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Dreaming of Things To Come

Chapter One

Lorne Williams studied the activity around him with care, noting that the security people for the visiting VIPs were obvious. As general manager of one of the largest research centers in the country, Lorne was used to VIPs coming and going. But today was different.

His boss, Geoff Levin, MD, Ph.D., was bringing Carlton Pharmaceuticals' board of directors in to show off their multi-billion-dollar investment. Shaking his head at the type of ass-kissing Dr. Levin was apparently doing, Lorne stepped back into his office which overlooked the reception area on one side and the area known as Lab One. He studied his handsome face in the in full length mirror behind the door as he closed it and noticed a new gray hair nestled amongst the waves of black.

At 40 years old, he was not only the youngest man in his position, he was the only black in Carlton's upper management. As he contemplated the reason for the errant hair, the phone rang.

Crossing to his desk, he picked up the handset and was mildly surprised to hear the voice of his 16-year-old daughter, Etienne.

"Eti, what's going on?" he asked. "Is everything okay?"

"Oh, yes," she answered. "I just wanted you to know that I'm home from school and to ask you about dinner."

Lorne could picture his little girl, all smiles and becoming quite a pretty young lady. Ever since his wife died, his work and Etienne was all that mattered to him.

"Sure, honey," he finally said. "At home or would you like to have a date with a tired, old doctor?"

She giggled, but said, "Tired, huh? Then dinner at home will be fine. I'll start on the salad and I'll see you later."

He smiled at the thought of Eti bustling around the kitchen. Since his presence wasn't required at the meeting taking place in Lab One, he buzzed his secretary and told her that he was leaving for the day. He also let her know that if Levin needed him, he could be reached at home.

The ride home was quicker than usual and, before long, he was turning onto the main drive of Cascade Falls, a fairly quiet upper-middle class housing development. He remembered the day the house was completed and the joy on Ellie's face when he finally showed it to her. It was difficult keeping the house a secret while it was being built, but somehow he managed to hide the construction costs from the household budget program.

Closing the garage door behind him, Lorne entered the house and looked around, a feeling of pride swelling inside of him. He remembered his poor roots and marveled from time to time how hard work could pay off.

Turning into the kitchen, he saw Etienne hard at work slicing tomatoes for the salad and humming a tune he couldn't recognize. He could smell steaks broiling and he was slightly embarrassed when his stomach growled, a reminder that he had missed lunch due to the project startup procedure.

At 16, Etienne had small but firm breasts and her mother's full lips. Her wide brown eyes stood out against her light brown skin, framed by her long, jet black hair. How much she resembles her mother, he thought as he cleared his throat. Etienne turned at the sound and when she saw her father, the smile spread quickly across her face.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, so you have time to get cleaned up before we eat."

Hmm. Bossy, too - just like her mother . . .

Chapter Two

All during dinner, he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off Etienne and he was surprised to feel his cock beginning to grow hard. It served to remind him that he hadn't really had time for sex since Ellie died - between his job and raising Etienne, where could time be found? More than that, he realized that his erection grew larger the more he looked at Eti.

Her voice brought him back to the present.

". . .and I got an A on my science test. . . . "

Her voice trailed off as she noticed the odd look on her father's face.

"Dad? What's wrong?"

Without saying anything, Lorne stood suddenly, forgetting his now raging hard on. Etienne's eyes grew large at the sight of the huge bulge in her father's pants, her young pussy instantly getting hot and wet.

A friend at school, Cindy Harrison, had told her that her father spent a lot of time between her legs. Of course, Eti didn't believe her, one bit. One night during a slumber party, however, she had gotten up to go to the bathroom and, on the way there, she heard the sounds of someone moaning softly.

Following the sounds to the den, she noticed that the door was opened slightly and peeked in - and saw Cindy being fucked with gusto by her father. Eti was both shocked and fascinated by the scene before her. Cindy's face was twisted with the effort of containing her father's ramming cock inside her young, tight pussy. Having never seen a man's penis before, she was awed by the sight of it plunging in and out of Cindy with deep, swift strokes that lifted her off the edge of the desk.

Flushed with excitement, Eti slowly backed away from the lurid scene, very much aware of an ache that suddenly appeared between her own legs. She hurried off to the bathroom and back to her sleeping bag and, after a while, she was fast asleep. But her dreams were of large, hard dicks . . .

Her mind snapped back to the present. Her father was saying, ". . . so, I'll just go to bed. Don't forget your homework and remember to put the dishes away."

Etienne just nodded and watched her father walk away, the residue of emotions still fresh in her mind. She completed her after-dinner chores mechanically and soon found herself at her desk, trying to focus on her notes for the upcoming algebra test. She found that her concentration wasn't complete, the algebraic symbols momentarily losing their meaning.

Eti was frustrated and she was very much aware of the source of the frustration. Sighing, she crossed the room to her bed, stretched out and let her thoughts take control.

Eti's mind opened to the scene of her father getting up from the table, the bulge in his pants clearly defined. Just the thought of this sight set her blood on fire. No matter how hard she tried to clear her mind, this picture hovered there.

It bothered her to the point where even wrapped in the comfort of her bed, she could get comfortable. Her hand slipped under her shirt and she absently toyed with her nipple. With her other hand, she undid her jeans, her fingers entwining the lush forest of hair. She often felt embarrassed at the crop of dark, curly hair framing her mound. She let her finger slide further down and she began to rub her clit, another prominent feature she often wished she didn't have - but it didn't matter right now.

She continued to massage her now-erect nipples with one hand, the other rubbing her clit with more urgency, her pleasure increasing. Etienne stopped long enough to wriggle out of her restricting jeans, letting her spread her long legs wider.

The improved access to her wetness was just what the doctor ordered, as she left her nipples to spread herself wider, slipping two fingers inside. She imagined that the huge imprint in her father's pants was inside her instead of her fingers, a thought that increased the heat inside her.

Mouth open, eyes slightly closed, Etienne worked her young pussy feverishly, her climax building. She saw in her mind her father's ass rising and falling rhythmically as he fucked her until, finally, she exploded. She gasped as the sensation hit her hard, causing her to tremble with the release.

Etienne found that this was what she needed, as she curled up feeling warm and, at least, momentarily sated, she drifted off.

Lorne stepped back, closing the door just as quietly as he had opened it. He had gone to Eti's room to apologize for not being very social at dinner. As he was about to knock on the door, Lorne heard the sounds of Eti's labored breathing and wondered if she was crying because of his rude behavior.

Turning the knob gently, he looked in and saw his daughter fingering herself, lost in her own pleasure. The sight of his little girl's fingers sliding effortlessly in and out of her love nest cause an immediate erection. Butterflies appeared in his stomach and his knees felt weak as he wondered what she was imagining. His own thoughts were running rampant as he watched her, noticing how large her clit was as she rubbed it furiously, reminding him once again how much Etienne reminded him of her mother.

Lorne watched as Eti climaxed, her young body trembling with such energy that her breasts shook with each wave that rushed through her. As she was curling up, he silently closed the door and stood there, shaking. He went back to his own bedroom, his thoughts wild and what he just witnessed. Realizing his own need for release, he quickly undressed, his cock springing free from restraint.

His hand found his erection instantly and began the slow massaging action he'd become used to. Eti, naked and open, flashed in his mind as he stroked his cock, wondering what it would be like to take her like the woman she was quickly becoming. The thought shamed him and inflamed his passion that much more as his strokes were getting longer and faster.

Lorne threw his head back and let out a long moan as he felt the beginnings of his own orgasm. With the picture of Eti's clit in his mind, he came, the long white spurts crossing the room and landing quietly on the carpeting. He continued to stroke his spasming manhood, thinking that it's been too long, much too long.

Lorne walked to his bathroom to get a towel and began cleaning up. He felt the heat of shame intermixed with the flush of release on his face as he knelt to remove the now-cooling sperm from the rug. He started the shower, feeling the need suddenly to be clean.

The water stung him but relaxed him as its heat penetrated his slightly tense muscles. Reaching for the soap, he reflected on his feelings about Etienne. He was still surprised that he was capable of thinking about Eti in sexual terms; the taboos of his youth instantly took their place in his mind, screaming their warning of wrongness.

Lorne couldn't deny that his thoughts, however wrong, were somewhat exciting. Hell, who was he fooling? Just the thought of sliding his cock into his "little girl" was such a rush that he felt both excited and ashamed at the same time.

He was becoming confused, his thoughts warring with his feelings. He remembered how embarrassed he felt whenever Ellie asked him to change Eti as a baby. Obviously, he'd seen more than his share of pussy, but this was somehow different. He would complete the task, always coming away from it a little shaken and never really knowing why.

Turning off the shower, he began the task of drying himself while trying to clear the jumble of thoughts in his head. Lorne knew that he should focus on his work; he was sure that after today's presentation, the secret project in Lab One would require some reworking, especially after Levin got through fucking up things.

Shaking his head at the workload he was sure to face in the morning, he killed the lights and left the bathroom - and found Eti standing in the bedroom doorway.

Mouth open, Lorne was surprised because it wasn't like Eti to just come into his room without announcing herself first. In fact, he was so shocked at seeing her there, he completely forgot the fact that he hadn't covered himself!

Wrapping the towel around himself and regaining some measure of composure, he crossed to his dressing table and began combing his damp hair.

"So," he began. "What brings you here at this late hour?"

"I think we need to talk about something," she answered.

"Okay. Sit and tell me what's on your mind, Peaches."

Etienne grinned at the use of her nickname. He only called her that when he wanted to lighten what may be a serious conversation.

Without preambles, Eti said, "You were watching me, weren't you?"

Lorne flinched; he didn't think that she had heard the door close.

"Uh, well, not really," he finally answered. "I came to apologize and when you didn't answer my knock, I thought that something may have been wrong."

"So you stuck your head in?" she asked.

Lorne nodded, his embarrassment clear.

"I didn't hear you knock, but I thought I heard the door close."

"Well, I thought that I had been quiet about it."

They sat silently for a few moments. Eti had her fears confirmed and Lorne, well, he felt like a Peeping Tom.

Eti then made the biggest decision of her young life. Clearing her throat, she said, "I guess, then, that my watching you evened up the score." And she waited for the shit to hit the proverbial fan.

Lorne closed his eyes, a silent "oh, shit" escaping his lips - and his face felt incredibly hot.

"You saw that, huh?"

Eti nodded and sat back to wait for the angry outburst.

But, Lorne just sat there, looking for all the worlds like a condemned man. He couldn't think straight and he really needed to think clearly in order to deal with this situation. His daughter, however, was a little short on patience; she wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. She was wondering what sort of punishment he'd give her when he said, "So. How do we deal with this?"

Not being exactly what she expected to hear, Eti blinked, not knowing how to answer. Her mind was racing; she knew how she'd like to deal with it. The sight of her father standing in the middle of the room, stroking his large, hard dick was still fresh in her mind. It was everything she dreamed it could be and, oh, how she wanted it.

When she realized that she did hear the door close, Eti sat immediately, knowing that it could have only been one person there. He saw you, her mind screamed, and she was scared. But, her mind whispered, isn't that what you wanted all along?

Eti tried to shake that whisper out of her head, all the time knowing that it was true. She had made up her mind to go to him and tell him. When she got to his room, she noticed that the door was ajar, so she peeked in. Just in time to see her father furiously jerking his cock, his hand a blur.

Eti stood transfixed in the doorway as Lorne continued the rapid movement. Suddenly, she saw him stiffen, his hand now moving as if he'd lost all rhythm and stifled a gasp when she saw the first long spurt of cum exploding from the swollen head of his dick. Spurt after spurt shot from his heaving manhood as she heard her father gasp. Even from where she was standing, she could hear his load as it hit the carpeted floor.

As Lorne moved to the bathroom, Eti realized that she had actually stepped into the room. Fear glued her where she stood as he came out of the bathroom with a towel. Eti realized that had he just knelt where he stood, she would be caught. But, Lorne turned his back to the doorway, cleaned up his spent seed, and returned to the bathroom.

When Eti heard the shower running, she moved to escape - and found that she couldn't, for some reason. Her knees were weak and shaking and she grabbed the door's edge for support.

She had no idea how long she stood there with her mind swimming but, as she regained her composure, her father had stepped back into the bedroom proper. Shit, she thought. I never heard the water stop! And, she was caught, like an insect in amber.

Etienne snapped back to the here and now, noticing her father's concerned look.

"Is there something wrong, Peaches?" he asked. "I asked you a question and you were a million miles away."

"I'm okay." She responded. Eti was aware of a whole squadron of butterflies that suddenly appeared in her stomach.

"Well?" asked her father, his concern deepening.

Now is our chance! Her mind whispered. It's now or never!

Clearing her throat, she said, "What I want to do about this is, um . . . "

Go ahead, say it!

"I want to fuck you!" she blurted out finally.

One part of her mind was totally shocked at her outburst while the part of her, the one consumed with lust for this man, was very much pleased.

Lorne, too, was of two minds, one part stunned at his daughter's words, one part thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Where was the moisture in his mouth? Lorne's mouth, he noticed, was so dry! He blinked, as if that would instantly solve the problem.

"Uh, Eti," he began. "Do you know what you're saying?" Inwardly, he hoped she did. Under his towel, he could feel his cock beginning to stir in anticipation.

Eti, for her part, was doing some thinking of her own. Gathering her resolve, she moved toward the bed where her father was sitting. That's it! Go get it. You know you want it and so does he!

She approached her father, her fear slipping away at every step. She stood before him and looked into his eyes and saw his want and his morality clashing inside of him. Her mind was made up, knowing somehow that she couldn't walk away now.

Chapter Three

In that mysterious way that only women seem to know, Etienne pulled the oversized tee shirt she had been wearing over her head, revealing her young body. Her large breasts were considered to be a curse for her - but now she was hoping that her father would like them.

"Yes, I know exactly what I am saying." She finally answered him.

Lorne was frozen in place at the sight of his little girl's well developed body. He drank in her large breasts in a glance, his eyes moving down to her flat belly and stopping at the tufts of dark hair covering her mound. He could even see the head of her unusually large clit, thinking that her mother's hadn't been that pronounced.

"This is . . . Peaches, this is wrong." He croaked.

Eti remained silent as she stepped closer to Lorne. Now mere inches away, she reached down and, in one deft movement, stripped him of his towel, exposing his now raging erection. She marveled at how large and thick it looked close up. She watched it throb with every beat of his racing heart.

Lorne tried to stand but Etienne was standing too close to him. His eyes frantically searched for the swiped towel, hoping to covering his embarrassment, but it was on the other side of the room.

"No, Peaches; we can't . . . " he protested weakly.

"We can, dear father. And we will." With those words, Etienne knelt before him until his cock was in her face. She reached up and tried to encircle it with her hand, but it was too large for her small hand.

Lorne struggled to free himself as he watched her head dip to capture the head of his cock in her mouth.

YES, OH Yes! , The voice in her head screamed as she covered the plum-shaped cockhead, her tongue fluttering across the slitted opening. She had always dreamed of doing this, often practicing with lollipops and bananas in her room. Ah, but this was the real thing, not a piece of candy or fruit.

Growing bolder, she let her mouth slide further down his shaft slowly. She gagged slightly as the head of his massive cock reached the back of her throat. Backing off, the feeling quickly disappeared.

Lorne could only watch with a mixture of horror and pleasure, as his baby, his little darling, began to suck him, her head bobbing gently. He could tell that this was new for her, but he didn't care. This was so very wrong and felt so very good!

Lorne's excitement rushed through him as her inexperienced mouth worked on him. She looked up at him and the sight of his hard blackness penetrating her mouth was too much for him. He was coming and he tried to move her head.

Eti could feel the tremors in his cock. As she looked up at him, the tremors got stronger and she could feel his hand trying to move her off her captured prize. He's going to come, the voice in her head said. She held her position despite his efforts to steal her treat from her.

Lorne struggled against his daughter. He couldn't believe that he couldn't free himself until, finally, he realized that he didn't want to be freed. He relaxed a little and a moan of pleasure escaped his lips. His hips began to fuck her hot, moist mouth with short, gentle strokes.

Eti's mouth strained to hold his thrusting meat. Her jaws were beginning to ache, but she was determined to have this. With both hand around his thick shaft, she slid them up the shaft, feeling the bunched skin against her widespread lips.

Lorne was bucking out of control, his legs moving as if they had a mind of their own, his head violently moving back and forth as Eti sucked and jerked his dick.

He stiffened as he started cumming, the intensity almost causing him to pass out.

"Oh, yes!" he breathed as his balls emptied their load into her mouth.

Eti wasn't prepared for the copious volume of liquid lust that poured from the slit of his cock. When her father's body went stiff, she instinctively moved her mouth back to cover only the bulbous head of his cock. She could feel each spurt on her tongue, hot and slightly salty. He was coming so much that it started to leak through the seal of her lips, trailing down her chin and neck.

As he softened, Etienne lifted her head, licking his seed from her lips and looked at her father, now sprawled across the bed, trembling as if he were cold. She climbed up on the bed and sat next to him. She could see the beads of sweat on his forehead and upper lip. His eyes opened and, after a few seconds, they focused on her.

She smiled at him, feeling both good and wicked. Lorne blinked several times, clearing his vision until he could only see one Eti instead of two.

He started to speak, but Eti silenced him with a kiss, her tongue snaking between his lips in an instant. His mouth softened beneath hers as he returned the kiss, tentatively at first, but with increasing desire. Lorne could taste his cum on his lips as their tongues battled for attention.

Eti was quickly being overcome by the depth of her own passion as her father rolled her over onto her back, their lips still locked tightly together.

Lorne was in command now, and he planned on taking full advantage of it. Breaking the kiss, he ran his tongue down the side of her face to the spot behind her ear, stopping along the way to nibble at her earlobe. Eti's arms wrapped around his neck as he nuzzled her neck, licking and sucking her sweet flesh gently. He was mumbling incoherently as he worked his way to her breast, so full and soft. Capturing a nipple between his lips, he sucked at it while his fingers sought and found her incredibly large clit. He grabbed it between two fingers and began to jerk her clit, surprised at how much it felt like a cock.

Her hips rose to meet his probing fingers, waves of ecstasy flowing over her as he sucked each of her nipples in turn, his tongue tracing crazy patterns over them.

Lorne was growing impatient; he had to taste her! With some reluctance, he abandoned her more-than-ample breast. Spreading her legs, he opened his beautiful flower, exposing her wetness. He could easily see that her young cunt lips were spread slightly and that her clit, so large and full, easily stuck out a good inch or two from her juicy lips.

Eti could feel her father's breath on her pussy as drew closer. Her eyes closed and she tried to relax as much as she could. His tongue touched her clit and it was if something electrical had landed there.

With a near savage grunt, Lorne dove into his daughter's cunt, licking and sucking her young pussy like a starving man. He barely noticed that Eti had spread her legs wider, giving him more access to her blossoming womanhood. He sucked her clit, thinking that this is what it feels like to suck a cock, as his tongue raced around the head of her clit, feeling it grow harder between his lips.

Lorne ran his tongue into her virgin cunt, sliding between the gaping flesh. He probed deep into her, tasting the clean fresh taste of her sex.

Eti thrashed uncontrollably on the bed as her father ate her. Her hand reached out and found his cock, now hard again, and moved herself so that she could suck him. Feeling her mouth on him again filled Lorne with more energy and he doubled his efforts, sucking her clit furiously as she fucked his face.

The new lovers ate each other like this for some time, each savoring the new but wrong feelings of what they were doing.

Etienne experienced an orgasm so intense that she felt as if she couldn't breathe. She released his straining cock from her mouth as she thrust her hips against his face, riding out her orgasm.

Lorne was surprised as Eti came, the hot rush of liquid so strong and so unexpected that it got up his nose, stopping his breathing and stinging his nostrils. Despite this, he continued to suck her clit, feeling it quivering in his mouth.

He moved quickly to position himself between her open legs. What he wanted to do was to rush in strongly; but, Etienne was still a virgin, so he had to be careful not to rip her open.

Sensing his hesitation, Eti looked up at him, her eyes wild with lust.

"DO IT!" she screamed. "DO IT NOW!"

The harshness of her word shook him and, without a further thought, plunged into his daughter's unproven flesh. He felt his cock spread her wide and deep, until he pressed against her maidenhead. Without hesitation, he thrust forward savagely, passing through her cherry easily until he was deep inside her.

Eti grunted with the force of his entry, the sharp pain blazing through her as she lost her cherry. The pain was intense, but subsided as quickly as it had appeared. She felt her father's hand cradle her ass, lifting her slightly as the last couple of inches of hard maleness slid into her. She felt stuffed, never imagining that it could feel this good.

Lorne fucked slowly at first, giving his Peaches time to adjust. He looked into her eyes and, as they met, he knew that this was what he'd always wanted.

"You okay?" he asked.

Eti smiled back at him and nodded, her deepest desire becoming a reality.

He returned her nod and began to fuck her with gusto. All he wanted to do was to please her as he drove his hardness into her. He looked down and could see his thickness as it withdrew, covered with her juices and, to his shock, a little blood. His stroke faltered, guilt plainly written across his face.

"Don't worry, Dad," she said, reading his expression. "I'm fine. Just fuck me, please!"

Shaking his head, he resumed his movement inside her, his own passion now growing with leaps and bounds. Gone were any feelings of guilt; all he knew is that Eti felt good under him.

Eti wrapped her legs around her father as best she could, holding on to him tightly as he fucked her, her breasts shaking everywhere with the force of his thrusts inside her. He filled her totally and completely, to the point where it was both painful and pleasurable.

Their grunts and groans of pleasure filled the room, their sweat mingling with their other juices as Lorne rode his little girl hard. His lips found hers and they shared a deep kiss, tongue flitting here and there. The sounds of breathing were heaving in each other's ears as they continued to kiss.

Eti whispered in her father's ear, "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl well."

Lorne really didn't need encouragement, but he aimed to please her. Taking a deep breath, he cut loose on her, his hips moving swiftly, their bodies impacting at their junction of love.

His stokes quickened and Eti could feel his cock swell inside of her, stretching her beyond her limits. And felt the first spurt of his cum splash her insides. It was so hot that it triggered her own release.

A growl started in Lorne's throat as he pumped his seed into her, his hips losing their once steady rhythm. Eti could feel his excess escape her stretched cunt, dribbling down the crack of her ass.

"Yes, dammit, yes!" she shouted as she felt the last spurt come from his cock.

But Lorne was growing soft inside her. Spent and sated, he leaned forward to kiss her hungrily.

"I love you, Peaches," he said, feeling very warm and rather fuzzy.

"I love you, too, Daddy." She answered, feeling sleepy. "Thank you . . . "

And, exhausted and pleased, the new lovers slept.

Chapter Four

Lorne was dreaming. He was holding his dear Ellie in his arms, feeling warm and content knowing that she was there with him. He smiled as he felt Ellie snuggle up to him, feeling her warm breath against his shoulder. He turned his head and opened his eyes - and looked into Etienne's sleeping face!

Coming fully awake, Lorne slowly disengaged himself from the sleeping form next to him and got out of the bed. It took him a few moments to remember why Eti was here with him and, when he did finally remember, a wave of anguish flowed over him.

You did it, you really did it, didn't you, a little voice in his head asked. He trembled at the thought of what had happened here last night. He took a few steps backwards, as if trying to remove himself from the scene of the crime. His thoughts were now chaotic, the implications clear in his mind. He realized that he had done the unthink- able, committed the ultimate sin.

As he backed up, he bumped into the chair next to his dressing table, knocking it over. It thumped to the floor, the sound partially muffled by the thick carpeting. But it was enough to cause Etienne to wake up.

Eti sat up slowly and stretched, her movements almost catlike in nature. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked around the room. When she spotted Lorne, a smile spread across her face. But her smiled quickly disappeared when she saw the frightened look on his face. She could feel his fear as clearly as if it were her own.

Failing to stand the chair upright, Lorne sat on the floor, feeling sick of mind and body. He saw Eti looking at him, concern etched on her face. Swallowing hard, he finally spoke.

"Morning, Peaches," he began. "Sorry about the noise."

"Forget that," Eti answered. "What's wrong with you?"

"Me? Nothing. What makes you think there's something wrong?" he lied.

Eti, to her credit, saw right through his deception.

"You look like you saw the proverbial ghost," she observed. "Don't tell me you're feeling bad about last night." "Please don't tell me that."

The guilty look on his face told her that this was exactly what he was feeling. Climbing out of the bed, she went to him.

Lorne couldn't help but notice how her breasts bounced with each step she took, her lithe muscles rippling slightly.

She sat next to him and he moved away from her without thinking about it, his fear increasing. Eti reached for him, causing him to flinch. Frowning, she grabbed his arm and, somehow, managed to pull him to her.

Lorne refused to meet her eyes, his shame blanketing him like a shroud.

Etienne took his face in both hands and forced his head around.

"Look at me!" she demanded, gripping his face tighter when he tried to turn away. "Look at me, damn you!"

Slowly, he turned his head at the force of her words. He could see the anger flashing in her eyes, but made himself look at his flesh and blood.

"You think you defiled me, don't you?"

He nodded.

"Well, you didn't. You didn't do anything that we both didn't want."

Part of Lorne's mind had to admit that he had wanted her.

Eti continued. "I've always wondered what it was like to be with you, always wondered why Mother was always so happy with you." "Now, I finally know."

The mention of her mother ran through him like an electric shock. It never occurred to him that Eti may have overheard their lovemaking sessions.

He sat up straighter, his resolve returning.

"So, you were listening in on us, were you?"

Seeing that he had come back from whatever Hell he had sent himself, Eti smiled.

"Well, it wasn't like you two were the most quiet of people," she retorted playfully.

Lorne smiled despite himself, remembering Ellie's passionate moans.

"Yeah, keeping quiet wasn't one of our main concerns," he replied.

"Peaches," he began.

Eti cut him off. "There's no need to apologize. I wanted it just as much as you did. Now, come here."

Eti reached down and found his manhood and began to bring it to full arousal. Lorne relaxed as his daughter stroked him. Turning his head slightly, he sucked at the closest nipple to him, feeling it grow instantly erect between his lips.

At his touch, a moan slipped from her and she increased her hand movements, alternating her grip, giving Lorne new sensations. Freeing her nipple from his hungry mouth, she went to work on his stiff member, engulfing the now enormous head.

He sighed, and lay back to enjoy the attention Eti was paying to him. With her new found skills, she sucked him with confidence, relishing the feel and taste of him.

Feeling a little left out, he slid down and positioned her over his mouth and lowered her to his lips, feeling her swelling clit enter his mouth. Eti moaned around his shaft, the vibrations sending a curious feeling through him.

Their bodies slick with the sweat of their efforts, father and daughter enjoyed each other, both lost in the indescribable pleasure. Their love was taboo, but neither really caring, for this moment was theirs, for now and forever.

Chapter Five

Lorne was ecstatic, his pleasure beyond words. He could feel Eti's pending orgasm as she moved against his eager tongue and lips, grinding her large clit against his chin while his masterful tongue plunged in and out of her, lapping up her musky juices.

As her father ate her, Eti tried to swallow more of his burgeoning tool, but found that, for now, she couldn't quite manage it. So, working as best she could, she increased her efforts, licking up and down the shaft of the large, veined monster in her hands. Her tongue moved back to the mushroom-shaped head, lapping up the large dewdrop that had appeared there. It was like nectar to her, all that she ever really wanted.

Sitting up, Etienne screwed her overheated flesh into her father's mouth, using his massive erection to balance herself. She could feel her clit, hard and throbbing, sliding quickly between his lips, teasing his tongue with fleeting touches.

This was quickly becoming too much for her; Lorne could feel her miniature cock stiffen then jerk spasmodically as she came, her hot fluids literally flowing from her, drowning him. Above him, Eti shrieked as the waves of pleasure swept over her again and again, each jolt causing her to shake violently.

Suddenly weak from the intensity of cumming, Eti rolled off of Lorne's soaked face, shivering as if cold. Before she could recover, her father rolled her over onto her stomach and, raising her ass, entered her in one swift, deft movement. Eti nearly passed out from being filled with so much so fast.

But Lorne wasn't really concerned; all he could concentrate on was the joyous feeling of Eti stretched pussy around his thickness. So hot, so wet, his lust-crazed brain said to him. He fucked his darling Peaches with long, fast strokes, pulling all the way out until only the thick head remained inside her. He grunted with pleasure as he plunged deeply into her, the force of his reentry shoving her forward on the floor.

Etienne was drunk with pleasure, feeling her father moving inside her. The pain wasn't as bad as last night and, it seemed to her that she was actually getting used to his gigantic love muscle. She could hear her father groan as he fucked her, delighted that he was enjoying her so much.

Lorne reached around and under Eti until he could finger her clit, rubbing it in time with his strokes. Eti responded by shoving her ass back against him harder, the duality of sensations bringing her closer. Lorne quickened his pace, his own need for release growing more intense.

Releasing her clit, Lorne grabbed her ass with both hands, spreading her further. He looked down and watched as he buried himself deeply into her, her lips spread wide. With one movement of his hips, he watched as the last inch or two disappeared inside her and he felt his cockhead bump into the opening of her womb.

Eti gasped as he hit the bottom of her. She could have never imagined feeling so full; it was if he had somehow bypassed the confining walls of her cunt and had entered her stomach.

Being this deep triggered her released and she screamed before she even realized it, her young cunt clutching his invading tool tightly.

Lorne, upon feeling himself squeezed so tightly, felt his cock swell inside her, and held on for dear life as he emptied himself into her in great heaves. He shook uncontrollably as he continued to come, his eyes rolling back into his head. His mouth, although open, issued a silent scream of pleasure as she bucked under him.

Spent, he fell on top of her as she collapsed under both his weight and the intensity of her own release. Mindful of the difference in their weights, Lorne somehow managed to prop himself up on his elbows, while the last precious drops of his seed emptied into her.

Chapter Six

Unable to maintain his position, Lorne skillfully rolled off of Etienne and lay beside her panting and smiling.

"What a way to start my day," she finally said. Lorne could only smile and nod in agreement, wistfully hoping that the day could continue like this but knowing that he'd better be getting on his way to the lab and Eti off to school.

Sitting up, he playfully slapped her bottom, noticing the way it jiggled for a few seconds.

"Okay," he said. "It's off to the lab for me and school for you, so let's hit it."

Eti groaned in fake displeasure, but moved to comply with his wishes.

"Oh, okay," she complained. "I'm going. Will you drop me off at school?"

As he moved off to shower, Lorne said, "Of course I will, Peaches. I'll be ready in a few minutes, so you'd better hurry."

After showering and dressing, Lorne dropped Eti off at school. Giving her a peck on the cheek, he drove off, heading for his office, whistling happily.

Chapter Seven

Lorne was in great spirits when he arrived at Carlton Pharmaceuticals. He strolled past the receptionist and noticed, for the first time, how lovely she was. The woman was surprised when Lorne spoke to her, her eyes momentarily going wide.

"Good morning, Dr. Williams," she said after recovering. "Dr. Levin wants to see you in Lab One as soon as possible." She handed him the written note left by Geoff.

"Okay, fine." He said after confirming the verbal message. "Call Dr. Levin and tell him that I'll be there just as soon as I hang up my coat."

She nodded and he headed off in the direction of his office, silently wondering what Geoff could possibly want.

Entering his office, he tossed his jacket on a visitor's chair and crossed to the window that overlooked Lab One. From there, he could see Levin frantically waving his hands in the air and pointing at the genetic splicer.

Frowning, he realized that he'd better get down there before Geoff had a stroke, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong.

Lorne had to pass through a pretty sophisticated bio-filtering system that scanned him for any contaminants on his person and removed them. Although the scanning beam was harmless to the person being scanned, Lorne had discovered that the beam caused a tickling sensation on his skin.

The scan completed and a green light went on, signaling that he could now enter the sterile Lab One environment. The inner lab door opened and Lorne went into the lab proper. It wasn't hard to find Geoff Levin - all he had to do was listen.

"... oh sure, the subprocessing routine worked fine, but the phased links failed to pass along the genetic code of the sample for slicing!"

Coming up along a side of him, Lorne smiled in an attempt to disarm the angry doctor.

"Geoff, what seems to be the problem?" he began.

"Problem? My problem?" Levin sputtered. "My problem is that your pet gene splicer isn't getting the information properly from the digital subprocessors, that's what my problem is!"

Lorne looked at Gene Edwards, the team member who designed the digital interface between the subprocessors and the splicer.

"Gene?" he asked.

"Well," the bearded cyberneticist started, "the subprocessor was working at analyzing the genetic structure of the sample in the splicer and before the analysis was completed, the splicer just started doing its thing."

Lorne nodded and asked, "Your analysis of the problem?"

"A simple matter of one of the modules being out of alignment, that's all," came the answer. "Once the error was detected by the safety monitors, the process stopped and the self-diagnostics reported the misalignment, just as designed."

Lorne thought that Gene sounded a bit huffy, but he really didn't blame him. Levin was a topnotch administrator but he really didn't know how things worked as well as he should have.

"Was the module replaced?" Lorne asked.

"Yes and once it was replaced, the system recycled itself and the process completed itself, again as programmed. Total downtime was five minutes."

Gene looked in Levin's direction as he spoke, the pride clearing showing in his voice.

After a moment, Lorne nodded and spoke.

"I see. Thanks, Gene."

Before Levin could say a word, Lorne grabbed him by the arm and steered him toward the room's exit.

"A word with you, Geoff?" he said, dragging the sputtering man behind him.

Once back in his office, Lorne spoke.

"Now. Just what in the hell are you trying to do to my people? Gene Edwards is one of the top cyberneticists in the country. I don't know what you said to him, but we need him here with us, not running off to Petrie Chemicals."

As he sat behind his desk, Lorne fumed. Levin was basically a good man, but prone to panic. Like himself, Geoff Levin was a widower trying to raise a daughter of his own.

"You know that the board was in here yesterday to see the results of the project. While showing the splicer, the damned thing went berserk! I had to do some fast talking to convince the board that everything was under control!"

Levin waited for Lorne to respond, watching the man for reactions. Levin knew that the board of directors hadn't really noticed the processor failure, but he figured that acting like a madman kept the staff on its toes.

Lorne turned and started his computer, noticing the correct startup sequence. After entering his password, he accessed his mailbox, looking for some word from the board members on yesterday's demo.

Geoff gave Lorne an impatient look. "Well? What are you doing?" he said, pointing at the monitor.

Lorne simply held up a finger as he scanned the notice concerning the demo. He saw that the board overwhelmingly supported the program and was pushing toward Phase II completion.

Turning back to Levin, he smiled broadly. "You know, Geoff," he began. "You are full of shit! You knew that the board approved Phase II; why were you jumping on my people?"

Levin produced his own smile, saying, "Just doing' my job. Listen, I'm having a party tonight and you're invited. Oh, bring Eti with you; she can keep my Kymber company while us old folks pat each other on the back."

As they both stood and shook hands, Levin added, "Oh. The party starts at eight. Be there or be square." With a wave, Geoff left.

Lorne sat back in his chair, feeling totally pleased with himself. He and his team had worked for six long years and it finally paid off. Reaching for his phone, he called home to leave Eti a message on the answering machine, telling her about the invitation and asking her to call.

That done, Lorne Williams, MD, Ph.D., settled in for a good day's work.

Chapter Eight

Eti saw the message light flashing when she came into the house. Crossing to the phone, she rewound the machine and listened to her father's message. She frowned at word of the party invitation because she had a different kind of party in mind. But, any chance to see Kymber Levin again would be worth the aggravation.

The message ended and Eti went to prepare for the party. While looking in her closet for something appropriate to wear, her mind reviewed her relationship with Geoff Levin's daughter.

They both went to the same school and Kymber was only a few months older. Of course, their fathers were both widowers and they worked for the same company. Importantly, though, they shared some of the same secret desires. Except, of course, Eti had realized most of hers.

She had a few hours to go before having to get ready, so she settled into her homework, completing her tasks with her usual precision. She sat at her desk and, after a moment of thought, reached for her phone and called Kymber.

Kymber Levin answered on the second ring.

"Hello, Levin residence."

Eti smiled, thinking of how snotty Kymber sounded whenever she answered the phone. She knew, however, that Kymber was anything but snotty.

"Hi, Kym, it's Eti!"

"Eti!" Kymber exclaimed. "You coming tonight?"

"That's why I called," Eti answered. She could envision Kymber's smile matching her own.

"Kym, we have to talk," Eti said, all business now.

"Hmm. Sounds serious," came the reply.

"It is, believe me."

Kymber looked at the phone, a frown creasing her usually smooth forehead. She and Etienne were the very best of friends so Kymber knew that when Eti said it was serious, it really was.

"Okay," she finally said. "When you get here, we'll go to my room and talk."

"That's fine," Eti responded. "I'll see you then."

Etienne hung up after saying goodbye and stretched out on her bed, thinking about the last conversation they had. Well, maybe it really wasn't talking, but some things were said, one way or the other.

Closing her eyes, she could still feel Kymber's tongue on her clit and how thrilling and scary the experience was.

They were studying together and they had been at it for hours. Kymber had decided that they had been working too hard and deserved a break. After a raid on the Levin refrigerator for munchies and cold drinks, they returned to the room and fell into the usual talk girls get into to.

Eti remembered prattling about something when she happened to notice Kymber looking at her. She felt a chill rush through her because she noticed that Kymber's gaze was a bit more intense than just a casual look.

She had asked Kymber if there was anything wrong, but she never answered. Instead, Kymber crossed the short distance between them, never taking her eyes off of Eti, until they were practically nose to nose.

Eti swallowed nervously and tried to speak - but discovered her mouth as dry as she could ever remember.

Kymber, for her part, continued her silence, gazing into Eti's eyes. Eti found that she couldn't look away. For what seemed to be an eternity, Eti's hazel eyes and Kymber's green eyes were locked together.

Without warning, Kymber leaned forward until their lips met. Eti's mouth opened slightly in surprise, allowing Kymber's tongue to slip in. Kymber held Etienne's head in place as she kissed her deeply. And, Eti found herself returning the kiss, something that really shocked her. Without thinking, her arms gathered Kymber closer, feeling a hot rush flowing through her.

Then, Eti felt herself being gently pushed backward, until she was lying down, their soulful kiss uninterrupted. Kymber was kissing her face and ears and, with her weight pressing down on her, Eti was helpless. She could feel Kymber's hand massaging her breast and, strangely, it felt good. Scary, but good.

Again their eyes locked, allowing Eti to read . . . something. She wasn't quite sure what she saw in her friend's emerald eyes. While Etienne was occupied with studying Kymber's eyes, the other girl had succeeded in removing Eti blouse and bra, as well as her own!

Kymber had lowered her mouth to Eti's nipple, sucking gently. All Eti could do was to hold on, not really understanding what was happening to her, but knowing what was going to happen. She also thought that she should stop her friend, also knowing that she would let things play out.

Eti heard the zipper of her jeans being released and felt the coolness of the room's air on her now-naked skin. Kymber continued her assault on Eti's body. She felt light kisses on her stomach, the girl's tongue tracing lazy patterns here and there, sending shivers the entire length of Eti's body.

Somehow, Kymber managed to wriggle out of her own jeans without stopping her steady advance. Eti, looking through partially closed eyes, could see one silken globe of the other girl's firm ass as she turned herself.

Eti felt her legs being parted and lifted slightly, the cool air between her hot legs somehow increasing her excitement. She felt Kymber's breath on her sex, warm and moist and thought that this wasn't happening . . .

And knew it was happening as she felt the first flick of Kymber's tongue on her clit.

A moan escaped Eti's lips as the fluttering tongue explored her secrets. She could hear Kymber's moans of delight as she tasted her victim, muttering something about it being so big and so hard.

Kymber began to suck Eti's engorged clit, her tongue moving crazily over the sensitive head, driving Eti insane with pleasures she'd never known before. Eti could feel something happening within her, a building of feelings that were now screaming for release. To her horror/pleasure, Eti could feel her hips moving in rhythm to Kymber's licking and sucking.

And to make things even more bizarre, Kymber was straddling her face, exposing her curly, musky dampness. Eti felt a sense of panic as Kymber lowered herself onto Eti's mouth. Instinctively, Eti opened her mouth, allowing Kymber's clit to slide between her parted lips.

Eti remembered the first taste of her friend, sharp and tangy, but not in the least unpleasant. She also remembered how hot it was between Kymber's legs as she sucked her friend.

The two girls lay in the 69 position, hips pumping, moans filling the room. Eti, not being able to withstand the mounting pressure, came first. The impact sent the young woman trembling out of control. Eti reached down and held Kymber's face tightly to her pussy, practically fucking the other girl's face.

It quickly became too much for Kymber as she came, bringing a muffled scream from her. Eti's face was instantly drenched in a hot fluid that came in unbelievably long spurts. She didn't have time to wonder what it was, as the hot, sweet tasting juice filled her mouth to overflowing. She felt Kymber slip her thumb inside Eti's own juicy snatch, which started her coming again, her own hot juices shooting into Kymber's willing mouth.

Eti lay on her bed, still remembering how delicious it felt. She recalled the look on Kymber's face when they finally separated. Kymber's face was slick with Eti's juices and the girl was flushed with pleasure. For a long minute, neither girl spoke. Finally, Kymber broke the silence, apologizing over and over.

Kymber had explained that she had always wanted to make love to Eti and apologized again. Eti was surprised to see tears in Kymber's eyes and, if she felt any anger toward her friend, it was quickly replaced by sympathy.

It took a while for Eti to convince her friend that everything was okay, but she managed to let her know that it was all right. Eti had to admit that she had enjoyed herself, more than she would have expected and she told Kymber this, making the girl stop crying and relax.

Chapter Nine

Etienne was startled from her memories by the sound of the front door closing and hearing her father's footsteps. She glanced at the clock, realizing angrily that she'd foolishly wasted precious preparation time with her lewd memories.

She hurriedly shed her clothing and raced for the shower, calling out to her father that she'd be ready in twenty minutes.

Lorne raised an eyebrow as he heard the shower start, wondering what Eti could have possibly been doing that she was just getting showered.

"Honey," he called. "You'd better make it fast; we roll out of here in a half an hour!"

Eti hurried out of the shower, toweling off as quickly as possible. She went to her closet and pulled out the first dress she saw, a low-cut, celery green item that left much to the imagination. She knew that her father would probably give her some static about the dress, but she'd worry about that later.

Ten minutes later, she stood in the foyer, waiting for her father. As Lorne came down the steps, Eti noticed how handsome he was in a dark blue suit. Lorne noticed the dress Eti was wearing, thinking that it revealed too much of her body. But, they were running late and knew that there was no time to change.

The drive to the Levin's home was filled with small talk about how each other's day went. As he drove, Lorne couldn't help but notice how Eti's hemline allowed a good view of her shapely thighs. And, smiling to himself, what a lovely treasure rested between those thighs.

Well, at least he thought he was smiling to himself because he noticed his daughter looking at him with a questioning look.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing at all. I was just thinking about something pleasant."

And, having said that, he fell silent, leaving Eti wondering what could be so pleasant to have him smiling like that. She could remember times when he wouldn't smile and, when he did, it never reached his eyes. This smile, however, was genuine and even though she didn't know why, she was glad that he could find something to smile about.

They finally arrived at Geoff's home. Upon finding a place to park, Lorne escorted Eti inside. The first thing Eti noticed was that there were adults everywhere, re- membering that her father never did mention what kind of party they were going to.

A frown crossed her features and it didn't escape Lorne's scrutiny.

"I know you didn't expect this kind of party," he began. "But I figured it would give you and Kymber a chance to do some catching up. It's been a long time since you last saw each other."

Upon hearing her friend's name, she brightened.

"I'll try to find her. You really don't mind, do you?" she asked.

Lorne shooed her away with a wave. "Go on, find Kymber and have a good time. When I'm ready to leave, I'll let you know."

With a bright smile, Eti set off in search of Kymber.

Kymber Levin was in her room, pouting. She hated it when her father held these ass kissing parties because none of the other stuffed shirts thought to bring their kids with them. She shook her head in frustration, her long, dark red mane flowing like blood before settling back into place.

Kymber jumped up and paced around the room. She knew that before long, her father would be pounding on the door to drag her out to meet his coworkers and other people she'd rather have nothing to do with. She stopped in front of her dressing table and her frustration grew as she remembered that she hadn't even finished dressing for this joke. But before she could cross to her closet, she heard a knock on the door.

"Probably some schmuck that can't find the fucking bathroom," she fumed. Crossing the room swiftly, she yanked the door open, not caring that she only wore her bra and panties. She thought, "This should give em something to talk about!"

The door opened to reveal Eti Williams and Kymber's foul mood immediately vanished.

"Eti!" she cried. "You made it! Come in!"

Eti was a bit confused at her friend's exuberant welcome, but stepped inside so Kymber could close the door. Without breaking stride, Kymber grabbed her by the hand and pulled her over to the bed, where she sat. After a moment, Eti sat beside her.

"So," Kymber began. "What was so important?"

Etienne hesitated for a moment, not sure that she could trust the red haired, green eyed woman sitting next to her. She looked up into Kymber's eyes and saw concern in them instead of curiosity.

So she told her what took place between her and Lorne, not leaving out any detail. All the while, Kymber sat and listened as patiently as she could. Eti could see that Kymber was dying to flood her with questions and appreciated Kymber's attention while she told it like it was.

Finally, her tale told, she sat back and waited for Kymber's response. Eti was surprised at her response, though, because instead of the verbal outburst she expected, she saw that a tear was flowing down her cheek.

Kymber said, after wiping her face, "Oh, my. I am so happy for you!"

Not exactly what Eti expected but she felt buoyed by her friend's acceptance of her situation.

Kymber took Eti's hands and held them, squeezing gently. Kymber was alive with energy, so much that as they held hands, Kymber was bouncing on the bed until the whole bed was shaking.

"Kymber!" Eti exclaimed, looking at the bed.

Kymber flushed bright red with embarrassment and settled her bouncing down to a manageable quiver.

"I don't know what else to say," Kymber said, her eyes sparkling.

"Just tell me you understand, that's all," Eti responded.

Kymber could only nod.

Before the silence could grow any further, Kymber spoke.

"Well! What shall we do? It looks like the grownups will be at it for a while."

Etienne knew what she wanted to do, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Suddenly, it came to her: Why not give Kymber a taste of her own medicine?

Since they were still holding hands, Eti used it to her advantage. With a gently but sudden motion, she drew Kymber into her embrace and kissed her, surprising the supple redhead.

Before Kymber could respond, Eti reached around and unfastened the other girl's bra, freeing her ample breasts. The bra went sailing across the room as Eti's hand began to massage her friend's breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, now growing hard.

Kymber gasped at Eti's touch, sending a shiver through her. Before she could offer any resistance - not that she was going to resist to begin with, Kymber felt Eti's mouth close on one erect nipple, her tongue circling the hot flesh there.

The two women stopped long enough for Eti to undress and, as she did, Kymber watched in appreciation. When she finished undressing, Eti pushed her friend onto her back, muttering "What's good for the goose . . . "

Kymber relaxed, offering herself to her sexy friend. "Take me," she whispered.

Eti complied. Lying next to Kymber, she again lowered her mouth to a nipple, sucking eagerly, while allowing her free hand to find it's way between the young woman's thighs. Kymber's legs parted wide, allowing easy access to her treasures.

Eti's fingers found Kymber's clit and she began to stroke it. She dipped a finger into the girl to moisten her fingertip and continued her assault. Kymber's back arched at the contact and another moan escaped her lips. She thought, "She's not holding back . . . "

Unable to stay patient, Eti abandoned Kymber's breasts and she buried her head between the hot woman's legs, lapping at her cunt hungrily.

And Kymber went wild, unable to contain herself. She raised her legs higher and held Eti's head to her hot lushness, feeling Eti's tongue and lips work at her. "For someone who only did this once," she thought, "this girl is driving me crazy!"

Eti ate her friend, allowing all the scents and other sensations to carry her away. Lovingly, she licked her, feeling Kymber's passion increase with every touch. She felt Kymber tremble, which only encouraged Eti into a higher level of activity. She inserted two fingers into the girl's sopping wet cunt and another finger found its way into the girl's tight back hole, going in up to the second knuckle.

The combined sensations were too much for Kymber and she exploded, a near silent cry escaping her parted lips. She panted heavily as wave after wave washed over her. Eti, for her part, was very busy trying to keep up with the hot, gushing liquid pouring into her face and mouth.

The two horny women positioned themselves so that each could enjoy the other. Eti came almost immediately as Kymber sucked her large clit hard, flicking her tongue over it rapidly.

The two women continued to love each other, oblivious to everything, caring about nothing.

Chapter Ten

Most of the party guests had gone, leaving Lorne and Geoff pretty much alone.

"Hey, Lorne, thanks for coming. You were just as big a part of this as I was."

Lorne waved off the accolades and said, "Hey, I'm just glad I could be a part of all of this."

The two men fell silent and, comically, performed an identical thing: They were looking for their respective daughters. Practically speaking at the same time, they both asked, "Have you seen . . . " Realizing their gaff, they grinned foolishly for a moment.

Geoff said, "They're probably still in Kymber's room, running off at the mouth. You know how girls are. Come on, I'll show you where they are."

They set off toward Kymber's room, going over some of the highlights of the party. Reaching the room, Geoff was about to knock on the door - and hesitated.

"What's wrong? " Asked Lorne, becoming immediately concerned.

"Nothing, I think. I don't hear them in there; maybe they're out by the pool."

Quietly, Geoff turned the door knob. The door was unlocked and opened silently. Both fathers craned their heads so that they could discreetly look into the room. And was shocked at what they saw.

Lorne saw his little Eti with her head buried between Kymber's long legs. His mouth opened at the sight and he could hear Kymber's astonished father breathe, "What the hell . . . ?" Without really noticing it, both men stepped into the room, and closed the door; neither girl appeared to hear the slight sound the catch made.

Lorne spared a glance at Geoff, expecting to see anger and/or disgust on his face. Instead, Geoff was transfixed by the spectacle before him. Lorne couldn't help noticing that he wasn't the only one paying attention. Geoff had a very noticeable bulge in his pants; not that he could blame him because he was pretty turned on by what he was seeing as well.

Lorne made a decision. Without looking at the other man, he began to undress, removing his clothes as quietly as he could. As much as he respected Geoff and Kymber, his lust was overpowering. Totally naked, he started toward the bed, stopping only to look back at Geoff with a questioning look. Geoff took one look at the girls on the bed, looked at the naked Lorne Williams, and hurriedly stripped, almost falling over in his haste.

Now the naked men approached the bed and when they were within reach of either woman, Lorne broke the silence.

"May we join you?" _The results were electric! Both women sat up, their eyes wild with lust.

"D-d-dad!" they both stuttered.

Without an answer, Lorne replaced Kymber between Eti's legs and began to eat the young vixen with gusto. Whatever shame he may have felt was replaced with lust and desire.

Geoff Levin was frozen in place, his alcohol induced haze not allowing his brain to believe what his eyes were seeing. Here before him lay his daughter, her nude body glistening with a coat of sweat. Their eyes met and the elder Levin refused to believe what he saw in Kymber's eyes.

Lust. Pure, unbridled lust. He was aware of his own passion growing stronger within him as he watched his co-worker indulge in the pleasures the young Etienne had to offer. The sights and sounds astonished him. He would have never thought that something like this could be happening, here in his own home!

Gathering his resolve, he stepped forward to stop the action - and was stopped dead in his tracks as Kymber's hot mouth wrapped itself around his swollen member. Whatever it was he was going to do, it could certainly wait. It had been a very long time . . .

Closing his eyes and bending his knees slightly, the elder Levin groaned loudly as the young woman's tongue flicked across the tip of his cock. As she pleasured him, Geoff couldn't help thinking where his little girl had learned such a thing, not to mention who had taught her. He'd have to talk to her about this later, but for now, he didn't care.

Kymber took him deep into her mouth, sending a shiver through him that buckled his knees.

"You'd better lie down, Dad," said Kymber with a smile.

Geoff looked around the somewhat spacious bed for somewhere to stretch out. However, Lorne and Eti were involved in an energetic sixty-nine, the younger woman's head bobbing with a quick, but steady rhythm. He stretched out next to Eti and Lorne in a position that would allow him to watch the girl work on her father.

His own daughter had other ideas, swinging herself on top of him, matching the position of the couple next to them. Without hesitation, Kymber lowered her moist thatch of red hair to his mouth. Geoff didn't need any further encouragement as he began to lick the tangy juices he found there.

The four lovers continued this way, each lost in the depths of their own private passions. Years of experience, however, began to take their toll on the young women as the two fathers plied every skill they possessed, causing the girls to lose their concentration. Each girl was caught in their own intense orgasms brought on by the masterful tongues invading their bodies.

Without warning, the women traded places. Geoff suddenly found his head surrounded by a pair of lovely dark thighs, facing an even darker mound of hair, along with the biggest clit he'd ever seen. As Eti lowered her hot slit, Geoff was surprised to feel her clit slide between his lips. As he sucked on the delicious morsel, he couldn't keep from feeling like he was sucking a man's cock.

With the change of partners, the action continued. Lorne's tongue was a flurry of activity, going from Kymber's soaking wet pussy to her puckered ass. He did this so quickly that the hot redhead couldn't keep up with the different sensations as she sucked at the huge black meat deep in her throat.

Kymber had always heard that black men were better endowed. But here was the living proof. She had trouble closing her hand around the hot, thick meat as she worked the large, bulbous head between her lips. Kymber could even feel the man's pulse coming from the distended veins that ran the length of his member.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking and slurping as once again, experience took its toll on youthful enthusiasm. Eti sat straight up on Geoff's face, grinding her hips furiously as she rode out yet another intense orgasm. Leaning forward, she embraced her soul sister and their lips met as the two horny girls were subjected to wave after wave of pleasure.

Exhausted, they rolled off the men, trying to catch their breath. Fat chance. Before they could utter a word of protest, each woman suddenly found their legs in the air as the men slid between them, Lorne with Kymber, Geoff with Eti.

Kymber gasped as Lorne slid into her, feeling the huge thickness of the man spreading her wider than ever before. She felt a momentary pang of jealousy as she looked at her dearest friend, who was handling Geoff's entry with relative ease. Kymber had never felt so full before - but then again, she'd never had a fully grown man before. The boys she had experimented with were not even close in matching this man's skill and size.

With a grunt, Lorne filled the girl with his cock and, after giving her a few seconds to adjust to his invasion, began to fuck her slowly with deep, even strokes. He smiled as he heard Eti cry out, thinking that his old buddy was really giving it to his little girl. All things being fair, he should at least return the favor, right? He increased his movement inside the dazzling red-haired beauty, causing her emerald green eyes to widen in surprise.

Geoff was sure that he was in heaven as he fucked the young Black woman furiously, consumed in his fiery lust. Eti's cunt clung to his cock tightly, bringing him closer to his own orgasm. Eti could feel the man's cock tremble inside her and, with great concentration, clamped her pussy around the invading cock meat. And was rewarded as Geoff Levin released in her, the hot splashes coating her insides. She looked up at the coming man, his face coming close to matching the deep red color of his hair as he emptied himself into her.

Lorne could hear the two lovers next to him and doubled his efforts inside of Kymber. The inexperienced young woman was beyond doing anything except holding on to him tightly as he assaulted her once tight love hole. Kymber was beginning to wonder just how long this man could keep up this pace, when she felt him swelling inside her, stretching her overfilled cunt even further.

He's coming, she thought and braced herself. With a loud grunt, Lorne thrust deeply inside of Kymber, coming in contact with the entrance of her womb as his thick cock exploded inside of her with surprising force. Jet after jet of the hot sticky fluid flowed into her, so much that she could feel it running down the crack of her ass.

And he continued to come as Lorne continued to fuck her deeply, his cock still rock hard in spite of just coming. Kymber cried out, begging him to stop. But Lorne was beyond stopping. The events of the evening had awakened something in him and he was determined to see it through to the very end.

Geoff watched with amazement as he watched the other man's huge cock sliding in and out of his daughter. Eti had come to Kymber's side, whispering words of encouragement to her friend while massaging her breasts. Geoff was hypnotized by the man's ass, rising and falling, the muscles taut as cables. Without even thinking about it, he positioned himself behind Lorne and, when his ass came up on a stroke, he grabbed the man's hips and with a motion that surprised everyone, slid into the Black man's ass.

With a grunt, Geoff buried himself quickly into Lorne, causing the younger man to come again. Kymber was out of it, spent and completely worn out. Eti helped the poor girl from under her father and sat back to watch the scene that unfolded.

Geoff fucked Lorne like a madman, ramming his cock rapidly into the man's ass. Reaching around his victim, he grabbed the younger man's cock - and was shocked to find that it was still very much erect. He stroked Lorne's meat as he fucked him and, after a few more strokes, emptied his swollen balls into the man's ass.

Rolling off of Lorne, Geoff prepared himself for what he knew must happen next. He didn't have to wait long, as he felt his ass being lifted by two powerful hands. After a moment of probing, Lorne entered the man, looking forward to exacting a type of revenge on his boss and long time friend. Lorne rode him hard, his face contorted with the effort. Geoff cried out in that rare mix of pain and pleasure as the large cock buried itself deeper into his body, wondering if he had made a mistake in being so bold.

The long evening and multiple ejaculations had taken its toll on Lorne. As much as he would have liked to continue fucking his boss' ass, he couldn't hold back any longer. Quickening his pace, he reamed the man until he exploded deep inside him. Feeling Lorne's release inside of him, Geoff also came, his seed splashing against the other man's stomach.

Slowly, Lorne pulled out and rolled onto his back, totally exhausted. The two women, recovering from the surprising event that had just taken place, snuggled into the arms of their respective fathers.

Eti was sure that this wouldn't be the last time that the four of them would be together like this. With sleepy eyes, she looked at her friend, who was already asleep in her father's arms and, with a smile, settled in to dream of more fun to come.

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