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Eddie - Back to Beth

It seems I'm always horny. Even my wife, Carol, says I'm "oversexed." All I know, is I constantly have a yen for sex. Carol tells me I should be slowing down, since I am now past 50, but I still want sex 3 or 4 times a week. Maybe, if she gave it to me more than every other month - like once or twice a week - I would be more satisfied, and not horny all the time. I constantly think about it, and fantasize about making it with almost every woman I come in contact with, whether at work, in the stores, or even at church. I was beginning to think I'm abnormal, so I had to stop, and tell myself: "Your O.K.!" It has been many years since I had the courage to go after any "strange stuff," so I am left with "self-abuse": Yes, masturbation; beating off; flogging my log; pounding my pud; etc. In order to "get off," I fantasize about women and teenage girls I know, or have seen .. I tend not go for the real young ones, although my sex life started at a real young age. I read erotic stories, occasionally have the opportunity to view a few X-rated videos I have stashed away (my wife even knows about all this), but it's getting to be maddening.

Recently, my supervisor at work informed me I would be going on business travel for the company. I haven't done this in years, and I have missed doing so. I would only be gone for one week, but it happened to be the same city in which one of my older (by 5 years) sisters, Beth, lives. Carol was not concerned about the trip, since I had family to keep me out of trouble. I called my sister to let her know I was going to be in town, and would like to see her while I was there. Beth was overjoyed to have me visit her, since we didn't get a chance to see each other more than once every 2 or 3 years.

The company had reservations at a nice hotel, not far from the plant I was visiting, and not all that far from my sister's place. I flew out on a Sunday evening, and when I arrived, picked up my rental car and checked into the hotel. It was still early when I checked in, so I watched an X-rated movie in my room and beat-off, so I could sleep well that night. It wasn't a great movie, but it gave me enough titillation to get my rocks off.

The work at the plant the next day was successful and the day went quickly. Soon, the day was finished and I went back to my hotel to shower and change clothes, then drove to my sister's. Beth had dinner ready when I arrived, and she greeted me with a warm hug and kiss, as always. I expected her husband to bore me to death all night with his small talk, but I lucked out, since he had gone out of town on business that same week. We were alone, since all her kids were grown and lived away from home. After dinner, we went downstairs to their family room to sit and talk, or maybe watch some TV. We settled in, and my sister brought me up to date on what I didn't know about the happenings with my other sisters, whom I very seldom communicated with, except through Christmas cards.

As the news ran out, we began reminiscing about some of our adventures during childhood. We were sitting on opposite ends of the same sofa, and I noticed my sister began to stare off into space as we continued to talk. After one of our shared memories ended, there was a long pause, then my sister asked:

"Eddie, do you remember some of the things we used to do when we played in the field and old shed across the street from our house? You know, with Glenna and Linda?"

"Yes, I remember many things."

"Like what?"

"I remember, when I was about 8 or 9, you used to get me into the bathroom at home, and coax me into kissing your little pussy, which was just getting hair around it."

I watched her eyes get wide, and her faced flushed as she started to fidget on the sofa.

"It was my first experience at such things, and I enjoyed doing it. I can still remember the pungent smell of your pussy and how the hair was bristly on my tongue. You were about 13 and had no boobs to speak of, but your friend Linda had more than enough to make up for it. Glenna's were somewhere in between. Shall I go on?"

"Yes," she said, breathlessly, and so low I hardly heard her.

"You girls would get me over in the field or shed and think up stupid role-playing games to get me to fondle your boobs and pussies. Who needed the games? You didn't realize I was a little sex maniac, even then, and just wanted to play with you girls all the time. I know my dick was too small to do you any good, but I sure enjoyed the fondling. I remember the time we went down to our basement and lay on the bed Dad used to sleep on, when he worked graveyard shift. I remember humping up against Glenna's pussy for such a long time, but I wasn't real hard or real big, so it didn't penetrate her, and it was just humping. Glenna wasn't getting much pleasure from it, so she pushed me off saying: 'Enough is enough, and too much is plenty'. Whenever I hear that expression, I think of those times. Do you want to hear more?"

By this time she was really getting antsy, and was licking her lips nervously.

"Y-y-yes, go on," she sputtered, almost like it was too embarrassing to be reminded.

"During that summer, or the next, when cousin Billy visited for a couple of days, we went to the creek to swim. If you remember, where we swam, there was a good deal of undergrowth and low hanging trees, so we were pretty much hidden from sight. You and Billy had me keep my eyes on the creek, to watch for anyone coming. Then you and he went under a low tree. I peeked around and saw you take your swimsuit down and he took his down and he got on top of you and, though I didn't get to see it, I'm sure he had sex with you. I felt kind of jealous."

She was flushed again.

"You married young, just like Doris and Paula. I didn't care much for your first husband, but I watched you and him get it on in my bedroom. Actually, by the time I could maneuver myself into a position to peek through the keyhole of an unused door, you were just finished, and you were pulling up your pants, but I got to see your boobs again. Family gossip said he was making unfair demands on you, wanting you to submit to sex whenever and wherever he felt the need, without regard for you, or the situation. By the time I was twelve, and you were having marital problems, you came to live with Mom and I. I thought maybe I could console you and maybe get a little relief for myself. I was so horny then, same as now, and when I broached the subject about "playing nasty," you acted so insulted. And I was crushed. Here I was, finally to a point where I could do you some good, since I had hair on my genitals and had grown quite a bit in the dick department, but your attitude crushed me."

Beth, wistful and sad, said:

"I had forgotten about the time with cousin Billy, until now, but I don't remember the incident when I came back home. I'm sorry."

"It's all ancient history now, Sis. We're old folks now, and you probably don't think about sex much anymore."

"Do you?" she asked me.

I began telling her about me, and how I always thought about sex, and my inability to interest my wife in any regular sessions.

"I don't mean to saddle you with my problems, I'm sorry."

"Well," she said, "it must be a family trait, because I still think about sex a lot, but Gerry is satisfied with a quickie every month or so. What do you do about it?"

I curled my hand around, as though grasping an imaginary dick and moved it up and down in the air, in the universal men's sign language for masturbation.

"Me too! But it gets old after awhile."

Looking at me, she noticed the bulge in my pants, as she continued to fidget in her seat. She raised her eyebrows and gave me a grin, but said nothing. I was way ahead of her, since I had fantasized about her before I ever left home.

"Well, since it seems to be a family problem, maybe it needs a family solution: Sis, do you want to "play nasty"?"

Sitting up straight, and putting her hands on her hips, she put on a mock "insulted" tone.

"Eddie! You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm a married woman." Then, with a smirk, "But as long as your asking, what the hell."

Neither of us were sure how to start, but I assumed it would be no different than a "normal" extramarital relationship. I stood, and pulling her up, took her in my arms and kissed her, tenderly at first, but with a slowly increasing passion. She returned the kiss in kind. Opening my mouth over hers, she allowed my tongue to push through her lips and find her tongue. As our tongues sparred with one another, Beth let out a low moan, and pushed her pelvis against mine, rubbing my hard cock into her pubic mound. I ran my hands down her back and placed my hands on the cheeks of her ass, squeezing her pliant flesh.

She broke the kiss long enough to say, with some embarrassment, "I'm not as firm as I was when I was thirteen."

I countered with, "Neither one of us are as firm as we once were, but I promise I'll be hard in the right places."

"You'd better be, or be awfully good with your tongue!"

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have no complaints in either department."

We continued to kiss deeply, as our hands roamed over each other's bodies, and our breathing became labored, since our mouths had a pretty airtight seal, and we did all our breathing through our noses. Finally, we broke apart and I asked, "Where do you want it? On the couch, on the floor, or up in one of the bedrooms?"

"Right now, the way I feel, we could do it out on the front lawn, but I'm sure the neighbors would complain, so let's go up into my bedroom. It's big and comfortable. And it doesn't bother me that we're committing adultery; or incest; or whatever we're doing, in my 'marriage bed'. At least it's getting used in the right way, by someone!"

"Sis, you sound a little bitter."

"No, just a whole bunch horny."

We held hands as we climbed the stairs to the main floor, then went down the hallway to her bedroom.

"Do you mind if we leave the light on? I want to commit this to memory, so I'll have something to think about while I'm playing with my little "kitty," next time I'm alone."

"Hell, I don't mind the light, I want all the visual memories too!"

Beth came up to me and reached for another kiss, while at the same time she began unbuttoning my shirt. When she finished with the buttons, she slid it off my shoulders and down my arms. Hanging my shirt on a chair near by, she unbuckled my belt and unfastened my trousers. While she was doing this, I slipped off my loafers and kicked them under the chair. As my trousers dropped around my ankles, Beth put her fingers into my jockey shorts and slid them off my hips and down my legs, bending down as she went. In doing so, my turgid cock slapped her on the cheek and slid up the side of her face as she continued down to my feet, where I lifted each foot in turn, so she could remove my pants and shorts. (Now, I'm not going to bullshit you about the size of my equipment. I find it hard to believe all the people who commit incest are hung like a damn horse. I don't think they all have eight to ten inch cocks, or larger. I'm beginning to feel inferior with my puny six-and-a-half inches.)

Before rising, to put my pants and shorts on the chair, Beth quickly ran her tongue along the side of my dick and planted a kiss on the head of it, painting her lips with pre-cum. This caused me to jerk and moan.

"You never did that when we were kids!"

"I know. I was selfish, and only wanted you around for the pleasure you could give me. Do you like that?"

"Oh, Yes. Although I managed to get Carol to put it in her mouth a couple of times in the first couple years of marriage, she never liked it, and refused to do anything "kinky," as she called it. This also meant she didn't like me to go down on her, and I couldn't even get close to her little bunghole, for any reason. Her breasts were always too tender for me to fondle and she didn't like to have her nipples sucked!"

"You poor man! Why did you stay married to her all these years? No wonder you feel sexually deprived. You and I should have gotten together twenty years ago. We've missed out on a lot."

"Well, I'm going to be here a week. I should bring my suitcase with me tomorrow night."

"Good idea!"

I was now naked, with my boner waving around in the air. I put my arms around Beth and unzipped the back of her dress, then pulled it forward so she could slip her arms out of the sleeves, letting it drop to the floor around her feet. Beth wore a bra, half-slip and panties. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of her slip and panties, pulling them down in tandem, until they joined her dress. Beth had never been heavy. She stood about five-feet-five, and probably weighed about one-fifteen. Her breasts were about 34B, and when I unsnapped her bra in front, and let the cups hang loose, I saw she had a little sag to them, but hell, she was in her late fifties. (Again, I must say the stories I read about grandmothers with the body of a 25 year old, or the fact most mothers, sisters, aunts or grandmothers have 38 to 44 D-cup tits with very little sag, are a little far fetched. I'm not saying there aren't a few around, with the proper genes or physical conditioning, but what are the chances they will all be the subject of stories about incest.)

By the time my sister had the straps of her bra slid off her arms and swung over to the pile of clothes, I was reaching for her. She came into my arms and we kissed again, all open mouths and tongues. After a minute, we broke the clinch and turned to the bed. She pulled the covers back to the foot of the bed and climbed on, crawling across it on her hands and knees, giving me a delicious view of her ass, and her pussy lips peeking out of the juncture of her legs.

"Nice view, Sis!"

Beth rolled to her side facing me, and with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"You like that, little brother? Check this out!" as she lifted one leg, like opening a nutcracker. I let out a groan.

"You bet your sweet ass, I like it! Let me at it."

I climbed on the bed, but instead of going straight for her cunt, I lay beside her and put my arm over the top of her body, and said:

"Does it strike you odd we are so open with each other, when we haven't really seen each other naked for over forty years?"

"Oh, I don't know about odd. I think it's a matter of already being comfortable in each other's presence, and having trust and love for each other."

"Yes, I guess that's true. I'm just having a hard time believing I'm really lying here naked with you, that's all."

"Well, don't look a gift horse in the mouth... or snatch for that matter. I have to admit: having seen you when you were a kid (and all the things we did), as you grew up into such a good-looking guy, I sometimes wondered what you looked like naked. It took quite awhile to find out, and I'm not disappointed. You must have really been awesome when you were in your twenties and thirties. I remember seeing you in a T-shirt and swimsuit. Me? I'm still the same skinny, flat-chested girl I've always been."

"Don't sell yourself short, Sis. Half of our family tends to be grossly overweight, although a few work hard to prevent it. You probably haven't gained twenty pounds since you were 16. Even after three kids! But times awastin'."

Bringing my hand off her shoulder, I ran it across the tops of her breasts with my palm, causing her to moan as I watched her nipples peak to hardness. Returning to her tits, I gently grasped each in turn and squeezed them a few times, then ran my hand up to her neck and caressed it before returning again to her tits. While my hand was roaming, my mouth had been kissing all over her face and making repeated trips to her lips. I finally moved my mouth and hand lower: my mouth, down her neck to her chest, and my hand, down her stomach to her pubis. As I began to kiss, nibble and suck on each tit, my hand played with her sparse cunt hair and titillated the outer lips of her pussy. Her hips began to squirm and her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow as she whimpered and moaned.

"Oh, Eddie! You're driving me crazy. We've already had foreplay four-times longer than Gerry normally spends at it."

"I'm just getting re-acquainted with your body, and checking out your erogenous zones. Since I am so worked up now, I'm not sure how long I can last, once I get into you. And since I never have the chance for repeat performances at home, I'm not sure if, or when I can get up again. So I'm going to make sure you are satisfied before I slip into you."

"That will be a novel experience for me."

"I'm just punishing you for turning me down long ago."

"You ass! I've already kicked myself many time before this."


"Really! Now shut up, and keep playing!

Beth was getting into all the attention I was paying to her nipples and pussy, but I was determined to continue my way down her body with my mouth. I traced a trail down her chest and stomach, leaving a moist marker from my mouth as I went. I caught up some of the hairs on her Venus Mount with my lips, and gently tugged them.

"Ouch! You little shit! Stop that!" she said, without rancor.

My mouth went immediately to her inner thighs and started an alternating pattern of licks, kisses and playful nips all around her upper thighs. She spread her legs as far apart as they seemed to be capable of, as I changed my positioning until I was fully between her legs. Pursing my lips, I directed a warm puff of air directly at her moist pussy lips, and I watched it twitch as Beth moaned. I next planted a kiss on each side of her outer lips, then ran my tongue quickly up her perineum, or the 'taint', as we used to call it ('t ain't pussy and 't ain't ass). This caused Beth to take a chill. It was time to zero in on her clitoris.

I didn't know anything about female anatomy when I used to play with Beth before, but now I was well-versed in what-was-what. All the women I knew (Ha! Maybe I had known a dozen, carnally) had hooded clits and it took a little coaxing to get their 'love-buds' to stand up and be noticed. I had seen one or two pictures of clits that were naked, and looked like tiny-baby penises. There, right in front of my eyes, was my first real-life view of a naked clit. I must have missed it, way back when, or it may not have been fully developed at the time she was thirteen. It was not the three-quarters, to one inch clits, I read about in porno stories, but it was a respectable three-eighth inch little nub that was sticking out, just begging to be suckled, and I was up to the task! I approached it, and captured it between my upper lip and tongue, which caused a startled jerk from Beth. Beginning a gentle sucking action elicited an immediate response.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!" Beth's hum soared up the tonal scale until it ended in a shrill squeal. "Yes, yes, yes, little brother! That feels so fucking good!

Beth had brought her knees up, and planted her feet flat on the bed, as she lifted her ass in the air, pushing her vulva into my face. I used this opportunity to place my hands under the cheeks of her ass, to support her in this position. My chin and lower lip were rubbing up against he pussy, and her pussy juice was starting to run off the end of my chin. What a woman! To think I had come full circle. My sex life started, by my eating this snatch. Now I was eating it again. It was much better this time, and I was more skilled at doing it. Beth's ass was gyrating within the palms of my hands and she was humping her pussy up against my mouth.

"Oh, God! Eddieeeeee, do it, do it, do it, unh, uh, uh, uh, oooooooh, fuck, shit, piss, I love it. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, here I commmmme. I gonna commme!"

Arching her back, and pressing her cunt against my mouth, she jerked, and spasmed, as her entire body went rigid. She was breathing through clenched teeth. I continued to rub her clit with my upper lip, but my lower lip was trying to keep all her copious fluids from escaping down the crack of her ass. I was drinking her cunt cream like a milkshake. Finally, her orgasm dying down, she lowered her ass back down to the bed and let go with a long, drawn-out sigh. She was silent for about a minute, then, "Little brother, that has got to be the most enjoyable cunt licking, pussy eating I have experienced in almost my whole life. There may have been others to equal this, early on, but not by either of my husbands. It is hard to believe that I have been missing the best oral sex in the world, by not looking at my own brother. Would you like me to return the favor, now?"

"Not right now. I may need it later, to get me back up. Right now, I want to do what I've wanted to do since I was twelve: put my cock in your cunt. Is that O.K. with you, Sis?"

"Go for it bro! I'm sorry I kept you waiting all these years."

I crawled up between her legs, trailing a line of kisses across her belly and between her tits, then up the side of her neck and, finally, laying a lip-lock on her mouth. When I ended the kiss, Beth was sputtering.

"Damn! That was the hottest, non-brotherly kiss I have ever had. You almost made me swallow my own tongue, but your tongue was so far down my throat, mine couldn't get past."

I moved my hips forward, to poke my rigid erection against the sogginess of her pussy. Rocking forward and back, on my hands and knees, I gently prodded her groin, teasing her with my cockhead. Finally, in exasperation, she said:

"Shit! Are you going to dry bang me like the old days, or you going to slip that big boner you've got, into my aching little pussy, and fulfill both our fantasies?"

"One big boner, "going" up!"

With that, I slid my prick-head between the lips of her twat, and slid it, slowly, into the depths of her slippery snatch. We almost moaned in unison. I know I was reveling in the wonderful sensation of finally filling the first cunt I ever wanted to fuck. There had been many before her, but it definitely felt like it was worth the wait. Beths' slender form, contrasted markedly with the broader, heavier pelvis I infrequently humped against at home. But for all the thiness, the actual cunt was so luxurious; so slimy; so hot. I continued to let my prick soak in her pussy, unwilling to give up a centimeter of contact with the twat of my dreams .

"Damn, Sis! Your pussy sure feels good to me. It's like wet velvet, and plenty tight."

"Just lack of use, brother dear. I hope you wear it out, while you're here."

"I have it on good authority, that you can't wear a beaver out. But if you want it, I'll sure as hell give it a try."

"Let's just see how it goes, or comes, which ever it is."

With that, I pulled my prick nearly all the way out, then pushed it slowly, all the way back in, then repeated, again, and again.

"Oh, Honey, that feels sooooo good! I haven't been stroked like this in ages! Oh, my lovely, loving brother, I love the way you love, Lover. Keep it up, and in. I really need this. You make me feel twenty years younger. Ooooooh, soooooo goooood!"

While she was talking, I kept slamming it to her. In and out. She took all I could give, and met my strokes with upthrusts of her pelvis. We were going to be sore tomorrow. I could feel my orgasm building, and I was surprised I had lasted as long as I had. The way Beth was breathing and moaning, she was probably getting close to coming again.

"Beth, Honey, I'm getting close. How about you?"

"Unh, uh, ooo, yes, me too! Just keep fucking me, and I'll come real soon."

I hadn't even considered stopping, but I did speed up my piston-like strokes just a mite. Her head rolled from side to side, her eyes were closed, and she was still matching me stroke for stroke. Her breathing was getting ragged, and sweat was pouring off her forehead and also down her torso. I was dripping all over her tits, and adding to the rivulets. Beth began moaning and rambling incoherently. I really stepped up the pounding I was giving her snatch.

I could feel my testicles tightening up, a preliminary to my shooting my wad. I knew I had about a half-dozen strokes before I shot off. Beth flung her arms around my neck, and pulled her body off the bed, as she clamped down on my cock with her cunt muscles. She screamed in my ear, and began sobbing. I drove my prick in one last time and delivered my semen at the end of her vagina, shooting a half-dozen strong pulses of cum against her womb.

As Beth clung to me, I supported both our bodies with my arms. She panted and gasped into my ear:

"Oh, Baby, Baby, my baby brother. It was so good, it was so special, I wish we had done this years ago!"

"Me too, Beth, Me too."

I laid her back onto the bed and she let go of my neck and unwrapped her legs from around mine. I rolled off her, leaving a trail of come across her thigh. She could have cared less. She was sated, and thus her natural fatigue set in, and she dozed, with me laying beside her, watching. I examined her lethargic body. True, we weren't kids anymore, but she was still attractive to me, and I hoped I would have many more chances to fuck her. She stirred, her eyelids fluttering open. Looking over at me, she smiled.

"Eddie, I just had a short dream. We were kids again, and I was arguing with Glenna and Linda, over who was going to get your big dick in their pussies first. In my dream, your cock was the same size you are now, but on your little ten-year-old body, and you had pubic hair. You were wanting to screw all of us, but we had to decide who first. I woke up before it was decided."

"Well, since I never screwed either one of them, you were first!"

"Just the way I wanted it! Are you going to sleep here, with me, tonight?"

"I want to, but I'll have to get up early, so I can go back to the hotel and change clothes."

"O.K., and tomorrow, you can check out, and bring your things here. Is that all right?

"You bet, Sis!"

"Let's take a shower, I feel all sweaty and sticky."

Climbing out of bed, I watched her walk toward the bathroom, with cum running down the inside of her thighs. She stopped at the toilet to grab a few sheets of tissue to wipe her legs off. Following behind her, my limp dick banged against my leg, and I was afraid I wouldn't get it up again today. Inside the shower, I washed her back and ass, and she returned the favor, but we didn't play around like I have done with others. After the shower, we each dried off, lending a hand on wiping backs.

Once more in the bedroom, Beth inspected the bed, to ascertain whether it was suitable to sleep in. Deciding it was, she looked at me.

"Is there anything you need from downstairs?"

"Nothing I can think of."

"Then, let's get in bed, and see what happens. The worst thing would be to get a good nights' sleep."

We got into bed, and lay side-by-side, with my arm under her neck and her head resting on my shoulder.

"Any regrets, Beth?

"None! And you?"

"Well, we already discussed our regrets for not doing this sooner, so the only thing I can think of, is: if I had to cheat on my wife, I couldn't think of anyone I would rather do it with."

"Me too! Now, I just need to figure out how I'm going to get along without you."

"I'm going to have to figure out how to get more business trips here. If I came for a family visit, then Carol would want to tag along."

"Well, it's something to think about."

Beth's hand, which had been idly playing with my nipples, roamed lower until it came to my flaccid penis.

"What's wrong with `droopy'?"

"Oh, he thinks the party's over. He's used to just a quickie, then `lights out'."

"We can't have that around here, if we can help it."

"That's probably what you'll have to do: help it."

Raising herself up, she rotated herself, and brought her face next to my languorous dick. She began kissing the length of it, applying her tongue up and down, and around. She then engulfed as much of me as she could, applying a suction to my cock, which caused quite a pleasurable sensation. I could feel blood rushing back into my flagging phallus. I could tell I was growing again, because she had to let more and more of me slip out, between her lips. As she continued to fellate my prick, she was massaging my scrotum and running her fingers underneath, touching my asshole. This had a magical affect on me, and soon, my dick was rampant once more.

"Ooooo, you beauty!" She exclaimed as she released my tool, and looking it in the piss slit, snaked her tongue out to probe the urethra opening.

"O.K., now that you have his attention, what are you going to do?"

"I'll make good use of him, don't you worry."

Beth crawled back up to me, gave me a deep, passionate kiss, making us both moan, then she threw her leg over mine, to straddle me. Raising herself up, she brought her snatch to bear on my cockhead. Slowly lowering her pelvis, she let the bulbous end of my prick penetrate her pouting pussy lips. She sucked in air, as my erect member slowly slid into her wet, slippery cunt.

"Ohhhh, Eddie, you feel so good! It has been so long, since I could just play, and take my time. Gerry has to rush things, all the time. What "am" I going to do without you?"

"Well, for one thing, we have all night tonight, and three more nights after that. Don't say good-bye to me yet. Besides, after this week, we'll probably be pretty well sated for a while."

"Whatever happened to 'Mister Always Horny'?"

"I told you that I probably wouldn't be so bad, if I got a shot of leg once or twice a week. Hell, we're not teenagers anymore."

While we were talking, Beth had been slowly gyrating her pelvis around on my cock. It felt so good, but I could hold off coming again, for a while.

"I know, silly. I'm just teasing you! And I was really meaning about next week, and the week after that."

"Oh, O.K. Well, have you thought about someone in the family, closer to you?"

"You know you are the closest male relative I have. I don't know where any of my cousins live, and I'm not sure I want to get involved with them. We were never that close."

"Hey, brainless! I meant closer related. You have two grown sons!"

Beth let out a scream, and slapped me on the chest.

"Don't ever talk about that! I can't have sex with my babies!"

"Beth, your "babies" are grown men, for hell's sake. Incest is incest! Once you have crossed over the line, it shouldn't make much difference what relationship they are to you! They're good-looking boys, and Sean looks like he's hung pretty good!"

"Stop it! You're making me sick!"

"Be honest, Sis. Haven't you "ever" thought about how it would be to have a virile young stud, like your sons, fucking your brains out?"

"Of course I have, but the operative word is 'like my son`, not 'my son`."

"Come on, "never" in your life, have you ever had a sexual thought about either of your sons?"

"Welllll, maybe once or twice, but only for an instant, then I felt really guilty."

"What's to feel guilty about? You all ready love them, and they love you, so there is all ready a bond. Seems like it would be simple to take things just one step further."

"It's not that simple. They would probably think their mother was crazy."

"Do you ever think they tried to see you in various stages of undress?"

"Sure, but they never expressed a desire to have sex with me!"

"Almost every boy has a desire, at one time in their life, to do something sexual with their mother. Even if it is just to suck their tits, or fondle them. I'll bet you, that if you could `accidentally' let them see you naked, they would become aroused. And if you let them know, subtly, that you were open to a sexual relationship, they would probably take you up on it, especially if it was revealed that their dad was not keeping their mom satisfied, sexually. It is a natural male instinct, to try and supplant the `old bull', as the breeder for the females in the herd."

"Oh, poo! You think you're a psychologist, or something?"

"No! Just a keen observer of life, especially in the areas of sex."

"Well, maybe I'll `think' about it, but only as a last resort, after my dear, loving brother refuses to service me regularly."

"I would never `refuse', if at all possible. I just might not be logistically able to, given the distance we live apart."

I noticed that Beth seemed to get a little wetter, after talking about making it with her two sons, but I wouldn't push her too hard. After all, I wouldn't want the young studs to do me out of using her pussy from time to time. I started to drive my pelvis upward, stroking in and out a little, as she continued to swivel her hips around on my prick. She was spending a lot of time with her clit rubbing against the root of my hard dick, and I could tell she was building to an orgasm. So was I.

"Don't come in me this way. I want you to fuck me from behind."

"O.K. by me!"

She reluctantly pulled herself off my rampant cock, then climbed off the bed, to stand beside it, and lean over, with her hands on the bed, to support herself. I got up and, positioning myself behind her, slowly slid my schlong between her cunt lips, pushing until I was bottomed out in her twat. She moaned with the intensity of the sensations I caused in her cunt, as I flexed my cock. Pulling out, and back in, I started to stroke her snatch with my prick.

"Damn, little brother, that goes in so deep, that I can almost taste it. I love you, Eddie!"

"Unh! I love you too, Sis, and you have such a nice, slick pussy."

Continuing to stroke Beth's hot twat, I could hardly believe that, after all these years, I was finally getting into my early sex teacher. My mind wandered back to the days when I was nine or ten, wishing I could get as much pleasure out of playing around with Beth and her friends, as they seemed to get. I absently heard Beth ask me a question, and I snapped back to the present.

"What was that, Sis?"

Stroke, stroke.

"I said: 'Did you ever get a chance to do anything sexual with Doris, or Paula?'"

They were my two other older sisters. Paula was 7 years and Doris 9 years older than me. Each of my older sisters had married at about sixteen, so they could get out of the house. How should I answer her?

"Uh, uh, not when you and I were playing around."

Stroke, stroke.

"Does that mean you "did" do something sexual with them?" She asked, surprised.

Stroke, stroke.

"Doris was way too old for me, and I never interested her in the least. Paula came back home, a short time after you went back to your first husband, to take his abuse for a couple more years. I was thirteen by then, and you may not believe this, but I had already screwed three or four girls my own age. I thought I was a pretty big stud, but I didn't brag about it, and that is why I "did" get to screw that many. They knew I would keep my mouth shut, unlike most boys. Mom was always away from home, for one reason or another. Paula was depressed over the breakup of her marriage, and would normally be at one of her girlfriends, crying on their shoulder. I thought I had the house to myself, and decided to sneak a girl in, so we could have a quick fuck. We did, and after she left, I found out Paula had seen the whole thing. I thought I was dead meat. But to make a long story short, Paula and I got together about a half-dozen times, and once, almost got caught by Mom, before Paula met David, and she moved out. I'll have to tell you about it sometime, but not now. I wouldn't mind getting into her again, but she probably doesn't even think about it anymore."

"She has the same genes as you and I."

Stroke, sigh, pant, stroke.

"Does that mean she is horny, since David is so screwed up physically, I doubt he has been able to service her for 10 years?"

"I'm not sure you could get her to have sex, but I know she complains about being "without" all the time."

Stroke, moan, pant, stroke, mmmm.

"Hmmm, I wonder if my company has any business near her?"

"Just remember that you are with me, right now, Buster. Let's speed up a little."

Stroke, stroke, stroke, shudder, stroke.

"O.K., unh, unh. I'm getting close."

"Me too, you incestuous bastard! Keep fucking! Ohhhhh, unnnnh. Here I commmmmmmme!"

I drove my dick into her and held it, as her pussy clamped down on me, and threatened to squeeze my cock off. Beth shuddered as her orgasm wracked her body. She pushed back against me, forcing me in deeper, if that were possible. I shot my meager load of semen into her quaking quim, and then relaxed, with my prick still ensconced in my sisters' twat. We held ourselves in position, for a slow count of twenty, then I withdrew my slick, cum-coated cock from Beth's cunt, and we both dropped down onto the bed, to catch our breath. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and when I opened them, Beth was watching me.

"What's wrong, Sis?"

"I'm just trying to accept you had sex with Paula, way back then. I thought her and I were close, and she has never even hinted at such a thing."

"Did you tell her about me eating your pussy?"

"No! Of course not!"

"There you go! She didn't want you to think she was a purv, just like you don't want her to think you are one. Besides, it happened so long ago, she probably doesn't even remember, just like you didn't remember having sex with cousin Billy. "

"Oh, shut up! You think you are so smart!"

We cuddled up to each other, and soon fell asleep. The rest of my visit to Beth's was a near repeat of that first night, except we didn't waste much time in the family room, except for when we fucked in there.

I might not get to see Beth as often as we would like, but we have both vowed that we wouldn't let an opportunity to screw, slip by. She did manage to get Paula to talk about our little tryst when I was thirteen and she was twenty, and the dredging of old memories was good for Paula. Beth says that Paula has decided to try me out again, the first chance she gets. The story about Eddie and Paula, way back then, is another of Eddie's adventures, and he will be telling it in the near future.

Fucking Older Sister
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