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Cousin Dee Dee Part 3: "Oops"

It had been nearly a year since I had been In Mississippi to see Dee Dee and Denise. Around Christmas time, Dee Dee had sent me some sexy Glamour Shots photos she had done at a shopping mall, and needless to say, I enjoyed the heck out of them. I was surprised that she actually would have pictures like those made. I was even more surprised that she would share them with me, considering how modest she is. It seemed that I fantasized about seeing her naked at Swimland every couple days, and I masturbated to the pictures she sent me, loving every minute of it. She told me she had been letting her hair grow longer, and I couldn't wait to see her.

She and Billy met me at the airport late Friday afternoon (you mean she is still dating this loser?), and we made the almost two hour drive to their house. It was late April, and Denise was getting married the next day, so I was in town for the wedding. Little Cuz did have much longer hair, and she looked very pretty with it. She had on a blouse that certainly showed that her breasts had grown some in the last year as well. But another Little Cuz trademark was the loose fitting pair of jeans she was wearing. Dee Dee was 17 now, and I was 24. I had told them that I would be fine staying at a motel in town, since I knew they would be busy with lots of other out-of-town guests, but they insisted that I stay with them as usual. I felt kind of in the way, seeing as how this was their last weekend to spend with their daughter before she got married. But I just tried to remain low key and enjoy the time with my cousins.

The girls had a bachelorette party planned for Denise, and some of the guys were all going out too. I really couldn't care less about hanging out with any of those guys, and it wasn't likely that the ladies would invite me to go out with them, so I just stayed around the house, visiting with aunts, uncles, and other relatives. And this also afforded me the chance to do a little snooping! I made a foray into Dee Dee's room, which always looks like a hurricane has hit it. She has things scattered everywhere, all over the floor, furniture and closet. I was able to find her underwear drawer, and she had some underwear bras that were size 36c. Hmm, Dee Dee must have been filling out a little more upstairs. I halfway expected to find a big trophy sitting on her dresser that said "1st. Place: Miss Teen Hairy Pussy Contest," or "Grand Prize Winner for The Biggest Bush in Summit." After some more digging, I found the package of Glamour Shots photos, which was really what I was looking for. I had never seen Dee Dee looking like this before, turning on the sex appeal for the camera. She had three separate outfit poses done, and there were about eighteen different pictures. She had mailed me about five of them, but she had definitely been keeping the best ones under wraps. I found a pair of scissors and cut them apart, and was able to confiscate a whole handful of them. I knew there was no way she would miss them. And they were certainly going to provide me with hours of entertainment!

I went to bed before Denise and Dee Dee even got home, and the wedding was the next day. Dee Dee and I had planned to run around Saturday morning, since it would be about the only time I would get to spend with her on this brief trip. When I woke up, the house was already stirring with activity. Her mom was running around like a chicken with her head cut off, and Denise was complaining about almost everything. I waited for Dee Dee to wake up, and then I offered to go get breakfast for us at McDonald's. About that time, the phone rang, and it was that fool Billy Bob. It's like seven-thirty in the morning, and he has to talk with her as soon as he gets up. Heck, I halfway expected him to already be there anyway. I told Dee Dee I was going to get ready and then go get breakfast, and she nodded.

So I went back downstairs to my room to take a quick shower and shave. I was trying to hurry so I could go get breakfast before it got any later, and when I came out of the bathroom, I almost literally ran into DEE DEE!!!!! Holy shit!!!!! She was standing there in her gray t-shirt and blue shorts, but I was standing there completely naked. Oh my god, I wanted to die right then. Dee Dee had a clear look right at me, and she looked just as startled as I was. For a moment I forgot that I didn't have any clothes on and I just stood there. And she just stood there looking at me. She was carrying clothes that she finally covered her face with. But I knew she had already seen me. All I could say was "Ooops," and she said, "Sorry, sorry, sorry." I was in a state of panic. I jumped back into the bathroom and shut the door, and Dee Dee turned around and ran back upstairs. Oh god, what was I going to do? My heart was beating a million miles a minute. I tried to gather my composure, but then it hit me all of a sudden; Dee Dee had seen me naked.

My head was throbbing because my heart was pounding so fast. I kept thinking to myself how stupid that was, and I couldn't believe I hadn't heard her coming down the stairs. I guessed I couldn't hear because of my electirc razor. But oh god, what was I going to do now? I figured I would be in big trouble. I listened and couldn't hear anything else, so I opened the door and hurriedly ran over to my suitcase and started throwing on my underwear, socks, shirt, and pants. But as I was getting dressed, I began to wonder what I was worried about. Why should I think I would be in trouble? I hadn't done anything. O.k., I tried to get everything under control, but I was totally freaking out. I remember thinking to myself "calm down, calm down."

Dee Dee had been coming downstairs to use the washer or dryer, and she probably thought I had already gone to go get breakfast. The bathroom is under the stairs, and the laundry room is on the other side of the bathroom. And when Dee Dee had come down the stairs and come around the corner, I had come out of the bathroom at the same time, and we nearly collided. To say I was embarrassed would be the understatement of the year. My favorite cousin had caught a glimpse of me in the buff this time, and now there was nothing I could do about it. I was in absolute shock. Even though she only saw me for a few seconds, I could see her glancing down, so I knew she had seen everything. I couldn't believe this had happened. It was kind of ironic that it happened like it did. After everything I had gotten away with the previous summer when I was down there, I sort of knew that my luck would run out, but I didn't count on it running out like that.

So now I had seen Dee Dee naked, and Dee Dee had seen me naked. The only thing was, she had no idea she had been on full display for me last summer. So she had kind of gotten even I guess, but she didn't know that either. At least she didn't catch me in the closet masturbating while she was in the bathroom. Becasue if that had happened, she would have killed me. But I figured she was just as embarrassed as I was now. I didn't know what I should do. I decided to wait a little longer before I went upstairs, because I didn't know what was going on up there. But I had to get a grip, because I couldn't stay in the basement all day. I slowly walked upstairs, and didn't see anybody. So I grabbed the car keys and bolted to the door to get the heck out of there. As I drove downtown, it gave me a while to think about what I would say to Dee Dee. I hoped she wouldn't be mad, but I also hoped she wouldn't be so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk to me.

Yes, I had fantasized about the prospect of her seeing me naked. But I had always thought about her catching me beating off while I was spying on her. Not her seeing me walk out of the bathroom with my little penis dangling between my legs. I wasn't even erect when she saw me. In fact, my dick was quite soft and shriveled up. So it's hard to tell how little she thought my pecker was now. I was getting sick to my stomach, that's how embarrassed I was. Plus, I had never REALLY wanted her to see me naked anyway, because I know my dick is extremely small. But unfortunately, Dee Dee did see me. I was dreading going back to the house, because I had no idea what to expect. When I got back, I saw Billy's truck there, so I figured he would be inside with Dee Dee. I carried the bags inside, and the two of them were right there in the kitchen. He was hanging all over her like a love-sick puppy when I walked in. They were sitting at the table, and Dee Dee said "You're back." I just said "Yep," and she went back to get her mom and Denise to tell them breakfast was here. I got some plates out, and when Dee Dee came back into the kitchen, she gave me a little back scratch. So I figured she wasn't too upset after she did that, which made me feel a lot better.

We all ate, and then everybody was off in a whirlwind again. We cleaned up the dishes, and Dee Dee said very quietly to me "I'm so embarrassed. I'm really, really sorry." I was about ready to choke to death on my tongue, but I didn't even look at her, and just said "Forget it." Then she said, "I didn't know you were down there." I just shook my head, and that was about it. What else could I say? What's done was done. I was just glad she wasn't mad about it, even though I didn't really know how she could have been mad. It would have been a different story if she had caught me in her bathroom closet or something. But she didn't. Thank god.

Suffice to say, any thoughts I had about sneaking a peek at Little Cuz naked on this trip had gone out the window Saturday morning. There was no way in the world I was going to risk anything like that now. I would consider myslef lucky to make it home alive at this point. I went with Dee Dee to get her hair done, and I could only imagine what she was thinking about all morning. I was running errands with my favorite little cuz, the girl whom I saw naked the summer before. And I know for a fact that she has the hairiest pussy I've ever seen. And I also know how hard her nipples can get in the shower, and it looked like her tits were still growing larger. The only thing was that Dee Dee had no idea that I knew precisely what she looked like nude, and that I was sitting there in her car picturing her sitting naked beside me. But now she knew what I looked like without my clothes on too, and I had the most helpless feeling of embarrassment. And I had no idea what she was thinking. Maybe she just thought she saw me when my cock was really limp? Where as if I had had a hard on, she would have known that's the best I could do? Or maybe she hadn't seen it very well at all, and couldn't really tell much about it? I tried my best to believe that scenario, but I knew she had gotten a pretty good look, because she had just stood there staring at me. And it's not like I could have hidden it in a big clump of pubic hair either, because I'm not nearly as hairy down there as Dee Dee is. I had to face the fact that I've got a very little dick, and now my little cousin likely knew it also. She probably wouldn't be calling me "Big" Cuz anymore. In fact, she would probably think "Pee Wee" was a more appropriate name. I was just praying that she wouldn't bring it up somehow, because there's no way I could have handled it. But all morning she just acted normal, as if nothing had happened. So maybe she didn't think it was that big a deal anyway. Cool.

The wedding was at two o'clock, and when we got to the church, everything still seemed to be in a mass panic. Dee Dee was walking around in her blue bridesmaid dress, and she was looking extremely sexy. A couple of the other female members of the wedding party looked pretty good also. Their dresses all had fairly low necklines, showing a lot of skin. The first chance I got, I peeked down Dee Dee's chest, and I could see some major league cleavage, because she wasn't wearing a bra! Her tits had gotten considerably bigger since last year, and I had a great view down her valley. Denise wore a very tight wedding dress and looked pretty hot herself, but she was once again the second choice this day.

After the wedding, we all took a bunch of pictures, and I took some good ones of Dee Dee, and Dee Dee and Billy, and then that dufus took some of me and Little Cuz. I was relieved that she seemed to be acting like nothing had happened. In one of the pictures, I was staring down Dee Dee's dress while her boyfriend was standing right in front of us taking our picture. That was pretty satisfying. I got some great glimpses of Dee Dee's tits during the reception, but never good enough to see those big soda can size nipples. I was wondering if some of the other men there had been able to see her sweet melons, and I was actually getting a little jealous that just about any guy there could have gotten a pretty decent look at them if he wanted to.

A lot of Dee Dee's and Denise's friends were there of course, and I barely knew anybody. But Dee Dee had a friend named Jenny that I knew from my previous trips, and she was a year younger than Little Cuz. She was a very pretty girl with really big breasts, definitely bigger than Dee Dee's. She and a girl named Mandy and another girl I didn't know were out in the hallway, and I said "hi" when I walked to the bathroom, and Jenny smiled at me. As soon as the door had shut behind me, they started giggling. Then I heard another girl say, "Jenny, it that him?" I could hear heels clicking down the hallway really fast, and when she got closer, she said "Is that her cousin?" As tall as I am, I get quite a few looks just about everywhere I go, and I knew I had to be standing out in the crowd at this little church. I knew a couple of their friends thought I was cute, because they always made it a point to say "hi" to me really sexy like. And I guess Dee Dee always made it a point to announce my trips to visit them. So I was trying to listen so I could hear what Jenny and the others said.

But what I heard was not at all what I was expecting to hear. I couldn't believe my ears. One girl said, "He's the one she saw naked?" I couldn't believe I heard her say that. I thought I would die on the spot. How in the world did she know about it? Then I heard Jenny say, "Yeah, she saw him coming out of the bathroom last night. (actually, it had been that morning) She said he didn't have anything on at all, and that she couldn't believe how tiny his dick was." Another girl said "Him? How old is he?" Jenny said " I don't know, but he's a lot older. But Dee Dee said he's got the smallest weenie she's ever seen. She said it was really, really little. She called him Teenie Weenie. She said he's extra tall, and extra, extra, extra small. She said she was embarrassed to even see a dick that little."

"Oh my god, that's hysterical," one of the other girls said.

Then Jenny said "Dee Dee said it was so small that she could barely even see it, and that it didn't even look like a dick. She had to cover her face to keep from laughing at him."

I was not believing this, and the girls were cracking up. It felt like I had been hit by a truck. My stomach felt like it was on fire. And I could feel my face turning beat red with embarrassment, and I could feel cold sweats coming on.

Then Mandy said, "She's gotta be lying. There's no way."

Jenny was kind of laughing, and she said "I'm serious Mandy. She told me as soon as she got here. And her exact words were that it was the smallest weenie she's ever seen. She said he looked so funny just standing there naked with such a short little dick. And Dee Dee said he just stood there like he was trying to show off for her or something, but she said there sure wasn't much to see. She said it looked like her finger was bigger than his penis, and that she's not exaggerating. She said it really wasn't that surprising though because she's always figured he would probably have a little dick anyway, but she said she just never expected it to be that little or that skinny. Dee Dee thought it was absolutely hilarious. She said it was the funniest thing she has ever seen. Especially because he's always making a big deal of how tall he is, and always trying to act like he's so tough. She kept saying 'Jenny, it's sooooo little, it's only this big!' She said she told Denise about seeing him, but Denise said she could always tell he had a little one too. I asked her how long she thought it was, and she said 'Not very.' And get this; a little while ago I asked her where he was, and she said, 'You mean Teenie Weenie? I think he's outside.'

The girls busted up in giggles again. "Dee Dee said you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. She said she can't even keep a straight face because every time she looks at him, she can picture his little weenie hanging out. She said he definitely has a toothpick dick, because that's how short and skinny it is."

One of them said "A toothpick dick! Oh my god!"

But Mandy said "That's mean, but it's funny too."

"Dee Dee said when they were taking all the pictures a little while ago, that he insisted on having a couple taken with her. She said when they were taking the pictures, she was ready to lose it because all she could think about was his short little wee-wee."

The girls were giggling, and then they started to whisper real low, and I couldn't hear much after that, just a lot of laughing. I did hear one of them say "How about his butt?" Then I heard some other people come down the hallway, and I guessed the girls walked off.

Oh god, oh god, oh god. I knew it. Dee Dee had seen me. But I couldn't believe she would tell her friends about it. Oh gosh was I ever pissed now. She probably just told Jenny, but now Jenny was spreading it all over the world. I couldn't believe I was listening to them talking about me like that. And they weren't exactly being discreet about it either. Didn't they realize I could probably hear them? And she told Denise too! I felt like I was about an inch tall. I felt horrible and ashamed to even be there. I felt like an absolute idiot. I never thought Dee Dee would say anything like that about me, but I guess teenage girls will be teenage girls. So now my favorite little cousin thinks I have the "smallest weenie she's ever seen." Great. I've hardly ever heard Dee Dee say any swear words or anything dirty before. So I wondered if "weenie" was the word that she used to describe all dicks, or if she only used that for pathetically small ones like mine? This day had turned into a complete disaster. And I had to think it was some perverse way to pay me back for what I did the year before. This seemed like cruel and unusual punishment to say the least. I felt like I had rocks in my stomach. Not only had my sweet cousin Dee Dee seen my tiny little pecker, but she had been making fun of it to her friends. And who knows what else she told them? Not to mention that she said she "always thought I would have a little dick anyway," before she had ever seen it. And Denise thought it would be little also? That's what was really embarrassing to hear. So here all this time for the last two years I had been running around with two girls who I was crazy about, and they know how tall I am, and they still figure me to be a little-dicked guy anyway? Boy, that pissed me off. Something tells me that Little Cuz wouldn't think it was so funny though if she knew I had been beating off to her last summer while staring at her succulent tits and beautiful hairy bush.

I went back into the reception hall, and as far as I knew, I might as well have unzipped my pants and just let my tiny little pecker hang out in full view. Why not just go ahead and show it to everybody? I had no idea what I would say to Dee Dee now, but I couldn't find her anyway. Then I heard they were going out to decorate the car for John and Denise, so I went outside to see what was going on. They had it totally covered in shaving cream, and Dee Dee was spreading it all over the windshield. I watched her stretch across the hood of the car, and I could see quite a way down her dress. I was a little steamed at her right then, but I also knew there wasn't a thing I could do about it. What was I supposed to do? Confront her, and have her tell me face to face that I have the smallest penis she's ever seen? I didn't think that would be the best thing to do. Besides, I knew she was way too nice to ever say something like that to me anyway. It was bad enough hearing what her friends were saying. I can't imagine what I would have done if I had actually heard Dee Dee saying it. But I also know what the girls were saying was true, because they wouldn't have known any of it unless Dee Dee had told them. I was sort of wondering how she had gotten to be such an expert on dick sizes though. But my gosh, I was so demoralized. Why would Dee Dee make fun of me like that? I mean, she hadn't said anything to me about it all day. Every time I thought about her saying those things, I felt like I wanted to cry. How many people there knew what had happened? Now every time I went down there to visit, all of her friends would think "There's Dee Dee's tall, little-dicked cousin." I was a little more concerned with what Dee Dee would think every time she saw me though. After all, every time I see her now, I think about that big hairy bush of hers. Now I had to resign myself to the fact that she would look at me and think about my "teenie weenie." I was just going to have to suck it up and forget about it. Because after all, she and I were even now, she just didn't know it. And it was probably best that she didn't. But she had to know that even though she was a lot younger than me, she had me beat by a mile when it came to comparing our anatomy. After I saw her naked last summer, I had felt a sense of contentment, knowing how beautiful she looked. But now she made me feel very inferior. And if she couldn't resist telling her girlfriends about seeing me naked, who in the world would she tell if she knew that I had seen her naked? I'd probably get my ass kicked six ways from Tuesday. What I really wanted to do was start telling every guy there that Dee Dee had the biggest bush of pussy hair in Summit, Mississippi. But I didn't think that would be too good of an idea either.

We went back to their house, and the evening was spent opening wedding gifts and hanging out. Dee Dee wanted to try on her new prom dress for everybody, and she came out wearing a tight fitting burgundy dress with pretty white lace trim. It clung to her curves and really accented her breasts and hips, and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra with it. Everybody sort of whistled, and she was a little bashful. One of her uncles said, "Where's the rest of it?" and everybody got a good chuckle out of that. But that was about all I could take. I couldn't stand it anymore. I got up and excused myself, and went downstairs to my room, making damn sure I shut the door tight at the top of the stairs.

The time had come. I couldn't wait any longer. Dee Dee was my very favorite cousin, and I looked at her like a sister. For the last year, I had been fantasizing about the times I saw her naked the previous summer. I had watched her in the shower at Swimland and hidden in her bathroom closet so many times in my fantasies that I had it memorized. But every time I beat off to her, it was always just that, beating off while peeping her. But today had been too much. First, she catches me stark naked coming out of the bathroom. Then I spend the entire day peeking down her chest. Then I overhear her girlfriends talking about me, and hearing that Dee Dee thinks my dick is the smallest one she's ever seen. And then seeing her in her ultra sexy prom dress. I had all the respect in the world for Little Cuz, but the time had come. It was time to do something I had never done before. It was time to jack off while imagining that I was fucking her pretty brains out.

I got out the Glamour Shots pictures and started stroking. I pictures her slipping out of her blue bridesmaid dress, seeing her big white breasts jutting out from her chest. And the only thing she had on underneath was a pair of pretty blue silk panties. She peeled those off to reveal her big hairy pussy, and I was already lying on the bed completely naked as she climbed on top of me, straddling me with her thighs. I imagined my cock being a much larger nine inches in length, and Little Cuz took it with both hands and started to play with it. She leaned over and brought her moist lips down on it, taking it deep into her mouth to lube it up. The sight of seeing Dee Dee's lips wrapped around my cock while she sucked on it was spectacular. I moaned and said "That's it Little Cuz, suck my big dick."

Dee Dee said " I know you've been wanting this for a long time Big Cuz, are you ready for me?" Then she took it and slid it into her juicy cunt, and she took it all the way in, and then we started humping like hampsters. Her big tits bounced up and down in my face, and her big pink nipples were on highbeam! We held hands as we fucked, and Dee Dee was moaning and groaning with each thrust. I had been dying to "fuck" her, and it was better than I ever dreamed. I could picture my "huge" cock going deep inside her brown hairy bush, and then I squeezed her ass and kept on pumping. I leaned up and sucked those big 36c tits, which were a succulent delicacy. Her nipples were extremely hard, with all the little pink specks around them on display as I licked them with my tongue. Dee Dee was saying "Fuck me Big Cuz, fuck me. Harder, harder, harder. Oh my god, oh god yes." Then I pretended to get her down on her hands and knees, and the two of us fucked like dogs. I was really ramming her from behind, with the two of us working up a sweat, and Dee Dee was barely able to take it. She was saying, "Oh god you've got such a big cock."

Unfortunately, it didn't last too long, and when the time came, I shot big wads of hot cum like I had never done before. I could safely say that nothing had ever made me cum more than that first time I was lying on the bed in her basement, pretending to be fucking my little cousin Dee Dee. It was unbelievable how real it seemed, and felt. I had held out for so long, but I guess the fact that Dee Dee had told about seeing me was the deciding factor. It was time to beat off to her properly anyway, because she had become a very attractive young lady.

To this day, she has never mentioned the little incident that occurred that morning. She knows for sure that I have a tiny little cock, but what she doesn't know is that I beat off to her all the time. I'd say it's a safe assumption to say that she doesn't lie in her bed at night though, fantasizing about having Big Cuz doing her doggy style with his little four inch toothpick dick. But Big Cuz sure thinks about her though. Quite often. The humiliation of having Dee Dee see me naked wore off pretty fast, especially as I began to use that fact as a great source of enjoyment in my fantasies. But it happened in a way that I never thought about before, a quick surprise with no chance to react. It may have been Denise's wedding day, but unfortunately, I'll always remember it as the day that Dee Dee saw my dick.

So, would you like to see what Dee Dee looks like? I have lots of photos of her. They are of her at Denise's wedding, the Glamour Shots, prom pics, school pics, etc. And I have photos of her that were taken just nine days before I saw her naked the first time. So they will give you a very good indication of what she looked like in the showers at Swimland that hot June day. Of course, none of the pics are nudes. They're just normal pictures of her taken with ordinary outfits on. She's not what you would call gorgeous, but as long as you don't expect her to look like Miss Teen USA, I think you'll really, really enjoy seeing her. It would be a big thrill to share some of her pictures with you. So if you want to see what my cute little cousin looks like for real, just let me know. I would love to find out what you think of her, and would really, really, really like to know if you enjoy beating off to her pictures as much as I do!!!!! And I hope you'll tell me all about it. I love to hear fantasies about what other guys would like to do to Dee Dee. It's a big turn on to hear guys talking dirty about my sweet little cousin. And I really like to hear that guys jack off while imagining that they are fucking her while her little-dicked cousin hides in her closet enjoying the show. And I get especially aroused when I know that black guys are beating off to her. Some of my favorite fantasies involve me hiding in her closet jacking off while watching a black guy fucking her doggy style, pounding her sweet young pussy, ramming his big black cock deep inside her hairy cunt while she screams and moans with agony and ecstasy. So send me an e-mail address if you would like to see her in full color. She would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed to know that total strangers are reading all about her and beating off to her pictures. I can't even begin to imagine how embarrased she would be for guys to be looking at her photos, visualizing how she looks in the nude. She's a cute little small town country girl who has become quite popular on the internet. She wants to make fun of her Big Cuz? Fine. But something tells me she wouldn't think it was so funny knowing that guys all over the world are beating off to her pretty pictures. The Glamour Shots are especially delicious. She's not a supermodel, and she's not a fantasy girl, she's just my cousin Dee Dee. Just wait till you see how sweet and innocent she looks, the typical girl next door. One look at her may make you want to drive to Summitt, Mississippi to get a peep at her big hairy bush for yourself!!!

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