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Dark Meat

Chapter 1. The Beginning

I'll never forget the first time I saw mother fucking a black guy. I'd come home from school early, not feeling well. When I saw the shiny purple Mercedes with the hot chrome wheels, custom paint job and white leather interior in our driveway I knew it didn't belong to anyone we knew.

As soon as I silently let myself into the house I heard the unmistakable moans coming from my mother's bedroom upstairs. I knew Daddy was out of town, and as soon as I heard the wailing, clearly sexual noises coming from Mom, I knew she was doing something nasty. Then she confirmed it in no uncertain terms.


Huge black cock? What the hell was going on up there?, I wondered. Forgetting the low fever I'd been running in school, a new kind of fever was now coursing through my body. All the way to my pussy!

Silently I crept up the stairs, then down the hall toward my parents' bedroom. The door was open, and as I stood there in shadows, watching from the hallway, I saw a woman I knew was my mother acting in a way incomprehensible to me. She was wearing very sexy lingerie... some kind of see-through teddy, with black fishnet stockings. Holes had been cut in the teddy to allow her naked breasts to stick out through the holes, and she had on a pair of black shiny leather spiked heels. In short, she looked like a slut. In reality, she was also acting like one. She was on her hands and knees, facing away from me, and a very large black man was fucking her, my mother, from behind while another equally large black man had his cock in Mom's mouth.

Both the blacks were naked, their ebony bodies covered in glistening sweat, and as I watched, the man in front of Mom's face took his cock out of her mouth and grabbed her head by the hair, forcing her mouth lower, down to his sweaty balls. Mom groaned again and eagerly began licking the dark sac, lavishing it with spit and her tongue. Then she moved her head even lower, under him, and as I stood there on rubbery, shaking legs, watching, my mother began sticking her tongue between the black man's ass cheeks. SHE WAS TOUNGING HIS ASSHOLE!

I was so shocked, and at the same time incredibly excited by what I was seeing I had to lean against the wall to keep from falling down. Without even being aware of what I was doing, I found myself reaching into my skirt, one of those dorky plaid school uniform skirts all us nice Catholic girls are forced to wear at our Parochial school.

As soon as my fingers reached my panties, I realized how wet I was. My panties were absolutely sopping with cunt juice, and as I stood there masturbating, the black guy in front of Mom suddenly moaned real loud, then pointed his huge dick at Mom's face.


The guy in front of Mom was showering her with hot cum now, splashing it all over her cheeks and lips and into her mouth and hair and just everywhere. Mom was bobbing her head all around trying to catch the gobs of cum, and whenever she managed to snag one she'd chew it and moan real loud, then swallow it. I'd never seen anything like it in my life, and I'd seen a couple of porno films, too, but never anything like this. My mother was the hottest, nastiest, most disgusting slut imaginable, and as my own orgasm slammed into me I knew at that moment I wanted to be just like her.

I decided to do something about it while I had a chance, knowing there would be nothing in hell Mom could do anything to stop me under the circumstances. With my fingers shaking I began to undress, quickly stepping out of my skirt, blouse, tennis shoes and socks. For a moment I hesitated, then removed my bra as well. Then, taking a deep breath, knowing there would be no turning back from what I was about to do, I slowly entered the bedroom.

The black guy who'd come on Mom's face saw me immediately and started smiling. He motioned to his friend to look my way, and when the other black guy who was still fucking Mom saw me he started grinning, too.

"Well well well... what we got here," he said.

And then she saw me. Mom's eyes were glazed, and she was just about to come again from the fucking the guy in her cunt was giving her. For a moment she tried to focus on who I was, assuming, I guess, that what her brain was telling her couldn't possibly be true. But it was.

"Hi Mom. Having fun?" I asked, walking right up next to her, my cheeks flushed as the black guy in front of her looked me up and down.

"Kimmy? Oh my GOD! What... how... what are you DOING here?" she screamed, bursting into tears. "Oh GOD... NOOOOO!" she screamed, her wail anguished, tortured.

"I'm watching these studs fucking you, Mother. I'm watching you eating this," I said, scooping a gob of cum from her face, then wiping it onto her lips.

"Eat it, Karen," the black guy said.

For a moment Mom didn't know what to do, so I helped her.

"Yeah, Mom. DO IT! Suck his cum off your daughter's fingers while this stud fucks you," I said, motioning to the guy behind her.

"Maybe I oughta fuck you, little girl," he grinned, withdrawing his enormous cock from Mom's cunt.

"Maybe you should," I said, touching my pussy as they all watched. Suddenly I wanted him to fuck me... I wanted to be as nasty and slutty as my mother. I quickly turned to the guy in front of her and grabbed his cock, then knelt down and put it in my mouth, sucking it, tasting the cum on the head of it where it was still drizzling out the end.

"Oh Kimmy!" Mom groaned. The guy behind her was fucking her again, and she was starting to get turned on again.

"Hmmm...." I moaned, staring directly into Mom's eyes. I took the cock out of my mouth and said, "I love the taste of his cum, Mother. Don't you?"

That was all it took. Mom was too hot to control herself.

"Oh GOD!" she groaned, her eyes glazing over with that crazed look of total depravity I'd seen when she was eating the guy's cum earlier.


I leaned down and licked some of the cum off her face, and when I did she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue onto my lips. I kissed her and spit in her mouth. Then I leaned back and spit on her face. The slut loved it. LOVED it!


"How nasty, Mom?" I asked, shaking, my panties so wet they were sopping and squishing and my juicy goo was all over my slick thighs.

"Anything, baby. Do anything you want to me," Mom groaned. So I did.

I took my panties off and wiped them through my pussy, getting them drenched in my cunt juices. Then I washed Mom's face with them, using my wet panties as a wash cloth, mixing the creamy cum on her face with the cunt juices from my panties, stuffing them into her mouth. She moaned and began sucking on them, delirious now, wallowing in her depravity. I climbed on the bed and straddled her face, forcing my cunt onto her lips, and she began slobbering all over my pussy, sucking me and sticking her tongue up inside my cunt, causing me to come so hard I felt my legs start to fold under me. The black guy in front of Mom held me up, grabbing me from behind, cupping my little 14 year old 32B breasts in his hands as Mom ate me.

God I came hard, so hard I felt my cunt muscles beginning to fail me. Try as I might I was unable to hold back. Suddenly I found myself pissing in Mom's mouth.

"UMMMMM! OH GOD, YESSSSS!" she screamed, opening her mouth, backing away from me so the black guys could see what I was doing to her.

"Shit, man, the ho' is pissing in her old lady's mouth, man," the guy behind me said, laughing.

"Fucking slut loves it. Look at her," the other guy said.

I just relaxed and let it flow, drenching Mom, pissing all over her face while the guy behind me felt me up. Then I felt it... his cock... starting to get hard behind me.

Oh God, I thought. I'm finally going to get fucked, after jerking off my boyfriends, and sucking them off in their cars, I'm finally going to feel a real man's cock in my pussy. And do you know what? I'd never wanted anything so badly in my life!

I turned around and looked at him. "Can you fuck again yet?" I asked.

"Shit, little girl... I can fuck YOU! That's for sure," he grinned.

"Then do it!" I said, crawling out of his arms, flopping down onto the wet bed next to Mom, lying in a little of my own pee, my fingers flying over my little swollen clitty now as I masturbated while the guy moved between my legs.

"You ever been fucked by a man before, slut?" he said.

"I've never been FUCKED before, but I want it, and I want it NOW!" I said, shivering in anticipation. "So DO IT, you big fucker. FUCK MEEEE!"

The guy laughed, then leaned down and lifted up my legs, spreading me apart as his huge, thick black cock moved closer and closer to my pussy. I turned and looked at Mom, and she was still glassy-eyed, still off in her own little world of perverted lust somewhere. Spit and cum and my pee were drooling out of her mouth, and each time the stud behind her pushed his dick into her, her head jerked. She was fucking COMING! EACH TIME HE MOVED HIS COCK INTO HER! God, I thought. She must be the hottest woman in the world to be able to come like that, over and over. And I had inherited her genes!

"Ready little flower?" the black asked.

"DO IT! FUCK ME!" I screamed.

He did, suddenly plunging into me, driving his cock through what was left of my cherry so hard and deep I at first didn't feel a thing. Then a tearing, scorching hot pain racked my body and I almost fainted. God his cock was big! I'd fucked myself with pencils and candles and shit like that, but never had anything as big as his dick in my cunt. It was so... so HUGE!

"You okay, little ho'?" he asked tenderly. Even though he called me a name, I knew from his voice and eyes he didn't mean it the way it sounded. It was just a name to him. He even stopped moving when he saw he was hurting me.

"Yeah," I grinned, the pain beginning to subside. He moved his dick a little inside me, and gradually it started to feel less painful. Then it started to feel a little better... and better... and oh my fucking holy shit MUCH better!

"Oh GOD, it... it feels so GOODDDD!" I screamed.

Mom grinned at me, then leaned over and kissed me while the guy behind her kept pounded away inside her. The guy was amazing. How long had he been fucking her now?, I wondered.

"Your friend can sure fuck a long time," I gasped to the guy fucking me, impressed.

"Yeah... well... he fucked her before so the second time he can always go longer," the dude said.

"And you? How long can you fuck me?" I asked.

"All night long, ho'," he grinned, moving in and out of me faster now, driving me crazy.

"I don't want to fuck all night... I want to feel it going off inside me... in my pussy... or my mouth!" I groaned, pumping my petite hips up into his dick now, fucking him.

"You want to eat my cum, too, huh little ho'?" he grinned.

"Yeah. I want to eat your cum, and feel it all over my face, like you did to my mother," I said, close to coming, my fingers still rubbing my clit.

"How 'bout you eat both of us?" the guy fucking Mom said.

"Oh God! Yeah. Sure. No problemmmmmm," I gasped, my orgasm slamming into me, causing my body to jerk and twitch like I was being seared by lightning or something.

"Bro? Should we?" my fucker said to his friend.

"Shit, why not. They want it, let's give it to them," the guy fucking Mom said.

So they did. He rolled Mom over onto her back, and she scooted over next to me, kissing me, our tongues rubbing and drooling all over each other. Her face smelled like cum and piss and ball sweat and pussy and I loved it. My nerve endings were fried, and when she started tugging on my nipples I came again. Just then I felt a cum shower raining down on us, hot and sticky and nasty, drenching us both, splattering all over our faces as the two black men jerked off directly over our faces. Oh God it was nasty, and I loved it, loved the idea of what we were doing, lying there being splashed with hot, snotty cum by two sweaty black studs.

This time when I came I came so hard I actually passed out. The last thing I remember was licking cum off my lips, tasting it, chewing it and swallowing it, knowing what it was and what this day signified. Knowing I would dedicate my life to becoming the kind of slut I knew I could, and knowing my mother could do absolutely nothing about it. God I loved that thought... and as I drifted off to sleep the last thing I wondered about was Daddy. Did he know about Mom? Did he approve of her doing this? Or was it a secret? In time I knew I'd find out, but for now, I was just happy to know from now on I'd be doing this kind of stuff with her, too. As often as I wanted. And who knows... maybe I'd even be doing it with Daddy, too. Now THAT was something to look forward to....

********** Continue???

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