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When Saturday morning arrived, Kathy got after me to help her. "Uh oh," I thought to myself. "More screens to put up or dog shit to be cleaned off the lawn."

"Okay, honey," I reluctantly agreed, "what is it this time? If it's about that screen on the kitchen window I already told you that I was going to --"

"No, no," she interrupted. "I've already given up on that. All I want you to do is stay home with Bridget while I take Becky to the dentist. I let Bridget stay up too late last night watching television and she's sleeping like a log. I couldn't even wake her up to get her dressed and take her with me. You know what a deadhead she is! Think you can do that for me?"

Could I ever! "Yeah, sure," I said, forcing myself not to reveal how glad I was, "I'll stick around. How long'll you be gone? Going anywhere else?"

She told me she simply must get her hair done, and that she would be unable to get home before four or so.

"It isn't that Bridget isn't old enough to be home by herself," Kathy explained. "It's just that I hate for her to be alone when Becky and I are downtown. If she'd been awake she'd have wanted to go with us. She'll feel left out."

I assured her I would stay home until she got back.

"And don't guzzle all the beer we've got left while I'm gone," she reminded me as they went out the door.

After I was sure Kathy was well out of earshot, I carefully enunciated two words in her direction: "Fuck you." But it disturbed me a bit to realize, even as I was speaking, that I would never say anything like it to her face.

Like a flash, without bothering even to change out of my pajamas, I dashed to the girls' room. There she was, deeply asleep just as Kathy had said. Bridget was lying on her right side, back to the wall, with her coltish limbs thrown out every which way. The covers were in a turmoil and her long blonde hair was strewn all over the pillow. As I looked on, her chest rose and fell with the healthy regularity of a young animal.

Too bad I couldn't see her tits. The quilt happened to be placed so that it strategically shielded them from my view, however, and all I could detect was their amorphous but delectable presence underneath. But I was luckier with certain other parts of her youthful anatomy.

One long leg was entirely exposed, being covered only at the very top of her slender thigh. A few more inches and I would have been treated to a choice shot of her crotch. I wondered if she was wearing panties. How did my stepdaughters sleep, anyway? I couldn't remember. Another portion of her body left pleasingly and sensually bare was the beginning of the curve of the left cheek of her hard young ass. My eyes lingered long and thoughtfully there, and were only dislodged by an unexpected movement she suddenly made.

I stepped quickly back and started to leave the room until I realized it was nothing more than a random shifting of position. She was still deeply and gloriously asleep, I noted with a sigh of relief. I walked closer, this time to the very edge of the bed. Her pretty face, fresh and rosy without the slightest trace of make-up, lay softly against the clean white pillow. Her mouth was parted loosely, displaying the perfect brightness of her teeth, and her lips -- precociously full and slightly moist -- pouted over some unknowable dream that may have been passing through her mind.

"Geez," I thought, gazing down at her lovely young form. "How the hell I managed to pretend this kid doesn't turn me on for all these years is more than I can understand. She's a regular little doll if there ever was one!"

Testing her, I slowly lowered myself to the bed and sat beside her. No reaction. I sat heavily with all my weight, even bouncing a couple of times. Her only motion was the natural swaying of her body caused by the movement of the bed. In a quiet voice I said, "Honey, you awake? Wake up now." Still nothing.

With anticipation nervously mounting, I swung my feet from my slippers and lay beside her. My weight caused her body to slide slightly toward me, but still no sign of wakefulness from the sleeping youngster. The slight movement caused her legs to fall open a trifle, making her unconscious pose even more sensual and suggestive than before, but she evidently remained sound asleep. I raised trembling fingers to her half-covered form and started to touch her. Would this wake her up?

Talking to her and moving the bed was one thing, but to actually come in contact with her body -- that was quite another. Dare I attempt so bold a thing? Shit, what if she woke up! What could I say? "Excuse me, I was just looking for my golf shoes?" Hardly. Oh, I could simply tell her to shut up and go back to sleep, to forget it. After all, I was her stepfather. But I knew damned well if I did anything too weird, word would get back to her mother.

I couldn't stand to be that close to such tempting flesh without at least a touch. Gingerly, my hand moved over her body, still uncertain where I should try touching her. It was like a hawk, dipping her and there over the surface below without ever quite touching down.

I'd try it somewhere through the quilt. That seemed less dangerous than allowing myself to touch her bare skin. At last I dropped my fingertips to the curve of her waist, just below her ribs. I traced it up and down the long contour of her side from her hip to nearly under her arm. She kept breathing with perfect regularity, her eyes tightly closed.

"Sonofabitch," I thought, "it's giving me a charge just to feel her through the quilt...wish to hell I had guts enough to get under the covers and really get into it."

I lay on my left side, facing her, me in my unbuttoned pajamas and she partially covered by the quilt. I supported myself on my left elbow and used my right hand to perform my exciting explorations. I kept increasing the pressure of my fingers 'til I was rubbing her side. Now I could feel the delicately articulated bones of her individual ribs, as well as the firm rise of her hip and the erotic swell of firm flesh just below her arm.

My cock crept out of my pajamas and extended onto the sheet. With a surge of excitement I realized I had a good chance to really do something worthwhile with the kid. Shit, if only I could manage to strip the quilt all the way off without waking her up, I'd even settle for that. It would be enough just to see all of her at once, even if I didn't get to lay a hand on her naked body. I could enjoy lying there by her and gazing at her while I jerked myself off, that was for certain.

But with any luck, maybe I could do even more! My cock was all the way stiff now, and as I considered the wonderful possibilities confronting me it began to throb. I extended the movement of my hand to the round curve of her ass, the still-covered cheek of it, and its solid firmness sent a chill of delight through my excited body.

Just as I was extending my hand toward her armpit again, she suddenly moved! I jerked my hand away and was half off the bed before I realized it had only been a sleepy shifting of position. She was still out. I wiped my face of sweat and lay down again beside her. Her movement had opened up new vistas of delight and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

Now she lay more on her back than on her side, one slim knee up in the air and the upper part of her chest exposed well below the collar bone. Shit! A few more inches and I could see, finally, the naked loveliness of one of those sweet little titties that poked up so impertinently from beneath the quilt.

I was getting so excited now that I was bolder. "Damn it, I can't stand this any longer. I'm gonna at least get her naked so I can get an eyeful!"

Impetuously I jerked the quilt off her entire upper body. The girl's pretty little titties lay naked and soft before me, perfectly formed and each about the size of a small lemon. The skin was rosy pink, the color anyone with such blonde hair and pure blue eyes would have to have, I thought. Only the pert nipples that crowned their tips differed slightly in shade, and these were a deep, livid pink that emphasized their pointy shape.

I felt like crying, they were so nice to look at. It was all I could do to keep from covering the succulent buds with my mouth and, slobbering like a madman perhaps, lick and suck them 'til either she awoke or I went insane from lust. I moved toward her now with a growing need to lay my eager hands on the nakedness of her virginal flesh. Her lips lay half open, still pouting like a spoiled young aristocrat.

Then suddenly there was the crunch of gravel in the driveway and before I could believe what was happening, Becky had dashed from the car and into the house. She was already as far as the inner hall before I managed to leap off the bed and stand trembling in the doorway. She was between me and the master bedroom, and here I was in the same room with her sleeping and half-naked big sister, my cock hanging out and pulsing like a piston.

"Daddy," she called out. "Daddy, where are you?"


I froze against the door facing. If only I had some clothes on, I could bluff my way out. But Kathy had always been very strict about our family wearing clothes around the house. Becky would be sure to think it strange that I was bumbling around in my pajamas and would undoubtedly mention it to Kathy.

For agonizing seconds I heard her light feet tripping in and out of the master bedroom. Then I heard her go to the door and yell out, "Mom, he's not in his room. What do you want me to do, just bring you the money off the dresser?"

Hell! That's all that made them come back? I'd had a thousand thoughts and all that was wrong was Kathy had forgotten to take enough damned money with her!

Within seconds, Becky had grabbed the money off the dresser at her mother's command and dashed back to the car with it, as they were both gone as quickly as they had arrived.

Whew! Much too close for comfort. I glanced over my shoulder to be sure Bridget was still asleep and, seeing that she was, ran to the kitchen. I grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator and downed it all in three long swallows, then opened a second can and took it with me to the bedroom. I drank a long swig from it, deposited it on the night table, and hopped back into bed.

"Okay, honey," I muttered under my breath. "I learned my lesson. Damned near lost my chance to get it on with you...this time is for real."

I dropped beside her and placed my hand on the only remaining part of her body still covered by the quilt -- the shallow hollow of her crotch. The marvelous heat of her young cunt, real or imagined by me in my new lust, seemed to flow up through the thin quilt like smoke up the flue of a fireplace.

I massaged her, not with fear and hesitation as before, but with the lusty pressure of a man bent on getting pleasure for himself. The girl shifted only slightly and when she did it was only to bring her thighs closer together. She moved her head on the pillow and the trace of a petulant sleep frown grew on her face, but soon vanished to leave her as unwaking as before.

I gazed down at the nearly-naked body of my stepdaughter and my mind blurred at the potential pleasure in store for me. Those beautiful little tits, those long slender legs, the smooth perfect skin of her pretty face and the long blonde hair that lay in a fan across the pillow...all that was lying there waiting for me to rejoice in!

If -- and it was a big "if" -- I could manage to keep her from waking up. It was dangerous, but impossible for me to resist trying the crazy thing.

I boldly ran my hand under the quilt, touching her for the first time on her bare skin. I moved my fingers gently over the depression of her navel, then headed for the creamy little mounds of her small plump titties.

The touch of her skin sent shivers of desire through my body and made my cock pulse again like a piston. I switched hands, putting my left hand on her flat, firm stomach and grabbing my meat with the other.

"Oh, honey," I said under my breath to my sleeping stepdaughter, "if only you don't wake up until I get a nice hold on those sweet little tits."

I rubbed her stomach and worked my way toward her tits, ever wary that she might awaken. Bridget began to move a bit, but it was only the aimless tossing of a sleep that, while still deep, was nevertheless somewhat disturbed. I worked my hand up and down my tool with gusto.

When I finally closed my fingers over the taut tip of her nipples, I had to quit jacking off. I was so worked up over finally getting my hands on the girl's ripe treasures that I was afraid I'd shoot off at that very instant. Breathing hard, I lay beside her and milked the titty with one hand as I brought the other up to join it. If there ever was a pair of tits that deserved double duty, this was the pair.

I leaned over her and gazed at the baby-soft face from only inches away, dying to plaster my hungry lips over her inviting, half-parted mouth. I ran my nose up and down the length of her tits and tummy, savoring the slightly acrid odor of her girl smell. My cock quivered between my legs, demanding access to the damp, secret skin of her inner thighs.

"I can't touch her with it," I thought to myself. "It's stupid to think that it wouldn't wake her up...Gotta hold back. Damn! Would I like to feel the head of my cock between her legs!"

I also knew that the splitting of her maidenhead would be no trivial matter -- even if she were awake, much less starting out at it while she slept. If not my cock, maybe my hands then...if playing with her tits this much didn't wake her up, maybe I would get by with a little finger-fucking.

I should have known there was bound to be a reaction from her somewhere along the line, by this time my hard prick was controlling me about as much as my head was. I left one hand to stimulate her tits and stuck the other under the quilt.

I flipped it off and left her, for the first time, totally naked. The little tease wasn't wearing anything at all over her privates!

"Sonofabitch," I thought. "Look at that, will you? If her mother knew she slept strip-ass naked like this she'd tan her hide...wonder if Becky does the same?"

I was set a-tremble all over again by the sight of her virginal young cunt. The hair there was sparse compared to a grown woman's, but the sleek swell of her outer lips was enough to prove she was far from being a "little girl." And the color -- every bit as blonde as the silky hair on her golden little head! My fingers shook as I poised them over her sweet slit and built up enough nerve to dip into the honey.

My prick was rigid as a poker and quaking like it had become a separate part of my body. I glanced at her face again one more time, then parted the golden fleece with my fingers and pressed them to the full-lipped slit of her lovely little cunt.

She moved! This time a lot. Before I even began to have time to see if I could make her wet, she turned her ass this way and that. Then she even raised an arm to her face and shielded her eyes as though she were on the verge of waking up.

I jerked my hands off her body as though it were radioactive. I hopped off the bed, my cock jiggling awkwardly in the air and my feet desperately seeking my house slippers. Before I was even standing, she began to mumble.

"Huh? Whaz 'at?" she mumbled groggily. "Who zat?"

I jammed my feet into the elusive slippers, grabbed the can of beer off the night table and tore out of her room like a cannon shot. Behind me I could still hear her half-wakened voice.

I dove into my bed closing the door behind me. For agonizing seconds I lay in fear. Had she seen me as I ran out? Had she known I was on the bed with her? Had she known anyone was? Would she freak out when she saw that her covers had been pulled off, or maybe just think she'd done it herself during the night? And did she realize, now that she was awake, that someone had been touching her body in intimate places where no hand dare intrude except her own?

Listening closely and holding my breath, I could make out noises in her room. A drawer opening and closing, a swishing noise, a random movement...then the sound of her feet in the hall. She was not only awake, but up and dressed and coming toward the master bedroom!

"Mom," she called outside the door. "Daddy?"

I grabbed a book off the night table and answered, "Bridget, that you? Your mom's with Becky at the dentist. What's wrong? I thought you were still asleep."

"Daddy," she called, "could...could you come out here a minute please?"

"Oh, shit," I thought, "this is it!" She sounded disturbed. Carefully remembering to don my robe over my pajamas, I went out to see what was going to happen.

"Never mind, Daddy," she said, changing her mind, "it's okay. There's nothing wrong. I...I don't have to talk to you. I guess I'll just wait until Mom gets home."

I felt a cold chill pass through my heart. The worst had happened -- she was going to tell Kathy I'd been in her room. Somehow she had been more awake than I knew.

I became especially nice. "Now Bridget, can't you and I discuss this? You don't have to take it to your mother, do you? I'm sure the two of us can --"

"No, Daddy," she said, smiling sweetly. "It...it's a 'girl type' thing I have to talk about. I better wait for Mom. It's not important, I guess."

Her easy demeanor gave me second thoughts. Was it possible she could be referring to something else? Being as careful as I could to keep my voice from shaking, I asked in a very offhand tone, "How long you been awake? Did the...alarm wake you? Did you and Becky have your clock set?"

"Oh, no," she told me, her face innocent as a lamb's. "I just now woke up. Guess I just woke up 'cause it was time for me to quit sleeping."

I had to restrain myself from giving out with an audible sigh of relief. My fears were in vain -- somehow, she had been asleep all the time after all. It made me feel so good to know I had escaped detection that I ushered her into the kitchen and poured some orange juice for her. I even offered to scramble her some eggs.

"You will?" she eagerly chirped. "Groovy!"

(It wasn't at all common for her stepfather to make such an offer, she thought. She wondered why he was so genial this morning. Maybe she had just been overlooking how nice he really was. Suddenly she felt especially close to him. Maybe she could talk to him about what was bothering her, after all.)

"Sure nothing's wrong, honey?" I called from the stove.

(That did it. She would talk to him about it instead of waiting for her mom. She answered yes, that there was something on her mind, but she would feel funny talking about it with him. She said she was afraid she might get embarrassed, though. It was, she repeated, "girl stuff.")

I assured her it would be okay. I lightly jested that her mom wasn't the only adult in the house who knew about such matters, and she shouldn't feel at all ashamed to discuss whatever it was with me.

What the hell's she driving at, anyway, I wondered.

"Well, okay, Daddy," she finally said. "I guess it's okay for me to talk about stuff like this with you. But listen...don't mention this to Mom. I think she might get sore if she found out that I talked to you about it."

I assured her everything she said would be strictly between us. She giggled and said okay, she could confide in me, but it would take her awhile to get up the nerve.

"Well, maybe it'll only take you as long to do that as it does to finish your eggs," I joshed. "I'll be in the living room watching television."

Now I was really curious. On the other hand, she seemed especially talkative and friendly this morning. Maybe my best bet was just to let her go at her own speed and not try to push her. That approach had worked well so far. I went into the living room and plopped down on the couch to watch television.

In a few minutes she came in and joined me. She made me promise I wouldn't laugh at her, then opened up to me. She said she'd been having some strange feelings lately. They were "real personal" feelings, she told me, and they were different than anything she had ever felt before. Boldly, she mentioned that she thought it might have something to do with the fact that she had begun having her period a few months before, but she wasn't sure.

It made me feel good to have her discuss such intimate things with me. Not to mention the fact that such a sexy subject made my cock grow a bit inside my pajamas and robe.

"Well, honey," I said, "I thought your mom had a long talk with you about your period and everything. Didn't she explain it all to you? You'd better be more specific."

"Yeah, she explained all that to me," Bridget said, "but I didn't mean it's something about my actual period...just about...I don't know, just about growing up, I guess. See, Daddy, I think something's wrong with me. I mean, I feel certain ways sometimes and I don't know if other girls ever feel that way or not. You think ...you think I could be some kind of freak, Daddy?"

Her last statement was uttered with such grave seriousness that I had to tousle her hair and laugh in spite of my promise. I assured her that I wasn't laughing at her, only at her idea that she might be "some kind of freak."

"Honey," I said, "there's not a thing in the world wrong with you. Of course you're not any kind of a freak. You're healthy as you can be, the prettiest girl in your class. Didn't they give you the main role in the big school play last year?"

She reddened a bit around the ears at my compliment, and I knew she felt a surge of delight at my words. She modestly acknowledged what I said, but claimed that what she was talking about was something else.

"I...I really shouldn't tell you, Daddy," she hedged. "It's about...you know, secret things..." Her voice trailed off and she lowered her eyes.

"Nonsense," I said, pulling her to me playfully and shaking her by the ears. That forced a grin on her face. "Come on, out with it. Tell Daddy what's bothering you."

Her face brightened. "Promise you won't tell Mom?"

"Of course not," I vowed. "No way!" This was getting tedious and silly.

"Okay then," she said, "but let me whisper it to you."

And she stretched forward and put her lips to my ear. As she whispered, her firm torso was pressed delightfully close to mine. And she was stretched so far forward that her skirt was inadvertently yanked much higher up the back of her pretty legs than she meant it to be. I could see damned near up to where the elastic legband of her panties must be, I thought. I remembered how delicious she had looked in bed, naked.

As her hot breath buzzed into my ear, I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The combination of what she was telling me plus the intimate closeness of our bodies was making my prick swell in spite of my best efforts to keep it down. If a mirror had been in front of me, I'm sure I would have been amazed at the way my eyes grew wider and wider as I listened.

Finally she drew away and shyly turned her face away. "See what I mean, Daddy," she said in a quiet voice, "see why I didn't want to tell you?"

I swept my arm around her, enclosing her in a fatherly hug and pulling her affectionately to my side. "You poor little monkey," I consoled her. "Is that what's been bothering you? Well, I'm going to fix that right now. You've been an awfully good girl to tell me about it. I know it was hard for you to talk about, but don't worry...we're going to have a 'man-to-man' talk and I'm going to clear everything up for you."

She managed a fey grin at my attempt to make her laugh about us having a man-to-man talk.

"You sit right here, honey," I told her, pulling her onto my lap as though it were the most common thing in the world, "right here where you used to sit when you were a little bitty girl. There, isn't that better?"

(She nodded, smiling at this unaccustomed display of parental affection, and allowed her trim figure to be hauled onto his lap. She felt a little silly to be sitting there at her age but it was also kind of fun, sort of a joking game between them. But she knew whatever he was about to say in answer to her questions wouldn't be a joke...at least she hoped not -- she had been deadly serious about everything she whispered to him.)

"In the first place, Bridget," I said, "all girls have feelings like you just described to me. It's the most normal thing in the world. Some may start being aware of it at an earlier age than others, but sooner or later it's bound to happen."

"It...it is?" she ventured, wonder in her voice. "Even when it's where I told you...?" Her words trailed off and she made a furtive gesture toward her lap.

"Sure," I continued. "And you needn't be embarrassed talking about 'what's between your legs,' as you called it. By the way, you'll hear that called by a lot of names, so it doesn't matter what you call it -- but don't be afraid to call it something. Why not just say 'cunt' and be done with it."

She said she'd heard older girls call it that, but thought it was nasty. "I've heard them say p-pussy for it, too," she volunteered, stumbling over the forbidden word from embarrassment but still feeling a thrill of pride at being able to say it in front of her stepdaddy. "And other words, too...like snatch."

She giggle. "Becky calls it her 'cunny' sometimes. I don't know where she got that."

"And so, honey," I said, resuming my role as teacher, "it's perfectly natural for a girl's cunt to get those 'funny feelings,' as you called it. That's called 'getting hot' when you feel like that, or 'turned on.' It's like a boy or a man getting a 'hard- on' or getting his prick 'stiff.' You know what that is?"

"Shit!" I thought to myself. "If she doesn't know what it is she can just wiggle her ass around in my lap and feel mine. I'm so fucking horny from this shit I'm afraid I'm gonna pop my nuts off any second."

She nodded that she knew what it was, lowering her blue eyes at the admission.

"You said you first noticed feeling that way a few years ago when you were taking a warm bath," I went on, "but that afterward you began to notice other things that made you feel the same way. Like sliding down that pole at the playground and the time you rode the horse at Uncle John's farm. But what started bothering you about getting hot was that as you've gotten older, you get hot in different ways, right? And more often than before. That sometimes you just start feeling that way for no reason at all, like when you're in bed at night or when you're taking a sunbath out in the patio?"

She nodded. "Yes, like that," she acknowledged. "But what about this morning? What about a girl...g-g-getting hot while she's asleep? Isn't that kinda weird?"

Hell, if she only knew what made her feel that way this morning.

"Not in the least," I told her. "You say you don't even remember having any dream? Well, maybe you had one but forgot it. Anyway, it's nothing to be alarmed about. When a boy does it it's called a 'wet dream' because he shoots off. But for girls, it just makes them get turned on a lot like you said you were. It's perfectly normal."

Now she was feeling pretty grown up and a little bit wicked to be discussing such things with her stepdad. "I sure was," she exclaimed, "more than I've ever been before!"

"You were what, honey?" I asked, my voice growing raspy. I knew damned well what she meant but I wanted to hear the words from her sweet, innocent little mouth.

"Well, hot," she declared, proving she was up to saying the words I had taught her. "Wow, my cunt sure was hot when I woke up!"

My cock pulsed hard at the words issuing from my sweet little stepdaughter's mouth. She darted a glance at my lap and I realized she had actually felt it through my pants. She seemed to grow a bit ill at ease.

"Gee, thanks, Dad, for telling me all that stuff," she said, shifting her hard little ass in my lap. "I guess I better move now, I...I'm making you uncomfortable."

"No, I'm okay," I said. You don't have to hop off so soon. Besides, that isn't the only reason you thought of getting off my lap just now, was it?"

"Huh?" she said, giving a little start. "Sure it was. I've been here now for a little while and I just thought you might be getting tired. I'm not a baby anymore," she added, attempting to force lightness, "so I must be kinda heavy after a few minutes on your lap."

"No, you sure aren't a baby anymore," I said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "But tell me the truth now. Didn't you feel something just now, underneath you? Isn't that the thing that really made you mention getting up?"

She flashed the answer to me with her eyes, unmistakably, before she spoke. "Well, yeah," she admitted, "I...I did feel that."

"Honey, I thought that's what it was," I said. "You don't have to be ashamed of feeling that. That was just Daddy's old cock jumping a little, that's all it was."

"I thought that's what it was," she said quietly, "but I didn't think I oughta...uh...you know, talk about it."

As I spoke, I casually let a hand fall from one of her shoulders into her lap, allowing it to lie there unmoving. "Doesn't hurt to talk about it," I said. "Every man's got one. And sometimes a man's cock sorta moves around by itself, you see. Listen, I'm going to tell you a secret. You told me yours, so know I'll tell you mine. Wanna hear it?"

Bridget still had vague qualms, but my playful approach appealed to her and made her relax considerably.

"Sure," she piped.

Following her style, I leaned forward and put my lips to the youngster's ear. The delicate pink shell smelled of lemons and clear skin. "You're the one that made my cock jump just now," I whispered to her. "You sitting here in my lap all sweet and pretty...that's what did it."

(It seemed awfully weird for her daddy to have that happen, she thought, but it also made her feel sort of...proud. Proud that it was her that caused it to happen.)

She giggled. "Really?" she said.

My hand had been lying for some time now in the girl's lap, and although she had made no move to remove it I could tell that she was very aware of it.

"Let me ask you a question," I posed, "and you tell me the honest truth. Okay?"

"What?" she said, her voice a little shaky.

"This 'getting hot' business that happens to you now that you're growing up so fast -- have you felt that way any while you've been sitting here in my lap?" I asked.

Her breath caught in her throat. She licked her lips, which were now suddenly drier, and hedgingly replied, "Maybe...maybe a little bit."

"Don't be afraid to tell me the truth now," I said.

She was now unbearably conscious of the fact she was still sitting in my lap while we were discussing it. And the hand which rested gently on her lap, while remaining light and still, seemed somehow to be getting warmer and warmer.

She turned her eyes aside from mine when she answered, and her voice was thin and quiet. "It feels that way right now, Daddy," she said.

Now I was slowly moving my fingers in her lap, kneading their tips lightly into the thin skirt she had thrown on when she woke up that morning. She shifted uneasily in my lap. It was the wrong thing to do. Underneath her she felt another jump of my stiff organ. And now that she knew what it was, her bottom seemed even more sensitive to it than before.

"Hot, huh?" I said, egging her on.

"Yes, Daddy."

"Hot and...a little damp, maybe?" I persisted, playing on her passion.


"Kinda itchy?" I asked.


"Where does it feel that way?" I wanted to know. "Where is it now? Isn't it right under where my hand's lying?"

She nodded without speaking. Again she drew the tip of her tongue across dry lips.

"Right here, isn't it, honey?" I said, pushing my forefinger into the soft spot between her thighs.

She caught her breath, "...unh...yeah, Daddy, right there. Whew! Right there where you're touching."

Then I deftly snaked my hand off her skirt and thrust it underneath, sliding it up the smooth channel between her slender young thighs.

"Sit still, honey," I whispered hoarsely. "Daddy's gonna show you something."


(Bridget was a little scared now. She wasn't at all sure what her daddy meant to "show" her, and his voice was getting all different, nervous and shaky-like. Yet there was something besides fear she felt. There was something going on inside her that was new and strange, a little wild...and somehow naughty, secret and dirty.)

"That's the way, sugar," I crooned, "stay right here in my lap and let your old stepdad show you something real nice."

(Whatever was happening to her, she wanted to have it keep on, she thought...wanted to have it continue in spite of the fact that something inside told her it was wrong and bad.)

My hand eased up the vee formed by the angle of her tender inner thighs 'til I touched the place where they joined, a change from the satiny texture of skin to the soft cloth texture of her cotton panties. The crotch of her undergarment was tightly stretched, I discovered, so that the instant I came in contact with it I could sense the firm warmth of her sex flesh just beneath the fabric. I stopped my hand, leaving my fingertips to remain on the spot while my wrist and forearm trembled.

"Unh!" came a sound from Bridget's throat, soft and breathy. The touch of my fingers was almost electric to her.

"There it is, huh, baby?" I whispered. "There's that little thing that's been feeling so warm and damp and itchy, isn't it? There's that little cunt of yours."

"Ummm...yeah," she thinly answered, ashamed of what was happening but loving every second of it. "Sure is...right there, Daddy."

"Right where my finger is?" I asked.

"Yes!" she responded, this time more enthusiastically.

"You like this?" I asked, pressing her close to my chest with my other arm. "You like the way it feels when I touch you there, honey?"

"Oh, yes," she said, feeling somehow very ashamed of the fact, "oh, yes!"

"Isn't this kind of like you've been feeling all those times you told me about?" I said. "All those times when you were in a hot bath or in bed at night?"

"But better," she added. "You make it feel better than then. It's so..." But her words petered out and she didn't try to pick up again where she left off. The sensation was mind-shattering.

My cock was simply bursting from the pleasure of it. Being able to play with my stepdaughter this way was fantastically exciting. I felt it quake stoutly and push against my pajamas.

(Bridget felt it too. It was the same sensation she had noticed before, but this time it made her tummy fill with butterflies, now that his fingers were fooling with her panties at the same time.)

She squirmed involuntarily, causing the damp bottom of her ass to tingle as the hard lump rubbed against her. I grunted from the pleasure I got from the feel of having her move on it. I let my head fall forward, my chin resting on the crown of her silky golden head, and squeezed her so tightly to my chest I could feel the tiny points of her titties. She didn't try to draw back. I even imagined that I felt her press the taut little points closer, flattening her whole torso against me.

"Oh, sugar," I crooned, "Daddy's gonna make you feel so good...so good."

(Between her legs she felt his fingers start to move. They moved lightly and slowly at first, delicately toying with the tightly stretched crotch of her panties. Their mere presence there had been enough to excite her. Now that they were moving, she felt a trembling warmth flow through the pussy flesh beneath.

She wanted to move against him, wanted to make the tingling warmth grow and grow. She began to wiggle her butt, pushing her organs toward the wonderful pressure of his finger. The motion was slight, but she knew she was doing it. It wasn't like before, when things were just happening to her. now she was making things happen some herself, consciously increasing her own pleasure.)

"Oh...ooo," escaped small sounds from her throat.

"Oh, shit, honey," I whispered, "that's the way...that's the way. Scoot up against there and let me really finger you good! Push that little pussy to me and make yourself feel good."

(Now she felt more than just his fingers. Her wiggling made the stiff lump in his pajamas wedge right against her little asshole. She never knew a person's asshole could feel good, but hers sure did. It was all mixed up, it seemed like, with the sensations of her asshole combining with those up front in her cunt. She felt all warm and moist throughout the entire area of her crotch.)

I was so hot I could hardly stand it by now. I'd been purposely going slow with the kid so I would scare her half to death, but now I had to speed things up.

"Here, sugar," I wheezed. "Lemme get in 'em. I've just been fooling around on the outside of 'em."

She shifted in my lap so I could slip my fingers under the tight legband of her panties and quivered with new pleasure as I touched her naked pussy.

"Ohhh," she sighed.

She hugged me tight, throwing her arms around my back and burying her face in my chest. I toyed with the tender mound of her cunt, sending my fingers through the light growth of damp silky hair that covered it, then slipped on inside the slit itself with barely a pause. The youngster was well primed for it by now and offered no resistance.

She pressed her face into my robe and against the pajama top, the only thing separating her soft face from the nakedness of my chest.

"Oh, Daddy!" she exclaimed in an ardent whisper.

I worked my forefinger between the slick halves of her cunt and was amazed at how moist she was...so much so that I could easily insert my thumb even though her still-immature crack was far from being large.

"Let's get 'em all the way off, honey," I said, taking my arm from around her back and using my free hand to dart under her skirt and grasp the waistband. I slid the top of the undergarment downward and she helped by twisting inside and raising her ass slightly out of my lap. I gave a tug and whisked them over her rounded little ass as slick as a whistle. I left them dangling at her knees but she was too hot and excited to even bother with trying to get them the rest of the way off.

When her ass settled again on my lap, the hard spur of my cock was even more prominent. It poked straight up now and felt as big as the end of a baseball bat to her unaccustomed little bottom. She wiggled against it with unfeigned delight.

"Know what it is, honey," I said, my fingers active inside her hot cunt.

She raised her face from my chest and I saw a sly grin on it. "Uh huh," she nodded. "I thought that's what it was a long time ago when I first felt it."

"What?" I shot back. "Say it."

Her face flushed red but she spit it out. "Your...your cock. It's your cock, isn't it?"

"Sure as hell is," I rasped. "Here, I'm gonna have you do something for me."

I placed one of her hands on the distended material of my pajama bottoms and said, "Take it out for me. Reach in and get it."

She hesitated a couple of seconds then went in after it. When her fingers touched it, I groaned. She was afraid to bring it all the way out in the open but I took her by the wrist and pulled, bringing it out in full view. It pulsed red and ugly, the foreskin pulled back and the smooth head shining with moisture. The sight of it was sort of scary to her, but when I grabbed her around the shoulders and pushed her face back against my chest where she couldn't see it anymore, she very much liked the feel of it in her hand.

If she had been even the least bit experienced she would have begun to jack me off then, but I was glad she didn't know what to do. I was so hot I might have shot my nuts off in an instant if she had done anything more than just hold it.

"Now you know what a cock feels like," I gasped, "don't you? Now you know what one is for damned sure!"

"Oh, Daddy," she cried, "it's so big!"

"And your little cunt's so small and cute," I said, feeling a strong desire to possess her like a woman. "Think Daddy's cock is too big to go in it?"

(The thought sent shivers down her spine. Fear clutched her heart again.)

"Oooo, I don't know," she gasped. "Are you gonna...are you gonna do that?"

"Don't worry, sugar," I consoled her. "I'll make it real easy for you. I promise it won't hurt you...just tingle a little and then feel real good."

As I spoke, I unbuttoned her top and started milking her plump little jugs, while keeping up the work below at the same time. I had a thumb and forefinger in her snatch and was rubbing the small wet inner lips together.

(As a reply, she simply hugged him close, tossing her free arm around his neck and pressing her face against his cheek while the other hand kept hold of his cock. She still feared having him touch her cunt with his cock, but he was making it feel so good with his fingers that she was ready to let him do anything he might have suggested.)

I accepted her into my arms and bent sideways, allowing her to fall slowly toward the couch cushions. Her newly-naked little titties jiggled sturdily on her chest as I deposited her on her back and supported myself over her on my elbows. She had her clothes almost off now, and her half-naked body was rendered even more desirable by the disarray. Her top hung on by one shoulder and her skirt was twisted sideways and shoved high above her navel, even though it was still unzipped.

I bent over and kissed her cheeks frantically, going from one to the other and brushing her full mouth as I passed. I put my mouth to her ear and stuck in the tip of my tongue.

(Geez, she thought, her temperature soaring, that feels nearly as good as what he's doing to my cunt!)

I retracted my tongue and whispered, "Take your skirt all the way off."

She didn't hesitate an instant. She moved her hand from the shaft of my cock and, reaching awkwardly around where the zipper was, jerked the skirt off in a hurry. I raised up higher from her so she could tug it off over her feet. Watching her struggle with it was highly arousing to me, with her little tits jiggling and her arms and legs churning to free herself of it. And when she had it as far down as her knees, it tangled with her panties, which she had forgotten were still hanging there. The petulant frown from this made me want to eat her up with love.

I reached back and snatched the offending articles from her legs. She exhaled in relief and with a foxy little grin on her face she grabbed the clinging top and asked, "This too?"

"You bet, sugar," I shot back. "Everything."

It was off in a flash, which left her on her back under me without a stitch on except for a pair of socks. Without any urging she pushed them off with her toes. She looked up to find my shirt off and my pants down around my knees. It must have been obvious that I wasn't going to bother with the rest and I think she was glad of it.

(His hair was all messed up and he had big drops of sweat on his neck and forehead. It thrilled her to see how much he liked the way she looked with all her clothes off. Although it was the very first time any male had ever viewed her all the way naked, she was so excited by the touch of his lips and hands that pride and vanity about her body was much greater than the embarrassment she felt.

(She knew how pert and full her tits were and how her clear blue eyes looked when framed by the abundance of her bright blonde hair. And she could she that her stepdaddy was delighted at getting to gaze at it all. She watched his face come nearer and nearer, then felt his chest touch her nipples and his arms enfold her.

(After that things became a blur for her, a heated joining of arms and legs that fired her pubescent young body with waves of desire unlike anything she knew. The man was all over his stepdaughter's body, fingering and kissing her nubile treasures in an orgy of pure lust.

(Bridget felt his mouth and lips on hers, where he forced his tongue inside and licked hers with a passion that made her open wide for more. He ran his hands through her hair and made strange grunting sounds. She felt his face on her chest then, felt her nipples enclosed by his feverish lips, and new thrills inside her cunt as well.)

I slurped and sucked on her tits with my mouth, but both of my hands were busy in the wet, heated slit of her golden triangle. I used one hand to hold the little cunt lips apart and began sliding my other one all over her red, moist flesh inside. Then I delicately touched her at that certain spot near the top of her crack.

She was almost out of control now, just the way I wanted her. In the back of my mind I knew that having her cherry split open might hurt a bit, and I wanted her so wet and horny she would hardly notice any small amount of pain that might result.

Her head was rolling back and forth on the couch and her lovely little tits were shining with sweat. She was shifting her ass around like she was trying to rub a hole in the cushion. Slowly, gently, I brought the end of my prick against her outer lips. She felt it touch her and worked herself against it, welcoming it inside her from nothing but pure instinct. I kept up my careful finger-work on her clit, sliding the pulsing end of my tool forward into her hot meat a little at a time.

"Ummm...ummmmmm," she moaned, crazy for more of it now that she had felt it.

"Take it, sugar," I rasped, "take it up that sweet little fuck hole. Take it!"

I surged downward, driving the blunt head into her virginal pussy and straightening every crease along the inner walls. She was made for it now, and she showed it. Her athletic young legs flew around my ass and locked, and she scrunched her cunt forward with short, wild little motions.

"Oh, Daddy," she wailed, her high-pitched voice music in my ears, "oh...oh, my gosh!"

I pushed my rod in and out of her cunt with gradually building speed 'til I could tell she was about to get her cookies, then with a final burst of energy I powered it to the end of her steaming canal and popped through the thin membrane of her cherry. Before she could sense any real pain from it, I jerked it out and poked it in again, grabbing her by the cheeks of her ass with both hands and giving her more and more and more of the same.

She was like a regular little sex maniac by now, shoving her cunt to meet every thrust and wiggling her tits against my chest like some little animal. I heard her breathing harder and harder and felt her squeeze my cock for dear life.

The spunk welled up in my cock and I couldn't hold back a second longer. I drove it one last, insanely sweet time and spewed a glob of thick cream into her. The kid was already on the brink of cumming. When the hot juice poured into her horny little cunt, she cried like a baby and felt the wet explosion of her first climax.

First Time With Daddy
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