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Early to Bed

My mother and father divorced when I was five years old. I went to live with my mother and my brother went to live with my dad. Everything was fine, but I missed my dad and brother. When I was ten, my mother remarried. My stepfather and I didn't get along. By the time I was twelve, my mother had to choose between us, me or my stepfather. She chose my stepfather and I went to live with my dad and brother. By that time, I was happy to go.

I was a stranger to my dad, but we got to know each other. At the time, I didn't know how well we'd get to know each other. He enrolled me in my new school. I was so shy with everyone, but he encouraged me to join clubs and to be more outgoing. The day I was elected class president, I rushed home to tell him. I walked into the house, but he wasn't anywhere downstairs, then I heard the shower upstairs. I ran upstairs and stopped at the bathroom door. It was open. I walked over to the doorway and looked in. I could see my dad through the shower door.

He was standing under the rushing hot water, steam rising around him. His body glistening with soap and water. He was slowly stroking his cock. I'd never seen a penis before. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He stroked his cock slowly, then faster, then stop and stand under the water with his erection almost touching his stomach. Finally, he leaned forward, resting one hand against the wall and started to jerk his cock faster and faster until he finally came in a long, white stream.

I stepped away from the door and went to my room. I couldn't believe I'd done that. I couldn't believe I'd watched him do what he did. I sat down on the bed and tried to catch my breath. I was sitting on my bed, thinking about him, his body. That's when I started to touch myself. I slipped my hand inside my panties and ran my finger between the lips of my pussy. I was wet! I pulled my hand out and ran into my bathroom to wash my hands. Was I going to be a slut? I knew a girl at school who everyone talked about. She gave boys blow jobs and hand jobs in the boys bathroom after school. Was I going to be like her?

I went to my closet, took off my school uniform and put on a t-shirt and jeans. I couldn't help myself. When I put my jeans on, I jammed my hand down into my panties again and this time found the most sensitive place and let my finger roam back and forth. It felt so good. I thought about my dad in the shower again, about his body and his cock shooting cum. I stood there moving hard against my hand and then it happened. A shudder moved up from my pussy through my body, a hot, delicious feeling. I made myself cum and cum hard.

I zipped up my jeans and waited until I heard my dad go into his bedroom. I went back downstairs and turned on the TV. I didn't want him to know what I'd seen or what I'd just done. I thought that as long as I was the only one who knew, then it couldn't be that bad. As I sat there watching TV, I could feel my body wanting something, wanting something more. When my dad came downstairs, I gave him a hug and curled up next to him to watch TV, still feeling those feelings.

The school year went by and my dad planned a vacation for all of us. We were going to drive cross country and stop and see all the sites along the way. Both my brother and I would have our birthdays during vacation. My brother would be 16 and I would be 14. It was going to be a blast. We spent days packing and planning routes on the maps my dad brought home. I'd never been anywhere since my mother and stepfather had never taken vacations other than a weekend to the mountains or to the beach.

The first day out, we drove for four hours without stopping. We finally had dinner in a small town off the interstate. My brother teased me about smiling at a bus boy. We got back on the road and by sunset we were all ready for a good night's sleep. My dad found a motel and got two rooms, one for him and my brother and one for me. He told me a young woman needed her privacy. My brother immediately started complaining, but my dad let him know that my dad was the one who made the decisions.

I unpacked my clothes for the next day and decided to take a shower but realized I didn't have any shampoo or my toothbrush. I went next door to my dad and brother's room. My dad let me in and found the toothbrush but not my shampoo. He told me he'd look for it in the morning. He said I could take a shower without shampoo. I went back to my room, undressed and turned on the shower. I was leaning into the shower, checking the water when the door opened. I didn't have time to get a towel. My dad stood in the doorway with the shampoo bottle in his hand. I could feel his eyes move across my body.

I pulled the shower curtain around me, but it didn't cover my breasts. He turned, put the shampoo bottle on the table by the door and left. I let the curtain fall away. I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to see my body. I wanted him to know what I was feeling. I got into the shower, but couldn't stop thinking about the way he had looked at me. I wondered if I'd given him a hard-on.

After my shower, I got into bed and listened to one of the CDs I'd gotten for my birthday. I curled up and fell asleep. The next thing that happened was something I'll never forget. I woke up to someone touching me. The room was dark. I tore off the headphones and sat up. It was my dad, sitting on the edge of my bed. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts. He leaned forward and put his mouth on mine. My dad kissed me, his tongue probing my mouth. He pushed me back on the bed, covering my naked body with his.

I loved the way his tongue felt in my mouth. He moved his hands down my body, cupping my breasts and then putting one hand between my legs, his fingers opening my cunt up. He reached down and pulled off his boxer shorts and I felt his erection against my thigh. I opened my legs, wanting him. A cunt wanting a cock. I didn't think about being his daughter, I thought about how good his prick would feel inside me, better than my fingers and fantasies. He covered my mouth with his and put his cock at the opening of my pussy.

He found the wetness there. I could feel his cockhead pushing against my cunt. Would it hurt? He moved slowly, a little at a time. I could feel his cock opening me up for the first time. It hurt, but the other sensation, the sensation of his fingers working into me, toying with my clit, were so good. Then he thrust up, hard and fast. At the same time, he covered my mouth, stifling the small scream I made. His cock was in me. My dad's prick was in my pussy.

I lay under him as he moved in and out of me. He raised himself over me so that I could see his cock going in. He smiled down at me, lowering his head every once in awhile to take one of my nipples into his mouth. He started to move faster and faster and I thought he would cum, but he didn't. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and told me to take it in my mouth. I eagerly got between his legs and opened my mouth. I could taste myself on his cock. He let me set the pace, moving my mouth over his cock, learning how to take it in my mouth.

On my hands and knees, I sucked my dad's cock. He held my head and helped me to take it in a rhythm. Now that I had him in my mouth and I could taste him, I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He fucked my mouth slowly, making me take all of it down my throat and I wanted all of it, every inch. He began moving faster, his hips ramming his cock into my mouth harder and harder, leaving me breathless. He stopped and told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He wanted to be the first in my mouth, cunt and ass.

I moved to my knees. He got behind me and carefully pushed a finger into my asshole. I held my breath as he inserted another finger and slowly worked my tight butthole open. He told me how much he wanted me. I felt him take his fingers out of me and then felt his cockhead against the opening of my asshole. Would it hurt? I didn't have much time to think about it as he pushed and his cock was up my ass. He moaned at the entry and fucked me in the ass in thorough strokes.

I relaxed as much as I could, wanting his cock to give me pleasure. He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me as he rocked my body. He let one of his hands stray to my pussy and inserted one, then two fingers. The feeling of his fingers in my pussy and his cock up my ass was incredible. If this was what a slut did, I wanted to be a slut. I wanted to do this with as many men as I could. He began saying my name over and over like a chant and finally he came. His hot cum pouring into my ass, filling me up.

We fell asleep, naked and slick with sweat and cum. He woke me in the morning, standing by the bed holding his cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked him, enjoying the feeling of his sticky cock in my mouth. I moved my mouth over his cock, letting it hit the back of my throat, when I looked up and saw my brother sitting in a chair opposite the bed, jerking off. I stopped, but my dad made me to take his dick back into my mouth. I did and he told me that my brother was going to join us. I bobbed my head over my dad's dick while my brother stroked his cock and watched.

My dad moved onto the bed, had me lay back and straddled my face. While he fucked my mouth, he told my brother to take off his clothes and eat me out. I heard my brother undressing and moving to the bed, then I felt his tongue licking at my pussy. I couldn't believe how good it felt! He worked his tongue in and out of me, fucking me with his tongue like it was a dick. My dad took his cock out of my mouth and told my brother to change places with him. My brother got off the bed and stood next to my head. My dad mounted me, his cock sliding into my cunt in a single motion.

My dad and brother fucked me until checkout time, changing places, putting their cocks and fingers in all my holes. During vacation, we did it every night. I couldn't wait to let one or both of them use my body. When we got back home, I was worried that they would stop, but they didn't. Most nights I had a cock in me, sometimes two! I learned how to please them both and how to please myself over and over again.

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