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Don't Cry for Me

I have read all these stories in these sites where everyone says how beautiful and shapely their mother is. Well, it makes me feel real bad because my mother is fat. Not just slightly overweight, but fat! It's a medical condition and it has virtually destroyed Mom's marriage as Dad split the scene a couple years ago because he was repulsed at mom's body. When I had friends over, they would be offended at mom's weight and when they were together they would laugh their ass off and, y'know.... it hurt.

I am an average 17-year-old guy named David. I am a junior in High school and an average student. I am average looking and I like to think I have an average personality but when the girls find out that mother is a huge woman they just avoid me. Kinda tough y'know. My mother is STILL my mother and I love her very much and I feel so very sorry for her. Yup, the story is about to begin.

Mom tips the scales at 350. I have looked at our photo album and when she was younger, she was a complete knock out. In school she was even a cheerleader! A lot of times I would lie in bed jacking off thinking of how my mom "used" to look. I have an average dick of about 5 inches.

A lot of times Mom would be half laid on the sofa wearing her night clothes because she didn't have many clothes that would fit her and sometimes her body would just make me sick but then again I feel that sorry for her too.

I think it was August 10th when things started to change around the house. I came in the back door, as usual and heard a whimpering. Gawd! Was mom OK? I carefully went to the living room door. Mom was sitting there in her nightclothes crying. Tears started to swell up in my eyes as I was actually feeling her pain whatever it was.

"Mom? You OK?" I asked leaning against the door looking into the living room.

"Oh, hi Honey. Yes. I'm ok. Just a woman thing," She said removing the tears from her face. I went into the room and sat down next to her.

"What is it Mom?" I asked really concerned.

"Its nothing Honey," Mom replied.

"Well, something's wrong. What is it?" I queried.

"I just miss your Dad I guess," Mom said trying her best to smile.

"You wanna coke or Pepsi or something?" I asked.

"No thank you Honey. I'll be OK," she said smiling.

"Well if you are OK, I'm going to bed then," I said as it was late.

"I'll be fine. I'll just sit up watching TV for awhile," Mom said adjusting herself.

I smiled and kissed her on the forehead and went to my room. I pulled off my tee shirt, admired my body for a second and pulled off my jeans and underwear and again, admired myself in the mirror. My hand went down and I took my dick in my hands and fondled myself thinking of Jana Wilson, the cute new chick that was in my history class. Damn, she had great legs and always wore a mini skirt or tight fuckin' Levi's! I would love to fuck her! Well, at 17 I was ready to fuck a damn snake if someone would hold its head!

I was looking at myself in the full-length mirror as my dick started to get hard. Yeah, it's 5 inches but I enjoyed looking at myself and, anyway, it felt good. Nope, I'm no cherry either. I had my first fuck when I was 14 and she was 13 and she was, of course, the school whore and was being fucked by every guy in school. *smile*.

Like all guys, I wanted a dick that was larger, say about 8 inches and when I went into the chat rooms, almost all the guys said they had an 8 incher and I really felt inadequate. My thoughts were roaming now as I was slowly jacking. Would girls really enjoy my 5 incher or would they want that 8 incher and laugh when they saw my little one?

I took out Kerri and we were making out and I pulled down my zipper and once she saw my 5-inch hard dick it really turned her off and I didn't even get a blowjob! Well, 99% of the girls don't know how to give a blowjob anyway. They just bob their head up and down and jack me off with their mouth. Damn, this was feeling good. I saw a little pre cum and I knew I was getting close, so I lay on the bed and looked through mom's cheerleading pictures.

I looked at mom at the age of 17 in her cheerleading outfit. Son-of-a-bitch she was a babe! Nice legs, nice tits and a fox! I just wish I could have seen some nudes of her! According to her and grandma, Mom was the most popular girl in school and by looking at the pictures I could really understand that!

I slowed the tempo down as I was jacking. I didn't want to cum yet. *smile*.

I flipped the page and saw my favorite picture of Mom walking away in a bikini, giving Dad, who was taking the photo, the proverbial finger and smiling. I put the album down and inserted a finger in my ass a little way while I was jacking. Damn that felt good. A lot of guys won't admit playing with their ass, some macho thing I think.

I was in about a knuckle and the waves started to go--I started jacked faster and faster still! The first shot of cum hit me right on the chin, then there was a line all the way to my belly button. I removed my finger and finished myself off, enjoying this moment.

The next day was a bore. I came out of my bedroom and mom was again sitting on the couch.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Thank you, yes. I am just missing your Dad."

"How come?" I asked.

"Well...you know."

"No what?" I asked seriously.

"Well laying together."

"Oh," I commented as my face turned a bright red just realizing that Mom was missing Dad's dick.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you," Mom smiled.

"Its OK. Just took me by surprise," I smiled.

"Sometimes it gets bad, just like last night," Mom said as I saw tears come to her eyes. Man, I'm a sucker for tears and put my arm around her.

"I'm sorry Mom, really I am," I said as I put my head in the crook of her neck.

"Its OK. Can we talk?'

"Well yeah we can, no problem"

"Serious grown up stuff?"

"Sure, I'm old enough and I have been around the block a few times."

"Thanks Honey. I just feel not wanted and what guy would want me looking like this?"

"Mom I think you are beautiful," I said trying to soothe her.

"You're my son, but I appreciate it."

"Mom, what can I do?" I said kissing her neck with a son's kiss.

"Well, you might think I'm evil or crazy."

"I would NEVER think that," I said removing my head and looking into her eyes.

"Promise me that what we say or do will stay right here?"

"I promise. What is it?'

"Well....you know how long it has been since your Dad left?"


"Could I?...Well..I mean..."

"Anything you ask Mom, I'll do," I said not realizing what was coming.

"No, I couldn't, its wrong."

"It's OK. What do you want? I mean it."

"Well, would you stand up?"

"Sure," I said standing before her. Mom moved her hand to my crotch.

"This is wrong and we both know it but could I...I mean," Mom stammered as she was rubbing my crotch. Damn my dick sprang to life.

"Its...its..okay Mom," I stammered, not quite knowing what to say.

"I want to see...well, I want to look at your..you know."

"Gosh Mom are you sure?" I said slowly, unzipping my Levi's.

"Shhhh. I'm sure," Mom said as she slowly pulled down my Levi's. She caressed my hard dick through my underwear. Then she slowly peeled down my underwear to my ankles. Now "I" started to feel stupid standing in front of my mother with a hardon. She wrapped her hand around it.


"Shhhhhhh. You are built just like your Dad," she said as she brought me closer. She closed her eyes and brought my dick to her mouth and kissed it. Then she opened her eyes, smiled at me and then started to suck. Damn, I have had blowjobs before but Mom was really good at it! I saw her hand go to her tits and then with one hand she peeled down her top exposing those huge tits! Her nipples were hard and long! I reached down and fondled them remembering how she looked in the picture album. Damn her mouth was working wonders on my dick!

"Mom that's feels good," I said with my eyes closed.

"Would you put it in me Honey? It's..It's been so long," Mom said removing my hard dick from her mouth.

"How?" I asked.

"Take off my bottoms."

"OK," I said as I knelt before her and slowly removed her bottoms. Damn her pussy was hidden by fat! Mom then got on the floor on all fours with her huge ass sticking in the air. I got behind her and pointed my dick. My dick slowly went in until I was all the way in.

"In a few minutes, take it out of my butt and use the other hole," Mom groaned. Damn I had my dick in her asshole! I fucked her for a little while, then pulled out and guided it into her pussy and damn! Surprise! She had the tightest pussy I have ever had in my life! I started to slow fuck her, and then I reached down and fondled her tits.

"Faster," Mom panted. I started to hammer. Mom just groaned, "Faster." My dick was going in and out like a piston in a speeding car! "Finger my butt," she whimpered, as I knew she was getting close. I inserted and finger and she took it and then I put another one in. Gawd, I was a sex maniac! I was finger fucking her and was fucking her with my dick.

Mom started to shudder and that's all it took for me as I started to shoot deep in her. I started to fuck her violently. Ramming her, hammering her until I spilled all my seed. Mom collapsed on the floor and I pulled out and lay next to her.

"Thanks Honey," Mom smiled in complete satisfaction.

"You're welcome. Anytime you have the need, I'll be here," I said as mom closed her eyes with a smile on her face.

Mom and I have fucked many times and we are still at it. Now I don't even want another woman, as fucking my mom is the greatest pleasure I ever had.

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