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Dana's Stud Forever

I couldn't believe how good I felt, as I peered through the glass window of the hospital nursery at my brand new baby niece. She was such a pretty baby, and she had a head full of raven colored hair just like her mother.

I looked at my brother in-law Steve through tear filled eyes. The tears were tears of joy. My sister had been trying for so long to conceive, and I was so happy for both of them that I could barely hold it inside of me.

Steve looked as proud as a peacock. I knew that this little girl would receive all the love that she could possibly ever want. I also knew that my little sister Dana was going to be one fantastic mother.

She had gone through so much while trying to get pregnant. She'd been to several fertility clinics, and then after finding out from the doctors that Steve was not going to be able to impregnate her, opted to use sperm from an anonymous donor from a sperm bank in Kansas City.

The fact that the baby would be from another man's sperm didn't seem to bother Steve at all. It was more important to him that Dana was able to have the baby that she so much wanted. They both agreed they didn't want to adopt because the baby would not have traits from either one of them. I truly admired Steve for his willingness to make Dana happy no matter the cost. I could tell that his love for my sister was true, and very deep. I think that is why Steve and I have become such close friends over the years.

"Wow! Is that the prettiest little thing you've ever seen or what? I asked Steve. She looks just like Dana don't you think?" I continued. "She's so tiny and fragile. She's just beautiful, don't you think?" I continued to jabber at Steve. " I'm so glad you guys finally got your wish. I sighed. If anyone deserves such a wonderful thing in their lives, it's you two." I finished.

"Yeah, and just think, if Dana hadn't gone to the fertility clinic in Kansas City while she was visiting you last summer this little sweetie wouldn't be here now." Steve boasted. "I wanted to go with her, but she insisted that it would make her so nervous that she feared she might not be able to conceive. I wish she would have let me be there for her." Steve continued.

It suddenly hit me what Steve had just said. I felt an immediate weakness in my knees, and it was all that I could do to get to a chair and sit down. I wasn't sure how to respond to Steve, since I knew that Dana had never left the house without me while she had visited last summer. I sat in an almost zombie like trance, as my mind flashed back in time to my sister's summer visit.

I jumped up and rushed to the door as I heard the approach of my sister's car as it headed up my gravel drive. It had been almost a year since I'd last seen Dana, and I looked forward to her week-long visit. I had made plans for us to go out and eat a couple of evenings, and then take in a theater performance afterwards.

The small western Kansas town where we had grown up wasn't exactly known for its night life. I couldn't believe that Dana had continued to live there. But she met and married Steve there and decided to make it their home for life. Steve had a good construction business and made a pretty good living for a small town contractor. It was a good enough living that Dana didn't have to work unless she wanted to, and she had already planned to stay home and raise her baby.

I met Dana at her car and she rushed into my arms with a big hug. "I have really missed you big brother!" She exclaimed with a lot excitement in her voice. "I've missed you too little sister," I replied.

I have to tell you that although Dana is six years younger, the "little sister" was directed more at her tiny stature than it was her age. Dana stood at a fraction under five feet tall, and weighed in at a whopping 90 pounds soaking wet, with all her clothes on that is.

The phrase "Dynamite comes in small packages," had to be the best description for Dana. She had waist length raven hair, slender sexy legs, flat tummy, wonderfully round little butt, and those big blue eyes that a guy could simply drowned in. In my opinion, Dana only had only minor flaw, and that was that she was a little on the flat side chest wise. Aside from that, she would be any guy's wet dream.

I gave Dana a big hug in return, while picking her up off of the ground at the same time. Since I'm six foot four inches tall, and weigh two hundred twenty pounds, it was far easier than bending down that far. She didn't seem to mind much.

"Wow, it feels like you've been working out a lot," Dana said while at the same time running her hands up and down my back. "You're so muscular!" She continued.

"Well, living out here in the country all by yourself leaves lots of time on your hands with nothing else to do. I snickered. But, it is really peaceful out here. Rarely does anyone ever bother you." I continued.

I lowered Dana back to the ground and moved toward the car to get her bags. "Damn! You packed pretty light this time little sister. You didn't forget that we're going out to the theater a couple of nights did you?"

"No! I have everything in there that I figure I'll need," Dana assured me. "I figured other than those two nights out, I won't need too much fancy stuff way out here in the boonies." Dana chuckled.

That was the nice thing about my country place. I was within fifteen minutes of a major metropolitan city, while at the same time, fairly isolated from the hustle bustle of big city life. It was as close to heaven as anyone ever gets here on earth.

"Boonies! Hell this is heaven here on earth!" I snapped back. "You'll see. It's really going to grow on you." I assured Dana.

"Now let's get this stuff into the house, and then catch up on all the latest back home." I stated while at the same time turning toward the house. "I want to hear all about this baby thing." I chuckled.

It didn't take long to get Dana's stuff settled into the guest bedroom, and then move to the living room to talk for a while. I listened as Dana caught me up on all the folk's back home, and all the things that had been going on in her own personal life. I could see tears starting to form in her eyes as she began to talk about the problem that she'd gone through while trying to conceive.

"Well! Hell! There I go again," Dana sighed. "The worst thing about being pregnant is this hormone thing. Sometimes I want to cry for no reason. Sometimes I want to bitch for no reason. Then sometimes, I'm so damn horny that I just can't get enough sex," she grinned. "I think that Steve was glad to see me go. He probably needed the rest," she chuckled.

"Hey! It's getting late, we need to get dressed for the dinner and the theater." I said trying to change the topic. Somehow the most intimate details of my sister's sex life seemed to be just a little more than I really wanted to know.

I'm not sure, but I think that I might actually have gasped out loud when Dana walked out of the bedroom dressed for our evening out on the town. Damn! She was a knockout when she was all dolled up. I felt sure that she was going to turn a lot of heads at the restaurant and theater. The short red skirt she had on hit her at mid thigh, and the tight white lace blouse clung to her every curve. My little sister had one hell of a body for such a petite woman.

"My god! Dana! You look like a million bucks tonight. I'm going to be the envy of every man that sees you tonight." I chuckled. "I'll have to be your protector tonight for sure." I continued to chuckle.

"Do you really like the way I look?" Dana quizzed. I dressed especially for you tonight Tommy." Dana almost purred.

That's what Dana always called me, that is, unless she was pissed at me, and then it was Thomas.

"I wanted to look good for you tonight, and only you." Dana continued. "Well, I also didn't want any of your friends that might see us to think that your little sister was a back country hick or something," she smiled.

"No one is going to think that. I promise. You could be on the front cover of Vogue Magazine if you wanted to be," I smiled after saying.

"Now lets get going. I'm just can't wait to get you out and show you off," I snickered

I think that Dana really enjoyed the restaurant that I had picked for the evening. The conversation was the best part of the evening for me. Dana was very relaxed and her conversation just seemed to flow from one topic to the next. It had been a long time since we had just been able to enjoy being with each other. We had always had a very close relationship, and could talk to each other about most anything. I had really missed being able to talk with her on daily basis.

I was so awestruck by the sparkle in her big blue eyes. She looked so radiant. They say that pregnant women often have a radiant look to them. Dana's appearance definitely affirmed that cliché.

I was a little surprised by Dana as we approached the entrance to the theater. She took my hand and then hooked her arm under mine. "You're going to be my personal escort tonight big brother," she giggled.

Just as we took our seats, the theater light began to dim. Dana took my hand and held it in hers. She even went so far as to pull my hand onto her lap to hold it there. I didn't think that much of it at the time.

That is, until later in the program. Dana was so involved in the play, that I don't think She realized how she was steadily inching my hand deeper between her thighs. After a while, I could feel heat from her pussy as the back of my hand touched the silky fabric of her panty crotch. I had to believe that Dana was unaware of just where she had placed my hand. She had never been forward sexually with me in the past. So, I had no reason to believe that she was being that way now. But I do have to admit that it was making me feel a little hot under the collar. After all, I'm still a man, sister or not.

The play was great, and unfortunately it was all too soon over. The drive home was short, with not a lot of conversation. I was little confused by Dana's distant look. She seemed to very deep in thought about something. I figured that she might be a little home sick for Steve or something like that.

Dana immediately went to change cloths after getting home. I changed into pair of boxer shorts and a tee shirt then sat down on the sofa in the living room and turned the TV on. Dana came out of the guest bedroom wearing a long tee shirt that hit her just above the knee. She plopped down in the chair directly across from the sofa. I flipped through the channels and found nothing of particular interest. I turned to Dana, and then asked if she saw anything on TV that she wanted to watch.

"No. I'd rather just talk for a while," she replied. "I don't care that much for TV anyway," she continued.

As we talked, Dana suddenly raised her feet up and rested them on the edge of the chair, while at the same time pulling the front of her tee shirt over her knees. I don't know if Dana thought that she had herself covered or not, but she was definitely shooting me one major beaver shot. The red satin bikini panties she had on were clearly visible beneath. I couldn't believe Dana had so much pussy stuffed into the narrow crotch of those panties. Her big meaty pussy lips filled the crotch to overflowing. She had thick black hair hanging out on both sides of the crotch fabric. I tried desperately not to look, but my eyes continued to move back to that spot. I could see the outline of her pussy groove as the material stretched tightly across her meaty pussy.

I would try to look away, but my eyes would soon be drawn back to the crotch of Dana's panties. On several occasions my eyes would meet with Dana's and she would quickly look away. I talked without really knowing what I was saying. I was fighting the urge to look directly at Dana's most intimate place, but seemed to be failing miserably. I began to feel my groin coming to life, and adjusted my position in an attempt to hide my arousal.

My gaze dropped to the center of Dana's panty crotch. A small wet spot was beginning to show through in the center. As we continued to talk, the spot continued to grow larger. Soon the spot covered most of the crotch area. I watched as Dana began to unconsciously fan her legs back and forth. Judging by the flush look on her face, she was having one of those hormonal horny spells that she had told me about earlier in the evening. I had seen more of my sister's crotch area than I should have, and decided that I'd better get the hell out of there before my cock was stiff as a board. If I were to get totally erect, it wouldn't be an easy thing to hide. Especially, since my cock is just a fraction fewer than nine inches in length.

"Hey! I'm getting sleepy," I blurted out. "I think I'm about ready to hit the rack." I continued while at the same time standing up to head to my bedroom.

"Me too!" Dana stated while at the same time standing up to head to her room. Suddenly her knees began to buckle, her hand went to her head, and it was apparent that she was about to faint. I moved across and caught her before she had a chance to fall.

"Are you alright?" I asked with concern. I reached down and picked her up in my arms to carry her and lay her down on her bed.

"I don't know?" Dana replied with a faint voice. " I feel so funny," she whined. "Will you stay here with me for a little while?" She asked. " At least until I fall asleep?" She continued in an almost begging manner.

"Sure I will sweetie," I replied with concern in my voice. I'll sit here with you for as long as it takes you to fall asleep.

"Will you hold me for a little while Tommy?" Dana asked. "I'm scared, and I feel so funny inside.

"Please! "I don't want to be alone right now. I don't want to sleep all by myself. Please stay here with me," she continued.

"Alright, but just until you fall asleep," I stated firmly. "It wouldn't look good if I were to stay here all night. After all, I am your brother," I continued.

"Who's going to know? I'm not going to tell anyone." Dana said with an almost devious tone in her voice.

"Regardless! It wouldn't be right," I snapped. "I'm your brother, and people wouldn't understand if there were ever to find out." I continued.

"OH! Lay down behind me and be quiet Thomas!" Dana snapped back.

I crawled across the twin bed and laid down behind Dana. My back was against the cool wall as Dana scooted her hot little behind into my belly. She reached for my hand and dragged it across her mid section, pulling it all the way down to her flat little belly. That tender part right between the navel and pubic mound.

I tried to back up closer against the wall, but could go no farther. Dana pushed back trapping me between her round little ass and the wall. This was not going to be an easy position to stay in for long. I feared that she would soon feel my one eyed monster as it began to grow more and more restless by the second. I sure as hell didn't want Dana to know that the feel of her sexy little body was bringing me to full erection. It didn't matter how much I tried to think of other things, my thoughts continued to return to the hot little ass pushed up against my growing cock. And her wiggling it against me sure wasn't helping matters any.

"I'm so fucking horny!" Dana blurted out. She began pulling my hand down between her legs and then placed my open palm over the soaking wet crotch of her panties. I couldn't believe that she had just pressed my hand against her meaty little pussy. "See how wet my pussy is?" She moaned. "Oh! Tommy! I need to cum so bad," she sighed deeply.

Dana's next movement was to slide her hand inside her panties and to start massaging her clit. I started to move my hand off of her soaking wet crotch, but was stopped abruptly by her free hand. She pressed my cupped hand back down tightly against the outside of her panties. I could feel her finger as it worked diligently between her big beefy pussy lips. My little sister was getting hotter by the second, and I wasn't sure how I was going to keep things under control. I began to get the feeling of being stuck in a run away train with no possible way of getting it stopped.

"Kiss my neck for me Tommy? Dana asked. It will make me reach my orgasm faster," she continued. "I need you to help me get off. Please!" She was almost now begged.

I snuggled my face into the side of Dana's neck. I loved the sweet fragrance of her skin and hair. I felt my cock jump as I breathed in the sexy scent of my little sister's body. I kissed her neck softly, and gentle squeezed her pussy with my right hand. I began to lick and suck softly on her neck while continuing to massage her pussy through her sopping wet panties. In thirty-two years, I have never been with a woman whose pussy has gotten that hot and wet.

I didn't resist Dana when she took hold of my hand and moved it to the inside of her panties. She let out a moan that came from deep down in the back of her throat as my middle finger slid second knuckle deep into her hot little snatch. She immediately started to rock her pelvis with the rhythm of my finger fucking. I knew that she would not be long in reaching her orgasm by the urgency of her movements. Dana's clit was rock hard and almost the size of a marble. I figured that it must have been very sensitive too, because her body would quiver every time my finger touched it.

I had so many emotions hitting me all at one time. I felt so sexually aroused by Dana, and then at the same time, felt ashamed for what I was doing to her. My mind was telling me that I should not be doing this to my little sister, but the animal lust that Dana had brought out in me, would not allow me to stop until I had satisfied her need to have an orgasm.

I buried my face in Dana's long hair and breathed in deeply, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her womanhood. My blood was now at its boiling point. I increased the pace of my finger, trying to bring Dana over the edge quickly. I wanted to hold her in my arms and feel her body as it jerked in orgasmic bliss.

I was becoming painfully aware of my raging hard erection. It had become harder than I could ever remember being. I felt like the skin was stretched so tight that it would split. The head was sticking well above the waistband of my boxers. I pressed it between the cheeks on Dana's sweet little ass as she pushed back against its hardness.

I began to nibble on Dana's ear, and then I whispered in her ear that I loved her. I'm not sure if it was the nibbling on her ear, or the telling her that I loved her that sent her over the top. But, she began to stiffen her body, then started convulsing in orgasm almost immediately afterward. I held Dana tightly in my arms as I felt her body quiver, shake, jerk and then fall limp beside me.

My mind was suddenly flooded with a multitude of mixed emotions. I was so hot sexually, and at the same time repulsed by the thought that I had actually allowed myself to give my own little sister an orgasm. I had a sudden feeling of shame over take me, and I then started to get up and leave Dana lying there alone. I felt so ashamed that I had taken advantage of her weakened hormonally induced state of mind.

I think that Dana immediately sensed my emotional state, and before I could get enough room to move away from her, she pushed back pinning me tightly against the wall. She immediately moved her hand to my cock and pulled it toward her hot opening. Before I could get even one word of protest out of my mouth, she had forced about half of my cock inside of her. She was so fucking wet that I slid in with little resistance.

"Dana! No! We can't do this! I'm your brother! This isn't right! I shouldn't be inside of you!" I pleaded my case.

I tried to back away to dislodge my cock from my sister's scalding hot pussy, but was pinned too tightly to the wall to get the job done. Dana's next thrust backward sent me to the balls deep inside of her. I couldn't believe how hot, tight and wet that Dana's pussy felt. I had almost nine inches of cock buried in my tiny little sister's pussy. I was deeper inside her womb than her husband Steve had ever been, almost four inches deeper. I was fucking virgin territory inside of Dana's tight little pussy. I was amazed that such a tiny little woman could so easily take all I that had to offer. God! She was so fucking tight!

I knew that I wouldn't be able last very long inside of Dana. I felt that it wasn't right to allow myself to ejaculate inside of my little sister's pussy. I was so confused. I was fighting the urge to empty the contents of my balls deep inside of her. My conscience was telling me to stop Dana before it was too late, but my stiff cock had its own agenda. I made one last half-hearted attempt to stop Dana.

"Please! Stop! You're going to make me cum inside of you. I shouldn't do that Dana!" I pleaded.

"Why not?" Dana replied. "You can't make me any more pregnant than I already am," she assured me.

"Now lay back and relax big brother. I'm gong to take care of that big cock of yours," she almost purred.

"God! You feel so big inside of me. I need to feel your hot sperm squirting deep inside of my belly," Dana continued.

Damn! I honestly did want to feel myself spurting deep inside of her too. It was still difficult for me to let myself relax enough to let Dana's gyrating motion get me off though. It did feel great as she contracted her vagina muscles and milked the length of my rigid boner. The combination of her vagina contractions and her gyrating movements was definitely taking its toll on me. I was not going to be able to hold out much longer.

Suddenly I felt the head of my cock bump against the opening of Dana's cervix, and she groaned deeply. I feared that I was hurting her, or even worse, the baby growing inside of her.

"You alright? Am I hurting you?" I asked her. "Ooooohhh! Noooooooo! Goooonnnaaaa! Cummmmmmm!" Dana almost screamed. "I'm cummmminnngggg! Ooooohhhhh! Fuck!" She blurted out while at the same time slamming herself back hard onto my cock.

I felt the head of my cock slip completely inside the opening of Dana's cervix, and she held me there as her insides began to quiver. I was trying so hard to keep from exploding but knew that the inevitable was about to happen. Regardless, of how much I was fighting to keep it from happening.

The quivering and contracting of all of Dana's vagina muscles brought me quickly to the point of no return. As soon as I was sure I could no longer stop it from happening. I grabbed Dana by the hips and pulled her back hard against me while at the same time thrusting forward. I held her firmly in place as my balls busted and sent spurt after spurt of my hot semen directly inside of her womb. I had never felt anything so heavenly before. I didn't think my cock was ever going to stop pumping its load into her sweet little belly.

For the longest time, I lay perfectly still behind Dana, panting like a dog on a hot summers day. I was too spent to move. I never wanted to remove my cock from its newfound home. This was most definitely the sweetest pussy that I'd ever been inside of. And to think, it belonged to my own little sister.

"Oh! Tommy! That was wonderful!" My sister panted. "I have never had an orgasm like that before," she continued. "Hold me tight Tommy," she cooed. "I want to feel you inside me while I sleep," she finished.

I felt no real need to reply. That was my desire also. I wanted to wake up the next morning with my cock still buried deep inside of Dana. I snuggled my face in next to her cheek and slowly drifted toward sleep. I had never felt so close or loved by anyone as I did at that moment. I knew then, I would be Dana's lover for as long as she wanted me to be.

It was somewhere around four o'clock in the morning when I was awakened by Dana's subtle movements. I guess that I had been rubbing my hands all over her bare belly and chest in my sleep. I must have been doing it for a while, because my cock was already fully erect inside her. I had been sleeping with my cock inside Dana all night long. It had been kind of acting as a big cork, trapping my semen deep in Dana's belly for several hours. I thought it funny when I moved my hand down to touch Dana's pussy, and found the sexy little red bikini panties still in place. In Dana's haste to get me inside of her earlier in the night, she had simply pushed the crotch of her panties off to the side, and then forced herself onto my cock. I, too, still had my boxers half on, half off.

I pulled Dana tightly against me, and then slid my hand inside her panties to caress her sweet little pussy. It didn't take long to get the reaction that I'd hoped for. Dana immediately began to move her pussy back and forth on my engorged shaft. "I want on top of you," she said in a whisper. "I'm gonna ride you like a fucking pony!" She continued with a raspy sound in her voice.

Damn! I couldn't believe that my little sister was talking that way to me. I had never in my life heard Dana talk like that before. I sure did like the mental picture I had of her riding me that way though.

I pulled on the front of Dana's panties and peeled them off of her in one fluid motion. I didn't want anything between our bodies as we began our next round of lovemaking. I then pulled her tee shirt over her head and gave it a sling to the floor. She didn't miss a stroke as I shed my cloths too. I rolled onto my back while at the same time pulling Dana on top of me. Since I had been fucking her from behind, she was face away from me when she ended up on top. She quickly spun on my cock to face me. I could tell by her breathing that I'd better brace myself. I figured she was going to give me one hell of a fucking. And, I wasn't wrong.

Dana began to rise and fall on my shaft in a slow liquid motion at first, and then steadily increase the pace. It wasn't long before her movements got much more rapid, and the length of each stroke got far shorter. It was becoming apparent to me, she was getting fairly close to having an orgasm. As much as I enjoyed her riding my cock, I knew that I couldn't last much longer at that pace either. I truly wanted to be between her thighs, and making love to her, like she was the only woman in the world.

I reached up and placed a hand on each cheek of Dana's beautiful face, and pulled her down to give her a long and very passionate French kiss. I had certainly never given my sister a kiss like that before, nor any other woman for the matter. This kiss came from the very center of my heart.


"I want to make love to you just like you're my wife." I whispered with my lips next to Dana's ear. "I want to give myself to you completely," I continued.

"Oh! Tommy! Please make love to me that way," Dana replied breathlessly.

"I want to give myself to you completely too," Dana cooed. "I'll make love to you just like you're my husband. I promise I'll make it very good for you baby," she continued to pant in my ear.

I knew that the small twin size bed was going to be far too small for the type of loving that I intend on giving Dana. I wanted room to roll around with her, and also have plenty of room to fuck in any sexual position we chose. I already had several positions in mind.

The fact that my bed was a king size bed was secondary in my mind. What I really wanted was to make love to Dana in my very own bed. I wanted Dana's first time in my bed to be the most passionate lovemaking of her life. I intended to possess my little sister's sexual soul completely.

"I sit up and hugged Dana. She locked her legs around my back, and my hands cupped both of her firm little ass cheeks. As Dana sat on my cock while facing me, she slowly gyrated her pelvis in slow sensual movements making the pleasure almost more than I could take. I wanted to fill her flat little belly full of more of my hot sperm, but resisted the urge to do so. I wanted to make slow very passionate love to her far more.

"I'm going to carry you to my bed sweetie," I panted in Dana ear. "I want it to be our bed from now on." I continued. "Will you sleep in my bed every night until you leave?" I asked.

"Oh! Yes!!! I want to very much Tommy," Dana replied. "I want to act like I'm your wife until I have to go back home. I want you to make love to me every night, and as many times each night as you want." Dana continued.

With that, I picked Dana up and headed down the hallway toward my bedroom. She kept her legs locked tightly around my back, and my cock remained firmly embedded in her vaginal cavity. I had Dana's pussy plugged so tightly, that none of my semen from the previous fucking was able to drip out.

After reaching my bedroom, I walked across the bed on my knees to the center. I gently laid Dana on her back, and then lay down on top of her sinking my cock deep down inside of her. Her legs remained locked around my back as I began to slowly move in and out of her tight little pussy. I had left the bedroom lamp on because I want to be able to see Dana's facial expressions as I brought her to her next orgasm. I had also not gotten an opportunity to see her naked body before now. It was a picture of beauty. I raised my body up so that I would be able to see my cock as it disappeared into Dana's extremely thick pubic bush. God! My sister was one hairy little shit. The thick black hair on her pubic mound, lye in curly locks, all over that sweet little pussy of hers. It glistened from her wetness. I knew that it would be hard to resist my urge to kiss her there for very long. I needed to taste the sweet nectar of Dana's hot little pussy.

I started to kiss my way down Dana's shoulder to her tiny little breast. It was barely a mouth full, but the nipple seemed to be very sensitive judging by the immediate reaction I got. As I sucked on Dana's nipple, she began to contract her vaginal muscles around the shaft of my cock and push her pussy up toward the sky. I had planned on licking her pussy to lick her to an orgasm, but was too late.

I once again felt the same quivering of Dana's vaginal muscle that I'd felt earlier in the night. Although, she never made any sound, I could tell that she had just gotten off, and it was caused only from me sucking her on nipple. I started to make my decent to the place directly in the center of Dana's sexy little body. I wasn't going to stop until I had her screaming from the licking and sucking that I intended to inflict on that big clit of hers. If she got off from just having her nipple sucked. What would she do when she felt my hot mouth surround her hard and already excited clit?

I slid my cock out of Dana and it snapped upward slapping against my belly. It was coated with a combination of my semen and Dana's thick vaginal fluids. I looked at Dana's flat and muscular belly, it seemed almost impossible that it could already have a baby growing inside of it. I grinned as I saw the narrow strip of dark hair the trailed from below Dana's navel all the way down to the massive patch of black curly hair on her pussy. I had heard that referred to as a "Treasure Trail" before, and certainly had no problem with that description. This one certainly did have a treasure chest at the end of it in my opinion.

I kissed my way down the area between Dana navel and her dark pubic patch. I could hear Dana's breathing as it started getting faster and much shallower. By the time that I got to her protruding clit, she was panting like a bitch in heat. I looked down and could see a small stream of my semen as it slowly oozed out of Dana's vaginal opening. Surprisingly though, not much had run out of her.

I felt Dana's body tense immediately upon feeling my hot tongue hitting her sensitive clit. I sucked it inside my mouth, and then moved my tongue in circular motions around it. I like the mixed taste of my own semen and my little sister' s orgasmic juices. I couldn't believe that Dana's body was already stiffening from no more licking than I'd done. Her moans and groans had greatly increased also. This little shit was red hot! And she was fixing to cum in her big brother's mouth at any moment. The bucking and jumping she was doing was making her clit a hard target to hit. I clamped my mouth down tightly on her now marble sized clit, and the sucked on it for all I was worth. Dana's pussy exploded immediately afterward, flooding my mouth with a mixture of our combined fuck juices. I lapped them up like a hungry dog.

"Whew!! Was that ever intense!" blurted Dana. "God Damn! I've never felt anything like that before. Steve refuses to lick my pussy, he thinks it's a very nasty thing to do," Dana continued while at the same time gasping for her next breath.

"I'll lick your pussy anytime that you want me to Sis. I love the taste of your sweet little pussy. I want you to know now. As long as I have a face, you'll never lack a place to sit." I chuckled.

"But for right now! Your big brother is going to climb on top of you and fuck your sexy little legs off. Are you ready baby?" I asked while at the same time mounting Dana. "I've got a very heavy load that I just need to deposit deep down in that flat little belly of yours." I moaned as I touched my cock to guide it toward her hairy twat.

"Hey! You mean my sexy husband is going to fuck my legs off. Don't you?" Dana winked seductively as she said it.

"OH! Yeah! I'm going to fuck my wife's sweet little pussy until her legs fall off," I said while winking in return.

"Give it to my baby! I need you deep inside my pussy. I want to feel your cock going off inside of me again. Juice me to overflowing Honey." Dana said as she took hold of my cock and guided it to her slimy vaginal opening.

"I want you to shoot a baby into my belly." Dana said taking our fantasy to the next level. "Give me your baby on our wedding night, Sweetheart," Dana moaned into my ear as she hunched upward forcing my shaft navel deep inside her incredibly wet pussy.

I started fucking Dana with long slow strokes at first, then steadily quickening the pace, but not shortening the length of each stroke. I would pull all the way out of her pussy and then back into about three quarters length of my cock. I was trying to keep my deepest penetration for the moment just before my own climax. Then I would bury myself as deep in the center of her stomach as I could.

"Mmmmmm! That's so good! I think I'm going to cum any second," Dana moaned. "Oh! Yes! I'm ccccuuuumminnnng!!!" Dana screamed out loud.

I felt the flutter of her vaginal muscles as she surrendered to her first small orgasm. I could feel that familiar tingle in my balls and knew that it was time for me to start my deep penetration of Dana's pussy. I wanted to be buried deep down inside of Dana's baby maker when my balls unleashed their massive load.

I began to bump the opening to Dana's cervix with each thrust. I thought that Dana was going to go ape shit. She started bucking and jumping wildly. She dropped her legs to the bed and thrust her snatch into the air, holding her ass, at least six inches of f of the surface of the bed. Her body stiffened even more and she began to scream at the top of her lungs that she was going to cum. I was beginning to feel the squeezing sensation at the base of my cock and knew that I was going to be hosing down the inside of her womb with scalding hot sperm within seconds.

I thrust forward hard, and the head of my cock popped inside the opening of Dana's cervix. I felt my hot semen as it began to race toward the tip of my cock. I tensed my body in preparation for the delivery of my hot load. I felt Dana's vaginal muscle starting to convulse again, this time not stopping with one orgasm, but continuing in string of them. She was going off like a string of firecrackers on the Fourth of July.

Dana dug her nails into my back and clawed me the length of my back several times. I couldn't hold on to my load any longer and began to spray my sperm directly inside of her open womb. I spurted, and spurted, and then spurted some more. I shot more cum in to Dana than I've ever shot into any woman before. I figured that her ovaries would surely be floating in sperm after that.

I collapsed on top of Dana, and then buried my face into the side of her neck. This time my cock was not able to dam up all the semen that I'd just shot into her. It came spurting out around the shaft of my cock and ran down between Dana's ass cheeks to puddle on the sheet below. My cock continued to jerk for several minutes longer. Each time it jerked, it would shoot a little more into her already semen saturated vagina.

Our bodies continued to jerk and quiver as we held each other tightly. I rolled over onto my back bring Dana on top of me. I held her ass in each hand, while pulling her crotch tightly against mine. I had goose bumps the length of my body. I had never cum that hard in my entire life. I don't think that Dana had either.

We fell asleep in that position with out even saying a word to each other. Both of us exhausted to the point of passing out.

This would be a night that would never be forgotten by either of us. It was our fantasy wedding night.

Wow! No fantasy would ever be able to live up the actually fucking that had just taken place. Not in a million years!

"Hey! Tom! Have you heard a fucking word that I've said!" Barked Steve. "Where the hell is your mind at. You seem a thousand miles away buddy." He continued.

I hadn't heard a word that he'd been saying. My mind had been going over the first night that Dana and I had spent locked together at the groin. I was now wondering if Dana had seduced me into fucking her and making her pregnant. It seemed as though that may just be the case. Could I be her baby's father? Would Dana have done something like that without asking me first? I feared that I already knew the answer to that one. And what about that sperm donor story? Had she made that whole thing up to fool Steve and me? I had several questions for my little sister to answer.

"Huh? What did you say?" I replied to Steve. I guess that I was somewhere else. What did you say Steve?" I continued.

"Are you ready to go in and see Dana for a little while?" Steve repeated. "I'm sure that she's anxious to she you. She was asking if you were here yet, a little earlier. She has a question that she wants to ask you. Are you ready to go see her?" H e finished.


"I guess so," I answered. As I walked down the hall toward Dana's room my mind once again flashed back to the week that Dana had spent last summer.

I finally began to stir from my deep sleep. It had been several hours since I had fell asleep with Dana still lying on top of me. She had since slipped off of me and curled up next to me. I looked over toward the clock on the nightstand. It was already well past noon, and Dana was still fast asleep. I snuggled up next to her and started nuzzling my face into her neck. She stirred and then rolled over on to her back. She stretched and then yawned real big. She looked beautiful lying there completely naked beside me. Her thick black patch of pubic hair was matted from all the fucking that we had done the night before. I reached down and patted her pussy. "That's the hottest pussy that I've ever been inside of." I boasted. "And it belongs to the hottest woman that I've ever made love to." I continued.

"You're so sweet Tommy. That's the nicest thing that any man has ever said to me," she continued. " I'm going to fuck you all night long ever night that I'm here you big stud," she chuckled. But, for now, I'm going to go take a hot bath.

"Ouch! My stomach!" Dana said as she started to sit up in the bed. " Oh! Man! That's tender," she continued.

"Why does your stomach hurt?" I questioned. "The baby's alright isn't it? I didn't hurt you or the baby when I fucked you so hard last night did I?" I asked with a concerned look on my face.

"You gave me more orgasms in one fucking than I've had in the last five or six months," Dana said smiling from ear to ear. She continued to tell me that because she wasn't use to having so many hard orgasms so close together, her stomach and thigh muscles were sore from tensing them so many times.

"Baby, Believe me, you're not going to hear me complain about having too many orgasms," Dana almost snorted as she laughed out loud. "You just keep up the good work, and I'll get use to all these orgasms as the week moves along. I figure four of five good fuckings a day, should get me in shape pretty quick," she finished with a wink.

"I'll be a little while in the bathroom. I think I'm going to soak in a tub of real hot water for a while. That should help these sore muscles some," Dana half chuckled.

Dana slid her butt toward the edge of the bed and then stood up. Immediately a large glob of my semen ran out of her pussy, and then down the inside of her thigh all the way to her knee. "You sure made a big mess in your little sister's pussy last night. You must shoot at least twice as much sperm when you come as Steve does." Dana informed me.

That was one complaint that I'd gotten from almost every one of the women that I'd had any kind of a repetitive sexual relationship with. They all complained that I made such a big mess of their pussy. It was something that I had no control over. I just shoot an unusually large of amount of semen when I ejaculate. The more excited I am, the larger amount of semen I expel.

Dana headed toward the master bath without saying anymore. As I watched her walking away, my eyes were drawn to the space between her slender legs. She had so much pussy stuffed between those sweet little thighs of hers. I couldn't believe that her pussy was a so incredibly tight on the inside, while at the same time, being as big as it was on the outside. She had very large and meaty pussy lips that completely filled the crotch to overflowing in her red panties the night before. Her pubic bone was so pronounced, that when she turned side ways from you, and was wearing anything fairly tight, you could see it sticking out past her hipbones. I loved to she her in tight fitting jeans. Her pussy looked awesome if the crotch of them was tight, and wedged between her big pussy lips making a deep groove in the middle. Hot!! Real Hot!!

I think too, that the massive patch of pubic hair, made her pussy look bigger than maybe it really was. Whatever the case may be, so much pussy packed between the slender legs of such a tiny little woman, made be hotter than hell. I knew that there would be no way that I would be able to stay out of Dana's panties for any length of time. Just watching her walk away from me already had my cock coming to life.

I figured while I was waiting for Dana to get all her woman things done in the bathroom, I'd strip the sheets off the bed and put new ones on. I knew that the wet spot under Dana's ass the night before was pretty large. The combination of my sperm and her pussy juice had soaked the sheets pretty good. I want the next night fucking to be done on clean fresh sheet.

After finishing the bed I walked into the bathroom, and asked Dana if she wanted to take the horses out for a short ride on my property sometime later in the afternoon. I told her that we'd need to make it a fairly short ride because of our dinner plans, but it would give us some time to catch up on what was going on in the family.

"I'd love too! It's been so long since we've ridden horses together. I'll get out of here and fix us some lunch," she finished saying.

"No you take your time. I'll get things together for lunch. I'll go out and get the horses saddled, then I'll come back in and take my shower. After we eat lunch, we'll hit the trial for a nice afternoon ride." I finished.

I was surprised to see Dana's choice of riding clothes. The short cheerleader style skirt and halter-top combination didn't seem much like appropriate riding cloths, but I wasn't going to complain. Dana looked so sex in them, and her hair pulled back into a ponytail, made her look much younger than her twenty-six years of life.

I had to laugh when Dana tried to lift her leg high enough to reach the stirrup. "You need a little help half pint?" I chuckled. "Here let me give you a boost." I stated while moving toward her.

I bent down, and then slid my hand under her skirt to push her by the bottom up onto the horse. Damn! She didn't have a fucking thing under her skirt. What a surprise! My hand was full of bare ass, and pussy hair. Not a bad combination for sure.

"Wow! I didn't expect that!" I chided Dana. "What's up with that? Aren't you afraid you'll get saddle sores on that sweet little pussy of yours?" I continued kidding her.

"No! Don't spoil the surprise I have in store for you later." Dana said with a snappy tone in her voice. "I think you'll be very pleased with it." Then said no more to explain.

I have to say, I was very curious about what she had in store for me, but sure didn't want to spoil the surprise.

We rode for at least twenty minutes just talking about the family and things in general. Then Dana's conversation shifted to her life with Steve. She told me how she truly loved Steve, that he was a very good provider, and he always treated her very well. The only thing that was not good in there marriage was their sex life. She went on to tell me that Steve was very rarely ever able to give her an orgasm during intercourse, and because he refused to give her oral sex, she ended up sexually frustrated most of the time.

"I was honest with you this morning when I told you that you had given me more sexual pleasure in one fucking, than I'd received from Steve in the last five or six months. I never knew that sex could be that good." Dana plainly stated.

"Yeah. I know what you mean. You know that I've been a bachelor all my life. And at thirty-two years old, I've never until last night, ever had a woman totally satisfy me sexually. I can't believe that the only woman that ever has, had to be my sister. A woman that I could never marry." I finished while looking toward Dana.

"Maybe we can never get married, but there is no reason that we can't be regular lovers." Dana replied with a sheepish grin on her face. "I could come down and spend the weekend once a month if you wanted me to. Steve would never expect anything was going on. He knows how close we are." Dana replied in as much a question as a statement.

"What do you think?" Dana continued.

"I can't think of anything that I'd like better than being your lover. I never want to stop making love to you for the rest of my life. " I replied. "But we have to be very careful, no one can ever know. That's something that you can give no logical explanation for. And you know that Mom and Dad would be crushed if they were to ever find out." I stated.

"No one will ever find out," Dana assured me. "Now come here! It's time for the surprise I have for you." Dana smiled while reining her horse toward mine. "I need to get on your horse with you. Please help me get over there," she continued.

She leaned toward me, and then hooked her arm around my neck, lifting her left leg over the top of her horse's saddle, and then swung herself over in front of me, and then sat down in the saddle facing me.

I scooted back in my horse's saddle to give her enough room to sit down behind the saddle horn.

Dana's hands went immediately to my belt buckle, and she started undoing the front of my jeans. I had already figured out that she intended to fuck me while riding down the trial. Thank goodness! We were in a very secluded place on my property. I stood up in the stirrups so that Dana could pull my jeans and boxers down below my ass. The saddle felt cold as I sat my bare ass back down in it.

Dana's hands were stroking my cock almost before I had a chance to sit back down. I was rapidly beginning to grow hard. I reached down and slid my hand between Dana's legs. She must have had this on her mind the whole time we'd been riding, because she was so wet that she had already created a wet pot on the saddle leather under her ass.

"Help me get on it." Dana urged me. "I want that big old thing in my pussy. Come on! I want it in me right now!" she bossed me. "And you better fucking make me cum too!" she continued to boss.

I didn't bother to reply, I just picked her up by her waist and lifted her up and held her directly above the head of my raging hard boner. Once she had the head securely between her pussy lips and the started well into the opening of her vagina. I let her full weight drop onto my cock, burying it to the pubic bone inside of her. She moaned as she felt my cock fill her belly to the max.

Dana wrapped her legs around my back and hugged me around the neck. "Now don't let me fall off of here," she laughed.

"I don't think you're in any danger of that happening." I replied. " I figured that you're pretty well anchored with this stiff thing stuck up you pussy like that." I had to chuckle.

I loosely draped the reins over the saddle horn and moved my hands to Dana's ass cheeks. I knew that she would have a hard time moving up and down on my cock in the position that she was sitting. I'd let her do the gyrating, and I'd help her with the up and down motions. The horse could take it's own fucking path for all I was concerned. I wanted to concentrate on the fucking that was to come.

Dana was so fucking hot by now, that she made no attempt to hide her excitement. She also, had no intention on starting out slowly. She wanted to be fucked, and she wanted me to fuck her hard and fast.

She had made it no secret from the start, that she expected me to make her give her a hard orgasm. I could tell by the way that she was already acting, that she wanted to reach it quickly too. I had no problem with that request.

I leaned backward in the saddle so that Dana could grind her clit against my pubic bone as she gyrated on my cock. I was already lifting her and letting her fall in a rhythm with her grinding motion. I could tell that this was not going to be a lengthy fuck by any ones standards. But it was going to be explosive when it met its crescendo.

Dana rode me like a wild woman. She had sweat beaded on her forehead and drool running down her chin. She like to tore my cock out by the roots as she clamped her pussy muscles tight around my shaft. I lye back even farther in the saddle and Dana adjusted her position on my cock. She unlocked her legs from around my back and moved her legs under her so that her knees were resting of the side of the saddle just outside of my legs. This way, she had total control of her approaching orgasm. She now had the ability to ride me exactly as she chose too. And she was choosing to ride me hard and fast. I was getting dangerously close to filling her sweet little belly with another hot load of my semen. And judging by my excited state, she was going to be receiving a massive load.

"Oh!!! Fuck!!!! I'm cumminnggggg! Oh! Fucking God!!! I'm cummmmmminnnnngggg!" Dana Blurt and then held herself tightly again my pubic mound.

I didn't have to announce my climax because it almost blew Dana out of the saddle. You could hear the spurting sound as my semen blasted out around the shaft of my cock. I pumped spurt after spurt of my hot semen deep into Dana's insides. The semen that Dana's pussy couldn't hold ran down the crack of my ass to the saddle below.

"Oh! Dana! I loved your surprise! You can surprise me like that anytime you want too," I panted "My god girl! You take my breath away!" I moaned lowly. " A horse ride by myself is going to be very boring after this," I winked as I said it.

"Fucking at home is going to very boring after this," Dana said with a sad tone in her voice. "I'm not sure how I'm ever going to make it," she continued.

I could see tears beginning to build in Dana's eyes. I wanted to comfort her, but wasn't really sure how I could. I could only offer to be there for whenever she needed me I thought to myself.

"You can come visit me as often as you can." I told her as I pulled her toward me. I hugged Dana firmly, and then kissed her in a long and very passionate French kiss. She was still very excited sexually and almost choked me running her tongue deep into my mouth. I pumped my half hard cock back and forth a few more time inside her slimy cum filled twat.

Then I lifted her off my cock and she spun around to sit in the saddle in front of me. I pulled up my boxers and jeans and we rode back to the horse barn without Dana having another word to say.

When we got to the barn door, I gave Dana a hand down. She had a puddle of my semen, coating the surface of the saddle, were her pussy had been resting against it. As she stood there on the ground looking up to me, I could see that my semen had ran down the inside of both of her thighs to the knees.

She lifted the hem of her skirt and her whole pubic area was coated with a thick layer of white sticky semen. "I guess I got another mess to fix here," she snickered. "Unless you want to, that is?" She asked while cocking her head to the side. "You made the mess! Now get your ass down here and lick me clean!" Dana demanded.

I climbed off my horse and picked Dana up and carried her into the barn. I laid her down on a bale of hay, and then started licking my way up one thigh at a time. I did both thighs all the way to the top and then buried my face between her legs and sucked her pussy completely clean. Dana was screaming from an orgasm before I was able to finish. I have never seen a woman that achieved an orgasm faster than she did. Why Steve had trouble giving her one was beyond my comprehension.

I finished Dana off, and then told her that we had better get to the house and get ready to go out for evening. I was a little surprise when she seemed to be less than enthused about doing so.

"Would you mind if we just stayed home and I made you supper? Then go to bed early and make love all night again? She continued to ask.

"Mind? Do I look nuts? Of course I wouldn't mind," I assured her.

That's exactly what we did, and we did that every night until she had to leave for home. I was sure going to miss her when she left.

As we entered the door to Dana's room, her face lit up as she saw us. She looked so beautiful for someone that had just gone through several hours of hard labor. I wasn't sure what to say to her, so I just bent over her bed and hugged her real big.

"Isn't our baby girl beautiful Tommy?" Dana asked.

I had a knot come up in my throat immediately. I wasn't sure by her phrasing whether she meant our baby girl in the sense "Mine and her baby girl" or Steve and her baby girl. I guess that I was a little nervous after the bomb that Steve had dropped on my earlier. I was still hoping to find out if this little girl was from my sperm or not. But I would have to get rid of Steve first in order to find out.

"Yeah! She's the prettiest baby that I've ever seen Dana. I wish that I had one just like her," I continued while looking for any sign from Dana to confirm that she was mine.

"Steve. Would you mind getting me chocolate shake from the snack bar down stairs? For some reason I'm just craving one right now." Dana grinned. "I guess that I've not gotten over these hormone things yet." Dana chuckled while throwing her head back.

"Sure, I'll go get you one. What about you Tom? Do you want one too?" Steve asked.

"No I'm fine," I replied.

With that Steve was out the door head toward the elevator. I hoped that he would be gone for a while.

I had to talk to Dana, and I had to find out from her if I was the baby's father or not.

"Well? I guess by the way you've been acting, that you've figured it out already. Huh?" she asked me before I could even get a word out to question her. "Are you mad at me Tommy? Please hear me out Tommy," she continued.

Dana continued to explain how she had gone to the sperm bank but had decided that she didn't want to have the sperm of some stranger she knew nothing about making her pregnant. She wanted to know the baby's father personally, and all about his family history. After a lot of anguish, she decided that she was going to try and seduce me into having sex with her, and hopefully getting her pregnant.

Her plan had been far easier to carry out than she had ever dreamed it would be. The part that she didn't expect was that we'd continue to fuck throughout her whole pregnancy.

"I'm not mad Dana! I'm so happy that I could give you the baby that you always wanted. I don't ever want us to stop being together as lovers. I'll keep this our secret until I die." I promised her.

"That sounds good to me," she replied. "I still want to come visit you at least one weekend a month after the baby is old enough to travel. But, I'm going to have to secretly get on the pill. I don't want to get pregnant again until Maggie is at least a year old. Then I'll convince Steve to let me be artificially inseminated again," she winked as she said it. "Then I'm going to have my big stud brother knock me up again," she chuckled with a mischievous tone in her voice.

"We're going to have to be very careful though. We can't risk anyone finding out about our relationship," Dana seriously stated.

"You do remember how careless we got two weeks ago, when we almost got caught by Steve?" Dana giggled.

My mind flashed back to the barbecue that Dana had hosted at her house for Mom's birthday. Everyone was out in the yard watching Steve cook the meat. I was sitting there next to Dana and she leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was hornier than hell. She had not been able to travel the last month of her pregnancy so she hadn't been able to visit my place. She told me that after about the fifth month of pregnancy Steve wouldn't touch her. She had only been getting fucked one weekend a month, and that's all the sex the she'd been getting. That fucking had been by me.

I told Dana that I probably new that I shouldn't fuck her since she only had two weeks to go before the doctor planned to induce her labor. The doctor said that the baby was getting so big that if he waited any longer, she wouldn't be able to have it naturally.

Dana's belly was huge! She looked so adorable with that big belly sticking out in front of her. I certainly didn't find any trouble with fucking her with that big old belly. The last time she had visited for the weekend, I fucked her from behind. I kept my hands on her belly the whole time, feeling the baby movements inside of her. It excited me to feel the baby kick as I fucked her to an orgasm. I remember thinking while I was fucking her how good it would have been for it to be my baby kicking inside her.

Since we were sitting somewhat by ourselves, and everyone else seemed to be having conversations with other family members, we were able to talk softly and say pretty much what we wanted to.

I went on to tell her, that if she wanted me to, I'd be glad to relieve her pent up sexual frustration by licking her pussy for her so that she could have at least a couple of orgasms.

I kind of figured that Dana was naked under the ankle length sun dress she was wearing. The last time that she had been to my house that was the case anyhow. The elastic waistband on her panties hurt her belly so she quit wearing them most of the time.

Dana gave me the strangest look. One of those how and the fuck are you going to pull that off kind of looks.

"Just how do you think you are going to get that done?" Dana asked with an amazed look on her face. "Don't you think someone will miss us if we're gone for very long?" She continued to ask.

"Do you have panties on?" I asked Dana not waiting for her reply. "If you do, go into the house and take them off." I continued. "I'm going to lick your pussy right under everyone's nose so to speak." I grinned with a devious look on my face.

"No I don't have any panties on, but what do you mean you're going to do it right under everyone's nose?" Dana quizzed with an astonished look on her face.

I told Dana that I was going to lick her pussy in the kitchen. I was fairly sure that Steve didn't know that Dana and I had made the salad for the dinner while he was getting the grill ready for the cookout. I figured that we could use that for an excuse to get away by ourselves for at least a few minutes.

I was sure that Dana would not take long achieving an orgasm. She got off really quick anyway, the fact that it had been so long since her last one, made me fairly confident that she'd pop one in just a minute or two.

"You're going to tell everyone that you are going into fix the salad, and then I'm going to offer to help you." I instructed Dana. "Then while you're standing behind the island in the center of your kitchen, I'm going to sit on the floor hidden under you dress licking your pussy. No one will be able to see you through the patio door, because of the reflective mirror tint on the outside of the glass. They won't see us, but we'll be able to she them. I finished.

"Then I'm going to suck on your clit until I make you feel all better," I sheepishly grinned at Dana.

"What if someone comes toward the kitchen?" Dana asked with concern. "If we get caught, it's our ass you know?" Dana frowned. "It would be pretty dangerous." Dana finished.

"Don't worry! I'll make you cum so fast, no will have time to miss us," I chuckled quietly.

We sat there talking for a little while longer and I could see that thoughts my offer had Dana squirming in her chair. I'd seen that look on her face before, and I knew that she was getting hotter by the moment.

It was only few more minutes before Dana stood up and announced that she was going to go in to the house to make a salad to go with the meal. I immediately offered to help. So did our mother, but almost before she could get out of her mouth, Dana cut her off short.

"No! It's you birthday Mom. We want to do everything for you. It's your day, so just keep on visiting. Tommy is going to help me," she finished.

I noticed a fairly big wet spot on the back of Dana's dress. It was right at the spot her pussy would have been while she was sitting on her dress. I guessed that thinking about my offer had already gotten her juices flowing pretty well. I don't think anyone else would notice, because the angle she was headed as she walked toward the house kept it hidden from everyone else's view.

I had never seen a woman that got hot quicker, or soaking wet faster, than Dana did. I could pretty much guess by the state that the back of her dress was in, that her pussy would be dripping like a water faucet.

I followed Dana into the kitchen. I helped her get the stuff out of the refrigerator to make it look like we were actually making the salad. I told her that I was going to sit on the floor and lean back against the cabinet doors on the island. Then I wanted her to slip her dress over my head to hide me underneath, and then I'd give her pussy a good licking.

"Your going to have to get off quickly, so I'm going to suck on your clit fast and hard." I instructed Dana. "If you cum fast, maybe I'll be able to give you a couple of them." I finished.

"Are you sure that you want to do this for me?" Dana asked. "I sure don't look very attractive all bloated up like this," she continued. "My body is so ugly!" She said as she began to get teary eyed.

" Don't be silly! You look so beautiful pregnant. I couldn't keep my mouth off of your pussy if I tried." I said while patting her on the ass. " I'm going to sit down, so get the front of your dress pulled up. Then hold on to the counter top, cause I'm going to give you the best pussy licking that you've ever had." I chided her.

I sit down, and then Dana walked up and dropped her dress over my head. I didn't waste any time. I knew that we had to be brief, but I still wanted her to be satisfied when I finished.

Dana's whole muff was soaking wet. It felt like I was burying my face in a wet string mop. I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to suck and lick it at the same time. I sucked hard and moved my tongue in a rapid circular motion around her already blood-engorged clit. Judging by the way Dana almost immediately started to hunch my face with a rapid fucking motion, she would pop very quickly

I think Dana must have surely set a world record for the quickest orgasm. It couldn't have been two minutes before she thrust her pussy forward into my face, causing the back of my head to bang against the cabinet door. I had been holding her steady by having my hands on each of her ass cheeks. I felt her tense her ass muscles, and then start to squeeze my face between her quivering thighs. I didn't slow down my licking until I made her release her heavy flow of orgasmic juices into my hunger mouth. I had to support Dana's weight as I felt her legs begin to buckle under her.

"Shit! That was quick!" Dana panted. "Damn I really needed to cum hard like that too," she commented as she continued to press her hot snatch against my face.

After Dana's pussy had recovered from the last contraction she slowly started to lift it off of my face.

My face was wet all the way to my ears. She had just about engulfed my face between her big ole beefy pussy lips. I wasn't complaining, I couldn't think of place better than her hot cunt to have it buried.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going little girl?" I mumbled still having my mouth partial full of Dana's pussy. "I'm not finished with you yet! I told you that I was going to give you at least two hard orgasms. Now get ready for the next one." I ordered and then buried my face back into her fucking snatch.

Dana had just put her hands back on top of the counter when the door came sliding open. It was Steve and he was looking for me.

"Where's Tom?" Steve asked Dana. "I wanted to know if he wants a beer?" Steve continued.

"He said that his stomach was cramping him. So I think he had to take a dump." Dana laughed as she replied to Steve's questions.

"I'll send him out when he gets out of the bathroom," she answered while coaxing him to go back and not leave the grill unattended.

She was really cool considering that I was sucking on her clit for all that I was worth. Not in a million years, would I have ever been able to think of something like that so fast. She never missed a beat. She just squeezed my cheeks between her thighs as she talked to Steve.

Of course, there was no way he could see me. I was obscured from his view by the kitchen island. Dana just stood there calmly behind it. I was very glad when he left, and I could hear the patio door slide shut behind him.

I had been licking Dana's pussy the whole time that she was talking to Steve, and I couldn't believe that she never stuttered once while talking to him. I could tell that it had started feeling pretty good to her during their conversation; by the way she had started to press her pussy forward hard, wedging my face between the lips. I don't think that Steve had time to even get back to the grill before Dana reached down grabbing me by the back of my head and then pulled my face even deeper into her big hairy snatch. She fucked my face hard for a second or two, and then dumped another heavy load of her sweet tasting vaginal juices into my mouth. I couldn't believe that Dana had cum twice in such a short span of time. It couldn't have been any longer than five minutes.

I stayed there slurping at Dana's pussy until she grabbed hold of my ears and pulled my face out of her now very satisfied pussy.

"You have to stop! I just can't take anymore. You've already got my legs so weak that I can barely stand up. I'm going to pass out from the ecstasy if you don't stop right now," she snapped.

I stood up and she gave me a quick kiss. "Mmmmm? You taste like pussy Tommy," she laughed. "Better not let mom kiss you. She might taste my pussy on you," she almost roared.

"I guess that we better get back outside. Don't want someone else to come looking for us," I told Dana.

Dana looked down at my crotch and said. "I don't think you're in any shape to be keeping close company big brother," she laughed.

"Come here and let little sister take care of that for you. Do you want me to give you a hand job, or would you rather rub it back and forth between my pussy lips until you cum?" Dana grinned.

She unzipped my jeans, drug my cock out, and then gave me on of those which is it going to be kind of looks.

I found it hard to believe that she would actually be willing let me slide it back and forth in her groove until I shot my load all over her pussy. I'm mean, there's not much of a way to hide what you're doing, if someone were to walk in before I was able to finish. I knew that as hot as I was from licking Dana's pussy it wouldn't take very long. But still! It was one hell of a big risk we'd be taking.

"What if Steve comes back looking for me?" I said with a surprised look on my face. "You don't want him to catch me with my cock between your legs do you?" I asked while at the same time sliding my hand up under the front of her dress. Dana's pussy was so incredibly wet from the combination of my saliva and her own vaginal juices.

"I knew what your choice would be," she chuckled. "I don't know why I even bothered to ask," she grinned.

"You better get off in record time. I'll need time to clean up afterward you know?" Dana said more as a statement than a question.

Dana spun around, leaned forward slightly, and then had me slide my cock between her soaking wet pussy lips. She spread her legs, then reached down between them with her right hand, and forced my cock as deep between her grooves as it could go. When she had my cock where she wanted it, she clamped her legs tightly around it, trapping it there with a vice like grip.

She kept upward pressure on my cock with her right hand to make sure that there would be no way that I could pop out from between her pussy lips as I moved back and forth. God! She was so hot and wet, and she had me clamped so tightly between her legs, that I knew this would be over in very short amount of time.

"Now! Get the job done big brother!" Dana bossed. "You don't have much time. So you better get to fucking boy!" Dana continued to boss.

I started to move back and forth rapidly. I was going to try and bust my load as quickly as I could. I had already decided to make no attempt to hold back my climax. I grabbed hold of Dana's hips and held her tightly in place as I piston myself back and forth. The combination of my cock bumping over her clit as I slid forward and the friction caused by her tight grip on my cock shaft caused her to moan deeply. I really hoped that Dana would be able reach another orgasm before I did. I increased my speed as I rapidly approached the point of erupting between the lips of Dana's pussy.

"Oh shit! That feels really good." Dana moaned. "I think you're going to make me cum again. Oh! Fuck! I know you are!" She said as she began to squeeze her legs even tighter around my cock.

"Oh! Fuck! I'm cummmmiiinnnggg! Oh shit! Tommy! You're making me cum again." Dana panted breathlessly.

That was all that it took to push me over the edge. My balls began to tighten immediately and then begin delivering their load between Dana's tight pussy grooves. I pulled the head of my cock back to Dana's vaginal opening, pushed just the head up inside of her, and held it there while my cock delivered the first few spurts of thick gooey semen.

I could feel Dana's thighs begin to tremble as she squeezed tighter and tighter as her orgasm went to its maximum intensity. I knew that no deeper than I was inside of her, it would be doubtful if her pussy was able to contain the mess there. I suddenly heard a splat on the floor as a big glob of my semen hit the kitchen floor. The pressure behind my ejaculate was far too great, and it cause my semen to come boiling out from around my cock head and drip to the floor below.

"Yuck!" Dana blurted while grabbing the kitchen towel with her free hand. She pressed the towel snugly to her pussy to catch my heavy overflow. I spurted for a few seconds more before my cock began to wither rapidly. I grabbed an edge of the towel, and then wiped my cock as I withdrew from between her pussy lips. I quickly poked my completely satisfied cock back in to my jeans and zipped them up.

I had no more than gotten my cock back in my pants, and then moved from behind Dana to stand beside her, before the patio of door began to slide open.

"Hey! Tom! Do you want a beer man?" Steve asked just poking his head inside the door enough to see us both standing there.

Dana immediately dropped the hem of her sun dress but left the kitchen towel wedge snuggly between her legs. I feared if Steve came inside and any closer to us, he would be able to smell the scent that our passionate sex had left hanging in the air.

"Yeah! I'll be right out Steve." I replied immediately. "I need to help Dana with a little bit of clean up then I'll be right out.

The clean up that I was referring to, had nothing to do with the kitchen. I knew that Dana could not see her pussy because her big belly being in the way, so I offered to help her clean the mess up.

After Steve left, I pulled the kitchen towel from between her legs and wet it down in the sink. She held up the front of her dress while I knelt in front of her to clean up her pussy for her. I couldn't resist the urge to lick it clean partially, but then finished up with the towel.

I still can't believe the tremendous risk we took that day. It's even harder to believe that we pulled it off with out being caught. It would be the last time that I would be with Dana before the baby's birth.

"I remember! How could I ever forget sometime so exciting as that?" I questioned Dana. "We almost got caught twice." I replied.

"Well, from this day forward, we're going to be much more careful." Dana said with a firm tone in her voice. I'm going to fuck you every chance that I get, but it's going to be done somewhere where there is little chance of us getting caught," she finished.

"By the way, what was the question that Steve said you wanted to ask me?" I quizzed Dana.

"Steve and I wanted to know if you'd be the baby's Godfather?" Dana asked. "I know that you're her real father, but no one can ever know that. I figured that being her Godfather could be a second best," she finished.

"Of course I do, I can't think of anything I'd like better than being Maggie's Godfather. I'll love her as much as I do you Sis." I finished with tears beginning to form in my eyes.

"Come here you big lug and give me a kiss." Dana requested. "I've got something that I want to show you," she lightly chuckled.

After I kissed Dana, she lifted the sheet covering her, and showed me her nearly flat belly. I was amazed that it was so much smaller than before. She would not be long getting back into her former slender shape.

"Now don't forget, one year from now, I'm expecting you to pump this belly back up for me," she chuckled. "I'll get on the pill after my six week checkup, and then shortly after that I'll be down to visit you," she instructed me.

I glanced down further toward the area between her legs, and the thick curls of black pubic hair that I loved so much had been shaven clean. The sight of her slick shaven pussy mound gave me an immediate twinge between my legs. I knew then that the next six weeks were going to seem very long.

"Let's cover that up before my cock gets hard as a rock, and I have to go find a place to jerk off," I smiled and said as I leaned down to kiss Dana's forehead.

"I'd take care of that problem, but your favorite playground is out of commission right now. I promise that when I come to visit you next time, you'll be shooting dry powder when I'm done with you," she

"You won't hear a compliant from me Sis," I replied. "By then I should have enough sperm stored up to float a small battle ship." I chuckled.

It was the weekend after Dana's six-week check up that she came to visit for the first time since Maggie's birth. She had gotten on the pill as she planned, but was told by the doctor to use some sort of additional birth control for at least a month or two. The doctor told her that she could get pregnant if she didn't.

The first time that we made love she used a spermicidal foam product that she inserted inside of her right before coming to bed to have sex. It was very messy, and it didn't have a very good taste to it when I licked her pussy. It didn't stop her from have several hard orgasms, and it didn't stop me from filling to overflowing with sperm either, but neither of us liked the way it felt, so she decided to not use anymore. She just asked that I pull out and not shoot my sperm inside of her until the pills had a chance to take affect.

We fucked several times that first night, and then several times the next day and night, and had only had one accident where Dana had gotten so excited from being on top riding me like a pony, that I couldn't get my cock out of her quick enough and shot a couple blasts of semen inside of her pussy.

Although, I was terrified that she'd become pregnant, she seemed to not give a second thought to it. She figured what ever happens, just happens. I knew though, that there'd be no easy explanation to Steve, if Dana were to come up pregnant so soon after Maggie's birth. Steve and her had already agreed to have another baby, but it was not to be until after Maggie was at least one year old.

I was so relieved when Dana called before her next visit and told me that she had gotten her period right on time. That was one major bullet that we had just dodged. I would not allow myself to be so careless again I thought to myself. I was not going let myself ejaculate inside of Dana for at least one more month. After that I figured things should be safe enough that I could resume the practice of filling her belly full of my hot semen. I have to say though, Dana did not attempt to make it easy to accomplish.

On Dana's next visit, she fucked me with such reckless abandon, and then almost encouraged me to blast her belly full, that the last couple of times we fucked, I just let go and then simply filled her tight little twat completely full. She didn't seem to care at all. I was a little nervous about it, but didn't seem to be able to control the animal lust that I had for her. The next few weeks before her period would be the judge of how reckless we'd truly been. Would our last couple of times together prove to be two times too many? I sure hoped not.

It was the night before she was to leave for her next visit with me, that she told me she had her period right on schedule. I was so relieved, and knew then, that we should be safe doing anything sexual that we wanted.

When she finally got there, she barely made it into the house before I was ripping her panties off and burying myself to the hilt inside her tight little twat. I couldn't believe that having the baby hadn't loosened her vaginal muscles any. She was still as tight as the first time that I'd fucked her. Maybe more accurately I should say she fucked me.

I fucked Dana one weekend a month for the next eighteen months, and then finally it happened. She had stopped taking her birth control the day of Maggie's first birthday, and the next six month afterward I had been fucking her unprotected pussy. I filled her pussy to overflowing many times per visit, not caring if it were to make her pregnant or not. I couldn't have been happier when she told me that I was going to a daddy again.

The little boy that Dana had nine months later was almost too big for her to have naturally. But, she was able to have him without requiring a cesarean birth. That was to be our last child together. It wasn't but a few months after having Nathan that Dana had a vaginal hemorrhage and required emergency surgery.

The doctor had to give her a complete hysterectomy to save her life. It was very hard on Dana because she had always planned on having three children. I was just glad that she was going to be all right. I never want to do anything that would risk me losing her.

It was shortly after that, that our parents were killed in a head on collision just outside of Dallas. They had been the casualties of a drunken driver crossing the median of a dual lane interstate, and then colliding head on with them.

That seemed to be the start to the demise of Dana and Steve's marriage. She said that life was too far short, to continue living the way she had been. She claimed that the only sexual satisfaction she every received was from me. She would let Steve have her sexually whenever he asked to keep him for suspecting anything. But said that he would always get off without ever giving her an orgasm. She saved all her sexual passion for our times together. I was very glad that she did too!

It was about three years after Maggie's birth that Dana left Steve for good. She moved in with me and we raised our kids together. Of course, both of them refer to me as Uncle Tom, and I fully intended for it to stay that way. It was hard keeping our sex life private, and one that the kids were not aware of, but some how we were able to accomplished it. I first feared, as they got older, and more aware of things around them, it would get harder and harder for us to hide from them. We usually had sex three or four nights a week. We always waited until after the kids have gone to bed for the night, then we fucked half the night, and Dana would then leave to sleep the rest of the night in her own room. I always hated her leaving my bed, but it seemed the practical thing to do at the time. .

I'm not sure if the kids every realized what was going on between their mother and me or not, but if they did, they never once made mention of it. To this very day, when they come home to visit I'm still referred to as Uncle Tom by both of them.

They both seem to be very well adjusted adults with children of their own. All in all, their raising seems to have left them with no emotional scars of any kind. I do think that Dana is as good a mother as any one could be, and the fact that I fathered her children has always secondary in her mind. The most important issue with Dana has always been that her kids are the most important things in her life, and it shows by the way that they've both turned out.

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