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Danni and Tammi, The Tickle Twins: Tammi's Tickle Torture

"Danni, you home?"


Tammi Arcadia dropped her handbag on the wicker chair by the door. She leaned her shoulder against the entryway to the apartment's small kitchenette. "Hi."

Danni Arcadia, with her sandy-brown hair, brown eyes, and voluptuous body, was Tammi's identical twin. She stood at the compact four-burner stove, stirring spaghetti sauce in a big stainless-steel pot, wearing a candy-apple-red tank top and white sweat pants. Her pink feet were bare. "Hi, Tammi," she said with a smile.

Tammi took a long moment to appreciate her sister's wonderful body. Though it was identical to her own in every way, Danni's body turned Tammi on as no one else's ever had. Danni's freckled shoulders, bare under the tank top, were glowing pink, their smooth muscles sliding against one another as she stirred the pot. Her luscious, pendulous breasts strained against the tight cotton of the top, nipples prodding through. Danni never wore a bra, ever. The top was tucked tightly into the sweats, which clung to the bulging forms of her muscular buttocks.

Danni put down her wooden spoon-an item she had used to spank Tammi on more than one occasion-and embraced her sister, kissing her long and deeply on the lips. Their breasts rubbed together as their tongues slid along each other, trading saliva. Four nipples got hard.

"What'd you say to some loving tonight, sweet sister?" Danni asked huskily, squeezing one of Tammi's boobs. "I've invented a new game."

"A game?"

"Yah! A bondage game."

Alarms went off. "Danni!"

Danni put on her puppy-dog face. "Please, Tammi? Pretty please with sugar on top?" She caressed Tammi's cheek.

"Danni, every time I let you tie me up, and no matter WHAT you say at the beginning, no matter how you swear up and down that you won't, you always tickle me! Always! And you know I can't stand tickling."

"This time I won't. I promise. I won't tickle you. Cross my heart and hope to die." Danni slashed her finger across her chest, between her breasts.

Tammi shook her head. "Can't we do something else? I mean, you're awfully fixated on bondage. Can't you have an orgasm any other way besides tying me up?"

Danni looked crestfallen. "I thought you like my bondage games!"

Guilt, guilt, guilt, here we go, Tammi thought. Danni always gets me this way. "I try so hard to please you, but you don't appreciate it. All I want to do is make you feel good!" Danni always said, making Tammi feel like a bitch for saying no.

"That's not what I meant and you know it, Danni. I like being tied up. I love it when you slowly tie me to the bed, or a chair, or string me up from the ceiling." Her nipples throbbed just thinking about it. "I love how you tease me, how you slowly titillate me-"

"Then let me tie you up!"

"What I don't like in the fact that you always, always feel the need to tickle me! You always tickle me when I'm in bondage, and I hate it! You don't know what it feels like, Danni! It's horrible! You just go on and on and on with it, and it drives me insane. If you could just tie me up without tickling-"

"This time I promise I won't tickle. I promise." Danni looked at her, big green eyes supplicating. "Please?"

Tammi sighed. "Well!no. You always promise."

"This time I MEAN it. I won't tickle you. You can even leave your shoes on, if you want."

"Right. Lotta good that do me when I'm tied up. You'll just take them off. And if you don't tickle my feet, you'll tickle my ribs, or my tummy, or something else."

"I won't tickle you! Don't you believe me, Tammi? I wouldn't lie to you, you're my sister."

Tammi shewed her cheek, thinking about it. Danni looked so hopeful, so sincere. Maybe, just maybe she means it this time, she thought. "If I do let you-"

"No tickling! None at all."

"You promise? You swear?"

"I swear."

"Well! okay. But you'd better be telling the truth this time, Danni."

Danni hugged her again. "Oh, Tammi, you'll love it, I promise! I'll tie you down good and tight and play with you all night! C'mon!" She grabbed Tammi's wrist and started for the bedroom.

"Wait a sec! What about your spaghetti sauce, and the spaghetti that presumably goes with it? What about dinner?"

Danni waved it off, pulling her into the bedroom and to the bed. Coils of silk rope were already laid out. Danni had evidently been waiting for this. "I'll take care of it. I'll make dinner and feed you while you're trussed." Her voice turned alluring. "How's that sound, Sis?"

Tammi's heart was pounding. "All right!"

"Now, my darling sister, let's get you naked!"

Danni pushed her down on the bed, nice and rough, the way Tammi like it. She came down on top of her and undid the front of her blouse. Danni tugged it off and threw it aside. She popped the front snap on her bra and pulled it off, leaving Tammi topless.

"Boobies!" Danni exulted, nuzzling the lightly freckled cones, squeezing and kissing them all over, making Tammi's nipples swell further. After sucking each nipple, leaving them wet, glistening nubbins, her finger's flew down to Tammi's belt, opened it, and unzipped her jeans. a moment later she had pulled them off over her shoes.

Danni threw the jeans aside and paused long enough to look over her sibling, who lay on the bed in only her panties. the she took Tammi's pink-and-white running shows from the closet and tossed them to her. "Put these on, okay?"


"Just 'cuz. I think you're sexy in them. But no socks, okay?"

Momentary suspicion flashed through Tammi's mind, but she decided to give Danni the benefit of the doubt. After all, she couldn't go through life disbelieving EVERYTHING her sister said, just because there had been a few‹well, more than a few‹times when Danni's work had proven to be less than completely trustworthy. She had to trust her once in a while. If a girl couldn't trust her own sister, then who?

Tammi traded her semiformal pumps for the running shoes, pulling them onto her bare feet.

"Good," said Danni. Now, take your panties off, and I'll go stir the sauce and come back to tie you up." She left.

Tammi laid back, lifted her butt off the bed and slipped her panties off. She balled them up and tossed them into hamper. She heard pots and spoons clanking as her sister hurriedly tended dinner, then returned.

"Okay, spread-eagle, Tammi."

Tammi splayed her arms and legs to make a four-pointed star. Danni climbed onto the bed and took hold of Tammi's wrists, one in each hand. She pressed them together, over Tammi's head, and held them together with one hand while she wrapped several coils of silk rope around them. She knotted it tight, then tied the free end to the headboard. She tugged on it to make sure it was secure. Apprehension surged through Tammi once her arms were bound over her head. She was all too aware of how exposed and defenseless her dreadfully ticklish ribs and armpits were. She managed a smile as Danni hopped off the bed and went around to the bed's foot. She grabbed Tammi's ankles and pulled until she was stretched out flat on the bed, arms straight over her head. Danni spread her legs apart almost as far as they would go, then looped a coil of rope around each ankle, cincing each tight. She bound each ankle tether to a corner of the boxspring. Tammi's toes wriggled.

Tammi tugged on the ropes holdidng her down, realizing uncomfortably that if Danni went back on her word and did tickle her, she would be absolutely helpless to stop her.

Danni looked down thoughtfully at her trapped sister. "You know, Tammi, you look so cute like this, all trussed up and helpless, it just makes me want to tickle you! Tickle you all over!" Her eyes wandered to the colorful peacock plume that stood in a small vase on the nightstand.

"Now wait a minute! You promised!"

"Oh, yes, I did. Just kidding!" She disappeared back into the kitchen.

"Ha, ha. Very funny," Tammi muttered. The scary thing was, Danni was right. Tammi was at her mercy. Again.

She heard her sister humming happily in the kitchen, and suddenly the fear was overwhelming. "You promised, Danni!" she called. "Don't forget that!"

Danni skipped back into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed next to her. "Tickle! Tickle my helpless bondage girl!"

"Shut up, Danni! You're not being very funny. You promised!

"I crossed my fingers." Danni leaned over and plucked the peacock feather from its vase. She smiled meaningfully.

Tammi's eyes went wide. "C'mon, Danni! You promised no tickling! You swore! I would never've let you tie me up if I had known you'd go against your word!"

Danni put the feather on Tammi's belly, then pulled a featherduster from the drawer in the nightstand. It had a big bush of frilly ostrich plumes anchored to a curved plastic handle. "Now, which would you like first, the peacock feather or the featherduster?"

"Neither! No! NO! Untie me, right now!"

"You're being petulant, Tammi, and that's really rude. I think I'll have to punish you." Danni swung a leg over her and straddle her, holding the featherduster.

Tammi struggled urgently, knowing how completely helpless she was. "Danni, please, don't do this! You know I can't stand it! I can't STAND tickling! Pleeeeze!" She tried to twist to somehow shield her ribs and tummy, but the rope held her stretched out and taut under her sister, whose weight pinned her to the mattress.

Danni waved the featherduster through the air, and watched as Tammi's wide eyes followed its movements. "Let's start with this, shall we? It's a good punishment tool, don't you think?"

"No, please! No!" Tammi cried.

Danni waved it through the air again, watching its bright feathers flutter, then brought it down between Tammi's breasts. She wriggled it lightly up and down the valley between the titties, scribbling along the pink skin.

"No! Noooo!" Tammi squealed, but her cry was cut short by a stream of giggles that erupted from her throat. She twisted hard but couldn't get away from the titillating feathers which swirled over her tender and defenseless skin. The titillation turned maddening when Danni started dusting her ribs and midriff, running the duster up and down her ribcage, letting the plumes scurry and scatter along her ribs. Danni brushed her midriff just below her boobs, and watched in delight as the tickling took off.

Tammi hiccupped and started to laugh uncontrollably. She thrashed and struggled, as she always did, and begged for Dannit to stop whenever she could catch a breath in the midst of her laughter. Danni didn't listen, but instead, holding the duster daintily between thumb and index finger, continued dusting her sister's ribs and midriff, running down along one side, skittering along below her jiggling boobs, and up the other side. She brushed her armpit for a few seconds, which made her captive shriek, then went across her collarbones to the other underarm, and spent about a minute there, tormenting the helpless hollow. Following that, she skipped the duster down along the ribs, go up and down, up and down, tickling Tammi on both sides of her torso, doing so for more than ten minutes by the bedstand clock.

All the while Tammi writhed in agony, her body on fire with the hellish torture of tickling. She yanked on the bonds holding her arms trapped over her head, straining against them, trying to pull free, but she couldn't. Danni's knots never came untied unless Danni wanted them to, and Danni didn't want Tammi getting away while she was tickling her. Tammi was pinned to the bed, tied down tight, and utter helpless to defend herself against her sister. She laughed shrilly, becoming hysterical, as the duster went around and around her torso, tormenting ribs and armpits and midriff and collarbones.

Tammi's nipples swelled and elongated even further as Danni tormented her. They stood up on the crests of her boobs, jiggling stiffly as her titties bounced about. Seeing them, Danni sent the featherduster up along the full undersides of Tammi's boobies to them. The soft feathers enveloped them, and Danni twirled the duster on each one, pirouetting the filaments on the swollen puckers. She alternated between them, spending at least two or three minutes on each before switching to the other. Tammi's mammaries rolled and jiggled madely under the treatment, and Tammi threw her head from side to side, squealing.

Danni tickled each breast individually. She feathered the round sides of each cone, methodically dancing the duster up and down and around the rippling tit, going from the base up to the pink nipple. She went around each breast ten or twenty times, sparing no path of skin on the mounds. She then plopped the duster down on top of each boob, one after the other, capping them, and turned it between her palms. The feathers spun crazily around, caressing the nipple and the boob beneath it.

After nearly fifteen minutes of boobie tickling, Danni stopped. Tammi collapsed on the bed, chest heaving. Perspiration glowed on her forehead and ribs. Her nipples hurt, they were so hard.

"My, my, aren't you ticklish?" Danni said, and exchanged the featherduster for the peacock plume. "Your boobies are SO ticklish. How about your tummy, hmm?" She scooted down until her rump was nestled between Tammi's spread thighs. Tammi's belly was stretched taut below her, pink and soft.

Tammi shook her head. "No, p-please, Danni, n-n-no more! I can't stand-"

Danni danced the plume down her tummy, then slowly dragged it back up to her solar plexus. Tammi squirmed. "No, please!"

"See if you can guess what pattern I'm drawing, 'kay?" Danni said, and scribbled a box on Tammi's belly with the feathertip. Tammi giggled, and when she didn't immediately answer, Danni said, "You don't know? Give up? I'll draw it again." She did so, making her sister laugh and twist. With no answer but breathless giggles forthcoming, she drew it again and again until Tammi was laughing nonstop, sweat pearling on her face and boobs. "How about this one? Guess the shape!" she drew a circle, a triangle, and a five-pointed star in rapid fire succession. "You're not trying, Tammi. C'mon!" she drew them all again, flicking the feather across the helpless stomach.

"Hah ha ha ha hahahaha!" Tammi cried, thrashing in ecstatic agony. "Oh, st-stop! P-p-pleeeeze! Heee hee heee! HAH HA HA HAHAHA HA HA!"

"Let's play tickle-tac-toe." Danni used a felt-tip marker to draw tic-tac-toe lines on Tammi's belly, then feathered an X in the center box, which was over her belly button. "'Kay, you're O's, Tammi. Tell me where you want your O."

Tammi gurgled, giggling. Danni waited for half a second, then said, "Well, I'll just play for you, then. Here." She scribbled an O, then an X, and played the game quickly, drawing everything on Tammi with the feather. "You lose! I win! Let's play again. We'll play til you win." She played ten agonizing games of tickle-tac-toe while Tammi spluttered and yelped, and won them all, of course. "Best seven out of ten?" And she went on, tickling and teasing with the peacock feather, playing her imaginary game on Tammi's defenseless tummy. Tammi's face flushed red and her bangs matted to her forehead with hot sweat.

"Tammi's not playing too well, is she? I win again. I always win, don't I?" Danni proceeded to madly feather Tammi's belly, scooping the plume across it for almost fifteen minutes while her sister screamed and cried and begged for mercy. When she finally stopped, Tammi caved in, a limp mass of tickled female flesh.

Danni got off the bed and went to stand at its foot. She clasped her hands over her head and stretched languidly, popping her back. Her boobs jiggled as she did so, ans swayed heavily as she did some twists.

Tammi opened her watering eyes and looked down the bed at her naked sister. "D-Danni!" she breathed.

Danni grasped her own ankle and bent it up to the back of her head. Her breasts dangled tantalizingly as she arched her back, the nipples cherry-pink and hard. She took her time stretching, affording her bound sister excellent views. She made sure Tammi got an eyeful of all the sexy part of her body, a body would wouldn't be able to touch until she was untied. Danni dropped her ankle, reached down, and started untying one of Tammi's sneakers.

"Wait! No!" Tammi protested weakly, still breathless from the earlier tickling. "Danni, please!"

Danni pulled off one shoe, then the other, leaving Tammi's feet bare. Her toes wriggled and bunched together in nervous anticipation.

Danni knelt at the end of the bed, brining herself to eye level with the pink, wriggling feet. She slowly kissed every one of the ten toes, giving each big toe a couple of kisses and a little lick. Even this gentle action made Tammi giggle and kick her feet, but the ropes around her ankles kept her from jerking them away.

Danni was a consummate foot fetishist who knew how to treat her sister's ticklish feet. She darted her tongue in and around the base of each toe, licking the webbing, and Tammi kicked again, sputtering a sharp giggle. Danni grabbed and uncurled the bunched toes and licked their undersides, then twirled her tongue on their tiny balls. She repeated the treatment with the other foot, spending longer on it because she liked Tammi's left foot a little more than her right. Starting with the littlest toe, she took it into her mouth and sucked it, cleaning its already-clean skin with her tongue and lips. She took nearly five minutes to suck each toe while Tammi giggled and pleaded with her to leave her footsies alone. When she reached the big toe, she sucked it in and tongued its plump ball. and Tammi yelped. She licked and cleaned its underside, then popped it out of her mouth and kissed it.

Sitting back in contemplation of the bound feet before her, Danni said, "You know, there's just nothing better than having a pair of really ticklish feet to play with."

"Unless they happen to be your own," Tammi muttered.

Danni smiled and lightly licked the insteps next. She applied a little more pressure with her tongue on each pass, and soon Tammi was giggling continuously, toes clasping and spreading. Satisfied with the cleanliness of the footsies, Danni commences using her fingernails on them. She began with the left foot, and scratched lightly up and down along the inner margin of the arch, slowly working her way toward the center of the instep.

"Oh! No-hah ha ha ha ha! HAH HA HA HA HA HAHAHAH HAAA!" Tammi cried, bucking around on the bed. "Stop! Stop!"

"Koochie koochie koo, bondage girl!" Danni said, and gently ran her fingernails up and down the sole. After working Tammi into a frenzy that way, she scratched along the toe line, delighting in how her sister kicked and jerked her feet around. Finally, unable to hold herself back any longer, Danni started tickling both feet at once, digging into both soft soles with her nails and following the networks of tiny creases and wrinkles in the tender, sensitive skin.

Tammi arched tautly in her spread-eagle, her muscular shoulders and tight butt raising off the mattress. Her bellowed nipples jutted at the ceiling, jiggling on her shaking breasts. she strained against her harnesses, but no matter how she jerked or yanked or pulled, the soft silk ropes wouldn't break, wouldn't come untied, but held her limbs securely to the headboard and the boxspring.

Danni grabbed the featherduster again and applied it to Tammi's feet. She wriggled it all over one foot, then the other, making sure the feathers wormed their way in between the toes. With experience that came from years of tickling her sister, she quickly found and titillated the most ticklish spots, with included the inner side of each instep and the balls of the toes. She feathered them nonstop, and smiled happily as Tammi screamed wordlessly in hysterical torment. She went back and forth between the footsies for almost half an hour, letting up only once in a while so Tammi wouldn't pass out from asphixiation.

She tossed the duster aside and went back to using her fingers. She tickled for another ten minutes, until Tammi showed signs of delirium. Her eyes rolled back, and she spasmed tightly, boobies shaking and shimmering as she laughed silently because she couldn't inhale. Saliva drooled from her mouth, and tears and sweat made a damp halo around her head on the pillow. Only then did Danni stop and climb back onto the bed to straddle her again.

Danni liked the straddle position for giving tickle torture. It gave her access to all of Tammi's upper-body ticklish spots, and also let her watch her face as she tickled. She loved to look deep into Tammi's eyes when she tickled her into submission, and seeing the complete surrender that welled up in the soft green pools.

She waited for Tammi to calm down and get her breath back. Then she said, "Well, Tammi, are we ready for more?"

Tammi was abject. "Pleeeze, stop!"

"We're almost done. Just another hour or so."

Tammi groaned. "It's too much! You're mean, Danni!"

"Make that TWO more hours for back talk, young lady."


Danni laid her chin down on Tammi's stomach, just above her belly button, and started tickling both sides of her ribcage with her nails. Danni felt the vibrations of her prisoner's luscious belly as she laughed and hiccupped and giggled. The tummy tremors became frenetic as she carefully traced the outlines of each rib. she put her ear down over the navel and listened to the muted laughter as she raked her nails down from her sister's armpits to her flanks.

Tammi dared to hope the torment was over when Danni suddenly hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom. Then when she heard the whir of the electric toothbrush, and a moment later Danni came back to the bedside with the toothbrush in hand and with the bristles spinning, Tammi's eyes went round again.

"Here's something new for us to play with, Tammi." She got up and knelt at the headbaord, by Tammi's bound arms.

"No, no, not the electric toothbrush! No, Danni, PLEASE!"

Danni placed the whirring bristled against the inside of Tammi's elbow and massaged it around. Tammi squirmed. Slowly, Danni moved the toothbrush down the curve of the bicep, over the freckled and upstretched shoulders, and into Tammi's armpit.

"Ahhh! St-stop! Stop, OH GOD! AH HAH HAH HA HA HA HA!"

Happy with the results of the new toy, Danni pressed it deep into the underarm. Tammi struggled against her bonds, desperately trying to pull free of the silk to lower her upstretched arms to protect her vulnerable armpits. Danni made sure the entire armpit had been brushed, then moved to the other one. Tammi's strained giggles and pleas were sweet in her ears, and her trembling and wriggling toes told her that she was tickling her quite effectively.

Straddling again, Danni drew the toothbrush up the bulge of one breast to the nipple and brushed it for several minutes. Tammi's breathing was labored as the bristles swept over the sensitive and swollen bud of the nipple, then went down the cleavage furrow and up to the other one.

Tammi's ribs got it next. Danni followed the curve of each rib with agonizing precision, slowly going down one side of her ribcage. "Ticklish ribs!" Danni said as she explored them with her little weapon. She tried different pressures and different speed on the toothbrush, trying to find what tickled Tammi the most. By the time she reached the bottom of her ribs, she had found moderate pressure and the highest speed setting did it best, and used them, to go back up that side, retracing her progress until she reached her armpit again.

"Other side," she said, and, starting again at the underarm, proceeded down the curved bank of ribs. She pressed the brush in between the ribs finding that it sent Tammi into an attack of hysterical laughter. Tammi's upper body gleamed with a sheen of salty perspiration by the time she was done.

Danni scooted down her sister's body, bristles still spinning. Down past her tummy, her thighs‹Tammi saw where she was going. "No, no, PLEASE! Not my feet! Don't tickle my feet again, please! Oh, no!"

Danni's toothbrush touched the tips of her toes. Danni scoured each toe in turn, first their tips, then their undersides. She had to hold the toes back with one hand in order to get the brush under them with the other, but the laughter and screams she heard were worth the effort. She poked the brush in between the toes and tickled the webbing, spending a lot of time between the big toe and the second toe.

Finally she attacked the soles. Holding a footsie firmly, Danni stroked the brush up and down its instep, tracing lightning bolts on the pink flesh, then repeated the torture with the other foot. She discovered that holding the brush near the inner side of the instep made Tammi laugh the loudest, so she made sure she held it there for at least five minutes on each foot.

Following the feet, Danni went back up to Tammi's navel and stuck the bristles into it. They reached the bottom of the dimple and scrubbed the rumpled floor and walls of the little shaft. "Tickle Tammi's belly button! Koochie koo! Tickle your belly button!"

"Ha hah hah haaa! Oh,oh p-p-pleeeeeze! D-D-D-Danni! St-stop! HA HA HA HEEEE HEE HEEEE! OH, GOD, STOP!"

Naturally Danni didn't, but kept twirling the vibrating brush around inside her navel, making sure it got into every little nook and wrinkle. The intolerable tummy torment made Tammi cry and shake in fits of laughter mixed with tears. Her hands fisted and her boobies shook as she thrashed and bucked. She twisted by her wrists and ankles, her laughter falling silent once again as she ran out of breath. Danni watched her face redden, holding the brush in her belly button as long as she dared. Just as Tammi started looking like she was about to pass out, she pulled it out of her navel and turned it off. "Now, wasn't that fun, Tammi? Hmm?"

It was a few minutes before Tammi could answer. Her face was deep red and streaked with steamy sweat, and her breasts bobbled as her chest heaved. Saliva dribbled from one side of her mouth. "Ohhhh!hhhhh!" she moaned, rolling her head to one side. "Ohhh, God!hhhhhhh!"

Danni grinned. She light massaged her sister's breasts for a while, squeezing and turning the tender mammaries on her chest, waiting for her captive to come back to herself. When Tammi finally opened her red, watery eyes and look up at her, Danni smiled brightly. "I love how you laugh, Tammi. You're so cute when you laugh and wriggle all over!"

Tammi said nothing, eyes still tearing.

Danni kissed her, then got off the bed. She looked up and down at her trapped sister. "I just love your body, Tammi. I just LOOOOVE it when you're tied down and helpless like this. All stretched out, arms and legs tied up tight. Tied for tickling! Tied for tickle torture!"

She circled the bed like a bird of prey, while Tammi wriggled in her bonds, begging with her eyes for freedom. Danni knelt at the end of the bed again, inspecting the bare feet. "And I love your feet! So cute and helpless like this. Wriggle your toes for me, Tammi."

Exhausted and defeated, Tammi did so.

"How adorable! Look at how these tiny freckled toes wriggle! I just want to eat them up!"

Danni did so, sucking, nibbling, and kissing the tender toes, making her sister squirm and giggle on the bed, for another hour. The only thing that finally stopped Tammi's torture for the evening was a phone call from Mr. Kelleyton, downstairs. Tammi's laughter was keeping him up. Keeping him up how, Danni didn't ask.

Instead of gagging her, as she had done in the past when the neighbors complained, Danni took pity on her and let her up. She untied her arms and legs. Then, looking alarmed, she dashed out of the bedroom.

Tammi sat up and worked the kinks out of her shoulders and arms. She was shaky and light-headed, weak from too much tickling. Her bangs were matted to her forehead, and tear tracks stained her cheeks. She got up, pulled on a terry cloth robe, and stumbled into the living room.

Danni stood in the kitchenette, holding a crusty pot and looking upset.

"What's wrong?" Tammi asked, voice hoarse from much too much laughter.

Danni pouted. "My spaghetti sauce burned."

Tammi put her arm around her sister and hugged her, but smiled inside. That's what you get for tickling me! she thought, feeling at least partly vindicated.

The End

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