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Cousin Bob

Chapter 1: How it Began

My cousin Bob was just my age, and it started when we were both 15. Since we were little we had often spent weekends at each other's house. At my house there were two beds in the room, and we slept separately. At Bob's house there was only a big double bed and we slept together.

One night, at Bob's house, we got into bed and began reading a porn magazine that Bob had somehow acquired. There was only the one copy, so we slid together to read it. The pictures really turned me on, and I felt my cock harden. I could hear that Bob was breathing fast. I had never done anything like this before, but I let my hand go over to Bob's cock; he was as hard and horny as I was. And best of all, he didn't object when I began gently stroking his cock through the material of his PJ bottoms. Not only didn't he object, he reached his own hand over and began feeling me, too.

When I think back on that first time, I am always amazed at how fast things went. I guess it was because we were so horny we were really out of control. As soon as we both realized it was mutual, we threw out the inhibitions. I tugged at his PJ bottoms and slid them off, and then I slid my own off, too. Then the tops, and we were both lying naked. We turned toward each other and began stroking with our hands... over the whole body, over the ass cheeks, over the chest, and then over the cock and balls. We lay facing each other and pressing our bodies together so our cocks pressed together too.

Even though it was so many years ago, that marvelous feeling of pure lust comes back to me whenever I think about that first night. Lying naked, we turned onto our backs, and each of us began jacking off the other in the way we knew so well from our own masturbation experiences. Soon Bob came, spurting cum all over himself and me. "Ooooh that felt great," he said, and jacked me faster until I came too.

That was the beginning. I already had fantasies of all the things that were still to come, so that even though my cock had gone soft, it very quickly got hard again. Bob turned over, as if to go to sleep, turning his back to me. I was horny again and in no mood for sleep. Bob seemed to be asleep, but I didn't care. I got up and brought some Vaseline, smeared it all over my cock. I grasped his body and turned him over onto his stomach, and then brought his legs right together. Then I got up on my knees, straddling Bob's thighs, and I pressed my hard cock right at his ass-crack between his legs. I pressed forward from behind, so my lubricated cock went between his thighs, overcoming the pressure of his thighs, and going all the way so my balls were right up against him. I will never forget the delicious sensation of my cock entering that warm place, being surrounded and pressed on by Bob's fleshy thighs. I brought my cock back again -- almost but not completely out. And soon I was fucking him there in a regular rhythm as I lay on top of him. What an incredible feeling that was; the waves of lust just swept up from my cock and balls over my whole body.

I doubted that Bob was really asleep through all this, but if he wasn't, he pretended he was, and I didn't care one way or the other. I kept up the delicious fucking, slowly building up to the edge, then lying perfectly still, then fucking some more, and I kept on that way for a long long time, getting hotter and hornier as I continued. That technique of going almost over the top and then retreating -- and doing that as many times as I could stand -- was something I had learned masturbating. It really intensifies the orgasm when I do finally let myself go.

Finally, fucking Bob between his legs, I couldn't delay any longer, and a few hard fuck strokes brought me the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced. Then I reached my hand around Bob and found (no surprise!) that he was hard. So I began jacking him off, all the while that he kept up the sleeping game. There was something wonderful about this, feeling his cock get bigger and hearing him panting and finally having him spurt cum over my hand and over the bed. He was still supposedly asleep! In the morning, I kidded him about it, and he admitted he had faked the whole thing -- and that he loved every minute of lying there totally passive while I fucked him and jerked him off.

It is amazing how horny 15-year-old boys can be. When I woke up the next morning, my cock was hard again. I reached over to Bob and found his in the same condition. We turned toward each other and hugged again as we had the night before. Now we kissed -- a hot passionate tongue kiss that was new territory for both of us. I took the lead and slipped my tongue into Bob's mouth, sliding it over his tongue, then drawing back so he could advance his tongue between my wet lips and deep into my mouth. We explored this new tongue fucking experience for a while, getting hornier as we did. Our hard cocks were pressed together between our bodies.

I let my left hand cup Bob's balls while my right hand grasped his cock shaft firmly and began jacking it up and down. I knew what I wanted, what I lusted for, and without a word I slid down to where my face was right at his cock. The idea must have appealed to Bob because he shifted his body to accommodate me. I let my tongue start at the base of his cock shaft, licking his balls too and then drawing my tongue slowly up. Both of us were circumcised, so my tongue could slide right up to the cock-head and to that very sensitive spot just underneath the tip. Bob was groaning with pleasure and I was flooded with lust.

I wet my lips well and then placing them at the very tip, I pressed forward and let Bob's cock slide into my mouth. Both of us have 6-inch cocks, so I was able to take all of him into my mouth, lapping with my tongue at the same time. I drew back again to concentrate on his cock-head and I began a rhythmic sucking -- very hard sucking, then relaxing. At the same time, I played with his balls, squeezing them very gently and letting my fingers play underneath them in that sensitive place between the balls and the asshole. Bob was moaning with pleasure, and as I fucked him with my mouth, he made fucking motions too, lifting and lowering his hips in time to my sucking.

Then I could feel his balls tightening and I knew he was ready to cum, even before he cried out "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum!" I sucked even harder and then his cum spurted into my mouth -- once, and again, and again, and again. I liked the taste of it and I swallowed each spurt as he went through his orgasm until I felt his cock going soft and I knew he was done.

I was so horny that as soon as I felt that Bob was ready to cum, I had reached down and jacked myself -- a few strokes were enough. So while Bob was spurting into my mouth, I was spurting over myself and the bedsheets in a terrific orgasm. Bob said, "Oh god, that was so great, thanks, thanks. Next time I do you, lover."

Feeling relaxed now, we both got dressed and soon afterwards I went home. I knew that that weekend forever changed the relationship between me and my cousin. And I also knew that many more exciting sexual experiences lay ahead of us. It was our initiation into a new world. All I could think of for days to come was the next time -- and what new and exciting things we might do.

Three weeks passed before Bob and I got together again, this time for a Saturday overnight at my house. For me, those three weeks had been occupied by more frequent masturbation than ever before, often two or three times a day. All that was in excited anticipation of Bob's visit; just thinking about it made me horny. And finally the day came. We spent the day doing the kinds of innocent things you do with family, went for a long walk with my 14-year-old sister Linda, watched some TV -- all really just killing time until bedtime.

It was a long wait, but bedtime finally arrived and Bob and I retired to my room and locked the door behind us. No sooner was the door locked than we threw ourselves at each other in a tight hug and a long long passionate kiss. Then we undressed for bed, not even bothering to put on our PJs. Here there were two beds but we climbed together into one of them. Even before that it was obvious that both of us were aroused. Bob's beautiful cock seemed to be begging for attention, and he must have thought the same about mine, which was throbbing with excitement. "My turn," whispered Bob, as we lay down together, "just lie on your back and enjoy."

I did just that. Lying on my back, naked, my cock pointing up at the ceiling, I waited eagerly while Bob shifted position to bring his mouth to it. Oh god, how I had waited for this moment, as Bob brought is wet lips to it and started licking around the crown and underneath it and up and down the shaft and down over my balls. And then he did something so daring I couldn't have anticipated it. He dragged his tongue down past my balls and along the sensitive place behind them and incredibly he then began tonguing my asshole, around it and around it, and then -- oh god what a feeling! -- pressed his tongue in and began fucking my asshole with his tongue. I was mounting fast toward orgasm, and just in time he shifted to my cock again, taking it deep into his mouth. I began humping, fucking his mouth, and it didn't take more than a few minutes of that for me to cum -- explosively into Bob's mouth. Oh god, I came and I came, and Bob swallowed and swallowed. It was absolutely the most sensational orgasm I had ever experienced. As my cock went soft and Bob removed his mouth, he began stroking his own cock, and soon his cum was all over us. What a sensational Saturday night that was -- and more was to come.

We each went to a different bed now to get some sleep. In the morning we were horny again. I went over to Bob's bed and kissed him. What I had on my mind (and on my balls, you might say) was that I was ready for some serious fucking. That would be a whole new experience. But I was a little shy about how to get there. I decided that the best way was the most direct, so I said, "Bob, you are a great lover, and sucking cock has been wonderful, but there's more and better things that we can do."

"Oh," replied Bob, "if you mean what I hope you mean, I was wishing you would ask. Let's fuck!"

Chapter 2

And so it happened on that Sunday morning that I got the Vaseline and coated my hard cock with it and began rubbing it into Bob's asshole. Then he lay flat on his belly while I straddled his legs and pressed the tip of my cock against his asshole. Bob moaned with pleasure while I stroked my cock up and down against his asshole, relaxing him bit by bit and getting him hornier. At the same time, I reached under him and felt his cock and balls. Then I slipped a finger into his asshole and then another, and with two fingers I began fingerfucking him and gradually spreading his opening.

"Oh that feels good," Bob moaned, "keep on fingerfucking my asshole and let me bring myself off." So he lifted himself onto all fours and began jacking his hard cock while I knelt behind him and slid a third finger into him. I could hear how close Bob was getting because of his panting and moaning, and I could look into a mirror on the wall and watch him stroking his own cock. That was so exciting, it was like watching a porn movie except it was real and right here in my own bedroom.

And then Bob said "Here I cum," and began spurting cum onto the bed -- once and then again. And then he did something surprising. He caught the next spurt in his hand and brought it to his mouth, licking his hand clean. "I like the way it tastes," he explained, "I eat my own cum when I jack off by myself. You should try that.

By now I was so horny and so hard, I was ready for fucking. I removed my fingers and pressed my cock against Bob's well lubricated asshole, pressed forward, and felt -- for the first time -- that absolutely delicious feeling of slipping past the entrance and sliding deep into his asshole. It was something like the way it had felt when I fucked him between his legs, only a hundred times better. Oh God, how wonderful that felt! I went in as deep as I could, until my balls were slapping against his asscheeks. Just writing about it now makes me so horny, my cock is hard, and my hand reaches down to stroke it.

"Oh yeah," Bob moaned, as I entered him, "fuck me now lover, that feels so good." And so I began. I drew back some, then advanced forcefully but slowly again, all the way, then slowly back, then hard forward, in a regular fucking rhythm. And with each fuck stroke, Bob pressed back against me, so we were fucking together. And with each stroke I was getting closer to my own cum.

Then I looked at the mirror and saw that Bob had gotten hard again. So I reached underneath and began jacking him off in time to my ass-fucking. He was hot and I was hotter. And just when I knew I had to cum, Bob shouted out "oh God, I'm gonna cum again!" And at the very moment I started spurting my own cum into Bob's ass, he began spurting again as he had his second cum.

When I was done and my cock went soft, I pulled out, and both of us lay together, kissing tenderly. That first ass-fuck was not my last but it was certainly the most memorable.

Very soon we were called for breakfast, so we had to postpone the next phase of our sexual relationship. It was two weeks before we could get together again, this time at Bob's house. I had come over for dinner on Friday and then we retired to his room. We didn't dare to do anything until his family had gone to bed, so we watched TV, sitting next to each other fully dressed but stroking each other's cocks through our trousers. I thought it was forever until we finally heard Bob's mother shouting her good nights to us through our closed door. Then we locked the door and looked at each other with such a hungry look!

We began to undress at once, and soon we were both naked, both our cocks fully erect and hard. "My turn tonight," said Bob, "I've been dreaming of it since last time we were together." "Before that," I said, "let's do a 69. I think I'm ready to be fucked without a lot of special preparation, I've been working on myself every day, fucking my own asshole with bigger and bigger objects. I sure like the way they feel going into me."

We got onto Bob's big bed, facing each other head to toe so that each mouth was right at the other's cock. And we began licking and sucking. It was a very different feeling from just sucking one's partner off or just being sucked off. The both things happening at once seemed to be twice as exciting. As I sucked on Bob's cock, I held him tight around his ass cheeks and then I let my fingers play around his asshole and finally slip into him and fingerfuck him until he begged me to stop. We quit, and now I got up on my hands and knees on the bed, and Bob brought the Vaseline over and rubbed it generously over my asshole and inside and he coated his hard cock with it.

Then Bob pressed his cock against my asshole. I relaxed totally, and I felt it slide in. Oh god, that moment when his cock slipped into me! And then he pressed deeper and deeper until his balls were clapping against my asscheeks. I gasped with pleasure and I began jacking myself off as he began fucking. Each time Bob drove his cock in deep, I pressed back against him with my hips, so it was more like fucking each other than just being fucked passively. Bob fucked me faster and faster, and I jerked off faster and faster in time to what he was doing. It was totally sensational, and when we both came, it was a truly sensational orgasm. I could feel his cum spurting into me and at the same time my own cum was spurting onto the bed. We were both panting and exhausted.

We often asked each other which we prefer -- fucking or being fucked. I couldn't really answer that question because I love them both and I wouldn't like to be without either one, now that I knew what it was like.

Bob and I spent overnights with each other every couple of weekends, and as the year went by we had experienced everything there was to experience. We knew each other's cocks has if they were out best friends, we knew the taste of each other's cum, we had fucked and been fucked, and we were best friends. None of the family suspected anything -- or so we thought.

I had turned 16 and my "little" sister Linda was now 15. She was a beauty, her boobs had developed nicely, and I couldn't help noticing how her tits pressed out against a T-shirt of a PJ top. One night there was a knock on my door. My parents were out and Linda was wearing the sexiest silkiest black pajamas.

"May I come in?" she asked.

"Of course, Sis," I replied, "no secrets in here."

Linda smiled, a curious little smile. "Are you sure about that?" she asked.

"What do you mean," I challenged her, "wondering what she knew."

And then she told me that she had often listened at my door when Bob was spending the night, and how she knew everything we were doing. I was shocked, but Linda was very cool. I couldn't figure out where this was going. But soon I found out, and wow! I wasn't prepared for it at all.

My sweet beautiful innocent looking sister began telling me how starved for sex she was, how she masturbated every night and sometimes twice or three times a day. There were plenty of boys at her school who wanted to have sex with her, and she had kissed and played with a few of them. But she had a different idea and it took her a lot of going around in circles to get it out.

"When I listened at your door," she said, "and heard you and Bob moaning and gasping as you sucked each other or fucked each other, I went wild. Down on ny knees at your door, I would have to rub myself, and I practiced timing it so I would cum together with you. And then, when I went back to my bed, I would think about nothing except how I wanted sex with my brother and my cousin... especially my brother... you!"

And as she told me all this, Linda came over to the bed, where I was sitting up and reading. She sat on the bed and came real close to me and then she bent over and kissed me on the lips. She slipped her tongue inside my mouth, and she held me tight as her tongue explored. It didn't take much of this to get me horny, and I gave her my tongue, so we were tongue-fucking each other, getting hotter and hotter. While we were kissing, Linda laid her hand over my hard cock and began tracing its outline with her fingers. Then, when the kiss was over, she lay down next to me. My sister sure was a horny one, and my cock was fully erect and hard. Her tits pressed against the material of her PJ tops, so I began stroking them with my fingers. Remember, my sister was the first girl I had ever done anything sexy with, and the excitement was beyond anything I had imagined.

As I stroked my sister's hard tits, she slid her hand under the tie at the waist of my PJ bottoms, and she began gently stroking up and down the shaft of my cock, and feeling it with her hand. She bent over to kiss me again, and I stopped her. "Sis," I begged, "let's get naked together before we go any further." And I unbuttoned my own PJs while she took hers off too. Oh my god, the view of Linda's full boobs and hard tits sent thrills through me. I literally fell onto them with my mouth, circling one nipple then another with my lips, and running my tongue around it and then clamping my whole mouth onto it and sucking while my tongue kept playing.

Linda pulled down my PJ bottoms and began stroking my cock, then she bent over and licked it, first tentatively, then boldly, and finally she opened her lips and took it into her mouth, licking with her tongue as she did. I knew I couldn't last long so I pulled away and began jerking off. As I did, I noticed that Linda was rubbing herself really hard and panting. "I'm gonna cum," she gasped. And with that, I started spurting cum over her, over myself. And my sister's gasps and moans and opening and closing of her legs told me that she was having her orgasm too.

"Oh god," she said, when it was over, "I love you so. I want more sex with you, brother." And I told my sister how great she was and how we should do this whenever we could. Then Linda put her things on and went back to her own room. I felt so great, knowing now that my sister and I could satisfy each other's lust. All we needed was for my parents to be safely away.

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