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Drunken Sister

My name is Annon Edward Moss, I'm 18, and I live in the UK. I live at home with my mum, dad and older sister. My sister, Emma, is 21, and likes a drink, although she'd never drink in front of my parents. I also have 2 dogs, a Rotweiler bitch named Jessie (Jezabelle, scared of everything), and an Alsation named Ralf. Both are cross breeds, and both are good-natured.

As I was growing up, I really ignored Emma; she was just my sister, she's always there, always will be. I just spent time with friends, and played my Commodore 64. When I reached 16 or 17, I began to think differently. I started talking to her, confiding in her. She soon became my closest friend, someone I could talk to about anything, and who would give me advice on what to do about this girl I really like. Her name was Lisa, and she was also a close friend. In fact, she was my best and closest friend, besides my sister. The trouble was, Lisa and I were so close I didn't want to tell her how I felt, just in case she didn't feel the same way and I damaged our relationship. So I kept it from her for 2 years. Because of this, I went through a lot of depressions. Emma was always there for me, always ready to give me some advice, or to take my mind off Lisa.

It was approaching my parents anniversary and they decided to take a "dirty weekend" in the Isle of Wight. My sister encouraged it; it was about time they spent some quality time together. I knew the real reason; with mum and dad out of the way, she was free to drink as much as she wanted, and could come home drunk.

The weekend came, the parents went, my sister partied. On Friday, she and her friends went to a nightclub, and she pulled a bloke. They both came home, blind drunk, and proceeded to bonk each other's brains out. I then decided that the dogs needed some exercise, so I grabbed the leads, and went.

As I was walking the dogs, I felt something unexpected. I felt jealous. I didn't really know why, she was my big sister, and she was old enough to do what she wanted. I decided it was because she was my sister, and I felt protective of her. Yes, that must have been the reason. I continued the walk, lighting a cigarette.

She went out again the following night as well. I was watching one of my porno tapes at around 11pm, when she came in the front door. I switched the channel over as soon as I heard the door latch click. She came in and sat down on the other armchair. She was home early, so the night must have been a bust.

"You okay? I guess you didn't do so well tonight, huh?" I inquired, with a gentle voice.

She looked at me, and a smile crossed her face slowly. "Guess again, little Bro," she giggled, and then put her head back, losing consciousness.

I went to her, and waved a hand in front of her face. Yep, she outdid herself this time. She's never been out cold before.

I turned the TV back and watched 2 Asian women going at it. I looked back at Emma, wondering what she meant. I saw something sticking out of her jacket pocket, and went to investigate. When I pulled on it, out came a pair of panties. I wondered if they were hers, or another girls. The film must have affected my brain; I had lesbians on my mind.

Curiosity got the better of me. I went to where she was sitting, and lifted her skirt. Nope, they were definitely hers. And they were removed for a reason. She looked as if she'd been recently shagged, so I lifted my hand, wondering if she was still wet.

I suddenly realised what I was doing, and shook myself out of it. She was my sister. I dropped her skirt, and went to the toilet to finish what the video-tape started.

After washing myself up, I went downstairs to fix myself a drink. I'd been thinking about her pussy since I first saw it. She'd shaved it, and I have a fondness for hairless pussies. While fixing my brandy and bitter lemon, I kept glancing toward the front room. It was getting unbearable. I wanted to try my luck, but she was my sister and I didn't want to get caught.

I downed the drink, and slowly walked into the front room, sitting where I was before. I looked at her, and realised that she couldn't have moved that much. Her skirt was on her lap where I had dropped it. Her hairless pussy was still showing, tormenting me. I tried not to think about it, but kept looking back to her.

I couldn't bear it anymore. My dick was as firm as a post, and wasn't about to change anytime soon. So I got up and went to her. I got closer to her snatch, and touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. She jumped a bit, but otherwise nothing. I moved down a bit, and licked her pussy lips, dipping my tongue slightly. Her head moved to the other side, her eyes tightening. My dick was getting sore from being bound up, so I undid my flies and released it. As I continued to lick her, I was also caressing my cock. But that wasn't enough. I reached a decision. I got up and took my pants off completely.

I opened her legs wider slowly; just enough to give me access. I put the tip of my cock to the lips of her pussy, and slowly, gently, pushed. Her pussy was wet and willing, and gave me easy access.

I didn't want her to wake up, so I continued to go slowly. When I could go no futhur, I pulled out again. I realised I was fucking my sister, my own flesh and blood, the daughter of my parents. This excited me more so I got a bit bolder. I promised myself I would pull out before I came, so I just enjoyed myself. I got faster, and she seemed to be enjoying her "dream". I felt the heat rising, and was about to pull out when I changed my mind. The thought of filling my sister with my incest-ridden sperm made me cum instantly. She also had an orgasm, but her eyes stayed firmly shut.

When the last of my juice was out, I pulled out and sat on the floor, thinking over what I'd just done. I'd taken advantage of my sister in her drunken state, and virtually raped her. I came inside her, risking making her pregnant. I enjoyed it immensely.

I sat back with a big grin on my face. She's no doubt on the pill. She'd been fucked before I touched her, so she'll be none the wiser. I got up and went to my room.

A week later, I finally got the courage to ask Lisa out. After a month, we started talking about lesbians. She told me that she'd fucked a girl before, my sister in fact. She and Emma both knew what went on that night. They hadn't planned for me to fuck Emma, but it happened, and Emma was awake the whole time, playing possum. Well, I was surprised and a little shocked but now we have a threesome at Lisa's house; every weekend. And Emma's not drunk anymore!

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