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Egg Day

On a lovely fall afternoon, 12-year-old Cindy was racing for all she was worth. She was supposed to meet her friends at the mall, but forgot her money! Finally, she was home. She leaned her bike against the bushes, and let herself in. Good, the house was empty. Everyone always laughed at how forgetful she was, and she didn't want to give them anything new to bug her about. Cindy hurried up stairs. "First things first." She muttered to herself, as she ran to the bathroom, and threw open the door. Cindy froze in shock. Somebody was home! Her 19-year-old brother Michael was sitting on the toilet, holding a playboy magazine in one hand, and his penis in the other. He looked up at her, in surprise, and grunted, as white stuff shot out of his penis, all over his stomach and chest. Cindy gathered her wits, and ran like hell. She sat downstairs, and worried herself sick, Mike was gonna kill her! After a few moments, he joined her in the living room, and sat next to her on the sofa. "I, I'm sorry Mike! I didn't know you were there! Don't get mad!"

Michael smiled, and blushed a little. "Don't worry about it, kid. I should have locked the door. Um, you aren't mad at me, are you?"

Cindy giggled, feeling relieved. "I'm not mad, I never saw a boy wanking before!"

Mike looked like he was going to choke on something. "Wanking? Where did you get that term from?"

"Cathy told me." Cathy was her best friend, and she knew all kinds of interesting things, like how to get around the child safety software, so she could look at the really good stuff online! "She told me, that if a guy wants to have sex, and no girls are around, he just uses his hand, until he has an organism. Then his cum squirts out!"

Mike started to laugh, despite his own embarrassment. "That's orgasm, Kiddo, and masturbation is what it's really called. I'm sorry you saw that, and let's just forget about it, ok?"

Cindy nodded, and hurried to leave for the mall. "Ok, Mike. See you later!"

"Cindy, Don't tell anyone, ok?" he asked, sounding a little worried.

"I won't don't worry." Cindy rode thoughtfully to the mall, and finally met up with her friends. She was very preoccupied and hardly spoke at all. Finally, when she almost walked into the men's room, Cathy took her aside.

"What's wrong with you, Sin. You're an even bigger space case then usual!"

"My name is Cynthia! Stop calling me that!" she snapped, and then calmed down. "I'm sorry Cathy! I just have something on my mind!"

"That's ok, Cindy. Why don't you tell me about it, maybe I can help."

Cindy glanced down the mall corridor at their friends Amy and Sky. "Um, can I come over to your house tonight. I don't want the guys to hear this."

"Sure, It's Friday, why don't you spend the night?" Cathy couldn't wait. If Cindy couldn't talk in front of everyone, this had to be something good! When they all left the mall, Cindy called home, and made sure her mother knew where she was, and saying goodbye to the others, rode with Cathy back to her house. Cathy's big sister, Molly was there, and that gave Cindy even more to think about. Molly looked so happy, even though at 8 months pregnant, she was big as a house! "Hey sis', where's your hubby at?" Cathy said cheerfully.

"Hi rug rat. Mark is working late tonight, so I thought I'd grace you with my presence. Oh, Hello Cindy, I haven't seen you in a while." Molly grinned at the younger girls amazed look. "I know. I'm huge!"

"No, you look great!" Cindy said, as a very forbidden idea came to her head. All through dinner, Cindy asked Molly all kinds of questions about her pregnancy, until Cathy kicked her under the table.

"Um, Could we be excused, mom?" she asked hurriedly, as she dragged Cindy from the table. Cathy marched her friend upstairs, and closed her bedroom door. "Ok, now spill it! You're acting really weird today!"

Cindy blushed. "You have to swear never to tell anyone, ok?" she said in a hushed tone.

Cathy feigned a hurt look. "Me? Did I ever tell anyone, when you told me about the time you stuck a crayon up your butt, and had to poop it out? Come on! You're killing me with anticipation!"

Cindy took a deep breath. "I saw Michael masturbating today!"

Cathy sat down hard on her bed. "Holy shit! You're kidding, right?"

"No. I really did! I saw his cum squirt too!" she said proudly.

"Wow! Did he ask you to watch, or something?"

"Nope! I didn't know he was home, and walked in on him, he was naked on the toilet, reading, and rubbing his penis." Cindy was starting to feel a little funny, talking about it. Her heart was racing, and she felt warm all over. "He was nice about it, and didn't even get mad at me."

Cathy looked closely at her friends flushed face. "So. What's the problem?"

"I can't stop thinking about it!" she blurted out. "I, I want him to squirt like that in me!"

Cathy couldn't help it, and started to giggle. "Incest is best, put your brother to the test!"

"Oh shut up!" Cindy snapped, blushing.

Cathy looked at her friend again. The poor thing was almost trembling. "I think you need to calm yourself down. Then think about it."

"I am calm!" the flustered girl yelled.

"No you aren't!" Cathy went on in a quiet voice. "You're horny, that's what you are! You should diddle yourself some time. It's a great hobby!"

It didn't happen often, but Cindy managed to shock Cathy. "Um, could you teach me how?"

Cathy thought for a moment, shrugged her shoulders. "Ok. You got me all worked up anyway, just talking about it!" It was true. Cathy's panties were so wet; it felt like she had peed in them! "I guess we better get undressed, first." Cathy went to the door, and made sure it was locked, before pulling off her blouse, and jeans.

Cindy looked at her pretty friend, and sighed. "I wish I was as pretty as you, Cathy!"

"Yeah, as if! I'm just a stick compared to you! I wish my boobs would hurry up and grow!" Cathy took off her panties, and stood before her friend. "Your turn! Come on, I showed you mine, now you show me yours!"

Cindy felt a little nervous, but didn't want to back out now. She slowly unbuttoned her top, and eased down her shorts. With just the hint of a proud little smile, she unhooked her brand new bra, and let it drop to the floor. Cindy looked down, and was shocked by how damp her panties were. "Ew, I look nasty!"

Cathy cleared her throat. "Trust me." She said with an odd catch in her voice. "If any guy saw you right now, he'd be on you in a second! Take the panties off too, so we can start the 'lesson'."

Cindy did as she was told, and blushed as Cathy's eyes wandered all over her body. She looked just as intently at her friend. It was funny, but she never noticed how nice Cathy's body looked before. "What do I do first?" she finally asked, in a whisper.

Cathy climbed on her bed, and lay down, spreading her legs. "First, just watch what I do, then, if you like, um, just to see if you got the idea, you can try on me, ok?" she asked rather hopefully. Cindy just nodded, eyes shining, as she joined her friend on the bed. "The way I usually start is just to tease the outside, like this." Cathy ran a finger along herself, tracing the outline of her damp, and puffy lips. Cindy was mesmerized by the sight, and felt kind of jittery inside. After a few moments, Cathy slowly eased her index finger between the pouting lips, and then withdrew it. "S-see how wet it g-gets?" she carefully spread herself with one hand, letting her friend see her button, swollen, and emerging from it's little hood. "My clitty gets all hard about now. I, I usually take longer, but this is so good!" Cathy moaned as her finger began to rub in a little circular motion, directly on her clit. "Pinch, and roll your nipples, too." She gasped, as she matched actions to words.

"Let me try." Cindy said, in a husky voice, as she lay next to her friend. Gently, she pushed Cathy's hand away, and took over rubbing and teasing her pretty friends sex. "Oh wow! You are so wet!" she breathed, as she felt warm slippery fluid cover her fingertips. She gasped as fingers reached out, and touched her in return.

"You're wetter!" Cathy gasped, and that was the last ether spoke for some time. Fingers explored, bringing little moans of pleasure. Things went a little farther then planned, when Cathy rolled over onto Cindy, and kissed her, as the two pressed their bodies together. The feeling of nipple on nipple was electric! Cathy went a little nuts, and started madly humping Cindy's shapely thigh. Cindy grinned, and sat up, pushing her friend to the side. She saw something like this in a picture off the Internet. Before Cathy could object, she scissored her legs between Cathy's, and brought her pussy directly against her best friends! It was wonderful! The two rocked, slowly at first, gradually increasing speed, until they were thrusting against each other in a mad frenzy! Cindy kissed Cathy, and held her tight, as she felt her soul fly free! Her body trembled uncontrollably as wonderful feelings of warmth washed over her. She knew Cathy was feeling it to, she felt, more then heard, as her lover cried out, as they kissed. Finally, the two flushed girls settled down again, and looked at each other, with love, and just a little embarrassment. "I'm sorry, Sin. I didn't mean to turn lezzy on you!"

Cindy giggled, not even minding the nickname. "Are you kidding? That was so cool!" she blushed just a little. "I don't think you made me a lesbian anyway. I still want Michael to be my first guy. I want him to get me pregnant too!" there, she finally admitted it to herself. "I need to figure out how to go about it, though. Will you help me?"

Cathy hugged her friend. "I still think you're crazy, but I'll help. As long as we get to 'practice' your lessons, until your belly gets to big!"

Cindy woke up, and took her temperature. "Shit, not yet!" she stuck a finger into her pussy, and wiggled it around. She looked at the fluid on her finger, and rubbed her thumb against it. "Not quite gooey enough either!" she and Cathy had finally come up with a plan. Molly had some trouble conceiving, and got a book about how to chart your ovulation from her doctor. Cathy, figuring they would never miss it now, had stolen it, and gave it to Cindy. The plan was very simple. No matter how many months it took, Cindy was going to catch her brother alone in the house, with a nice fertile egg, all ready and waiting for him! Cindy knew her brother, and he would never hurt her, so she was going to insist on using a condom. One day, the two girls searched Michael's room, when nobody was home, and discovered what brand of condom he uses with his girl friend. The went to the drug store, and bought several boxes. They experimented for days, until they discovered that if you boil the strip of condoms in water, and then zap them in the microwave for just a few seconds, the latex weakened to the point of being able to push you finger through with ease! Cathy was good with crafts, so she carefully used a razor blade to open the flaps of a box, put the treated rubbers in, and used her mother's glue gun to seal the box shut. It looked as good as new!

Today was going to be a scorcher of a day. Cindy got out of bed, just as the phone rang. "Hey Sin. How's the temperature?"

"Hi Cathy." Cindy Giggled. Cathy was getting really into the project. Whenever they got together. All Cindy had to do was mention getting pregnant, and the girl would be all over her! " If I'm judging right, tomorrow should be egg day. Why don't you come over today? We can beat the heat in the pool, and later, we can 'practice' some more!"

Cathy was over, shortly after breakfast, and the too friends went upstairs to change. As soon as the door closed, they fell into each other's arms, and lovingly kissed. "I missed you last night." Cathy whispered. "I must have fingered myself for hours!"

"Me too!" Cindy giggled, as she helped her lover out of her cutoffs. In the few months since their friendship grew closer, the both had learned many things. Cindy dropped to her knees, and softly lapped at Cathy's wet little pussy.

"Oh yes!" Cathy sighed. "I need that!"

Cindy reached up, and pulled her lover to the floor. "Hurry up!" I need it too!" she said as she lay on the floor. Cathy knew just what to do. She moved over Cindy, and lowered herself on eager lips. She bent, and began her own tonguing, and soon the two were frantically driving each other to orgasm. They didn't even notice when the door had opened. Cindy felt a draft, and shoved Cathy off. "Oh shit! Michael!"

Mike stood there, looking silly, blushing, with a big tent in his swim trunks. "Oh God! I'm sorry girls!" he quietly closed the door, and the two lovers just looked at each other.

"Oops!" Cindy said with a grin.

"Oops! Fuck! Will he tell your mom?" Cathy was more then a little nervous. "What if they throw me out?"

"Don't worry." Cindy kissed her friend reassuringly. "I think mom suspects already, but Mike won't tell. Didn't you see how hard he was? This may be just what the project needed!"

As they played in the pool, Cindy noticed that Mike couldn't seem to keep his eyes off both of them. In fact, Cindy was getting just a little jealous! She pulled Cathy to the side of the pool. "I don't mind if you like Mike." She whispered. "Heck, I'll even cheer you on if he fucks you. Just remember, on Egg Day, hands off!"

"Girls, come here a moment. I have some news." It was Cindy's mother. The young lovers raced across the pool, and climbed out, taking the towels she offered. "I'm sorry girls. We won't be able to go to the amusement park tomorrow. Your father has to fill in at a big meeting in New York, and I'm flying out with him. Cathy, if your mother says you can, you're more then welcome to stay. Michael is staying home this weekend, so you girls mind him, ok?"

It was more then ok! With just a little luck, this was just the chance Cindy was waiting for! "Sure mom, we'll do whatever he says!" for the rest of the day, Cindy was a nervous wreck. It was all she could do, to keep from running up stairs to check her temperature! "Oh, I just know tomorrow will be the day!" she moaned as Cathy kissed and nibbled her nipples, teasing them until they stood stiff and warm.

"Try not to think about it, Sin. You'll never get any sleep!" Cathy moved down her friend, and probed her carefully with her tongue. "You taste ready to me!" she said with a wicked grin, and then went back to work. Soon, Cindy was trembling, moaning happily, as she was forced through one orgasm after another. She turned around, over Cindy, and the two resumed their interrupted 69 from this morning. It was much later, when they finally fell into a much needed sleep. Cindy woke to bright sunshine, and the electronic thermometer in her mouth. "Guess what? 98.1 degrees!"

The happy girl stuck a finger in her pussy, and pulled it out wet. When she rubbed her thumb against it, she could stretch a string of fluid, almost an inch, before it broke! "Oh wow! Today is the day!"

"Happy Egg Day!" Cathy cheered, as she pressed a button on her watch. "You now have twelve hours to get some sperm! Go get him, girl!" actually, the book said twelve to twenty-four, but why take chances!

Cindy grabbed the thermometer, and whooped for joy. "Mom and daddy won't be back for two days! This is great!"

"Do you want me to go?"

"No way! I may need you to help seduce Mike! Besides, I love you, and want you to be there with us!" She said shyly, as she kissed her lover. Cindy hurried to get dressed, and put on her tightest tee shirt, and shorts. Today she wanted to keep Mike hard all day! Cathy grinned at her, and slid into her bright yellow sundress, conveniently forgetting her bra. She wasn't as big as Cindy yet, but her breasts were finally growing, and the guys at school sure noticed! "Oh shoot, I almost forgot!" they carefully snuck into Mike's room, and planted their 'special' condoms, burying his deep in the wastebasket in the bathroom.

"Hi guys." Mike called as they came downstairs. "Who wants breakfast? I'm making eggs." He sure looked confused, when both girls burst out laughing.

"I thought Cindy was today." Cathy said innocently, as her friend glared at her.

"If Mike wants to, he can cook!" as soon as Mike turned around, Cindy pinched Cathy's butt hard. "Don't blow it!" she hissed.

After they ate, Michael cleared his throat. "Girls, about yesterday. I'm sorry I walked in on you two. You don't have to worry about mom and dad finding out.

Cindy giggled. "That's ok. I guess we're even now.

Mike grinned when he saw the smile on Cathy's face. "I should have known it. She told you, didn't she?"

"Yep! You should have seen her. She was so horny, and didn't know what to do. I had to show her, and we got a little carried away." Cathy gently ran her fingers down Cindy's arm as she talked, never taking her eyes off Mike's growing bulge.

"We've been lovers ever since." Cindy finished, and kissed her girlfriend.

Mike shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to ease the tightness in his jeans. "Don't you ever think about going out with boys? Maybe you should try both sides, before you make up your minds."

Cindy looked into Cathy's eyes. Her lover smiled, and gave her a little nod. This was the opening they were waiting for! Cindy got up, walked over, and climbed on Mike's lap. "Could you show me Mike? I don't want some dumb boy just fucking me, and then telling all his friends. I love you, I want you to be my first man!" having said that, she wiggled her bottom on his lap, and felt his hardness pressing against her.

Mike's face turned purple. "What! I can't! I'm your brother!"

"I know that, silly, and I love you! You're the only guy I ever wanted to make love too!" she kissed him, and knew she won, when she parted her lips, and his tongue slid slowly into her mouth.

He pulled back, and looked at Cathy. "Oh God! Cathy, I'm sorry!"

Cathy burst out laughing. "Sorry for what? As long as I can watch, I don't mind at all!" to prove it, she pulled off her dress, and removed her panties. "Why don't we all go upstairs now? Cindy is practically dying, she's so horny!"

Mike picked up his little sister, and carried her upstairs. "I can't say no to you, sis. You're so sexy!"

"Use a condom, ok, Michael? I don't want to get pregnant!" Cindy had to bite her tongue to keep from giggling at that lie!

"Anything you say, Cindy. I'll never do anything to harm you!"

He laid her gently on his bed, and kissed her, as his hands roved all over her slim body. She sat up, and put her arms in the air, like a little child, and let him pull off her shirt. "Cathy, sit next to me, please?" she said in a husky voice. Cindy wanted her two lovers with her, as she conceived. Cathy smiled, and held her hand; the other was already busy between her legs.

"Are you sure about this?" Mike asked, pausing, as he was about to ease down her shorts. "I'll stop any time you say."

"More then anything!" she whispered, as gentle hands slid her shorts down her legs. She caught her breath, when he went to his dresser, and took out the package of condoms. Please, please work! Cindy prayed as her handsome brother took off his tank top, and cut-offs. Her eyes grew large, as his penis sprang into view. It was even bigger then she remembered! Mike joined them in bed, and slowly started to lick, and kiss his sister's trembling body. Cindy squeezed Cathy's hand, as Mike neared her pussy. Oh god! His tongue was plunging into her! He was much rougher then Cathy ever was, but that roughness was driving her out of her mind! Her orgasm took her by surprise with its speed and intensity. Her brother was making her body shake uncontrollably now! "Please! Now Mike! Do it now!" she begged, as he slowly moved up her body. She watched, as he rolled the condom onto his shaft, and hoped against hope, that it would break!

"I might hurt you a little, Cindy, but I promise, I'll be very careful." He placed the tip of his cock, against her opening, and applied just enough pressure to let the head pop between her lips. Slowly, maddeningly slowly, he eased into her, until he came to rest, at her most secret barrier. He held himself there, and kissed her, having to hunch down to reach her mouth. "I love you, Cindy!" he whispered, as he thrust hard, burying himself completely in her warmth. She let out a little squeal of pain. "Shh, you're ok, sweetie. That was the hard part." He kissed her again. "Just hold still. It'll start feeling better soon!"

"I, I'm ok." She gasped. Gripping Cathy's hand tightly. "It hurts, just a little." A wonderful smile slowly lit up he face. "It feels good too, at the same time!"

Cathy beamed at her. "You're a woman, now." She whispered as she kissed first Cindy, and then Michael. "You guys are making me so hot!" she pressed Cindy's hand against her pussy, and then clamped her legs around it.

"Mike, fuck me!" she cried, pain forgotten as he started to move his hips. "Oh god, this is wonderful!" Cindy felt it, at the same time he did.

"Damn! Hold still for a moment, Cindy. The rubber tore. I have to calm down a little before I pull it out.

"No!" Cindy yelled as she wrapped her legs around him. She yanked her hand from Cathy's dampness, and hugged Mike as hard as she could.

"Stop it! Are you crazy! I could get you pregnant!" Mike groaned, as he struggled to stay in control.

Cindy knew it sounded corny, but she didn't care, as she started to talk dirty to him, trying to make him cum. "Fuck your little sister. Please! Fill me with all your baby making sperm!" she started to thrust her hips up at him, as he tried to get untangled from her.

"Oh shit! Stop it!" he stammered. "I'm your brother!" he couldn't help it, he was only human, even as he said the words, he started to pump into her at a furious rate! "Oh Cindy, I can't hold it!" with one last push, he slammed into his sister, and stiffened as his shaft jerked within her.

"Oh Mike! Oh Mike!" she cried, as she sailed to joys almost unbearable. Thousands, and thousands of sperm boiled into her, as her body started to spasm wildly. It was over in moments, but it seemed endless, as Cindy slowly came back to herself. "I love you Mike. Thank you!" she whispered quietly, as she kissed him.

"Oh fuck! What if you're pregnant?" he worried, as he slipped out of her, and looked dejectedly at the condom. It formed a ring at the base of his penis, but left the rest completely uncovered! He looked at his sister's serene smile, and the way she was trying to keep a hand over herself, in an attempt to hold all of his precious seed inside. "You, you want to be pregnant?" she just nodded. Mike didn't know what he would say to mom and dad, but the thought of his baby sister wanting his baby, was making his penis harder then anything!

"Oh, let's not waste that!" Cathy said with a giggle. She bent, and took his hardness into her mouth. As Cindy watched, her best friend and lover began to bob her head, taking more and more of her brother into her mouth. Mike was in a happy daze, as he finally started to jerk in Cathy's mouth. It was all he could do, to hold back, and keep from slamming his cock down the pretty girl's throat.

"Don't swallow it!" Cindy laughed, as her girlfriend sat up, mouth full. "I want to taste it too!" Cathy was happy to oblige, and leaned over Cindy, and carefully spit all of the thick fluid into the girl's wide-open mouth. This may not have been her best idea. Cindy sat up fast, pushed Cathy down, and before the startled girl realized what was happening, Cindy clamped her lips over her pussy, and was ramming her tongue in!

"Cindy stop!" Cathy begged, as the warm semen was forced into her. She desperately tried to push the girl away. "Not me! I never said I wanted to be pregnant!" Cathy wasn't taking her temperature, but her cycle was pretty close to Cindy's, and this was very dangerous! "No, please don't!" her protests were becoming very feeble as Cindy tried to force her tongue as deep as it would go. "Oh God! Stop it!" she muttered one last time, but was no longer struggling. In fact, now she was grabbing at Cindy, holding her face between her legs. Cathy moaned, as her climax took her. When she calmed down, she started to cry. "What will I do now?" she whimpered, as she stuck her fingers into herself, in a useless effort to scoop out the milky white liquid.

"Oh Cathy, I'm sorry! I thought you wanted it too!" Cindy said softly, as she hugged the sobbing girl.

"I just wanted to help you!" she sniffed. "What will I tell my dad?"

Michael looked shocked. "Cindy, I could go to jail for this!"

Cindy laughed. "It's easy! All we have to do, is stay out really late some night this week, talk about the nice guys from out of town we met, and then complain of headaches and dizziness. Then, in a couple months, we can admit that our poor little pussy's were sore too!"

Mike looked thoughtful. "You mean that date rape drug, right? That may just work, only you both have to stick to the story."

Cathy wiped her eyes. "Don't worry, Mike. I swear I'll never tell!" she stared at his still hard penis, reached out, and gently touched it. "Did your sister coming up with all this, turn you on?" Mike just grinned, and nodded his head. Her tears seemed to be over, and she continued to stare thoughtfully. "Um, Mike? You do realize, that if mom takes me to a doctor, he may wonder why I'm still a virgin." Cathy said as she slowly moved over his body.

Mike stared at her. "I thought you didn't want this?"

Cathy finally smiled, and even giggled a little. "No silly!" she said as she rolled over him, and kissed him. "I didn't want to get pregnant! Your little sister fixed that good! Now, I don't have any reason not to do this!" Carefully positioning herself over the rigid member, she pressed down hard, biting her lower lip against the pain. After a few moments, she began to rock back and forth. "Come on, daddy! I want your cum in me! You don't want your baby sister to be the one to knock me up, do you?" Mike groaned, and once more, filled a virgin womb with thousands of baby making sperm. Cathy smiled, and rested on his strong body. Cindy kissed her once more. "Shoot, Cindy. I'm still a little mad at you, but at least we can go to Lamaze class together."

Weeks passed, and both girls did, in deed, 'miss'. Mike was a little worried, but at least for the time being, his pretty little sister, and her friend, would make love with him every day. After all, they couldn't get more pregnant! The girls told their story to Cathy's parents... Thankfully, they believed it, and Cathy didn't even get into any trouble! Cindy started to feel a little queasy in the mornings, and had several narrow escapes, just making the bathroom in time. One morning, her mother suddenly grabbed her, and slid her hand under the young girls loose sweatshirt, and carefully felt the little budge just starting to show in her daughter's tummy. "Cindy, look me in the eyes." The frightened girl started to tremble. This was the part of the plan she was dreading. "Young woman, do you have something you have to tell me?"

Cindy started to cry. "At that party I was late home from, I, I think somebody drugged me!" Her mother steered her to the kitchen table. "Sit here! I'll be right back!" the girl sat quietly scared witless. In a few minutes mom returned, hiding something behind her back. "Now, are you sure you aren't fibbing to me?"

Cindy couldn't go through with it. "Oh mom! I did it on purpose! I'm sorry! I just wanted to have a baby, just like Cathy's sister!" Cindy braced herself for the coming storm, waited a moment, and then looked at her mother, puzzled. "I found this notebook, months ago." She placed Cindy's chart book in front of her, and flipped it open. Months of charts were there, with each Egg Day, highlighted in yellow. "I must admit, you did a nice job with your record keeping. Your father and I knew just what weekend to take that business trip!" Mom smiled. "How did you get your brother to go for it?"

"Um, I kind of tricked him!" she blushed. "Cathy and I figured out how to make condoms break!" suddenly Cindy giggled. "Cathy is pregnant too! Things got out of control, I, I spit some cum into her!"

"Cindy! How could you? Your father and I can cover for your brother. What will happen if her parents find out?"

Cindy smiled at her worried mother. "Don't worry, everything is going to be fine." It was too, the two girls couldn't hid it for long, and soon the whole school was in an uproar over the dangers of going to parties with strange guys. Mike was in his glory. Mom told him, he could keep having sex with his sister, since she was already pregnant, but after the baby, if they didn't use protection, they were in big trouble!

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