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Daddy's Little Girl

Part One

She grabbed the pillow and shoved it over her head, desperately trying to fall asleep. She just couldn't do it. It was calling for her, a powerful, irresistible urge. Daniella was a twelve-year-old girl who was going through a dingy stage of puberty. Her hormones were raging, causing her pussy to gush with juices much too often throughout the day. The worst thing was that she could not control her thoughts. While sitting in geography, trying hard to concentrate on what the teacher was saying, all she could think about was what he looked like without his pants on and the size of his cock. When talking with her friends, she was no longer content with the fluffy, teeny bopper conversations. She would think about whether or not they were going through the same thing as she was, and would always try to swing the conversation towards a sexual topic.

Now, lying in bed on her belly, a pillow over her head, Daniella was pulling her panties down along her curvy, rounded hips, past her tender, smooth thighs and over her knees. She spread her legs out as far as the panties on her calves allowed her to, and raised her hips up, while laying her face down sideways and resting upon her shoulders and knees, like a bitch ready to be mounted. She then proceeded to slide her hand down beneath her body, placing her warm, soft palm upon her awaiting, saturated pussy. A sudden gasp of desperation immerged from her throat. Her body tensed up and she thrust her hips forward, grinding her pussy into her hand. Her fingers slid along the length of her pussy lips and rotated over her unbelievably sensitive clitoris, which peaked out from under her puffy folds of pussy flesh. These incredible sensations caused a mass of sexual energy to surge through her body, inducing a loud wail from her esophagus, which vibrated over her quivering lips.

No longer trying to resist the craving for sexual stimulation, Daniella frantically began to rub her fingers up and down her slit. Her juices uncontrollably seeped from her pussy, rolling down her thighs and hand, making the rubbing extremely sleek and wet. Her breathing was becoming more intense, causing her to vocalise deep moans of pleasure. Daniella rocked her hips back and forth over her hand, while balancing on her knees, causing her to sweat profusely. The covers hugged her body closely, making the experience all the more fervent.

Lately all she wanted was for someone to take her, a strong, attractive man to seize and ravish her. Now, that is what she was picturing in her young, adolescent mind as she desperately plunged her fingers inside her hot, soaking cunt. Her moans turned into grunts while she senselessly shoved her fingers in and out of her gluttonous pussy like a wild bitch in heat.

As Daniella busily worked to satisfy the demands of her pussy, her father awoke with quite a different need of his own to satisfy; the need to empty a full bladder. However, as he walked down the hallway towards the bathroom, he overheard his daughter's desperate cries. Alarmed at first, he rushed to her bedroom door, swinging it open suddenly. To his surprise Daniella was in no need of help at all. After studying the scene for a few moments, Angelo quickly came to his senses and realised that his twelve-year-old, innocent little daughter was masturbating. Involuntarily, his penis began to harden, and assisted by the full bladder, it turned into a large, raging hard on. He stood there, naked, staring at his twelve-year-old daughter, filled with a combination of lust and outrage.

Daniella, completely absorbed in the deed, was oblivious to the swinging of the door and the presence of her father. All she cared about was the imaginary cock, simulated by her fingers, sliding in and out of her cunt. Her body convulsed uncontrollably. Her mind boiled. As the heat become unbearable, she tossed her covers away with her free hand, treating her father to the staggering sight of her juicy arse and an immensely wet pussy, with a hand settled between her wide spread legs, vivaciously jabbing two fingers in and out of her cunt. Tears filled her eyes as her premature cunt twitched wildly from overstimulation, nearing a climax. Her body jerked with violent tremors as she wept and wailed from the fierce agitation and commotion her body was being exposed to.

Her father proceeded to approach Daniella, but even this did not alarm her. He took control of himself, knowing that such behaviour was in need of discipline, or she might become a total whore, running around town, spreading her legs for any cock she happened to admire. Not only would that shame the family name, it would also expose little Daniella to undesirable men who only cared about taking what they could and leaving the garbage for someone else to take care of. No, he would not let that happen. Daniella needed a steady hand to keep her little cunt in line. The only way this could be done is if someone suitable was found, but considering her age, who would want a little brat to take care of? That meant one thing. Despite being her father, Angelo would have to discipline Daniella in the ways of sex by himself.

Daniella heaved a large breath of air and let out an ear piercing scream. Her pussy was on fire! Her body trembled, knees barely keeping her up. Her eyes were shut up until that final moment when her body shook violently, her pussy buckled tightly around her fingers, gushing forth with thick bodily fluid, which soaked her thighs and the sheets beneath her. As wave upon wave of sexual energy scoured through her body, her eyes opened wide, tears of pleasure rolling down her cheeks.

At first the picture was no so clear in the darkness. She was still on her knees, rubbing her pussy to oblivion like a bitch in heat, while a dark, tall figure stood by her side. She was in a daze. It felt like time stood still, but her body was fixated in a state of ecstasy. Slowly, as the picture got clearer, she began to immerge from her altered state of consciousness. Although she continued to rock back and forth, huffing and puffing, rubbing her pussy in the final moments of bliss, she now realised that the figure by her side was, in fact, her father. He stood naked before her with a massive cock pointing towards her and his eyes glared at her in a way that she had never seen him look at anyone before.

She tried to speak, but the previous, rigorous activity had taken all the energy out of her, causing her throat to vocalise some incomprehensible rasping noise, that only added to the humiliation of being found in this degrading position. Finally her knees faltered and she collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion, hand stuck underneath, between her legs. Daniella looked up at her father, knowing that his look could only mean that she was in trouble, and pleaded with her seemingly innocent, brown eyes.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here?" Her father said mockingly. "We have a desperate little slut!" He looked at her with a cold glare. "Who would have known that such an innocent little girl, that always made her father proud, would turn into such a filthy, little, bitch in heat."

Daniella lifted her face up as if it speak, but he suddenly grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head right back, lifting her up. "Shut up you little whore! I don't care what you have to say," he snarled in anger, while turning her body upright, exposing her nakedness to his lustful eyes. Daniella backed away from his hand and hugged her knees up to her chest, trying to hide her exposed body from his gaze.

"I...I...I'm ss...so...sorry, daddy." she stammered in embarrassment. "I just... I couldn't..."

"You couldn't what, slut?" he uttered with a threatening tone, seizing her by the hair once again.

"I couldn't help myself daddy!" she finally released. "I'm sorry! Lately I just haven 't been myself. I can't help but touch myself down there."

Angelo calmed himself a little and gently stroked his thumb along his little girl's cheek, wiping away her tears. He had to reorganise his approach. She was being reasonably straightforward about this, and he shouldn't punish her for that. Nevertheless, her previous actions could not be ignored. He lowered his gaze down from her eyes to her shapely legs, and the wet, puffy folds of flesh that peaked out from between her toes.

"So, my little slut," he spoke with a strange, seemingly affectionate tone, "your pussy was craving to be touched, and you could not resist?"

"M...m...my pussy?" She said as if unsure, but glanced between her legs and moved her toes in to hide it. Her face was going red from having to admit all this to her father.

"Yes, your pussy! Your cunt! That dirty, little thing between your legs that always gets women into trouble. I'm sure you know full well what I'm talking about."

"Well, yes daddy, I needed to touch it. It felt so good!"

Suddenly he lifted his arm and without hesitation, gave her a sharp slap across the face with the back of his hand.

"Only animals give into their sexual urges!" He shouted at her as she cried from the slap and cowered before him in fear, rubbing her little cheek to sooth the stinging. "Is that what you are? An animal, a filthy, depraved, little bitch in heat?"

"No daddy! I'm sorry, I won't ever do it again, I promise!" she pleaded with him.

He grabbed her by the legs and dragged her down the bed, while she wriggled helplessly in protest. Although she just came, her sexual urges were by no means dead, and the adrenaline pumping through her body created by the struggle with her father was keeping her level of arousal at a peak.

Finally Angelo wrestled her down into a helpless position on the bed with her wrists pinned above her head, knees bent over the edge of the bed, and her thighs spread wide before her father. The shivering of her body revealed her fear, as she felt completely exposed before her father's judgemental gaze. Such embarrassment she had never felt before. Her underdeveloped breasts rose and fell with each breath she took, and her pussy lips dilated simply from being exposed in such a lewd manner. For several moments that lasted like hours, the only thing that could be heard in the room was Daniella's heavy breathing.

Content that Daniella was calm and would no longer struggle, at least for a while, Angelo proceeded with his inquisition.

"To masturbate, like you were doing, is a very sick and depraved act. Only desperate and filthy girls do such things. Those girls are no better than animals," he told her, as if teaching her something new about life.

"Yes daddy," were the only words to immerge from her lips. She lay as still as possible, not wanting to get him any angrier than he already was.

"What you did was a very naughty deed," he went on. "It means you're almost like one of those animals. Such deeds deserve punishment. Girls who act like animals, deserve to be treated like animals. Do you understand?"

She nodded, but in truth, understood very little, except for the word punishment, which had obvious intentions.

"You have promised that you shall never do this again. Can I still hold you to that promise?" A delicate smile crept up along his face as he spoke those words.

She nodded quickly and blurted out, "Yes daddy! I'll be a good girl for you, I promise. I won't do anything like that again..." but as she spoke those words of reassurance, her daddy's hand slowly crept up along her inner thigh. At first, Daniella did not notice. However, once his palm came in contact with her slick, tender pussy lips, she paused in mid sentence and let out a short gasp.

For a moment there she lay still, her father's hand rubbing her pussy, reawakening those titillating, sexy feeling in her little cunny. However, as her eyes met her father's gaze, the situation dawned on her and she began to struggle again.

"Daddy! Wh...wha...what are you doing?" She asked in protest while desperately trying to wriggle beneath her father's pinning hand in an attempt to get away, which only added to the stimulation of her pussy.

"I'm testing to see if you are going to keep your promise," he said with a distinct lack of emotion, as his hand continued to probe at her pussy lips. A look of terror came across her face as she felt her body respond to his intruding hand. He held her thighs wedged open with his knees and her arms at bay over her head. Although her pussy was still wet from the previous incident, he knew that she was becoming aroused again as her slit parted open from having her clitoris rubbed, welcoming his fingers inside against her will.

She desperately tried to control herself, knowing that if her body gave in to the sexual urges, there would be dire consequences. The word punishment kept ringing in her head, along with the words slut and animal. Daniella knew that some men would beat their wives if they misbehaved. In fact, she recalled that a while ago, her father had called her mother a "slut" and beat her harshly, although for what she was not sure. She also knew that circus animals were whipped if they didn't do what they were told. This in turn made her think about South American history that they had learned in class, of how Africans were treated like slaves. African women were whipped, just like animals, if they did not perform their required, sexual tasks.

This thought partially brought Daniella back to reality. Her pussy was being stretched by two thick fingers, which vigorously thrust in and out, skillfully rasping against her clitoris, and curling on the inside, which sent wild sparks of irresistible pleasure through her concupiscent, young body. She then pictures an African woman on her hands and knees, just like an animal, being whipped and ordered to lick a man from his foot up along his leg, towards his large, erect cock. Daniella could almost feel the stinging from the whip, as she pictured that it was her who was desperately licking her way up a man's leg, towards his cock. As her face moved up, she saw her father's face, and realised that it was his cock she was about to suck on.

Suddenly a hand swiped through the air and crashed against her face, making her realise that she was still lying on the bed, with her legs spread wide apart for her father, while thrusting her hips up to meet his hand, and whimpering uncontrollably.

"You filthy little slut!" he yelled and delved his fingers in and out of her pussy at the same time. "You're such a desperate bitch in heat that you're even enjoying your own father's fingers thrusting into your hungry little cunt."

"No Daddy!" she screamed out and began to cry again from the slap. "I don't want this. I don't... I don't! STOP!"

Despite her words of protest, Daniella's body had completely betrayed her. Although with a mind of its own, it was keenly bucking forward and spreading her legs out wider to meet her father's trusting fingers. Her hands were still locked behind her head, causing her to arch further up, as her hips gyrated upon her daddy's hand.

"Daddy... stop... please... no... no... no!" Her pleas continued, until suddenly Angelo seized the thrusting of his fingers and pulled them right out, leaving Daniella humping upwards at empty space in frantic need.

"Well, I guess if you really don't want it, I'll stop." He said mockingly, knowing full well that her body was beyond withdrawal. This brought a sudden shock to the poor little girl, and she burst into tears all over again, while still aimlessly humping into the air, restrained by her father's hand holding her wrists tightly above her head.

"Daddddeeeeyyy!!" Daniella wailed in despair. "Puhh-lllleeeaaa-sss-eee." Now she was picturing the African slave wearing a collar, and secured by the leash to a wall. She tried to crawl forward, chocking herself on the leash, desperately trying to get a delicious cock into her mouth that was dangling just an inch away from her lips, the exact distance of her daddy's hand from her pussy.

"Yes sweetie?" her daddy said, "is something the matter?"

She nodded desperately and proceeded to hump the empty. The whole bed was squeaking from her movements of desperation. She couldn't even close her legs in order to squirm, as her knees were kept wide apart by her sadistic father.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" he taunted her, while she desperately cried, "Daddy!"

"What sweetie? Tell me what daddy can do to help." A satisfied grin was splayed on his lips, and his eyes leered at her, knowing that he had won. She returned his gaze with her deep green eyes, wide in fear and panic, and finally defeat.

"Fff..fffuuu...fuckkk! Fuck me Daddy! Please!"

His hand closed upon her pussy, which was now bumping and grinding against his solid palm. Once again, those familiar sensations were returning, surging throughout her pussy, concentrated in the bundle of nerves of her clitoris.

"You want your own daddy to fuck you, slut?"

She nodded urgently.

"Does that mean you are a filthy animal? A desperate little bitch in heat, that deserves to be beaten, fucked at will, and treated like a dog?"

The picture of the black slave, on her hands and knees, wearing a leash, returned to Daniella's mind. She was now contently sucking on that cock like a delicious bone, while someone was flogging her senselessly with a sharp whip all over her back and arse. After a little while the picture transcended, and it was Daniella herself, standing on all fours, enduring a brutal whipping, but contentedly sucking on her Daddy's delicious cock. It was all making sense. Her daddy was right. She was a filthy, perverted animal, a dog.

"Yes Daddy! I am a dog. I need to be fucked. I need it... I need it... I need it!"

"Whose dog are you, slut?" he yelled and her hoarsely, as he finally released her hands, spread her legs out wider and took hold of his huge, erect cock, and pressed the head against her quivering pussy lips, preparing to fuck his little, virgin daughter.

Daniella realised that dogs were pets belonging to people. Who did she belong to then? Of course! It was her beloved Daddy! African women were slaves to European Masters, so too, she was a slave, a dog slave, and her Daddy was her Master. "Daddy, it's you! I belong to you! I am your dog, you are my Master. Master, fuck your dog, please! Daddy, fuck me! Beat me! Anything, please!" Her cries and words filled the whole house as she rigorously clawed at her breasts, while her pussy was being teased by her daddy's thick cock head. Juices leaked from her like from an open bottle.

His daughter's lewd words filled Angelo with incredible lust. He felt a great sense of power overcome. In his possession he held the sexiest little thing he'd ever seen, his own daughter. He had conquered her mind. Now she would do anything that he wanted her to do, he was sure of it. He reached out with one hand, grasping it tightly around her shoulder, keeping a secure hold on her as he finally nestled his cock head between her pussy lips, parting them out wide, which caused Daniella to emit a loud ground. Her little fingers tightened around her breasts as her tight, virgin, pussy was filled with cock for the first time. Angelo retreated his hips all the way back, and in one fluid motion, he slammed them back into his little girl, tearing her hymen apart, eradicating any remains of her virginity and innocence, and impaling her young, sexually callow body upon his huge, majestic cock.

Daniella screamed out from the incredible pain of having her tight little cunt penetrated for the very first time by such a huge cock. Her inner cunt muscles instinctively contracted, trying to keep the cock out, but as her daddy began to pound his hips back and forth, repeatedly assaulting her destitute little pussy with his engorged, throbbing cock, her defences became useless, and she gave into his vicious onslaught. Despite the intense pain in her pussy, Daniella's sexual arousal was by no means impeded. In fact, the pain in her abused cunt was serving to highten her arousal, causing her previous humping to become renewed with voracious vigour.

Angelo pounded his little girl into the bed. His hands slid up along her smooth body and mauled her tender, underdeveloped breasts in their tight grip. Tears streamed down her face and her breath was coming out in sharp pants, from the over stimulation of her fragile body. She grabbed onto her daddy's arms, trying to pull him in closer. Wanting to be filled completely by his cock. At this point in time, Daniella though she would never be complete again without her father's cock buried deep inside her pussy. She had no other purpose or desire to live for.

"Da...aaddy..." she managed to blurt out between gasps, "fuck... me...hard. I...neeeed...it."

Angelo lowered himself over his daughter, crushing her beneath his large, muscular body. He slid his hand over her face, pushing it into the bed, and slipped his thumb inside her mouth, which she eagerly began to suck on. He wrapped his other arm around her waist and proceeded to fuck her with all his might. Driving his massive cock into her tight little cunt, which squeezed around it and gushed with juices.

"You filthy little slut!" he yelled. "You deserve to be fucked and abused day in, day out. You're good for nothing else, you hear me?"

"Yesss! Daddy, I'm your fuckpet. I deserve to be hurt."

With that Angelo slid his hand down the side of her slender body, squeezing and kneading at her tender flesh, and then reached for her pelvis. As he battered away into Daniella's pussy, he wrapped his thumb and forefinger around her sensitive, throbbing clitoris and squeezed it hard, inducing a loud wail from his daughter 's delicate lips. The sudden shock of pain, combined with nerve shattering pleasure, brought the little wanton slut over the edge upon a euphoric high, causing a commotion of feelings and images to rush through her young, whimsical mind. Her body shook violently, jerking with uncontrollable spasms as thrust after thrust of thick cock meat filled her gluttonous pussy.

Angelo could feel his entire cock being swallowed by his little girl's tight, convulsing pussy as it squeezed his shaft with its powerful internal muscles. His cock was engorged to the limit, with his balls threatening to burst at any second. The moaning of his slut daughter filled Angelo's ears with the words, "mmm...Daddy... fucking very good...mmm... cock...I love cock..."

Angelo had originally intended to put his daughter in line, but he never expected that she would turn into such a submissive little slut. Upon hearing those words he seized her in his arms, lifting her fragile body off the bed, and shot out globs and globs of cum, while his hips pounded away and his cock jerked deep inside her soaking pussy. When his cock was completely emptied, he simply put her back into bed, not bothering to cover her up, grunting out "go to sleep, slut," and slammed the door shut on his way out.

Daniella lay there completely still and silent. She could barely breath, let alone move. Her pussy leaked with cum, but felt an awful emptiness. Pain engulfed every part of her body. Without the sexual excitement to stimulate her mind, a terrible thought now came into her head. What the hell had she done? Was she crazy? She was a filthy animal and there was nothing she could do about it. These thoughts brought tears of despair, but she could not vocalise anything except a dry squeak. This went on for some time until she finally cried herself to sleep.

Daniella awoke in the morning with the light shining in her eyes. Bed covers covered her body, and she wore a nighty and undies. She thought about the events of the night, but realised that she could not work out what was real and what wasn't. The African dog slave woman, her father's cruel words, his massive cock splitting her pussy, the feeling of being completely humiliated, it was all a blur. One thing was sure though, when she touched her pussy, it still sent sparks of pleasure through her. The rest didn't matter so much, at least not for the next fifteen minutes.

To be continued...

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