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Cyndi's Neighborhood

Chapter One

It was a hot, humid cloudy summer morning. Cyndi was bored being home all alone. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her Daddy. It was Wednesday, so he was at work. Her best friend Maggie Peterson used to live next door, but Maggie's parents divorced six months ago. Maggie now lives with her mother in another city. She's going to come spend the summer with her Daddy, but she wasn't scheduled to arrive for another week. Cyndi decided to walk to the store to get some candy and maybe a soda.

Cyndi went into her room to change. She decided she would wear her favorite sleeveless white blouse with the pearl buttons down the front, a pair of cut-off shorts and white strap sandals. Cyndi pulled her baby-doll night dress over her head revealing a slender body, budding breasts, slim hips and long legs. Cyndi stood in front of the mirror and brushed her long, curly honey blond hair. Leaving her hair loose she pulled off her panties and put on her blouse and shorts. She inspected herself in the mirror, turning this way and that. "Hmmm, pretty good," she thought. She liked her heart shaped face, full lips and big green eyes. She was pretty and she knew it.

Cyndi left the house and walked up the hill towards the store. Her house was at the bottom of the hill. On the other side of a little gully, Maggie's house perched halfway up the hill. Cyndi hated to think of Mr. Peterson living in that big house all alone, he must be so lonely now that his family had moved away. Mr. Peterson was a writer who worked out of his home, he didn't get out much.

As she was walking past the long steep driveway that led up to Maggie's house she saw Mr. Peterson halfway down the driveway trimming his rose bushes.

"Hi Mr. Peterson!"

"Well, hello there Cyndi. Where you headed?"

"I'm going to the store down the road."

Mr. Peterson walked toward her and she stopped.

"Cyndi, if I gave you some money could you pick up some milk for me? Just a quart to tide me over until I have time to go to the store."

"Sure, Mr. Peterson, I'll drop it by on my way back."

"Here's a few extra dollars for your trouble. Buy yourself some candy."

"Thanks! I can't wait for Maggie to come home. Is she still coming next Wednesday?"

"Yes, she is. I know she misses you too. You two can spend lots of time together this summer."

"It's going to be fun Mr. Peterson. O.K., I'll get that milk for you and be back in a little while."

"No rush Cyndi, take your time."

Cyndi headed off to the store. It took about 15 minutes to walk there and it took her a little while to decide what candy to buy. By the time Cyndi left the store it had begun to rain. Cyndi liked to walk in the rain, so she didn't mind. The rain became steadily harder as she approached Mr. Peterson's house. By the time she made it to the bottom of the driveway she was soaked to the skin. She ran up the driveway and rang the doorbell.

Mr. Peterson opened to door to find Cyndi, soaking wet, standing there. She was breathing hard from her run up the driveway. Her wet little white blouse had become transparent and he could see her little tits clearly through the cloth. He felt himself getting hard. He saw Cyndi's gaze drop to his crotch. Embarrassed, he moved aside to let her in the door.

"Come in out of the rain, Cyndi. I'll get you a towel. We need to get you out of those wet clothes. You can borrow something dry from Maggie's closet."

"Thanks Mr. Peterson."

Cyndi came inside and dropped her grocery bag on the floor by the door. The house was air conditioned and much cooler than the heavy hot air outside. She walked into the living room wet and shivering and unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it open. She unzipped her shorts.

Mr. Peterson came back with a towel and some dry clothes. He saw Cyndi pulling off her blouse to expose her breasts, the nipples were tight and pink.

"What are you doing, Cyndi?"

"You told me to get out of these wet clothes."

"You shouldn't do that in front of me. Cover yourself."

Mr. Peterson came up to her and handed her the towel. Instead of taking it, Cyndi walked up and put her hand on his hard dick, rubbing it through his trousers. Mr. Peterson stood as if made of stone. He couldn't make himself move away, though he knew he should. Cyndi was so sexy standing there with wet tendrils of her long blond hair sticking to her skin. Her hard pink nipples begging to be sucked. His gaze was drawn to the unzipped fly of her shorts and the triangle of skin revealed there, pointing to her pussy.

Cyndi looked up and saw the glazed look in Mr. Peterson's eyes. Kneeling down, she unzipped his fly and reached inside to stroke the long length of his cock. Mr. Peterson closed his eyes and moaned, dropping the towel and the clothes in his hands on the floor.

"Cyndi this is wrong, you're Maggie's best friend. You're too young to be doing this kind of thing."

"It's O.K. Mr. Peterson. You're so lonely, I want to make you feel better."

Cyndi stuck out her little pink tongue and licked the pearl of pre-cum that had oozed out of Mr. Peterson's dick. "Yum, you taste good Mr. Peterson." Cyndi then put her mouth around the head of his dick and sucked. She licked up and down his length getting him wet so she could jack him with her hand. She felt Mr. Peterson gently place his hands on her head, grabbing her hair, holding her so he could push his cock deeper into her mouth. The head of his dick sucked in and out of the back of her throat, but she didn't gag. She reached up with her other hand and started massaging Mr. Peterson's balls.

"Man, I can't resist this. Your mouth is so hot and wet. Suck harder baby, that's it. Mmmmm I'm cumming. I'm going to cum down your throat."

Cyndi felt a thick splash of cum jet out of Mr. Peterson's cock and she quickly swallowed. She kept sucking him and used both hands to milk the cum out. She could feel him pulsing and splashing on her tongue. Cum started to run out of the sides of her mouth, she couldn't swallow fast enough.

Mr. Peterson pulled out of her mouth after she had sucked the last drop from him. He stepped back and looked down at her. Cyndi licked the cum off her lips, sat back on her heels and with one hand reached into the opening of her shorts and started to stroke her clit.

"Where did you learn how to give head like that?"

"My daddy taught me."

"Your daddy? I don't believe you."

"It's true, do you want me to tell you about it?"


Mr. Peterson pulled his shirt over his head, dropped his pants and stepped out of them. Naked he knelt down in front of Cyndi, leaned forward and kissed her full lips, licking a stray glob of cum off her cheek. "I don't know where you learned what you know. I just know you're awful good at it. Take your shorts off, I want to see your pussy."

Cyndi peeled her shorts off and lay back on the floor. Mr. Peterson came over her and stroked his hand down her body to her pussy. "You're pussy is bald, Cyndi! Mmmm it's so soft."

"Daddy keeps my pussy waxed clean of hair. He likes it better that way, so do I."

Mr. Peterson ran his fingers up her slit and found that Cyndi was soaking wet. "You're wet! You really liked sucking my cock didn't you?"

"Yes, I did. I'm really telling you the truth about my daddy."

"Mmm-hmmm. Can I put my finger inside you?"

"Yes, Mr. Peterson I would really like that."

Mr. Peterson pushed one finger inside of her. She was hot and tight inside.

"Cyndi, go sit in that chair over there. I want to get a better look at your pussy."

Cyndi went and sat in the comfortable overstuffed chair and spread her legs. Mr. Peterson put his hands under her knees and lifted her legs over the arms of the chair so her pussy was open to him. He fingered her bald pussy again, rubbing her juices over her clit. Cyndi closed her eyes and moaned, rocking her pelvis, rubbing her clit against his fingers. "I want to put my mouth on your pussy, would that be O.K.?"

"Yes, please, lick me!"

Mr. Peterson leaned forward and started to tongue her clit. He started to finger fuck her with two fingers while sucking on her.

"Yes, yes, suck me Mr. P. I like that, yes."

Cyndi ground her pussy against Mr. Peterson's face. He looked up and saw her watching him with his face buried in her crotch. She was rolling and pinching her pink little nipples. She jerked and bucked, moaning as she started to cum.

"Mmmm, you're making me cum Mr. P., you're making me cum."

Mr. Peterson felt her pussy muscles clenching and releasing his fingers as her climax juices flooded his mouth.

Mr. Peterson came up for air gasping and sat down in front of Cyndi. She moved one hand down to her cunt. She jerked against hand rubbing her cunt to prolong her orgasm while her other hand was still pinching her nipple. "Watch me, ummmm. I like that, Daddy does that all the time."

"You're telling the truth about your Daddy, aren't you?"

"Yes, do you want me to tell you about it. I want to tell you about all the things he does to me."

"Let's go into my bedroom and you can tell me all about it."

Mr. Peterson and Cyndi went into his bedroom. He pulled the covers down on his big bed. He and Cyndi jumped in and lay facing each other. Mr. Peterson lay on his side and ran his big hand up and down her back. "How would your Daddy feel if he knew you were here with me?"

"Oh, he wouldn't mind at all. I told him about how lonely you are and he said I should do whatever I can to make you feel better."

"I don't think he meant for you to go this far."

"I still don't think he'd mind. It might turn him on to know I was sucking another man's dick."

"You said you wanted to tell me about what he does to you. Maybe it would turn me on to hear it."

Cyndi looked down and saw that Mr. Peterson's cock was starting to stir.

"Let's stroke each other while I tell you."

"Open your legs for me."

Cyndi opened her legs.

"God, your bald pussy turns me on, Cyndi, it's so beautiful."

Mr. Peterson dipped his finger in her cunt juices and started to gently circle his finger around her clit. Cyndi moved her hand to his cock and slowly stroked it to life. "Kiss me Daddy, I mean Mr. Peterson."

"Call me Papa."

Papa gently placed his mouth on Cyndi's, sweeping his tongue across her closed lips.

"Open your mouth little girl."

"Yes, Papa."

Cyndi opened her mouth and Papa reached in and sucked gently on her tongue.

"Do you like that, little baby?"

"Yes, Papa. Can I tell you now, can I tell you about Daddy?"

"Whisper in my ear little darling."

While Papa gently circled her clit with his finger and she slowly caressed his length Cyndi began to whisper about Daddy.

She told Papa about how it all started about six months ago. One night Cyndi woke up in the middle of the night and got up to get a glass of water. Mommy and Daddy were getting a divorce and she was living with Daddy. She went down the hall and heard that the T.V. was on. Daddy must still be awake. She peeked around the door to the family room and saw Daddy kicked back in his recliner. He wasn't wearing a shirt. His pants were open and she could see his erect cock sticking up. Daddy poured some oil into his hand and began to rub it on his cock. She looked at the T.V. and saw that Daddy was watching a movie about naked people touching each other. She looked back at Daddy and became transfixed at the sight of his long hard dick slowly being stroked in his big hand. It was glistening with oil, she could see his veins throbbing, it was so beautiful and alive. Just then, Daddy looked over and saw her watching him with a look of wonder on her face. He looked at her for a long moment while continuing to stroke himself.

"Do you want to touch it Cyndi."

"Can I Daddy?"

"Come over here baby."

Cyndi came over and stood next to the recliner. Daddy took his hand off his cock. She just stood there staring at it, afraid to touch it.

"Don't be shy honey, just touch it gently."

"I might hurt you Daddy."

"No baby, don't worry, it will feel good to me. It'll make me happy."

"You've been so sad since Mommy left."

"Yes, sweetie, make me feel better."

Cyndi reached over and placed her hand on Daddy's cock. It jerked in her grasp and she jumped.

"Don't worry baby. Here I'll show you how to do it."

He placed his hand over hers and taught her how to squeeze and stroke him up and down. After she got the hang of it he took his hand away.

"Use both hands, baby."

Cyndi started moving both of her hands up and down Daddy's cock, gently clenching his with her fingers. Daddy gently thrust his hips against her hands and moaned in pleasure. A big drop of liquid oozed out of the end.

"Lick it off, darlin'. Just like a lollipop."

Cyndi bent her head down and licked the drop of liquid of the end of Daddy's cock. He pressed his cock against her lips.

"Suck on it a little baby, just the end. Open your mouth, baby."

Cyndi opened her mouth and Daddy thrust the end of his dick inside against her tongue.

"When I say suck, I mean suck girl, do what I tell you."

Cyndi sucked. She could feel him pulsing against her tongue. Daddy put one hand on the back of her head and pushed down gently, urging her to take more. Cyndi opened her mouth a little wider and felt him slide deeper.

"I'll have to teach you to take it down your throat without gagging. Mmmm baby suck me, suck me, yes."

Suddenly Daddy grabbed her hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum, baby and you're not ready to take it in the mouth. Squeeze me with your hands."

Cyndi jerked her hands up and down Daddy's dick. He put his hand over hers urging her to go faster. Daddy closed his eyes and bucked against her hands, grunting as he let loose with a jet of white sticky cum that splashed on his chest.

"Milk me with your hands, squeeze out every drop girl."

Cyndi did the best she could, this being her first time.

"You made Daddy cum, baby. You're such a good girl."

Daddy grabbed her hand and moved it over his muscled chest rubbing the cum into his skin.

"Lick some of my cum off your hand. Do you like the way it tastes?" Cyndi nodded. "Maybe I'll cum in your mouth next time since you like the taste, you'll have to learn to swallow everything Daddy can give you."

"Do you like hearing about my Daddy, Papa?"

"Mmmm, yes, I'm hard as a rock."

"I have more to tell you. That was only the beginning. Daddy taught me how to make myself cum. We started sleeping in the same bed together and he would sometimes lick me in the middle of the night, making me cum all over his face. He would rub the end of his dick against my wet pussy until he made us both cum, but he wouldn't put it inside me. He gave me a dildo and showed me how to stick it up my cunt. We started with a small one. When I got used to that one he gave me larger and larger ones until finally I could take one that was as big as his cock. He still didn't think I was ready to take his cock, but I begged and begged him until he finally fucked me."

"He fucks you!"

"Mmmm, yes, every night and a couple of times a day on the weekends."

Papa was rock hard and he'd been stroking her bald pussy and clit all the time she'd been telling her story so he knew she was wet and ready.

"Do you think you could take me?"

"Oh yes, Papa, fuck me."

Papa came over, positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. He groaned at how hot and tight she was. He wasn't sure she could take all of him. She bucked against him urging him deeper.

"Please Papa, put it all the way in. I can take it, Papa."

Papa thrust himself to the hilt. Cyndi squealed and bit his shoulder.

"Move in me Papa, please."

Papa started moving, sucking his cock in and out of her wet cunt, faster and faster.

"You're taking Papa's cock now, aren't you baby. Ummm you're cumming you little devil I can feel it."

Cyndi was thrashing her head from side to side thrusting against him harder to make herself cum more.

"Here it is darlin', I'm gonna cum so deep inside you!"

Papa pulled himself almost all the way out and then rammed back in as he started pumping his load into her tight hot snatch.

Papa jerked and yelled, "Maggie, Maggie, baby, yes."

Papa pulled out of Cyndi and collapsed beside her. He gathered her up in his arms and kissed her, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Cyndi panted into his mouth, still trying to catch her breath.

"Mmmm, Cyndi, honey did you like it. Did I fuck you good?"

"Ohhh Papa it was so good. You made me cum so hard."

"Was I as good as your daddy?"

"Nobody fills me like Daddy does. No one ever will."

"That's O.K. baby, I understand."

Cyndi stroked the side of Papa's face. "Did you know you called out your daughter's name when you came inside me?"

"I did! Jesus, I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking!"

"I know exactly what you were thinking Papa!"

Chapter Two

Mr. Peterson woke up the morning after his first sexual experience with Cyndi feeling as if he had run a marathon. Every muscle in his body was sore. "She sure took a lot out of me," he thought. It was after 10:00, but he rolled over and buried his face in the pillows trying to go back to sleep for a few hours. He could still smell her on the sheets and on his body. He felt his cock rising. He groaned in frustration. He was still feeling secretly guilty about fucking Cyndi because she was so young. She wanted it so bad, though, she begged for it. Mr. Peterson decided he wouldn't look the gift horse in the mouth.

The phone rang.


"Hey John, it's Bill Comstock, Cyndi's dad."

"Hi Bill." Jesus, he was in trouble now, God he hoped Cyndi hadn't told her dad about what happened between them.

"John, I'm at work and I only have a moment. Cyndi told me about how much fun she had at your house yesterday."

"Ohhh, yeah, she was over here for a while Bill."

"Don't worry, she told me exactly what happened, every detail, and it's O.K. with me. It's more than O.K. with me, it's great. I'm at work so I can't go into the details, you know what I mean."

"Holy shit, I can't believe I'm having this conversation. She told you I fucked her and it's O.K. with you?"

"Exactly. I'm looking forward to spending some time together, just the three of us."

"She told me you would feel this way, I just didn't believe it."

"Believe it. She wants to come over again today, but I told her not to be a pest. I know you work from home and I don't want her to disturb you."

"She disturbs me all right. No, tell her it's O.K., Bill. She won't be bothering me. I'm taking a couple of weeks off."

"If I know my little girl, she's on the way over already."

John hears the doorbell.

"I think you're right, Bill, the doorbell just rang."

"Well, give her a kiss for me. I'll talk to you later. Maybe you can come over for dinner tonight? Say about 7:00?"

"Yeah, O.K., 7:00 is fine."

John walked to the front door naked, burgeoning erection in his hand, and looked through the peep hole. It was Cyndi. John pulled the door open, keeping himself behind it so no one outside would be able to see his nakedness. Cyndi skipped in. He closed the door behind her and locked it. Cyndi turned and saw him naked and erect and smiled.

"Hi, Papa!"

"Hi Cyndi."

Cyndi came over and gave him a hug, bending down a little, giving his cock one big wet slurp with her mouth. John picked her up and hugged her.

"How's Papa's little girl today?"

"Great! Did Daddy call?"

"Yes, I'm coming over for dinner tonight."

"Mmmmm, great, I can't wait."

"Cyndi, I need to take a shower, want to join me?"


John walked down the hall with Cyndi in his arms. She was wearing a peach colored sun dress with spaghetti straps. As he cupped her ass in his hands to hold her while he was walking, he found she wasn't wearing any panties. Reaching under her with one hand, he fingered her soft bald pussy, finding it pleasantly wet.

"Hmmm, you're wet already."

"Papa, I couldn't stop thinking about you. When I told Daddy about you last night while he was fucking me, I thought he would explode. It really turned him on. He screamed when he came. Daddy licked me awake this morning, but he didn't have time for anything more, he had to leave for work. I'm so hot and I haven't cum at all yet today."

"My poor little baby, let's see what we can do about that."

They had arrived in the bathroom. John put Cyndi down and went to start the shower while Cyndi pulled her sun dress over her head. The shower was a large tiled affair with room for several people inside. There were two shower heads, his and hers, one on each end of the shower, both with shower massage heads attached to long hoses. There was a tile bench seat at each end also. John turned on both showers, pointing them towards each other so you could stand in the middle of the shower and be hit with spray from both heads at the same time.

Cyndi had followed John into the shower, closing the door after her. He could feel her hands caressing his back. He turned around and picked her up, giving her a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He walked into the hot pulsating spray letting it massage their bodies. Cyndi leaned arched back and moved her body so the spray was massaging her nipples.

"Mmmm, Papa, I like your shower. Maggie and I have been in here before."

"You and Maggie?"

"Yes, Papa. Remember, we used to come in here and wash the chlorine off of us after we'd been in the pool."

"Oh, yeah, I remember."

Still holding her up in his arms, John moved forward pushing Cyndi's back against the wall. He placed his palms on the wall and Cyndi slid down his arms, her legs hooked over his arms. She was poised in the air, back against the wall, just at the right height for his dick. John thrust his rock hard cock against the entrance to her pussy, bumping the head against her clit.

"Mmmm, Papa, please put it in me, please."

"You're a greedy little cunt this morning, baby."

John groaned and pushed the head of his cock inside her. She was wet and ready, her pussy eagerly sucking him in. He slowly pushed himself in until he was sheathed to the hilt. He kissed her, gently sucking on her tongue, and began to fuck her with a slow smooth rhythm. She bucked against him, meeting his thrusts. Cyndi broke the kiss, gasping for air.

"Don't you want to know what Maggie and I did in here, Papa." He could hear the excitement in her voice.

"Tell me."

"We used to play with the shower massagers. We would take the shower heads off the wall play with them. We started out just spraying each other, playing a little game." She gasped between moans, she was really loving his cock inside her.

John increased the rhythm of his strokes, sensing what she would say next.

"Then what did you do." He whispered brokenly in her ear.

"We found out that it felt good when the hot spray hit our pussies. I sat down on one of the tile benches and found that the hose was long enough for me to point the shower massager right at my pussy so the water massaged my clit."

John grunted, pushed his cock in as far as it would go, stayed in deep and started grinding his pelvis against Cyndi's clit.

"What did Maggie do when she saw you doing that, Cyndi." He excitement was mounted. He knew what he hoped she would say.

"She asked me if it felt good. I told her it felt great and she should try it. She did." Cyndi barely got that out, she was close to climax, then falling over the edge.

John could feel Cyndi starting to cum. He started ramming her again to bring her on more quickly.

"Did you watch each other cum, baby?"

"Mmmmm, yes, yes, Papa, yes.. Maggie's beautiful when she cums."

"Jesus, you watched my daughter cum!" He moaned.

The mental image that conjured for John, his beautiful daughter cumming while Cyndi watched and came herself, was almost more than he could bear. He could feel the muscles inside Cyndi's cunt clenching him as she came again. He let out a long hoarse cry as he jerked and spilled his load inside her.

John carefully set Cyndi on her feet. She leaned against the wall, not fully recovered enough to stand. John went over and sat on one of the tile benches, still trying to catch his breath, gasping for air. Cyndi came over, sat on the floor of the shower and leaned her head against his knee.

"My hot little baby, you know what Papa likes better than he does, don't you."

"Yes, Papa. I want you to be happy. My Daddy is very happy being with me. I think you'll be very happy being with Maggie."

"She might not want to fuck me, you know. How do I find out for sure if she does? I don't want to hurt her or frighten her."

"Don't worry. My Daddy has a plan, he'll tell you about it at dinner."

"O.K. Go get that wash cloth and some soap. We'll wash each other off."

"Sure, Papa."

They spent quite a bit more time in the shower that morning.

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