing it," Una said.

"We don't know any such guy, and we must realize that it would be the first time for both of them. And I can think of no nicer girl to be Christopher's 'first' to make love to than his sister Karin," I said.

"I said I want to think about it, and we can talk about it later," Una replied. For the time being the whole idea was shelved.

It is not that I was suggesting that they should have an ongoing sexual relationship - unless of course they themselves choose to make love regularly. What I was suggesting is that we should afford them the opportunity to experience making love for the first time with a person they would like to do it with, if they so wish.

"I'd much rather prefer Christoper to be the first guy to make love to Karin than any other guy I can think of, despite of the aspect of incest," I said.

"You know that they are constantly fighting and bickering with each other.. Do you honestly think that under such circumstances they could proceed to making love with one another," It came from Una.

"Well, making love to your sister, even if it is only once, could be a way to bring them closer together. Perhaps they will stop their fighting after this. We always prouded ourselves of being a loving family."

It took quite a while for Una to fall asleep, thinking about my suggestion that their son be the "chosen one" to be the first man to have intercourse with our daughter. For the next few days, it occupied her mind most of the time. The reasoned with herself, realizing that it will not be long before there will anyhow be a young man taking away Karin's virginity, and that she wanted him to be someone "special." But to think that her brother could be the one to do so?......

At supper two days later it was Karin who said "Penny for your thoughts, mum." Una realized that she was in deep thought, visualizing in her mind's eye Christopher and Karin both naked, passionately making love with each other. As time went by, it became less and less of a possibility which she abhorred.

"Oh, I am just thinking..." she tried to defend herself.

Three days later, once again after putting out the light after we had gone to bed, it was Una who brought up the subject again.

"You know Frank, the more I consider your suggestion, the more I am inclined to realize that I cannot think of any of her male friends to give Karin her fist experience of making love" she said.

"So what is your conclusion?" I said.

"Quite frankly, her brother Christopher fits the bill one hundred percent," Una said.

"Have you overcome your hang-ups about incest? I wanted to know.

"I am not quite at ease at the thought of a brother and sister having intercourse, but the more I think about Christopher and Karin making love, the more I even find the idea quite sexy. You know, when I was so deep in thought the other day during lunchtime, I was trying to visualize the two of them passionately making love - and I the more I imagine them doing so, the more erotic I find the idea" Una said.

"Well if we want to go ahead to enable them to do it, we will have to arrange for them to spend quality time together, being alone - just the two of them" I said.

"But we will have to make absolutely sure that they do not get any hint that we are behind arranging it for them," she said. "We certainly must not make it obvious. If we go ahead to arrange it, this will be a condition I insist on. It must something they have to make out for themselves, without any coercion from our side."

"So how do we enable the two of them to be together and have the time to make love, if they wish?" I asked.

"We could always arrange for the two of us to go away for a weekend, leaving the two of them alone at home."

O honestly don't think it will work. Staying at home in the same old surroundings, each will simply go their own way. Should we not try to get them away to a place somewhere else where they could be together and at ease?" I asked.

"Such as?" Una wanted to know.

"Let us send them on a weekend trip to a place where they can enjoy themselves and are dependent on each other's company, without their parents being near, but have to share the same room. A nice resort, for example ..." was my suggestion.

A few days later Una showed me an advertisement in the newspaper for a package trip for couples to LA at vastly reduced prices. It would include a day-trip to Disneyland, a second day trip to Universal Studios, and a third day at leisure, staying in a nice hotel with all meals and transport included for four nights. It sounded just the right thing for honeymooners. But to simply buy it and give it to Christopher and Karin would be too obvious and arouse suspicions.

I happened to have a workshop appointment at work in four week's time, and we decided to let their trip to LA coincide with the workshop. It happened to fall in the short school holidays. Una went to the travel agency and booked the package, making sure that they have a single room with a single double bed, in the names of F and U Webster.

We "broke" the news the next Saturday at lunchtime. Una pretended to have completed a competition form for a four day trip to LA, and said that we had won!

"Oh that is fantastic," Karin said.

"What is the date for the trip?" I pretended to want to know. Una mentioned the dates.

"Well my dear, I am afraid that it coincided with the two days workshop I have to attend; I simply would not be able to make it."

"What a shame," Christopher said. "Can't you exchange it for another date?."

Una said that the trip had to be taken during the specified time; there was no other way out.

"Well, why don't the two of you make use of it?" I asked, looking at Christopher and Karin.

"You mean we go on the trip? Oh, I don't know. Christopher is my brother" Karin said.

"Well why not? Otherwise the prize will be forfeited, and besides the two of you will enjoy it."

It took little effort to convince them that the two of them should go on the trip as F and U Webster. Both were quite excited about the prospect.

The morning of their departure I slipped into Christopher's room whilst he was engaged elsewhere in the house. His suitcase was lying open on his bed. I peeked inside, and slipped a packet of condoms into his toilet bag.....

We took them to the airport for a midmorning flight, said goodbye, and waved them on their adventure.

"Now behave yourselves whilst we are not there," Una admonished.

"Don't worry mum, we will not do anything you would not want us to do," Christopher said. I was wondering what he meant.....

On our way back from the airport, Una could not suppress her anxiety.

"I wonder what is going to happen?," she said.

"Don't you worry. What will happen, will happen. At least it will be an enjoyable four days for them," I replied.

Late that afternoon the kids phoned from LA. They arrived safely at the hotel, having been met at the airport and taken there by car.

I attended the workshop for the next two days. We decided not to phone the kids, lest they may think that we worry about them unduly. They did not bother to phone again.

On the fourth morning, we drove to the airport to meet them on their return. They came out of the arrivals hall smiling, having obviously had a good time. We loaded their suitcases into the boot of the car and drove home.

"Now tell us all about your trip," Una inquired.

"You mean ALL, mum?" Karin said.

"Yes, I mean all" she replied.

A moment of silence followed. I could see in the rear view mirror that the two of them were looking at each other, not quire sure what to say next.

"Okay, mum and dad," Christopher started, "we both just want to say how much we enjoyed being together these past few days. Thank you for organizing it all for us."

"We're only glad that you two were able to utilize the prize I won," Una said.

"Mum, you know that you never won any prize," Karin replied.

"What gives you that idea," Una asked with a surprised tone in her voice.

"Well, we know that the two of you bought the tickets for us and arranged it all for us to be together," It came from Karin. "For when Christopher opened the envelope to take out the air tickets at the book-in counter, he found the receipt, made out to dad, for having bought and paid for the trip. You arranged it all, and we knew from that moment on. You never won the trip as a prize in any competition."

So the secret was out.

Another few moments of silence followed.

"So what did you do?" I inquired.

"Okay dad and mum, if you must know. Yes, we did it..." Karin said.

"Did what?" It came from Una.

"We both lost our virginity during this trip, and to each other. It was a beautiful experience. Thanks for making it possible for us," Christopher was the one to break the news.

"Well, congratulations! We had hoped that the two of you would have your first experience at making love with each other as partner, instead of with just anyone" I said.

"Did you take the necessary precautions?" Una asked. "We don't want Karin to become pregnant by her brother!"

"It wasn't necessary mum, I was in my safe period," Karin assured her mother, "but in future we will practice safe sex."

Una and I achieved our objective: our children's sexual education was complete. They seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it all. They were a loving brother and sister, in more ways than one. I was relieved for another reason. I knew the age of consent in California for male/female intercourse was 18, and with Karin 16 and Christopher 17, legally they were transgressing the law. (That is over and above them transgressing the law regarding committing incest!). I kept this knowledge to myself, otherwise Una may have cancelled the whole trip. In our state the age of consent is 16, but incest is likewise outlawed.

When we arrived home, I took Karin's suitcase and carried it inside and up the stairs, to her room.

"You can put my suitcase in Christopher's room, dad," Karin shouted from below.


Karin's story

Christopher does not like putting words to paper, so I regard it as my privilege to tell about our trip to LA and add to dad's story, completing it from mine and Christopher's point of view.

During the past year or more I had more than one opportunity to make love to a boy, but always refrained from doing so. It was not of any objection about sex before marriage or anything like that. After all, most of the girls I hang out with are sexually active, and at one stage they were teasing me and one or two others who had to admit that we were still virgins.

I wanted the experience of losing my virginity to be a memorable one, and always said that it will have to be a special boy. I admired Christopher's physique, and secretly wished that he wasn't my brother - otherwise I would gladly have made love to him long ago.

I once barged in on him whilst he was in the bathroom, washing his face. I did not expect to find him there, as the door was not locked. I myself was dressed only in my underclothes. He was standing there at the basin only in his underpants as well. In the few seconds at my disposal I admired his body, and could see that he suddenly got a hard-on. Gosh, how I wanted to have him right there and then! I blurted out an excuse, grabbed my blouse which was hanging inside, and beat a hasty retreat.

Neither Christopher nor I suspected anything when mum and dad pretended to have won a trip to LA, and being unable to take it, to let the two of us make use of it.

It was only after we got to our seats on the plane that Christopher took out a piece of paper from his shirt pocket.

"Look what I had found in the envelope with our tickets," he said. He showed me a receipt. It was made out to dad, and for the amount he paid for the trip.

"So it wasn't a trip mum had won in any competition! They have arranged it all for the two of us to go on this trip together," I said. We were set up, and I did not mind at all. It was a clear signal from our parents.......

At LAX airport, where we arrived at mid-afternoon, we were met and transported to our hotel. Our first day-trip was to be to Disneyland the next morning.

After checking into the hotel, we went for a long walk to get some exercise. The check-in clerk did have a long, hard look at us, probably wondering about the "F and U Webster" who checked in.....

That evening we had a nice dinner at candlelight. It was really romantic, and we ordered a bottle of wine, which we finished. I looked at Christopher; he was sexy and good-looking. If only he had not been my brother!

We went back to our room early, intent on having a good night's sleep for the next day's activities.

Christopher said that he was going to have a shower before getting into bed. I replied that I would also have a shower after he had finished his.

"Don't you want to join me under the shower?" he invited me.

I looked at him.

"Things may get out of hand if we do," I said.

"Come on Karin, you are my sister," he replied. "We had baths together many times before."

"Well, the wine may have lowered our resistance to not doing anything we should not do," I said.

"We'll only do the things we both want to do. I don't want to coerce you, but I really would like to have a shower with you, just as we bathed together when we were kids, for old time's sake. Remember?"

How could I have forgotten? Only, now we were young adults, fully mature, aware of our sexuality and all that it implies. Yet I really wanted to join Christopher under the shower, even if nothing was to follow after that. Christopher came over to me, took me in his arms, looked into my eyes, and said: "Please." We kissed, and I could feel that he had a hard on.

He took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. He started undressing me, then I helped him get rid of his clothes, until eventually we were both naked. It was the first time in years that I had seen Christopher naked again, standing in front of me. He had an enormous erection, and he looked tall and beautiful and attractive. My brother was a stunner!

"Gosh, your willy has grown since I last saw it" I said to break the silence.

"And you have grown into a beautiful woman. You really are sexy," he said.

I had a sudden urge to touch his penis, to feel what it's like when it is fully erected.

"May I touch it, just as I did that time when mum explained to us the difference between male and female anatomy?" I asked smilingly, remembering the incident.

"Okay, if you want to," he replied.

I sat down on the side of the bath, with Christopher standing next to me. I admired his penis, could see the veins pulsating with his heartbeat. I touched it lightly, running my finer along its length. It was velvety soft and smooth, yet firm. I rolled back his foreskin, exposing his shining glans. It was beautiful. I could smell his pre-cum.

"You have a beautiful penis" I said, whilst he stroked my hair.

At that moment I wanted to take his penis into my mouth, but thought it too daring.

"Let us get under the water, before we go too far," he said - as if we had not gone too far already!

We got under the shower, soaped in each other, letting our hands glide over the smooth, soapy skin of each other's body. Christopher fondled by breasts, and my nipples stood out erect. We looked at each other in the eyes, knowing that this was our moment of decision.

"Gosh Karin, how I want to make love to you, even if you are my sister," he said. "You know, I have never made love to a woman before."

"Neither have I been with any man. So we both are virgins!" I said.

"Well, that is a condition for which there is a cure," Christopher suggested with a twinkle in his eye.

"But it is called incest if a brother and sister make love to each other," my conscience provoked me to say.

"Only if it is not done consensually. If two young people who happen to be siblings really love each other and really would like to make love to each other, it is for them to decide whether they should do so or not," he said.

"What will mum and dad say if they knew we were making love?" I said.

"But don't you see, they arranged all this for us to be together. Dad knows that I am still a virgin - I told him so a few weeks ago" Christopher replied.

"Funny enough, mum also inquired about my virginity and also a few weeks ago" I said.

"Besides, I found a packet of condoms in my suitcase when I unpacked after our arrival here. And it could only be either dad or mum who put it there," he said.

We both realized that our parents wanted this to happen. They brought us up with the notion that sex is not something secret or a topic that is not discussed; satisfying one's sexual needs are as basic as satisfying other physical needs such as hunger or thirst or the need to keep warm. They wanted to give the two of us the opportunity to decide for ourselves whether we would like to engage in fraternal lovemaking.

Christopher kissed me under the running water, holding me close to him. We enjoyed the shower for quite a while. I gently took hold of his erect penis, trying to guide it to my vagina. Without looking down, I placed it at the entrance to my vagina. The moment was electric. He stood poised at the moment of entry; had he moved forward, he would have penetrated me.

"Let us go to the bed and continue there" he said. "It is a bit awkward in the shower cubicle"

We stepped out of the water and dried each other with the towels. Christopher picked me up into his strong arms, and gently walked over to the bed, putting me down. He dimmed the room lights and laid down besides me. We kissed and continued fondling each other gently.

After a while we both knew it was time to lose our virginity. "Let's do it," I said. I opened my legs, spreading it wide.

"Shall I put on a condom?" he asked.

"No, the first time I don't want it to be spoiled by a condom; I want to experience flesh upon flesh. Besides, I am not in my fertile period, having finished my monthly period only four days ago. I will be safe for at least another week" I assured him.

Christopher positioned himself on his knees between my legs. He moved back his foreskin; his penis head was wet with pre-cum. He bent forward, gently nudging his glans towards the lips of my vagina, which were also wet with expectation. I took hold of his penis, guiding it to the opening, positioning it in the right spot, moving it around to spread the lubrication properly. He was hard and stiff. Slowly he lowered himself until I could feel the head of his penis parting the lips of my inner vulva, entering me until just the head of his penis was buried between my labia. I could feel the restriction of my maidenhood, temporarily preventing him from going in any further. We realized that I was at the point of being pierced.

"Shall I?" he asked.

"Yes, come into me. I want to feel you deep inside of me," I whispered, putting my arms around his body, nudging him towards me.

Christopher slowly but firmly pressed forward.

"Is it hurting?" he asked caringly. "No, it's not. Just continue what you are doing," I said.

Then I could feel my hymen giving way, ever so slowly, until suddenly it yielded and broke. I felt a brief burst of pain, then it was over. Christopher's penis slipped deep into my vagina because of the pressure he exerted to deflower me. He held still for quite a few seconds. The two of us had just lost our virginity, simultaneously, and to each other. We were locked in a fraternal bond. Both realizing the intensity of the moment, we kissed passionately, with his stiff penis halfway deep into my vagina. The initial slight pain soon vanished, and he slowly slid his penis deep into my vagina - inching in a little bit, then withdrawing ever so slightly, then going in a little deeper on the next down stroke.

Eventually we were firmly united, with his penis totally inside of me, the front tip touching the entrance to my uterus. It was my brother, of all people, with whom I was united as one this first time of experiencing making love. The moment was beautiful and erotic and intensely emotional. I could not have wished for anybody else to do it this first time but Christopher, my fraternal lover. We embraced and kissed.

"Sis, I love you" he said.

"And I love you, Christopher. I am glad you are the one to be my first man," I replied, meaning it fully.

"And I am privileged to have had someone as beautiful and caring as you to be my first woman," he replied.

"You really fill me completely," I remarked.

"And your vagina really envelops and holds my penis fully," he said. We were indeed a perfect fit.

"Does it hurt having pierced your hymen?" he asked.

"Not really," I replied, smiling. There was no pain; and if there were any, I did not feel it; the emotional intensity of our mutual experience overshadowed everything. But for me we have gone only part of the way; I still wanted to feel his love juices being poured into my vagina to fully seal our union.

We continued making love, for that is what it was: making love, not having intercourse of fucking or committing incest. Once or twice Christopher would stop, not wanting to bring himself to a climax too soon. We both wanted this first experience to last.

Eventually I could feel my orgasm approaching.

"I am coming," I whispered to him. "Let us reach our climax together," I said.

Then Christopher exploded deep inside of me, his jets of warm semen squirting against the walls of my vagina. I could feel him filling me up. It was erotic and wonderful, with an orgasm that felt like an avalanche of physical enjoyment which no one could stop. It went on and on, with his semen being poured into my vagina, filling my pussy to overflow. Gosh, how I just loved receiving his love juices deep inside of my body...

When it was all over, he rolled over and we lay locked, looking at each other. I gave him a little kiss. "Thank you," was all I could say. Eventually I could feel his penis going limp and sliding out slowly. We fell asleep, to be awakened the next morning by an early morning call to get ready for the day's activities.

We had a marvelous time, on the first day to Disneyland, on the second day to Universal Studios. We laughed a lot, held hands, and must have looked like two youngsters in love whilst enjoying the shows and rides. If only the people around us knew that we were brother and sister...

Yes, we made love every day of our stay in LA. The second evening we selected to watch an adult movie on the hotel's pay movie channel, learning a lot. On the third day, our "day of leisure," we stayed in most of the morning, again making love, preceding it with oral intercourse for the first time and trying out some of the things we saw on the movie. To make sure that we were not interrupted, Christopher put a "Do not disturb" sign outside the door. I first performed fellatio on Christopher, finding it a pleasurable and erotic experience, stopping - at his insistence - just before he reached a climax. Then it was my turn when he performed cunnilingus on me until I had an orgasm. We went over to doing a superb sixty-nine, and finished it of with penile-vaginal intercourse until we both climaxed, I for the second time. We both learned quickly, eager to experiment and finding out what pleases the other, and spent half the morning in bed. What was nice about it was that we could take our time exploring our new found physical relationship and to experiment, trying to find out what pleases the other, knowing that we were left to our own devices.

We have wonderful parents. They were the ones who afforded us the opportunity of getting to know each other intimately. We will be forever grateful to them for being so caring and considerate. For both of us it really was an educational trip, and our parents fulfilled their duty in completing our sex education fully.

Back home I went on the contraceptive pill, and asked my mum to help me to obtain it. Neither Christopher nor I like using a condom when making love, and of course we both know the sexual history of each other so that the danger of contracting a STD from each other is nil.

Because of our open relationship, we can discuss it with our parents without any embarrassment. One morning at breakfast dad teased us by asking "And how good was your sex of last night?"

"Who says we made love, Dad?" I inquired.

"Well, the two of you made such a noise that we knew exactly for how long you made love, and when you Karin reached your orgasm," he replied. We all smiled at his revelation (and keen sense of observation).

Christopher and I both realize that our physical relationship will not continue forever; that some time in the future I will meet a man of my choice, and he a woman of his choice, and we would each go our own way. For the time being, we have each other to enjoy and give mutual pleasure to. And no, I did not move in with Christopher; we still each have our own room.

A slightly embarrassing event took place about a two months after our return from LA. Our parents returned home unexpectedly early from an outing one Saturday afternoon. Mum walked into my room where Christopher and I were in the beginning stages of making love to each other. We did not hear them arrive. The door was closed but not locked.

"Gosh mum, you could knock before entering," I admonished her as she stood there, staring at the two of us. We briefly stopped our actions, but Christopher did not dismount me. He tried to pull out of me, but I held him firm, determined not to let our mother's presence interrupt what we were busy doing.

"I am awfully sorry to interrupt, my dears, I did not expect to find the two of you here," she said. Then thoughtfully she added: " Carry on, I will leave and let you enjoy it."

Mother turned round and left the room considerately, allowing us privacy to continue making love. She closed the door as she left.

That evening at supper table Mum brought up the topic. She was of the opinion that we should not become too besotted with each other, and that we should not expect our physical interaction to go on forever. She and dad encouraged us to go out with other young people as well and make new friends.

"Don't worry mum," I assured her. "Christopher and I agreed that we will stop making love to each other as soon as any of us find a partner with whom to take up a sexual relationship."

"Well, as long as you don't get attached to each other too much," Dad replied. I wondered afterwards if he meant it in the physical way as well.......

After supper, when the two of us were washing up the dishes, Mum admitted: "You know, it was the most erotic experience of my life seeing my son and daughter making love when I barged in on you this afternoon. And to think that I was the one who initially was opposed to the idea when your father first suggested that Christopher should be the one to take your virginity..."

Soon afterwards Christopher got a new girl friend, June, with whom he is going steady. I am still going steady with William. Of one thing If am sure: my relationship with William will not get intimate in the foreseeable future, if ever. I am not jealous of June, and Christopher is not jealous of William. We know that we have each other and that our relationship involving fraternal lovemaking and our love for each other is at a completely different level, and will continue for quite some time to come.

We make love to each other regularly, with the full knowledge and consent of our parents. After all, they were the ones who initiated it all the first time, and for their thoughtfulness we will always be grateful. The two of them, and Christopher and I, never would have wanted it any other way.

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