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A Daughter's Secret

The following story is (hetero incest) fictional intended for entertainment only.

Chapter 1

The dark and cold grabbed me and held me prisoner for a moment as the phone rang. Shaking my head to clear the cobwebs, I finally found the lamp switch and light flooded my bedroom. Taking a deep breath, I picked up the phone and heard a voice ask, "Mr. Lanford, Mr. Lanford, are you awake?"

Pausing for a moment, I replied, "Yes this is Lanford. Who is this?"

No sound came from the earpiece of my phone and I started to replace the phone in its cradle when the voice said, "Mr. Lanford, this Sergeant Marion Street. I'm afraid I have bad news sir."

Daring not to breathe, I started to ask what this was all about, but before I could say the words, the voice went on, "Mr. Lanford, your son Jeremy and your daughter-in-law Beth, died in an automobile accident. Your daughter Leann is in critical condition but is hanging on at the present time. Do you understand Mr. Lanford?"

Shaking my head and rubbing my eyes, I tried to digest what she had said; but it seemed as if someone was playing a bad joke on me. I asked Sergeant Street, "Sergeant, You did say Sergeant, didn't you?"

The voice answered, "Yes Mr. Lanford, I did, I am calling you from Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Lanford, your son and his wife were fatally injured in a traffic accident. Do you understand Mr. Lanford?"

Shaking my head yet again, I replied, "Yes I understand. What about Leann? What is her condition? You said she was critical, how bad is she?"

I heard a muffled sound as if the person speaking to me were clearing their throat, then, "Mr. Lanford, Leann is a minor and as the surviving relative, you must try to get here as soon as possible to give the hospital permission to do additional surgery on her. She will be taken care of until you get here, but the surgery shouldn't be put off more than a few more hours. Can you get here in a few hours Mr. Lanford?"

I was becoming more awake by the second and responded, "Yes, Yes, of course, I'll leave here within the hour. I have an aircraft, I'll fly there directly as soon as I can get to the airport, probably no more than 2 hours at most." Pausing to think, I asked, "Could you have a Squad car pick me up at the airport by 3:30 am?"

Hearing what I thought to be a sigh, "Yes sir Mr. Lanford, we'll have a car waiting on you when you arrive."

Hanging up the phone, I hurriedly began dressing.

I drove helter skelter to the airport and parked next to the airport office. Rapidly, I wrote a brief note explaining where I was going and what time I expected to arrive. I would have to file my flight plan once I was airborne. Running across the open space to my hangar, I opened the large sliding doors until I was sure I had enough room to taxi out, then hurriedly did a quick and dirty walk around then slid across the cockpit and under the left control wheel already preparing to start the engine. My mind was awhirl as I went through the start sequence and lowered the flaps to 20% as I flipped the switch to illuminate the darkness beyond. Minutes later, I began my takeoff run and raised the landing gear and flaps at nearly the same instant I became airborne.

Reaching for my GPS; I mounted it onto my yoke and rapidly found the course and brought the nose up to a steep angle of attack as I climbed out of the Ohio valley.

It was then the tears began to fall and my heart finally found the time to become broken and weep as I wept in the darkness of the night sky. The two of the three people that mattered to me the most were gone forever and my daughter was going to lose her life if I didn't make greatest possible speed.

It was some time before I regained my composure and could file a coherent flight plan. I noticed over my left shoulder, the break of day had begun chasing the shadows of night in the east. Funny what you notice when everything is dark and times seem as dark.

Leveling off at 28,000 feet, I set the prop and throttle for best possible speed and my GPS indicated I had attained 325-mph ground speed. At 3:10 am, I raised the KC airport and received permission to land, slowing to just a bit over 170 mph, I entered the last leg of the landing and lowered the flaps to 25% and lowered the landing gear. I saw an emergency vehicle approaching as I taxied to the hangars. I taxied to a grassy area a little beyond them and stopped to tie down the aircraft. Someone said, "Sir, Sir, We'll take care of that for you, please get in the car, the hospital is waiting on you sir."

For the next several days, I slept and ate at the hospital as my daughter struggled for her life. Slowly as the days and hours passed, she began to grow stronger and although she had a very long way to go, seemed strong enough to do whatever was necessary, considering what she had been through.

Finally, after countless trips by plane and car on the 450-mile journey from my home to the hospital, Leann was released to go home with me to recuperate. I had decided I would drive her home, the fall weather would have been pretty choppy and I wasn't sure how well she could tolerate flying under those conditions.

Leann was asleep when we arrived home, so I picked her up as if she was a small child and carried her inside. I couldn't help but notice the fact she had matured into a beautiful young woman since I had last seen her. At about 5' 4" and probably 110 lb., her breasts seemed much too large for her small frame.

I felt a stirring in my loins as the thought went through my mind, but shook it off and admonished myself. She was my daughter.

Placing her on the daybed I had gotten for her, I carefully sat her crutches close enough she could reach them if need be. One last glance, then I turned and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Many days passed until Leann could walk unaided although she seemed to have acquired dependence for having one crutch nearby just in case she needed it. Otherwise, she seemed well able to find her way seemingly anywhere she wanted to go.

Chapter 2

My wife and I had gotten a divorce last year and Leann had remained in her custody. After a long fight with ill health and diabetes She had passed away suddenly last fall, leaving Leann with the choice of finishing the school year in Missouri or coming home to live with me. Leann had decided to stay with her older brother until the school year was completed the following spring.

The days passed, I continued working long hours in my consulting business and quite honestly, Leann's needs grew less demanding as she managed to gain strength and the healing process helped her to stand unaided although scar tissue on her left leg and thigh must have bothered her.

We hadn't spoken about the loss of her mother other than my saying that I knew she missed her mother very much. I couldn't find the words to speak of Leann's sister-in-law and my son. So we just spoke as father and daughter about innocuous and predictable events common to us.

Having lived in Kansas City for the first 15 years of her life, she had no one she knew well enough to call a friend in Dennison. Her limited circle of acquaintances consisted of 2 young men and a young lady who accompanied their parent to my office and spent the time we were in conference idly chitchatting with Leann on most occasions more or less rounded out her social life.

So it was kind of an eye-opener when she announced out of the blue that she wanted me to take her to dinner. I swear it hadn't occurred to me she needed to get out for a change of scenery! I am so used to working all the time; her needs and wants in my existence consisted in providing an adequate variety of foodstuffs. She had found some of her mom's old clothes she had left with me and I was amused to see her dressing primarily in matronly housedresses.

I thought over her request and decided we would take a trip. I hadn't been out of the house and away from the business much for several months and a change of scenery would do me good as well.

The following morning we drove into town and Leann spent the morning buying jeans blouses shorts, tanktops, halters, undergarments and other needed clothing. We found a steak house we both thought sounded good and had a leisurely lunch before returning home.

The following morning, we loaded our luggage in my plane and we pointed the nose south for a much-needed vacation. As we flew along, I tried to start a conversation several times, which fizzled out after just a few words. I decided it wasn't that important and concentrated on tweaking the autopilot and managing the fuel system, prop, and engine speed for optimum performance.

I began to become aware that Leann seemed to be staring at me and finally I asked her what was on her mind? Smiling at me, she asked, "Dad, do you love me?"

I smiled back and said, "Why yes, of course I love you. What prompted that question?"

A long silence ensued and finally she said, " You never tell me. In fact, we don't talk about us much. Why is that Dad?"

Clearing my throat, I tried to give a suitable answer and realized there was none. Looking at her; I said, "I haven't been much of a father to you have I Leann?" Unraveling my thoughts, I went on, " I suppose I've done a very good job as a provider, but less than good job being a father!"

I was shocked to see a tear starts its journey down her left cheek and with a smile she replied, "Oh you've been a good Dad, you just haven't been the kind of Dad I need."

I must admit, my confusion was very apparent. Treading lightly, I asked, "What kind of Dad do you need honey?"

Softly she replied, "Do you really want to know?"

To myself, I thought, "Now what the heck does that mean?" aloud I asked, "Why don't you tell me Leann and I'll see if I do."

Chapter 3

Thoughtfully, Leann said, "Dad, let me talk and explain without interruption OK?"

I agreed.

Pausing, Leann began. "Dad, I've loved you as long as I remember. I've also been in love with you as long as I can remember. "

I started to speak and remembered I had agreed to listen. I merely said, "Go on honey."

"When mom and I lived with you, I wanted to be to you as mom was to you before the two of you began disliking each other." Pausing she went on, " I wanted to be the one sleeping in your bed, whispering in the dark to each other, telling each other secrets." With a queer voice, she continued, "Most of all, I wanted to be the one in your arms, making love to you, thrilling you, do you understand?"

For the first time in my life, I had a slight desire to be dead. I kept thinking, "Oh my god, she's insane. She's stark raving nuts."

To my utter consternation, she plunged on, "Dad I haven't thought of you as a parent for a long time. I see you as a man. A virile, handsome man. Powerfully intelligent, nearly alone in your ability to comprehend truly complex ideas. You can do things other men just dream about. You pilot a plane, travel all over the world, but you're gentle and loving in your treatment of others. You have charisma and men as well as women have eyes that look on you with desire."

My mind was in overload as she spoke, I barely remember her telling how much she desired me and wanted to be in my arms at night. How her dreams of us consummated her waking thoughts and I began to realize I was overwhelmed by her words and frankly I was speechless.

On and on she spoke and an odd thing began to happen, I began to evaluate her as a woman instead of as my little girl. It was almost as if I had been wearing blinders and for the first time I noticed the ripe swell of her breasts. The curve of her hips, tiny waist, and broad yet feminine shoulders.

Sunlight over her right shoulder shone through her honey-blonde hair, forming a halo that seemed to glow of it's own accord. I examined her brow; delicate nose that looked so much like mine; and as I gazed at her lips, realized how succulent they appeared. At the tender age of 15 she had become a woman while I wasn't looking and the thought was devastating to me.

My world was neatly turned upside down, and to my embarrassment, I became aware a bulge had begun to appear in my slacks. Leann noticed also and wordlessly extended her hand to caress my tumescent member through my slacks. Her touch was as if electricity had coursed through my hard cock. I hadn't been with anyone for several months and though I was only dimly aware at first, I saw her unbuttoning her blouse and releasing the catch of her bra between her breasts. Two golden tanned globes tipped by generous pencil eraser sized nipples sprang forth. Releasing her seat restraint, Leann leaned towards me as she unzipped my trousers and insinuated her hand inside to retrieve my straining Dick. The sensation nearly caused me to ejaculate, but somehow I managed to hold back. Suddenly the cool moist feel of her lips engulfed my throbbing member and I held my breath as Leann began moving up and down from to tip to base. Though I was gasping for air, I felt her mouth release my cock and looked at her pleadingly. Smiling softly, Leann said, "Don't worry Thomas, I intend to suck you dry, but first I wanted you to know that I love you and I'm yours to do with as you desire." Bending over to retake my hard cock, I reveled in the feeling she gave me as I felt the cum making my nuts rockhard and my Dick began to swell hopelessly as I felt the semen making a dash into her mouth.

Nothing I had ever felt before felt as it did as my daughter sucked and swallowed my cum down her beautiful throat.

Chapter 4

Landing at the New Orleans airport; Leann straightened her clothing and wordlessly we went through the maneuvers ground control put us through before we parked and shut the aircraft down. The two of us held hands as we made our way to the Avis counter where I had a reservation for a car.

I had become a member of a club specializing in vacation resorts and the condominium was plush to the point of being absurd, but we managed to stifle our laughter until we closed and locked the door. Leann lost little time figuring out how the drapes over the windows and sliding glass door worked and soon Fresh Ocean air wafted it's way into our room. Walking to the stereo system, Leann found some very beautiful instrumental music and with a sigh, lay down upon the sofa languorously. I stood for a moment looking at her; taking in her beauty and still wondering how I had missed her being a woman. Conscious I was staring, Leann unbuttoned her jeans and began scooting them down over her hips. Her panties were pulled down as well and the sight of her golden thatch and the delicate pink of her nether lips presented themselves to my gaze.

Crossing the room, I helped her remove her jeans and panties as Leann put one leg on the back of the couch and the other fell to floor as she raised her hips slightly to present her pussy to my gaze. I suddenly realized I had moved my face within a fraction of the space between her legs and hardly realizing, pressed my tongue against her now swollen pussy lips and began running my tongue up and down her slit, pausing only briefly to suck her clit on each stroke.

"Ohhh Thomasss, ohhh honey, don't stop honey, my beloved, please make me cummmmm!" she moaned as I suckled her clit and insinuated my finger inside her hot quim. Her body tensed and the cheeks of her bottom clenched as she orgasmed, "Ohhhhhhh god god, I'm coming,, you're making meeeee cummmmmm darling! Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh shit,,, I'm cummmmminggg honey!"

My hard cock leapt within the confines of my slacks and I hurriedly dropped my trousers and found a condom I had put in my luggage. Although I hadn't thought I would be using it on my daughter, I was delighted when she took it from my fingers and hurriedly opened it to slide it down over my aching cock.

"Ohhhhh Honey!" she cried, "Please put it in, hurry honey, I want you inside me darling. I want to feel that big giant all the way inside my pussy". Pressing the head of my cock against her slit, I felt her press back to help me get inside. The lips of her pussy opened and I popped inside and had to stop. Too tight. She was really wet and I could feel her pussy moving inside of it's own accord, but I couldn't get it any farther in than the swollen purple glans.

Leann said, "Don't stop, push it in, god I need it so bad." And with that she pulled my hips to help me go deeper. Locking her legs behind my thighs, she strained and puffed, "Oh god, I want it inside, don't worry about hurting me, just push it in, don't worry about it, put it inside. Still I strained and then wonder of wonders, she began to relax and slowly, very slowly, my throbbing cock began to go inside a fraction of an inch each time she thrust against me. Her soft velvety cuntal channel gripped my throbbing cock tightly as I slowly plunged inside. Finally I found my cock head stopped at her hymen and having nearly as much outside waiting to go inside.

She panted, "Wait, Wait, I'll be ready in a second, mmmmm god that feels good Thomas, oh fucking you will be so good."

Suddenly she pulled my ass closer and with a pop I felt her hymen give way.

Leann screeched, "OH GOD THAT HURTS!"

I started to withdraw and she stopped me.

"Wait a minute!" she said. "Give me time to get used to it, it's beginning to feel good again honey!"

I said, "I have an idea, wait a minute, I'll be right back dear!"

Hurrying into the bathroom, I found a small bottle of vaseline and returning, put a goodly amount inside her pussy lips and swabbed it generously over my cock. Kneeling down between her thighs once again, I placed the head of my cock against her pussy lips and found the going easier than before.. Maddeningly slow, my cock began going deeper until she cried out, "Ohhhh darling, I feel you against the back of my pussy, god you are filling me up. Oh honey, make me cum. Don't stop stroking me."

I began slowly long-stroking her pussy as we kissed deeply and with each stroke the fluids from her tight pussy helped to lubricate and the vaseline made the going easier. With each stroke, Leann met my thrust with one of her own. After several minutes, I sensed and felt her pussy walls beginning to spasm tightly against my now rockhard cock. She breathlessly said, "Ohhh darling, I'm going to cum now. It's so close, deep fuck me honey, give me that awesome cock, all of it beloved. Ohhhhh god god god , I'm cumming, I'mmmmm CUMMMMMMINNNNGGGGGGGG."

At the same instant, I felt my balls draw up and semen involuntarily rush out the end of my cock; filling the rubber until I thought I would faint.

We collapsed together and Leann murmured , "I love you darling."

I replied, " I love you too my precious one."

With a sexy smile she said, "Honey, I'm ready for another fuck. You ready?"

I laughed and said, "Yes dearest, I am!"

The next two weeks were like a dream. The last few years have seen her grow into a mature, beautiful companion and lover. I hope it can go on forever.


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