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Elizabeth's Lover

Chapter 1

Elizabeth sat at the breakfast nook wondering what had happened to her son. It seemed as he grew older he was becoming less communicative and often downright hostile towards her. With a frown, she wondered if the loss of his dad last year had any bearing on his attitude towards her. Her son Alex and his dad Maurice had been as close as a father and son could be. When Maurice unexpectedly became ill with prostate cancer, Alex's world came unraveled just as hers had.

Her husband had left his family with financial security, but losing him as a father and husband left Elizabeth desolate most of the time to the extent she felt poor in many ways.

Maurice had provided for her education. Working long hours in his family practice, he made certain each need of both her and her son were provided for. Elizabeth had graduated law school cum laude, and passed the bar on the first try. By then, Alex was in grade school and It was easier to work and take care of her home and family. Well known as a trial attorney, she had garnered a reputation from the eastcoast to the westcoast and chose her clients carefully before handling their case. Each of her associates was well paid and secretaries as well as assistants were handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Elizabeth had 4 associates, 3 secretaries, and 2 assistants as well as an investigator she kept too busy at times. Elizabeth had always agreed with Maurice's belief that the mouth's of his oxen were not bound as they tread out the grain, and each received bonus checks each fiscal year that were the envy of their peers. Following his example with her employees and associates had paid back many times in loyalty alone the generous bonus' she gave each year. She did not hesitate to require a retainer of $100,000.00 for most criminal cases. Some cases were 3 times that much and the funds were in her bank account before ink or pencil touched a piece of paper.

She had just purchased a new bicycle for Alex and there it lay in the drive, truly looking as if it were an old bike from the treatment he had given it in the few days he had ridden it.

As she sat sipping coffee, she decided the time had come for a showdown. Either Alex explained his treatment of her or she would seriously consider sending him to Maurice's brother to see if he could do anything with him. Maurie's brother Edward was nearly a carbon copy of her late husband. The exception being that Edward had never married and at this late date, probably never would. She blushed when she thought of the last time she and Alex had visited Edward. She and Edward had put Alex to bed and after a few brandies, Edward became visibly excited by her. Elizabeth too had enough of the delicious beverage that her thoughts were similarly inflamed by his nearness and uncanny likeness to her late husband.

The upshot of it was that though neither of them fought the impulse too strongly, Edward had decided, (she supposed), it was too early for Elizabeth and gallantly exculpated himself from the situation. Now she wished Edward had consummated the coupling; for she doubted he would find himself so inclined again. Especially in light of the problems she was having with Alex.

Chapter 2

Later in the evening, Alex arrived home from school and was his usual dour self. Smiling brightly, Elizabeth attempted to engage him in conversation but he was having none of it.

As she made dinner, Elizabeth began arranging the conversation in her mind she proposed to have with him that evening. "Alex dear, I know something is the matter. You've very short with me and at times hateful. I haven't a clue as to what I've done wrong, 'wait, scratch wrong, I'm not sure what if anything I've done. I'll stick with done.', resuming, she went on, "done to make you behave this way." Thinking harder, she tried to develop a response to his rebuttal. Biting her lip, she thought, "If he says I'm too busy for him that is one thing!"

"What if he says he just doesn't like me as a person?" aloud she blurted, "OH MY!" Desperately she thought to herself, "I can see this may get sticky. I need to ad lib because he's just a young boy of 12. How bad could it be?"

As she sat the table, Alex slouched in to the dining room and sat down in his usual spot at the dining table. Watching him out of the corner of her eye, she began to become aware that Alex was looking at her in a very strange way. It was almost as if... Suddenly she stopped and looked directly at Alex and carefully said, "Alex, do you believe I love you?"

Alex's face reddened and though he didn't reply, he didn't look away either.

Wiping her hands on a cloth she carefully folded and placed on the large hutch, she moved to her seat and sat down carefully with as much dignity as she could muster.

Alex continued looking at her and put out his hand to pick up the roast dish. Moving it close to his plate, he pulled off two generous slices of roast beef and replacing the serving dish, picked up the gravy schooner to ladle a large helping of gravy on top of the meat.

Watching him as he prepared his plate, she realized even though he was only 12, he had grown nearly as tall as his father had been when he lived. Yeast rolls, Baked potato, green beans, cut corn, and pickled beets rounded out the menu. Alex had loved Harvard beets since he was just a little boy hardly able to use a fork to stab the slices to stuff in his mouth. She and Maurice would laugh themselves senseless watching Alex struggle with the beets as the juice dripped down to cover his throat and chest. Their laughter spurred Alex on and many times, beet juice was applied as decoration on the dining room walls and carpet which would have been very difficult to explain to the unwary. As these thoughts passed through her mind, she couldn't help but get up and go to Alex and hug him. Pressing her breasts against his face, she leaned to kiss his forehead. Alex didn't move but pressed his cheek against her in reply to her affection. As she rose up she glanced down at his lap and saw he had an erection.

She began to gain insight to what was bothering Alex.

Elizabeth was the type of woman who didn't know she was beautiful for lack of a better way to express it. She was unconscious of her beauty. She didn't flaunt herself or take advantage of her attractiveness, she just simply accepted it and didn't let men's (and women's) glances or stares bother her. Maurice had been handsome in a rough hewn way. Craggy of jaw, overshadowing eyebrows with piercing eyes, his beauty lay within. He had been very nervous and perhaps disbelieving; when Elizabeth confessed her love for him. He finally became convinced that day as she began immodesty disrobing and as the wonder shown on his face that anyone so beautiful could love him with such utter abandon.

Smiling as she spoke, Elizabeth asked, "Alex, do I excite you?" Blushing furiously, Alex mumbled "yes!" Amused by this departure from their usually one-sided conversations, Elizabeth replied, "Thank you honey!" Alex seemed about to say something so Elizabeth said, "What Dear?"

Alex' face reddened yet a deeper shade of red and then he asked, "Do you remember telling me that nothing was taboo. That we could talk about anything between us after dad died?" Elizabeth nodded yes. "Well, I need to talk to you about how you make me feel!" he replied. "How is that honey?" she asked.

Dropping his head and nearly mumbling, he said, "Well I feel the wrong way about you and it's been bothering me a lot!" darting a glance at her to gauge her reaction, he continued, "My friend Jon and I talked about it and Jon agreed that there is something wrong with me because he sure doesn't feel the same way towards his mom!"

Elizabeth nearly burst out laughing but caught herself in time. Jon's mother was an extremely obese matronly woman whom nearly everyone liked. Her personality was very engaging, but her sensuality was as dim as a mollusk on the bottom of the deepest part of the bay.

Elizabeth regained her inward composure and remarked, "Well Edith doesn't take care of herself except to spend a great deal of time sampling the food she prepares for the large family she has."

Alex grinned for the first time and then Elizabeth was delighted to hear him giggle conspiratorially with his mother for the first time in a long time. Her heart melted when she realized he had been tormenting himself about his feelings for his mom for what was obviously a very long time for a young boy and she felt perhaps this silly business would be settled once and for all.

Chapter 3

Elizabeth and Alex had talked for a long time that evening. He had confessed she gave him hardons and when the subject of masturbation arose, Alex candidly confessed he had been jacking off several times a day as he thought about her. Elizabeth assured Alex that everyone masturbated, that it was very ok to do it and to just not worry so about his feelings and eventually he would grow out of it when he met a nice young lady whom he would probably marry as she and his father had.

The next two years flew by. Alex grew a lot and became bigger than his dad had been. Something of a jock, he excelled in basketball and football for a 14 year old and although his size made him desirable as a baseball player, he was given the job of catcher. He loved to pitch but wasn't as good at it as he was at cramming the basketball or quarterbacking the football to a touchdown.

He introduced several of his love interests to Elizabeth whom she did not always agree came up to his expectations of him, she was none the less charming to them and made them feel at ease as Alex' mother.

A beautiful autumn had turned into a miserably frustrating winter. Sickness had closed Alex' school 3 times already the first semester and snow days had consumed the better part of the last two months. Deep snow and ice made walking hazardous and driving was out of the question many days.

Alex and Elizabeth seemed immune to the illnesses that swept through the city, but never the less, it was nearly as bad for them because they began to suffer from 'cabin' fever. Arctic temperatures had hung over the area for days on end and finally the sun broke through on a bright Saturday morning to raise temperatures and hopes.

Elizabeth's case load was ample yet afforded her more time to spend with Alex during the winter doldrums.

She and Alex made plans to go to a warmer clime since school had been closed and she had about 3 weeks before her next trial was to begin.

Sunday morning; she and Alex boarded a swift jet to the Florida Keys and both were slightly delirious at the prospect of wearing bathing suits and swimming in the ocean. When they arrived, Elizabeth rented a nice mid-size sedan and soon they were wending their way to the beach house she had arranged for.

When they arrived, Alex jumped out and ran without looking back, started disrobing and stopped at his skivvies just in time to jump in the surf. Elizabeth laughed as she watched him caper and cavort happily for the first time in many days. In a few minutes he ran back to help her with the luggage and the two checked out the beach house before putting on their swim suits.

Elizabeth removed her clothing and picked up the rather skimpy bikini the saleslady had talked her into. With some depredation, she began putting the practically non-existent bottom on before putting on the halter. As she struggled to get the halter top snapped, she suddenly became aware she was being watched. Turning slowly as she watched out of the corner of her eye, Elizabeth just barely saw Alex' eye in the crack of the door.

She also saw he appeared to be slowly stroking himself. Later, she had no idea why she did it, but as the idea of him watching was slightly embarrassing to her, a plan began to form in her mind. she turned to face the door way and heard his intake of breath as her firm globes came into view. Her nipples stood at attention and her aureola puckered. Elizabeth felt a warmness in her crotch and was shocked to realize her pussy was producing nectar.

Reaching down to remove her bikini bottom, she allowed her hand to cup and caress her mound before dipping her finger inside the slit hidden by the thick thatch of pubic hair...

Alex was trembling in the throes of climax when she softly called his name. He peeked around the door jamb and saw his mother standing nude before him.

Smiling, she motioned for him to come into her bedroom. After a few minutes he came inside and walked slowly towards her not knowing what to expect.

When Alex stopped a few steps away, Elizabeth spread her thighs slightly and as he stared in rapt fascination, began frigging her clit. Alex stroked his cock as he watched and his mother motioned him closer, as he moved against her, she pressed his face to her nipple which he took greedily in his lips. The feeling of sexual excitement washed over her as she involuntarily climaxed.

Reaching down, Elizabeth took Alex' hard cock in her hand and began stroking him as she fingerfucked her pussy. Alex moaned and shot fuck cum on her stomach and thighs. As he suckled her breast, he tentatively put his hand between her legs and began rubbing as she was doing it to herself until she began to moan and tremble at his touch. Alex pressed harder and insinuated his index finger inside her pussy as his arm felt the warmth of her thighs as they pressed together to hold his hand inside.

Mother and son; slowly moved backwards to the bed behind them and as the backs of her knees touched the coverlet, slowly lay down together with Alex on top. Alex' hard cock was poised over the portal of her cunt lips. Wordlessly, Elizabeth drew him closer until she felt his cock began entering inside. Fuck fever overtake both of them as Alex looked on his beautiful mom. Her breasts were coated with a sheen of perspiration as he plunged inside her.

Dropping his mouth to her nipples, the sweet salty taste of her body filled his senses and drove him over the edge as he rapidly began stroking and fucking her pussy!

Elizabeth moaned as her climax approached. Her handsome son was fucking her and the joy and sense of rightness of it bewildered her senses. she hadn't meant for this to happen, but now, she felt that it was the best thing she had ever done as he fucked her to climax.

Arching her back, she watched the joy and pleasurable agony sweep over him as his hot cum spurted inside her aching quim.

Mother and son lay resting as Alex whispered, "I love you with all my heart Elizabeth!"

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