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Daddy's Little Woman-Child

This is a story of a little girl, a little girl who loved her father and he loved her, in a way that was not normal. The events changed them forever, and made life the happiest for them both than had ever been before. The names have been changed to protect the innocent:

My wife and I had two girls, Allison, age 13, and Patty, age 9. My wife, Judy, and I had been married for 15 years and had always had a rocky relationship. Finally after many affairs, she decided she needed to "find herself," and left. Not only did she leave me, but she also left the two girls, I would not have let her have them anyway. I later found out that she had run off with a guy she met on the Internet. Anyway, that meant that I now had to provide for the girls by myself.

Allison soon took over the role as "mommy" to Patty. This is something I think she felt she had to do, since there was no one to fill that role. Allison started to cook, clean and take care of the household duties and still go to school and I was amazed at how she took control of the house.

I did date a few women, but found no one that I really cared for and that was to Allison's liking I later found out.

One Saturday night many weeks later, Patty wanted to go spend the weekend with one of her friends, and I knew the parents and decided to let her go. They were good kids and they had not gotten out of the house much since her mother had left. I ask Allison if she wanted to go anywhere and she said she would just stay home with me and we could rent some videos and just watch TV.

Patty's friend's parents came and picked her up on Friday night and she went on her way. Allison and I had rented some movies and decided to spend a quite night at home. She made some popcorn and we watched the movies.

Later that night Allison went on to bed and I just stayed up and watched TV for awhile. Then I remembered I had some X-rated movies and I wanted to make certain Allison was fast asleep. I peeked in Allison's room to see if she was asleep. To my surprise, she was asleep, but she lay there on top of the covers, with just her T-shirt on, no panties, with her shirt pulled up above her waist, with her cute little ass showing. She was so beautiful, just a tiny bit of pubic hair on her little pussy, and her long legs, that gave me a hard on I couldn't believe. I thought, this is crazy, I can't think like this, she is my daughter! I quickly shut the door and went back to the den. I couldn't get that picture out of my mind! I poured me a drink of Jack Daniel's and decided not to think of it again. I started one of the porno flicks and just sat there not really watching. I just kept thinking of Allison's little tiny pussy and how good it must taste! I started to rub my aching hard on and it felt so good. Then almost without thinking, I took out my dick and started to jerk off. I was so horny; I didn't care if I came all over the place. My mind was a million miles away when I heard a soft voice say, "Daddy, what are you watching?"

To my shock, there stood Allison, still just her T-shirt on, looking at that the X-rated movie. The room was semi-dark and maybe she hadn't seen me jerking off, so I quickly put my cock back in my sweat pants and turned off the TV as quickly as possible. I didn't know how long she had been standing there, and if she had seen me beating off.

"Allison, honey, daddy was just watching some TV."

"Daddy, you have been so lonely, lately, after mommy left, haven't you?"

"Yes, I have baby, but that's OK, daddy will be OK, so don't worry."

I got up and just held her, she was so sweet to worry about me, I thought. She looked up at me with those big green eyes and said, "Daddy, I can make you happy, the way mommy used to."

At that moment, my still hard cock had a mind of its own and began to swell even more. I rubbed her little tight bottom and before I knew what I was doing, I raised up her shirt to feel her firmness. My hands were all over her little tight ass and rubbing her little butt hole. She felt so good, I wet my finger with my mouth and then put it in her little asshole, she moaned a little and I knew she was liking it. I was crazy with lust, lust for my little girl, what was wrong with me? I couldn't think right, everything was spinning out of control and it was if I was losing my mind. I quickly realized what I was doing, and stepped a few steps back.

"Allison, baby, daddy is so sorry, daddy is just a little drunk, didn't know what I was doing."

"That's OK daddy," she said, "I want to make you feel good, the way mommy used to."

At that time, she edged closer to me, and reached down and with her small little hand, groped my ever swelling cock. She started to stroke it back and forth, sending sensations through my body like I had never experienced in my entire life. I tried to refuse her, but I couldn't stop, I knew I wanted her to keep stroking my hard dick. I reached out and pulled the t- shirt from her petite body and looked at the woman-child in front of me. Her eyes were wide and shinning and I knew she wanted me to continue. I picked her up and laid her down on the couch, then went down and put my face into her sweet smelling crotch. I lapped like a mad dog in heat at her nectar, her pussy dripping with juices. My tongue lapped at her swollen clit and she started to moan and groan like an animal. I put my tongue up in her pussy as far as I could and she grabbed my head and forced me in further and further.

I knew she was going to come, her breath got shorter and shorter, she was humping my face with her pussy, harder and harder. She started to scream and let loose with an orgasm that rocked the couch that sent her into another world of pleasure. My little girl was having an orgasm and my tongue was the cause. My little baby girl was pushing my face harder and harder into her ever-wet pussy, I sucked and lapped every drop of her that I could. I never wanted to leave that honey tasting little hole of hers. I was her slave at that point, I loved her so; I would have done anything she asked.

She continued to come and come, until she finally pushed my face away from her cunt.

"Oh, daddy, you are killing me, I am so weak."

Allison sat up and wrapped her arms around me, "Oh, I love you so, daddy."

"I love you too, baby."

I still could not get enough of her, I wanted to lick and suck every orifice she had. I lay down in the floor with my head propped up on the couch, and lifted her little bottom over on top of face. I sat her beautiful tiny ass right down on my face, where I could see her little pink butt hole. I started to lick up and down her ass hole, slowly at first, taking in all her tastes. She tasted so good, sweet and hot and I loved sucking out her ass. It was such a turn-on! She must have liked to, she started to moan more and more now. I had my tongue up her ass as far as I could get it, she started to hump up and down on my face, jabbing my tongue in and out of her tiny ass hole as fast as she could.

I reached around her and started to play with her swollen clit, rubbing on her slowly, bringing her to another orgasm.

She rocked up and down on my hard tongue struck up her ass, and her orgasm rocked her body and sent shock waves through her, she thought she would just pass out from the pleasure of it all. Wave after wave rocked her, she had my tongue captured in her ass hole, I didn't want to pull it out, I loved her taste and wanted to suck her ass hole out as long as I could.

Finally, she forced my tongue out of her little pink ass hole and fell exhausted onto the couch. I was so weak also, that I just lay half on and half off the couch. I had tasted and licked her pussy, and her little ass hole and I loved the taste of her in my mouth. I never wanted to lose the taste of her.

After a few moments to rest, Allison made me stand up and she sat down on the couch.

"I want to make you feel good, daddy," she said. "I just want to be your woman, to pleasure you and be good to you. I hate that bitch, mommy for the way she always treated you and I'm going to the woman in your life."

I realized then, that Allison was a woman in a little girl's body. I knew she meant exactly what she had said. I knew that I wanted her too, my body ached for her. I was mad about her, and I would have done anything she said at that moment. I knew she wanted to make me happy and she was going to do her best to please me. I wanted her to be my woman, my little woman-child.

My cock was still hard from all the activity, and she took it and put in her tiny mouth. I thought I would loose my mind from the lust, her mouth was so hot and my dick throbbed from the wetness of her lips. She started to lick the head of my rod, slowly at first, then up and down the shaft, her little tongue licked. Then to my surprise, she took my balls, one by one, and sucked on them, driving me mad with passion. My little girl was sucking my balls and my dick, she was giving me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. She was in total control, I thought, she is taking control of the situation, keeping me in this animal stage of lust! She continued to suck on my ever-hardening penis, my rod throbbing and throbbing, my blood engorged prick ramming in and out of that wet mouth of hers. I began to fuck her mouth, ramming my love rod in and out of her lava hot mouth as fast as I could. She sucked harder and harder on me, her mouth turning into a sucking machine. My balls started to tighten up, my legs started to buckle; my hands grasped her shoulders tighter, I knew I was at the point of no return! My dick started to jerk and jerk inside of her mouth, as the first gushes of my red hot load hit her throat! I kept on coming and coming, filling up her mouth with my load. I was hanging onto her shoulders, ready to collapse from the weakness of the cum shooting out of my exploring dick. She drank all my cum, she swallowed hard and continued to drank down all the living giving sperm. The same sperm that had made her and her sister, she was drinking down. I didn't want to stop coming, I didn't want her to stop drinking my cum. I finally stopped coming, every drop out of me had went down her little hungry throat. She had drained every last drop out of me and I had loved it!

I couldn't believe what a great blowjob my little baby girl had given me! Where did she learn how to do that? These thoughts were in my crazed mind as I pulled my now limp dick from her cum-soaked lips. I couldn't believe what a great pleasure she had given me with her willing little mouth!

My legs were weak and my body shaking, but I managed to pick her up and hold her in my arms. She wrapped those long legs around my waist and we kissed a long and deep and hot kiss. I could smell my cum still on her breath and taste it in her mouth when we kissed, I loved her so, I would do anything for her! I carried her to my bed, and laid her down and pulled up the covers over her beautiful silky body, and then curled up with her. I felt her warm body close to mine and I never wanted to be away from her, I wanted to always be close to her and love her. I was wild about her, my love for her was overpowering and intoxicating. We finally fell fast asleep, lying close and warm and I felt loved like never before!


The next morning I awoke to see the beautiful little girl lying naked next to me. I was so ashamed and felt guilty of what had went on the night before. What was wrong with me? I had sucked and licked my little girl's pussy and ass hole out and I had loved it! I must have been drunk from the liquor; that must have been it! I made up my mind right then and there, that this was not going to happen again, it was wrong to love your daughter like that!

Allison awoke and smiled a sleepy smile at me, "Good morning, daddy, did you enjoy yourself last night?" she asked.

"Yes, I did, darling, I replied. "But, you know, baby, what we did, that was wrong, and we can't do that no more."

"No, it wasn't!" Allison said, her green eyes snapped with anger. "I love you, and I want to make you happy. Daddy, don't feel guilty, it was OK, you needed to be loved, you have been so lonely"

"Yes, I have, baby, but-----" she stopped me from saying another word. Her hand was slowly rubbing my cock, which was growing bigger and bigger. "Baby, we can't -----" she continued to rub my dick, it felt do good to feel her little hand on my rod.

Allison's head went down and started to kiss my throbbing tool, she started to lick my balls and suck on the head of my hot cock. Her mouth was so hot and wet, I couldn't resist her, she was in control again and I loved it! She sucked and sucked until my dick was so hard, it felt like a steel rod. I put my hand on her swollen clit and started to rub it gently. She was so wet already and my fingers were soaked with her juices.

Allison then climbed over on top of me and placed the head of my tortured cock into her tiny hole.

She slowly started to slide down on my shaft, ever so slowly getting more and more of me into her. She was so tight, I thought I would split her open, she began to move up and down on my hot rod. Then, she pushed down hard and I felt her hymen break and she cried out in pain. I loved her so, I didn't want to hurt her, she looked at me and said, "It's OK, daddy, it will only hurt for a little while."

The pain eased slowly and she started to hump me like a wild woman, faster and faster she fucked me. I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer, she was so tight and I wanted to fill her up with cum. She reached down and kissed me, a long and hot kiss, the taste of my cum from the night before was still on her breath and I loved the taste of it. She fucked me more and more, her little ass moving up and down, like a wild beast. I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come inside of her.

"Baby, I'm going to come!" I cried out.

"Fill me up, daddy, fill me up with your hot cum, shoot me full!" she screamed out.

At that moment, my dick explored inside of her, I kept coming and coming, filling up her little cunt with wild hot cum. I didn't think I was ever going to stop coming, I wanted to shoot her to full of my load. I felt my dick jerk and jerk as the cum poured out of me, into my little girl's hot pussy. I was dizzy with the lust of it all and never wanted to stop, I just wanted to come and come in her forever!

When I finally stopped coming, she slide my dick out of her and all the hot cum ran out of her tiny pussy and into her little ass hole, down her legs and thighs. She had been shot full of my sperm and she had loved every drop of it inside of her.

"Oh, daddy, I love you so very much, I always want to make you happy." she said. "I want to feel you inside of me."

"I want to make love to you, and take care of your needs."

"I'll be your woman now and make you happy."

We make love as often as we can, making certain that she didn't get pregnant and keeping our passion secret from Patty. I am crazy about her, she makes drives me insane with passion and lust and I cannot get enough of her. She is beautiful and growing more and more into a woman with each passing day. She is my little woman-child and I love her more than anything.

My Sexy Daughter
Their girls are grown up and they have a lot of sexy friends.
What can these fathers do but fuck all of them at once?!

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