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Drunk Son

Here I was, 42, and I had to move back with my mother. My wife Francine had discovered a 22-year-old body builder and had moved out with him. Eventually taking the house in the divorce settlement. It was safe to say that I was not a happy camper. My mother was a 65-year-old widow, my father having passed away about 6 years ago. My mother, her name was Edith, was a very prim and proper lady. Certainly we did not get on. My attitudes were fairly liberal and I had left the church many years ago. My mother still attended church and was fairly stuffy in her attitudes.

I liked sports and she didn't like that. I liked a drink and she didn't like that. Therefore, my moving back home impressed her as much as it impressed me. I was fortunate in that I had a good job with a local legal firm and if I kept my head down and worked hard my residence at the family home would be short. So I determined to do just that.

Mostly we passed like ships in the night. She did her thing. I did mine. As I wanted to get out as soon as possible I generally brought work home. I had a few high powered legal cases that brought in a fair bit of money to the firm, that meant that I also got some extra money. Two years passed and finally I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I had enough money to get my own place again and move out.

I contacted a real estate agent and eventually found a good place. As it was a Friday night I decided to go to their office on Monday and finalize the deal. My plan was to place a deposit on the place, let mom know that I was going and within about three weeks be finally free. I went to bed that Friday night relaxed. On the Saturday morning I was contacted by a friend inviting me to a party that night. I had spent the last two years like a hermit. Not going out or doing anything. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate my independence.

Please understand that over the last two years I had not gone out. I had not had the company of women. I basically went to work and came home. While at home I worked. This was the perfect chance for me to let my hair down. Unfortunately having been married for 20 odd years my social skills were lacking. Thus attending the party was somewhat frustrating. I watched as other males picked up lady guests. To compensate for my lack of social skills I kept filling my glass. It is a fact of life that drunken males are unattractive to the opposite sex.

It turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I got tanked and I was horny. I was still rational enough to know that my chances of success tonight were nil. So I choose to forget about amorous adventures and indulge myself in drink. It was about 2 am when I decided that it would be a good Idea to leave the party before I embarrassed myself. Grabbing my things I walked to the local park and rested on one of the park benches. Still suffering from the effects of drink I awoke with the sunrise. I had a horn on me fit to burst. With unsteady steps I managed to make it to the main road hale a cab. It was probably 7.30 when the cab pulled into our drive. I paid the driver and literally staggered inside. I entered foyer just as my mother was coming down the stairs. She was dressed in her Sunday best. A blue calf length skirt and white blouse with a jacket matching the skirt. Edith took one look at me and lost it. I was berated for being a disgrace of a son. How could she face her friends when I was roaming about the town drunk. I never considered her. I was thoughtless and inconsiderate. She regretted the day that she gave birth to me.

I was just in the mood to confront her. Rapid responses coursed through my brain. I was just about to respond when I looked up at her and found that I was appreciating the shape of her legs. She had a pair of black high heels on that perfectly shaped her calf muscles. The angle from which I viewed her also showed a tantalizing bit of thigh. Silently I watched her as she descended the stairs. All the while she was telling me how bad a son I was. For the first time in my life I looked at my mother as a women. The overall effect was actually pleasing. She had shoulder length hair that had a fair amount of gray in it mixed with red. It was tied up in a bow around her neck and then spread out across her shoulders. She had a slight frame, being only 110 lbs. in weight. She descended the staircase with a great deal of grace. At least to my drunken perception. She was in mid sentence. Another tirade about my shortcomings. It was cut short by my grabbing hold of her and kissing her on the lips.

Edith did not melt into my arms and put up a fairly robust struggle. She managed to pull way from me.

"What are you doing?" she demanded. "You disgust me." She spat as she made a bolt for the door.

In my drunken state I almost missed her, she made it to the door and was just about to escape when I lunged forward catching hold of her hair. Pulling back with all my strength I forced her across the foyer, dislodging her bow in the process. She landed on the floor stunned and disheveled, giving me a perfect view of her crotch. Her long red and silver hair now loose falling forward across her shoulders. I turned and looked the door placing the key in my pocket. I was in the process of turning back to her when I was heat in the head by a china vase. Laying there stunned my mother went through my pockets retrieving the key. It was pure luck that I managed to grab hold of her ankle, tripping her and causing her to fall to the floor. Her head hitting with a thud and rendering her senseless. The fall had also caused her dress to ride up. I sat there gathering my self and looking at her. Her dress had ridden up to her hips thus revealing once more the black pantyhose she wore and the gusset at her crutch. Beneath the hose I could also see a white lace pair of panties underneath. She was still senseless as I carried her to the dining room and placed her on the table. Edith lay on her back on the table; her hands were by her sides, her buttocks sitting on the table with her shapely legs dangling over. I separated her legs and stood between them. Leaning forward grabbing hold of her blouse I ripped it open. Edith had a white lace bra on which I lifted up and back, revealing her breasts. Cupping one in my hands I lowered my lips to her nipple. A slight groan announced that Edith was coming to. She raised her hands in an attempt to push me away. I took hold of both her hands and forced them down above her head. Holding them there with one hand I used my free hand to explore up her dress. Taking hold of her pantyhose I forced a rip and moved her panties aside.

Edith started to plead. "I am your mother. Please! We should not be doing this. Please don't!"

The pleading fell on deaf ears. Lust and booze had taken control. Forcing my finger under her panties I thrust it into a pussy and was pleased by her sharp intake of air. I played with her pussy with my finger for awhile. Edith maintained her protests but I could feel the wetness increasing. It was then I noticed that the pressure against my hand holding her arms down was gone. I let her arms go and they fell limply by her sides. With my now free hand I opened my pants and took out my erect shaft. With My other hand I held her panties to the side and guided my penis into her pussy. It went in slowly. Edith came immediately. Leaning forward I kissed my mother on the lips. I was pleased to notice that she thrust her tongue into my mouth and her arms snake round my neck to pull me forward.

As I thrust my shaft forward her hips moved up to meet me. In between gasps of breath she told me that she had not had sex for 10 years. Then exclaimed "Oh my god!" as she came once more. Releasing more juices to fall on the table she was lying on. I grabbed hold of her thighs, pulling them towards me as I thrust forward with my shaft. Edith released her arms from around my neck and laid back. Lifting her legs to cross behind my shoulders giving me easier access.

My cum was building aching for release. Every thrust forward brought the event closer. Thrust! An electric shock passed through my body. Thrust! I picked up my pace. Thrust! Explosion! I came deep inside my own mother. Both our bodies shuddered with the after shock. Exhausted I lay there feeling tremor after tremor course through my mother's body. Slowly my cock went limp and slipped out of her cunt.

I rolled over and lay on the table next to my mother. To my surprise she slid down to the floor, turned on her knees to face me and placed my cock in her mouth. My mother was sucking me off! Her lips caressed my shaft. Sliding up and down along it. If I was surprised by the fact that my mother was giving me oral sex I was even more amazed when she took my cum and swallowed it.

Edith stood and reached forward her hand. Helping me up she guided me upstairs taking me to her bedroom. She sat me on her bed and then proceeded to undress. Reaching behind her she unclasped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then her jacket joined the skirt. The torn and ripped blouse was next to fall. To be followed in short order by her bra. My mother stood before me naked from the waist up. She still wore her white lace panties and her pantyhose torn at the crutch. Deftly raising one leg, then the other both of these items were removed. My mother then proceeded to undress me and we made love for the rest of the morning.

I never rang the real estate agent on that Monday. My mother and I have been living together for the past 7 years. She has proven herself to be the best lover I ever had. Always willing to experiment and play. We indulge ourselves in a number of scenarios. One of our favorites is a teacher rape. We do that in her study. I think she has a sense of the dramatic as she is more than willing to dress up for me. She still attends her church, but when she comes home she is mine.

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