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Daddy's Girl

It had been at the end of April, the month in which Ted and Jo and their daughter Kim all had their birthdays, that the first sign of trouble had appeared. It had been a good month. Ted had celebrated his 35th birthday, Jo her 34th, and Kim her 10th that month. On the last day of the month, however, the headaches began for Jo.

Quickly it had become evident that these were not ordinary headaches. Though mild at first, they never quite went away, no matter how many analgesics she took. They chalked it up to stress at work, but even taking some extra time off to relax around the Memorial Day holiday gave no relief. Neither did visits to the chiropractor or therapeutic massages. Gradually the pain level increased to the point where they could not avoid considering the worst possibilities; in late June they had called for a medical doctor's appointment.

He had taken the case history, examined her, prescribed some stronger pain killers, and ordered an MRI examination. It was mid-July before Jo had been able to get into the MRI and another week later when her doctor's office called and asked her to come in to discuss the results. The test had showed a mass in her brain, and he was referring her to a cancer specialist. He also increased the strength of her medicine.

The oncologist had been quick to see her, but it had still been the first of August before she checked into the hospital for a biopsy. The bad news had come quickly then; an inoperable tumor. He had removed quite a bit of it during the biopsy procedure, which reduced the pressure and would ease the headaches for awhile, but there was no way to completely eliminate the central mass or its spider web of cancer which had been spreading long before her headaches had begun to warn her of trouble. No known treatment had ever shown any significant impact on her particular type of cancer, he told her. He suggested that they not even consider aggressive treatment since it was unlikely to be effective and as the side effects were very unpleasant. When the headaches got bad again, he would reduce the size of the tumor mass again to provide some relief, but he was sorry, and he estimated she had less than a year to live.

It had gone quickly from there. After recovering from the initial shock, Jo had set out to make the most of the rest of her life, and between the pain medications and a second reduction of the tumor mass between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it was a good time.

They bought a camcorder and began taping their family life together. The little video camera was with them almost constantly. It went along when the family went to Disney World together. It was ever present when Ted and Jo took the cruise they had always talked about but never gotten around to. Most importantly, it was there to record the events when they celebrated all three birthdays together in April.

The end of the good time came suddenly. One morning in early May Jo began having trouble breathing. They called the doctor, who explained that this was the beginning of the end as the tumor invaded the portion of the brain that handled basic life functions. He asked if they wanted to admit her to the hospital where advanced life support would be available, but they had already decided that such would not be their way.

Family and friends were called, and a constant stream of visitors began stopping by to make final visits with Jo. She pushed herself to the limit, making the most of every minute with her loved ones, but it was more of a struggle each day. Each night Ted and Kim kissed her good night, and assured her of their love for her. After several days, Jo had no more to give, and with Ted and Kim holding her hands, she slipped away.

Life for Ted and Kim had been a blur for awhile after that, but gradually the turmoil had subsided and their day to day existence resumed a semblance of normality. Eventually, it was April again.

Ted planned a birthday party for Kim's 12th, and had her invite all of her friends. He tried to do all of the things that Jo would have, with lots of cake and ice cream and fun activities. He also got out the camcorder, which he had not used since Jo's 35th birthday shortly before she had died, to record the party.

He discovered that there was a tape in the camera, which surprised him because he knew that the last tape he had made, of Jo's last birthday, was in a box with all of the other tapes they had made those final months together, carefully labeled and still unwatched. He turned on the camera and used the built-in viewer to see if the tape was simply a blank that had never been used, and was immediately stunned to see the smiling face of his beloved wife in the tiny screen. He stopped the playback and removed the tape, replacing it with a known blank and setting it aside to look at later.

That night, after the party mess had been cleaned up and Kim had finally settled into bed and sleep, Ted got out the tape he had found and looked at it. He had not yet viewed any of the tapes they had made, and wasn't sure that he was ready for this one. At last he decided that he had to see it, and he inserted it into the player and turned it on.

Her smiling face flickered onto the screen of the TV.

"Hi, honey. I love you."

"I love you," he whispered.

"I'm guessing it must be April again, probably right around Kim's birthday. Am I right?"

He smiled at how well she had been able to predict his actions.

"You didn't bother to record your first birthday without me, but you didn't want to miss Kim's. Did you, or are you planning a big party? Twelve is an important year for girls; it's the last before they become teenagers. I hope you made a big deal for her."

"This tape is just to let you know that there are several more. They're in a safe deposit box at our bank. All you need to do is go there and show them your identification and ask for box 283 and they'll give them to you. There are four for Kim. She gets one on her 13th, 16th, and 18th birthdays, plus one that she gets either when she turns 21 or gets married, whichever comes first."

"And there's a tape for you, too."

"You don't need to watch her tapes, and she doesn't need to see yours, either. In fact, you should watch yours late at night all alone."

She had smiled a sly mischievous grin at the camera.

"You'll be glad you did."

"I love you. Thanks for everything, and especially for loving me."

The screen went to snow, but Ted couldn't really see it through his tears.

The next day he had gone to the bank and picked up the tapes. He put the ones for Kim away, and then looked at the one with his name on it. He considered watching it right then, but decided to wait till later that night as Jo had suggested.

About 11 PM he decided it was time. Kim had been in bed a couple of hours and was sure to be asleep, so he loaded the tape in the player and turned it on. By the time he got situated in his chair, the image of his late wife filled the screen.

"Hi again, honey. This tape is just for you. There's a few things that I really want to say. First is that I love you. Our life together has been the best, and I couldn't be happier. This last 8 months have been both hard and wonderful. Hard because I know what's coming, but wonderful because you've been here with me through it all."

"Second is thank you for loving me, and thank you for being here. You're love has made it possible for me to get through this time. You're presence every day has helped me face the next day."

"Third is something I know I don't really need to say, but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle, so I want to just remind you to love our little girl. This is going to be a hard time for Kim, and she'll need your support. Take care of her the way you've taken care of me, and she'll be okay."

"Finally, I want you to consider finding someone and getting married again. You've given me so much love these past 15 years, but I know that you have much more love yet to give. It would be a shame for you to miss out on life because I couldn't go on with you. So I hope you'll find someone else to love like you've loved me."

"I know it's possible that you've already met someone that you're seeing. Maybe you're already in love with someone. I guess it's even possible that by the time you see this tape you'll already be married again. If so, that's wonderful. I'm happy for you. And you should stop this tape right now. Stop it and erase it because I've already said everything I needed to say."

She had stopped talking and just sat facing the camera for a bit, then smiled and said, "Still here? Then that means you haven't found someone else yet. In fact I'm guessing that you haven't even tried. If I was to bet, I'd bet that since I've been gone, you haven't even looked at another woman. Right?"

"Right," he whispered to the TV.

"Well, that's no good," she continued. "It bothers me to think that you'll be sitting there a year from now, or whenever you see this, and you'll still be alone because you don't feel the passion you once knew. It's not right for you to miss out on the pleasure you both need and deserve. It's not right, and I don't want it to be that way. So I'm going to help you out by kickstarting your motor."

Ted had to admit to himself that he was a bit confused, but that began to clear up quickly as the recording continued. He watched the flickering image with growing interest as Jo had begun to undress, slowly doing a strip tease for the camera.

"I'm going to get naked now, honey, and I want you to get naked too."

He staggered to his feet and began to shed his clothes, mesmerized by the image of his wife tossing her clothing aside to reveal her lush body to his view. As his own clothes began to pile up on the floor, he was suddenly struck by a wave of desire and grief mixed together, and for a moment he wondered if he could go on. Seeing her naked on the TV brought back wonderful memories of their time together, though, and he knew that he would not turn the tape off until it was finished.

"Are you naked now? Good. Now just lean back in your chair for a bit. We're going to have sex together one more time."

He sat back in his chair, his first hard-on in nearly a year jutting upward proudly from his groin. He watched as the image of Jo fondled herself, describing the sensations and relating it to actions he would be taking himself if they were together. His hand crept to his rigid cock and he began touching himself in response to her video suggestions.

She described in graphic detail what she enjoyed sexually and demonstrated on herself; he watched as she fondled her breasts and fingered her pussy. She picked up a dildo he had long forgotten they had even acquired, and began to slide it in and out of her cunt, moaning his name as she did.

His own hand began to slowly stroke his rigid cock, awakening nerves that had long been disused. As he watched the videotaped image of his wife thrashing as she approached an orgasm from the dildo she was plunging into her wet hole he felt the beginning build up to his own orgasm. His balls ached like he had never felt before and very quickly ever muscle in his body began to go rigid. Suddenly a loud groan was torn from him as a huge orgasm slammed through his entire being. It felt as if his nuts were being pulled out through his cock as a thick stream of cum blasted from the slit in the tip of his bloated organ. The big wad of jism arched upward, disappearing over his head as the next shot of cum fired, landing with an audible splat on his cheek. The third stream, accompanied by another loud groan, sprayed across his chest in a long creamy white trail. Ted continued to pump his hard cock, squeezing his nuts to milk as much of the built-up load of cum out as he could. Each stroke brought forth another moan and another surge of the thick cream came pouring out of the hole in the mushroom-shaped head of his cock, flowing over his hand and puddling in the bush of wiry hair on his groin.

When at last his intense orgasm had expended itself and his breathing had returned to normal, Ted struggled from his chair and stumbled to his bathroom to clean up the splatters of cum which clung to his body. Afterwards he returned to turn off the TV and retrieve the videotape to put it away. He looked but couldn't find any trace of the cum which had shot over his head, and finally gave up and turned out the lights and headed for bed.

In the dark of her bedroom, Kim lay awake thinking about what she had just seen. The night before she had awakened from a dream thinking she heard her mother's voice, but she had been unable to convince herself that it was more than just a dream she'd been having. When the sound of her mother's voice in the distance had awakened her again this night, though, she had gotten out of bed and gone in search of an explanation. She had peeked into the living room just in time to see and hear the second half of her mother's message to her father. She had watched as both her parents had undressed and listened to her mother's description of their wonderful sex life together and the visual display on the television. She had also watched with keen interest as her father had stroked his enormous penis until it sprayed its cream all over. The first blast of that cream had in fact landed on the tile near where she sat peeking into the room, and after he had left the room, she had reached out and wiped up the spot with her fingers and the edge of her nightie.

As she lay there thinking, rubbing her fingers together to feel the stickiness of her father's juice, she realized that what she had seen was her mother's attempt to make sure that her father's needs were taken care of. At the same time, she realized how much of his life he had devoted to making sure her own needs were met during this last very difficult year, and she decided that she needed to take on the responsibility of caring for him just as her mother would have if she had still been with them.

She wasn't sure exactly how to go about it just yet, but she knew that it was what she must do.

The next day she went in search of her mother's tape so that she could watch it herself and learn as much as she could from it. After a bit she found a stack of tapes on a shelf in her father's closet, one with his name on it and four with her name and different ages on them. She thought briefly about watching the tapes that had been made for her, but wished to honor her mother's plan. As she was putting the stack of tapes back up she noticed some other tapes in behind a box, and she pulled one out.

The jacket had several very explicit pictures on it of people engaged in sex. She pulled out the rest of the tapes and discovered that they were all similar. Her plan had been to find and watch her mother's tape and make careful note of the descriptions her mother had provided of sexual activities, but this looked more informative. She took one of the tapes and put everything else back where it had been, and then went to her room where she inserted the pilfered sex tape into her player.

As she began to watch the tape she discovered two things very quickly. One was that the clinical descriptions about sex that had been provided in her health classes at school were very limited in scope, and the other was that sex appeared to be extremely enjoyable.

As she watched further she discovered yet another surprising thing: watching and thinking about sex made her pussy wet and tingly. Long before the tape was over she had removed her clothes and begun rubbing and playing with her wet little hole as she was seeing the women in the videos do and as she had seen her mother do in her video for daddy. Several times the tingling sensation between her legs had built up to a point which left her shaking and gasping for breath, and each time she couldn't wait to experience the sensation again.

When the tape was over she put her clothes back on and snuck the tape back into its hiding place, getting settled in the living room just as her father had come home from work. Each day for the rest of the week she watched one of the tapes, paying very close attention to the various techniques displayed and noting especially which ones seemed to be most satisfying to the guys involved. Each night after she had gone to bed, she sneaked out to watch her father as he played the tape of her mother again while he stroked his dick until the cream shot out of it. It never did it quite as forcefully as that first time again, but when she noticed tears on his face when he was done she realized that his need was still as great as before. By the end of the week she had formulated her plan.

On Friday evening she went to bed as usual and waited, listening for father to start his nightly routine of loading the special tape, undressing and sitting down to watch. Kim slipped out of her nightie and stood naked in the darkened hall, peeking occasionally to see if he had started yet. When at last she could see that he was beginning to rub his hard dick up and down she quietly crept into the room and up to his chair.

Ted's eyes were closed as he listened to his late wife's voice describing what she would have liked to be doing with him as he slowly stroked his cock. He was totally unprepared and surprised when he felt another hand grasp his hard dick as a voice said, "Let me do that for you."

His mind churned for a moment as he tried to sort out what was happening. In the darkened room lit only by the glow of the television, all he could see was a feminine silhouette. The voice was familiar yet husky in a way that made it hard to place; in many ways it was almost that of his missing wife. For a moment he struggled with the notion that his wife had actually returned to him. He tried to reach the lamp but his chair was reclined too far for that. The gentle hand holding his dick kept slowly stroking it up and down and as he began to regain some calm and control his organ regained the bit of rigidity it had lost during the moment of panic.

The shadowy figure descended toward his lap, and in moments he could feel warm breath gently caressing the sensitive head of his hard cock. Soft lips pressed themselves to his organ and then he felt the warmth of a wet mouth sliding down the length of his shaft. In mere seconds Ted felt the beginnings of an incredible orgasm building. He quickly passed that point where he wouldn't stop even if he could, and he caressed the back of the head which was slowly bobbing up and down on his pulsating organ.

Though this time he didn't have nearly a years worth of unspent cum to unload, the moment of his eruption was no less intense than it had been the first night he had watched the video his wife had left for him. All of the nerves in his dick, which had been so long unused and had only lately begun to be reawakened by his own manipulation, were assaulted by the sensation of the warm wetness that can only be found in the mouth of a gentle lover. His entire body convulsed as he thrust his cock upward between the soft lips which were wrapped around it. His balls felt as if a hand was squeezing them when the first load of his cum went shooting through his organ and into the hot wet mouth sucking on him.

Again and again he humped the face in his lap, pumping out load after thick load of his cum. He could hear the gurgling sound of his cum being swallowed while he was still cumming, and he felt the sticky warm wetness of some of the overflow dripping onto his balls. His own groaning and gasping for breath drowned out the sound of the video from the TV as his nuts emptied themselves into the willing mouth of his unknown lover.

When at last there was no more cream left in his balls to pour out, and the rigidity had drained from his cock, Ted felt his organ slip from between the lips of whomever it was in his lap. He lay there in his recliner for a bit, gently stroking the back of the head of this mystery, savoring the feel of warm breath blowing across his abdomen while a soft hand soothingly caressed his cock and balls. At last he pushed up to reach for the lamp switch and as he clicked the light on he blinked against the brightness to focus on his lover.

"I love you, daddy."

Ted's heart nearly stopped forever in that moment.

There standing before him, totally nude, was his 12 year old daughter. Traces of his cum were still visible around her mouth and on her chin from where his load had overflowed from her lips.

"Kim! Wh..what..wh..where..h..how...who..."

While he was still sputtering, she leaned over and gently kissed him on the forehead. "Good night, daddy."

She scurried from the room, leaving him in chaos. The thought of the taboos and the laws which had just been broken terrified him. The feeling of shame over how he had just used, however unknowingly, his preteen daughter made him queasy. His sense of guilt was not even mitigated by his awareness that he had done absolutely nothing to initiate the sex between the two of them. He sat shaking for the longest time until finally he was able to get up and stagger off to bed.

There, just as he was drifting off to sleep, the memory of how sweet her mouth had felt on his cock floated through his mind, and his dick stirred as he descended into dreams. He woke from those dreams with a start in the morning, the image of his daughter's naked body burning in his mind. He could see almost every detail of her bald pussy lips and the puffy little nipples which marked the first steps in her development into a young woman, and the sweet curve of her cute butt as she had left the room the night before. As he opened his eyes he realized that he had an incredible boner not because his bladder was ready to overflow but because he was as aroused as he could ever remember being in his life.

He threw back the sheets and looked with horror at the turgid organ throbbing at his groin. It was not right for him to be so hot over the sight of his young daughter's nude body, and yet there was no denying that such was indeed the case. He stumbled from his bed and into the shower, which he ran pure cold in a vain attempt to drive the sexual arousal from his body. At last he yielded to his need, and he grasped his cock and began savagely stroking it until at last his cum blasted onto the cold tile and his urgent lust slid slowly down the drain.

It was not enough, however. Even as he threw on some clothes and fled out the door in search of coffee and peace of mind, the image of his sweet daughter's nude body floated in his mental vision. By the time he had driven only a few blocks, his cock was rigidly thrusting upward against the fly of his pants. Realizing with dismay that there was no way he could possibly leave the protection of his car in that condition, he settled for the drive-through window of a fast food outlet for coffee and a roll, and then parked in a shady spot nearby where he attempted with shaking hands to focus on something else.

He failed miserably.

No train of thought failed to lead him back to what had happened the night before. No line of reasoning lessened his feeling of guilt. Most frightening of all, no amount of that overwhelming sense of guilt had any effect on the stiff erection throbbing in his pants.

At last he gave up and drove back to the house, thinking that perhaps he could slip back to his bedroom and jack off again and so obtain some relief. He untucked his shirt as he got out of the car and walked toward the door, hoping that by so doing he could hide his hard-on from any outside observation. He was glad that he had done so when he entered the house because Kim was sitting in the living room waiting for him.

Kim jumped up and ran to greet him, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly. Ted's return hug was somewhat awkward as he tried to hold her in such a way that she would not sense his erection.

"I love you, daddy," she said as she squeezed him with her arms.

He caressed the back of her head, whispering, "I love you, too, baby."

His body stiffened as he realized that he had caressed her head in virtually the same way the night before as she had been sucking on his cock, and he released his hold on her and gently struggled to disentangle himself from her hug. She was persistent, however, and pulled him forward to where she could stand on tiptoe and give him a quick little kiss on the cheek followed by another peck on the lips. Unbidden the image of her lips glistening with traces of his cum leaped into his mind and a pang of guilt assaulted him.

Best to address this head-on, he thought. "Honey, sit down please. We need to talk."

She bounced back to the sofa, and he realized as she did so that she was naked under the oversized t-shirt she was wearing. He was acutely aware of the cute shape of her butt as the shirt molded itself over her backside, and when she sat down facing him he could see the dark shadows of her dusky nipples where the protruded against the soft fabric. For a moment he was afraid that she was going to sit in such a way as to place her bald little pussy on display for him, but she adjusted herself and sat demurely on the couch waiting for him to settle in his chair and begin.

He wasn't exactly sure how to do that, though, so he just plunged straight ahead.

"Honey, I want to apologize to you for last night..."

"For what, daddy?"

"For.. well, for.. I guess, sort of.. well, for taking advantage of you..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean.. I mean, for abusing you. I..."

"Abusing me? You've never abused me ever! What are you talking about?"

"Well, I.. we.. that is, I mean..."

"Are you talking about when I took care of you last night, daddy?"

"When you took care of me and you.. you.. uh..."

"When I loved you and took care of you by taking care of your needs just like you have always done for me."

"Well, I suppose.. but you.. I.. it.. it's not.. right. That's called abuse."

Kim jumped up and ran over to climb in Ted's lap, hugging him tightly around the neck.

"Oh, daddy, if anyone was abused it was you. I shouldn't have snuck up on you the way I did. But don't you think I knew you were hurting and had needs? If there's anything that's not right it's that someone who spends as much time taking care of me and my needs as you do should not have someone to take care of your needs. Besides, I was just doing what mama would have done if she had been there."

"Maybe so, honey, but your mama was a grown-up and you're still just a little girl. Fathers and daughters aren't supposed to do such things."

"I'm not so little that I don't have my own orgasms when I masturbate, daddy, and I'm not so little that I can't decide that I want to show my father how much I love him."

The thought of his cute young daughter masturbating momentarily shocked Ted, and as an image of her laying naked on her bed with her fingers in her little slit floated through his mind his still hard cock throbbed. Instantly Kim looked into his eyes and giggled.

"Oh, I think I must have hit a nerve that time."

"Wh..what do you mean?"

"Don't try to kid me, daddy. I may be just barely 12 years old, but I know that I feel your hard cock under me and I felt it jump just then."

His cock throbbed again as she spoke openly about it.

She giggled again. "See, it did it again just then. You know I'm right."

Again his cock throbbed.

"You must really be needing it again, daddy. Please let me take care of you."

She didn't wait for an answer but quickly pulled her t-shirt up over her head and tossed it aside so that she was nude. Straddling his lap she reached down between them and rubbed the front of his pants where his pulsating cock ached for release. Before he could stop her she had worked his zipper down and pulled his organ out through the open fly.

He tried to push her away but she guided his hands to her little boobs and overcame his efforts as she leaned forward to press her lips against his. He tried to speak but found her tongue sliding into his mouth as she pressed his hands tighter against her titties. His will quickly ebbed as her passion transmitted itself to him, and soon he was pulling her tighter against himself and kissing her back with abandon. As he held and kissed her he became aware of the sensation of her hot wet pussy slit caressing the underside of his hard cock, and he realized how close he was to deflowering his own daughter.

A part of him maintained just enough control for him to realize that this was not the way, not the place for her to give up her virginity, and that it might not even be her intention at the moment. As much as he wanted to just line her up and ram his cock all the way into her tight pussy, he refused to rape her to satisfy his incredible need.

Pulling her to him, he whispered, "How far do you want to take this, Kimmy?"

"All the way, daddy. I want you to fuck me just like you did mama, whenever you need or want to. Any way, anywhere, any time, whatever you want, I'll do. If you want me to have your baby, I will."

She kissed him deeply. "You can knock me up right now if you want, daddy. All I want to do is everything mama would do if she could."

Ted struggled to his feet and carried his naked young daughter to his bed where he gently put her down. She squirmed into the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide for him as he ripped his shirt off and dropped his pants to stand nude at the foot of the bed. His cock was drooling pre-cum juice as he stared at Kim's bald pussy glistening with her own juices.

Leaning forward he placed his lips on her virgin cunt and started to lick. As his tongue grazed her little clit she moaned and grasped his head, holding it in that spot so he could lick some more. Soon she shuddered as an orgasm rippled through her, and she released her grip on his head. He lowered his face until he felt his tongue slide into her tight hole. He tongue fucked her for a bit, pushing lots of saliva into her opening to make her even wetter than she already was.

At last he crawled up between her legs and lifted her up, leaning forward as he did so that the tip of his cock grazed her bare pussy. As the tip of his organ slid between the lips of her cunt, he looked her in the eyes and asked if she was sure. Her eyes never wavered from his as she simply said yes.

As though it were guided by hand his cock found her hole and began to slide in. He stared in fascination as the lips of her cunt spread ever wider as he began to sink his rod into her.

"It feels so good, daddy!"

"Yes, baby, it does!"

He was several inches into her when he felt the resistance of her intact hymen, and he drew back a bit.

"Don't stop, daddy. Please..."

"I don't want to hurt you, honey! I could stop right now, or just..."

"No, daddy! Please, do it and then make love to me. It'll be okay."

He swallowed hard, and then began to press his cock back into her tight opening. Again he felt the point of resistance, but he continued to press into her and he felt her hymen give way suddenly as his shaft suddenly disappeared several more inches into her. Her pussy looked for a moment as if it had been turned inside out as her lips folded inward as his cock had surged between them, but he quickly withdrew an inch or so as he searched his daughter's face.

She was biting her lip, and her eyes were tightly squeezed shut as a tear trickled out of one corner. Ted felt a stab of guilt, but she quickly opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"Thank you, daddy, I love you. Now there's nothing standing in our way."

She was right. Even as she had been speaking his cock had been sliding deeper into her young body until at last he bottomed out. He could feel her cervix at the tip of his cock as well as he could feel the tight grip of her pussy around the base of his cock. He held her tight as he laid there on top of her for a moment until at last she whispered in his ear, "Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me now please."

He couldn't have refused her if he had wanted to, which he didn't. He was only too glad at that moment to begin plunging his cock in and out of her tight hole. He felt her legs wrap around his hips as she gripped his heaving body tightly. He could feel her pussy grasping and pulling on his cock as he pumped deep into her sweet body. His body quickly fell back into the old rhythms as he plowed her feverishly.

Kim was in ecstasy. The momentary wave of pain which had sliced through her as his big cock pierced her hymen had been quickly replaced with the most incredible sensation of pleasure. She could feel his cock sliding deep into her body, filling her up in a way she never imagined. It was the most natural new experience she had ever had and she never wanted it to end. Orgasm after orgasm flowed over her as her father fucked her with abandon, slamming his furry groin against her bald cunt over and over.

At last she felt a big wave building inside her as her father's humping reached a feverish pace and he started to groan and tense up. She knew that he was about to cum, pouring into her receptive body the same sweet cream he had shot into her mother to make her almost 13 years before, and she was happy in a way she had never known. She began urging him on.

"Yes, daddy, fuck me. That's it, fuck me hard. Cum in me, daddy. Fill me up with your baby-juice. Let me have it!"

Ted's back arched, and his cock pulled clear out of his daughter's now gaping hole before he slammed it all the way back in. He was over the edge now, hammering her like a pile driver and opening her up ever wider, ever deeper.

"You're fucking me so good, daddy! I love it! I love you!"

Again and again he slammed his cock into her.

"Oh.. oh.. yes.. daddy.. fuck.. me! Last night you came in my mouth, tonight maybe you'll cum in my ass, but right now I want you to cum in my pussy! Do it!"

Ted did it.

With a roar he felt a load of cum boiling out of his balls. Blast after blast of his hot cream flew from the tip of his pounding cock, filling her now stretched hole to overflowing.

Kim screamed as she felt his hot cum pumping into her body and her body shook as an immense orgasm ripped over her. She felt her cunt grasping at her father's big cock, milking his love cream into her now satisfied hole. She held him as he came down from his own high and caressed him as his body shook with satisfaction. She continued to hold him as he drifted off into his first really good sleep since his wife had died.

When he finally awoke she was still wrapped around him with his cock embedded in her sweet young pussy, and she smiled at him and asked, "Are you ready for more, daddy?"

My Sexy Daughter
Their girls are grown up and they have a lot of sexy friends.
What can these fathers do but fuck all of them at once?!

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