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Cousin Dee Dee Part 2: Bathroom Pussy Patrol

It was another scorching hot Saturday in June, and I was still in shock. It had been four days since I went to Swimland with my cousins Denise and Dee Dee. And on that glorious day, I had gotten lucky enough to watch my little cousin Dee Dee take a shower. She peeled off her one-piece swimsuit and showered nude while two other guys and I watched in ecstasy through peep holes in the locker room. And for the last four days, those precious few minutes were all I could think about.

Dee Dee was sixteen, and she was going to be in a junior high school this year. I was 23, and usually made a trip about every summer to visit my cousins. The last couple years Dee Dee and I had hung out a lot and had become very good friends, as well as favorite cousins. We enjoyed running around together and we got along great. She was rather quiet, but she always acted very sweet and polite. We could talk about pretty much anything, and she always felt comfortable around me. She was about 5'4", with straight, shoulder length brown hair, pretty green eyes, and a very light complexion. Even though we spent a lot of time swimming and boating, Dee Dee still didn't have much of a suntan. And she didn't like to wear a lot of makeup either, so she had a very innocent and natural look about her. She was very shy and modest, and usually wore loose baggy clothes that didn't reveal too much.

Her sister was the one who liked to flaunt her figure. Denise was a sexy nineteen year old blonde with a deep tan and a body that just wouldn't quit. I had fantasized about her for a couple years now, and had seen her wearing skimpy bikinis on numerous occasions, including one that zipped in the front which drove me absolutely wild! Of the two sisters, Denise would be the hands down winner in a beauty pageant. But if I was a judge in that pageant, the shower show that I watched Dee Dee put on four days ago would definitely have to sway my vote to the younger sis.

During the last four days, Dee Dee and I had gone shopping, went to the movies, gone hiking, worked in the garden, washed the cars, eaten out several times, etc. But what I saw at Swimland totally changed my perception of her. I had wanted to have sex with Denise for several years now, but I never thought of Dee Dee as anymore than a cute little cousin. But that was before I saw her taking a shower buck naked. And now all I could think about was seeing her naked again. And it was driving me crazy. Now, when I looked over at her in the passenger seat as we were going places, I could picture exactly what she would look like sitting there without any clothes on. We'd be laughing and joking, and she would be sitting there smiling, and I would get a big hard on when I thought about the hairy brown bush that she had in her shorts. It didn't matter whether she was wearing t-shirts or blouses, blue jeans or shorts, my little cousin Dee Dee had no secrets now. I had already seen everything she had to offer, and her big cousin was extremely, extremely impressed. But Dee Dee was naive to all of it. She had no idea that Big Cuz had been beating off furiously as she did her shower room striptease at Swimland. And I absolutely, positively had to see her naked again.

My scheming mind had been working overtime the last several days trying to figure out a way. I had strongly suggested we go swimming again, but she wasn't too interested in doing that. I decided to go to Swimland by myself one afternoon while Dee Dee was doing something with her boyfriend Billy. I stayed in the bathroom for almost two hours, looking through the same peephole, hoping to see some more young naked females. But not only did I not see anyone nude, I didn't see anyone at all. Not one woman used the shower room while I was there. I had actually even considered going out and buying a camcorder and setting it up in her bedroom to hopefully catch her doing a little striptease number for me. That would be quite expensive, especially considering that there was no guarantee that it would work. The riskiest idea was simply hiding in the closet in her bedroom to watch her get undressed. But if I did that I could be very easily caught, or I could also be stuck in there for hours, especially if she got into bed and went to sleep. I could also hide out in the bathroom closet and hope to sneak a few peeks in there.

I was planning on going home Wednesday, the day after Denise's birthday, and I was running out of time. Dee Dee's boyfriend Billy had been spending quite a bit of time at her house this week, and he was really getting on my nerves. I don't know what she sees in that guy. Dee Dee had been working the entire afternoon at her job as a waitress at a restaurant in town. She got off work at six, and Billy and I went to pick her up and we stopped at McDonald's for dinner. I remember sitting there at the table, with the two of them sitting across from me. Every once in a while, Billy would put his arm around her, and I just sat there and let a smile come across my face every now and then. I wanted so badly to say something like, "Hey Billy, how does it make you feel to know that I've seen Dee Dee naked and you haven't?" Billy and Dee Dee wanted to go see a movie that night, but I hated to tag along with them when they did that. We stopped at the cinema to see what time it started, and the next one started in ten minutes. But Billy didn't have enough money after paying for his and Dee Dee's dinner (too bad), and he said he needed to go to the bank. Then Dee Dee said, "That's o.k., because I'd like to go home and change first." We had two and a half hours until the next movie, so we weren't in a hurry. Billy also remembered that he had a mess in his garage from where he had been working on a car all day, and he told his dad he would have that cleaned up. So he dropped off Dee Dee and me at her house and said he would be back about eight o'clock. When we walked in, Dee Dee told her mom we were going to see a movie later, and that Billy was coming back over to pick us up. Her mom said that was fine, and that she was going over to their neighbor's house to see their new boat. Dee Dee said, "Oh, did they get it today? I wanna go see it too. I need to get this icky smell out of my hair, and then I'll be over." As soon as I heard that, I knew this was my chance! Dee Dee had picked up a catalog to look at some clothes in it, and I told her I was going to get ready to go also, and she nodded. I hurried back through the house, but I wasn't heading to my room to get ready. I was heading straight for the bathroom. Like I said before, desperate times call for desperate measures, and since I was going home in a few days, I was certainly desperate.

Denise and Dee Dee share a bathroom, which is right across the hall from their bedrooms. There is a closet in the bathroom, and that was going to be my hiding spot, or hopefully my "hide and peek" spot. The closet had shutters on the door, which was perfect to be able to scope out the entire bathroom scene. The only drawback was that there were shelves in the closet, so it was a very tight fit. But I didn't think they used it for much; it looked like a storage place for junk more than anything else. I knew they kept the towels, toilet paper, etc. under the sink. Anyway, I left the bathroom light off, opened the door, and squeezed myself inside. I was in there for about six or seven minutes when I heard someone walk by in the hallway. Then I heard Dee Dee's bedroom door shut. Needless to say, I was becoming very excited and very nervous. There was no turning back now.

I stood in there for several minutes, wondering if this was going to work or not. This was unlike anything I had ever tried before, and I was trying to keep myself calm. A few minutes later I heard Dee Dee's door open, and she walked into the bathroom and turned the light on, and then shut the door, and locked it! I was in. I was also absolutely, positively scared to death. Oh god, I was already shivering with nerves and getting cold chills. She was wearing her pink and white striped bathrobe, (Denise had a matching light blue and white striped one) which means she had already taken off her clothes in her bedroom. But that was fine with me. She got a light blue towel out of the vanity under the sink and laid it on the counter, and she got a washcloth and started washing her face in the sink. It wasn't a very big bathroom, with a sink, toilet, bathtub, one window, and one very occupied closet. The room was done in yellow with brown carpet, which actually looked kind of ugly. But I think Little Cuz was about to spice it up just a bit! She walked over and turned on the bath water and started filling the tub. They had a shower curtain, which I was sure would obscure my view of the proceedings. But it appeared she was going to take a bath instead of a shower, so maybe I would still be able to see her. The water was trickling into the tub as she walked back over to the sink and started combing her hair, and I was jittery with anticipation. When I saw her at Swimland four days ago, I didn't know until the last possible second whether she would shower with her swimsuit on or off. And those first few seconds when I watched her peel off her swimsuit were some of the most exciting of my entire life. But now it was a given that I would see her naked again, and I knew exactly what to expect, and I could still barely stand the wait. Because even though Dee Dee just looks like a cute teenage girl with that bathrobe on, I knew that would all change very soon. I was very nervous, and I was thinking to myself "Come on Little Cuz, take your clothes off already sweetie! Pleeeeease!" And now the time had come. She walked over and turned off the faucet and tested the water with her right hand. The temperature must have met with her approval, because she turned around and slowly untied her robe, and then it was showtime again! Or should I say, pussytime again!!

Wow!!! The robe slid off her shoulders and she tossed it on the counter, and I had the fastest erection of all time! Otherwise referred to as a stiffy in a jiffy. My heart was pounding violently, and it felt like it was up in my throat. She had shocked me at Swimland, but this time I was prepared. I thought she would probably still have her underwear on, but she had already taken them off in her room. I was kind of looking forward to watching her unhook her bra and drop her panties, but I wasn't too disappointed! Dee Dee looks spectacular in the nude! Her skin is a very light flesh color, with hardly any tan lines at all, except the straps on her shoulders and back from her swimsuit. She doesn't exactly have the tightest body in the world, but the soft body look flatters her. She doesn't work out, but anyone who looks like she does doesn't need to. Her breasts are snow white, and she has big pink nipples. I had found out from snooping around in her bedroom that her bra size is a 34c. Sometimes she just takes her bra off and leaves it lying in the floor. She doesn't have humongous tits by any means, but they certainly aren't small either. And they are perfectly round and firm and don't sag at all. When I saw her Tuesday, her nipples were rock hard, but today they were hibernating. They looked to be very light pink, almost blending in with the smoothness of her breasts. But what I had really been anxious to see again was her marvelous pussy. That's what I really wasn't prepared for at Swimland. Little Cuz was only sixteen years old, and she had the hairiest snatch I had ever seen! You've heard the saying "little girls are bare and women have hair?" Well, Dee Dee definitely wasn't a little girl anymore! Only a real woman could grow a patch of pussy hair like that. And there I was, getting to see her lovely brown bush again.

I only got to see her body for a few seconds though before she turned around and put her right foot in the tub, and then her left, and slid down into the water. She laid her head back and closed her eyes and just seemed to rest there for a few minutes. When she was in the tub, I could only see her head. And like I said, with her innocent face, from the neck up she looked to be sixteen at best. But from the neck down it was a whole different story. My little cousin was sexier than I ever imagined she would be. When you see her with her clothes on, you would never expect her to have a body like she does. And she certainly isn't the type of girl who would flaunt it.

So there we were, just the two of us, Big Cuz and Little Cuz, locked in the bathroom together. My sixteen year old cousin was stark naked in the bathtub, and her big cousin was getting the thrill of his life peeping on her from the closet, and she had no earthly idea. She lay there in the tub seemingly without a care in the world, totally unaware that her big cousin was fantasizing endlessly about being right there in the bathtub with her. At Swimland, there had been two other guys besides me who got to watch her shower. It was quite a kinky experience to know that two other guys were getting to see her in the nude, and at the time I was really ticked off about it. But this performance tonight was all for me, and I had a front row seat! I didn't have to share her with anybody. Watching Dee Dee shower at Swimland had provided me with the very best jack off opportunity of my life, and the feeling was incredible. I had never come so much before. And as horny as I was now, I knew there was no way I would be able to prevent myself from whacking off again. This was just too good a chance to pass up.

It was very quiet in the bathroom, except for the occasional stir in the water she would make with her hands or feet. I carefully unzipped my shorts, and my dick was already poking through my underwear. I've never understood why I have such a skinny little penis. And since I am extremely tall, it only makes it look even shorter. But it was definitely being entertained at the moment. I slowly started to stroke my cock and rub my balls. When my nuts get hard, I like to gently tickle them, and they were already swollen with sperm, and I could tell this was going to be another great eruption. But I had to be careful not to get too carried away, because first, I wanted it to last more than fifteen seconds, and second, I couldn't let her hear me. Dee Dee is always so bashful and conservative, but with a body like hers I have no idea why. Maybe she feels paranoid because her big sister usually gets all of the hoots and whistles. I had never seen Denise naked, but I sure was dying to. I doubted that she was as hairy as her little sister though. Denise is blonde, and blondes usually don't have as much "hair down there" as brunettes. I'm blonde also, and I knew that was the case with me.

As shy as Dee Dee is, I know there is no way she would ever undress if she knew she had a guy watching her, and especially if the guy was me. She would die of embarrassment if she knew I was spying on her, and she would be livid if she knew I was standing eight feet away in the closet beating off. The two of us have a very close relationship, and I hold her in very high esteem. She would never, ever expect me to do something like this. At Swimland we were peeping through holes in the bathroom wall looking into the girls shower room, so there wasn't much of a danger of getting caught. But what about now? I hadn't really thought about it much. What if she caught me? What in the world would I do then? How could I possibly explain it? After all, the only thing between me and my naked underage cousin was a wooden closet door. And if I could see her thru the openings in the door as she lay there soaking in the tub, then I guessed she could probably also see me standing behind the closed door in the closet. That is, if she looked closely enough. Little Cuz wasn't legal, but she sure was lethal. Then I began to wonder if I could actually get in serious trouble for doing this. All I was doing was watching a beautiful girl take a bath, but maybe it would be considered illegal since she was so young. And if I did get caught in the closet, there wouldn't be any doubt as to what I was doing. Now I was a little worried. I probably didn't have much to worry about though, because if Dee Dee did catch me, she would in all likelihood kill me on the spot. She would be beyond mad; she would be irate. I know she would at least tell her mom, and her mom would probably tell my mom, and then what would I do? I couldn't begin to imagine how that could change everything.

I still wished Dee Dee could see me beat my meat though. What I actually wished would happen would be for my little cock to suddenly grow about five inches longer, and then I could walk over to the tub and let her jack me off herself. As it stands now, she could probably get the job done just by using a couple of her fingers. I wondered if she has ever thought about "what I looked like"? If she has, I'll bet she would never expect me to have such a little thing hanging between my legs. I had never done anything to deserve an erotic thrill like the one she was giving me though. I knew it was wrong to be in there watching her, but this was one of those chances of a lifetime. Her body is so much better developed sexually than mine that it's not even funny. Seeing her naked was the biggest sexual thrill I had ever had. And as much as she looks up to me, it would be humiliating though to have her see me naked. But something tells me she wouldn't be looking up to me so much if she knew her big cuz was a charter member of the bathroom beaver patrol.

Just about that time someone knocked on the door and I about had a heart attack. It absolutely scared me to death. It was her mom. I thought she had left to go next door, but I guessed she came back for some reason. What if she started looking for me? I was really starting to get paranoid and worried now. This was such a stupid thing to do. Oh my god, what if they found out I was in there? She said "Dee Dee, telephone." Dee Dee said "Just a minute." She stood up and got out of the tub, and I was almost shaking with excitement. Goodness gracious my little cousin has got it goin' on! She was soaked as she stepped out of the tub with water dripping everywhere, and totally oblivious to the fact that her favorite cousin was in the closet with his pants around his ankles, spanking his monkey like there was no tomorrow while she showed him every bare essential she had! She unlocked the door and reached around as her mom handed her the phone. It was her boyfriend Billy. I swear he can't go thirty minutes without talking to her. But I guess you could say that he called at a pretty advantageous time right now, or at least it was advantageous for me! Dee Dee was standing in the middle of the floor, facing right at me as she talked on the phone. I wonder what Billy Bob would think if he knew I was hiding in the closet staring at his stark naked girlfriend? I was certain he had never gotten a tits and pussy show like the one she was giving me right now, or like the one we were treated to at Swimland. I knew I had the best view on the planet. I was getting to see a whole lot of skin and a whole lot of hair! She held the phone with her left hand, and she had her right arm folded up under her boobs. I could tell she was getting a little cold, because she had her legs close together and was bending at the knees just a little and would shiver every once in a while. Water trickled down her smooth white thighs, and goose bumps were showing all over her legs. But that's not the only way I could tell that Little Cuz was getting chilly. Her nipples were becoming perky, and the little spots around her areolas were starting to emerge as they turned a little darker pink and began to distinguish themselves from her young breasts. Like I said, she doesn't have the biggest boobs in the world, but they're probably a little bigger than normal for a girl her age. But she has huge nipples, which was also sort of surprising, because for whatever reason I figured Dee Dee would have little nips. But that's o.k., because she probably figures that as tall as I am I must have a huge cock. Boy, would she ever be disappointed. And now she was standing about six feet away, never suspecting that she had it all on display and was showing her big cousin everything she had. Oh dear god, she was breathtaking.

She turned around and faced the window, and I could see the water trickling down the small of her back. She has freckles on the backs of her shoulders, and was dripping from where the ends of her hair had been down in the water. This was a much better view than the one I got at Swimland, when I was almost doubled over trying to peek through a hole in the wall. The only disappointment was that her ass appeared to be a little flabby, and it jiggled like Jello. It wasn't the fattest caboose I had ever seen, it was just loose and soft like white fluffy cotton. It was the kind of butt that looks like it would be fun to slap and spank while you fucked her. It looked like Dee Dee still had a little baby fat on her rear end. Nonetheless, it was the bare bottom of a pretty sixteen year old, so I definitely couldn't argue with seeing it. Her hips curved perfectly into her thighs, and here legs were milky smooth all the way down her shins to her feet. They didn't have a bruise or blemish on them, and the water trickled down them like it was trickling down glass. She turned back around, and her tummy was tight and flat. Heck, I had never gotten to see so much as her belly button before Tuesday, and now I was seeing all of her, every luscious inch from head to toe. I watched as one small droplet of water slowly left her navel, gently travelling down across her belly, until it seeped into Dee Dee's thick brown pubic jungle.

But the main attraction was definitely my little cousin's pussy. I hadn't seen many naked girls, except on t.v., and seeing a woman's tits was not that big a deal really. But getting to see a nice bush was a pretty rare occurrence. When I was a teenager, I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning to watch a movie on cable if I knew they were going to show pussy scenes. And when I bought Playboys, it seemed every girl in the magazine had shaved off all or almost all of her pubic hair. Even though Dee Dee was just going to be starting the eleventh grade, I'd be willing to bet that there wasn't a hairier girl in the entire high school. And as I was standing there it was like I was watching one of those dirty latenight movies on Cinemax when you knew there would be a nude scene about every ten minutes. But my little cousin was the star of this show, and this movie had pussy scenes galore! Her brown pubic pasture was sopping wet, all curled up in little ringlets as droplets of water dripped from it to the carpet below.

The carpet was becoming pretty wet from where she had been standing, and I would have given anything to be able to catch those precious droplets of water on my tongue as they dripped from her curly brown pubes. When I watched her strip for the first time, I never expected her to be packing a pussy like this. Dee Dee has quite a spread between her legs, and it was much hairier than I ever thought it would be. Her bush was so full that it looked like she had grown it years ago, which made me wonder how long she had been this well developed. It looked like the kind of hairy cunt that a twenty-five year old woman would have between her legs, not one that you would find in the panties of a teenager in high school. I wished I could get on the phone and give her dorky boyfriend a play-by-play of what I was getting to see. I'd tell him his pretty little girlfriend had her big hairy pussy staring me right in the face. And I'd tell him she has the nicest front lawn I've ever seen. And I'd be sure to let him know that his little honey had her sweet white tits prominently displayed for me, showing her big cousin how well endowed she was. I certainly wasn't an expert on sixteen year old pussy, but I had to think that Dee Dee was an exception. Nothing is more arousing to me than seeing a girl with a big full bush, and Dee Dee was the proud owner of the biggest bush I had ever seen. My god, what a hairy little cousin I have. She hung up the phone, and needless to say, I had no idea what they had talked about because I wasn't paying any attention whatsoever. I was way too busy scoping out Little Cuz and whacking off like she wouldn't believe.

She got back in the tub and slid down in the water, and then reached over and grabbed a can of shaving cream and her little pink razor. Oh my, you mean I was going to get to watch her shave her legs too?! This was too much. She raised her left leg and rested her foot on the side of the tub, and sprayed a strip of white foam from her ankle all the way up her thigh. She took her hand and wiped it around her leg, and then took the razor and slowly ran it up her shin, over her knee, and down her thigh until the razor went out of sight under the rim of the tub. Dee Dee was sitting up now, and I could see her marvelous breasts, with the bath water beading on them, and dripping off her firm pink nipples. She repeated the process with her right leg, and then dipped them back in the water to wash the shaving cream off. Next she stood up and pulled the plug in the tub, shut the shower curtain, and turned on the water to the shower so she could shampoo her hair. Now I could barely see her through the curtain, but she soaked her hair under the water, and then lathered up the shampoo. As she rinsed it out, she pushed her hair back with her arms over her head, and I was just trying to be patient, knowing she would have to get out of the tub eventually. I wondered if she was shampooing her hairy bush as well, but I had no way of knowing. Maybe she would allow her big cousin to assist her with that chore?

I wish, boy, do I wish. When she was through rinsing, she tilted her head to one side to ring the water out of her hair. Then she stepped out of the tub and picked up her towel. When her hair is wet and she pushes it back over her head, it makes her look even younger than she is. If she looked like she does now fully clothed, you might guess she was about fourteen. But guess what? She was not fully clothed; the only thing she had on was her birthday suit, and she looked sensational in it!

Dee Dee stood in front of the sink and took the towel and started drying off her hair. She got it partially dry, and then plugged in her hairdryer to do the rest. Before she did that she dried off the rest of her scintillating body. First she dried off her arms and her chest, then reached the towel behind her to dry her back. As she did this, her tits were on full display as they heaved upward. Then she bent over to dry off her legs and feet, and as she did this, her tits dangled from her chest making them look to be even larger than they were. I tried to get a peek down her valley whenever I could, especially when I saw her in her swimsuit, and now I could see all the way to Argentina. No view obstructions now, Little Cuz! She raised up and tossed the towel down in the floor and picked up her blow dryer. She turned it on and started drying her hair while she combed it out with a brush.

I was amazed that I had been able to pull this off twice in four days. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting to watch my favorite little cousin in the nude again. The noise from the hairdryer and the water flowing out of the tub allowed me to pick up the pace a little as I played with my little dick. I still didn't have much room in the closet though, and I had to be very careful not to bang my hand into the door. I had already kicked the door once or twice with my big feet, but luckily, Little Cuz hadn't detected me. Yet! And I was also beginning to sweat fairly heavily, because it was quite warm in the bathroom. Sweat was trickling down my forehead, but I didn't have enough room to reach up and wipe it off. The first time I saw her had been the best jerk off of my entire life, and I pretty much knew that nothing could top the first time, especially considering how unexpected it all was, and how totally devastating Dee Dee looked when she shed her swimsuit. But this was pretty sensual also, considering how much riskier it was for me to be hiding in a closet in the bathroom at her own house. She had no clue that the tallest peeping tom in the world was only a few feet away. Then I thought about the fact that all she had to do was walk a few feet to her right and open the closet, and she would see Big Cuz jacking off his tiny pecker to her. The look of shock on her face would be unforgettable. And then I started to get even more paranoid about her catching me. I had lost my shorts and underpants as they laid down on the floor, and there would be no way to pick them up if she opened the closet. I was actually kind of proud of myself for being able to beat off like I was right in front of a girl who looked like that. In reality though, I knew I was a big chicken who knew Dee Dee would kill me if she found out. Heck, this was just routine for her. This is what she did everyday. But it was certainly not routine for me. Before Tuesday, I had only seen a couple naked girls before in my life, and they were my girlfriends. I had never gotten to have a voyeuristic experience like this before. And I couldn't believe that I was fortunate enough to have my first two times while watching a naked sixteen year old. And the fact that it was Dee Dee was the biggest turn on. Oh man, if she only knew!

I could see every pore on Dee Dee's fabulous body. I had also heard that someone's eyebrows are the same color as their pubic hair. Well, my little cousin proved this point to be correct, because right now I was able to compare and contrast from my seat in the front row of Dee Dee Anatomy Class 101. I know I would ace that class, because I was now an expert on the subject. She was looking so sexy she was absolutely killing me. I watched as she raised her arms up and down, brushing her wet hair and moving the blow dryer from one side of her head to the other. She looked so sweet and pure. No way could she just be sixteen. I've seen young girls with big tits before, but I just couldn't believe that a sixteen year old could have a pussy between her thighs like that. I'll bet there were girls in Dee Dee's class who barely had any pubic hair at all. And my Little Cuz had grown a dark brown pubic garden with a full crop ready for harvest! Her bush was the exact height as the sink, and her hairy mound would rub up against it occasionally. And I could see the slit between her puffy pussy lips that led to heaven. Her bush was still pretty wet, and drops of water sparkled in her pussy hair like dew on the morning grass. At the pool her pubic hair looked like a dark brown swatch of carpet, but now I could see the exquisite detail of each individual pube as they curled and weaved to create her beautiful bush.

Like I said, I haven't ever really thought about having sex with Dee Dee. And now that I've seen her naked, I knew that was totally out of the question anyway. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself by even thinking about it. There is no chance she would come close to spreading her beautiful legs for a dick as tiny as mine. And if she ever did see my puny little penis, I don't know what there would be for me to say. If she was the one in the closet watching me, she would be in the floor because she would be laughing so hard. Even though she is seven years younger, she is way out of my league. And I know it. I had a lot of respect for her before this visit, but now I respected her even more. I mean, what more can I say? I knew that only the best looking guys with the biggest peckers would ever have the chance to experience the pleasures of Dee Dee's pubic paradise, and I also knew that I definitely didn't qualify. I've only had sex with two girls, and they weren't gorgeous by any means. Maybe I was a little envious of Dee Dee, because I knew she was only sixteen and already had a killer body, and I looked like I was stuck in puberty. With a body like hers, she would be able to screw pretty much any guy she wanted. The only thing holding her back was the fact that she looked almost too sweet and innocent, and was a little on the shy side. The guys at school probably never thought past her loose jeans and baggy tops. But one peek at her in the showers after gym class would turn her into the most popular girl in school! Heck, maybe she was having sex already? But she had been dating Billy for a couple years, and I was pretty certain that the two of them hadn't done the deed. I had no way of knowing for sure though, I just knew she wouldn't want to have sex with me. But what I wouldn't give right now to suck on those plump pink nipples and get a nice big whiff of her big hairy cunt!

I could not believe I was actually getting to watch this scene unfold, as my favorite little cousin stood naked right before my peeping eyes. How lucky can I be? By this time I was so stiff and horny that I couldn't wait any longer. My gosh, she was beautiful. And Dee Dee wasn't just naked, she was completely naked. My dick was already twitching, and I could feel the urge building up in my stomach. I continued to stroke it faster and faster, until I had reached the point of no return. My cock erupted as I stared at the thick hairy pasture just south of her equator! The sensation was unbelievable, and I shot my load all over the inside of the closet door. I squeezed my penis with my right hand, and the cum seemed to be spurting even faster than last time. After I had finished my ejaculation, it took a couple seconds to regain my breath, because I had nearly blacked out. There's only one girl who could get me this aroused, and that was the precious little brunette standing right in front of me.

I was absolutely spent. I knew I had made quite a mess, but obviously wasn't about to try to determine how bad a mess until Dee Dee left the bathroom. She finished drying her hair, and then put on her bathrobe and tied it in the front and wrapped it rather loosely around her. Then she took her towel and washcloth and tossed them in the clothes hamper. It was amazing how simply putting on her bathrobe transformed her from looking like a world class beauty back to a typical teenager. But I am one of the privileged few who has watched her take it all off, and there is nothing typical about witnessing that. There aren't many girls who could put on a show like the one Little Cuz just gave me. She picked up the cordless phone and opened the bathroom door, and walked across the hall to her bedroom and shut the door.

I took a deep sigh of relief, and I was grinning from ear to ear. I listened carefully and didn't hear anyone, so I opened the closet door and stepped out. I peeked around the door and quietly shut the bathroom door so I could go about cleaning myself up after my marvelous masturbation. I had indeed come an awful lot, and there was even semen dripping down the outside of the closet door from where it had squirted through the shutters. In other words, if Dee Dee would have noticed this, I could have been busted for real. Whew! The room was still stuffy from the warmth of the bath water and the blow dryer, and I liked to think that the aroma that sort of filled the air was a combination of soap, shampoo, and teenage pussy. It was the sweetest smell in the world. I turned on the water in the sink and made a lot of noise so as not to arouse any suspicions while I wiped off the door, and then walked out of the bathroom and back into the family room to sit down and recover. I sat there for a few minutes, and then headed on over to their neighbor's house to see the boat with her mom. I knew if I wasn't there when Dee Dee came out of her bedroom, she wouldn't suspect anything. I also knew I was very, very paranoid. I had gotten away with voyeuring my little cousin again, and lived to tell about it! Would I be slick enough to do it one more time before leaving for home??? I sure hoped so.....

But I realized I had gotten away with something beyond my wildest dreams, I was very lucky that I didn't get caught. I had taken a very big risk, but had gotten a very nice reward for it. Since I was only there for one more day, I didn't get any other opportunities to see Dee Dee in the buff. I wished I could find a way to see Denise naked, but that opportunity didn't present itself either. Getting to see Dee Dee naked twice seemed so easy in hindsight, and I was pretty pissed off at myself, considering that perhaps I could have been spying on her and Denise daily while I had been there. I can't imagine being lucky enough to watch them both shower every day. I know I'm not enough of a man to handle that.

I didn't get a chance to go back to Summit for almost a year. It was April of the following spring, and I flew down for Denise's wedding. I had all sorts of ideas for that trip, but let's just say things didn't exactly go according to plan...

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