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An Incestuous Episode: My Oldest Niece


My niece Susan is now 32-year's old. I have watched her and her two sisters growing up from infancy to womanhood. Although I was always somewhat of a moral degenerate I never tried anything with any of the three girls; all of who were extremely pretty and big breasted.

Susan was the oldest. She also was both the tallest and the most slender. Until she married and had three kids of her own she actually was a skinny girl. The only flesh on her were her breasts, which were full. Over the years her body developed a little more meat but she was still barely past the skinny stage.

I used to sneak peeks at the youngsters as they grew from their pre-teens, right through their teen years. Although I fantasized being able to do things with each one of them I always had enough common sense and willpower not to attempt it. Yet I secretly believed that Susan would have been the one that I probably could have molested, although I was never sure and would never have dared to try, for fear that I might be wrong.

All three of the girls loved me and smiled lovingly at me but I somehow felt that Susan's smile and gaze at me was different than her sister's. I always sensed that she herself was holding back inner urges, as I was. When our eyes met I did not see that same childish laugh in her eyes that Betty and Ann had in theirs. Ever since she was about 12 year's old, Susan's looks into my eyes were intense, almost deliberate. I sometimes thought that she was trying through ESP to pass a message to me; that it would be all right for me to touch her.

Two years ago my wife and I had an in-the-ground swimming pool built on our property in the back of our house and at least twice a month over the last two summers Susan and her husband brought their kids over to swim. It was during this time that I saw my niece in a way that I never had before. Although she was probably considered too old to wear a bikini, the way that she filled one out was quite captivating.

Whenever she came over to our house to swim I made it a point to go outside, ostensibly to watch the kids, but in reality it was to look at my niece in her skimpy bright cerise plastic bikini.

It was almost as if Susan was trying to prove to herself that she was still young. Some people might say that she should not wear such bikinis. After all, she was a 32-year-old woman with three kids, 14 year-old Samantha, 13-year-old Elizabeth, and 11-year-old Fran. Hers certainly was not a bikini that should be worn by a mother. Her breasts overflowed the bra top, the bottom front barely covered her pussy, and the rear was so small and tight that the material rode right up into the crack of her ass.

If no one was paying attention my eyes devoured her. It was relatively easy to steal peaks at her luscious scantily clad breasts, but much more difficult to be able to sneak a look at the cheeks of her ass, because I would have to bend my head and my ogling would have been obvious. Harder still was being able to get a look at her crotch, which seemed to be just barely covering her pussy in that outfit. It covered so little that I was sure that Susan's pussy was shaved because if it wasn't hairs would be visible.

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday, they came over to our house. After they were in the pool for about a half-hour I went outside to spend some time with them. I was sitting at the top step of the pool and Susan's husband and kids were in the water playing. She had gone into the house for a moment and then returned. As she slowly approached the steps where I was sitting she was talking to the kids in the pool.

Unable to control myself I allowed my eyes to go directly to my niece's crotch. This area seemed to be holding a tremendous attraction for me as she walked toward me. Because her thighs had very little meat to them her legs seemed to be spaced apart at the crotch.

I glanced up at her face and immediately moved my eyes back to her crotch. It was a reaction. It was only after my eyes were burning into her pussy that I realized that she had been watching me. Now, as she stood only about three feet away, I realized that my niece was eyeing me curiously, even now as I stared between her legs. Still, I couldn't bring myself to look away. Fortunately for me I was facing away from the pool. Otherwise, Susan's husband would have realized what I was doing and I do not think that his reaction would have been too pleasant.

My niece finally said something directly to me, snapping me out of my reverie. I looked up at her and saw her eyes and face. I cannot describe how she looked other than to say that she had an excitedly nervous look about her. Our eyes then met and held and I sensed a fear in her, not of me but of our situation. I responded to her question and then made a hasty retreat back into the house.

Part 2

When Susan and her family came over to our house it was always on a weekend when my wife was home. Other than that the only times that they came over were after my wife was home from work, usually before I came home.

In mid-August I took a week's vacation. I was going to spend the week alone as my wife could not get the week off. On Tuesday, about 10 a.m., I received a call from my niece.

"I didn't know if you'd be up. I just figured that I'd call and give it a try. Aunt Jen told me that you were on vacation. The kids were asking if they could go swimming. Do you think it'll be all right if we come over?"

Without even thinking I told her, "No trouble, hon, come on over."

I had not really given it too much thought. I should have expected it but I was surprised when Susan arrived at my door with only her kids and not her husband Tom, who I immediately realized was working. As usual they arrived in their regular clothes and then changed into their bathing suits in the bathroom and the 'extra room'.

I also donned my trunks and was out at the pool before all of them. I purposely had rushed there, eager hoping for my niece to reenact that slow walk toward the pool in her hot bikini. For the past two weeks I had been having trouble shaking the memory of that scene from my mind.

The kids came out of the back door of the house first and ran excitedly to the side of the pool. I watched as each of them dove into the water from the side.

Once more I was on the top step and Susan approached in her hot cerise bikini. From the moment that she came out through the door my eyes immediately sought her crotch. She was about 35 feet away and walking slowly once more. I allowed my eyes to move up her body, over her beautiful breasts, momentarily looking in her eyes and then moving them back down over her body to her crotch, hungrily eager to start all over again. There was no mistaking that my niece knew where I was looking as she continued her approach. One of her kids called out something to her mother and Susan answered and kept coming. My eyes now stayed on her crotch. Her step slowed as she neared but did not stop. With my face turned to her approach Susan's body kept nearing toward me, until finally her wonderful crotch was less than 12 inches from my face.

My prick hardened and my chest started pounding. I never ever did anything to even give a hint to my niece of my perverted mind but I swear that if her kids were not there that I would have grabbed Susan right then and there. Finally she pulled back one step and I looked up her body at her face. Once again I saw that strange look that I could only describe as excited fear. But now I swear that I could sense a distinct aura of lust mixed in. Her breathing almost appeared labored.

Our eyes locked. I saw immense trepidation. I thought that she too was probably having a tremendous internal fight, the same as I was. She snapped her eyes away and then she moved and hurriedly jumped into the pool with her kids.

For the rest of the morning Susan avoided my ogling and by noon they left.

Part 3

The following day I received another call from my niece. This time there was a surprise. The kids had gone over to a friend's pool. Would it be all right if she came over to swim? My mind raced. As awful as it may seem I was hoping and was pretty sure that Susan had fought herself and either had made up her mind or was now about to make a final decision.

"I'll be out at the pool. Just let yourself in," I told her.

"I'll be over in about 10 minutes, okay?" she said.

For the third time in the past two weeks I was sitting at the top step of the pool. I had determined that if it was not only my imagination then Susan would go through the same routine and if that happened, then I would be convinced that she wanted what I did.

Once again she came into view from the distance and she approached agonizingly slow, dressed in her hot looking bikini. If anything she seemed to be walking even slower than before, and much more tentatively. My eyes moved over her long slender legs to her crotch, up her body and over her full breasts, lingering momentarily before continuing to her face. Our eyes met. Again I could see the fear and apprehension as she walked. I moved my eyes back to her crotch and she continued walking forward toward me. She had to know where this would lead if she continued forward.

My throat was dry and my heart was pounding in my chest. My temples were throbbing and my cock became fully enlarged as I watched my niece approaching, closer and closer. At first she reached about a foot away from me and stood while my eyes stayed glued at her bikini bottoms. I wanted desperately to bury my face there.

Susan then finally made the last move as she took a final step. Her crotch was now only inches away from my face. Almost as if I could not wait any longer my hands moved swiftly, with purpose, reaching up and each grasping her hips. I waited to see if she would pull away. Instead Susan moved her body into my face as I drew her crotch desperately into my face. We both groaned.

No longer able to control myself I heard an involuntary moan escape from within me as I pushed my nose and mouth up hard, within her crotch. I felt her hands clutch around my head and pull me into her. I smelled into her bikini panties, wanting to get the smell of her pussy into my nostrils. I was only able to get a faint womanly odor but that was enough to further inflame me. I rubbed my face back and forth on her and she held me tightly into her. I could feel her legs trembling. Not even thinking of where we were I moved my fingers up to the top of her bikini bottom and began to pull down. As they slid down to the bottom of her hips Susan suddenly released my head and her hands quickly enslaved mine, stopping me from ripping her clothes from her body.

"No!" she shouted. "Uncle Ken, don't, not...not out here."

Strangely she never uttered another word until it was all over.

I was too far-gone to rationalize with. Even under her grip I managed to force the bottoms downward as I continued pushing my face into my niece's hot box. Susan slowly loosened her grip as sexual sensations began to overtake her also. Then she released my hands completely, allowing me to push the material down her legs. I pulled my face away from her cunt momentarily as I guided the bikini bottoms off of her ankles and feet. My eyes fastened on her pussy. Just as I imagined, she was bald. Bald and beautiful. I hungrily pushed my face back into her. This time a strong odor of sex permeated throughout my impassioned nostrils.

There we were in the middle of the day, outside, in the back of the house, and my face was buried in my niece's barely covered twat. Again her hands moved around my head and pulled me into her. I began kissing and licking at her labia. Susan was silently "mmmm'ing." My hands had moved around her body and were massaging and clutching the cheeks of her ass, holding and guiding her as her hips rotated from beneath my mouth.

I don't know when she did it but when I pulled away from her to say something, I gasped. Susan had her bikini top off also and those beautiful tits that I had only imagined all of these years were now a reality. Full and luscious looking. I moved off the step and onto my knees, kneeling before her. I began kissing and licking her lower stomach, up her belly, around her exciting belly button, and finally up to her magnificent breasts.

"Lay down, hon," I urgently whispered and suddenly my niece eagerly lowered her body down to the ground.

With my guidance she slowly lay on her back before me. Her legs were spread and my eyes were treated to her opened pussy. Then I moved between them. Still kneeling I allowed my eyes to fully appreciate the woman. Her eyes were lustful. She was giving herself to me after all of these years, willfully having an incestuous relationship and at the same time betraying her husband. Yet I could see that to her, like me, nothing else mattered but having sex with her uncle.

I pushed my cock into her waiting cunt and I moved my hands over her fleshy tits. Susan spread her legs wider as I entered her and a grunt escaped her lips. She wrapped her legs around me and I was soon buried inside of her hot thighs. Her arms went around my back and dug in as she pushed her eager body up to receive me deeper inside of her. Sweat was pouring off of both of our bodies as we began grinding against each other.

Susan moaned as I began fucking her in earnest. I looked down at her face and saw her mouth wide open from the sexual excitement that had captured her mind. She was a true picture of wanton lust. I plunged my mouth down on hers and her hands moved up and grabbed me behind the head. Beneath me her body was fucking me expertly.

Then suddenly she began bucking frantically and moaning wildly. She was holding me tighter and her animal excitement was causing the final pressures to build within my balls. We were fucking passionately as the final spasms overtook Susan and the final climax began in me. I was erupting deep into the depths of my niece's cunt and it seemed as if this was all she had been living for.

"NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!" An animalistic sound emanated from deep within the wildly thrashing girl beneath me. I pounded and we clutched as the final juices flowed.

When our bodies were finally totally satisfied I lay on top of her and she whispered, "I'm glad that I was the first."

At first what she said did not register. Then, as Susan and I put our bathing things back on I realized what she had said.

"What'd you mean before," I asked. "When you said that you were glad that you were the first."

My niece grinned, shyly. "Nothing."

"Come on," I coaxed playfully. "What'd you mean?"

"Promise you won't tell anyone I told you?"


"Well, it's just...well we used to kid about it when we were kids. You used to look up all of our skirts..." she began.

I interrupted, "I did not!" I insisted indignantly.

"You did so, Uncle Ken. I don't even think you realized it. As a matter of fact you still do it with my kids," she accused without seeming to be angry.

"No! Bull...! I don't...How can you even say that?" I was insulted.

"It's okay, Uncle Ken. I don't mean it's okay that you look at Sam, Liz or Franny...I just mean, I know that you don't even know you're doing it. Just like when we were kids. We used to talk about it and we wondered if you'd ever try anything. After we started to talk about it I think...No, I know...We all were kind of hoping that you'd do more that just look. You were...you still are...so good looking and there was something about your eyes penetrating up our dresses that used to get every one of us hot."

I was in shock. I still did not believe it. I had loved them too much as kids to look up their skirts. "C'mon Sue. You don't really believe that, do you? That I'd look at you guys?" I protested.

"Uncle Ken, I'm sorry, but it's true. And I really believe that you didn't really know you were ogling us...and, I can now tell you, turning us on with your hot looks."

"I...You guys had to be misreading. I would have never looked at you kids."

"You're still doing it...Really! Not to us, but to our kids. I've seen you looking at their legs. Just last week as a matter of fact."

As her words sunk in I thought back. Soon, without any further prodding, I began to realize that she was right. I did look up the skirts of the young girls in my family.

"We knew that your looking at us was harmless. And after a while all of us secretly hoped that it wasn't," she confessed about her and her sisters.

Susan seemed to be truly enjoying how uncomfortable I was. I wanted to take the amused look from her face. "You mean just my looking up your sister's and your skirts turned you guys on?" I asked.

Susan giggled. "Yeah. You didn't know it at the time but all you had to do after looking up any one of our skirts would have been to ask us for sex and we would have probably said yes. I know that I would have. Your looking used to just get all of us worked up.

"And you say I now look up your daughter's skirts?" I asked with a smirk upon my face.

Susan stiffened. Her eyes searched mine. I tried not to let her read anything in them. At first I thought that I detected fear in my niece's eyes but as I watched her face I could swear that I saw some sort of an evil transformation, as her mind began to reminisce of her own childhood.


The End

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