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Danny's Birthday

Danny awoke slowly. As he did, his hand found his cock. As usual, it was swollen and hard. He began to slowly stroke his huge, foot long penis as he wondered what the day would bring. It was his eighteenth birthday and his mother had promised him a surprise for his birthday, but he couldn't imagine what it could be.

But just the thought of her made his cock lurch threateningly. He had recently begun to have to have some very indecent thoughts about his mother. He felt disgusted that he could even think about her in the way he was thinking, but he just couldn't help it.

As he lay there thinking about his mother, Lana, his hand began to move up and down his cock faster. He and his mother had lived alone since his father's death five years ago and Danny found himself finding her more and more beautiful as time passed.

He didn't know why, but he was always imagining what she would look like naked. Maybe the fact that she was beautiful and had a knock-out body contributed to his delinquency, but he still knew that he shouldn't be having such evil thoughts about her. While his mother was forty-five years old, she was better looking than any thirty year old in the neighborhood. In fact, in his eyes, she was by far the best looking woman in town. Still, he knew that he was deranged for thinking about his mom in that way, especially while he was beating his meat.

Still, he couldn't stop himself from wondering what she would look like totally nude. He had caught glimpses of her in various stages of undress, but never totally nude. When she wore her skimpy one piece bathing suit, he could barely keep his eyes off her lovely, long legs. She had the best looking legs ever. Every time she wore a long flowing dress with a slit up the side, he would nearly cum in his pants watching her long, tanned legs flashing through the slit. God, what legs she had, he thought to himself as his hand worked faster and faster.

Then his thoughts strayed back the night when his mother had just returned home from a dinner party. He was going to bed so he had stopped by her room to tell her good night. Seeing that her door was slightly ajar, he had peeked inside. He had seen his mother sitting on the edge of her bed pulling her pantyhose down her long, curvaceous legs. Initially, she hadn't noticed him standing there and within moments, she was naked from the waist down. The only thing between her and complete nudity was her frilly, lacy half-bra. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing and felt himself growing so hard, his cock was beginning to ache as he stood there watching her. He had even been able to see her pale little patch of pubic hair covering her tight, taut underbelly. Then she had started to reach behind her and release her bra. Watching on expectantly, he had waited feverishly for her to pop her brassiere. Staring at her big, hard nipples, pink and puffy sticking out over the top of her brassiere, he waited. Then, for some reason, she had looked over to the door. He recalled that neither of them had moved for several moments as they stared at each other. Then finally, she had blushed and pulled her dress up over her nakedness. He remembered being embarrassed beyond belief as he had rushed back to his room without even telling her goodnight. Once there, he had promptly masturbated with the picture of her naked breasts in his mind. Thankfully, she hadn't said anything the next day. But after that first time, he had found himself trying harder and harder to catch her in compromising stages of undress. Strangely, it seemed easier to catch glimpses of her nakedness than before the incident. For whatever reason, she seemed to be less concerned about him seeing her than before the incident. Thinking about her, he kept sliding his hand up and down his massive prick. Sometimes, his mother would catch him looking at her and she would smile faintly and blush.

Danny could feel himself gradually approaching the point of no return as he lay in bed thinking about his mother. As he began to move his hand quicker and quicker, he suddenly became aware of the smell of bacon in the air.

That would mean that his mother was downstairs cooking breakfast for him. Suddenly, his mind was filled with a perverted picture of his mother cooking breakfast in a naughty, frilly corset. In his mind, he pictured her bending over with her beautiful, bare breasts hanging out the corset. Although he had never seen her breasts completely naked, he could imagine how wonderful they would look. Big, soft and as white as a fleecy cloud. He could even see where the whiteness ended and her tanned skin began. He felt a tingle of perverse excitement trickle through his cock as this erotic fantasy filled his head. Dangerously close to cumming, he felt his cock harden even more.

Wanting to prolong the delicious feeling of wickedness, he stopped stroking himself. Holding his giant cock in his hand, he closed his eyes and let the image of his mother shimmer through his mind. The image in his mind seemed almost real as he watched her breasts dangling down, full and heavy as they bobbed and wobbled. In his mind, he had dressed her in a racy pair of red, fishnet hose and flaming red high heel pumps to go with her red corset. He couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful she was as she moved about the kitchen preparing his breakfast.

Then, he thought he felt a faint, almost indistinguishable breath of air flow over his throbbing cock. If he hadn't been so aroused and sensitive, he wouldn't have noticed the breeze. Wondering if he had left his window open, he slowly opened his eyes and started to turn toward the window.

Before he could turn, he saw his mother standing in his doorway holding a tray with his breakfast on it.

"Oh, Shit," he gasped shoving his foot-long cock under his covers.

His whole body turned beet red as he stared at his mother standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face.

"God, Mother, I'm sorry," he blubbered out, "I didn't know you were there."

"Uhhhhhh," she said, clearing her throat, "I could see that."

"I'm sorry," he mumbled apologetically.

"Well, uh, Happy Birthday," she told him, a curious little smile delicately playing over her mouth, "I thought you would like breakfast before I gave you your present, but maybe not......"

"Uh, What, uh......." Danny stuttered, dazed by her sudden appearance. Danny didn't speak, but he watched as she slowly approached his bed. Although it was early in the morning, she had taken the time to put on make-up. Not that she needed it, because she was beautiful with or without in his. Disappointedly, he noted that she was wearing her frumpy old terry-cloth house robe. It was thick terry cloth with long sleeves and covered her from neck to knees with its sexless plainness. It was definitely not the costume that he had pictured her wearing.

"But, since I brought it up here," she said stopping by his bed and leaning down, "you might as well eat it while I tell you about your birthday present."

She placed the tray of food down squarely on his hidden hardness. It seemed to Danny that she had pressed it down on him a little harder than necessary, but maybe his overactive imagination was working overtime.

He quickly started eating to hide his shame and prevent himself from having to respond to anything she had to say.

"I really don't know where to begin," she said softly, blushing slightly.

"I thought long and hard," she went on as she watched him eat, "about your eighteenth birthday present. You have just about everything that money can buy. Your father left us very well off, financially, so I have been able to give you almost everything you could want in that realm. But then I asked myself what could I get you that money couldn't buy. Something that no one else would give you. And, finally something you wanted very much."

Pausing for a moment, she nervously toyed with the top button of her houserobe as she seemed to be gathering her thoughts.

Wondering what she could be getting at, Danny continued to eat. What could she give him that money couldn't buy. What would no one else give him. What did her really want. In his present aroused state, he briefly considered something very vulgar, but quickly dismissed it from his mind as he blushed again.

It was several seconds before Lana continued.

"I finally decided what I would give you, but now that the time has come for me to give you my gift," she blushed again, "I wonder if I can go through with it."

Hesitating again, she nervously slipped the button through the button hole of her robe. Then her hand moved down to the next button.

Danny had almost finished his breakfast as he watched her, wondering if she realized what she was doing. It seemed to be just a nervous gesture, but she had unbuttoned the top button.

"I've watched you grow and mature," she told him, "and I've noticed the way that you've looked at me recently. I realize that you are eighteen and that your hormones are going full blast all of the time. I also know that boys your age fantasize about their mother."

Turning bright red again, Danny felt a wave of shame and humiliation wash over him as she seemed to be reading his mind. How could she know? Maybe he had been too obvious. He wished he had a hole to crawl in as she sat looking at him innocently. She was such a sweet and wonderful person, how could he even think such gross and despicable thoughts about her. He was ashamed of even imagining her doing anything sexually. Why did he think such things about her when he knew he could never do any thing to hurt her. He was almost in tears, chastising himself for having such perverse, evil thoughts about her.

But, even as he rebuked himself, he caught a whiff of her soft, seductive perfume and felt his penis lurch uncontrollably. Thankfully, the tray covered him and his mother hadn't seen his cock jump. He was horrible, he thought to himself. He hated himself for being unable to control his animal urges in front of his dear, sweet mother.

"It is only natural for a boy to imagine such things," she said slowly, "while on the other hand, we both know how wrong it would be to even think about anything so morally wrong. So wrong, we could go to jail for it."

"While boys fantasize about their mothers, mothers can have feelings too. Especially if a mother lives all alone with her son. Especially if a mother doesn't have other men in her life." she said, her voice cracking with emotion, "There is no stronger love in the world than that of a mother for her child. Do you know that?"

"Uh, I, uh, don't, uh, know....." he blabbered awkwardly, growing more and more embarrassed by the minute.

"So when I started thinking about your eighteenth birthday," she went on, sliding the second button through its hole, "I wanted to give you something that would show you just how much I love you. And just as important, I wanted to be with you when you left childhood and traveled into the mysterious realm of manhood."

"Then I had a crazy idea, but I didn't know if I dared to follow through on it," she smiled down at him lovingly. "I started reading books on the rites of passages in many different cultures, and I discovered that my idea wasn't that uncommon."

Stopping for a moment, she took a deep breath before continuing.

"I found that my gifts were gifts that many mothers give their sons," she said, her voice becoming husky with emotion, "except that it is not done in our society. But I felt that you were mature enough to understand what I was giving to you. I thought you would be man enough to accept it, and have the discipline to understand its true meaning. I am going to offer it to you. It is up to you to accept it or decline it. I just hope that you realize how much it takes for me to offer these gifts to you. I am prepared to give you the most sacred gift a mother has to offer her son. I labored over my decision for many a sleepless night, but finally after several months, I am convinced that they are the right gifts."

Stupidly, Danny was puzzled by the formality of his mother's dissertation. He thought he could understand some of her insinuations, but he wasn't totally sure as he finished his breakfast and set the tray down on the floor by the bed. After he had done so, he wished he hadn't because his hard, swollen maleness was now obviously evident under the thinness of the sheet.

"I hope that you know just how much I love you," his mother started again, toying with yet another button on her robe, "and that I would never do anything to destroy that love. The gifts I offer go hand in hand. If you accept one, then you have to accept the other. It is up to you to accept or reject. But you must remember, that you can't have one without the other. You must understand that. Do you understand that it is up to you to take it or reject it? Whatever you decide, you must remember that there is a second part of the gift and you must have the discipline to accept it. Discipline is one of the first things you must learn as a man. Do you understand?"

"Uh, I, uh, think so" Danny stammered, beginning to understand the gravity of her concern.

"Then if you are sure you understand the magnitude of my concern, I offer myself to you as your birthday gift," she said dramatically. As she spoke, she stood up and let her houserobe fall to the floor.

Danny couldn't believe what he saw. His mother now stood before him dressed almost identically to the way he had pictured her in his mind earlier that morning. She wore the same bright red corset he had imagined her wearing in his fantasy. It was made out of shiny, red satin with lacy black garter straps on the bottom and lacy, uplifting cups at the top. The half-cupped brassiere uplifted her enormous, soft, white breasts beautifully leaving her hard, puffy nipples peeking out over the top. "Oh, MY GOD," he blurted out as he felt his cock jerk and spring up under the sheet and his eyes swept over her body.

Her long, lovely legs were encased in sheer, black fishnet hose and she wore a pair of bright red stiletto pumps just as he had imagined it. Then he suddenly felt lightheaded as he stared down at the tuft of soft, curly blonde hair covering her soft, exposed underbelly.

"I wanted to be the one to lead you from childhood into manhood," she whispered softly, "if you want me to. Do You?"

"OH, GOD YES," he groaned out, as his eager cock bobbed up and down uncontrollably under the sheet.

"Thank God," she gushed, leaning down and quickly throwing the sheet back off of him.

Danny watched on in disbelief and panic as his mother stood looking down at his exposed manhood in wonder and shock.

"Oh, Danny," she cooed, "you are so beautiful and hard and big."

After a few moments, she shook her head and crawled up onto his bed.

"I must confess that I want you as badly as you want me," she gushed out as she lay down beside him, "and I don't know what I would have done if you had turned me down."

Rolling over onto her back, Lana quickly spread her long, enchanting legs apart making herself ready for him.

"Take me," she panted, "take me, my son, and I'll show you the many, many ways of love."

Danny clumsily clambered up to his hands and knees. His giant cock slashed back and forth wickedly as he struggled up between her beautifully spread legs. As he tottered above her, he saw her hand fly down to his gigantic cock. Taking hold of his bobbing, dancing maleness, she gasped at its size as it hovered above her wet, waiting womanpit.

"Oh, Baby, I just hope I can take all of your mancock," she wheezed, pushing the massive, mauve cockhead down toward her gaping womanhood.

"Oh, God, I Love You, Mother," Danny moaned as he felt his cockhead brush up against the soft, wet heat of his mother's femininity.

"Oh, Yes, I Love You, too, Baby," she panted as she drug his big, rubbery cockhead up and down the wet, drooling furrow of her cunt.

Already on the edge, Danny was barely able to keep from exploding as he pushed himself down at her. Almost immediately, he felt his cockhead slide down into the incredible heat of the seething cavern of her forbidden flesh. It felt like he had thrust his cock into a vat of boiling juices as it slid deeper and deeper into her clutching socket. He knew that they would both be struck dead at any moment for committing such sin.

"OH BABY," Lana moaned as she felt his enormous penis slide inside of her, forcing her vagina to stretch and dilate to accommodate his hugeness.

The overwhelming magnitude of what he was doing suddenly descended upon him like a ton of bricks. As the totality of their incestuous union became reality, the soft, sucking pull of his mother's velvety vagina became too much for Danny. Unable to restrain himself another second longer, he drove the entire length of his foot long cock down into waiting softness of his mother's wonderful cunt with one powerful thrust.

"OHFUCKITSSOBIG," she blurted as his hot hardness cut her all the way to the quick.

The instant his belly slapped down onto hers, his great cock exploded inside of her with the force of a firehose. The gigantic cock, jerked powerfully and spewed out a huge stream of thick, white, hot boycream deep inside of her clutching cunt. "OHYOURCUMMINGINME," she screamed out, kicking her legs up and driving her heels into her son's ass, forcing him even deeper into the hot, pulling socket of her vagina.

Then, her son's gigantic prick erupted inside of her again and she felt her own orgasm begin, down deep inside of her drenched cunt. As it grew and gained in momentum, her son's massive cock continued to jerk and spurt thick, hot, jets of his burning, clinging cum into her ravenous cunt. The spasms wracking her body became stronger and stronger as wave after wave of animalistic pleasure washed over her. Never had either of them felt such passion and pleasure.

Like two rutting wild animals, they writhed and fought, clinging together in some primitive ritual of death. Yet, as their bodies clashed together, the only thing to die was their innocence. On and on they battled, both of them gasping and groaning until at last their bodies could take no more. Suddenly they collapsed down onto the bed in a heap of wet, sweating flesh.

Danny awoke slowly for the second time on his birthday. As he slowly struggled back to consciousness, he could feel something hot and wet enveloping his cock. Opening his eyes, he looked down and found his mother lying between his outstretched legs lovingly sucking on his cock. Watching her head bob and dance around his cock, he felt himself rapidly growing hard again.

Feeling him growing hard, his mother opened her eyes. Looking up at him with almost all of his flaccid penis in her mouth, she gave his cock one long hard suck. "Good morning, again," she smiled up at him, letting his big, fat cock slowly slip out of her mouth, "did you like your first birthday gift?"

"Oh, God," he groaned, smiling back at her, "I thought I had died and gone to heaven."

"I did, too," she said softly, leaning down and running her soft, pink tongue up the entire length of his hard, throbbing mancock, "it was the best ever."

Looking up at him sensually, she lifted his giant penis once again. Leaning down, she slowly sucked the great, bloated head of his monstrous cock back into her mouth. As he watched her soft red lips slowly slither down his swollen manhood, he could feel her soft, silky tongue teasing and taunting his sensitive cockhead. Ever so slowly, she sucked more and more of his giant into her hot, clutching mouth until she had six inches of his foot long prod inside her mouth. He could feel his passion rising once again as she lovingly sucked and toyed with him. The wickedness of their incestuous marriage was so sexually arousing, he could barely contain his ardor. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to postpone the inevitable as she lifted his goose-egg sized balls and gently rolled them around in her hands. He could feel the hot softness of her silky smooth hands as she adoringly squeezed and fondled his great sperm generators. It was quickly becoming too much as she nuzzled and sucked on him harder and harder. The incredulity of awakening to the feel of his mother sucking on him had already driven him to the point of eruption.

"God, Mom, you'd better stop," he panted, "or I'm going to cum."

Stopping for just a moment, she let his cock slowly slide out of her mouth as she looked into his eyes lovingly. Looking down to his cock, he saw that it glistened with her saliva as it slithered out of her mouth, wet and hard and primed.

"I want you to fill my mouth with your sweet, hot mancream," she whispered, "and let me suck you until I swallow all of your sweet, hot cream."

She felt his cock lurch dangerously as she spoke and quickly sucked him back into her mouth.

"Oh, Fuck," he gasped as he felt her burning lips encircle him once again, quickly sliding down his primed rod.

He felt his cock shudder and swell with pre-eruption eagerness as his mother continued to pull and suck on him. He could feel the cum in his big, hard balls begin to boil and bubble as her soft, full lips roughly pulled on his loaded weapon. Staring down at her, he couldn't believe that it was really happening. How could he be lying in his bed with his mother between his legs hungrily devouring his maleness? The sheer wickedness of it was too much to accept. He felt his balls clench and shudder as they sent a fiery gusher of his syrupy white spume spewing out into her mouth. Her eyes flew open as her mouth was suddenly filled with his creamy froth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, but there was so much, some of it escaped out around the shaft of his cock and trickled down her chin.

Sucking and swallowing as fast as she could, she nursed on his giant cock as it lurched again and shot out another great gob of his thick potency into her mouth.

His mother tried to keep up with the flood of cum that was pouring out of his mammoth penis, but some of it still managed to escape and drip down her chin once again. Over and over again, his cock jerked and spurted out its foamy load until he thought it would never stop. But at last it did.

"Oh, Fucking, God," Danny groaned as his mother continued to gently suck and nurse on his slowly shrinking cock, "mother, you're going to kill me if you keep that up."

"Did you like it," she finally asked him as she let his fat, swollen penis slip from her mouth.

"Oh, God, Yes," he gasped, looking up at her.

"I'm glad that you did," she grinned, her lips glistening wetly from the coating of cum that covered them and trickled down her chin.

"I've never had it feel that good," he sighed watching as her tiny pink tongue flick out and lick her lips, lapping away his cum.

"What would you like to do next?" she smiled mischievously, standing over him on her hands and knees with her heavy, full breasts dangling down over his thighs, "Or would you like to take another nap?"

"I would like to taste you," he grinned up at her, reaching up and gently fondling her big, pendant breasts, "and make you feel as wonderful as you've made me feel."

"Ohhhhhhhhh, that sound's good," she said expectantly, "it has been so long, I've almost forgotten how it feels."

"Bring your beautiful little, uh, pus, uh, pussy up her then," he said, blushing and stammering, unused to speaking to his mother so familiarly.

With her long, tan legs straddling him, she slowly crawled up his body.

Danny stared in disbelief and adoration as her huge, round, bobbling breasts wiggled and jiggled above him as his mother crawled up the bed. Then he felt his cock lurch with depraved desire as his mother's soft, wet womanhood appeared above his face. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. It was so wonderful, it almost took his breath away. The forbidden entrance to his mother's soul. It was incredible that his mother's pussy was hovering only inches from his face. Staring up at it, he could see the thick, fleshy lips drooping down, glistening with her juices. The puffy labiums on each side of the sacred opening of her vagina were covered with a soft, downy forest of twisted, crinkled blond hair. It was unthinkable, but he was only a breath away from the very center of every erotic thought he had had over the past six months. His mother's wonderful, beautiful core of love. Not only was he able to see it, but she was actually offering it to him. Just thinking about it was enough to make his giant cock jump up and down with excitement.

He suddenly became aware of the soft smoothness of his mother's thighs as she pressed her legs together lowering her pussy down onto his lips. There it was, the very place where he had been conceived. The place where he had spent nine months of his life and now he was returning to it as it slowly sank down toward his face. Then suddenly he could smell the hot musk of her femininity as the hot softness of her pussy slowly caressed his lips. Tentatively at first, he eased his tongue out onto the silky softness of her vaginal lips. He was licking his mother's pussy. His cock jumped dangerously as the depraved thought tore through his head.

"Oh, My Baby," his mother groaned as she felt his tongue on her womanhood.

Slowly, lovingly, he searched the meaty folds of flesh for her button of joy.

"CHRisstttt," his mother gasped as his tongue found it.

Poking at the hard little button of nerves hidden inside of its fleshy cave, he felt it slowly ease of the sheath until it jutted out hard and ready. Quickly, he attacked it with a vengeance, flicking his tongue back forth across it mercilessly as his mother writhed in delight.

"Oh, MY God, YES, Baby, YES, Do, it BABy, Do it," she moaned, her hips jerking and jumping wildly.

Danny couldn't believe that this woman was his mother. Not his dear, sweet mother who had never uttered even so much as a curse word. Had never even pretended to be the least be sexy. This was the woman who had disciplined him when he was wrong and praised him when he was right. He had given him comfort when he needed comfort and now she was becoming a sex-crazed maniac literally right before his eyes.

Reaching up, Danny grasped his mother's perfectly rounded buttocks and pulled her dripping cunt down even harder as his tongue ravaged her swollen clitoris.

"OHFUCKYES, OHFUCKYES, OHFUCKYES," she blathered as her hips shook and bounced sending cunt juice splattering all over her son's face.

Like a man gone insane, Danny pillaged his mother's weeping gash and jutting little clitoris. Faster and faster, his tongue raked back and forth across it, driving his mother closer and closer to the point of no return.

She was now grinding her cunt into his face as he pulled her down onto him. He could feel her crinkled pubic hair grinding into his cheeks as he devoured her sweetness. Then without any warning, his lips were bathed with a gush of hot, fragrant juices.

"OHMYGODIMCUMMIINNNGGGggggg," his mother screamed out as her body began to jerk and spasm uncontrollably.

Wrapping his arms around her hips, Danny hugged her pussy down against his face. Holding her imprisoned in his arms, he hungrily devoured her cunt as she writhed and cried out in pleasure.

"OH, God, I Love it, I Love it, I Love it, Oh, My, Baby," she gushed out as she continued to thrust herself down at him.

The flow of her sweet nectar went on and on as she kept crying and writhing until at last she collapsed, rolling onto her side beside him.

Even though she had rolled off him, Danny followed her and kept licking and teasing her clitoris until she gently pushed his head away from her.

"Please, Baby, wait a few minutes," she cooed, "its too sensitive now."

"Did it feel good, mother?" he asked innocently.

"Oh, God, Yes," she blurted out, "it never felt that good with any other man. Never, ever. It was beautiful."

After a few moments, Danny scooted up until he was facing his mother. Both of them lay on their side looking into each other's eyes for several seconds. Finally, Danny leaned forward and ever so gently kissed her on the mouth. The kiss, soft and tender in the beginning soon became brutal and demanding as they crushed their lips together. After several seconds, his mother pulled back gasping for air.

"Oh, My, Baby," she panted, "you are already a man and you know how to make me so hot."

As she spoke, she ran her hand down his chest, over his flat, hard stomach to his jutting, throbbing penis.

"My, God, you're already hard again," she groaned, wrapping her hand around the thick, blue-veined shaft of his giant penis.

"Just touching you makes so hard I hurt," he whined as she slowly stroked his hardness with her soft, clenched hand.

Danny was content to let his mother gently stroke him for a while. Then he slowly got to his hands and knees beside her, his giant cock jutting out from his groin wickedly.

"Does my Baby want another present," his mother gurgled, rolling over onto her back and spreading her long, tan legs apart.

"Very Badly," he grunted, crawling up between her outstretched legs.

"Mommy's present is already open and ready for Baby," she cooed, fingering her wet, drooling pussy open.

"God, Mother, it's beautiful," Danny gushed, looking down at the fleshy pink pit of his mother's sanctity that now lay open and wet.

As he crawled up, she grabbed hold of his slashing, bobbing cock and slowly began to bend it down toward her gaping love-wound.

"Mommy wants all of Baby inside of her place," she whispered. "Push it into Mommy until it won't go any deeper, Baby, Please."

As she spoke, Danny felt the head of his colossal cock touch the hot, wetness of her waiting femininity. An electric shock ran through his body as he slowly forced himself down into the hot, sucking depths of his mother's ravenous cunt. Even though he was huge, she was so hot and ready, his gigantic penis sliced down into her hot, flooded cunt like a knife through butter. Forcing the narrow channel of her hot, sucking cunt to accept his hugeness, he thrust himself deeper and deeper into the core of her forbidden motherhood. Like some monstrous battering ram, it battered its way down the hot, slippery sheath until at last his stomach slapped down onto hers.

"Oh, God, it's all in me," she gasped as she clenched her cuntal muscles down around his throbbing mancock.

"Oh, My, God," he groaned, feeling the blistering juices of her cunt burning his cock, "I LOVE IT."

Holding his cock buried inside of her, he reached down and hooked his elbows behind her knees. Grunting, he lifted her long, shapely legs up higher and higher until at last her thighs were pressed up against her huge, soft tits. She was now completely exposed and at his mercy as he slowly withdrew his penis.

Pausing only briefly, he quickly hammered his cock back into her brutally. The force of his thrust was such that it almost knocked the breath out of her. Then he slowly withdrew it again and slammed it back into her forcefully. After several brutal thrusts, he stopped assaulting her and began to fuck her with long, penetrating thrusts burying himself up to the hilt inside her hot, sucking cunt every time. In and out, in and out slid his giant peter as she mewed and whimpered in adoration and delight.

Time seemed to stop as they fucked and fucked. Then suddenly, she was consumed by the unholy fire of another orgasm as her body shook and quivered. Even though he could feel the ravages of her orgasm coursing through her body, he didn't relent and continued to stroke his cock into her deep and hard.

"OHYES, OHYES, OHYES, BABYFUCKMOMMY!" she growled out as her whole body shook uncontrollably.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the last throes of her orgasm faded. Danny continued to feed his giant prick into her as she willingly accepted it. Reaching down to his pistoning butt, she grabbed the cheeks of his ass, bringing blood as she dug her nails into him, pulling him into her harder and harder. Still, he didn't succumb to the passion of the moment as he continued to drive himself down into the hot, clutching depths of her love-wound over and over again.

Then for a second time, she was possessed by a fiery orgasm. Shaking so badly her teeth were chattering, she was whisked to heights of pleasure that were so intense, they were frightening. She had never experienced such joy and delight with any other man in her whole life. It was too much and she began to sob fitfully, but Danny continued to fuck her mercilessly.

"Oh, unh, Mommy, unh, are, unh, you, unh, okay?" he was able to grunt between thrusts as he finally felt himself nearing release. "God, Ahh, Yes, Ahh, I, Ahh, Feel, Ahh, Wonderful," she gurgled out between strokes of his mighty engine, "Fuck, Ahh, Me, Ahh, Baby."

Feeling his own culmination rapidly approaching, Danny began to fuck his mother harder and deeper. Soon his hips were a blur of pink as his cock slashed in and out her wetly. The wet, slurping sounds of their lovemaking was filling the room along with the grunts and groans of the two lovers. Closer and closer he drew until at last it was on him like a demon.

"OHMYFUCKINGGODDDDDDDDD!!!" he bellowed out as his mammoth cock exploded inside of his mother's drenched cunt for the second time that day.

"OHYESBABY!!" she screamed back at him as she tripped off into her fourth orgasm of the day.

They were once again like two battling beasts as they clawed and scratched at each other. Their bodies slapped together obscenely as Danny's cock spurted its potent cream into his mother and then retreated for a moment before crashing together again. Their macabre, incestual dance went on and on as Danny's elephantine penis spurted and spurted inside his mother's cunt. Within moments her cunt was filled to overflowing with his thick, white love-milk and it began pouring out of her cunt. Still it wouldn't stop until both of them were covered with its hot, clinging stickiness.

After it finally stopped, they lay unmoving, their bodies crushed together in a deep, passionate embrace for the longest time. Then, slowly, they parted.

"OH," she winced when his still large cock popped out of her battered and bruised cunt.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," he apologized as he rolled over onto his back.

"That's okay, Baby," she smiled at him, lifting his sodden warrior and giving it a loving squeeze, "it is just so big."

"Not now," he grinned tiredly, looking over at the clock by his bed and seeing that it was already past noon.

What a birthday, he thought. Not only had he gotten laid on his birthday, but he had gotten laid by his mother, the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Thank you for a wonderful birthday, Mother," he said softly, turning and facing her again.

"You're welcome," she smiled at him mischievously, "but it's not over yet." "What, what, do you mean there's more," he asked, hardly daring to believe there could be more.

What could she mean, he wondered. Maybe they were going to make love for the rest of the day. That would be unbelievable. Even as he thought about it, he felt a tingle of excitement trickle through his shrunken manhood.

"Why don't you take a quick nap," she smiled at him, slowly sitting up, sending her breasts into a fit of shaking and wiggling, "and when you wake up I will have your other present ready."

"Okay, I could use a little rest," he yawned, "I'm getting worn out trying to keep up with you."

"Oh, you naughty little boy," she laughed, standing up. "Go night-night for a while and Mommy will get your other present ready for you."

The events of the morning had drained Danny emotionally and physically and within moments he was asleep again.

He felt as if he had only slept for a moment when he felt himself being coaxed to wakefulness by a wet warmness enveloping his sleeping manhood. Lazily, he drifted toward consciousness and opened his eyes. Groggily, he saw his mother sitting between his legs with his cock in her hands. Unable to comprehend what she was doing, he was enjoying the feel of her hands as she gently massaged his floppy prick.

What in the world was happening, he wondered as a paralyzing jolt of panic tore through his brain. Why was she doing this to him, he struggled to remember. Then suddenly, it all came back to him and he slowly relaxed.

"Oh, you're finally awake," she smiled up continuing to caress his big, soft dick. "I thought you were going to sleep all day, so I decided to wake you up."

"Huh," he responded sleepily, looking over at the clock and seeing that it was five o'clock already.

He had slept for more than four hours, but his thoughts were still muddled and slow. As he tried to shake to cobwebs from his mind. Looking back at his mother, it took him several moments to realize that she had removed her lingerie and was naked. God, she was beautiful, he thought to himself as he drunkenly leered at her.

"What's wrong?" she asked with a puzzled look on her face, "You look drunk."

"I have never seen you naked before," he mumbled, "and you're, you're just so, so beautiful, it almost hurts to look at you."

"Oh, My," she blushed brightly, starting to raise her arms to cover her large, round breasts, but stopping, "that was the most wonderful compliment any man has ever given me."

"I meant every word of it," he asserted. "You're Venus, Aphrodite, and Helen of Troy all rolled into one wonderful woman and I Love you with all my heart."

"Shush that up before you make me cry," she laughed softly, but couldn't stop two big, wet tears from coursing down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," Danny apologized, not sure what to do or say, "I didn't mean to make you cry."

"Well," she began, wiping the tears from her cheeks, "I have your last gift ready if you would like it."

"Really?" he said, quickly looking around the room without seeing any evidence of a gift.

"Yes, Silly," she smirked at him as she watched him looking around the room.

"I don't see it."

As he watched on with anticipation, his mother slowly got up to her hands and knees.

"Would you like this," she asked him, turning and presenting him with her upturned butt.

"What, uh, what the......." he stammered as he stared at her glistening behind, "you mean, uh, you mean........"

"I mean would you like to have my other place," she said softly, "it is the place that women keep for only those men who are very, very special. I have never given it to another man. And you are my very, very special person. I want you to have my virgin anus."

Danny was speechless as he stared at his mother's beautifully rounded bottom. It was a wondrous work of art. Both of the big, soft globes of flesh were flawlessly soft, yet firm at the same time. It wasn't hard, but it didn't sag either. It was perfection. Then as his eyes sought out the core of her other place. He suddenly realized that she had liberally coated her anus with some kind of lubricant and that was why her ass was glistening in the dull light. Then with another revelation, he touched his cock and found it covered with the same slippery substance. A bolt of sheer sexual excitement tore though his brain as it finally came to him what she had planned. She wanted him to take her in the ass.

Danny nearly fainted with rapture as saw his mother looking over her shoulder at him expectantly.

"Well, can't you make up your mind?" she asked him, slowly undulating her beautiful derriere at him enticingly.

"Oh, God, YES Mother," he blurted out, struggling up to his hands and knees behind her.

"You're going to have to be gentle," she cautioned him when she felt his hands on her hips, "you're so big, you might hurt me."

"Oh, Mother, I don't want to do this," he complained, "if it's going to hurt you."

"I think I can take you this way," she smiled at him, "but you're just going to have to be gentle, that's all."

"I will, I promise," he gushed out as his cock slowly started to harden and stand out.

"Not too slow, though," she told him inching back toward him, "because you'll have to get it in me before it gets too big or it will never fit."

"Okay," he muttered, taking hold of his hardening maleness and scooting up behind her upturned butt.

Because his cock wasn't hard, he grabbed it with both hands to hold it still. Leaning forward, he slowly placed the great bulbous head of his prick on the tiny, little wrinkled opening to his mother's tight anal opening. Slowly, he began to lean toward her as he felt her pushing back against him. Both of them were straining hard, but nothing happened for the longest time.

"Oh, Danny, I'm sorry, but I don't think OHMYGOD," she winced as the great swollen head of his cock finally popped through the hot, clinging ring of muscles surrounding her anus. "WAITDON'T MOVEWAIT."

Danny felt as if his cock was going to be decapitated as the strong ring of muscles encircling her asshole clamped down around his growing monstrosity. He couldn't believe it, but the head of his penis was inside his mother's asshole. He had never felt anything so tight and hot and excruciatingly wicked before. It was all he could do to keep from erupting inside of her at this very moment and he hadn't even fucked her. He knew that no matter what, he wouldn't be able to last long inside the fiery channel of his mother's anus. But, if she wanted him to fuck her in the ass, he was determined to fuck her lovely ass.

"Slow, Baby," she whimpered as she groaned and pushed back against her son's monstrous penis.

Straining with the effort to force himself inside the inviolable stricture of his mother's ass, it was all Danny could do to keep from cumming. At least his cock was now hard enough, he could let go of it. Releasing himself, he grabbed onto his mother's round, firm thighs and forcefully pulled her back onto himself. Slowly, inch by inch, his horrendous cock was disappearing into his mother's asshole. He was so huge and she was so tight, there was no indication of her asshole, it seemed he just disappeared into her ass. Finally, he had six inches of his hard, throbbing peter buried up his mother's asshole.

"Oh, Baby, Please, Just wait for a minute," she implored him as she stood before him on her hands and knees with her head hanging down, "I just need a minute, please."

Stopping at his mother's request, Danny slowly felt his way down to his mother's drooling, empty womanhood. Running his finger up the wet, fleshy furrow of her vagina, he searched for his clitoris. Finally, he finally found the swollen little button. Quickly, he began to flick and toy with it as his mother moaned her approval. Then as he played with her clitoris with one hand, he slowly eased one, and then two fingers up into her deserted womanhood. As he did, he could feel the hard rigidity of his cock through the delicate, thin layer of tissues separating his mother's asshole from her vagina. His mother's legs were slowly creeping farther and farther apart as he slowly finger fucked her and played with her clitoris.

"Push it in, Baby," she finally told him, "I want to take all of you."

Pulling his fingers out of her cunt, he grasped her hips again and quickly began to pull her back onto his stiff, jutting weapon. As he did, he felt his cock begin to slide into her again. Then he felt her grunt and shove herself back at him forcefully. The combination of their efforts quickly forced his cock down into the very core of her asshole and the impalement didn't stop until his belly slapped up against her soft, rounded butt.

"Oh, God, I don't believe it," his mother groaned, "I can't believe that I took all of your huge penis up my anus."

"Every last inch," Danny grunted, still laboring to control the urge to dump his load into her asshole.

"It's beginning to feel good, now," she crooned, "and I want you to fuck Mommy's place for a long time."

"I want to, Mother, but you are so hot and tight," he told her, "I don't know how long I can last."

"Okay, Baby, but go as long as you can, for Mommy."

Knowing that he was only moments away from exploding inside the hot, compressed channel of his mother's asshole, he quickly jerked his cock back almost all the way out. Then, with a loud grunt, he slammed his cock back into the overdilated channel of her asshole. It was all he could take. The passion of the moment overwhelmed him and he felt his cock buck and detonate inside of her.

"OH FUCK MOMMY I'M SORRY," he bellowed out as his cock sent the first giant gusher of white-hot semen spewing out onto the sensitive lining of his mother's colon.

"OH, BABYYYYYYYY," she screeched, unable to stop herself from falling headlong into another mindboggling orgasm.

Neither of them could stop their bodies from shaking and quivering as unfathomable currents of pure sexual pleasure flowed through their bodies unabated. The pleasure they felt was so pure and intense, it threatened to overload their pleasure circuits and leave both of them insane.

Unknowingly, Danny's hands had found his mother's great, pendant breasts as they hung down underneath her. Grabbing them, he pulled on them, using them for a fulcrum as he drove his spurting, spewing manhood deeper and deeper into the overflowing cavern of her ass.

"OH FUCKING GOD ABOVE," his mother screamed as her body writhed and shook, "I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE ITTTTTT."

Danny hung onto his mother for dear life as his cock continued to empty itself into her drenched, sodden asshole. Finally, it couldn't bring itself to reload and fire as it begin to rapidly shrink and slither back down his mother's battered and abused asshole. His whole body was on the brink of total exhaustion as he slowly fell backward jerking his shrinking maleness from his mother aching asshole.

"Ouch," she yelped as his cock flew out of her asshole.

She collapsed on her face as Danny fell onto his back. Neither of them had the energy or desire to talk and within moments they were both asleep.

Danny didn't know how long he had been asleep, but it was dark outside when he was finally able to force his eyes open. Reaching over, he flicked on the lamp. Looking down, he saw that it was nine o'clock. Damn, he thought to himself, what a birthday. He and his mother had spent the entire day fucking and sucking and eating. He would never, ever forget this birthday in a million years.

Looking around, he could find no evidence of their transgression. He was lying under the cover of his freshly made bed that smelled fresh and clean, but he couldn't remember if it was the same bedding that had been on the bed last night or not. Shaking his head, he smiled at the prospect of future assignations with his mother when he heard his mother coming up the stairs. It was funny, he thought, how well you got to know one's step when you lived together for so long. Waiting anxiously, he watched the door to see if she was coming back to his room. Then she suddenly appeared in the door, holding a tray with a birthday cake on it. Disappointed, Danny noticed that she was now dressed in a soft pastel summer dress. It was a little low cut, but it definitely wasn't sexually provocative. Puzzled, he smiled at her.

"Oh, the birthday boy is finally awake," his mother said as she strolled into his room. "It's about time. I was going to wake you up anyway, even if you were asleep."

"Well, Mom," he yawned and smiled, "it's your fault. You wore me out."

"What do you mean by that," she asked him, a puzzled look on her face as she leaned down to set the tray down on his bedstand.

"You know what I mean," he grinned lasciviously starring down the front of his mother's dress at her breasts.

Seeing him looking down the front of her dress, Lana blushed and stood up quickly.

"Daniel, what has gotten into you?" she asked him.

"Didn't you get that backward, Mom," he leered at her obscenely as he reached out and slipped his hand up under her dress.

"DANIEL MORRIS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she shrieked, jumping back away from him and slapping his hand. "HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY?"

"What the........" he sputtered, baffled by his mother's sudden change, "Uh, I'm sorry, uh, I, uh, was just joking around, Mom."

"Well, I didn't find it amusing, young man," she sternly announced. "Why, I have a good mind to dump your cake in your lap."

Danny was dumfounded. What had happened to change her so much in such a short period of time? Or had he dreamed the whole thing? He couldn't have, it was too real to be a dream. Yet, she was acting like it had never happened. What was he to believe? He couldn't even trust his own senses.

"Are you taking drugs or something?" she asked him, "because you're really acting strange. Maybe this is part of becoming a man. I've heard that boys become brain dead when they get eighteen. Can't think about anything but sex and it must be right."

"God, Mom, I'm sorry," he mumbled, still unable to sort out reality from fiction, "I am just confused."

"Well, young man, you had better get over your confusion," she reprimanded him, "and never, ever try that little trick again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Never Again."

"Uh, Okay, Mom," he whimpered like a beaten dog, "I won't ever do it again and I'm sorry."

"You should be," she retorted, walking over to the door. "I was going to celebrate your birthday with you, but I guess the first thing you have to learn about being a man is discipline. Can't you understand that? I thought you understood what discipline meant."

She didn't give him a chance to answer her before she turned and hastily walked out of his room.

Shocked, Danny lay pondering his mother's last words. He knew he had heard them before, but he couldn't remember when or where. Well, whatever, he thought, it had been one hell of a birthday even if it was a dream. What a dream. It was so real, his ass was still sore from where she had scratched him. Then, he quickly ran his hand over his ass and felt the scratches there. Grinning to himself, he wondered if his mother really understood the meaning of discipline. Maybe, he would just have to find out. Hell, maybe he would have another dream on his twenty-first birthday. He would have to ask his mother about it someday, maybe tomorrow, but now he was too tired to think about it....


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