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Contented Virgin

I never really thought of my dad as a sexual person. I mean, I know he is a handsome man, and I know he loves me very much. It was disgusting sometimes how much he fawned over me. God, I could get whatever I wanted from him. If mom said no, I would wait and corner my dad when we were alone. There were so many times I jumped in his lap and wrapped my arm around him and begged. He would always give in! Well, I say it was disgusting, but I remember that I really liked it then. But I digress.

I was somewhere between 13 and 14 when I first realized that he was, well, a stud. I mean, mom was beautiful and very intelligent but it wasn't until I matured a bit that I realized that it took a certain type of man to win a woman as beautiful as my mother. I guess I was blind. I mean, I remember how all my friends would always tell me how cute my dad was, how he looked so young and was in great shape, but like I said, I knew he was handsome. It just never really hit me, I mean really hit me, I guess, until I met Manda.

Manda came in to our junior high and we first met in a leadership class. She told me later that her counselor put her in the class so she would "get in with the right crowd" I guess. I think she had been somewhat of a problem child or something and so she got moved to a private school, my private school. Anyway, they had us do one of these collage board things to display our interests. The two of ours wound up being almost indistinguishable, all covered in glamour captions and with pictures of models and the latest boy crazes of the time. So we sort of naturally became friends. And naturally, I invited her to my house for a sleepover.

It really wasn't so long ago when she first came over, in fact, only a few years. Mom drove us home and chatted the whole way. I was kinda embarrassed, but Manda seemed to like her. We didn't see dad until dinner. Mom called us in and he was already sitting at the table. He grabbed me as I passed by and pulled me into his lap, rustling my hair, which I might add, had been carefully fixed to look good in front of my new friend, and then tried to kiss me. I turned my cheek to him.

"Oh it's the cheek treatment, eh? What'd I do this time?" he said with a grin.

"Dad! I have company and you messed up my hair!"

He quickly let me go and brushed my hair, running his fingers through the tangled mess, trying to smooth it. Looking back now, I realize how cool he was for that, giving up his 'silly' attentions to keep from embarrassing me. I kinda feel bad because I think I still punished him a bit after that by remaining aloof.

"Oh. Hello," he said to Manda who walked in behind me. "I'm Roman."

Manda smiled at my father and introduced herself. My father looked at her for what I thought was an uncomfortable amount of time. He didn't say anything, just smiled at her. And she looked back at him. I remember that she blushed after a moment and looked at me.

After supper, we went back to my room. I shut the door behind us.

"God, Jenna, your dad is hot!"

I just laughed at her and agreed, but she kept pressing it.

"No, I mean he is really hot! He looks like he's in great shape too," she said.

"Yeah, he works out like three times a week."

I was a bit uncomfortable with the conversation, with the way she was close to me, her eyes wide, her face flushed, pressing me for details.

"Have you ever seen his body?" she asked.

"Sure," I said. "He runs around all the time without a shirt."

"No, I mean naked," she said. "You know, like have you ever spied on him? Caught him coming out of a shower naked or walked in while he was getting dressed?"

"Well, yeah a couple of times through the years I suppose."

"Well," she kept pressing for details. "What was it like? Does he have a nice cock?"

Her eyes were literally glistening and she accented the word 'cock', leaving her mouth hanging open after she enunciated it.

"God, Manda. He's my dad!"

"Oh c'mon Jenna," she continued. "Tell me you haven't ever looked at him and said, 'God, I'd love to fuck his brains out!'"


I remember being very aghast at her suggestion initially. She was still kinda new to me. This was a side I hadn't even considered, or been prepared for. But I'm pretty sure that's when my dad changed to me. Manda had planted a little seed of curiosity in my mind.

"Oh, I would," she continued. "I would be using every trick in the book to get him so hot he couldn't stand it and would finally just take me, ripping my clothes off and fucking me!"

"Jeez, Manda! Where do you come up with this stuff?" I said. "You wouldn't feel that way if he was your dad!"

"Well, I know I wished my dad looked that good." Her grin came back stronger this time and there was a glint in her eye. "Maybe I'll just use yours since you obviously aren't. He can be my 'Sugar Daddy'!"

"Whatever!" I said. "He won't even give you the time of day."

Manda laughed and ran across my room and threw herself across the bed.

"I can make any man want me!" she said and she reached into her overnight bag and pulled out some clothes. "Tell me what you think of this."

She had taken out her sleep over clothes and some panties. The panties were black and weren't much more than a tiny wad of material in her hand. She dropped them in a small heap on the bed and began stripping out of her clothes. It wasn't a big deal until she unfastened her bra and dropped it right in front of me.

Her breasts were already developing well. I don't know if I was embarrassed that she was naked in front of me, or jealous that she actually had breasts while mine were still so small. I didn't really want to stare, but they were just there in front of me. They were perfectly round and pale with tiny, dark nipples. Her skin seemed really light but I suppose it matched her dark, straight hair well.

I was a blonde and had darker skin. I don't really envy Manda because I've gotten plenty of attention over the years, but Manda had something about her that was irresistible. Maybe it was because she started so much earlier as I later found out.

Anyway, if I had thought her immodesty was bad, she quickly worsened by dropping her panties in front of me. I couldn't believe it! I hadn't been exposed to so much nakedness before. She stepped out of the panties and her thighs wiggled a little there in front of me with her movement. She had a lot of hair on her already too and I was again envious because I had only a few barely discernible wisps and I was really wanting to look like a woman. Looking back, it's funny to me that I was so jealous, because now I keep myself completely shaven. I guess I grew to prefer the look and feeling of my naked pussy lips. The way my panties rub smoothly against the sensitive, naked flesh is just wonderful. Plus I found it to be to the liking of certain men, but I'm getting ahead of my story.

Manda caught my gaze and she must have seen my shock because she laughed.

"Never seen a naked girl before?" she asked.

"Yeah, but we barely know each other!"

Manda was really laughing at me.

"Well, what's the big deal? You're acting all shy like you're nervous! Unless,"

She stopped laughing and looked at me and even her smile began to fade a bit. Then, and I'll never forget this, she walked slowly over to me. Her head was inclined slightly so that she was looking up at me and her eyes looked strange. Her shoulders were back so that her breasts lifted and were thrusting outward toward me. She walked with one foot in front of each the other which made her hips more defined and gave a slight, sexy sway to her walk which she later taught me. She stepped right up to me so that her breasts touched my clothes and I could feel her breath.

"Unless maybe you like what you see?"

This was too much for me and I stepped around her quickly and walked to the other side of the room.

"You're really starting to weird me out, Manda," I said and crossed my arms over my small breasts. It wasn't so strange after the summer between my sophomore and junior year, but this day I was really bothered by it.

She just sorta melted and all her womanliness evaporated into the fun girl I knew. She was laughing again and she jumped to the bed, her naked ass was turned toward me and I thought of turning my eyes away from her, but I couldn't. I stood and stared at her pussy, and higher, her anus. I just couldn't believe she was so immodest, and I was fascinated in a way. She grabbed her pair of little black panties.

"What do you think of these, Jenna?" she asked as she pulled them up around her thighs.

Her small thumbs slid along the elastic band back behind her waist as she lifted, then came back around to pull the material up over her sex, covering her dark hair. The panties were black lace and she pulled the thin waistbands up high on her hips so that the lace was snug against her pussy which bulged slightly. She lifted her arms so that her budding breasts rose again. She was so lucky to have such beautiful breasts so early!

"Think your dad will like me in these?"

She turned around slowly and I laid eyes on my first thong.

"Oh my God, Manda, where did you get those?"

She looked back over her shoulder at me and propped her hands high on her naked ass then tried to look down at it.

"You don't have any thongs?" she asked.

"No! Isn't that uncomfortable?" I said. "I mean, it must be like a permanent wedgie!"

"No way," she said. "I love the way they feel. Makes me feel real sexy!"

"Well, you aren't going out in front of my dad in those!"

"Why not? Afraid he might look at me after all?"

Who wouldn't for shock value alone, I thought.

She continued smiling as she grabbed her white tank top off of the bed and pulled it over her head. The tank top hung briefly on her nipples and then scooted down over her swelling breasts. I think I was actually disappointed to see her breasts disappear, but I'm not sure. Perhaps I am disappointed now, remembering it, after we have shared so much more since. At any rate, I could still see her dark nipples through the white material and they formed tiny little bumps on her shirt as they tried to break through.

She wiggled her hips as she pulled her shorts up over her waist, covering the black lace thong. The shorts were ungodly tight. Even in all my innocence of the time, I knew she was the epitome of lust. Her shorts fit high on her flesh, displaying the lower flesh of her ass where it curved under provocatively and met her thigh. Of course, I realized the need for her thong now with so much naked flesh exposed. I knew she looked hot. I was jealous. Insanely jealous. I remember wondering what I would look like and making a mental note to add similar articles of clothing (or the lack thereof!) to my wardrobe.

"Well, get changed," she said. "Let's go watch some TV with your dad!"

I took my sweats and tee-shirt into the bathroom, despite Manda's chiding about my modesty. I pulled my school uniform off. My white panties covered all of my bottom and even seemed to sag a bit under my ass and I thought it looked as if I had something inside them! It wasn't very attractive but I had only just realized it. I pulled the cotton material up into the crease of my ass and turned it toward the mirror. I strained to look over my shoulder at my newly exposed nakedness. I pulled the waistband of my panties higher so that the panties were pulled deeper into my ass. I discovered that I had a nice posterior myself and my hands ran lightly over my flesh.

Manda was right, having the panties deep in my ass did feel good. I could feel the bunched material rubbing my anus and my tugging had even pulled the cotton up into my pussy so that it was rubbing all the right places. I smile now, remembering how I masturbated the next night when Manda was gone by pulling my panties deep into my pussy and grasping the material that protruded, working it back and forth over my clit in a sawing motion. I think that was the time that I realized that I liked my anus being rubbed as well.

Anyway, I took my bra off and looked at my breasts. They were small, a very flat A-cup at the time. I didn't even have much need for a training bra! The nipples were a very light brown and they were petite and pretty and achingly erect in the cold bathroom. I didn't like my breast size at the time, but again, isn't it amazing how we change? My breasts never got large. They're a small B to this day, but I love them. I don't get much of the guys that sit across from me and stare at my breasts when I'm clothed, but when a guy gets me naked, he always loves my tiny breasts and my shaved pussy. I guess there's a reason men love to fuck a teenager!

I decided to leave my bra off as Manda had, even though there wasn't anyone there that I wanted to impress. I was having a hard time understanding Manda, but I thought it was funny that she liked my dad so much. It even made me feel proud in a way to have a father that was so attractive to my friends. I always liked being the center of attention. But I was always a little jealous about things too. I was getting a bit possessive of my dad.

Manda and I piled onto the couch in the living room. My dad didn't even look up as we came in. I was glorifying in my victory and shot a smug glance at Manda. I learned that she didn't easily admit defeat.

Mom was off in the kitchen cleaning up from supper or maybe working a crossword puzzle and my dad was flipping through the channels. When he found a good movie on the TV that had only just begun, Manda slipped off the couch onto her hands and knees. I watched, stunned, as she crawled out into the middle of the living room. Her ass was all but naked as her bent body pulled the shorts high over her flesh. It makes me rather hot myself just remembering it now, though I was shocked at the time.

She turned her butt toward my dad and then settled down, laying on her stomach, her legs stretched out behind her, her head propped on her hands. I couldn't believe how brazenly obvious she was being. The curves of her ass where openly exposed and she rocked her left leg back and forth on the fulcrum of her toes. I looked at my dad and he was trying his best to look at her ass without it looking like he was looking. I was disgusted at first, thinking how perverted my dad was sitting there drinking in all this naked young flesh. I was realizing more and more about my father.

His mouth opened and I saw him take a deep breath and he shifted in his chair, lifting his lap and uncrossing his legs. I didn't know then to look for signs of his arousal but he had to be adjusting a very hard cock in his pants.

I looked back at Manda. She was watching the TV, the perfect picture of innocence. Of a sudden, her hand reached back over her body and she scratched an apparent itch on her butt. She managed to pull her shorts even higher over her ass and spread her thighs a bit further so that I could see the black lace of her thong covering her sex and then disappearing into her ass. I could guess at the sight that my dad was given as he was no longer trying to hide his gaze. Then he rose quickly and turned away from me and left the room. I heard the bathroom door shut and looked at Manda. She had rotated her body so that she was propped on an elbow staring at me, smiling.

"Where did he go?" she said quietly.

"The bathroom," I said. "You're bad!"

Manda leapt from the floor and grabbed my hand and was pulling me with her down the hall.

"C'mon," she said, and then, as we approached the closed bathroom door, "Shhh."

She tiptoed the remaining distance and leaned close to the door. Her curious face broke into a grin and she motioned for me to come closer.

I mouthed the words "What are you doing?" to her and she put a finger over her lips and inclined her head. I leaned toward the door and listened.

There was a faint, rhythmic sound on the other side. It sounded like my mother's hand patting one of my aunt's babies' naked back. Being the ignorant, prudish little 13 year old I was, I had no idea what was going on. Manda saw my quizzical look and she grinned lasciviously and her hand dropped to her pelvis, cupped as if she was holding a club and started pumping back and forth.

It hit me hard and my mouth dropped open. I almost screamed. My dad was jacking off in the bathroom! Over Manda! I couldn't believe it. I dropped to the floor and lowered my cheek to the ground so that my eye was at the gap under the doorway. The tile adjoining the bathroom and hallway made the gap especially revealing. I could see the bowl of the toilet, my dad's legs, his shorts hanging around his ankles, all the way up to his waist. His hand was a blur on his cock which seemed enormously large to me. I felt Manda's head butting against mine and heard her breath suck in sharply as she saw him.

We could hear the sound easily through the gap under the door. My father was breathing heavily and his fist was slapping against his stomach and his cock seemed to stab in and out of his fist as if it were moving and his hand was still, though it was the other way around.

He began to talk quietly as he fucked his hand. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Oh, fuck! Sweet little pussy!" he was saying. "Fuck that little teen cunt! Yes! Oh! Fuck!"

His hand suddenly stopped and his cock bulged purple, protruding from his white-knuckled fist. I watched as thick strings of white come jetted from his cock, falling into the toilet, literally spraying the ceramic seat.

He began stroking again and more of the white liquid seeped from his purple cockhead, coating his fingers and running down over his hand.

Then Manda was pulling me up and we were racing back down the hall on our toes to my bedroom.

"Did you see all that come?" Manda was saying as we collapsed on my bed.

"Gross! Manda, I can't believe my dad was jacking off over you! That's disgusting!"

Manda leaned back and threw her arm over her head, her breasts pushing upward against her blouse. She was smiling at me.

"Then why did you watch?" she asked.

"I didn't know what he was doing!" I said. "My god, I can't believe I just watched that."

"Told you he would want me," she said. "I just wonder how I can get him to fuck me!"

We stayed in our room for the rest of the night gossiping.

At some point during the night I woke up feeling the bed move. I heard soft sighs and the bed would occasionally shift slightly. A few months later, Manda told me she had been masturbating because my daddy had made her hot. She also told me she had wanted me to know that she was touching herself. She had even wanted me to join. She had been very patient, waiting on me, and it eventually paid off.

I thought a lot about what had happened that night. Somewhere in the darkness, I realized that I was jealous of my dad's attention to Manda. I wanted to steal his attentions back, all of them. Why couldn't he want me the same way he wanted Manda? I wanted to be as desirous as Manda, and my father was the best test. I resolved to elicit Manda's help.

And so it wasn't long until it was me lying there on the living room floor, my butt hanging out of the shortest pair of shorts I could find for my daddy to see. I could feel the air from the ceiling fan blowing lightly against my naked flesh. My ass was cold! I could feel chill bumps forming on my legs. My first thong was tucked tightly into me, rubbing my asshole and even slipping between my pussy lips. I kicked my legs apart and gently wiggled my butt slowly in rhythm, trying to look as innocently young as I was. I heard my dad get up and a moment later he dropped a blanket over me.

"You looked like you were cold," he said.

I rolled over partway and looked up at my dad.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"You got goosebumps all over your legs." He paused before 'legs' briefly and I knew he had been looking.

"Daddy!" I said smiling with feigned shame, "Were you looking at my ass? You pervert!"

I knew immediately that I had screwed up. Though I intended him to realize that I didn't mind his looking, I just phrased it wrong.

"Watch your mouth, young lady. You aren't old enough for that sort of language."

I was sent to bed.

I turned 14 and I was maturing! Finally! My breasts had begun to swell and I had to purchase a whole new set of bras. I took Manda with me and we had a wonderful time trying on all the sexy bras we could find. I had graduated to a 'B' cup and I was very proud. Of course Manda was a small 'C by this time but I had already accepted the fact that she would always have larger breasts. We changed in the dressing room together.

Manda stood behind me as I pulled on a white lace bra. The dark areola of my nipples was clearly visible between the patterns in the lace. My nipples stiffened in the cold store air and the tips lightened as they pressed against the thin material of the bra.

Manda reached around me and cupped my breasts in her hands. It was completely sudden and my laughter stopped as my smile slowly receded. Her hands squeezed my breasts and she lifted and pressed against them. She was smiling and licking her lips. I could feel her naked breasts pressed into my back, swelling against me, flattened into me. My breath shortened and my body tensed.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

She laughed softly.

"Just think of them as your dad's hands," she said. "This is what he's going to do when you show him this bra."

My heart was racing as her hands squeezed my small breasts. My nipples were rubbing against the lace, sending electric pulses of pleasure through me. I wanted to close my eyes and let her hands continue, but I pushed them away.

"Queer," was all I could say. Then we were laughing again.

My desires to seduce my own father, as I had finally accepted them to be, were growing stronger. Manda was constantly threatening that she would get to him first and ruin all my chances. It had become a race and though she seemed to have the advantage of being brazenly obvious, her timing was always bad since mother was always around. I, on the other hand, was always there.

And so it came about that while mother left with some friends one weekend to go to Tunica for gambling, I decided against my regular habit of inviting Manda over. She wasn't happy but I told her why and revealed my plans to her.

"You lucky bitch!" she said. "You had better use this opportunity or I will never respect you again."

That Friday evening when Dad came home from work, I had dinner waiting on him. The table was candlelit and there was a bottle of wine which I had stolen from the basement chilling in a bucket of ice next to two empty glasses. I greeted him at the garage door which opened into the kitchen. I was dressed as erotically as I could manage and still look mature.

I was in a floor length black dress, but its length was marred by a single slit that ran up my left leg over my thigh. I was wearing black stockings that came just above my knee so that when I walked, the naked skin of my thigh was exposed above my stocking, through the slit. It was a sharp contrast designed to draw a man's eye. The dress was incredibly tight around my hips and ass, so much so that even the outline of the thong that I was wearing was visible. The neckline plunged downward revealing a teasing amount of my newly budding breasts which were, of course, 'sans la brassiere' as Manda liked to say. My nipples were visibly puffy through the tight, thin material even when they weren't stiffly erect. Then they seemed to be exploding through the material, actually stretching it apart so that the points of my nipples seemed to be white through the dress. My breasts looked wonderful in this dress.

My father appeared stunned by something, whether it was me and my dress or the decadent table setting.

"What is this?" he said.

"This is the beginning of our weekend together," I said. "I've been looking forward to time alone with you for a long time. Hurry up and get settled in. I made you dinner."

I was very nervous. I felt almost naked in front of my dad in this dress, but his eyes were definitely roaming over my body. Their touch was almost like real hands. It was very exciting to feel him looking at me this way. I felt my breasts tightening and knew that my nipples had stiffened and were straining against the thin material.

He hung his coat on the rack next to the doorway and I turned and walked slowly away from him toward the table. I put one heeled foot carefully in front of the other, as Manda had taught me. I was hoping my profile was being studied. I could almost feel his eyes boring into me. I stopped at the table and parted my legs just enough to try and be provocative and leaned over the table to grasp the wine bottle. I turned with it to my father who was still in the doorway staring at me.

"Could you open the wine bottle for me, Daddy?" I asked, trying my best to purr with my voice. "I haven't had any experiencing with this screwing thingy."

I walked slowly to him and held out the cork screw and wine bottle. He took it slowly from my hands and began to twist the screw into the cork. Then he looked at the table and then back at me.

"You're not getting any of this wine, young lady," he said.

"Oh, Daddy! You called me a lady!" I rose to my tip-toes and kissed his cheek.

"Please Daddy?" I begged. "I'll be safe with you here to watch me. Just one glass...please?"

He cleared his throat and smiled and walked around me. He complimented me on the table and on the smell emanating from the oven and told me that I looked very beautiful tonight. I loved it all, of course.

"Sit, Daddy," I said. "I'll do everything tonight. Just relax."

I took the wine from him and leaned over the table again for the glasses, filling them fully with wine. I brought the food to the table, moving around to be opposite from my daddy so that I could lean forward to set the dishes in front of him. My tight dress kept my breasts pressed upward and I knew I was treating him to a deep display of his daughter's young breasts. Every time I looked up, his eyes were below mine and I knew he was taking notice.

I felt giddy knowing that I was having this effect, that it was all working, that I was arousing not just any adult man, but even my own dad.

During dinner, I drank quickly, my glass emptying in minutes. I didn't really like wine then, though I love it now, but I wanted to get drunk so I wouldn't be nervous, and I figured that I could blame my actions on the wine if daddy got mad. He told me to slow down a few times, and though he protested briefly, he finally allowed me to refill my glass when I reminded him that I was safe with him. We went through two bottles of wine, though I think he drank most of the second, if not all. I only had two glasses. After all, I didn't want to pass out.

After dinner, he tried to help me clean up, but I wouldn't allow it. I cleared the plates from the table but I was in a hurry so I left them all in the sink. The wine was working on me and my whole body was warm. Finally I was finished and I returned to the table under the watchful eye of my father. I pulled out a chair next to him and sat down. I crossed my legs and the slit of my dress allowed my topmost leg to emerge fully. I gently kicked my father's leg with a heeled toe, emphasizing the appearance of my leg, though he was already staring. The slit parted high up on my thigh and I turned my naked thigh to him. I am sure that the dress exposed me nearly to my butt.

"Where in the world did you get that dress?" my father asked.

"Manda and I went shopping," I said. "We had to get some dresses for the 8th grade formal. That's when I got these stockings, too."

I stroked the tight material, letting my fingers trail over the tight band onto my naked skin. My fingers continued even higher to the apex of the parted slit. I eased the dress as high as it would go so that my thigh was naked all the way to its union with my torso. My fingers trailed down the lower slope of the slit which I could tell was hanging loose, exposing my naked hip to him.

"Do you like them, Daddy?" I asked and turned my thigh and hip even further toward him.

"I do, sweetheart," he said. He was visibly stricken by me and I was sure that I was turning him on. "It all seems a little too sexy, though, for a 14 year old to be wearing," he said.

His voice was gruff and though it expressed disagreement with my attire, his eyes fastened on my naked thigh told me otherwise.

"Oh, Daddy, this isn't that bad!" I said. "You should see the panties I have on." I was trying everything. I wanted him to make the move so that I couldn't be blamed. "Here let me show you,' I said and stood up next to him.

He held his hand up. "I don't think you need to be showing that too me, sweetheart," he said.

"Why not, Daddy?" I said. "I'm your daughter, silly."

I stooped and gathered up my dress and began to push its material up over my legs. I lifted it slowly in front of my dad and I smiled and giggled and began to sway as if I were stripping for him. When the gathered dress barely covered my pantied pussy, I lingered a long time, swaying my naked thighs in front of him.

Then, finally, I peeled the dress up until it was just under my breasts. Daddy found himself staring at a transparent pair of black panties. I had studied my own reflection already tonight and knew that my bald pussy would be very visible. And from the feel of it, he was certain to see a sticky, wet stain of come seeping onto the material.

His eyes were boring into me, widening as he stared. Hooking my dress over my thumbs, I grasped the waistband of my panties and pulled the sides up higher over my hips. I could feel the pressure of the elastic biting into my outer pussy lips and I knew my whole sex was bulging at Daddy through the material.

"I don't have any hair yet, though, Dad," I said. "See?" My lips turned into a pout. "Do you think I'm ok, Daddy?" I asked. "Manda already has hair on her pussy." I paused and feigned correcting my mistake, "I mean vagina."

Dad was shaking his head.

"No, you're fine, sweetheart," he said. "You have plenty of time to grow, still." He tried to look at my eyes again, but he couldn't avert his gaze for long.

"Look at the back, Daddy!" I said and turned around. I stumbled a bit in my heady drunkenness and so I fell onto the table, bracing my body with my elbows and spreading my legs for balance so that my ass was openly exposed in all its nakedness to my dad. I was smiling to myself as I imagined how my ass looked with the thin, black strip of material tucked deep inside. I widened my legs further, hoping that my pussy would still be showing to him as well. When I think of it now, I don't know how he resisted fucking me right then. My virgin pussy was openly exposed to his eyes through the transparent material. My lips were literally oozing with my lubrication as I leaned forward, imagining my daddy fucking me on the kitchen table. I don't know how he resisted my 14-year-old body displayed so lustfully to his eyes. I suppose he was still hung up on the fact that he was staring at his little girl's pussy, rather than Manda's. I bet he would have already been fucking her, but I was content to keep teasing. I looked over my shoulder and his mouth was open, his eyes wider still. I saw one of his hands in his lap. It was rubbing along his thigh very slightly.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

His eyes snapped back up to me and he rose and left the room without a word. I stood and the dress dropped back down, covering me. I gave him time to get down the hall and then followed. On my knees in the hallway, I watched him working franticly at the buttons on his slacks through the space under the bathroom door. They were already disfigured by the swell of an erect cock pushing at their crotch. Then they were down to his ankles and I could see his cock twitching. He grasped it with his hand and began to pump it quickly. I rose and slipped my panties off and then opened the bathroom door.

Dad jumped and was fumbling to lift his pants back up.

"Jenna! What the hell are you doing?" He seemed angry enough. His face was blood red.

"Watching you jack off, Daddy," I said smiling. I walked right up to him and looked down at his cock that he was still fumbling to cover. I put a hand on his arms and urged him to stop.

"I've seen you doing it before, Daddy, when Manda was over. And sometimes when there was only me. Manda says guys jack off all the time." I paused and then continued, "I even do it." I laughed a little in embarrassment.

"What are you thinking about, Daddy?" I slurred. "Are you thinking about me?"

He didn't answer.

"Are you thinking about my panties, Daddy?" I smiled and held out my panties to him. He didn't take them at first, but I shoved them closer, under his face. He took them, I think, to keep me from rubbing them in his nose.

I looked down at his cock again and it was still twitching, though it seemed less erect. I guess he was very embarrassed. I had the sudden urge to pee from all the wine at dinner. I was feeling rather silly.

"I have to pee, Daddy," I said. "Remember when you used to watch me when I was little to make sure I was 'doing my business'?"

I was pulling my dress up as I spoke. First my calves, then my thin thighs were exposed. Finally my dress was around my waist. I bundled it up so it wouldn't slip into the toilet, and so my daddy could see my naked pussy. I sat down on the toilet and leaned back, spreading my legs.

"Watch me pee, Daddy!" I said. I was giggling uncontrollably by then. I was definitely drunk.

My urine streamed from my naked pussy and made a soft trickle in the toilet water. I held my thighs far apart and even pressed my fingers into my lower stomach so that I could watch. As I laid back on the toilet, the golden stream was dangerously close to rising too high, leaving the confines of the bowl and spraying my daddy's legs. I could see it cascading off the ceramic edge and tiny splashes of it were spattering my thighs and stomach.

"Oh!" I said with mock surprise. "Look, Daddy! I'm being a good girl!"

"Yes, Jenna, I see that," he said. His eyes were slitted as he stared at my pussy and the urine streaming from it and his voice sounded strangely husk.

I was dying with laughter as my pee was squirting into the toilet so much so that the stream of urine was quivering and squirting in bursts with my laughter. I noticed his cock beginning to twitch again and it slowly swelled to its full erection again. I remembered what Manda had told me about girls sucking a man's penis, how it was like a popsicle only much more nasty because they could come in your mouth and you would be drinking their sperm. It was time. I had to make the move and I was definitely feeling up to it. I was tired of waiting on my daddy. I leaned forward on the toilet, too far, and my daddy's cock was rubbing against my cheek. I adjusted my drunken aim and opened my lips and sucked his cock into my mouth.

I sat there, drunk on the toilet, my pee squirting into the water, sucking my first cock, and it was my daddy's cock.

"Oh! God, Jenna! Stop it!" he was saying, but his hands weren't moving to push me away. His head actually fell backwards, thrusting his cock deep into my mouth. My lips stretched and I was straining to keep my mouth open wide enough to keep my teeth off of his shaft like Manda had told me. But this made my throat constrict and when his cock pushed against the back of my throat, I jerked backward, feeling like I was going to puke. So I brought my hands up against his stomach to keep him from getting deep.

I was still peeing, the urine still coursing from my pussy and trickling into the toilet. My hands on my daddy's groin pushed him away and I leaned toward him, sucking on his thick penis. I could feel my daddy's cock twitching in my mouth. My fingers were on his balls and so I grasped him with one hand, lifting the heavy balls in my little hand. He seemed to like it so I squeezed and he roared in pain. His cock popped out of my mouth and I felt terrible suddenly.

"What happened daddy?" I said.

"Baby, you have to be gentle with those," he said.

I leaned forward again and just held the base of his cock this time, guiding it into my mouth again. I held it there, sucking it, and then he began to thrust again. With my body leaning forward, my throat was opened more and when he pushed into me, I could feel his cock against my tight throat again. I tried my best to open up. I wanted to gag so badly, but I resisted the reflex and suddenly, my daddy's cock slipped on into my throat so that my nose suddenly butted up against his stomach.

He was moaning and cooing my name softly and I loved it. Then he pulled out. His cock was covered with sticky strands of my throaty saliva. They trailed from his cock head to my lips in a slight bow. I could see them coming from my mouth as I backed away. Daddy grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled my head back closer, only he didn't put his cock in my mouth again. He rubbed the glistening wet head against my lips, rubbing them around my mouth, then back along my cheek, pushing his pelvis forward so that his balls were rubbing my chin and his shaft stood up along my cheek, it's head dribbling clear fluid on my face and forehead. While one hand held my head, the other guided his cock over my face, rubbing it all over me. I was thrilled at the touch and I knew he had finally surrendered when he started talking.

"Oh, Jenna," he began, "You are such a good girl. You are so beautiful." He kept rubbing his cock against my cheeks. My face was coated with my own throaty saliva that he was rubbing off onto me. Then he nestled it back between my lips and began to ease it in.

"Suck your daddy's cock, Jenna," he said and he slid his cock into my mouth. His hands were on my face and he was gently pulling my head down onto him. I opened my throat up as much as I could as he forced his cock into me. It was hard to do, but I kept trying to suppress those gags, though occasionally, I still choked. Finally, he quit pulling me down onto his cock and let me control it on my own. I had gotten the idea and I bobbed back and forth on his cock.

"Faster, Jenna," he began to breathe. "Faster. Keep your lips tight on me, tight like a virgin pussy!"

He was pumping again and I only had to hold my head still and suck, rubbing my tongue against his shaft as it pumped into my tightly sucking lips. I was loving it. I could see my daddy's pleasure in his eyes and in the expressions on his face as he stared down into my green eyes and watched me suck his cock. I was finally growing up! I was giving head! As Daddy was pumping into my mouth, I was thinking about how jealous Manda would be when I told her about this. She had been going on and on about how badly she wanted to suck my daddy's cock, about how hot he was and what a nice penis he had. Then I remembered her saying how she wanted to feel him cumming in her mouth, she wanted to taste his hot sperm pouring into her mouth, how she wanted to feel it running over her lips, even squirting out over her face. I realized that I wanted Daddy to come. I wanted to know myself what it was like, and I couldn't wait to see the reaction on Manda's face when I told her about it. It's funny now, remembering what an intense need I had to be as wild as she was. So I pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked him.

"Are you going to come, Daddy?" I asked.

He grabbed his cock and started pumping it again with his hand. "Keep sucking Daddy's cock, baby!" He said. "Keep sucking and I'll come. Suck me tight, baby." I took his cock head back into my mouth and he let go and grasped my head and held me again while he fucked my face. And then he said, "I'm going to come in your mouth, Jenna."

I looked up at him and nodded eagerly and kept sucking and slurping at his cock. My tongue was rubbing all around the base of his cock as it pistoned in and out of my mouth. Then my daddy's eyes closed and his mouth opened and he yelled.

The first jet of come spurted back into my throat and the thick glob rolled around thick and hot. Then I swallowed it. Daddy's hips were twitching and his pelvis fucked his cock into my mouth as another spurt filled my mouth. He kept twitching and thrusting his cock into my throat and suddenly I was choking. I coughed, spitting his cock out, and come splattered over his cock and dribbled down my chin. His cock was still pulsing and suddenly my right eye was coated with the thick, hot liquid that burned slightly, then more was on my cheek. I closed my eyes and wiped the cum from them and I felt more hot splashes hit my forehead and cheeks.

"Open your mouth, Jenna," Daddy said, and I obeyed him. I felt his cock touching my lips and then more of the hot, jelly fluid was dribbling into my mouth. I opened my one clean eye and Daddy was watching his cock as he milked every last drop from his balls into my open mouth. Then his cock wiped up over my cheek, brushed over my closed eye and came back down to my mouth, rubbing against my lips. I could see globs of pasty white come on his cock and I sucked it into my mouth, wanting to taste more of this hot, pungent flavor coating my tongue.

"Don't swallow yet, sweetheart," Daddy said, and so I just sucked his cock clean, keeping the come in the back of my throat. Then he was wiping my face again and I was sucking the traces of come off of its shaft once more.

"Jenna, baby," he said, "you are incredible. That was unbelievable." He held my head and tilted it back. "Open your mouth, sweetheart," he said, "I want to see my come in my daughter's mouth."

I opened my mouth and flattened my tongue, squishing the come up over it so that my daddy could clearly see. He stared at my mouth and his eyes were wide and he smiled.

"Now go ahead and swallow."

I gulped his sperm down and licked my lips, trying to find more of the hot, salty come.

"Did you like that Jenna?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded. "Yes, Daddy. I've been wanting to do that for a long time," I said, even though I had only just realized it earlier.

"God, Jenna, what are we doing?" he asked, suddenly seeming concerned.

I laughed. "I just sucked your cock, Daddy!"

"We're not supposed to be doing this!"

"But Daddy, it was so much fun!" I touched his softening cock again and he thrust it to me, seemingly content to let his daughter explore. I'm sure that he was still reveling in the thought that his own daughter had just swallowed his come.

He took some toilet paper and wiped my face clean and then slipped it between my legs into the urine-tainted water. Instead of drawing his hand out, he turned it upward and touched me. I still remember this first time that my daddy touched my pussy. It sent thrills through my body as he slid his fingers slowly over my virgin sex. I could tell that my pussy was wet, but I wasn't sure how much of it was lingering drops of pee. I thought it was a little strange that Daddy was touching me there since I hadn't wiped my pussy clean yet.

Daddy rubbed my pussy gently and looked at me. I sighed happily as his fingers massaged my swollen, sensitive lips. I leaned back against the toilet again, thrusting my pussy outward. His finger straightened against the length of my lips and pushed slightly into me, then eased upward until his fingertip was brushing against my clit. Sensation exploded through me and I moaned softly.

"Your pussy is so beautiful, Jenna," he said quietly, almost reverently. "Don't worry about not having any hair," he continued, "I like it naked and hairless."

His finger was circling my clit and the pleasure was lancing through my body, making my toes and fingers tingle.

"I love your bald little pussy," he said, his voice getting husky again, "Oh, Jenna, Daddy loves your tight little teen cunny."

I thought the words sounded funny, but the sensations he was giving me were wonderful and so I just let him talk.

"My little girl," he was breathing, "so young, such a beautiful young teen. My little daughter and her bald pussy."

His finger was circling faster around my clit and I was feeling nice. I was almost dreamy with the effects of the wine and his finger rubbing my pussy. I was suddenly very tired.

"Daddy, will you take me to bed?"

Daddy seemed reluctant at first but I told him I was really tired and I thought the wine had been too much. He seemed to change suddenly. I couldn't really decide what it was, but I noticed a change. He stood and put his penis away inside his pants and grabbed my arms and lifted me from the toilet seat. I leaned into him and he led me into my bedroom where I collapsed on the bed. He pulled the dress up over my body and I sat up and raised my arms, letting him pull it off over my head. I collapsed back down on the bed and he was staring at my naked breasts. He reached out and touched one breast, squeezing it under his hand and then teasing my hard little nipple.

"Daddy," I moaned softly, "I'm sleepy. Later."

So he pulled my covers out from under me and covered my naked young body up. It must have been hard for him to ignore my naked body after I had just crossed that initial line, but he did it and soon I was passed out asleep.

I woke in the night feeling cold. Daddy was standing over me, staring down at me and the covers had been thrown off of me. I was curled into a ball from being cold but I knew my naked ass was exposed and he could see my pussy. His cock was protruding from the opening in his boxers and he was masturbating over me. I yawned and stretched and grasped the covers and pulled them over me. My head hurt.

"What are you doing, Daddy? It's cold," I said.

"I couldn't help it, Jenna," he said. "I've been awake all night thinking about you in the bathroom and how beautiful your naked body looked." He was stroking his cock slowly now. "I've been so hard thinking about you. I had to come in. I didn't mean to wake you."

I was quickly awake, the sight of my daddy masturbating over me was still rather shocking, despite his recent attentions. I watched him pulling at his thick shaft and I remembered the taste of his come and the sexual excitement I felt when his cock was pumping come into my mouth and over my face.

"Do you want me to suck you again, Daddy?" I asked.

He thrust his cock toward me and I scooted over on the bed and held his cock, pulling it down so I could reach it. I rubbed the thick shaft against my face, letting its heat warm my cheeks. I thought that my daddy had a beautiful penis. It seemed so heavy and long to me. I stuck my tongue out and licked my daddy's cock, running my tongue and lips up and down the shaft slowly, taking my time and exploring every inch. I began to wonder what mom would think if she walked in and found me doing this. Then of course, that made me think of the many things that mom had done with dad. Things I would probably never know about. I realized that I was sucking the very same cock that had, for many years, been fucking my mom's pussy. I thought that perhaps there was some lingering remnants of my mom's pussy on my daddy's cock. I sucked his shaft into my lips, urging him to thrust it deep inside my mouth. My tongue swirled around the swollen head as I imagined my daddy fucking this same cock into my mother.

I pulled my lips off of his cock, letting them make an audible sucking noise as his penis slipped out.

"Daddy," I said, "I want you to fuck me like you do mom."

Daddy grasped his cock again and began stroking it over my face, rubbing the glistening wet head over my cheeks and lips.

"Sweetheart," he said, "we can't do that! I can't believe I'm even here with you now, letting you do this. But we can't have sex!"

"Why not?" I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked it deep, thrusting my head toward him, pushing his fingers out of the way so that I could go deeper, forcing his cock into my tight throat. He knelt over me and put his hands on the bed, bracing his arms and body so that he could lean into me, forcing his cock deeper. I felt it filling my throat and I wanted to gag, but I couldn't breathe. I barely heard him talking.

"It's just too wrong," he said and pulled his cock out of my throat. I coughed and sucked in air. I wasn't sure that I liked sucking cock then, but I've gotten much more used to it now, and I even look forward to the feeling of a thick cock pushing into my throat so that I want to gag.

"Then why are we doing this?" I asked.

"I can't help it. You are just too beautiful to me. And knowing that you want to," he paused. "I just can't help it."

"Then fuck me, Daddy! Take my virginity. I want you to be the one."

Daddy grasped my hips and turned my light body until my thighs hung off the bed. His hands opened my legs and I felt cold air on my exposed pussy. His body lowered and I watched his twitching cock settle onto my hairless slit. He rubbed its shaft along my puffy lips and I could feel the slipperiness oozing from me, coating his big cock. I was growing excited thinking of his big cock pushing into me. At best, I had only forced two fingers into my tight sex before and I knew how pitifully small my fingers were compared to his cock. And it was definitely much longer. I was frightened with my daddy leaning over me rubbing his cock in my virgin slit. I knew that it would hurt, and his cock seemed impossibly large, but I desperately wanted to be as cool as Manda and I knew that if she found out that I had finally seduced my gorgeous father of all people, she would be very jealous.

So I put my hand on my daddy's cock and pushed it down into my slit. As he pulled his cock back from me, my fingers forced his thick head downward to the entrance to my virgin sex. I couldn't believe that I was doing this, that I was going to fuck my own daddy! A year ago, I would have thought that this was absolutely disgusting. But now, all I saw in front of me was the object of my rival friend's desire and I had to get to him first. I mean he was MY daddy, he would be much happier with me.

Daddy pushed slowly and his cock was a swelling pressure against my lips. I felt my lips giving slightly as his cockhead spread their tightness open. I sucked in a sharp breath and prepared myself, but daddy stopped and held his cock there. After a moment, his cock began to twitch and pulse in me, massaging my stretched lips. It felt pleasant and I raised my hips, wanting to draw him deeper into me.

"Please, Daddy," I said quietly in my best begging voice. "It feels so good."

"Does it feel good, baby? Does Daddy's cock feel good pushing into your virgin pussy?"

His cock was pulsing excitedly inside me and I began to desperately want more, but he refused to push it in further.

"Oh, yes, Daddy. It's so big! Push it in me, Daddy. Take my cherry!"

Daddy's hands rose up my body and settled on my small breasts. He caressed them tenderly at first, squeezing them lovingly and massaging the firm mounds of flesh.

"Oh, baby, you know I do, but I just can't. Jenna, you should be saving this for someone special," he said but his fingers were sending thrills through my body from stroking my nipples.

I reached out and touched my daddy's hips, ran my slender hands behind him and grasped his buttocks. I tried to pull him into me but he wouldn't allow me. He pulled the head of his cock out of my pussy and I was shocked at how empty I suddenly felt.

"Daddy! Please! Don't you want to fuck me? Don't you want to feel a virgin?"

"I'm not going to do it, Jenna. I just can't."

His hand grasped his cock again and he stood over me, one hand fondling my breasts as the other pumped his cock, directing the purple head to my pussy where it wriggled against my clit as he fisted his cock.

"Tell me what you want me to do, baby," he said.

His breath was heavy, his voice husky. I recognized it as the voice from the bathroom, right before he had sprayed my throat and my face with his come. I thought perhaps he was changing his mind and needed me to persuade him.

"Daddy, please!" I begged him, truly meaning every word, "Please put it back in me."

"Put what in you, Jenna?"

"Your cock, Daddy. Put your cock in me, please. I want to feel it."

"Put it where?"

His fist was pumping furiously and his hand on my breast was massaging me more firmly than it had been.

"Put your cock in my pussy!" I was begging him and I was a bit upset that he was pumping so fast. I was certain he would come. "Fuck me, Daddy, please! Fuck my pussy."

"You're making me so crazy, Jenna," he said through clenched teeth. He paused a moment and rubbed his cock head on my pussy lips. "I get so aroused when you call me 'Daddy'."

"I always call you 'Daddy'," I said. His cock was massaging my clit and I was feeling very nice. I thought surely he was going to fuck me now.

"Yes, but when you beg your Daddy to fuck your pussy, I just want to explode!" he explained. "This is so bad, Jenna, baby, so I get so hard when you say such things."

He was stroking his cock again as he rubbed the head against my pussy.

"You can't ever tell anyone about this, sweetheart," he said. "Daddy will go to jail if you do."

"I won't tell, Daddy. Just please put your cock back in my pussy!"

Indeed, my pussy was literally sopping wet. He positioned his cock again and eased it into me. The head slid in fairly easily this time but again he stopped. His fingers still gripped his long shaft and he stroked its length rapidly, making his cock pulse and bulge in my pussy, but he didn't push it in any further.

"C'mon, Daddy," I said, "Fuck my pussy, Daddy. Put your cock in my pussy." I kept repeating the words that he had suggested.

Suddenly, Daddy tensed up and his mouth opened into a silent roar, then screamed with volume. I suddenly felt heat and wetness on my pussy and as I looked down, I saw cum squishing out from my pussy around his cock. He held his head just inside my lips and his throbbing cock pumped his sperm into my cunny, filling it until his squirts forced the milky fluid out around his cock head. I realized that he had never intended to fuck me, but I still felt some satisfaction knowing that he had come in me, even though my hymen was still intact. Daddy was breathing heavily.

"Rub it in baby," he was saying. "Rub Daddy's come all around your pussy. It will feel good."

My fingers slipped down over my pussy and I felt gobs of the come. I was amazed at how much was already on my lips and I could feel it's warm wetness running down into my ass over my anus. My fingers slid easily into my pussy and it surprised me at how loose I was from this. I suppose a lot of it was the lubrication. I pushed my fingers deeper than his cock had been and I scooped the globs of come out and rubbed the sticky jelly over my clit and around my aching pussy. I was so aroused from my daddy's come and his cock squirting inside my pussy.

"Raise your legs, Jenna," he said.

I lifted them upward and he grasped them, keeping them straight and extending them upward so that my feet were above his shoulders. He propped one ankle on his shoulder and his hand ran down the back of my thigh until I felt his fingers on mine. He slipped a finger inside me and drew out more of his come and he pushed it down over my anus. He rubbed tenderly here, tickling my anus, massaging it, then he pushed it into me slowly. I sucked in a gasp of air as his finger slipped inside my tight sphincter. I felt as if I had to go to the bathroom but I knew it was because of his finger. I tried to push it back out, but his finger only slipped in more easily until I felt the swell of his thick knuckle opening my asshole.

"Keep rubbing your pussy, baby," he said, and I did, massaging his pasty come all over my burning lips and using its slipperiness to tease my clit. Daddy's finger began wiggling inside my ass and the movement against my sphincter began to send shocks of pleasure through me. I still felt like I needed to go to the bathroom, but I was happy that Daddy was putting at least his finger deep inside me, even if it was my ass. And it felt positively wonderful.

"Do you like Daddy's finger in your asshole, baby girl?"

"Yes, Daddy, it feels so good. I feel like I have to go to the bathroom though."

"Pee?" he asked.

"No, the other."

He began pushing his finger in and out, his knuckle sliding out of my ass, my sphincter closing tightly over its absence, then stretching again as he pushed it back in. His come lubricated his finger well and it slid easily into my anus.

"I don't feel anything coming out," he said.

His finger left and then returned seeming larger. He pushed two fingers together into me and I cried out in pain as they ripped and stretched my asshole.

"This is what losing your virginity will feel like," he said. "Do you still want to lose your virginity?"

My eyes were clenched tightly shut and the pain in my ass was coursing through me.

"It hurts, Daddy," I cried softly.

"Yes, and your pussy will hurt like this too when you finally have sex."

His fingers were still inside my ass, twisting slowly inside me. The pain was still great, but it hadn't increased.

"But I want to feel you inside me so bad," I said through clenched teeth.

Daddy's fingers were still moving in my ass, only he had separated them and was wiggling them individually inside me, rubbing and massaging the walls of my ass. They felt so deep inside me. I began to feel some pleasure again amidst the pain. My fingers continued on my pussy, slipping in, trying to find more of his slippery come.

"You're rubbing your pussy again," Daddy said. "Are you enjoying this?"

"It's so deep, Daddy," I said. "I just want you inside me."

Daddy stepped up close and I saw that his cock was erect again. He began to rub it against my pussy lips, moistening it again in the come and pussy juices that were still oozing from me. My fingers gave way to his cock as he pushed it slowly into me again. I gasped for air as his thick head split me apart, but again he stopped and then pulled out. He pulled his fingers from my ass and I was relieved to feel them sliding out. I felt like I was pooping. But then he placed the head of his cock at my tender anus and I realized with fear that he was going to put his cock in my ass.

The tip was hard and pushing firmly against my anus. Daddy held my legs wide apart and pushed them away from his body so that my ass was turned up to his cock. He let one leg go so that he could grasp his cock, and I cradled the free leg in my arm, hoping that my wide-stretched legs would ease the pain.

At first there was nothing, then the head seemed to pop into my asshole and the pain lanced through me. I cried out and shut my eye and fought the tears.

"See, honey, this is what it feels like to lose your virginity," Daddy was saying.

He held his cockhead there for a long time, letting it twitch and pulse inside my asshole. I kept trying to push it out as if I was trying to push particularly hard, thick poop from my body, but he kept it firmly seated inside me. His fingers that had supported his cock moved to my pussy and he began massaging and touching me again. He leaned further into me and his cock began to move deeper. The fatness of Daddy's shaft was splitting me apart and I cried again.

"Please, Daddy, take it out, please, it's too big," I was bawling. "It hurts, Daddy, it hurts!"

But he kept pushing it in further, all the while reminding me that I had wanted to feel him inside me and that now I would know. The pain was intense and I was holding my breath as he urged his cock deeper into my anal chute. I felt him stop and he bent over me and was kissing me.

"The thickest part is in you now, sweetheart," he said softly.

He lay there a while, holding it still inside me, letting me get used to its presence. The pain leveled out eventually. But Daddy's fingers touching me didn't feel good anymore...I had lost any arousal I had.

"Does it still hurt, honey?" he asked.

I nodded into the pillow, my eyes were still tightly clenched.

"I'm sorry honey but this is what you need to be ready for. You wanted me inside you didn't you?"

I kept nodding and I allowed myself to sob softly now. He was still inside me and the pain was there but had been reduced to a steady throb. I accepted it and in the back of my mind, I was thinking that Manda would be even more incredulous to know that I had been ass-fucked, something she talked about but admittedly had never experienced. As I thought of it, I found pleasure in knowing that my daddy was inside me. I remembered focusing on that thought, knowing that despite the pain, I was going to be the envy of my friend for the first time. And so I spoke softly, into the pillow.

"Fuck me, Daddy."

Then he began to move again. I felt his cock going deeper inside me, slowly easing in past my tight anus and though the pain didn't intensify, I suddenly felt extremely full! His stomach touched my pussy and I knew he was buried completely in my anus. I could feel his cock deep inside me and it seemed as if it were nestled in my stomach. Through the pain, I felt a spasm of pleasure at being so deeply penetrated.

He began moving into me in very short strokes, slipping his cock back and forth slightly, barely even moving in my tightly clenching sphincter. The pain began again as his partially dried shaft began drawing back and forth against my orifice. I cried softly in pain and then covered it up quickly by begging him to keep fucking my ass.

"Oh! Daddy!" I cried. "Keep going!"

His strokes began to lengthen and the wetness from inside my ass began to moisten my anus. As his cock pulled its length from my young ass, I began to feel a tingling rush of pleasure. Then he would be pushing into me again and I could feel it even in my pussy somehow as the cock head rubbed against my chute. The fullness was wonderful. Through it all, there was still pain but I kept remembering Daddy's words that this was what I should expect, being a virgin.

I began to push myself back into my daddy's thrusts so that my ass hunched up onto the bed. Daddy's hands clutched at my hips, sliding low until they caught at my thighs. He began pulling me harder into him and his cock seemed to go deeper inside me. He was thrusting hard now, pulling the entire length of his cock out of me and then thrusting it back in. I felt his stomach slapping against my naked flesh and heard the sound rising about our moans. His balls were thumping against my pussy as he fucked his cock into my asshole.

I was enjoying it more and more as my daddy's hands grasped my hips, kneading my flesh under his strong fingers. He began to talk again, breathless, with that same husky voice.

"God, Jenna," he was saying. "Oh, baby, this feels so good!" Then he would grunt softly and moan and then, "Do you like this, honey? Do you like Daddy's cock in your ass?"

And I answered him.

"Ooohh! Daddy," my words coming in stutters between the thrusts of his cock, "Fuck my ass, Daddy! Fuck it hard! Oh! Daddy!" His cock was pounding in me so that my words would come out soft and then strong with each thrust. "Fuck my asshole, Daddy!"

"Keep talking, baby!" he said. "Daddy loves hearing his little daughter talk dirty to him."

And so as he rammed his cock rapidly in and out of my ass, I thought of all the things Manda had said to me and I tried to use them.

"Fuck your prick into my asshole, Daddy," I was crying as his pelvis slammed into my ass.

"My pussy is on fire, Daddy! I'm so fucking hot for your hard cock!"

Daddy's thumbs pulled my ass apart so that he could better see his cock plunging into my tight anus.

"Rub your cunny, Jenna," he said.

I ran a hand underneath my body and touched my pussy. I was truly on fire again, my pussy was oozing with lubrication. My fingers scooped my cum up over my clit and I massaged it rapidly, feeling my body shiver with pleasure. I was suddenly feeling wonderful, so much so that the pain was almost drowned out. I could literally feel pleasure shooting from my anus as my daddy's cock was rubbing against its tight muscle.

"Are you touching your pussy, Jenna?"

"Yes, Daddy. OH! My cunt is so wet Daddy. Your cock feels so fucking good in my ass."

Daddy was squeezing my ass tightly under his big hands. His thumbs dug into my flesh and his fingers jerked me back against his thrusting cock. I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my hand as my finger toyed with my dripping pussy. I pushed my finger inside me as far as it would go until it hit the resistance of my hymen. I swirled it around inside me and I could feel the outline of my daddy's cock thrusting into my ass through the thin membrane that separated my pussy from my ass.

I had finally gotten Daddy to fuck me, even if it was in my ass, and I was loving it. It felt really wonderful. I made up my mind to do this many more times.

"Oh, Daddy, your cock feels so fucking huge inside my asshole. Fuck my ass, Daddy, FUCK!"

I loved knowing that I could say whatever I wanted right now around Daddy and he wouldn't care. All he wanted was to pump his hot seed deep into me, into my tight anus.

Daddy's thrusts suddenly stopped and he held himself deeply inside me. I felt the huge lump throbbing inside my anal chute and then Daddy yelled and was thrusting again, only without any rhythm. His words came, breathless and labored.

"I'm cumming, Jenna!" Then a pause. "Cumming in your ass! Oh my daughter's ass," another pause. "So tight! Oh fuck, yes!"

Then he collapsed on top of me, crushing me to the bed.

"So, do you still want to have sex with me?" he asked.

"Yes Daddy," I said softly.

He just grinned and shook his head. Then he leaned over and kissed my forehead, as a daddy should, and lifted me onto the bed, covering up my sore, naked body.

"You are my dear, beautiful, young, sexy Jenna," he said, kissing me between adjectives. "You make Daddy very happy."

I smiled and felt my tired body slipping into sleep.

"So we can do this again, Daddy?"

"Only when your mother isn't home," he said and kissed my forehead again and walked out of the room.

Manda was, of course, green with envy and I beamed with pride as I told her every last little detail of what Daddy had done. Manda eventually got her own wishes with me and Daddy, but that is another story.

I'm still a virgin, still waiting to find that right man that I will marry and give my carefully guarded cherry to. And when I tell him I'm a virgin, he may not believe me, but on our wedding bed, he'll discover the truth. In the meantime, I've been asking all my boyfriends to "come in through the back door". So far, not a one has complained.

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