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I guess everyone has dreamed about having sex with a member of their family at one time or another but what I am going to tell you is very true. Society has told us that incest is wrong and the offspring of an incest marriage will be mentally damaged and guess what? We believe this crap! I did! Here is my story:

I grew up in a very loving family--real close--nah, not THAT close. Dad was making a good living and Mom stayed home while my sister, Danni, and I (Brad) went to school. We were middle class people that lived in a suburb of L.A. and life was good! Danni is 5 years younger than I am and she looked at me as a role model and that was okay because she was my "younger" sister. As brother and sisters went, we had our share of arguments, dated others in school and even married after school was out, but we kept track of each other. Danni married and moved to Illinois and I married and stayed in California.

My marriage was a complete bust after a couple years and I decided to just live alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Danni lasted a year longer with her marriage. Neither of us had kids and I guess this bothered both of us as both of us enjoyed children and that was a dream to have a family of our own in a happy marriage situation that our folks enjoyed. Yeah the folks passed on due to an accident several years ago.

I was 30 and Danni was 25 and one summer day she called and asked if she could come back to California, move in with me, share expenses until she got on her feet. Without thinking I said "yes". I hadn't actually seen my sister since she was 18 when she got married, but we called each other. The folks funeral? She couldn't even come because of the demanding man she married and that was really tough on her. Y'know I was really excited about her coming and I imagined her to be fat and dumpy due to her marriage.

I drove out to LAX airport, parked my car and went in and waited for her plane to arrive from O'Hare in Chicago. Naturally the plane was late in arriving and this kinda aggravated me while I sat in those damn chairs that were and probably still are, very uncomfortable! Let me explain something: When Danni and I were in school, she was overweight and had very small tits: 32B, but not bad looking in the face though. The plane finally landed and I stood up watching the passengers debark but I couldn't see Danni. Finally the last passenger came off and it wasn't her either. Son of a bitch! What happened now??

"Brad?" A voice said. I turned around and just about shit down the legs! It was Danni. But oh damn her entire body had changed! 32 tits? I don't know what happened, but I swear they were 38C's now. She was wearing a short mini skirt and hose and her hair was extremely stylish. I couldn't mistake her face!

"Hi ya Danni. 'Bout time!" I said as we hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. We walked down to get her baggage and I couldn't believe one woman had so much! Her mouth was going 100 miles a minute and I couldn't even get a word in. Man, this was great!! I loaded her bags in the trunk and the back seat and opened the door for her. She got in giving me (innocently) a great deal of thigh! Hell, my dick even twitched! All the way home she talked saying how happy she was to get back to California and for me not to worry about anymore bills because her husband left her beaucoup money in excess of six figures and she would pay for all the utilities and groceries while she stayed. That sure suited me!

The first night we talked about growing up at home, then we compared our failed marriages while we sat sipping our cokes. Finally she said she was going to take a shower as the trip from Chicago just made her feel dirty and I just laughed and said I would be watching TV.

After a while, Danni came in the room wearing a bathrobe. Nope, I couldn't see anything as it was almost floor length and she had it tied tight around her. Oh well. She was absolutely beautiful! She then said she was going to bed and she kissed me on the cheek, then left. Women and me just don't get along anymore since my divorce. I guess I was afraid of another failed marriage therefore I didn't date, but I did manage to have friends.

The next day was Saturday. No work, but I got up early anyway. 5am. Yes, there IS a 5am as when I was working I get up at 5 and head out by 6:30. Danni was still sleeping, so I made some coffee and went out to the back deck to get some fresh air. I sat in the wicker chair for a few moments, then got up and walked the length of the deck. Danni forgot to close the curtains. Of course I looked in. She was lying in bed with her back to me. The sheet was halfway on her and her butt was showing! Then I looked closer and I saw her pussy! Damn my dick sprung to action!! But then I left back to my chair feeling a little embarrassment. Damn, my sister slept in the nude! She looked great!

I went in for another cup and what the hell, I just brought the whole pot out and plugged it in. In a few minutes later, Danni came out with an empty cup. She was wearing shorts and a halter-top. Bingo! Another hard on! She sat down sipping her coffee and we just talked about the future and I found out that she didn't date either and even considered having a relationship with another woman to swear off men for good. My dick went instant soft. Well, so much for a fantasy. I stood up and looked out across the back yard. In a couple minutes she got up and stood next to me and we put our arms around each other. At this moment I felt great and really didn't want this moment to end.

Perhaps I was falling in love with my sister then. I don't know. We went in and she volunteered to cook and afterwards we cleaned the kitchen and sat on the sofa. She sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder and I stroked her hair. My dick was getting hard again and I couldn't control it. It was bulging through my shorts! Danni lifted her head.

"Gosh Brad, do I give you a hard on?" she whispered. I became a little embarrassed.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. It's just that I haven't been next to a woman for a long time."

"I haven't been with a man for a long time either," she said as her hand went to my thigh.

"I guess we'll both find someone someday." I whispered.

"Brad? Would it be wrong for us to kiss?" she said.

"We have, haven't we?" I innocently asked.

"I mean... well, I mean on the lips?"

"I don't see nothing wrong with that at all." I said as our heads moved closer to each other. I only expected a slight peck. Our lips met and then our lips parted allowing our tongues to intermingle.

"Damn, Danni, you're a good kisser!" I said with a smile. We kissed again. My arm went around her and rubbed her back while her hand inched up my bare thigh. Her skin was feeling hot and her breathing was changing. Holy Shit, my sister was getting turned on! We kissed again and again and then I kissed her neck. My hand went to her tits and I squeezed. She made no protest. We kissed more and more. This time my hand went under her halter and I was feeling flesh! I reached around her and untied her and her halter fell loose. We kissed more passionately and I exposed her tits to me and was playing with her very hard nipples.

"Brad, do you think we should do this?" she whispered. I didn't answer as my hand went under the waistband of her shorts and my fingers intermingled with her hair. With one finger I used to go up and down her crack and man oh man was she wet!! I inserted a finger.

"Oh Brad," she moaned. I took her hand and placed it on my hard dick and she unzipped me and held it in her hands. She gave me a very strange look, then brought her head down to my lap. By now I had one finger in her pussy and working another in her asshole as she sucked my 7 inches. I removed my hands and started to take off her shorts and she humped up trying to help. She released my dick and had me stand up where she pulled my shorts off and gave my dick a quick suck. I lost complete control! I laid her on the floor and started to eat her! She held my head to her pussy as my tongue was searching. Then I came up and sucked her tits and my dick found its way in. Danni was very tight as I entered. She told me later that her husband only had 3-4 inches fully erect. I started to fuck and she was fucking back.

"Danni. I'm gonna cum." I mentioned.

"Do it in me," she commented as she was kissing me. I exploded, flooding her with built up cum. Then she rolled over.

"Do me in the butt," she pleaded. I got behind her and rammed her as she gasped while she played with her tits. I was ramming harder and harder and she started to cum and cum hard and I exploded for a second time. We lay side by side. She looked at me and told me that when we were teenagers she always wanted me to "do" her. We fucked all day and into the night.

The next day we decided to live together and what's more, we decided to get married! We have been married for 10 years now and we have three kids. All of us are very happy, living like we did when we were kids at home and bringing up our kids like our folks brought us up. Our kids are very healthy and loving and living a normal life and all this crap about incest children being brain damaged is pure crap.

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