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Emma Gets an F

With the proliferation of sex novels now out in the candy stores I thought that it might be a good idea to write this story. I still to this day have a hard time believing that all of this happened. I know that I should feel shame at what I did but I don't. As a matter of fact I must admit that if I had to do it all over again, I would.

About a year ago I talked to Emma about the whole episode. It was the first time since she was a little girl that we confronted what had happened and happily she agrees. If I ever do have this story published I will have to notify the readers beforehand, that although this was a rape of my daughter in the legal sense, she was not only complicit but, from what she later told me, she was the instigator. (Although I didn't know that at the time.)

We discussed the whole thing from beginning to end and she openly told me everything that she remembered of that day, her feelings, etc.

As an aside I must say that those few days that we had together last year gave me my last hard-on that I can remember. Just talking it all out had me wet in the pants.

Anyway, now knowing how she felt at the time and remembering my own feelings I'm attempting to make this story as accurate as possible. The exact words and sounds are not accurate (although they are the way I remember) but the true flavor is here. -CJ, May, 1970


Emma was thirteen years old when it happened although the seed of incestuous thought was planted a few years earlier.

How did it come about, you may ask. I make no excuse. My only intent is to inform. The fact that she later became Little Miss New Jersey when she was 15 and she lasted into the final ten in the Miss America Pageant is only mentioned here to help the reader understand the pure beauty of the child. From her early childhood, it was obvious to friends and relatives alike that she was going to be an extreme beauty. The fact that she began filling out nicely by the time that she was 13 only added to my dilemma. That was because somewhere around the time that she was 10 or 11 I began to get 'evil' thoughts of doing things with her.

Back in 1955 our family lived in an apartment, in a low-to-middle-class neighborhood. In those days the city that we lived in had more saloons (bars) per square mile than any city in the country. And they were heavily frequented. I was no exception. Every night after work I would stop at the Shamrock tavern and spend a couple of hours.

Also in those days it was customary for parents to spank their daughters and use their belts on their sons, whenever discipline was required.

To be perfectly honest because I had often drunk too much I was probably wrong many of the times that I beat the kids. Nevertheless it was my practice.

Many were the times that I drew blood from my son Robby's ass by using the belt unfairly.

Usually I didn't beat Emma without just cause because my wife would fight me on this but when it was called for, I did. I would bring her into my bedroom and make her pull down her underpanties. Then I'd bend her over my legs and spank her with my hand. Always bringing her to tears. It was somewhere around the time that she was 11 that I found myself looking at the child's ass with admiration. I mean it was forming perfectly.

After I came to recognize this, my method changed slightly. Now when she was deserving of punishment I'd make her take off her skirt in addition to her panties, and, before I drew her over my lap, I would spend an inordinate amount of time looking at her, from head to foot. I can't begin to describe the powerful feeling of dominance over such a beautiful child that I was experiencing. Usually she'd stand there with tears rolling down her cheeks, awaiting my punishment, while I looked her over. I soon found that my eyes were running continuously into the child's hairless pussy. Worst of all was the fact that when I'd put her over my knees and begin the spanking I was now getting a hard-on.

This soon graduated to the next step where I began rubbing the cheeks of Emma's perfect little ass for minutes before I started the spanking. I believe by this time that I was hitting her harder, almost as if I was punishing her for making me touch her.

Emma told me that it was the day after her 13th birthday when she realized that something was happening to her. When I got home from the saloon that night I found out that she had gotten an 'F' on her History test. When I brought her into my bedroom to be spanked she was wearing a dress instead of a skirt and blouse. I told her to take it off. As the tears flowed down her cheeks I watched in utter fascination as she first undid the buttons on the back of the dress and then pulled the whole thing up and over her head.

She gently tossed it alongside of me on the bed and then she stood in front of me. I was totally taken aback. It had been almost a year since I'd seen her like this. She had changed, dramatically.

Standing innocently in front of me she was absolutely beautiful. I must admit that this was the first time that my arousal started just from looking at my daughter. My eyes were drawn to her chest and I was shocked to see that she now had mounds of flesh within the confines of a training bra. This completely surprised me.

Then I allowed my eyes to wander over the rest of the child's body and to my amazement she had filled out nicely in the hips. I realized that I was looking at almost a young woman.

"Off," I told her, indicating that she should remove her panties.

"No, Daddy, please," she cried softly, but she didn't resist. The protesting was part of the usual ritual of a spanking.

As she pushed them down her legs she kept her eyes on my eyes and my face. It was then that Emma saw the look of lust that I was feeling. Somehow she was sensing that I was becoming sexually excited even though she hardly knew anything about sex. She told me later that I had a desperate hungry look on my face. I'm sure that she was right. That was exactly how I was feeling.

I realized that this beautiful near-naked child was my daughter, but suddenly there came a disconnect to rational thinking within my mind. I couldn't stop my eyes from running up and down the child's body, up to the innocent beauty of her face and then back down again. I spent an inordinate amount of time gazing at the baby-blonde hairs that were beginning to grow on her pussy. I actually had become hard from just looking at my daughter!

When I finally moved my arm out to pull her toward me I found that my hand was actually trembling. I brought her near-naked body to the side of my legs and whispered hoarsely, "Down!"

Emma lowered her body and bent down over my lap. In the past my erection had begun before she lay across me. This time my arousal was already pushing up tightly in my pants. As she came down over me she felt my cock pressing into her. It made her nervous yet, strangely enough it also excited her. She told me that at that moment she actually momentarily forgot that she was about to be spanked. She knew about arousals from her mother educating her. That I could be aroused shocked her. It also intrigued her.

As was my usual custom I placed my hand on those perfectly formed buttocks. My cock was by now twitching beneath the child's body. My eyes were drawn to the bottom of my daughter's ass and I moved my hand over the flesh, to just below her buttocks at the top of her legs, which were clamped together tightly.

Emma actually groaned at that point and she pushed down into my crotch.

"Nnnggghhh!" A soft sound was emitted from somewhere in the back of my skull.

It was then that I began to shoot my sperm into my pants for the first time in my life. This brought out a fury in me that caused me to spank her as hard as I ever did before.

Emma thinks that it was just about this time that she felt an unusually weird excitement come over her. Whether it was from my overdoing it with the spanking or the fact that my sexual agitation was obvious isn't known. She thinks that she somehow sensed my excitement and this in turn caused her to begin to think of me as a male.

Later that night, after everyone was asleep, she allowed herself to masturbate. It was then that Emma thought about me sexually for the first time. It was a culmination of the whole day's events, from the spanking right through the masturbation that caused her to devise a plan of our mutual destruction.

I myself was never the same after that. When Joan (my wife) wasn't paying attention I couldn't take my eyes off of my daughter and I was continuously remembering back to how she looked that day.

Emma saw me looking at her and she too remembered. She now sensed what my looking at her meant, and she was excited by it. Something strange about everything that was happening when we were around each other was causing her to think about sex.

She told me later that, at the time, she wanted to please me. As much as she hated me (which she did because of the beatings) she also loved me. She knew that boys and girls did things with their bodies and she felt that my looking at her was telling her that I wanted to do 'something' with her.

By now she was absolutely right. I was afraid of my feelings yet I was sure that I wouldn't do anything with her.


It was on a Saturday night that the eventful spanking occurred. Emma purposely waited until after my wife was off on her weekly visit over to her sister's apartment. Usually she took both kids but on this day Emma successfully begged off, leaving the two of us alone.

It seemed that my daughter had purposely been plotting this whole occasion for a month. She deliberately got a second straight 'F' on a History test. She did this by design. She knew that getting such a mark was completely unacceptable in our house and she realized that she would be exposing herself to a terrible spanking.

Usually Emma first showed her test results to my wife. This one she didn't. I found out later that this was part of her plan. She waited until Joan and my son Robby, were gone, before she showed me the test paper. Naturally I blew my cork, ranting and raving, and then finally leading to the spanking.

As I sat on the side of the bed I looked at my daughter. It was then that I realized that she was again wearing a dress (which Emma planned) and that my excitement was starting again. I knew that once again I was going to get to see the child's body, although I would never have guessed just how much.

Although Emma had a frightened look upon her face it was the first time that I was going to spank her that she wasn't crying and pleading. She stood looking at me curiously while my eyes absorbed the beauty before me. I felt a strange excitement building within me.

"Off," I demanded.

Instead of the usual whimpering of 'No Daddy, please' instead Emma looked across into my eyes mysteriously. With her eyes on mine she licked her lips and reached down to the hem of her dress and lifted it up slowly off of her wonderful body.

Anticipating her body, my eyes hungrily lowered themselves, eager to see the child's crotch and hips encased in her panties. As soon as they came into view I felt my cock rising in my pants.

The dress continued upward and just about the time that it had reached her neck I realized that Emma didn't have a bra on. My cock twitched wildly, my stomach jumped, and my heart started pounding in my chest with a force that I never knew was imaginable as my daughter's beautiful twin mounds of flesh became fully exposed to me. I sucked in my breath as the youngster brought the dress completely over her head and let it drop to the floor.

I was suddenly wild from the excitement. I wanted to chastise her for not wearing a bra but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Her young breasts were truly awesome looking. I had never seen such a young pair of tits in my life. (As a matter of fact my wife was my first and only woman up until then.) They were the size of tangerines and her nipples were prominently thrust out.

My mind was jumping in a thousand directions.

Finally I was able to tear my eyes off of her chest and look into my daughter's eyes. I swear that I saw pure lust in the child's face and a hint of a smile upon her lips, indicating that she knew that I was completely captivated by her.

My eyes then eagerly moved, down her body first and then back up. I wanted to scream at her for getting me this way. I was totally, totally absorbed. I felt that I was so uptight that my complete body was about to burst.

With my eyes running wildly Emma moved again. Until now I had always had to tell her to take her panties off. Now, without any word of direction on my part, she moved her hands to her hips. Our eyes met and held. I must have gulped a dozen times as she pushed her thumbs beneath the elastic and slowly pushed them down her body.

My cock was a massive rock.

Then she gingerly stepped out of them and stood there before me, hands at her side.

No matter how I try to describe the scene it will never do the truth justice. Here in front of me was my beautiful daughter (a future Little Miss New Jersey winner and runner up for Miss America). A gorgeous child of 13 (going on 18!) who was already beginning to fill out quite nicely, standing totally nude in front of me, awaiting her punishment by my hand.

I must confess that in the next two or three minutes, while I hungrily looked at the child's body, that I honestly considered chasing her out of the room to remove the temptation. I had never felt anything like this in my life.

I reached out for Emma's hand and pulled her to the side of my legs. I turned my head and looked up at her. I became surprised upon seeing that her eyes were directed to the lump in my pants. My daughter was actually looking at my dick. Just the thought of this caused me tremendous twitching within my pants and her eyes watched the movements in my crotch with wide-eyed surprise.

Looking at her I saw that her lips were quivering from what I assumed was fear but in reality was really a sexual excitement. By then Emma realized that I was aroused and that it was her body that had caused me to become hard. She badly wanted my hands on her.

I tugged gently but she didn't really need any guidance. She lowered herself and this time with deliberation her belly purposely moved directly onto my cock and her young hot breast rested over and upon my leg. My eyes instantly attacked the twin mounds of Emma's luscious ass cheeks. My hands immediately followed. I cupped one of those cheeks and my cock twitched beneath her hot body. I loosened my grip and rubbed that beautiful soft flesh. I had never before or after seen such a perfect ass.

By that time Emma's heart was pounding fiercely in her chest. As she felt my hand move below the cheeks of her ass to the top of her clamped legs she held her breath out of fear. Afraid not of my touching her but how I might react. She had this moment planned!

To my amazement she moved about and suddenly she opened her legs. My hand now had access to move between the child's legs. She was mentally frantic at that point, not knowing what my next action would be. Would I start spanking her, holler at her, or go to the next level?

In reality, I didn't have any choice. By that time, even if she had not been willing, I know in my heart that I wouldn't have been able to control myself.

You can talk to all of the head shrinkers, all of the police, and all of the clergy that you want to, and they will all say that I should have stopped. And I say that if any of them had my daughter in such a position at that time under the same circumstances then they too would have had no chance except to succumb.

As my hand moved between Emma's thighs, she gasped. I heard her. Her thighs closed involuntarily on my hand and held it in a vise for just a moment and then they reopened, allowing my fingers free access.

I moved my hand over my daughter's pussy. Again she gasped but, surprisingly, she didn't verbally protest her refusal. I paused, afraid if I moved my fingers that she might cry out.

By then we were both breathing heavily.

After about a minute I allowed my fingers to move about gently on her slit. Again Emma held her breath but offered no resistance. I became bolder. I began to gently rub my child's pussy and when she slowly opened her legs wider I suddenly realized that I was actually going to be fucking my daughter. My fingers moved over the flesh of her clitoris and she gasped again. There wasn't any stopping me now.

My free hand moved under her body and touched her breast. Emma stiffened momentarily. I waited until she relaxed and then my hand moved completely over the taut young tit and held it clasped in my fingers. Meanwhile, I moved a finger into the crack around my child's hole. Once more she tensed.

By now I sensed that she would be willing, maybe even eager to go 'all the way' but I thought that she was also just at the edge of panic. Taking my time so that she didn't fall apart I waited while she accustomed herself to my finger. Then I finally penetrated her pussy with my finger, moving it in and out with slow, gentle, almost imperceptible strokes.

"Nnnnnggg!" A sound came through her clenched teeth and I knew that she was enjoying my probing, even though she was afraid.

Soon I had two fingers inside of my child's twat, pushing in and out, while my other hand clasped her little tit. And then my thumb and forefinger pinched gently at her excited nipple.

Emma was moaning now from my manipulations. Both of my hands had brought my daughter to a state of agitated excitement and soon I realized that my fingers were moving with ease within her pussy, because she was so moist. I moved a third finger in the child and again a moan escaped her lips.

I myself was like a man obsessed, which I guess that I was. I had my hands operating frantically on my young daughter's body and had succeeded in getting her totally aroused. And I was in a furious frenzy. I wanted desperately to fuck her now. I could only hope that she was ready and willing.

I pushed my fingers in further than they had been and suddenly she stiffened and muttered a cry of a small hurt. I guessed that she was still a virgin and that I had touched her 'cherry'.

I didn't want to hurt her, but I knew what would happen if I just rammed my prick inside of her. I decided to warm her up and do the best that I could not to hurt her too much.

"Honey, Daddy's gonna do more to you, you know?" Although I asked her the question this had been a statement, not an option for her.

As my hands continued to work on her she answered nervously, "I...I know Daddy."

"Baby, when I do it's gonna hurt bad," I warned her gently.

She didn't answer but I felt her body tense up, obviously from fear.

"Honey, I'm gonna try to make it easier for you. Okay?"

Again no answer. Obviously Emma didn't have any idea what I was talking about. I decided to help her understand some.

"Honey, feel Daddy's fingers here?" I asked, moving my fingers in her moist cunt.

"Uh huh..." she responded in the affirmative.

"Do you..." I was about to explain everything to her but my hotness was beginning to overtake what little rational thought I had left. I had to have her! Now! I thrust my fingers forcefully deep into her pussy.

Emma cried out with a wild, "AAAHH," as I felt the obstruction give way to my forceful thrust.

Her thighs tightened around my hand but my fingers were still within her pussy. My hand was clamped tight between her squeezing thighs.

I waited for about 30 seconds as she caught her breath and then I whispered, "It's okay baby. The worst is over. I know that I hurt you honey but that pain's gonna go away. You're gonna be happy with what happens, sweetheart. I promise."

Then I waited for at least another minute. Finally, I felt her body begin to relax. I pulled my hands gently from her and told her to stand up. She did. I had her move in front of me and it was my time to catch my breath. Looking at her standing naked before me my cock filled with pressure. She was the most exciting 'woman' that I'd ever seen. Emma's lips were swollen and slightly quivering as her body and mind were apparently reacting to her inner sexual feelings. Her face had a far-out look of wanton lust that I couldn't imagine existed in a 13-year-old girl.

I put my hand out and touched her inner thigh, parting her legs. Tears were flowing down her face. She later told me that the pain that she was feeling had never felt as glorious to her. It wasn't the pain that had caused her to cry, it was because she realized that I really wanted to do this thing with her.

This naked obedient beauty was overwhelming to me. Her beautiful tiny breasts were literally in my face. Hungrily, I moved my mouth over the exciting young flesh. At the same time my hands moved around her body and clutched the soft cheeks of her ass. It was at that point that I came in my pants for only the second time in my life.

The sensation from having my mouth on her breast had my daughter gasping from excitement. She moaned almost a sorrowful sound and immediately her hands flew to the back of my head, pulling my face harder against her. I was in my glory, knowing that she was unable to contain her own sexual agitation.

Although my own passion had temporarily subsided from having shot my load I was ecstatic that I could please Emma. I moved my tongue and mouth over her little tit, sucking on her nipple and then moving the complete little breast into my mouth. Again she moaned. As I worked the youngster's chest I continued squeezing a cheek of her ass with one of my hands while I now moved my other hand to her crotch.

I felt her tense up. My hand pushed and she willingly spread her legs to give me access. I could feel her hot thighs quivering around my hand and her legs trembling about my legs.

She was almost constantly moaning around sporadic utterances of the words, "Daddy" and "Dad." Just sensing her excitement was enough for my cock to become re-energized. I was playing this 13-year-old child like she was to be my last great pleasure in my life.

Her hands at the back of my head were actually holding herself up as her body was like rubber. I felt her pussy begin to push into my hand and pull back, guided by her thrusting hips.

Emma wanted to be fucked badly, even if she didn't know it. Her body was reacting passionately to my manipulations.

I pushed her away gently and I pulled my mouth from her body.

"Get on the bed, sweetheart," I whispered.

Nervously she obeyed, lying down on her back as I stood up. As I undressed I watched her frightened eyes which had turned to watch me. I hurried my stripping off of my clothes because I was afraid that she might panic and bolt. Finally I was down to my shorts. As I pushed them down my legs her eyes became wide-eyed at the sight of my dick.

It was as I was climbing onto the bed that she suddenly got cold feet. I was alerted to the fact that she was going to get up by the suddenly frantic jumping of her eyes. I moved quickly onto the bed alongside of her and held her arm.

"I...don't want to do anymore Dad. I...I'm scared," she said, as I felt her struggle somewhat without fighting me.

"It's okay baby," I coaxed, "Please...just relax hon."

I moved a hand to her crotch, thinking that I'd get her right back into the mood. Instead she twisted her hip violently to the side, "No! Don't Daddy...Please," she pleaded in obvious panic.

I was beside myself. I was so passionately worked up that if I had to I would have raped her, if necessary. I forced my hand back on to her crotch and she stiffened. Forcing my fingers between her legs she began whimpering, "Don't...Please don't Daddy..."

As my fingers touched her clitoris again, she tensed. Almost resignedly she relaxed her legs. I moved my fingers and rubbed her gently. I sensed the beginnings of her weakening. She groaned. I applied a little more pressure into her slit. She whimpered and moaned.

I was afraid that if I tried to mount her now that she'd revert to her panic mode. Then I did something that I would never have dreamed of doing in the past. In my era it just wasn't done, but Emma looked so young and exciting that I just knew, that if I were ever going to eat pussy that it would only be with this child.

I kept my hand rubbing on the child's pussy as I made my move. Her eyes followed me as I shimmied down the bed until my head was by her hip and my lower legs were way past the bottom of the bed.

I moved over her leg and into the concave between the hot flesh of her thighs. I looked up over my daughter's body, up into her face, and the look of fear and lust was unbelievable. I was as afraid as she was. Not only was I about to involve us in an incestuous affair but I was also now about to perform what I had always thought of as a depraved act. I had never done this and had always considered it as totally disgusting.

My eyes moved to her pussy with fascination. There was a redness that I took to be from my breaking her 'cherry' and the pussy lips were somewhat opened, revealing a moisture that surprised me. I could smell the odor even from a foot away and, as I closed in, my mind went wild from the awesome aroma that began to fill my nostrils. Depraved or not I was wild with passion. Until then, nothing in my life had prepared me for such a pleasurable sensation.

Eagerly, almost like a man possessed, I now hurried my mouth to my child's pussy. Then I made delicious contact.

"OHHHH..." she cried out, and her thighs tightly clasped around my face.

I moved my mouth and flicked out with my tongue into her hole. Emma groaned, and thrust her pussy up into my face. As her hips dropped back down my mouth pursued, holding against my daughter's cunt with each of her violent movements.

I would have never dreamed anything could taste as good, and Emma later told me that she could never have imagined anything feeling that good.

I licked and sucked.

She thrust and cried out.

With a fury and what almost seemed like desperation I continued lapping at her clitoris while occasionally I shot my tongue into the child's hole.

Emma groaned and her body involuntarily lifted her so that her head and shoulders were off of the pillow, and her arms were reaching down. Her hands seized the back of my head and held me tight. As I continued licking and sucking I felt her body writhing from side to side. She began clutching me tighter as I began allowing the flavors to flow down my throat.

By then she began bucking up and down beneath my oral onslaught. I felt her legs tightening around my body and her hands clasping desperately to my head. Emma was fucking my mouth with a wildness that I never would have imagined could exist in such a young girl. She was so frantic that she was almost hurting me.

It was when I pushed my nose into her pussy's hole that all Hell broke loose. She then began bucking as if she were riding a wild bull and just as furiously I lodged my nose deeper into her and was sucking out the aroma, which was driving me frantic.

"Oh Dad...Daddy...Dad. Oh. Oh. Oh..."

I never knew that anyone could get so hot. I tore my mouth from her and rushed up upon her body. She knew what was transpiring and there wasn't any more fear within her, just wild desire.

Emma opened her arms and legs and I positioned my cock at her hole. Looking down into her face I was shocked by how she had transformed from an innocent child beauty to a wanton animal-like being. Lust and hunger were written all over my daughter's face. I plunged my cock into the child's cunt and, as I watched, her mouth opened in pleasurable shock. She wrapped her legs around mine and immediately her body was searching to regain the pleasures that I had just stopped giving with my mouth.

Her hands went around my body and the way that she dug her fingers into my flesh it caused my back to bleed.

With each thrust of my cock into the youngster's pussy her hips responded with a powerful reply. Emma later told me that sex never affected her again in such a wild manner, but for that night she was tossing and bucking and clutching and moaning...

And fucking like it was going to be her last fuck!

I felt the pressure building in my prick and a thought passed through my head that I should pull out, but I was too far-gone to respond to common sense. At that time I felt that if I could make my daughter pregnant that nothing would excite me more. I fucked her as hard as I possibly could and she matched each of my thrusts with one of her own, with hers being the more forceful of the two.

As my juices shot into her cunt I told her that I was cumming. That seemed to further excite her because she was holding me as tight as she possibly could and she was babbling and urging me to do it. As spurt after spurt of incestuous cum shot into her a constant wail emanated from deep within the child.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH..." she cried out.

I often think that if Emma had sex with some of the judges, and performed as she did with me that night, then she would have been a Miss America.

-CJ, Apr. 1970

The End

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