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Daddy Number Two

It was all my mother's fault that my dad left, then she had to go and get remarried. I couldn't stand Gary at first, but then one day, that all changed and when it did I realized how much I liked the way things were going to be. After I graduated from high school, I decided to stay home for another year, go to college, save a little money and then find a place of my own. I could put up with my mother for one more year. Right?

I had classes all day most days and got into the habit of hitting the library at the end of the day, so I rarely made it home before 6pm. One day though, my last class was cancelled and I'd just had it with hitting the books, so I decided to call it day. Maybe I'd even lay out by the pool and not be such a goody-goody for once.

I remember parking in the driveway and seeing my stepdad's car in the garage. My mom was still at work. My stepdad had been doing a lot of work at home, so I didn't really think too much about it. I came in through the front door and at first nothing registered. Not the sounds emanating from the TV or the fact that my stepdad was sitting on the couch completely nude.

The first thing he did was hit the stop button on the VCR and then started reaching for his pants. I don't know why I did it, but I smiled and said, "Hey, everyone's got to have a little fun!" He looked at me for a minute, started to smile and then let his hand go back to his fully stiff cock. He looked and me and said, "Maybe I need a little help with my fun."

I stood there, watching him start to stroke his rock hard cock. It had to be at least nine inches! My boyfriend's cock wasn't anywhere near as big. I watched his hand move back and forth over his dick. While I was watching him jerk his meat, he picked up the remote and clicked the video that he'd been watching back on again. My eyes darted to the TV screen.

There was a girl, young, blonde with huge tits getting fucked pussy, ass and mouth by three older guys. Her whole body was moving with the fucking. The man in her ass slapped her ass checks, making them jiggle and redden. The man in her mouth held her head so that her nose was smashed against his belly as he fucked her face. I watched and could feel my pussy getting wet. What was happening?!

My stepdad told me to sit down next to him and have a little fun myself. At first, I did think about what if my mom walked in, but his cock with a glistening bead of precum on the tip convinced me to sit down and join him. I was fascinated by his dick and the way he stroked it. He told me to take off my t-shirt and my bra if I wanted. He told me he'd love to see me play with my tits.

I pulled my t-shirt shirt off over my head and slowly undid my bra as if I were in a trance. Maybe I was. I unfastened my bra and started pinching my nipples. My cunt was getting really creamy by now. He stroked his meat harder and told me to get naked. I stood up and stripped off my jeans and my panties. Sitting down next to him, I spread my legs and started finger fucking myself.

We sat there next to each other naked watching this girl getting gangfucked. I was so turned on. My stepdad's head went back and he opened his mouth, moaning. I couldn't help myself. I got down on my knees between his legs, pushed my tits up under his balls, popped his cock into my mouth and started sucking him off. He leaned back and thrust up into my face. I wanted his cock so bad!

After fucking my face for awhile he told me to stop, he told me he didn't want to cum in my mouth. I begged him to let me eat his cum, but he told me he didn't want to. I stood up, straddling him, letting his stiff prick slide into my juicy cunt. I saw the look on his face as I took him into my pussy down to his balls. He was going to cum in me one way or another.

I started to ride him, pushing my tits into his face, letting him bite my nipples. He moaned, begging me to stop, telling me that he couldn't do this with me. I shoved my cunt down hard on him, bounced a little. I was going to get him off no matter what he wanted. I rocked harder and harder and finally, gripping my tits, he shot a long, thick stream of jism into my cunt. I could feel every hot spurt.

When I climbed off his cock, he put his shorts and pants on. He told me we couldn't do that again. I stood up, my cunt dripping cum and pussy juice. I told him that I'd get his cock again and that he knew he wanted me to. He stood up and told me he had to take a shower and that I couldn't tell my mom anything that had happened. I figured I'd go along with him.

About a week later, it was my stepdad's poker night. A few of his buddies would come by. Usually my mom and I would clear out, but that night I told her I was going to be studying. She decided to hit the mall without me. Up in my room I listened to his friends arrive and then waited for them to settle down to their game.

After about an hour, I decided to go downstairs. I was wearing a short, blue mini-dress. No bra. No panties. I made sure my nipples were hard before I hit the stairs. When I got downstairs, one of my stepdad's buddies looked up and almost fell out of his chair. I knew I looked hot. I said hello to everyone and walked into the kitchen.

I started looking in the fridge and when I knew I had a few of them looking at me, I bent over, way over so that not only did they get a good look at my ass, but a peek at my snatch too. I loved knowing that they were getting hardons looking at me. I got a soda and headed into the dining room.

My stepdad looked flushed and maybe even a little embarrassed. I smiled and said hello. That's when one of the guys told my stepdad what a hot little number he had for a stepdaughter. My stepdad got up to get another beer to get out of answering that one. I walked over to the guy and asked him what made me so hot. He had me lean over and he whispered in my ear that he could see my wet cunt from across the room.

When I stood up, I noticed one of the other guys was trying to see my pussy again. I smiled, went over to his side of the table and took his hand. "Is this what you're looking for?" I said as I guided his hand up between my legs and pushed one of his fingers right into my pussy. I thought I'd embarrass him for sure, but he started finger fucking me right there.

I braced myself against the table and let him go at me. My stepdad walked back in and looked stunned. He started to say something, but one of the guys told him to be quiet and let me have some fun with them. That one guy's finger felt so good. After awhile of getting finger banged, the guy said that I looked like I needed some cock. The other guys chimed in.

One of them pulled me backward onto the table, while another one got between my legs and pushed my dress up over my tits. He unzipped his fly and looking right at my stepdad told him that he was glad he had snacks for everybody. He slammed his meat into me hard, reaching under me and grabbing an ass cheek in either hand.

While the one guy was banging my pussy, another guy unzipped his fly and pushed his prick against my lips telling me to suck him. His prick was huge, even bigger than my stepdad's. I opened my lips and could barely get half of it into my mouth. He facefucked me hard anyway. I thought I'd choke on his cock before he came. He shot a huge wad, I couldn't keep it in my mouth and some of it ran down my face.

The guy in my cunt, creamed and pulled out. As he zipped up he told my stepdad I had some choice pussy and that he wouldn't mind having it on a daily basis like he bet my stepdad did. Two more guys fucked my pussy before I had another cock in my mouth. Then someone said they wanted asshole. I got turned over on the table and my ass cheeks spread.

I could feel a cock, a big cock pushing at the opening to my little pink butt hole. It hurt at first, all that meat trying to force its way through that tiny hole, but he finally got the head up me. I started to moan, but my mouth was occupied with a nice fat dick. The guy in my ass reamed me, long strokes deep into my butt. I could see my stepdad jerking off. He wasn't going to fuck me in front of anyone, but he was going to let them do whatever they wanted.

The last guy finished off and they all stood around me as I lay on the table covered in their sweet cream I smeared it on my tits and face, licked it off my fingers. My stepdad was there watching it all. He couldn't help himself and finally came over and had me down on my knees sucking him off. I was his own private teen slut now and he knew it.

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