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Eddie III

Eddie Nolan never claimed to be the smartest kid in the world, at least, as far as talking to girls was concerned. Even grown men admitted it was difficult. Here he was: wanting to impress Jean Smith, and he figured the way to do so, was to flatter her. She wasn't the most beautiful girl in the class, but still attractive; she was nearly flat-chested, with smaller boobs than her friends (of course, at twelve and thirteen, very few were very well endowed); and she was taller and thinner than most girls in his sixth-grade class. So why was he trying to make an impression on her? There was something about her that attracted him. Her face seemed more mature than her friends, and her smile was enigmatic: kind of like the Mona Lisa. His buddy, Deloy, didn't think much of her, and had told Eddie some pretty bad gossip about her. So, what was he going to say to her?

Walking slowly over to where Jean was sitting in the corner of the classroom with two of her girlfriends, he noticed as he approached, their conversation came to a halt, and all eyes were on him.

"Hi, Jean. How are you? You know, Deloy says you're a whore, but I think you're pretty nice."

No one moved, or spoke, but they continued to stare at Eddie with large eyes, as though he had just dropped a turd in the middle of their group. Figuring he had stayed long enough, Eddie backed away for a couple paces, then turned on his heel and returned to the other side of the classroom. When he got there, he looked to see what was happening with Jean and her clan. Red in the face, Jean didn't seem to be angry, because she was smiling, and her friends were giggling. Well, he guessed, at least I gave them something to laugh at, but he would never get into Jean's panties, nor her friends either!

Eddie's sex life had been lacking, lately. In other words: He was horny! What kind of a sex life does a twelve-year-old have, anyway, you ask? You'd be surprised! Eddie had started learning about sex at the tender age of eight or nine, and had eaten pussy and played with some pretty nice tits, by the time he was ten. Now, just two months short of thirteen, he was planning the sexual conquest of his third girl. He screwed his first pussy just three months ago, following it up, less than two days later, with his second.

Those two girls were as different as night and day. The first, Joan, had been a virgin, as he had been, but the second, Susan, had been fucked by her older cousin, a number of times. Since then, he had managed to get with both girls at least three times each. Joan was hesitant each time, still a little shy and scared, but Susan made no bones about loving to fuck, but seemed to be using him as a pacifier, until she could have her cousin again. She didn't bother Eddie: pussy was pussy! He was not as callous as it sounded, waiting a long time, to finally get some enjoyment out of sex. His sister had used him, to get her and her girlfriends off, when he was still too young to really enjoy it. Now it was his turn, but he wanted to make sure the girl received enjoyment from it too!

The next couple of days were miserable for Eddie. Joan was having her period, and Susan was away, visiting relatives. (And probably getting fucked, too! Thought Eddie.) Thinking Jean might be an easy conquest, with all the rumors about her. Now, the more he thought about it, he realized all the rumors had been about her having sex with older boys, almost men, so what would she want from a boy her own age (actually, Jean was already thirteen, but just barely).

To make matters worse: his sister Beth (the one who taught him about sex when he was nine) came back home for a while, because the asshole she was married to, had been giving her a hard time. Recently, she had returned to his abuse, trying to make a go of her marriage, at the ripe, old age of seventeen. While she had been living with Eddie and his Mom, Eddie had worked up enough courage to ask her to "mess around", sexually. She had acted like he was crazy, and almost became physical, in turning him down. It had really been a blow to Eddies' new-found self-confidence. Now, the conversational "faux pas' with Jean, had been the last straw. Shuffling home from school, Eddie was not his normal, upbeat self.

As Eddie slunk into his house, he knew he had about an hour and a half, before his mother came home from work, so he went to his room and read. He would have preferred to read something racy, but that kind of literature was hard to come by, in 1959. Even a Playboy magazine was a rarity. Television had "Howdy Doody", and "My Friend Flicka" on, but he wasn't interested in those type of programs, right now. He could have watched "The Mickey Mouse Club", to see Annette, but her unattainability would only make him feel worse. He knew he still had Joan and Susan, but to a near-teen, with raging hormones, "here and now" was the only thing he really understood.

Hearing the front door open and close, Eddie got up to investigate. His mother shouldn't be home for another hour. As he walked down the hall and entered the living room, he nearly ran into his sister, Paula. The encounter startled them both.

"Eddie! You scared me half-to-death! What are you doing here?"

"I live here! What are you doing? I thought you were in Alaska."

"I know you live here, silly! I mean, I didn't think you'd be home from school yet. Is Mom home yet?"

"I get out at three, and no, Mom won't be home for another hour. Why aren't you in Alaska?"

"Don't be so nosy! I have to talk to Mom!"

Paula suddenly broke down, and started to cry. Eddie didn't know what to do, so he went up to her and put his hands on her arms.

"What's wrong, Sis? Are you hurt, or something?"

"Oh, Eddie! I've made such a mess of my life! Gene and I are getting a divorce! We just can't seem to get along anymore." She had managed to get the words out between sobs.

Eddie didn't have the slightest idea what to do for his sister. He wished his Mother was home, so she could handle it, and he could escape to his bedroom. Since Mom wasn't here, he had to do something, so he gently led Paula to the sofa, and had her sit down. Handing her the handkerchief his mother always insisted he carry, he told her he'd be right back. Going into the kitchen, he filled a glass with water to take to his sister. He had seen them do it on movies: when women got hysterical, you gave them a glass of water, to calm them down.

Accepting the water, Paula tried sipping it, between sobs, and the action did seem to quiet her down a little, but she was still crying. "What am I going to do, Eddie? My marriage is a failure!"

"Uh, why don't you go and lay down on Mom's bed for a while?"

"I don't mean right now! I mean: with my life?"

"Uh, yeah, uh, I know, but Mom will be able to help you, and you'll have to wait 'til she gets home. You're probably tired from your trip anyway, aren't ya?"

"Yes, I guess I am, a little. Thanks for the hanky, and the water. I'll go lie down."

As Paula rose from the sofa, and headed toward their mother's room, Eddie heaved a sigh of relief, and hoped there would be no more outbursts before his mother came home. He saw Paula's bags by the door, and decided to take them to the spare room, since that is where she would probably stay, anyway. After that, Eddie returned to his room, but he didn't feel like reading anymore. So he stretched out on his bed, and gazed up at the ceiling, eventually drifting off into a dream, where he saw Jean, but she had big tits, like his sister Paula. He was frantically trying to reach her tits, but she kept smiling at him, and moving away from him.

Eddie awoke with a start, and a major boner.

"Eddie? Eddie honey, it's time to eat supper."

His mother was calling to him from the doorway. He quickly rolled over, so she couldn't see his hard-on.

"O.K., Mom, I'm getting up!"

After his mother had closed the door, Eddie rolled onto his back and surveyed his quickly deflating erection. 'What a stupid dream', he said to himself. There was no way Jean would have boobs that big in the next couple of years. He tried to remember when Paula had grown hers. His sister, Beth, had always been nearly flat-chested, like Jean, and his oldest sister, Doris, had a nice set of tits, but they weren't as large as Paula's. Paula, now almost twenty, had always had the more voluptuous figure of all his sisters, though he had never seen her naked. He had seen Doris and Paula in panties and bras, a few times, and seen the shadow of pubic hair in the crotch of their panties. All this remembering was starting his dick to get hard again, and he had to make it go down, so he could go eat supper.

Finally, after much effort, his prick was under control again. Getting up, and going to the bathroom, he washed his face and hands, and re-combed his hair, before joining his mother and sister at the table.

"Eddie, Paula will be staying with us for a while. She has some things to straighten out, before she leaves. I want you to be considerate of her, and not pester her."

"Yes, Mom. Did Paula tell you, Gene and her are getting a divorce?"

Mrs. Nolan, rolled her eyes, and cleared her throat.

"Uh, yes, she did, Eddie. That is one of the things she has to straighten out. Now, I don't want you to talk about that again, especially with others outside the family. Do you understand me, young man?"

"Um, uh, yes Ma'am."

Dinner was a subdued affair, with no one inclined to start a conversation. That suited Eddie, as he usually had to endure his mother's incessant questions about his schoolwork. Not that he was doing badly, but he didn't want to talk about it. After dinner, Paula phoned some of her friends, and went out to meet with one of them. That left Eddie home with his mother, which was how it was, usually.

They sat in the living room, quietly reading, when she broke the silence: "Eddie, honey, I see you're becoming quite a young man."

"Um, uh, what do you mean, Mom?"

"Oh, I noticed a nice tent in your trousers, when I went into your room, to wake you for dinner."

Eddie felt the heat rise into his face. "Gosh, Mom, don't say that!"

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, honey. All young men have the same problem. It's natural. I don't want you doing anything, though. Do you understand?"

"What kind of things, Mom?"

"You know. Nasty things, like playing with it, and showing it off to girls. Stuff like that."

"Gee, Mom, I wouldn't do anything like that!"

"I'm glad, sweetheart. Save yourself for some nice girl, when you're much older, and getting married. Now, it's about your bedtime, young man. I think you should take a bath."

"Gee, Mom, do I have to, it's only Wednesday?"

"Yes, young man. Get in there, or I'll bathe you myself!"

"O.K., Mom, O.K.!"

Eddie reluctantly trudged into the bathroom, to run his bath water. While it was running, he went to his room, to undress, and put on his robe. When the water was good and deep, Eddie slowly edged his body into the fairly warm water. Once submerged and acclimated, he began his normal ritual of stroking his young penis. With all the frustrations lately, it wasn't long before his cock was it's full five inches.

He kept track of his growth, and though it wasn't getting longer very fast, it had gained in girth. He knew he could not compare to some of the guys he had seen at the swimming pool dressing room, but he was bigger than any of his close friends, and had more hair around his dick, too! He was justifiably proud of his endowment, and fully expected his cock to continue its' growth. Neither Joan, nor Susan had made any comment, one way or the other about his size. Of course, as far as he knew, Joan had seen no one to compare him to, and Susan had not mentioned her cousins' size. He casually thought about these things, as he continued to slowly stroke his prick under the water.

Suddenly, the door swung open, and his mother walked in, coming right up to the tub.

"I thought so! Didn't I just tell you not to do that?"

She was looking directly at his dick, in the clear water. Why hadn't he put some bubblebath in the water, so he would be hidden, or at least wash a little, so the water would be cloudy from soap? He was caught! His face was burning, and he could not raise his eyes to meet his mothers'.

"Stand up, young man!"

"Mom? I can't!"

"Yes you can, and you will. Now!"

Eddie reluctantly climbed to his feet, pushing himself up by using the edges of the bathtub. When he was standing fully, he tried to cover himself with his hands, but his dick was sticking straight out, so he could only cover the head. His mother reached out and swept his hands away.

"My, you have developed, Honey! Given your age, you should be well-endowed by the time you're an adult."

Eddie couldn't look his mother in the eye, so he missed the sight of her licking her lips nervously, and keeping her eyes on his cock. He tried to will his erection to go down, but the fact he was exposing himself to his mother, caused his perverse libido to make it all the harder. It bobbed up and down with his heartbeat.

"Eddie, that's enough! Make it go down!"

"I can't, Mom, I'm trying."

"Well, I hate to do this, but I guess I have to."


Mrs. Nolan stepped closer, and raising her hand to his erection, flipped it smartly with her index finger and thumb.

"Owwww!" Eddie yelled. "That hurt, Mom!"

"I know, dear, but it was the only way. I didn't want you playing with it. See, it works!" She said, indicating the quickly deflating penis of her son.

"It really hurt, Mom!"

"I'm sorry, honey. Now, finish your bath, and get into bed!"

Eddie grudgingly finished bathing, and went into his room, where he donned his pajamas. He was pissed. Not only had he missed his normal jack-off in the tub, but now he had a tender dick, so he couldn't beat his meat in bed, either. Things were looking miserable, as far as his sex life was concerned. He climbed into bed, and after much tossing and turning, fell asleep. His dreams were filled with large, tit-shaped balloons floating around the house. He was trying to catch one, as he ran around with a huge hard-on, but his mother chased after him with a stick, taking swipes at his erection. He awoke exhausted.

At school that day, he didn't feel too good, until he spotted Susan. Great! He thought. She's finally back! Now he could get together with her, and set up a time when he could get into her panties. Hardly able to wait until lunch, he saw her talking to Jean Smith. Oh, oh. What is that all about? He tried all day to get Susan off, alone, so he could talk to her. When he finally did, she told him her Mom was going to be home, and besides, she was tired from her trip. Bummer! He walked home, all dejected, expecting to have his sister there. His sister's car was not out front. When he walked in the door, there was a note from Paula, explaining that she was at her friends' house. Damn! All alone in the house, and no prospects to share it with anyone.

It went on like that for two more days: Susan and Joan having excuses for not letting him fuck them, then to go home and find a note from Paula, saying she was out. On Thursday, he expected to get stood up by his sex partners, and he was. Going home that night, though, he had just crossed the street from the school, when someone called him from some bushes. It was girls' voice, so he went to investigate. It was Jean Smith!

"Hi, Eddie. What ya doin'?"

"I'm on my way home, silly. What else would I be doing?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe going to Susan's, so you can screw her again?"

"Wh, wha, what are you talkin' about?"

"It's O.K. She told me all about you and her. She says you're pretty good. Almost better than her older cousin."

"She told you that?"

"Of course! I figured something was goin' on with you two, the way she would hang back, on the way home, sometimes. Then you'd come along, and you would go with her to her house. I live near her, and watched you two. Would you like to know the truth behind those rumors you've heard about me, from Deloy?"

"Um, uh, sure, if you want to tell me. You don't have to, but I won't tell anyone."

"Well, I'm no virgin, but I'm not the slut, or whore, people say I am. I got an older brother, ya see, and he started messing around with me when I was eleven. Just touchin', and kissin', at first. Then he wanted me to do all this stuff with his, uh, dick, you know?"

Eddie wasn't sure he knew everything she was talking about, but he nodded his head.

"I didn't want to do it, but he kept saying he'd tell my Mom about me doing bad things, so I did what he wanted. I hated it, when he'd shoot his stuff in my mouth. I puked a couple of times. It did feel good when he would rub my pussy with his finger. We did things like that until I was twelve. Then he wanted to put his dick in the opening to my pussy, and have me rub his dick until he shot off. One time he go so excited, he pushed his cock into me and broke my cherry. It hurt real bad, cause he was so big. After a couple days, he did it again, and it didn't hurt so bad, but he would just spit on it, put it in me, pump his cock until he came, then pull it out and leave me to clean up the mess. A couple times, when we had the house to ourselves, he'd bring a friend over, and they would each fuck me. I really hated it, and the rumors started, cause his friends had big mouths.

One day, my Mom caught him! We went to Juvenile Court, and they talked with the judge about it. Now, he's in the Army, over in Germany, so I don't have to let him do it any more. It never felt too good anyway, although a couple of the girls, like Susan, tell me it's supposed to. Susan says you always make her feel good, and she says you never tell! Oh, Eddie, I need those things. If I don't like sex now, after all that's happened, I may not want to be married, and I'll be an old maid. I also don't need people thinking bad thoughts about me anymore. Will you help me, Eddie? Please?"

Eddie had never considered the all the possible consequences of incest. When he had his experiences with Beth, he may have felt left out of the pleasure, because he was too young to feel it, but she had never "forced" him to do it. He had always been the willing participant. He knew he could give pleasure, and he had wanted to pursue Jean. So, in a way, she was playing right into his hands. But he didn't want to take advantage of her. No one knew about him and Joan, and wouldn't, unless Joan spoke out. Susan was a little more open about her sexuality, but she still didn't have any reputation. Jean was considered "wild", though it seems it was an undeserved notoriety. He made up his mind, that he would do all he could, to help Jean.

"Is your Mom home, Jean?"

"Yes, but she doesn't expect me for about an hour. I was supposed to go to Marsha's, to study."

"Will she call Marsha?"

"Oh, no! She doesn't even have their telephone number."

"O.K.! Here is what we should do. I want to help you. I told you before: I think you are real nice. If you want me to, I'll show you how good sex can feel, and it will be our secret. I won't tell anyone, and I don't want you to tell anyone, especially your friends. Deal?"

"Deal! When and where are you going to show me?"

"Let's go to my house. My Mom is not home, and my older sister has been out in the afternoon, all week."

As Eddie and Jean walked to his house, they talked about a lot of things, and he found she was a very nice girl, and surprisingly shy. Coming to his street, he couldn't see Paula's car, which was usually parked at the curb, when she was home. Walking up his front sidewalk, he saw no signs of anyone at home. Inside the front door, there was no note, but the house was all quiet. He closed the door behind himself and Jean.

"You have a real nice house, Eddie."

"Uh, yeah, thanks. Let's go to my room."

Taking her by the hand, he led Jean back, through the house, until they came to his bedroom. He opened the door and took her inside, leaving the door open so he could hear anyone entering the house. He was grateful his Mom insisted on a clean room, and making his bed every morning, before school. Looking at Jean, as she looked shyly at her feet, he wasn't quite sure how to do this, but he knew he should put her at ease, by being nice and gentle.

After a slight pause, he walked up to her and put his arms tenderly around her. Drawing her to him, he put his mouth to her ear and whispered: "Trust me, Jean. I won't do anything to hurt you. If you get scared, or you want to stop, just tell me, and I'll stop."

Jean returned the embrace, and he gently kissed her on the cheek a few times, then proceeded to her lips, where he barely grazed her lips with his own. He opened his eyes, and found he was staring back into Jean's open eyes. He drew back, and waited a few seconds, then once again moved his lips to hers. This time, she tightened her arms around his waist, and closed her eyes as they shared a tender, tentative kiss. Then, another. Eddie had to keep reminding himself to move slowly. Holding Jean in his arms, Eddie caressed her back and sides, using his hands to gently fondle her slim torso. She relaxed and moved into him with her body.

Figuring it still too early for French kissing, Eddie refrained from trying to pry her lips apart with his tongue, and was surprised when she voluntarily opened them, inviting his tongue to explore. Inserting his tongue into Jean's mouth, he rubbed it against her own, and realized she was really pretty inexperienced. Her molesters had apparently neglected any form of foreplay. Not that Eddie was an expert, at nearly thirteen, but in his limited experience, the girl was more willing to go all the way, if he took the time to warm her up first. Jean allowed him to roam around inside her mouth, but did not attempt to capture his tongue. Retracting his tongue into his own mouth, he tried to entice her tongue to follow. It did, and he sparred with it for a few seconds, before capturing it and sucking on it. This action elicited a moan from Jean, and when she next took his tongue into her mouth, she returned the favor, by sucking ineffectually on it. She'd learn, he told himself.

Finally, he drew back, and had to wipe saliva from around his mouth. Gazing into Jean's eyes, he saw a bit of moisture there, but he also noticed the least amount of passion. He would build on that. He had some time, so he didn't want to scare her, by pushing her too fast. After a few more minutes kissing, he moved on to the next phase. While he had kissed Jean, he was also caressing her body gently. Using his hands, he ran them across her shoulders, down her arms, and up her sides. Then, softly stroking her back, he moved down to her ass and gently cupped her cheeks in his hands and pulled her crotch into his. He was rewarded with a moan and a sigh, escaping from her mouth, as he continued probing her oral cavity with his tongue.

It was time!

"Jean, can I see your body? Can I undress you?"

Her eyes could not meet his, but she shyly nodded her head. So he began unbuttoning her dress down the back, and then drew it off her arms and upper torso. Jean was biting her lips and looking nervous.

"Your sure are beautiful, Jean!"

Like turning on a light switch, Jean's eyes and face brightened up, and she smiled.

"No, I'm not. I'm too skinny!"

Longing for a compliment, Jean hung on every word from Eddie.

"Really, Jean. I think you are beautiful. Your skin is so soft and pretty."

Jean sucked in her breath, and held it, when Eddied reached to unfasten her small-cupped bra, and draw it away from her chest.

"I've got no boobies! I look like a boy."

"I wouldn't be doing this, if I thought you looked like a boy!"

Saying this, Eddie lowered his head to her small tits, and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. Jean gave a low whimper, as Eddie switched to the other nipple, and at the same time drew her dress down, over her hips, leaving her in a half-slip, panties, shoes and socks.

Jean could not resist the reflex action of raising her hands to Eddies' head, and pulling his mouth against her breast. This gentle boy was turning her on, as her brother and his friends never had. She was actually looking forward to have sex with Eddie. As Eddie continued to alternate between her now erect and tingling nipples, she assisted him by lowering her slip and panties to the floor. She now stood within the pile of her clothing, but still wearing her shoes and socks.

Eddie had watched Jean lower her slip and panties, and now raised his head from her tits, to get a good look at her body. She had more pubic hair than either Joan, or Susan, but it was still not like a woman. He gazed on her entire body, until he realized Jean was getting embarrassed under his scrutiny.

"Oh, sorry Jean. I was just looking at how beautiful you are."

With a blushing face, and an embarrassed smile, Jean stood by, as Eddie continued to gaze at her naked body. Deciding to put her at ease, Eddie began taking off his own clothes. By the time he was down to his jockey shorts, Jean was looking at the bulge in them. He was a little embarrassed, himself, although he knew she had seen a cock before, but not his. After looking at her, he hooked his thumbs in his waistband, and drew them down until they fell of their own accord, then he kicked them over to the end of the bed. There they stood, naked except for shoes and/or socks, looking at each other across a space of a few feet.

Eddie moved up to Jean and kissed her again, knowing that he could not keep his turgid prick from making contact with her body. They were at just the right comparative heights that his dick head went right into the juncture of her thighs. This momentarily startled them both, but they then grinned at each other, and the ice was broken. Putting their arms around each other, the two teens began kissing once more, with much more ardor, sharing each others' saliva as they took turns pushing their tongues into the others' mouth and tongue-wrestling. At the same time, each used their hands to explore the surfaces of the others' bodies.

Eddie ran his hands up and down Jean's back, and down, over the swell of her ass, until he could feel her upper thighs, then his hands went to her sides, as he worked his hands upward and under her arms, where he ran his thumbs along the minimal swell of her pubescent breasts. After about five minutes of making out with Jean, Eddie stepped back and guided Jean to the bed, where he helped her recline on the bedspread.

Sensing her nervousness, Eddie smiled at her and re-assured her: "No pressure, Jean. If you want to stop, I'll stop." And after a slow count to ten: "Do you want to continue?"

With an intake of breath and a long sigh, Jean closed her eyes and nodded. "Yes, Eddie, I want to. You're very nice."

"You deserve it, Jean. If I were older, I'd beat up every one of your brother's friends."

Eddie felt a strong moment of anger against the boys/men, who had forced Jean to do what she did, quickly followed by an overwhelming sense of sympathy and concern for this girl. He gently lay beside her on the bed.

Raising himself up on one elbow, Eddie looked down into Jean's eyes. She was more calm now, but her eyes flitted from object to object, still indicating her nervousness. Taking his free hand, Eddie ran his index finger across the top of Jean's shoulder, along the collar bone, and down her chest until his finger began climbing the small hillock of her left breast. Skirting the nipple, he ran his digit down into the valley between her un-developed mammaries, and up the inside of her right tit. Again skirting her nipple, he made a circuit around it and pulled his finger away from her. Then, cupping his hand, he gently encompassed her left breast and softly squeezed the flesh. Taking his hand off her left breast, he then repeated the action on her right. She lay watching his every move, breathing quick and shallow.

After paying homage to her tits, his fingers started a spidery walk down her abdomen and across her pelvis, where he slowly entwined them in her sparse pubic hair.

Before he could do anything else: "That tickles!" Jean giggled.

Sweeping his hand across her Venus mound, he ran it down her left thigh and crossed over to the right, then back up to her pussy. Cupping her vulva, Eddie slowly slid his middle finger in between the lips of her labia. He felt Jean tense up, then slowly relax again. Pausing for a slow count of ten, he then wiggled his finger a little. to insinuate it further between her pussy lips. He could feel her arousal in the moisture he ran his finger through, but it wasn't enough. Lowering his mouth to Jean's right nipple, he slowly sucked it into his warm, wet mouth and flicked the very end with his tongue. Jean jumped! As he continued ministering to her right teat, his hand caressed her left nipple, gently running his fingertip around the aureole, making it stiffen just like the one in his mouth. Beginning to breath a bit faster, Jean whimpered deep in her throat. That was Eddie's cue.

Releasing both Jean's nipples, Eddie moved down her body, and then over the top, so that his face was even with the juncture of her legs. Pressing his hand between her legs, at the knees, Eddie gently eased Jean's legs open, until he could fit his body between them. This put his face at about the right point for what he had planned.

"Wha, what are you doin'?"

"Shhhhh. Trust me! It won't hurt. It will feel good."

Leaning his face down to her pubic area, Eddie softly placed a kiss at the top of her vulva, about where the clitoris was located.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Jean blurted out in a stage whisper!

"Relax, it will be O.K."

"But I probably smell down there!"

"Most people do, unless they just took a bath. It's O.K.! You'll LIKE it!"

When Jean had settled back down, Eddie gave her snatch another kiss, this one more lingering than the previous one. At the end of the kiss, Eddie allowed his tongue to snake out and caress the hood of Jean's clit. She jumped again. Finally, Eddie spread Jean's legs wider with his hands, and started to kiss her inner thighs, working his way down one and up the other. Kissing the crease of skin at the meeting place of each leg, and the pubic area, he finished off each kiss with a swipe of his tongue up each side. Jean caught her breath, and exhaled forcefully. The main target was definitely within range.

Raising her knees and planting her feet flat on the bed, Jean gave Eddie full access to her cunt. He savored the view he had of this pubescent pussy, and looked for signs of the abuse she had endured for the last year. No damage was apparent, but she was wider open than Joan. Approaching her snatch with his mouth, Eddie teased her inner lips with his tongue, trying to insinuate the tip between the folds of pussy meat. Jean moaned louder than before, and her breathing was becoming quicker. Wrapping his hands around her thighs, to try to gain a hold on her pelvic area, Eddie continued to tease Jean's cuntlips. Then, suddenly, he plunged his tongue deep within the fold of her labia and tried to force his oral appendage as far up her vaginal canal as was possible. Jean stifled a small scream.

Moving his tongue inside of her cunt, Eddie tried to be very enthusiastic about his cunnilingus, and it worked. Jean began thrashing around on the bed, lifting her hips off the bed and almost slipping out of Eddie restraining handholds on her thighs. Capturing her vulva in his mouth, Eddie started sucking on Jean's cunt.

"Unh, unh, uhnnnnnnn, mmmmmm, arrrrrggggghhhhhh. Oh, Eddie, Oh Eddie. It DOES feel good!"

Still bouncing up and down with her hips, Jean was almost incoherent. For his part, Eddie continued to wiggle his tongue in Jean's pussy, and alternately suck on her clit.

"Unnnnnnhhhhhhh! Something's happ, happ, happening!" Jean gasped out between ragged breaths. "OOOOOOhhhhhhh, it feels funny! It feeeeeels so weird! But it feeellls good! Unnnnhhhh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Unh, Unh."

Panting wildly, like she was running a marathon, Jean moaned and whimpered, and then let out a long, drawn out, soft scream, as she arched her back and raised her entire body, except her feet and her head, off the bed. Sucking in her breath and holding it, her body went rigid!

After about thirty seconds, Jean let out a long shuddering sigh, as she exhaled the pent-up air in her lungs, and lowered her body to the bed. Jean lay like that for perhaps a minute, before she spoke:

"Oh, Eddie! What was that?"

"You've never cum before?"

"Was that what that was? I've heard girls talk about cumming, but I've never felt it. I've had good feelings in my pu, uh, down there, when I used my fingers in bed, but it never felt that good."

"Your brother and his friends never made you feel good?"

"When they wanted me to, uh, do things, they just grabbed me, stripped me and rammed their hard-ons into me, and it hurt, until they used spit on their dicks. I was so scared, and felt so dirty, that I never thought it was supposed to feel good for the girl."

"Well, if you want to, there's more we can do to make it feel good. Can I show you?"

"Oh, yes! I want it to feel good, just like it just did."

Realizing it was now, or never, Eddie renewed his mouth action on Jean's pussy. He wanted to get her worked up again, so she wouldn't want to stop him from putting his dick inside her vagina. She responded almost immediately, by moaning and making mewling sounds. She was very wet, and he figured his size prick would slide nicely into her pussy.

"Oooo, Eddie, that feels so gooooood!"

Jean couldn't help herself. She put her hands on the back of Eddies' head and pulled it into her vulva. She began panting again, and as she did so, Eddie raised up, taking his mouth away from her cunt. He gently moved his hips between Jean's legs, and placed his cock at the entrance of her twat. He wanted her to be aware of what his intentions were, so he paused. Through passion glazed eyes, Jean saw what Eddie was about to do, and she momentarily stiffened.

"Relax, honey, I won't hurt you. Please trust me. O.K.?"

Seeing an imperceptible nod from Jean, he slowly pushed into her with his hard cock. Jean's eyes were wide open at first entrance, but as he continued to slowly penetrate her lusciously wet canal, her eyes closed in intense enjoyment of the pleasurable sensations Eddie was creating in her loins. He slowly withdrew, then pushed forward again, gaining more depth each time he repeated the action. Soon, he was in as deep as his pubescent prick would allow, and his testicles were resting on Jean's perineum. He paused, to allow Jean to become mentally used to his penetration. This was to show her he was being gentle and considerate of her, as he exhibited his meager sexual prowess. Opening her eyes, Jean smiled at Eddie.

"It is much nicer than it was before. You slipped right inside! It feels kind of good."

"Just wait! It will feel even better."

With that pronouncement, Eddie slid his cock almost all the way out, then slid it back in at the same slow pace.

"Mmmmmmmmm. Good!"

Continuing to stroke, with a slow build-up of speed, Eddie began to hear the whimpers and moans he had heard before, with Joan and Susan. He kept his strokes shallow, not allowing himself to thrust too ruthlessly. He was trying not to emulate the self-centered abuse she had experienced at the hands (and pricks) of her brother and his friends. This was difficult, since he hadn't had sex in over two weeks. He had to really concentrate on not coming too soon. Jean was starting to breath raggedly, and fast. Her hips were raising themselves off the bed to meet his shallow thrusts but they seemed to encourage a deeper stroke, which would bring their pelvises together. Soon, at Jean's initiation, Eddie was making full depth thrusts.

Jean began to softly cry out in pleasure: "Uunnnnh, ooohhhhh, mmmmmm, uuuuunnnnhhhhh, Eddie, Eddie, you feel so good. OOOOOhhhhhh, aaaaahhhh! Eddie? It's starting again! Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck me Eddie! I really need you to fuck me Eddie! Ohhhhhh!"

Eddie was slamming into her twat and getting real close to orgasm himself. He felt her snatch clamp down on his prick and she let out a high-pitched wail, as she orgasmed once again. He decided he should pull out, since he had not cleared it with Jean to come inside her pussy. Still in the throes of cumming, she jerked a little, as Eddied backed his cock out of her cunt, and began to spew his seed on her tummy. Jean had seen semen before, and it was not the first time it had been shot on her body. She was impressed that he tried to contain it to a such a small area. There had been times, with her brother, that she had been covered in it from head to toe, which added to her feelings of uncleanness.

Eddie picked up a towel he had laid close by, and after wiping the end of his dick off, began to wipe up the jism from Jean's belly. Jean watched his tender ministrations, and was moved to tears, as she contrasted the actions of this gentle boy, to that of her brother and friends. Eddie heard the sniffling and noticed the shine of tears in her eyes. Immediately, he dropped the towel and lay beside her with concern.

"Jean? Are you all right? Did I hurt you, Jean? I'm awful sorry, if I did."

"Oh, no, Eddie. You were wonderful! I'm just so grateful to you, for being so understanding, and helping me feel how fu..., uh, sex should be like. I'm sorry I said those things while we were doing it."

"What things?"

"You know, the "F" word."

"Jean, I've heard it before, and if you want to say 'fuck', especially while you are having sex, it's all right!"

"Thank you, Eddie. I have to be going now. I hope you don't think me ungrateful for leaving so soon?"

"No, I understand. Would you like to do it again, sometime?"

"It would be nice, but I don't know when it will be. I was lucky to have this afternoon. My Mom really keeps her eye on me, since my brother, uh, you know."

"O.K, but I'm willing to, if you want to, and get a chance. Now, Please don't tell anyone, as I don't want it to get around."

"Oh, I won't! Remember, that's why I picked you, because you can keep a secret."

As they talked, each had been dressing. Now that they were finished, Eddie walked Jean to the door. "Do you want me to walk you home, Jean?"

"Oh, no! If my mother saw me with a boy, she'd ground me for sure. She almost sent me to an all-girl Catholic school, but we're not catholic, and it would have been out of her way to take me and pick me up."

Standing on the front porch, Jean turned and smiled once more at Eddie, standing in the doorway.

"Thank you, so much, Eddie. I won't ever forget you."

Turning, she bounced down the steps; to the sidewalk; and she was gone. Remaining in the doorway, Eddie watched her, until she was out of sight, then he backed into the house, deep in thought, as he shut the door.

"I didn't know you were such a stud?"

Eddie froze! His hand was still on the doorknob, Eddie felt his neck and back muscles tighten up. He knew he was dead! Now, they would know everything! He would be grounded until he was twenty-one! He slowly pivoted on his feet, turning to face his sister, Paula.

"I thought you were gone!"


"I didn't see your car!"

"I loaned it to my friend, Carol. I needed to catch up on my laundry."

"H-h-h-how much did you see?"

"Every bit, my dear, sexy brother! I heard you come in, and I was going to come talk to you, but I heard a strange voice. Then you took the girl into your bedroom, and I was going to scold you about having a girl in the house, but I looked in and saw you hugging her, so I thought I'd watch, to see how far you'd go. I found out! Boy, are you a Lothario."

Paula was more aroused, by what she had witnessed, than she was showing her brother. During her teenage years, she become involved in heavy petting once or twice, but had never given herself to anyone completely; somehow feeling that should be reserved for marriage. When she finally married, at seventeen, her husband: whose politeness and non-aggression during courtship, had been taken for respect; turned out to be an inexperienced Mama's boy. He didn't know the first thing about making love, and seemed even less interested in learning, or being taught. During the three years of marriage, she had been bedded less than two dozen times, and each had been a clumsy fiasco. Paula blamed herself for her failure to inspire her mate to conjugal bliss, though she could not put a finger on what she had done wrong. She just knew her marriage was a sham. She had been less broken up about the marriage ending, than she had been about the wasted time. She was even more incensed, (and turned on) at the thought her nearly thirteen year old brother was twice the man her husband had been.

Eddie was still feeling the heat of embarrassment, and still feared for his life.

"Are you going to tell Mom?"

"What for? She's not the saint she lets on she is, and a boy, or girl has got to experience sex sometime. I made the mistake to wait until marriage, and look what I have: nothing! No, little brother, you might as well screw as many girls as you can, before you settle down to a wife. Of course, don't get them pregnant, 'cause then you may have to marry someone you were happy to bed, but not excited to wed, and spend the rest of your life with."

"Thanks, Paula, for not telling Mom! I owe you for that."

"That's O.K. Actually, I found it quite exciting. Where did you learn to do that?"

"Do what?"

"The whole thing! Where did you learn to eat a woman like that, and how many girls have you been with?"

"Ummm, uh, well, uh..."

"Come on? I said I wouldn't tell!"

"Well, lately, I've only been with three different girls, but the other two: more than once. They are the only ones I've fu..., er, uh, had sex with. The others, I only ate, and played with their ti..., uh, boobs, and that was a few years ago."

"Started pretty young, didn't ya? Who were the girls, back then?"

"Um, well, uh, I shouldn't tell."

"Why not, you know I know most of it. What's the big secret?"

"Um, well, it's someone you know."

"Well, that makes me want to know even worse. Come on, 'fess up!"

"If I tell you, you can't say anything!"

"O.K., O.K., what do you want, a blood promise?"

"No, I just don't want to get in trouble, I guess."

"Don't worry, I won't get you in trouble!"

"It all started, when Beth..."

"Beth? Our sister, Beth?"

"Yes! When I was about nine, she took me into the bathroom, one day, and wanted me to kiss her pu..., uh, between her legs, and lick it."

"And, of course you did, you horny little bugger, and things went from there, right?"


"Who were the other girls? Wait! Don't tell me! I think I know! Glenna and Linda, right?"

"Uh, right! How'd you know?"

"Oh, I just remember those three hanging out all the time; and being boy crazy; and talking about sex with boys. And you became their 'boy'".

Remember, she did! She had sometimes envied them their loose morals. While she was being a goody-goody, they had been out getting dick by the yard. But then, she hadn't been knocked-up, like Glenna. Even Beth had not fared that well, with an abusive husband. But even Beth couldn't complain about the fucking she got. Abusive he may be, but he was supposedly hung like a horse, and knew how to hose her good!

"Yeah! They always wanted me to lick and suck them, and play with their boobs."

"And you just "hated" that, didn't you!"

"Uh, well, uh, I enjoyed doing it, but I never got any pleasure from it. I mean, I didn't cum, or nothin'. "

"Did they?"

"Sure! Lots of times. That's why they kept wanting me to do it. But then, they started getting boyfriends, and they didn't need me anymore."

Paula could feel her pussy oozing cunt cream, at the thought of her little brother sucking on those girls' young twats.

"Poor Eddie! You became obsolete, before you even reached puberty! Now, you've got some experience, and you're putting it to good use, playing school yard Cassanova."

"Gee, Paula, you make it sound like I'm doing something bad!"

"It depends on the way you look at it, Sport! From your point of view, it is the greatest thing in the world. But from the perspective of parents, who want to keep their kids from having sex this young, you're like a carrier of the Plague."

"What should I do?"

"Hey, kid, don't ask me! I'm not in a position to give advice. I have problems of my own."

Paula could not put it off any longer. She had to make the attempt.

"But, hmmm... Little brother! I just may need your help, with one of them. Remember, you owe me!"

"Sure, Paula, I know. I'll try to do anything for you, just so you don't tell Mom!"

"I'm sure you can handle this, Sport! Lock the door, and follow me."

Paula took Eddie to the rear of the house, where her bedroom was located off the hallway leading to the laundry room and back door. She stood aside at the door, to let Eddie enter. Then she walked through the door, and closed it. Eddie suddenly suspected what she wanted.

He was shaken, by the thought of doing anything with his older sister, but it was not as though he had never fantasized about it. He could feel his dick starting to swell. Paula walked to her bed, turned around to face Eddie, then looked him directly in the eye.

"Eddie, I want you to do everything to me, that you did with your school friend. Do you understand? Everything!"

Eddie's heart was thumping, and he could feel each beat down the length of his young, tumescent cock.

"Y-y-yes, Paula, I understand."

Eddie walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulders. She was slightly taller than Jean, but his mouth was just about level with hers. He tentatively kissed her on the mouth. It was almost like a brother/sister peck, so he went for it again, this time moving his mouth on hers, sliding his lips across hers and opening his mouth slightly. After about twenty or thirty seconds, Paula opened her lips. Eddie plunged his tongue inside his siblings' mouth, chasing her tongue and sparring with it. Tightening his grip on her upper arms, Eddie thrust his tongue into his sisters mouth to its' full extent, and Paula moaned deeply. She pulled away from Eddie, and looked into his face with an astonished look.

"Shit, Eddie, you really know how to use that mouth. It's been a long time since I've been kissed like that!"

"Do ya wanna make out some more, Paula?"

"Maybe later. I'm pretty well worked up, right now, and we have to move this thing along, before Mom comes home. Maybe I should undress!

"Yeah, th-th-that would be all right." Eddie said, in anticipation of seeing a mature woman's body, and getting to fondle, and suck, and maybe even put his boy-sized penis into.

"You undress too, little brother, but be ready to put your clothes on in a hurry, if we hear Mom." "O.K.!

Eddie took his clothes off one more time this afternoon, preparatory to having sex. This time, it would be different though. Finally, Eddie Nolan was going to feel big tits on a woman, and he was going to be eating and fucking a fully grown pussy, for the first time. His cock jumped in anticipation. He watched with rapt attention to his sisters' disrobing. First, she unbuttoned and removed her blouse, then her slacks, leaving herself in just panties and bra. He could see her well-developed breasts straining to be let loose of their confinement. Paula's' hair-covered mound was prominently displayed in her silky underpants and the darkness of her hair was seen through the opacity of the material.

Reaching behind her, Paula unfastened her bra, and let it hang by the shoulder straps. She knew the effect she had on her young brother, and was eager to go forward with this liaison. She had depended too long, on the pleasures her own hand, and various make-shift phalluses, could give her. She needed someone else to touch the secret spots of her body; to thrill her with their tender touches; their kisses, and nibblings of her throat, and breasts; their sucking and probing of her inner recesses. Her longing for a living member to invade her salacious cunt, to plumb her depths with its hard intrusions. Paula was on fire, and it was because, first, of her long pent-up needs, and secondly, because of the erotic demonstration put on by a brother she thought naďve and uninitiated in the ways of wanton sex.

Getting his first glimpse of Paula's' breasts, Eddie could only stare at their perfection. Having no knowledge of bra sizes, he didn't know his sister amply filled out a 36C cup. All he knew, was they were beautiful. Fully rounded, they sat high on her chest, with no appreciable sag. Capped by light brown aureoles about the size of half-dollars, and her nipples were erect, standing out proudly. Paula couldn't help, but blush a little, as she saw how intently Eddie was gawking at her breasts.

"They're just breasts, Eddie, not the crown jewels!" She said, with a smirk.

"Oh, Paula, they sure are beautiful! I've never seen such beautiful tits, er, I mean breasts!"

"Thank you, little brother! Would you like to get a closer look? Come closer!"

Approaching his sister, his hands automatically reached for her bosom, but before making contact, he jerked his hands back, embarrassed.

"It's O.K. to touch them. How else are we going to do everything?"

Eddie slowly raised his hands once more toward Paula's' tits, and gently ran his fingers across the surface, circumnavigating her naked mammaries. Bending his head to her nipples, Eddie gingerly mouthed her left nipple, then applied suction to it. Paula let out a deep moan, as she felt her sensitive nipples being ministered to by her brothers' warm, wet mouth and tongue. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the pleasurable sensations coursing through her body. As he sucked on one nipple, Eddie ran his fingers over the other, gently palming her right breast and squeezing lightly. After a minute or two, he reversed his fondly, trading left nipple for right, in his mouth, and moving his right hand to Paula's' left breast. It was different, and very exciting to the teenager, to be playing with full-grown tits. His rampant cock was jerking in time to his pulse.

Not missing the quivering column of flesh pointing at her groin, Paula reached down and closed her hand around Eddies' rock-hard dick. He gave a momentary start, but refused to relinquish his sucking hold on his sisters' tit. Just a sigh, and he resumed his fondling of her hillocks. Gently squeezing the boys' cock, she began a stroking action, pulling his shaft towards, then away from her. His prick was still slightly sticky, from his fucking of his little school friend, but Paula didn't mind: she had her hand on a man's cock. What he lacked in years, he compensated for in experience.

"Let's lay on the bed, Eddie."

Without answering, Eddie allowed his sister to precede him onto the bed, then he climbed on, and lay beside her. Immediately returning his attention to fondling her tits, Eddie was fully enjoying himself.

"There's more to me than just my boobs!"

Eddie took the hint and let his hand wander down her stomach and into her pubic hair, where he took pleasure in twining his fingers in the thick bush. Here, at last was a woman, who had more than just a sprinkling of hair on their mound, and it was a luxurious thatch. After a few moments, Eddie let his fingers slip further downward, and was surprised to discover how wet his sister's pussy was, as his fingers traced the labial folds of Paula's' vulva. Moisture had oozed out of her vagina and spread throughout her pubic area. Mixing his fingers in the juices from her cunt, Eddie began sending lovely sensations to Paula's' brain. She sighed, and then moaned.

Eddie knew where the sensitive areas of a woman were. True, some had different areas of sensitivity, but he had yet to touch a girl/woman who did not react to the touching of their clitoris. He gently ran his finger to an apex of his sisters' vulva, and as he came in contact with her nub, large in comparison to the girls he had fondled, he got an immediate reaction, as Paula jerked and sucked in her breath quickly.

"Oooh, yesssss, Eddie, stay there, and rub it for me. That feels so good!"

Complying with his beloved sisters' request, he applied a little more pressure to rubbing her clit, and began a slow, gentle, circular motion with his finger tips. He was rewarded by the sound of her breathing speeding up, as she intermittently sighed and moaned with pleasure. As he diddled her clit, his mouth moved like a snail down her stomach, leaving a moist trail behind it. He stopped at the fringe of pubic hair.

Momentarily ceasing his digital manipulations of her love button, Eddie moved his body between Paula's' legs, where he had a close up view of her vulva. It was much different than the young women he had looked at. Paula's' outer and inner labia were engorged with blood, due to the heat of her passion, making them puffy and open. Seeing the moisture in and around her vaginal opening, he lowered his head until his tongue could make contact with her wet cunt. Paula let out a more pronounced moan and raised her hips to attempt more contact with his mouth. Understanding the move, Eddie stepped-up his actions of cleaning the residue of his sisters' sexual excitement. She tasted different: stronger-flavored than his other coital companions, but still good!

Paula, for her part, was nearly delirious from the intense pleasure being induced in her twat, unable to comprehend why she was allowing her younger brother these intimacies with her body. Still she was unwilling to cut herself off from the incredibly erotic sensations coursing through her entire body, from the deep kisses, the suckling of her sensitive nipples, and now the extreme joy she was deriving from his lips and tongue. Deprivation of sensual pleasures over the last three years had put a fine edge on her passion, and this young man was riding that edge to her maximum benefit. She felt herself being carried to the apex of sexual intensity, then began babbling unintelligibly.

"Unnnnnnh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuummmmmmmm, unh, unh, aaaaaahhhhhhhh, Eddie, little brother, sooooooooo goooooooood! Oh, Oh, Oh! Here I come! Here I come! Oh, honey, honey, honey, Eddie!"

Grabbing his head with her hands, she pulled his face into the juncture of her thighs and raised her ass off the bed as her climax crashed upon her body. Quivering, and straining to keep her cunt against Eddies' mouth, she finally gave a huge sigh, and sank down, flat on her back, relaxing her grip on her brothers' head. Eddie inhaled deeply, to feed his air-starved lungs, then raised his head to look at his sister's face.

Eyes still closed, Paula was breathing deeply and quickly. Finally, her lashes fluttered and her eyelids opened. She could see Eddie, his face awash in her cunt cream, and his saliva.

"That was wonderful, Eddie! You are the best I've had. Wipe your face off, then come up here, and kiss me!"

Eddie wiped his forearm across his cheeks and mouth, then wiped his arm on the bedspread. Finishing that, he crawled over his sisters' body to bring his lips in contact with hers. They kissed passionately, entwining tongues, and swapping spit. While doing so, Paula reached down to fondle Eddies' cock and balls, juggling his testicles within their scrotal sac, and enjoying the feel of a rock-hard prick.

Breaking from their kiss, Paula said: "I could do something for you, I'm sure you would enjoy, but I need you inside me. I'll show you another time."

Guiding his rampant phallus to her open pussy lips, she poised the head at her entrance. Eddie knew what to do then, as he moved his hips forward, allowing his dick to slip between the folds of her cunt. He continued to push until he was fully ensconced inside his sisters' twat. More moans and sighs came from Paula, as she realized Eddie's was not as large as her estranged husband's but he was much more enthusiastic.

Beginning to stroke the full length of his cock in and out of Paula's' sopping snatch, Eddie reveled in the experience and the sensations of fucking his sister's cunt. It was tighter than he had expected, but then again, she hadn't had a cock lately, and pussies tend to adjust to the size of prick prodding them. Making sure his pubic bone was hitting against his sisters' engorged clit, Eddie was determined to make her come with his dick. He wanted to have this more than once, and if it was good this time, he might get invited back again!

Raising her hips to meet her siblings' deep strokes, Paula was lost in the wonderful sensations being set up in her loins. Feeling herself drawn up the hill of passion, she knew that if Eddie could keep it going, she would surely cum. Again, she was surprised she was getting so much enjoyment from a young man. Not just any young man, but her very own brother, whom she had changed diapers for; and seen his little dick when he was a baby, not realizing at the time, that someday, that little penis would be sliding skillfully up her own twat, and giving her extreme pleasure. She began feeling the approach of her orgasm.

"Eddie, I'm going to cum again! Ohhh, it feels soooo goood! Keep going, brother, keep pushing."

Of course, Eddie had no intention of stopping. It felt good to him, too. He liked fucking a full-sized, hairy cunt even more than he did girls his own age. They knew how to move better, and seemed to be more vocal with their passion. Thrusting, withdrawing, pushing, pulling, Eddie could feel his orgasm approaching also.

"Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuummmmmmmm. Here is comes! Oh, oh, oh, here it comes, Honey! Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

As Paula pushed her pelvis against Eddies' ram-rodding prick, her vaginal muscles clamped down on his boy-cock, which was still large enough to give pleasure to this deprived young woman. This tightening of her cunt, caused Eddie to spew his seed inside his sister, with a soft sigh. After their orgasm, they lay, still coupled, enjoying the afterglow, and she waited for a minute or two, before speaking softly.

"Eddie? You came in me, didn't you? Oh, Eddie, I hope I don't get pregnant. I shouldn't, but I'm not sure, since I had no reason to be tracking my cycles closely. I think it'll be O.K., I hope."

And they continued to lay, with Eddie's head resting on his sisters' shoulder, absently fondling her breast. She, in turn, was combing his hair with her fingers, lost in thought.

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