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Daddy's Punishings

Do you ever dream about fucking a little girl?!? Well, maybe not so little, but younger than you?! Sit back, grab your cock, and read on. Let me tell you about my dream of fucking an older guy, who I like to call "Daddy"!

It all starts out one night, when I had done something wrong. I spilled grape juice all over the carpet. Daddy got mad. He yelled at me to go to my room and wait for him to come punish me. So I sat there, barried in my covers and just sobbing on my pillows. I knew Daddy was going to punish me bad, but all I could do is lay there waiting for him.

Finally, I fell asleep. It had gotten dark out, and I thought Daddy forgot to come punish me. How wrong I was. Around midnight, when everyone was sleep, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I grabbed my pillow in fright, and sat there shaking. Daddy didn't forget, he was on his way, and I was in BIG trouble.

About that time, my door knob turned, my door slowly crept open, and in came Daddy. I didn't see him for it was dark, but I heard him whisper, "Princess?"! I said in my crying voice, "Yeah, Daddy, am I still in trouble?". Daddy reasured me that I was and he was there for one purpose, to PUNISH me!! Daddy, walked over to the side of my bed, and instructed me to stand up on my bed and give him a hug. I wasn't quite sure why Daddy would want a hug if I was in trouble. So I did what I was told and stood up. I loved hugging Daddy. He was always really warm and very large for me to hold on to. When I went to hug him, I noticed that Daddy didn't have a shirt on. So, I took off mine to get my full pleasure of hugging his bare skin with mine! Daddy always loved that, too!

After, I had hugged him, told him I was truely sorry for spilling my juice.

He took my hand and said, "Princess, I still have to punish you, so I want you to feel this and tell me if you think it'd be hard enough to use as a whip!" He guided my hand down his stomach to where I felt some hair. Daddy didn't have ANY clothes on. He kept sliding my hand down til I felt his hard PENIS! I secretly got wet at the touch of that, but didn't want to tell Daddy, in fear that I'd get in trouble. I told Daddy that is penis was hard enough to beat me with.

Daddy always had a way of doing things the way I liked, and the way he liked at the same time. He told me that we were going to play a game. I was instructed to get on my hands and knees on my bed infront of him. I did was I was told, no questions asked. I was ready for his big hand to be slapped down on my butt cheeks. But I was in for a surprise. He gently took his big manly Daddy hands and started to rub my butt, as if he was inspecting me.

He told me my ass was soft, smooth, and how he'd loved to lick it. That's what he did, too. He got down there, gently kissed my back, then ran his tongue from my lower back all the way down my right cheek. I shivered, but it felt good.

By that time I could just feel my wetness grow. I had to be dripping.

Daddy had to know, because the next thing he did was put both of his hands on my thighs to pull them apart. I then felt his big warm tongue on my inner thigh. He licked, and sucked! I was sooo turned on by that. He then ran his tongue up my thigh to my hot, wet, little hole. He gently caressed my clit with his tongue, and used his right fingers to open me up as he slid his tongue deep inside my hot hole!! I let out a little cry of pleasure.

Daddy must have liked that because the more I'd cry and moan, the deeper he'd push his tongue into me. Until finally I orgazimed in his mouth. Daddy seemed to lick me dry.

I think Daddy's dick was dripping with pre-cum, from the little moanings of pleasure I was making, especially when I came. He stood up, said,"Princess, this may hurt alittle, but don't worry, it'll feel good in no time!" I thought, man, I've already felt so good, what more was there. He took his large manly stick, and placed the tip of it at my entrance. He said, "Okay, Princess, I'm going to enter you, squeeze your pillow if it hurts.". I grabbed the pillow, and told him I was ready. He slowly started to push his big round head into me. He was right, it did hurt!! I squeezed my pillow, and let out a painful moan. Daddy paused, to let me get used to the full thickness of his manhood. Once I was used to it, it felt great! I loved having his penis in me, but it wasn't all the way in yet. Daddy began to push it in more, and more! Until his whole shaft was in me. I let out a cry of pleasure mixed with pain. He slowly took it out and pushed it back in harder. He held it there, deep inside me, and started to rotate his hips. He said he was making it alittle more comfortable for me, and easier for him to get in and out.

"Are you ready to be punished, Honey?" Daddy asked in a soothing voice. I answered him with a yes. He then pulled his penis all the way out, and told me to hang on. He placed his hands on my hips, and shoved his penis in me sooo hard and so fast. I could swear his penis reached my stomach. He did that again and again. Pulling my little body against his as his penis was shoved way deep inside me. It felt good, but hurt. I began crying, "Daddy, ouch! Please stop! You're hurting me bad". But Daddy just kept on going.

I had to of came at least 3 times before Daddy took it out. I thought it was over, he was finished, but he wasn't. He put it next to my asshole, and pushed it in with all his might. I screamed. It hurt soo bad, but in its own little way felt kinda good. Daddy loved it, he was saying "Uhhh, ohhh, Princess, you feel so good!" Not too long after he had been penatrating my little biddy ass, he was ready to shoot his load. He took his cock out, and told me to turn around so that my face was by his penis. I did so, and Daddy began feariously stoking his hard penis, when he yelled out "Princess, here I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Huhuhuhuhuhuohhh". Daddy began shooting his hot sticky white cum all over my face, and a little got on my boobies and stomach. As he was shooting, I leaned forward and tried to catch some in my mouth, when I got Daddy's penis in my mouth too. I sucked it while it was exploding. Daddy loved that!! Then when I could swear I sucked his very last drop out, he began to shake and convolse. His penis was still hard so I just kept sucking it. When finally his penis went limp and soft.

Daddy told me to lay down and he was going to rub the hot sticky cum into my body where it had shot on to me. I laid down and his big hands began to rub up and down my stomach, breasts, and thighs.

Daddy then laid down next to me, kissed me with his tongue, and told me that if I messed up again, he'd have to punish me like that agian.

I said, "Okay, Daddy!" and then drifted off to sleep.

The next day, I spilled my juice again!!!!


First Time With Daddy
Want to find out what hides behind closed doors?
Forbidden love acts between men and their daughters!

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