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Dirty Old Man

Donna almost dropped her daughter's folded laundry when she opened Angie's bedroom door and saw her naked thirteen-year-old with a mouthful of her grandfather's cock - Angie's father's father's ten-inch cock. The scene was posed, staged to make Donna drop laundry. Had she not been somewhat prepared, laundry would have gone flying. A week earlier, laundry would have been everywhere and Donna would have had a turd in her knickers.

Donna clutched laundry and found support by leaning on the door frame. Her weak knees needed support. Stan, her father-in-law, just grinned, then returned his attention to the blow job he was getting, knowing Donna was stuck on the door frame.

Donna hated being stuck, but stuck she was, pinned like a bug with big bug eyes, staring at a debauch. All resolve to do one of the many responsible things she had resolved to do when the sexual activity finally surfaced dissolved into mesmerized immobility in the face of the first instance of surfaced, in-the-open, plain-as-day, sexual activity. There she stood, struck dumb, speechless, powerless, stuck like a bug.

Her immobility put a wry victory smile on Stan's face. His gamble paid off, the prep time sufficient, the execution, flawless. Donna never imagined the first scene would be this shocking, this crude, this vulgar, this up-close and personal. A hand up a little girl's dress, she was prepared for.

Nothing could prepare a mother for the scene Donna bore witness to. Her lovely naked daughter lying face-down over her grandfather's lap, lengthwise, with her loins over his knees and her head over his loins, bare butt to the door with her little legs parted wide dangling off his legs, her little head bobbing over his lap with a mouthful of cock.

Donna stared into a little beaver being manipulated by manly adult fingers, probing both holes or parting both lips, pulling apart both cheeks, showing both nasty holes of her only child.

Angie was gorgeous down there - her hairless, coral-pink, puffy-lipped, slimy-slick quim was enough to freeze a good mom in her sensible shoes and wet her K-Mart cotton panties that she bought on sale at six for three dollars.

Damn him! He knew her horny-housewife pussy was slimeing the crotch of her brand new fifty-cent panties, rendering her irresponsible in the face of a provocation that demanded immediate, firm, and decisive action.

Damn that sexy, seductive, senior citizen - that dirty-old-man with that magnificent hard cock that her little girl could only manage to get the head inside her sucking mouth! Damn her stupid husband for inviting that seasoned cock into a home with two very vulnerable cunts! And damn that little slut, that shameless little cock-sucker, that adorable little whore. DAMN!

Donna mentally cursed herself for all the good opportunities she let slip by, opportunities brought on by actions so bold, so inappropriate, so crude and offensive, or obvious as to intent, each one demanding that a responsible mother set the man straight, lay down the law, and exercise her rights as the mother and co-owner of the home the offender treated as his own whenever Doug was away, and Doug had currently away for a full week with another week before he was due to return. Stan arrived the day Doug left, but his stay had no set length.

Donna recognized the seduction from the first day, but said nothing. Each day grew worse and each day Angie slipped deeper under his seductive influence, eating up his inappropriate attention like a starved refuge; sucking up sexual compliments like a nympho cheerleader; giving and receiving kisses like a spinster at the county kissing booth; clinging to him like iron filings to a magnet though the magnet liked to lounge around in his BVDs with the iron in panties because those were the minimum required apparel for iron, a long standing rule otherwise Angie would remain nude under a roof.

With school now out for the summer and Grandpa staying over, Angie remained under the roof unless Stan went outside, which he rarely did with a young girl with budding titties wearing only panties inside. For the past six months, the minimum should have been bra and panties. Wearing only panties she looked like a child molester's wet dream. When Grandpa arrived, the minimum should have been raised to bra, panties, and PJs with slippers. Not only did Donna not adjust the old minimum standard, she rarely said anything when Angie violated that liberal law.

Donna watched the result of her non-intervention policy with the knowledge that her non-action in the face of a determined seduction of an innocent minor with a strong craving for physical intimacy and an abnormal interest in anything sexual was as good as giving a child molester a green light and handing him a willing victim. She might just as well have stripped Angie and laid her over his lap then guided his cock to her lips and his hands to her crotch.

That provocative thought made Donna's cheap panties even wetter, her neglected vagina even fuller, her clit throb even harder, and she had to question her true motives in the face of the result.

Stan seemed to know the truth days ago, a truth Donna was just growing to accept. Donna wanted to press a hand between her legs and rub hard but Stan was watching, looking for signs of arousal, more green lights. Her gawking, silent, non-action was green light enough. Her wide-eyed blushing stare was sign enough. He didn't need to see her rub off to it or see how wet her panties were. That would be a green light to fuck the kid, and she couldn't give him that green light under any circumstances.

Donna was certain Angie still had two of her three cherries and was just as sure that this was her cherry blow job. He was teaching her, being very graphic. Angie was an eager student. Donna watched and learned along with Angie. Donna knew how to give good blow jobs, but she didn't know how Stan liked them - suck hard on the head, hold balls with one hand, jack the shaft with the other, be prepared to swallow everything that comes out.

Donna had never swallowed semen. The very idea made her queasy. She avoided getting semen in her mouth and would spit if any snuck by. Her blow jobs were great right up to the climax when they became great hand jobs.

Angie didn't seem to have that aversion and appeared eager to get her gooey reward. Donna stood in awe of her little cock-sucker. She made sucking a cock look enjoyable, yummy, the most pleasurable thing a female can do with her mouth. She had Donna wondering what his cum tasted like, what it would feel like going down, what a bellyful would be like. Donna thought she could learn to swallow if swallowing his load was that important to him. It obviously was. As she absorbed this exciting suck job, Donna resolved to permit blow jobs and offer her oral services as well. The damage was done and Stan needed to be serviced otherwise he would respect no lines, leave no holes unmolested.

They'd have to talk, now. They'd have to arrive at an agreement. Comprises had to be made, even if those compromises meant openly allowing the oral molestation of her only child, even if it meant stripping Angie and placing the molester's cock to her mouth, even doing the jacking or ball massaging, wiping cum from Angie's chin and inserting the messy finger in her daughter's mouth so she could get it all, though by the looks of things, Angie wouldn't lose any.

The girl was a remarkable cock-sucker, but Donna could do better because she could deep throat - well, she could deep throat a seven-inch penis. She assumed three more inches, once past the back of the throat, would make no difference. Then again, he was much thicker and she still hadn't seen the head. A large head might trigger the gag reflex she'd overcome with great effort. Judging by the way Angie's cheeks were bulged out, it was big.

That got Donna thinking about her father-in-law's cock. A large head on a large cock was a combination her pussy had an appreciation for, a fantasy cock. Her pussy had never been properly stretched. She was a good and faithful wife and only tried sex with three other cocks prior to meeting Doug. All were smaller than Doug. Now that her pussy was thirty-years-old, it needed a good stretching.

Donna thought about the upcoming negotiations and realized that she had three holes to put on the table. One, her anal hole, was still cherry. A good mother should do whatever is required to spare her daughter the loss of two thirds of her cherries. Donna needed a damn good reason to engage in anal sex, and that was a damn good reason. That was not, however, a damn good cock for the job. Angie sucked on a poop-packer of painful proportions.

Donna resolved to place her anal cherry on the table as a last resort. Angie had to be spared that experience at all costs. Doug would be upset if he knew that his wife was screwing and sucking off his father, but he'd be furious if he found out that his daddy got his wife's butt cherry, too.

Donna almost broke a smile at the thought. It would serve him right. He should know what his stupidity cost, the total cost. Donna further resolved that if her butt got reamed, she'd make damn sure Doug knew.

Her thoughts evaporated as the climax seemed impending. She watched and listened closely:

Stan said, "Okay, baby, pump faster and suck harder. When the sperm squirts out, suck and swallow. Keep sucking and swallowing. Keep pumping, but pump slower, longer, milk my cock. Get every sperm cell out of my dick and into your mouth. Swallow every drop, then lick my cock and balls. That's it, suck that dick, baby!"

Stan stiffened, groaned, lifted free of the seat, and bugged out Angie's blue eyes as his rod began squirting semen in jets that she swallowed as she got them. Donna watched Angie's throat muscles gulp after each spasm. She devoured sperm without the slightest hesitation - a true cum sucker, a natural cock sucker. A cum glutton is what she was.

Donna watched her little cum glutton nurse on the spent dick, then finally saw the head when her mouth came off to start the licking. The head was, indeed, big, as big as a baby's fist. How Angie got her mouth over that large object was a mystery. Donna's asshole winced at the image of that penile wedge prying through a virgin sphincter accustomed to thirty years of one-way traffic. Doug would know if Donna had to have Angie video tape the sacrifice in color. DAMN!

Angie was not aware of her mother's presence, so Donna eased out and moved down the hall to keep it that way. The laundry could wait. She set the scrunched but neatly folded items on the dining table, then went to the kitchen sink to do the soaking breakfast dishes if for no other reason than to keep her hands out of her panties. She also wanted to be doing something domestic when they emerged. Dishes seemed appropriate, and by facing the sink, she wouldn't have to face anyone right away, giving her features a chance to recover their normal hue.

She was halfway through when Stan eased up behind her and placed both meaty hands on her hips, startling her. Donna stiffened, then gripped the edge of the sink as he brought his face into the nape of her neck and began planting nuzzling kisses leading to her ear.

This was killer intimacy, an intimacy she'd only experienced with Doug. The calm she'd restored exploded in facial fireworks to reveal how she felt about having a man kiss her sensitive neck. Manly hands slid up her sides, moved around front, and cupped her tits, another intimacy no male except Doug had tried in twelve years. Had any ever tried, her record of fidelity would have fallen every time. The few who tried to seduce her went about it all wrong. Stan went about it like a man who had been coached by an expert on her weaknesses, all of them.

She watched patiently as he slowly unbuttoned buttons, then unclasped the bra, then freed her jugs, then gently rolled the nipples between thumb and forefingers. Doug no longer seemed stupid, he was a conniving asshole, a generous, conniving asshole, generous to a fault. The bastard! How could he? Sure, share your wife with your lonely father, but not your daughter, too. He had to know Angie would be his father's first target. How could a man be that generous?

With this awareness, Donna tilted her head to expose more neck and pushed her ass back to the lump pressing into her buttocks, a growing lump that she massaged more growth into by rubbing her ass against it. Stan licked her ear and purred, "Did you like that blow job, Donna?"

"You should be ashamed of yourself. She's just a child."

"Yes, but she has a nice mouth. Your daughter's mouth sure looked good on my cock, didn't it?"

"I'm sure it did to you."

"Your kid sucks a mean dick, but I hear you suck a meaner dick."

"I've sucked a few in my day. Doug talks too much."

"He sings your praises."

"I'm sure. He never complains."

"I wouldn't say that. He has a few minor complaints."

"Such as?"

"Such as being married to a two holer."

"I make up for it with the other two holes."

"That's not what I hear. You refuse to fuck with the lights on and you spit cum."

"I keep him satisfied. If he did more for me; I'd do more for him. For the right man, I'd fuck with the lights on and swallow."

"Still, a man needs a good three-holer to keep him from straying. You have a fine ass on you, Donna, too fine to remain cherry."

"Is that why you're here? Were you hired to make me a good wife?"

"Interesting concept don't you think? Seduction was never that boy's strong suit. He turned to a master. He's a smart boy."

"Did he throw Angie in as incentive, or was she payment for your services?"


"Well, you've been paid in advance for a job you haven't completed."

"It's a partial payment - one third down. One hole down, two to go."

"No, please, not that. I'll tolerate blow jobs. I'll tolerate blow jobs openly. You can have her suck you off at the dinner table if you like. I'll even hold your cock and balls while she sucks you off. Her mouth is yours anytime you want it, but leave her other holes alone."

"Or what? You won't let me seduce you? You won't eat my cum? You won't let me fuck you in the ass? We both know you'll beg for it, don't we? You want to feel this big rod moving in your virgin colon with my big balls banging you in the cunt."

"Stan, please!"

"Please what? Please fuck you in the ass in broad daylight?"

"No, please work with me. I'll beg in front of Doug if you'll just work with me. I'll be a three-holer for you, only you, if you'll just work with me."

"But that defeats my purpose. Doug wouldn't be pleased."

"He will be but only after you leave. While you live here, I'll be your whore. Doug gets nothing. Doug can sleep on the couch and jack off."

"You're pissed at him, aren't you?"

"Shouldn't I be?"

"I suppose, but if you cut him off, he'll get it from Angie. He'll make her a three-holer the first night. She's a lusty little wench. She'll give him no trouble at all now that I have her good and broke in. She aspires to three-holer whoredom. She even wants to get knocked up. He'll be fucking her ass and she'll beg him to cum in her cunt. I know my boy. He'll give her what she wants. He'll knock that little whore up, knock her up good."

Stan had lifted Donna's skirt and pulled her soggy panties to mid-thigh. He was now pushing his naked, erect cock through her legs. Donna gripped tightly to the counter as she looked down and watched the bulbous crown slide through her moist cunt lips. She could see because he had tucked the hem under her wide belt, leaving her naked from the waist to her sensible shoes, on sale for $12.95, a blue light special at K-Mart. Her vaginal wetness dripped on them making a dark stain where the wetness soaked into the canvas fabric. She hoped they wouldn't fall apart in the washer.

Donna didn't think very long about salvaging her shoes, not with that thick cudgel doing delicious things in her intimate anatomy. She found herself trying to capture the head each time it ventured near the entrance to her adultery chamber, but her efforts were futile and only made her look pathetic. He was teasing, tormenting, driving her to look pathetic.

Donna thought about Angie seeing this vulgar tease and the pathetic response to it. She couldn't stop the response, so she said, "Can't we take this into the bedroom? I don't want Angie to see me like this."

"I do. She should see this. She needs to see this. You're her role model. She needs to see what a hard-up, horny slut her mommy is."

"Oh, god no, Stan!"

"Don't worry. She should be along soon. When she gets in a good viewing position, I'll give you some cock to workout on. I'll let you get it good and slimy before I shove it up your ass. I'll have Angie pull your cheeks apart. She'd like that job - Mommy's little helper."

"Please don't do that, Stan. Please! Take me into the bedroom and I'll grovel for it. Honest, just don't humiliate me in front of my child."

"Sorry, but we do this my way. I'm the master, remember. This is how it should be done. It's in the master seducer's handbook. You have the mommy set the example. Angie's a fast learner. She'll be acting like her mommy in no time at all once she sees a good slutty example. Why don't you get naked while we're waiting on Angie. She wanted to change into something sexy for me. She needs to know that naked is sexy. Show her how sexy you can be."

"No. Stop! I mean it, Stan! Stop, or I'll make you stop. I'll scream. I swear, I will. I'll send her off to stay with my parents until you leave. See if I don't."

Stan stopped teasing and forced his cock into Donna's pussy, lifting her to her toes in a grimacing strain as the bulbous head plowed through receptive lips. Within the space of a full minute, he managed to get all ten inches in and then let her settle to her heels, impaled, stretched beyond her wildest imaginings, stuffed with cock.

He let her catch her breath. She stood with her arms straight, knuckles white, head hung, stuffed like a turkey. Stan held her by the breast meat and did some neck nuzzling while she adjusted to serving as a turkey. He said, while lick-flicking her lobe, "You're not going to scream are you Donna, dear?"

"Yes I am, just as soon as Angie rounds the corner. What she'll see is a rape and a proper response to it. And that's the last thing she'll see of you. If that's what you want, go ahead and fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I'm enjoying this. I love your big cock. Fuck my ass. I'll learn to love that, too. She'll never see that. Rape me all you want. I'll never tell, but she'll see rape every time. I'll set a fine example."

This made him think, and he finally said, "All right. You win for now, but I'm not through with you, not by a long shot. I'll get what I want the hard way, but I will eventually get all that I want, and I want to knock her ass up with your help. You'll hold her legs apart while sitting on her face, face-fucking the little bitch while I pump my sperm into her fertile womb. See if you don't, and you'll do it before Doug gets back. That's a promise."

Donna groaned at the lurid image as he lifted her repeatedly to her tip toes with a mind-numbing fuck, sawing that massive instrument within her body in eight-inch strokes, fucking her the way she liked her fucking - a long, slow screw - only using more dick than she'd ever been fucked with, taking all the wrinkles out of her vagina while adding stretch marks. Donna took the pleasant fucking in stride until Angie rounded the corner, then true to her word, she struggled hard.

She twisted free and got the cock out, but not without putting on a vulgar exhibition that Angie absorbed with her own wide-eyed stare. She saw it all, up close and personal - the sopping wet naked pussy, the cock stuffed in it to the balls, a hard driving stroke, and the cock popping out with a wet, sucking pop.

After breaking free, Donna backed away, tugging her dress back in place, having great difficulty getting it out from under the belt. She eventually got decent again, then stood red-faced, fuming, putting on a good show of a woman incensed, outraged, assaulted, affronted, fully penetrated and fucked in her own kitchen.

She looked absurd as she called Stan every name in the book, all the while staring at his glistening cock, arched up through his open fly. He listened while stroking his cock. He then turned to Angie and told her to get on her knees and suck it for him, to finish what her mother started. She had changed into something sexy - panties that she wore pulled into her cracks. The rules said she had to wear them, but not how. This wasn't the first time Angie wore something sexy for her Grandpa.

Donna stood with her arms folded. Angie looked to her mother as though to obtain her permission. Donna's stony expression neither forbade nor encouraged, so when Grandpa insisted, Angie knelt and brought the shaft down so that the head was at her lips. She squeezed the blood out of the ballooned head, then quickly got it in her mouth before it re-inflated. She then sucked and jacked as she'd been taught, now in profile to her mother, obviously not bothered in the least that the thing she was sucking on had just come out of her mother's pussy.

Donna thought, "So, that's how she did it. That'll come in handy when I take that thing into my ass." Donna watched the blow job for a while, but for appearances sake, she left the kitchen in a huff, went to her bedroom, and slammed the door. Blow jobs were now out in the open and permissible. Masturbation was now in order.

* * *

Donna hid away in her bedroom for over an hour, but enjoyed three great orgasms while hiding. Between orgasms, she had a great deal to think about. The sopping wet gauntlet had been thoroughly thrown down, his intentions made crystal clear, and his ultimate goal made shockingly clear.

Donna was truly shocked at his ultimate goal and the bizarre way he wanted to do it, but the image of Angie taking that cock, still wet and slimy with her own mother's cunt juice had Donna thinking the unthinkable - face fucking her daughter while her sexy father-in-law planted his incestuous seed in her recently fertile womb.

The provocative thought never would have entered Donna's mind had she not seen how readily Angie took that slimy dick into here mouth. Vaginal lubricants obviously held no more revulsion than the gooey stuff that comes out of a man's cock.

Donna could not imagine that, having grown up thinking her vagina was a smelly, dirty crack between her legs. She never could understand how women could have oral sex with other women. All women knew how dirty the pussy can be, how smelly it can get, and how disgusting slimy panties are if you have to wear them after a good slimeing or bike ride.

Donna could not get that image out of her mind and imagined Angie eagerly licking the dick clean after the blow job. She had no difficulty imagining that scene. Angie would do it to please her grandpa if not to please herself. She'd love it and probably couldn't wait to get started. He'd love it, too, and drive home the fact that she was licking up her mother's cunt juice, licking it off the dick that fucked her.

Angie saw the dick fuck her mother, saw it good, full front, going fully in and almost fully out, pumping, fucking. Stan saw to it by turning Donna to face Angie, holding her firmly by the tits, controlling her in her useless struggles until she kicked back hard enough to force a release. For several minutes, Angie saw fucking. After she dropped to her knees for a better view, her face was almost in it. She was close enough to smell it. Her daughter knew what a good fuck smelled like, but she didn't make a face.

Donna thought about the face Angie did make, a face as though she liked the scent of fuck. Donna remembered staring down on Angie as she sniffed at their fucking genitals, her face getting slapped by wet swinging balls as she sniffed the point of entry, her nose getting wet as she sniffed the clit. Most of all, she recalled the pleasing face Angie made after every sniff.

Donna brought a wet hand to her nose and sniffed, prepared to make a disagreeable face, but she smelled clean and sexy, feminine, a musky scent not a nasty smell. Not bad. Certainly not like the smell of panties after a long bike ride following a flashing episode wherein a grown man showed his dick from a parked car. Yuck! She sniffed all over and made faces like Angie had. Ummmmmm! Sounds, too.

Intrigued, she tentatively touched her tongue tip to a wet finger. Hummm, not bad. She licked. She sucked a finger - sucked two. She licked her hand clean, then went for more.

She wondered what Angie's sexy young pussy tasted like. She wondered what Farrah Stewart's pussy tasted like, Phyllis Shaffley, Ann Bardall, Alice Newman, Connie James, her own mother. She wondered what it would be like to sixty-nine with Angie in front of her parents. She wondered what it would be like to sixty-nine with her mother in front of Angie and Doug, her father, or her mother's German shepherd, Max.

And then, she wandered if Max ever fucked her mother. She smiled at a frequent thought she had never allowed to linger, then smiled at the notion that her mother was that hard up and probably had. After all, German Shepherds are not house dogs. Max was a house dog and someone had taught him nasty habits. He knew where to find a girl's pussy and treated every pussy that entered his house as his private stock. Every female was a bitch in heat to Max.

She thought about all the embarrassing scenes, about all the times Max got his head up under a dress: her own, Connie's, Farah's, Ann's, even Angie's. Donna and Angie had been subjected to Max's oral assaults and clutching leg humps on every visit for the past three years. You don't wear a dress or turn your back on Max while visiting the folks, but they always did. She now saw their thoughtlessness for what it really was - blatant provocation.

She also saw her mother's actions for what they were - encouraging. She not only encouraged Max by not correcting the behavior, she encouraged female visitors by not making an issue of their thoughtlessness, their embarrassing acts of blatant provocation, especially Farrah who recently took up the habit of not wearing panties under a short clingy skirt that remained up when nosed out of the way - pretty blatant, too blatant to ignore, but her mother ignored it. Her father stared at it. They all stared at Farrah's shaved pussy getting licked until he mounted and her mother was forced to tug on Max's collar or watch him screw the horny bitch. Still, she wouldn't admonish Max or Farrah, just prevent them from mating.

Donna smiled at the image of her nude mother being fucked by Max, now absolutely certain she was a dog fucker. She smiled bigger at the notion that a mutt fucker would probably like getting licked by a little girl or a grown daughter. She smiled even bigger at the thought that Angie would probably do it after the dog and would love eating a messy, gooey cunt - her own grandmother's cunt with dog fuck in it.

Donna shook her head to clear the absurd thoughts and vivid images, amazed that they would still plague her after three orgasms. Normally, after one good cum, all silly sexual notions left her and she could return to normal. Not now, not after what she'd witnessed and done. Not after getting her pussy properly stretched, especially not after getting fucked in front of her daughter and seeing how much she enjoyed watching, enjoyed smelling, even tasting an adulterous fuck. It was Angie's licking at their joined genitals that prompted the serious kicking that ended the fuck. Had she not licked, Donna was prepared to struggle ineffectively until Gramps got his rocks off.

Donna regretted that impulsive reaction to something she thoroughly enjoyed. Getting licked while getting fucked was the ultimate sexual experience, and when the licker is her own thirteen-year-old daughter, the fucker, her well-hung father-in-law; well, it just didn't get any better than that, and she kicked to get free. She now wanted to kick herself - hard.

Things were different, now, and Donna saw no going back. She didn't give going back much thought. They were moving ahead, onward and downward. Stan would not let up, and his seduction was now in overdrive. He'd conquered two holes out of six, maybe more, though she'd be impressed if he could get it up so soon after two cums. Still, it was possible. She'd left them alone long enough and never told him he couldn't. She only asked that he spare her daughter's other holes. She didn't demand, establish a rule. It was just a request. His response to that request was to tell her exactly what he planned to do to those holes - fuck them well and knock one up.

Donna laid there staring up at the ceiling, debating her course. His goal was now her goal, but she wanted him to earn it. She liked being under the influence of a master seducer, and he was a master at seduction. He'd get his way even if she hated it. Taking Angie to stay at her parent's house was the only way to prevent him from reaching his goal, and that threat was her only weapon, the only way to slow him down, impede his progress, drag out an exciting seduction.

She thought about ways to accomplish their goal without being too obvious or too subtle. They knew she was in the bedroom masturbating. He stopped by several times to taunt her in the crudest way. The first time, she denied the charge angrily, but each time after that, she admitted it and asked to be left to finish in peace knowing full well that Angie was at his side, probably naked, giggling, playing with his dick or her own pussy, possibly licking his sperm off her soaked fingers after pulling them from her drippy cunt.

Donna thought this thought and shook her head again. She mumbled, "Christ, get a grip, girl. Stop feeding me this filth. Three is all you get. Three is enough. You're a wife and mother. Act like one, you slut."

Donna got up and looked for something to wear. Having stripped naked, she needed something and that unflattering house dress lying in a crumpled heap at the side of the bed simply wouldn't do. She rummaged through her wardrobe looking for something clingy and short. She selected a red spandex hip hugger she hadn't worn since her tenth year high school reunion two years ago. She slipped it on with nothing underneath and modeled before the full-length mirror on the back of the door - very sexy, very revealing.

She found the matching high heels and put them on. Now, she looked like she wanted to get fucked. She studied her reflection and wondered at the wisdom of sending that message this soon. It wasn't so much the message but the dress with nothing under it and four-inch heels was an unconditional surrender, a pathetic admission of need. That's how she felt, but she wasn't ready to let Stan know he'd won unconditionally.

She changed into a skirt and blouse combination, complete with bra and panties that said, "I want to look sexy." She removed another pair of fifty-cent panties to add, "I want you to see that I am ready and willing." She removed the modest bra to add, "I want you to fuck me real bad," then unbuttoned the top four buttons to show bare breast swells so the message came across loud and clear that she wanted his attention focused on her, not her daughter.

Donna studied this image and smiled. This was it, the look she was after. She squared her shoulders and emerged from seclusion. She found them in the living room in another posed position. This time, they were both nude and Angie was face-up on his lap with her legs wide, her head hanging off his knees. Stan was playing with her splayed beaver while grinning at Donna. Angie was also looking at Donna but her view was up-side-down.

Donna paused to take in the provocative sight, then calmly walked over, getting close enough to give Angie a clear view up her skirt to bare pussy. Angie unabashedly gazed up her mother's legs, then strained to get her head directly under the skirt. Seeing this, Donna edged closer until her knees straddled Stan's knees and the skirt shrouded Angie's head. Right after that move, she got licked in the slit.

It took all the will power Donna could muster not to visibly react to the tongue now lapping over all of the wet areas between Donna's legs. Somehow, Donna managed and addressed herself to Stan, saying, "You are pushing it, mister."

"How many cums did you get in there, Donna?"

"None of your business, and I'll thank you to stop fondling my daughter between the legs."

"I'm not fondling; I'm finger-fucking your daughter. There's a difference."

"I can see that. If it doesn't stop, I'll dress her and take her to my mother's house."

"You just want me all to yourself. You couldn't look hornier if you came out naked fingering your pussy."

"I won't deny it, but do you really want me to take her out of the picture so that I won't have her to compete with?"

Stan reached for the hem of Donna's skirt and enshrouded the licker now lapping through the slit, saying, "What, and get rid of a good cunt lapper? I doubt that."

"I'll get her back. In the mean time, I won't have her youthful charms to compete with."

"So, you admit you want my cock all to yourself."

"I admit it. I told you I'd permit oral sex between you and Angie. She doesn't seem to mind serving you in that manner, and I see no harm, but if blow jobs aren't good enough for you, yes, I'll remove the temptation entirely. What you get, you'll get from me, and I'm not that horny. I doubt that you'd get all you want with only one female in the house, but who knows. Do you want to find out if one is enough?"

She had him on the ropes. He dropped the skirt and was busy mulling new strategy. She waited - outwardly showing dispassionate calm; inwardly, dying a thousand deaths. Angie nervously waited while nursing on her mommy's clit, oblivious that she killed her mother with every flick of her tongue.

Stan raised the skirt again, mulled, thinking getting her pussy sucked was no big deal to Donna. He finally said, "Okay, we'll play by your rules for the time being."

Donna looked down to Angie who now had her in a strong clit suck that quickly brought on the tremors of a climax that would rock the foundations of the house if not immediately halted. She placed the heel of her hand on Angie's chin and pushed down. This pulled her clit out long until it popped free and sprang back like a rubber band, making Donna's eyes go cross and water.

Donna blinked rapidly as she stepped back to avoid a recapture. She sucked a deep breath and regained her composure. She looked down on the shiny face of her daughter and said, "You go put some clothes on, and I don't want to see you naked with him again."

"Aw, Mom!"

"Don't aw-Mom me, young lady. And put panties on. Keep panties on, and keep his hands out of them. Keep anything of his out of them."

"You're not wearing any."

"That's right. There's a reason for that and it's not to give you something to suck on. The reason is obvious, but it's enough to say that I'm the adult and you're the child. If I want my genitals exposed at all times, I'll expose them. Now, get, or get ready to stay with Grandma Edwards. Move!"

Angie reluctantly climbed down and moved with a slap to her bare butt as a send-off. The slap came from Stan with his admonition to be patient and wear something sexy.

When she was out of the room, Stan eyed Donna critically, then said, "So, you want to play games, do you? All right. We'll play games. Get naked and get mounted."

"I'll get naked and mounted in the bedroom. Take it or leave it. Frankly, by the look of things, I doubt you could take it."

"All right. Suit yourself. I can live with blow jobs. Can you live with watching them?"

"We'll see, won't we?"

With that, she turned and walked away. She had dishes to finish. The game was on.

* * *

Donna was no match for Stan, and with Angie's help, she lost steady ground rapidly. Together, they tortured her, driving her to openly masturbating with her blouse undone all the way and her skirt rucked up around her waist, and that was after only three hours. By nightfall, Donna remained nude, fucking herself with anything phallic.

By trial and error, Stan managed to key on those things that excited Donna the most. He quickly discovered her passion for a cunt-sucking daughter and shared that information with Angie in private plotting sessions. Each time they emerged, Donna was presented with a well-rehearsed passion play that left her devastated.

Once they learned the truth, Angie was like a leech attached to her pussy, and there was no preventing the attachment or freeing herself of the leech until the leech decided to let go. Angie could make her mother do tricks to get attached, and once attached, she could bring on a pathetic display of wanton need that made Donna's prior performance with Stan look tame by comparison. Counting orgasms was a waste of time as they tended to blend together. She could have counted the peaks but didn't think of it. Had they been graphed, the number would be in three digits.

When it was time to turn in, Donna was wasted, a total wreck. Stan and Angie left her sprawled on the living room floor with a large cucumber up her ass. They took her bedroom and locked her out.

Donna knew they were fucking. She could hear them fucking. That wasn't enough. After they fucked, Stan led Angie out. He led her over to Donna who was still sprawled on the floor, then posed her. Donna looked up the naked column's of her daughter's legs to a well-fucked pussy streaming semen down both inner thighs.

Angie straddled her mother's head, stood in a half squat, pulled her cunt lips apart, and said, "Grandpa fucked my cunt. See! Wanna lick?"

Donna was too numb to avoid the messy beaver that descended steadily toward her mouth. Angie sealed her fucked cunt to her mother's mouth and giggled as she settled her weight fully to form a good oral/vaginal seal. Donna didn't even close her mouth. Fuck poured in and puddled in the back of her throat. She held the puddle for a minute or so, then swallowed. From then on, she swallowed any accumulation. She then licked, licked deep, and made Angie squirm and cum. She ate that, too.

After that, Stan and Angie returned to the bedroom, leaving her to sleep wherever she pleased. She slept on the sofa because the nearest empty bed was too far to crawl to. That's where they found her the following morning, only she wasn't numb. She was pissed. Well, she acted pissed when Angie's fucked asshole flowed over her nose. She flung Angie and shot up coughing, having inhaled fuck - buttfuck. YUCK!

Stan knew he'd gone too far, but Donna's upturned face hanging off the edge was too tempting to resist. Donna told Angie to get dressed and get in the car. She told Stan to stay out of her sight until further notice. He wisely left the house.

Donna had to put a scare into them, otherwise, the game was over. Angie thought it was very over and was quite despondent on the ride to Grandma's house. She wouldn't look at her mother, but Donna kept looking at Angie, recalling exciting scenes from the previous day. There were so many, a simple glance at Angie conjured up a dozen. Angie had no clue that her mother was turned on. Without her grandfather to guide her, she was lost. She avoided eye contact with what she thought was an angry mom.

They had an hour's drive, and thirty minutes into that drive, Donna said, "Angie, take your panties off."

Angie, surprised, looked over. She said, "Why?"

"Because I said take them off."

Angie raised up and slid the panties down and off, then looked over for further instructions. Donna reached over, uncovered Angie's pussy, then ran a finger through the slit under Angie's watching eyes. Angie watched her mother's finger seek the hole and slip inside, watched it wiggle around, then watched it come out and go straight to her mouth, her mother's mouth, there to be sucked.

When the finger returned for more, Angie scooted closer and made a better beaver. Donna used two fingers and then sucked both at once. Surprised but thrilled, Angie languished under a remote eat-out on the highway.

For five minutes, no words were spoken as Donna made repeated dips in the vaginal well like a kid eating peanut butter right from the jar. By this time, Angie had the jar tilted up and wide open, loving every dip.

Donna masturbated Angie to bring down more peanut butter, then ate it. This time, while dipping, she said, "Where you a good whore for your Grandpa last night?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Did he fuck your pussy this morning before he fucked your ass?"


"Then, you were a good whore."

"Aren't you mad, anymore?"

"I was never mad. You just surprised me. Next time, wake me up before you sit on my face. Let me catch my breath before you feed me your fuck."

Angie giggle and said, "I will. I like feeding you my fuck. Will you eat it from my ass, too?"

"Sure, why not? What kind of Mommy would I be if I wouldn't do that?"

Angie giggled loud and long, then laughingly said, "That's right. Mommy's have to kiss owies on their little girls, and my butt sure hurts after Stan fucks it."

"I can imagine."

"Mom, if you're not mad, why are you taking me away?"

"It's just for a day or two. He needs to be taught a lesson."

"What lesson?"

"That I control all the pussy in my house."


"Angie, when we get to Grandma's, I want you to let Max lick you between the legs the way Farrah does, only one better. Make him a beaver and let him lick it good."

"Are you sure? I don't think Grandma will like that."

"Yes. I want to see what she'll do. It'll just be you, me, and Mom. I think she'll do nothing but watch. She might watch Max fuck you. Would you like it if Max fucked you?"

"I guess. Would he do that?"

"Do you have to ask? As many times as we've had his dick poking us in the pussy, what do you think would happen if no panties were in the way?"

"I know what happens. He got in me a bunch of times, but Grandma always pulled him off right after. One time, he got way in and made me bleed. Don't you remember?"

"My god, that's right. He took your cherry two years ago Thanksgiving. I completely blocked that out. I'll be damned. You know, he's gotten in me a few times when I wear panties with loose leg holes."

"All mine are loose. I make sure they're loose, plenty loose."

"Why, you little slut. So, why would you wonder if he'd fuck you?"

"I meant fuck like a man does. You know, do it until he cums. Do they cum when they fuck?"

"Honey, everything cums when they fuck. Cumming is the purpose of all fucking. Organisms fuck to make more organisms."

"I know that, but dogs can't make puppies in humans. I asked my teacher. She said there's no way, that I didn't need to worry about it. I was just wondering. If he can't make puppies, why would he squirt his cum in me?"

"For one thing, males can't control the discharge of semen during orgasm. In Max's case, he doesn't know. He thinks he's making puppies, and he doesn't have a teacher to tell him different."

"I'm glad, because that's the best part of fucking, when the sperm gets squirted up your pussy and it gets all squishy gooey, then runs down your legs."

"You like making messes your mother has to clean up, don't you?"

"Yeah, especially when she uses her tongue to do it and the mess is all between your legs and inside your pussy. Will you clean the mess Max makes?"

"With a rag, yes."

"Aw, that's no fun."

"Take it or leave it. First, we have to get you a complete fuck, then we'll think about cleaning up the mess."

"How are we going to do that...you know, get a complete fuck?"

"I'm thinking she'll let him finish if no one else is there and I encourage it. I think it would be interesting no matter what happens, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess. Do you think she wants to see if Max will fuck a girl all the way?"

"She knows he'll fuck a girl all the way. I think he fucks her. No, I'm certain he fucks her. I just wonder if she's ready to admit it openly. I think she might if we watch him fuck you. If you act like a horny bitch right from the start, and I put her at ease from the start, I think she'll relax and open up. I want to breed my bitch to her dog whenever we stop by. I want to do it openly with Dad watching. I think they'd find that greatly amusing. Would you like to play like you're my bitch?"

"Yeah, if I can be Grandpa's whore, Grandpa Stan's whore."

"You are already. We're just taking a short breather."

"Mom, this is fun."

"You certainly seem to like the role. I hope you like being a pregnant whore. You do know Stan intends to knock you up?"

"Yes. I don't care."

"You're a good whore, Angie."

"Thanks. Boy, it sure feels funny hearing you say that."

"It feels funny saying it, especially with my fingers in your whore pussy."

Angie giggled, stared at the digging fingers, and said, "You sure like eating whore pussy juice, don't you?"

"Umm, yummy. You're a tasty whore. I feel like pulling over and sucking on your whore pussy."

"Go ahead. I'd like that better. I'll let you suck on my pussy anytime you want."

"I'll take you up on that offer, but I expect you to return the favor."

"I will. I love eating pussy."

"Good, because I want you to eat Grandma's pussy right after Max fucks you. Will you do that?"

"Sure, if she'll let me."

"Don't ask. Just get between her legs and go for it. Pull her panties aside and start sucking. Don't give her a chance to stop you."

"If you say so, but I'll bet she stops me."

"Don't bet on it, not after witnessing a dog fuck. She'll be very juicy, I guarantee. Just make sure you get her right after Max pulls out while her twat is still on high boil."

"You know her better than I do."

* * *

Edna Edwards expected them, but still didn't understand the urgency conveyed in Donna's hasty message. She met them at the door and said, "Donna, what on earth is going on?"

Donna brushed by with Angie following, saying, "I'll explain everything. Let's sit down."

Donna and Edna took seats kitty corner from each other at the dining table as Angie pulled the ottoman over and placed it between them to form a close equilateral triangle when she sat. Edna found this very odd and wrinkled her brow as she saw Angie assume a wide-legged repose before a curious Max, advancing to check out the new arrivals.

Angie had her ass at one end of the ottoman with her elbows at the other end, propped up to watch Max's approach. Edna saw the naked beaver before Max arrived. He zeroed in on the naked pussy being presented to him, came right up, sniffed, then began licking. Angie pulled the dress up past her hips and yawned her legs in response, putting her right foot between the heads of Edna and Donna. Edna watched with her eyes wide and mouth agape, then looked around the shoed foot to Donna for an explanation.

Donna, acting unaffected, calmly sat back, taking her eyes off the lapping tongue to lock eyes with her mother. She smiled and said, "She is such a slut. I'm afraid you'll have your work cut out for you. As you can see, she's also a shameless slut and not too particular when it comes to species. She's been acting like a bitch in heat, so naturally, I thought of Max. He doesn't strike me as an animal that's too picky when it comes to mating. He knows what to do with a bitch in heat, human or otherwise. You don't mind if I mate my bitch to your dog, do you, Mother?"

Edna slowly shook her head, still not sure she heard right. She then looked to the little beaver getting a deep licking to see that she saw right the first time. While Edna re-assured herself, Donna divested Angie of the dress, leaving her naked in sensible shoes with new white socks folded down, very cute, very sexy, mesmerizing to a horny old gal like Edna who sat watching a fantasy come true before her very eyes.

Donna saw that a fantasy was being played out before her mesmerized mother and knew this fantasy would not be interrupted even if a marching band played through. Wild horses could not stop what her mother was so intently witnessing, revealing her rapidly growing passion in a deep blush with shallow rapid breathing.

Confident, Donna placed her hand on her mother's bare knee and stroked gently, a fondling massage not a daughterly pat on the knee. This awareness made Edna look over to Donna with puzzled eyes. Donna just smiled warmly and said, "You don't mind sharing your canine lover with my horny bitch, do you, Mother? You don't strike me as the selfish type, not when you see how badly she needs it."

Edna could only nod in response. Donna smiled at this subtle admission, something to build on. As Max got over Angie, they returned their attention to the bitch on the ottoman, feeling blindly for his dick. Donna said, "Mom, you're closer. Help her out, will you."

Edna leaned out, reached low, took Max by the bobbing cock, and guided the tip to the waiting slit. As soon as he felt the wet, warm crease, he lunged. Four inches of dick entered Angie quickly followed by four more inches in three fast humps that brought the sheath to her cunt lips and made her groan and drop her legs. After a minute of hard buffeting, Angie was limp as a wet rag with her arms, legs, and head hanging off the edges of the ottoman, her little torso taking a brutal pounding by a dog who stood over her and the ottoman with all four paws on the floor.

After her job was done, Edna eased back and watched a bestial fucking. The familiar hand on her knee was now well up the inside of her leg, advancing on her pussy, advancing slowly but steadily, its ultimate destination and purpose quite obvious by now.

If Edna found this distressing, she didn't let it show. Intently absorbed in the bestial mating going on before her, Edna allowed her legs to drift apart under the hand's advance, signaling her intent to allow Donna to do as she pleased with anything she found of interest between her legs.

Donna read the message and stopped fucking around with subtle seduction. When the legs drifted, her hand slid up and firmly cupped maternal pussy, molding the finest silk panties to warm, moist flesh. She pushed the dress material up out of the way so she could see what she was doing. Her fingers glided on slippery wet silk as she explored the contours, peaks, and valleys of the vagina she came from.

Her fingers were soon sopping wet though they'd yet to feel bare pussy. Dying to taste her mother's intimate juices, Donna brought the fingers to her face, sniffed, found her to be ripe, bordering on over ripe, offensive in a normal state of mind but highly erotic in her present state. She licked the fingers while making pleasure sounds, drawing only scant attention from her mother who finally gave a look that said, "Whatever turns you on, Donna."

Donna saw the look and went back for more, slipped fingers under the panties, and got the slit sauce direct. On the next venture, her fingers went right up the hole, dug around inside the birth canal, her former residence though a hysterectomy removed the former home from the vaginal lot. Donna wasn't thinking about operations that were now ancient history. She was too absorbed in playing with her Mommy's pussy, using both hands, licking one, digging with another, playing switch every other second, or so it seemed.

Though Angie was going cross-eyed, getting the stuffing fucked out of her, getting rocked back and forth with every hard thrust, Edna had to look over to her daughter to give her another look, one that said, "Jesus Christ, Donna! If you want my snatch that bad, here, have at it."

With that look given, Edna scooted her butt to the forward edge of the seat, drew both legs up, hooked her heels at the outer corners of her chair, laid the knees flat to each side, and ripped away the crotch of special order Fredrick's of Hollywood panties that weren't even on sale and cost $34.96 not including shipping, handling, or tax, bringing the total closer to $50 - one-hundred times the cost of the panties Donna had on.

Donna was impressed with the beaver she now had to play with but couldn't help thinking it was a shame to ruin such fine undies when they could have been eased off, folded neatly, and set aside - maybe given as a gift to someone who appreciated opulence but could never afford to indulge herself. Damn!

Donna stopped making a slit-slime glutton of herself and settled into a good two-handed masturbation of her mother's pussy while turning her attention to the fucking Angie was getting. As though noticing for the first time, Donna's eyes grew wide. Damn! Her daughter was getting screwed by a mutt! FUCK!

The kid was getting the shit fucked out of her, buffeted, repeatedly impaled, skewered, humped and pumped by a fucking dog! Her mother's dog! Her mother's canine lover! She admitted it.

Donna watched along with her mother as Angie's body was pushed further back on the ottoman. After five minutes of hard, steady pounding, her ass was in the center and her head touched the floor. Max neared his climax as evidenced by a faster, shorter stroke that ceased the backward slide. Donna assumed that was the sign he was about to climax, and then she realized the person who would know was squirming on her fingers. Donna said, "Mother, is he getting ready to cum?"

"Yes. He's almost there."

"Does he cum a lot...I mean, does he squirt a large quantity of semen...you know, when he fucks you, when he fucks your pussy?"

Edna looked to Donna, wishing she'd shut up and watch. Donna wanted an answer, so Edna said, "Yes, Donna. When the dog fucks your mother's pussy, he always ejaculates a large quantity of canine semen. Happy, now?"

Donna was happy. She had her open admission, smiled, and watched the climax - a rather anticlimactic climax. He pumped her ragdoll body full of doggie semen, pulled out, then went off to curl up in a corner and lick his dick.

Angie lay in a sprawl leaking a big puddle onto an expensive ottoman. Donna fought the motherly impulse to dash for paper towels. Her mother seemed unconcerned, interested more in seeing how big the puddle would get if left undisturbed, enjoying the sight of a sprawled, well-fucked little girl, ruining a good ottoman. Edna reached her climax as the puddle spilled over the side.

Donna saw to it that her mother had a good cum, then helped her come down from that cum with a good pussy massage. Now there were two sprawled bitches as Edna laid her head back and enjoyed the after glow of a good pussy massage. Donna used the massage to keep the legs out at opposing right angles and the twat between them at a simmering boil.

Angie should have been in that beaver chowing down by now, but she was still recovering from being a well-fucked bitch. Donna reached out with a foot and gave her a nudge that rolled Angie's head her way. Angie saw her mother motioning with her head, reminding her of her next order of business. Her mother nodded toward the beaver she had by the lips - a big messy beaver, a big hairy maw, an ugly wound turned into a wide oval you couldn't hide with a tea saucer - raw, red, very slimy, unappetizing as hell.

Angie groaned, rolled to her side, and sank to her knees, getting messy in the process, having rolled across a puddle of fuck, then knelt in spillage. Even she was grossed out, but then she looked the maw of a beaver square in the hairy mouth and wanted no part of it. Donna kept insisting, trying not to alert her mother that she was insisting.

Angie gave in, moved in, and gave the maw of her grandmaw a lick that brought Granny's head shooting up. When she looked down and saw Angie licking the cunt Donna held wide open, Edna let out a sigh and said, "Not you, too."

Edna watched Angie's flat tongue wipe over all the pink meat, lap at the fleshy clit, then probe the hole itself with a deeply penetrating lick. Edna looked to Donna and said, "This trait had to come down from your father's side."

Donna said, "Don't you like it?"

"What's not to like. I just don't understand it. Go ahead. You two can eat all the pussy you like. I'll never turn down a hungry cunt licker, human or animal, male or female, young or old, friend or family. Just don't expect me to reciprocate. From now on, if you'll call ahead, I'll be ready. I'll make sure it's clean and fresh. Right now, it must smell like a fish market and taste like three-day-old mackerel."

Angie had to agree but didn't let it show. She did wince a bit when her mother said, "No, we like raw pussy, raunchy and sweaty. We love that musky cunt scent."

Edna said, "Whatever. Like I said, I don't understand it, but if that's what you like, you're welcome to eat my musky cunt to your heart's content. Just let me know when you're done."

Angie said, "Okay, I'm all done."

Donna quickly countered, "No, you're not. Eat her till she comes."

Edna said, "Wait a sec! Angie, is your mother making you do this?"

Angie looked from Edna to Donna, then back to Edna after getting her mother's unmistakable message. She said, "Yes. She said I was her bitch. She made me eat you."

Edna pushed hands and face out of her crotch, pulled her skirt down and stood. She took Donna firmly by the hand and dragged her into the den. While being dragged away, Donna stared back at Angie with unbelieving eyes.

When the door shut, Edna faced Donna and angrily said, "What the hell do you think you're doing? How dare you force this on that child. Have you lost your fucking mind, Donna Marie? Do you realize we just raped that child? Do you realize we could both be put under a jail for three lifetimes for this? Well!"

"Mom, I don't understand. She wanted this. She's no virgin. Doug's father saw to that. There's not a hole on that kid that hasn't been thoroughly fucked, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. She's a whore and likes the label. She loved the idea of screwing Max in front of you. That's all we talked about all the way over here."

"Then why is she acting this way, now?"

"I don't know. I guess she was sated and wasn't in the mood to go down on anyone. Maybe she likes her pussy fresh and clean. Maybe it's the hair that bothers her. I don't know, but I do know she loves eating pussy. She damn near ate me into a coma last night. I thought you'd love to experience that."

Edna looked relieved, softened her demeanor, then broke a slight smile before saying, "Well, that makes sense. I appreciate the thought. That screwing took a lot out of her. I feel the same way after he screws me. Right after a good humping, I want nothing to do with sex for hours afterward."

"Well, I can see why. Personally, I wouldn't care to be humped like that. I like a long, slow screw."

"Bitches like to be humped, fast and furious. Angie's a real bitch. That, I'm certain of. She went ragdoll right away. You'd have strained and grimaced all the way through it and gone, 'Yuck! Get this fucking mutt off me,' right after. Angie's a bitch, no doubt about it."

"That's a relief. She had me worried."

"She'll be alright and ready to romp in a few hours. So, how long have you suspected me and Max? I've always wondered."

"I suppose, I've known from the first but would never allow myself to dwell on it. Last night, I dwelled and it became obvious."

"Well, I'm glad its out. If Angie wants to keep on playing the bitch, I'll go along, but you'll strip her and lay her out for Max. You'll guide his cock and do it in front of anyone present including friends you bring over. Understood?"

"I understand."

"Good. You can also inform your horny girl friends that I will not be pulling Max off anyone from now on. If he mounts, they get fucked or they leave and may never return. Farrah will be pleased to hear that, but you make sure Connie and Ann understand. They will no longer be allowed to tease Max. If he mounts, they fuck. I want that made perfectly clear. If they let him continue until he goes to mount, from that point on, they become bitches. There's also a new rule for your female guests. They must wear skirts or dresses with nothing underneath. Explain the rules, Donna."

"You're right, Farrah will be no problem, but I'll have to have a talk with Connie. I'll make it clear, but I doubt those rules will bother Connie. The others are too iffy, so I doubt you'll be seeing any of them again."

"Don't rule Ann out. I know a fellow mutt lover and she is a fellow, more so than Connie or Farrah. She's just more inhibited than they are, but she's a bitch through and through. With Connie and Farrah, it's just something fun to do on a lark or dare."

"Ann's a bitch? Are you sure?"

"Positive. She just needs a slight push. Invite her over, explain the rules in no uncertain terms, then see if she comes. If she accepts, she's ready. If not, it means she's not ready yet. Eventually, she'll come."

"It won't hurt to try. If you're right, I'd sure love to see that."

"We all would. She's a gorgeous bitch, and Max is quite taken with her. She wants him, wants him bad. We must get those two together."

"We must."

"Okay, so what's the deal? Are you serious about wanting me to look after Angie for a couple of days?"

"Yes, at least two. Stan needs cooling off."

"Stan needs jail time to cool off. I knew he was no good."

"Mother, he's very good. Just ask Angie."

"Well, what's done is done. I don't suppose you mind if we have some fun during her stay."

"Not at all. Have a ball. Generally, she can't get enough."

"We'll see."

"I'd better get back. I'll let myself out."

"Call when you're ready for her. I'll bring her back."

"I'd appreciate that. Later."

* * *

When Donna returned home, Stan was there waiting. He'd cleaned up, had a fresh shave, and he'd splashed on an overdose of cologne. He was in seducer mode, right where Donna wanted him. He went right to work, slowly and gently. Donna was very pleased but didn't let him know that. He had to put in hours of good seducing foreplay to get her on his dick, and that only lasted until he got cocky. As soon as that happened, Donna calmly and casually uncocked and sauntered off. He had to start all over.

In two days, Donna had the master seducer totally retrained. The master seducer had Donna fucking and sucking like a true three-holer whore. In the end, it was a wash. Each got what they wanted and thought the other had been beaten. Both were winners.

They were now ready for Angie to be brought back into the equation. Stan's goal was now their goal and they were eager to get started on the goal. Edna delivered, then stayed to watch Stan and Donna carry out their goal.

Edna was not shocked which disappointed Donna. She was sure her mother would shit. Edna didn't even blush. What Donna didn't know was that her mother and father had been doing that and more for two days. Great minds think alike, but they don't always share what they are thinking.

Angie was getting more sex than she knew what to do with. Every adult in her life with the exception of her father, but including the only dog, was venting all sexual urges and desires on her immature body and that abuse was taking its toll. She was getting her fill of being poked and creamed, reamed and slimed. The novelty wore off quickly but her soreness didn't. Take away the novelty and leave sore and sticky, you get an unhappy camper. When Stan and Donna climbed off of Angie, they found out how unhappy their camper was. Edna was still there, so she found out as well.

Angie climbed down from the table, wiped fuck from her face, then glared at the three adults who were expecting her impish, fresh-fucked, did-something-naughty grin. Angie glared from one to the other, wiping silly grins off faces, then she floored them when she yelled,


You could have heard belly button lint hit the carpet as she stormed off, went to her room, and slammed the door. Three ghostly-white adults sat staring at the last point they could see her. Slowly, they looked to each other and realized who the boss really was. They also realized the boss just won all the marbles and took them to her room.

Edna decided it was time for her to go, but left with this advice:

"Donna, you're playing with fire. She turns off and on like a faulty light switch. She did that several times over the past two days. She'll cool off and get horny and want more. When she wants it, she'll make you forget your resolve. One day, she'll turn off and dial the phone. I'm through playing with fire. You keep her away from my home until this gets straightened out for good. I mean it. I wish you luck, but I fear the worst. Keep me and your father out of this. Please. Well, I'll be seeing you."

And then Stan said, "Donna, I think I'll be taking my leave. My work is done here. Good luck, kid. Tell Doug to be careful, and if this shit blows up in your faces, don't mention my name."

And then Donna sat alone, scared shitless. She remained scared shitless until Angie emerged from her room three hours later, came up, and hugged her. She was fully dressed, looking like her old self, and wanted to go out and play. She went and played till dark. When it was bedtime, Angie climbed in bed with Donna and would not be moved. Donna tried to sleep with a vaginal leech.

The next day, Donna took her to K-Mart and bought her a new swimsuit and it wasn't even under a flashing blue light. They took in a movie and had dinner at Burger King.

The next three days were spent doing fun things: zoo, park, beach, water park, more shopping, fast food, sixty-nine, and ten trips to Dairy Queen. When Doug arrived home, everything was back to normal. Donna was happy. Angie was happy. Everything was just as he'd left it. After getting that impression, he said, "Donna, didn't Dad stick around?"

"Yes. He left four days ago. He repeatedly raped me and Angie, violated every orifice of our bodies many times, made us swallow semen, got us both pregnant, then said his work was done and just left. Why, was there more you wanted done to us?"

Doug turned white, then grew angry, then threw a lamp across the room and shouted, "THAT BASTARD!"

Donna came over, placed a hand on his shoulder, and calmly said, "Isn't that what you wanted? He left feeling like he'd done a good job for you. He thought you'd be pleased."

Doug wore his infamous puppy-dog look as he said, "Donna, I swear. That was not what I wanted. Rape was never the plan. He was to use gentle seduction and stop at the first absolute no. I just wanted him to loosen you up and give Angie some sexual experience. I had no idea he'd resort to rape."

Donna took pity and decided to let him off the hook, saying, "He didn't rape us. He seduced. Boy, did he seduce. He did loosen us up, and he followed your orders to a 'T'. He did good, very good. I'm a swallowing three-holer, and your daughter is also a swallowing three-holer. We may be pregnant. Time will tell. I have to warn you, though. Angie runs very hot or very cold, and she turns on a dime. When she wants sex, you'd better give it to her, but give her only what she wants when she wants it for as long as she wants it or she gets very angry and wants to punish the object of her anger."

"Yeah, how does she punish?"

"She calls the cops, or I should say, threatens. If she stayed pissed, she'd do it, too. You can't let her be pissed either from not getting enough or getting too much. We've created a monster, Doug, a sex monster. We're not her parents; we're her sex slaves."

Doug smiled and said, "How bad can that be?"

"It's not bad at all unless you're all by yourself trying to satisfy her. She needs a male and a female. Right now, she wants cock. You're up. She 's waiting in our bedroom. Make her happy. I'll be waiting if you need me. Go get 'em tiger."

Doug, still smiling, went to the master bedroom to see the master, still wearing that smile, more a shit-eating grin. He returned two hours later, dragging ass, not smiling. He tapped Donna and said, "You're up."

Donna returned after an hour and tagged Doug. "You're up, stud."

He got up and trudged down the hall. An hour later, he tagged Donna. She tagged him thirty minutes later. Ten minutes after that, Doug came out to tell Donna that they were both up. They both trudged down the hall and didn't emerge until late the next morning.

Over coffee, while Angie slept like a satisfied baby, Doug said, "Damn, Donna. We can't keep this pace up. She'll kill us."

"She's just getting caught up, doing something new. You're the new monkey in the zoo. She'll settle down. Today won't be so bad. You'll see."

"She gets pissed when I can't get it up. She needs to understand the limitations of a penis. Can't you make her understand?"

"No. We could ask Stan to move in permanently. I think two cocks will more than suffice, that and a dog or two."

"He might. What am I saying, he'd jump on the offer. Are you serious? You'd let him move in on a permanent basis?"

"On one condition."

"And that is?"

"That he be the king cock. That you subordinate your marital rights to him. The order will be: Angie, Stan, me, then you."

"May I remind you that I am the only bread winner, that I earn all the money, pay all the bills, put all the food on the table."

"I understand, but we're talking sexual order. When it comes to making financial decisions, you're the boss. When it comes to making home decisions, I'm the boss. When it comes to family decisions, Stan is the boss, and when it comes to matters of sex, Angie is the boss."


"Don't say that word. Angie might hear."

"Yeah, let the monster sleep. Donna, this is crazy. We can't live like this. Let's sit Angie down and have a heart to heart."

"I tried that. She'll agree to everything, but as soon as she gets horny, all that goes out the window. Try if you want, but I think you'll find that nothing changes."

"Let's get rid of the phone. If she had to get dressed and walk to the Seven Eleven to call, she'd cool off long before she got there."

"That might work. We could unplug the phone and tell her no. See what happens before having it disconnected. If it works, I'll gladly live without a phone."

* * *

Donna and Doug brought Angie out, sat her down, told her how it was going to be, thoroughly explaining the consequences should she ever call the cops. She understood, pledged her support, wanted the phone taken out, and everything was fine until she got horny and was told, NO.

She marched out of the house, straight to the neighbor's house, used their phone, and fucked up everyone's life when shocked investigators dragged out the whole story. Angie ended up in a physically abusive foster home, ran away, lived on the streets, became addicted to drugs, and died of a heroin overdose at the age of fifteen.

Donna and Edna went to a women's prison. Donna was killed by an angry prison mob shortly after her arrival. Edna committed suicide two months later.

The men went to state prison. Two were killed by inmates within three years of incarceration. Doug committed suicide after he got the news of Angie's death. Even Max wound up in the pound and was executed.

This ending really sucks, but just as in real life, endings sometimes suck.

The End

Oh, all right. Stop your whining. Here's another ending you can plug in if you prefer.

* * *

Donna and Doug brought Angie out, sat her down, told her how it was going to be, thoroughly explaining the consequences should she ever call the cops. She understood, pledged her support, wanted the phone taken out, and everything was fine until she got horny and was told, NO.

She marched out of the house, got halfway down the block, stopped, then returned to her anxious parents, humbled and sorry for her childish display. They disconnected the phone. Stan moved in and became the king cock. Edna had her bitch. Angie became a good whore to five adults, bore six bastards, married Stan and lived happily ever after.

Max died of old age, a canine heart attack brought on while fucking a pom pom girl from next door. Fortunately, he came and went. The pom pom girl also came, but she stayed pinned under a dead dog until her mother heard her daughter's calls and dragged the dead mutt off her kid, saying, "Now, look what you've done, Brenda. You went and killed Edna's dog. You get your bitch ass in the shower then go to your room and wait there until your father gets home. MOVE! [slap to the fanny] And don't be making pecker tracks all through the house. Cup your damn pussy, you fucking slut!"

After the screen door slammed shut, she stood looking over the dead animal, and said, "Christ! Well, Max, you met your match. Don't say I didn't warn you. Shit. Edna is going to be heart broken. Poor thing. Every bitch in the neighborhood is going to be pissed at me. Damn Brenda, anyway. Where the hell am I ever going to find a dog like you? Fuck!"

The Fucking End, God Damnit!

Happy, now?

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