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Emma's Love

Chapter one

Cary Nordstrum watched his younger sister Mary Catherine out of the corner of his eye as she sat peacefully studying her homework assignments. He couldn't help but admire her beauty and the womanly way she was maturing in the last year or two.

Friends and family members frequently commented on the remarkable likeness he and his sister shared. At age sixteen, Cary had developed into a muscular and handsome young man. Mary at five years his junior, had the same strong facial structure although her features were conversely feminine as his was masculine.

The two had always been close. Their father had died in the line of duty as a police officer during a liquor store holdup and the loss had drawn the close-knit sibling's even closer. Their mother had taken a long time to stop grieving for her husband, but she too had finally begun to share her attention and love with her children.

So it was the trio was finding happiness in the company of each other. A few months ago Cary had been disturbed by feelings for his mother that he felt intensely ashamed of.

Also, circumstances and loving desire had bound them in a secret he and Mary shared that filled him with misgiving though an equal compulsion to continue the relationship caused him to rationalize those misgivings.

Louise Nordstrum was a handsome woman of thirty-six with glistening black hair that fell beneath her shoulders nearly to the small of her back. She had a firm, not overly large bosom, flat stomach, and long legs that were muscular, but not overly so as they were well proportioned to her body.

The family had gone on vacation to Louisiana to visit relatives of his deceased father and it just so happened the family they were visiting owned a large lake with a sparkling white beach. Most of the two weeks the trio had spent with the family there had been on the beach in beach attire.

Louise had purchased a bikini for herself and one for Mary after they had arrived and Cary was shocked to discover his mother was a beautifully sexy woman. Cary couldn't take his eyes off her when she wasn't looking. He furtively dwelt on her breasts, as they seemed to struggle to remain in the bra of her bikini.

Then late one evening when just the three of them was swimming and enjoying the temperate weather of early summer Louisiana, Cary had gotten a glimpse of Louise's black thatch just barely showing out the sides of her bikini.

His erection shocked him and he was dismayed to be excited by his mother. Mary saw and understood what was happening to Cary and felt pity for him. After they had gone back to the house and prepared for bed, Mary decided she would offer to help her brother if he would let her.

Mary Catherine loved her brother in a way even she found difficult to explain. A different emotion tempered the familial love she felt for him albeit less understandable feeling she had wrestled with and never managed to comprehend to her own satisfaction.

Mary had given the feelings much consideration and decided it was partially due to the loss of their father and a need for male companionship that transcended normal sibling need of a sister for her brother.

Quietly, Mary went into Cary's room on the pretext of wanting a book he had been reading.

"Hi bro. How about letting me have that murder mystery you just finished?" she asked innocently. Cary looked up at her and smiled with a shrug, saying, "Sure sis, it's over there on the nightstand."

Mary turned to get the book but instead of leaving, turned to walk to the bed and sat down on the edge as she leafed through it casually. "Is it any good?" she asked with a smile

Cary grunted in reply, "Uhh yeah! It takes some concentration to understand the plot but it's pretty good after you get started." He said

Mary sat quietly reading to herself and glanced occasionally at Cary as he returned to the words in the novel he was trying to read.

Cary felt Mary's eyes on him after a bit and began to suspect Mary had something on her mind she wanted to talk about.

Cary looked at Mary as if to say, "What?" but remained silent. Mary felt him look at her and looked up to smile at him before returning to her book.

Looking at him as she leafed through the book, she said, "Anything you want to talk about Bro?"

Cary looked up at her again and studied her for a moment before answering, "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Oh you know, anything at all. We've always talked about a lot of things. Maybe you would like to talk about what seems to be bothering you. Would you?" she finished breathlessly.

Chapter two

Cary's mind raced as he thought of what she was driving at. "I don't know what you mean?" he exclaimed.

Mary smiled and said; "I see things Cary. I know when things are bothering you. Really, I'm talking about what happened on the beach this evening!" she paused carefully. "Want to talk about it? Hmmmm?" she said as she smiled at him.

Blustering, Cary struggled to sit up as he confronted his little sister. "Now look you!" he blurted "I don't know what you think you saw, but you can be sure you didn't see what you thought you saw!" he said angrily.

Mary laughed out loud as she enjoyed her brother's discomfort. Leaning towards him conspiratorially, she whispered, "I didn't see you staring at mom's tits and between her legs when she was in the chaise lounge?" she asked quietly.

Cary's face flamed as he thought of being caught by Mary. Cary started to reply angrily to his sister but she stopped him to say something he didn't believe she said at first. "Oh stop it Cary. I'm your sister. I'm here to help you, not make you ashamed and uncomfortable. For crying out loud, quit being such a baby!" she nearly yelled at him.

"What do you mean? Help me? Are you daft? Get away from me Mary Catherine Nordstrum!" he said in a loud whisper. Mary looked at him steadily and exclaimed, "Oh pooh Cary. I know you masturbate. I've seen you. I just want to help my brother whom I love dearly. Is that wrong?" she asked quietly

Pausing to allow time for her words to sink in, she went on to say, "You know mom would never give you what you want. But I will. I'm here for you. You've always taken care of me when I was sick, in trouble, or just needed help. Now it's my turn to help you. Quit being so stuffy and let me help you." she said meaning every word.

With that said, she put her hand under the cover to find his penis. Her touch caused his cock to jump and though he sought to push her hand away, found he was unable to stop her. Carefully, Mary found the slit in his boxer shorts and put her hand inside to grasp his now throbbing member in her tiny hand.

Slowly she stoked it from base to tip and scooted over closer to watch his face as she fondled him. Cary's cock became larger and harder with each passing moment as his sister slowly stroked him.

"Oh Mary!" Cary moaned. "That feels so good. It's so much different than when I do it." He exclaimed breathlessly. Mary smiled and leaned forward to kiss his lips. "You could return the favor bro. if you were of a mind too." she whispered

"How?" he asked. Mary smiled again and simply used her free hand to guide his between her thighs. "Rub it gently and I'll get to come too sweetheart!" she replied quietly.

Cary's mind was spinning but the feel of his sister's soft, nearly hairless, pantyless pussy caused his cock to throb even more. "I love you Mary!" Cary exclaimed. "I love you too Cary! I have always loved you." she whispered as she began to pant.

Mary lay down beside Cary and continued stroking him while waves of pleasure cascaded over her body. Cary gently took each of her nipples into his mouth and suckled them, which sent spasms of delight through Mary.

Soon the two were panting and working hard to give each other an orgasm. Mary moaned, "Oh Cary, I'm going to come baby! Rub harder now honey!"

Several moments passed then Mary exclaimed, "Oh Cary, I want you to fuck me! Please fuck me sweetheart! Please?" she asked earnestly.

Cary looked at his beautiful sister and saw the love and need in her eyes as she pleaded. Knowing in his heart he couldn't refuse her, he also knew he would beg her to let him fuck her if she hadn't of asked.

Wordlessly, Cary rolled over on top of his sister and felt her budding breasts press urgently against his upper abdomen as he positioned himself to begin inserting his throbbing cock inside the flowing virginal glovesoft sleeve of his sister.

As the head of his cock penetrated the outer folds of her pussy, he hesitated. Mary wasn't going to brook any hesitation and pulled at his hips with feverish hands to indicate he was to continue.

Slowly his throbbing cock disappeared inside her trembling nether lips until it met the resistance of her hymen. Mary urgently told him to continue, "It will hurt for a little bit, but I want you to break it. Push it in me Cary. Don't stop!" she urged him breathlessly.

Cary felt her hymen give way as Mary froze momentarily to absorb the exquisite pain of his cock breaching her flower. He pressed on insistently until he felt his cockhead press against her small cervix. Withdrawing slightly, he felt her hands pull yet again as he plunged inside her. Mary moaned and said, "I wanna come bro. Fuck me harder Bro, fuck me, fuck me, come in me bro. I need it Bro!"

Panting and moaning, she whispered desperately, "Oh Cary, you feel so good inside me! It feels so good and big." she moaned

Cary felt his balls tighten as he prepared to shoot his incestuous load inside his sister's pussy. Mary moaned as she felt him begin ejaculating and started orgasming herself. Then again as he finished shooting inside her, he felt Mary spontaneous orgasm as the last of his semen shot in her pussy.

The two lay breathlessly panting and hugging each other before Cary rolled to lie at his sister's side. Panting, he asked, "How did you know what to do and what would happen?" Mary smiled and replied; "Mom explained everything to me. It was exactly as she told me it would be. It felt so good though. she never told me that!"

Cary smiled. He had regrets but he loved his little sister in a new and different way now. It was when he was alone or with other guys that his lovemaking with his sister bothered him. But that too began to fade as they grew up together.

Chapter three

The months and years passed quickly for Cary and his sister. They had been careful to not let their secret get out. Both of them dated, but neither had a steady. So it was when Cary left for college, he left behind his only love and desire.

In Cary's third year of college, he was shocked to receive a letter from Mary saying she was going to be married. she hadn't finished highschool, but that didn't matter. she only wanted to marry her fiancée and begin a new life. Cary pleaded with her to finish highschool but to no avail. A bitterness rose between them for a while but that too eventually passed and they became friends again.

After Mary's wedding, Cary offered for his mom to come stay with him for a while. At first Louise was disinterested; but finally she thought about it and decided it would be nice to spend some time with Cary.

Louise arrived on Cary's doorstep one evening and although she was now forty-three, looked at least ten years younger. Things had changed for Cary. His experience with his sister had never left his mind and heart and now the sight of his mother caused the old hunger for her to rear it's troubling head.

Louise thoughtlessly began the habit of going about the apartment in pajamas in the evenings that left very little to Cary's imagination.

Louise's breasts had become more mature and sagged a bit now. Cary couldn't help but relish the way they undulated when she moved. Thoughts of her nipples nearly drove him to distraction but he managed to control himself to a certain degree.

Louise had changed herself. Although it was natural to kiss and hug her son, she couldn't help but notice his excitement at various times.

One evening, Cary and his mother shared a bottle of wine with their spaghetti dinner. Louise had been admiring her handsome son and was shocked to feel herself reacting much as she would have to her husband.

Kidding and joking together one evening, Cary had dared his mother to set on his lap. He knew the feel of her firm behind on his thighs would certainly send his cock into raging desire, but he wanted to feel his mother and inhale the heady perfume she often wore.

Though later she would wonder in bewilderment at her actions, that evening, she had sat on Cary's lap and hugged him for a long time. As she sat she felt his cock harden and grow longer as she remained on his lap. Cary's face reddened when it happened, but he believed his mother didn't know what was happening.

His mother finally spoke quietly, asking, "Do you want some help with that Cary?" she said as she smiled at him.

Her words sounded so much as his sister's had so long ago, it was a moment or two before he nodded wordlessly. Louise calmly sat down beside her son on the couch and began fondling his hard cock through his boxer shorts.

"Mom?" Cary asked, "Do you want to make love?" he said earnestly.

Louise looked into the love of her son's eyes and replied, "Yes I do Cary. Do you think I'm awful?" she asked.

"No mom! I'm glad you want to. I've always wanted you. You knew that didn't you?" he asked quietly.

Louise nodded her head and smiled tearfully as the two arose to go into Cary's bedroom.

Chapter four

Louise removed her pajamas as Cary hurriedly removed his shorts and lay on his back to watch. His gasped as he saw his mother's now pendulous breasts come into view. Each was topped by areola and eraser sized nipples that made his mouth water.

Louise looked down at Cary's muscular body and saw the size and length of his cock for the first time. Wasting no time, she straddled him to position his cockhead at the portal of her pussy. Both moaned as she slid down the length to impale herself fully on his throbbing cock.

Louise's copiously flowing pussy cream and Cary's abundant pre-cum allowed her to effortlessly take him deep inside herself on the first attempt though it had been many years since a man had been inside.

Cary's cockhead plunged insistently as she felt the folds of her sheath give way to his assault. Feelings long forgotten overtook her as she felt him come to rest against the rear wall of her pussy.

Louise felt her cunt walls begin clasping as he stroked in and unclasping as he withdrew. she started to rock herself on his hard cock. Dormant nerve endings came alive as the sparks of electrical charges plummeted deep inside her craving pussy.

The two began rhythmically humping each other as Cary felt his hard cock enveloped in the warm, slippery sheath of her pussy. In very few moments, Cary's mother felt the rapidly expanding warmth of orgasm overtake her. As she looked into her son's eyes, she felt his cock grow impossibly as he prepared to shoot his incestuous cum inside his mother's pussy.

"Is it ok to come in you mom?" Cary gasped.

"Oh yes, I want to feel you come in me honey! Shoot all your hot cum inside me baby!" she moaned as her orgasm carried her away.

Cary arched his back and let go to allow his cum to flood his mom's cunt. Louise felt it's hot splash deep inside she and began frantically pumping his ejaculating cock as he came.

Cary felt the muscles inside his mother's pussy milking the last drops of cum from his fevered cock. He had never experienced anything so wonderful as coming inside his mother's pussy. Sitting astride Cary motionless after they came, Louise was surprised to feel his cock soften then once again grow hard inside her.

Cary motioned for her to lie down then moved to kiss her stomach and thighs before fastening his lips to his mother's pussy lips. Sucking her clitoris inside his lips, Louise felt pangs akin to electric shock pass once again through her sex as he suckled her. Soon her orgasm began to overtake her once more and she began to hump his face frantically as she came.

Catching her breath, she moved to take Cary's hard cock in her lips and began sucking to feel his cock jump when she passed her tongue over the tiny hole in the end. Soon it began to swell and lengthen impossibly as he prepared to come in her mouth. Louise sucked harder and stroked the base quickly as the big vein underneath began to swell. Soon the salty sweet taste of his ejaculate began emptying into her mouth as she struggled to swallow every drop.

The two held each other as they drifted off to sleep. Both felt a fulfillment neither had experienced for a long time. Silently each thanked whatever whims of destiny had brought them together so.

Chapter five.

The weeks and months passed as the two became consummate lovers and tried many more new positions and found each other insatiable in the bedroom.

Often Cary would arrive home to carry his mother into the bedroom and pull one leg of her slacks loose to shove her panties aside and plunge inside. Louise had become used to his unheralded and unannounced ravishing of her pussy. she would be delighted that he loved and wanted her so much although it left her breathless and bewildered at times.

One evening, the two of them had gone to dinner and then the theater. The play itself left much to be desired, but the animalistic lust portrayed by the players had kindled a like desire in both Cary and his mother.

After the second act, neither of them wanted to wait and decided to leave and hurry home to fuck.

Arriving at the car in the parking garage, the two started to get inside when they wordlessly got in the back instead as Louise hurriedly drew her evening gown up to straddle his waist. No sooner had she settled when she felt Cary's hard cock begin it's plunge inside her. After fucking a few minutes, Louise whispered, "I want it up the ass baby! Fuck my ass honey. Fuck it hard!" she said as she moaned.

Cary withdrew and pressed the head of his cock against her anus. Slowly, Louise relaxed and felt his steel hard cock begin going deeper and deeper.

No sooner than Cary impaled her ass to it's deepest depths, Louise began orgasming violently just before she felt Cary's cock erupt it's incestuous semen inside her.

The feeling was unlike any either of them had ever experienced and became a regular part of their lovemaking routine thereafter.

All too soon, Cary graduated and was obliged to enter the service for officer's training as a Marine. The next six years found Cary in harm's way more often than not and the hell of combat left an indelible mark on his psyche.

Cary fulfilled his obligation to his country and returned to live with his mother before deciding what to do with his life. More and more, delayed stress syndrome left his nerves raw and his heart pounding. Had it not been for the relationship with his mother, he may have wound up in an institution. The love and endless sharing of her body with her son was all that stood between him and oblivion.

Then he met a young woman who epitomized the needs to reproduce and so it was he tearfully told his mother he had met someone whom he loved and wanted to marry.

Louise Nordstrum was neither a fool nor a dreamer. she assured her son she understood and encouraged him to begin a new life with Jean Montgomery. No mother could have been prouder as her son stood handsomely attired in tails to take his wife in marriage.

Jean had her own place, which Cary moved into after the honeymoon. Jean was concerned by Cary's endless bouts with delayed stress syndrome. When he mentioned he wanted to move to the country, both knew it might be the only chance either of them had to be completely happy.

Cary was a trained electrical engineer, but he wanted to farm. So it was the two of them became farmers and began the cultivation and harvesting of exotic mushrooms. As the years passed, they became wealthy and a bit eccentric, eschewing civilized niceties and becoming nearly as hermits only to share their friendship with others briefly.

So it was when he learned of his sister and brother-in-laws deaths in a traffic accident that his life began to change. Mary had a daughter named Emma so Jean and Cary petitioned the courts to become her guardians.

Chapter six

Jean and Cary had tried since early in their marriage to have a child. The opportunity to raise Emma had been a godsend to them. Now they had a child they could lavish with love and find happiness as a complete family.

Emma grew rapidly and because of the fact she was the child of two very mature and independent people, became mature beyond her years and learned the ways of her Uncle and aunt and valued them for the true strength they each possessed.

Then Cary's world collapsed one day as Jean returned home from a shopping trip. A drunken driver snuffed out her life and his own in the twinkling of an eye. Cary was inconsolable for many months and only slowly managed to get his life back together at great cost and effort for Emma's sake

Emma watched her uncle swing the ax as he split wood for the cook stove.

Muscular and precise as he worked, the muscles in his arms bulged each time he raised the heavy double-bitted ax above his head.

Aunt Jean had passed away a few months ago and Uncle Cary had lost interest in about everything for a time, but now he seemed to be coming back and even joked about Jean just last evening.

Emma's parents had been killed in an automobile wreck when she was about three. Since Jean and Cary had been her only surviving relatives, they had petitioned the courts to become her guardians. Now that Jean was gone, it left only her and Uncle Cary to carry on alone.

Cary was her mother's brother. The family resemblance was remarkable.

Although Mary Catherine and her brother were five years apart; they looked enough alike to be twins. Emma barely remembered her mother Mary, she missed the times she did recall such as her mother baking and preparing family meals.

Now meal preparation and baking was left to Emma. Uncle Cary seemed satisfied though and that was all that really mattered.

"I'm feeling kind of poorly tonight Emma," Cary said as he picked at his food. "I'm going to hit the sack early tonight. I'll see you in the morning," he said rising to stand.

Emma looked at him and saw he looked flushed. "OK Uncle Cary, I'll clean the table and fix you something later if you feel hungry," she said as she looked carefully at him. Thinking a moment, she asked, "Do you have the flu you think?"

Shaking his head, he replied, "No I don't think so. I just feel really tired and washed out." Smiling briefly, he said, "Now don't you fret, I'll be OK, probably just need a good night's sleep."

Emma finished clearing the table and fed the dogs before she sat down to read by lamplight until bedtime.

Living in the country and doing without electricity and running water had its drawbacks, but the advantages were good too.

Horseback riding, gardening, and preserving your own food provided nourishment that didn't have pesticides, herbicides and other chemical agents to worry about.

she and Cary were healthy and illness was unusual enough to warrant concern.

However, Emma didn't think her uncle was sick enough to worry about just yet.

Cary Nordstrom lay down on his feather bed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, visions of combat leapt unbidden and he steeled himself as he fought the sickening effects of delayed stress syndrome. It had been happening more and more often since Jean had died.

The horrors of combat and the conviction that big governments were inherently wrong had prompted him and his wife to give up the niceties of civilization and retreat to the mountains. Now that she was gone, he had very little to look forward too except Emma's wellbeing

Chapter seven

Emma lay down in the quiet save for the distant hooting of an owl and crickets serenading her. The evening was cool as she snuggled deeper into the feather bed and pulled the down-filled comforter close around her neck.

As she lay drifting between wakefulness and sleep, she suddenly sat upright then left her bed to go to her Uncle's room. Opening the door, she saw her uncle lying uncovered and listened briefly as he moaned. Hurrying to his side, she put her hand on his forehead to feel for temperature. Although he was sweating profusely, he was cool to the touch. "Uncle Cary?" she asked in alarm. "Are you all right?"

Cary didn't respond.

Leaning forward to kiss his forehead, she felt his hand grasp her upper arm as he pulled her to him.

Emma sailed over her uncle to land softly between him and the wall. Lying as still as she could, she felt his hand began tracing from her shoulder to her hip.

"Uncle Cary! Uncle Cary!" Emma cried as he continued caressing her. He paid her no heed and continued on downward to find the hem of her nightgown.

Pulling up her nightgown to expose her naked thighs, she felt him begin probing between them as his hand moved higher to find her softly fine hair at the apex.

Suddenly, his hand darted deeper inside her thighs and stopped to cup then insert his index finger inside her virgin quim. Emma fought with every ounce of strength she possessed to stop him.

Pleading, she cried, "Uncle Cary Stop it! Please stop it! This is Emma Uncle Cary, please don't hurt me, please stop!" Pushing her nightgown still further up her body, he sought her breasts and squeezed them between thumb and forefinger as he pressed deeper inside her with his finger.

Emma froze when she felt him raise himself to draw her under his body. Emma cried as she felt his manhood press against her virginal lips then in a single thrust he entered her. Searing pain flooded her senses as he began thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Emma whimpered and cried as he fucked her in and out. After a few moments, she began to feel a sensation she had never felt in all her thirteen years. she had rubbed herself at different times when she was alone and this felt something like it, but as her uncle fucked in and out of her, the sensation began to build and she found herself bucking against him as he thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

Putting her arms around his shoulders, she found she could maximize the sensation by meeting him on the downward plunges. Soon a tingling began to emanate from her pussy up into her abdomen and down into her thighs. A quickening unlike anything she had ever experienced began to overtake her as she fucked back as hard as her uncle thrust inside her.. Suddenly, the power and strength of her orgasm claimed her senses and she abandoned herself to her uncle's hard throbbing cock.

Holding her pussy against him as he thrust, she felt an impossible swelling of his cock as he prepared to shoot deep inside her. Of course Emma had no way of knowing what was happening, but she felt him lengthen and swell just seconds before he impaled her to freeze against the lips of her pussy and shoot his incestuous cum deep inside her.

Cary rose up and fell to lie semi-comatose beside Emma after he had finished.

Emma lay breathless and panting but realized he had no idea what he had done.

"He must be really sick!" she thought to herself. Carefully, she crept from his bed to return to her own and lay sleeplessly for more than an hour before she could relax enough to sleep.

Chapter eight

Emma awoke to the smell of bacon cooking and the aroma of coffee. she put on her clothing and went timidly into the kitchen to see Cary working at the stove as he prepared breakfast.

Sensing her presence, he turned and smiled brightly at her and welcomed her saying, "Good morning Emma! I'm starved, How about you?" he asked as he smiled at her.

Emma looked at him a moment then replied, "Uhh, well I'm hungry too. Did you sleep well?" she asked.

"Yes I did, very well as a matter of fact. I had some pretty strange dreams but I feel a lot better today!" he finished brightly. 'Oh really?" she replied. "What did you dream about?" she asked.

Laughing, he said, "Oh just silly things. Nothing of any interest really. I guess I was just tired out and I've been working too hard lately." He finished.

Emma looked at him thoughtfully as he continued to prepare breakfast.

Turning to set the plates of eggs and bacon on the table, he looked at Emma and asked, "What?" ' Emma blushed and answered, "Oh nothing! Just wondering what you dreamed about is all!" Laughing again, he brushed off her question and sat down to eat. For the first time, Emma looked at her uncle as a man. He was handsome with black, wavy hair, piercing blue eyes, and a strong chin.

Cary glanced up at Emma and noticed the look in her eyes he hadn't noticed before. It was almost as if she was... "Wait a minute!" he thought. "she is looking at me like Jean used too." he mused. He shook his head to clear it and suddenly, he and Emma began laughing out loud at their private thoughts.

Both of them ate heartily and cleared the table to prepare for the day's work.

Today was harvest day of the exotic mushrooms they grew in the caves behind their home.

Various kinds of mushrooms such as morel, portobella, oyster, and especially the shiitake provided a very lucrative income. Descending into the chain of caves, the gloom was dispelled by the bright lantern he carried. A portable generator provided power for most of the lighting, however, it was necessary to carry a bright flashlight or lantern to go from cavern to cavern.

Silently he and Emma harvested the fruit according to the orders they had received. Emma appreciated the time she spent alone for it gave her time to think about what happened during the night and to find a reason that she could understand.

It required one pound of mushrooms to make 1 ounce of dried mushrooms. These were dried in dehydrators slowly to allow the flavor and aroma to remain with the desiccated flesh before shipment.

At ten dollars for four ounces of Shiitake and thirty-five dollars per pound of Morels, nearly five hundred percent profit was realized in the family enterprise.

Emma's pulse began racing as she relived the experience with her uncle.

Being a virgin, she hadn't realized that sex could have such a powerful effect on the way she felt about Uncle Cary. Now she had to admit that rather than try to forget what happened as he apparently had no recollection of it, she wanted to experience it again and feel him making love to her. Even now she felt a moistness inside that she had never noticed before.

Chapter nine

The day's work done, the pair returned to the house to prepare for dinner.

Silently each went his or her own way to complete the task at hand.

Several times, Cary noticed Emma looking at him in a way that could almost be described as a stare. As many times he had started to ask her what she was thinking but decided against it to wait until she was ready to discuss whatever it was that seemed to be on her mind. Little did he know that a storm brewed inside her breast that would cause much anguish in the days to come? After sunset, the two sat quietly reading. Sometimes Emma would turn on the battery powered radio and listen for a while but tonight she was comfortable with just reading although she spent most of the time thinking of her uncle in a decidedly un-niecely fashion.

Cary's voice finally got her attention, "Emma honey! Would you like something to drink?" he was asking.

Seeming to swim upward from the depths of her consciousness, Emma replied, "No thanks, I think I'll just go on to bed. I'll see you in the morning." she finished in almost in a whisper.

Emma got up to go to her bedroom but instead turned to walk to Cary and as she bent over, whispered, "I love you Cary!" Cary turned to look at her at that moment and realized she was just a fraction of an inch from his face. As he turned, Emma moved the short distance and kissed him tenderly on the lips. Her touch was electric to him. The softness of her lips and tenderness of her kiss caused stirrings he hadn't felt since Jean had passed away.

The dream he had last night came flooding in on him and caused him to blush.

"Lord have mercy!" he thought to himself, "How can I be thinking and dreaming these things about a thirteen year old girl who just happens to be my niece?" he asked himself.

Emma noticed his reaction and saw his cock leap in his trousers. she smiled inwardly and a plan began to form in her mind as she stood up to leave for her bedroom.

Chapter ten

Emma lay sleeplessly for what seemed like hours as she thought about her uncle and what they had done. she knew enough to understand that sex could result in pregnancy when unprotected. Silently, she considered just coming to the point with him and telling him what happened.

Still, she felt reluctant to hurt him and wasn't sure if he would reject her once he learned of his actions.

Finally, she realized that she needed him more than he probably needed her and decided to go into his room and tell him what was on her mind.

Rising from her bed, she tiptoed into the living room to discover her uncle asleep in his chair just as she had left him just two hours ago.

As she walked up on him, she noticed he had an erection and the sight of it excited her enough to make her nervous and she began trembling.

Carefully, Emma leaned forward and gently shook Cary's shoulder. He stirred then opened his eyes to look at her. "What?" he mumbled as he straightened up in his chair.

Emma began telling him in a rush what was on her mind and watched to see his reaction as she spoke.

Cary closed his eyes and Emma noticed a tear poised on the lid of right eye.

He had listened silently as she had spoken, not interrupting or asking questions but remaining silent, digesting her words with no expression to give her any indication of how he was taking this.

Finally, Emma said, "I know you knew nothing of what you were doing. I know it was wrong of me to not try harder to awaken you. But if enjoying it was wrong, then I'm wrong. I can't help that!" she finished with a sob.

Cary drew the child to his lap and held her tightly for several moments.

Emma was astonished to feel him begin sobbing piteously. Tears began flowing down his cheeks to drench her shoulder and then the awful truth of what had happened began to become clear to her.

"He's ashamed of me!" she thought. "Oh my god! He's ashamed of me and himself and I've ruined everything by forcing the issue with him!" In all her young life, Emma had never known the despair of those moments.

'Wisdom brings Sorrow' became real to her young mind.

Standing beside her uncle, Emma felt lost and hopeless as she turned to leave for her bedroom. Cary watched as she walked away and a slight desire to be dead with his beloved wife overcame his senses.

Cary aged rapidly in those few moments as Emma spoke and told him of her desire for him.

The picture in his mind's eye of what he had done sickened him and shamed him remorselessly. He was unable to fathom how he had been able to rape his beloved niece and not have any recollection of it. It had been a dream. A vicarious thrill in a sensational dream that gave him pleasures. The reality was terrible in his mind and tore at his heart without respite.

Chapter eleven

The next few days were unspeakably horrible to them both. Neither speaking or looking at each other, both continued on with the work and chores they were accustomed too.

Emma didn't know what to say and Cary was unable to bring himself to speak of it.

Several days went by before something happened that would forever change Emma's and her uncle's relationship with each other.

Emma had gone alone into the caverns to harvest mushrooms while her uncle had gone to town for supplies. Working alone in the cool quiet of the caves, she began to feel better about everything. No particular reason for feeling, as she did, just felt better about it.

Passing into the cavern farthest away from the entrance, Emma played her light over the Shiitake mushrooms as she decided which of the fruits were ripest for harvest. Suddenly, from out of the darkness a large, black king snake rose to challenge her.

Emma suppressed a scream but stepped backwards to put some distance between herself and the reptile. As she did, a large stone on the floor of the cavern caused her to turn her ankle with a sickening snap.

Emma felt herself falling backwards and then darkness enveloped her as unconsciousness claimed her.

Cary arrived home from his errands and saw that Emma had evidently gone on alone to the caverns to harvest mushrooms. Picking up a large flashlight, he proceeded to make his way to the opening of the first room.

"Emma! Emma!" he called in a loud voice but got no response. Thinking to himself, "Humm? she must be in the back cave gathering Shiitake." He thought.

Moving silently, he made his way to where he thought Emma would be before calling her name.

"Emma?" he called loudly, "Are you there?" he asked

Sensing things were not right, he proceeded inside the cavern to find Emma unconscious as she had fallen. Quickly he assessed the situation and saw her slipper had slipped off her left foot.

The ankle was swollen and beginning to show signs of bruising. Cary stooped to lift her in his arms and carry her outside where he could see with the aid of a lantern.

Emma remained somnambulant and only moaned as he carried her. The past few days and the difficulties they had dealt with came rushing into his heart as he moved swiftly towards the cavern entrance.

Chapter twelve

Emma lay on a bed of pine boughs he had gathered for her to rest on. Further investigation revealed a large goose egg sized knot on the left anterior side of her head just an inch or less in line with her ear.

Cary wet a cloth with clean water and began cleaning the contusion as he searched through the first aid kit they kept handy inside the cave entrance.

Finally he found the smelling salts and broke open the vial to pass it under her nose. Emma awoke coughing and trying to get away from the stench of the smelling salts.

At last she looked at her uncle and became aware of the pain in her ankle.. Each clung to the other as she sobbed from the pain.

Cary once again picked her up and started home. As he walked a thousand things passed through his mind. Most of which were thoughts of what she had said that night.

He realized that although he considered it a mortal sin, he needed her as badly as she needed him.

Cary made it to the house in record time considering the weight of the thirteen-year-old girl in his arms. Laying her gently on her bed, he sat beside her and gently kissed her lips as she sobbed quietly.

Rising, he looked at her for a moment and realized she was very mature for her years. It wasn't much of a surprise to him, just a revelation that had been in the back of his mind although it hadn't been important before. Now it was of abiding concern and importance to him.

Preparing two first aid cryobags by first crushing the chemical vials inside for them to become ice cold, he returned to place them on her injured ankle, he noticed his cock getting hard as he thought of her.

Emma also noticed her uncle's obvious sexual excitement and responded almost instantly inside as her tight quim began flowing. Breathlessly, she felt him begin removing her shorts and panties and helping her to sit up as he removed her tee shirt.

Emma's small breasts tipped by large areola and hardening nipples, began to feel feverish as he caressed and then kissed them pausing only a moment to suckle each of them in turn.

Standing erect, he began removing his own clothing as he gazed at Emma. Emma gasped as his hard cock bounced into view as he removed his briefs.

Tenderly, he lay down beside Emma to kiss her lips and thrust his tongue inside. Emma's heart raced as she tentatively returned with her searching tongue inside his lips.

Cary picked Emma up and held her in his arms as her legs instinctively wound themselves around his waist. Reaching below her hip, he grasped his throbbing cock to guide it to the portal of her pussy. Her pussy lips felt swollen and hot as she felt his large cockhead move slowly past them.

she had completely forgotten her aching ankle. Nothing existed except his hard cock as he gently worked it inside before it came to rest against her tiny cervix.

Neither of the two had spoken until Cary said, "Ohhh honey! It feels so good to be inside you. Am I hurting you sweetheart?" he asked tenderly.

"OH NO! It feels wonderful for you to be inside me!" Emma said breathlessly.

Then Cary began slowly thrusting in and out as he fucked her. How remarkably it seemed to be as he had dreamed many times since Jean's death. Fucking his niece had become an obsession and now it was a reality.

Chapter thirteen

The two fucked for more than an hour. Emma had come so many times she was exhausted but continued struggling to fuck as long as he wanted. Finally he tensed and began to withdraw from her glove soft pussy sheath. "NO! NO!" she cried. "Come inside me Cary, don't take it out, I want to come when you do!" she begged.

Emma looked into the love in her uncle's eyes as he pressed deep inside her.

she watched his face turn to pure joy as he began ejaculating inside her.

she felt the tremendous amount of ejaculate splash with a fury against her cervix, filling her to overflowing.

The two became lovers, as they had been niece and Uncle. Now they were friends and lovers who shared a love known by so very few.

Their lives were bound by the love and intimacy of sharing that would go on for many years to come and survive hardship and pain lesser mortals knew not.

Chapter fourteen

So it was the two loved and continued through life's journey. Emma's maturity and grasp of his needs as a man repeatedly amazed Cary. Though both seemed spiritually attuned to one another, Emma's constant observance at times concerned Cary that she might not be thinking too much of her sexual needs.

Eventually he realized that she was just being loving and caring.

They had discussed incest and the implications of pregnancy, emotional, and mental stress inherent to such a relationship in depth. Cary felt that Emma's maturity and genuine love for him had transcended the bounds of moral interpretation.

So it was, the two decided after much discussion and personal soul-searching that a baby was needed to complete the familial circle.

Cary had championed an adoption at first, but Emma's dogged determination to bear a child by him finally persuaded him to give in to her request although it was against his better judgement by reason of the complications of inbreeding.

Emma had spent much time investigating and researching countless accounts of infants borne by cousins, fathers/daughters, mothers/sons, brothers/sisters, and niece/uncle parents.

Cary was astonished to learn that although certain couplings had borne handicapped children, for the most part, the pairings were remarkably normal in the first generation. Most problems came about during third, fourth, and fifth generation pregnancies. In other words, persistent inbreeding.

Chapter fifteen

Cary learned with much chagrin that while Emma had been doing genetic research; she had also been studying ovulation and other important processes having to do with reproduction.

When they earnestly began trying to conceive, Emma had begun carrying a thermometer on her person so she could pinpoint exactly when she ovulated.. When her body temp indicated she was probably ovulating, she insisted that everything be put aside in order to try to conceive.

After a few months, Cary learned that when Emma said it was time, he had just as well cease everything else and immediately mount her wherever they might be. One day in particular would send the two into gales of helpless laughter when either of them mentioned it.

It had happened one evening when they had decided to go to a fairly large city a few hundred miles away. Cary had talked Emma into flying so it was they were riding to the hotel when Emma quickly took her thermometer out and announced it was time.

The cabby was one of those Middle Eastern types. Cary had worn a large trench coat and Emma asked him to drape it over her shoulders so she would be shielded from view as she straddled him.

The cabby looked into his rear-view mirror and saw Emma sit astride Cary and although he could see nothing of any worth, knew they were fucking. Emma attempted to remain motionless and let Cary do most of the work.

As he fucked up inside her, feelings of orgasm began to overtake her and in spite of herself, began moaning and humping him back.

The cabby was mesmerized by all this activity and neglected to keep his eyes on the road. Just as Cary was about to shoot his hot load inside her, Emma started coming and as each of them came, the cabby sideswiped another cab and the resultant fireworks went unnoticed by Emma and Cary as they made themselves presentable.

Cary and Emma opened the door of the cab to stare into the face of a police officer. Cary started babbling until Emma made him realize the officer wasn't interested in them, he was working the accident.

Cary's heart pounded until they finally arrived at the hotel. He had been certain they were going to be arrested for public indecency. They found it hard to believe they had been involved in an accident at over fifty-mph and didn't know it because they were so involved in fucking each other.

Chapter sixteen

Eventually Emma's efforts were realized and she conceived. When she became so swollen she could no longer have intercourse; she resorted to using her hands and mouth to satisfy her uncle.

Emma came to full term and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Cary was as proud as a father could be and enjoyed the role of parenting the child afforded him. Emma was a near perfect mother. The child was named Mary Alice after Emma's mother and her maternal grandmother Alice Montgomery.

Just before her eleventh birthday, Mary Alice asked the question both her parents had dreaded; knowing it would surely come.

she had been asking about her grandmother and grandfather. Mary Catherine Nordstrum-Fellowes and Robert Fellowes

"Did Granny Mary Catherine have any brothers and sisters mommy?" Mary Alice asked as she looked solemnly at her mother.

Emma turned to look at Cary before answering. "Yes she did honey! she had a brother named Cary!" Emma said almost inaudibly.

Stopping to think a moment, Mary Alice then said, "Why! That's the same name that daddy has. Isn't that exciting?" she exclaimed brightly.

Cary smiled as he continued listening but left Emma to devise the answers to the questions that were surely coming.

Emma looked beseechingly at her husband but saw that he intended to remain out of the conversation. Finally she took Mary Alice by the hand and said, "Honey! I have something very important to tell you. You must listen carefully and if you don't understand something, tell me and I'll try to explain. Ok?" she breathed as she looked at the child expectantly

Mary Alice smiled brightly and nodded her head vigorously.

Emma stared in the distance for several moments then said, "Honey, your daddy and I love you very, very much. We thought about whether we wanted to bring you into the world for a very long time before we decided to go ahead and try to have a little baby girl," pausing to think as she spoke. "You see, your daddy and I are very special people in many ways. There are very few people like us." she continued.

Mary Alice clapped her hands and whooped, "OH I know that Mommy! You and daddy are so special and so smart." she exclaimed Turning to look at her father, she said, "Daddy is so handsome and mommy, you're so beautiful!" as she looked at both with genuine love and adoration in her eyes.

Emma felt a tear find its way to the edge of her eyelid as she brushed it away. "You see honey, your daddy is my uncle and I am his niece. My mother was daddy's sister and when your daddy's first wife died, your daddy and I were left all alone and we wanted someone to be with us so he and I decided to make you!" she finished hoping the child would understand.

"Oh!" was all Mary Alice said for several moments. "But I thought people didn't marry their uncle or aunts. Isn't that wrong to do that?" she asked

"Yes, nearly everyone believes that is wrong for an uncle and a niece to have a baby. But you see we wanted you. The only way we could have you was for me and your daddy to make you. Do you understand?" she finished breathlessly.

Mary Alice seemed to be thinking then she replied, "Well that must mean I'm very special too doesn't it?" she exclaimed brightly

Emma looked at Cary who by now was openly weeping and said, "Yes you are honey, you are more than special. You are a priceless jewel without equal my love." she said as she reached to take the little girl in her arms.

Looking carefully into Mary Alice's eyes, Emma said, "Now I must ask that you never tell anyone about your daddy and me. If people find out, they will not like it and try to take us away from daddy. You wouldn't like that would you?" she asked.

The little girl answered immediately, "I know they wouldn't understand so why try to explain it to anyone. It's our secret mommy. Yours, daddy's, and mine. No one else needs to know!" she finished firmly

Emma and Cary felt a release from the tension of the moment as they looked lovingly at each other.

"Oh mommy, I love you and daddy so much. When I get big, I want daddy to help me make a special baby too. Would you do that with me daddy?" she asked as she looked at them both.

Emma looked over her daughter's head and smiled to say, "Yes darling, if you still want daddy to help you make a baby when you get big, I will do all I can to help you too," she said as she blew her husband a kiss.

The end

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