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The Evans Family

Part 1

The Evans Family was from the outside, your average American Family. Father Ted worked at the local brokerage firm. Mother June was a stay at home mother running the family and house. Son Brian was a starting linebacker and second string rugby player. Daughter May was a bubbly bright young lady pulling down straight A's and volunteered her time at the rest home every weekend.

However all was not right from the inside. Ted had lost his job some 6 months ago but had yet to inform his family. Secretly he was glad, he hated the damn job anyway. To fill his time he got work with some friends in construction and spent many late nights at some dirty or dingy bar.

Most nights he would come home, in a drunken stupor beat his wife, get a quick and not consented fuck and go to bed. He was disappointed in his son for being only a linebacker and not quarterback or halfback. He didn't know what the fuck rugby was and didn't want to know. His daughter was always so fucking chipper and spent her time down at the old fogies place.

Ted thought of the time he and June met and spent their early life roaming the country not a care in the world. Breaking all the rules. He wanted those days back. But then the stupid bitch had to go and get pregnant. He had to get a job he hated and put up with a family he didn't want. But Ted had a plan. A plan to change all that.

Part 2

Brian came back from football practice exhausted. Coach had really made them work today. He was dreading rugby practice tomorrow morning. God he was going to be sore. Slowly he made his way up to his room, stripped down got his towel and went to the bathroom for a nice hot shower.

As he walked to the bathroom he thought about home. Dad was really giving it to mom and he hated him for it. He swore if it happened again he would kill him. He told mom if it happened he would. She begged him not too but she could see it in his eyes. The same look Ted had.

At 18 Brian was becoming a man. Soon he would be at college and on his way to a job. At 6'4 220lbs he had a good chance at a football scholarship.. Dazily Brian walked into the bathroom, not caring to notice that it was already on. May turned around and shrieked, "BRIAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??" she screamed.

Brian came to and said, "SHIT May I'm sorry. He left the bathroom in a flurry. Walking back to his room Brian thought of what he just say. May was becoming quite a woman. Still just 14 she could hang with girls at least 16. Closing the door behind him Brian's towel feel. For the first time he realised he had a hardon. "Shit might as well pass the time until May's out." He said to himself.

In the bathroom May was equally distraught. Her own brother had just seen her naked! Strangely she seemed to like it. "What am I becoming?" she asked herself quietly, "he's my brother." Towelling off May wrapped the towel tightly around her blossoming body and another around her hair.

Stepping out into the hall she walked down to Brian's room to tell him the bathroom was free. Not thinking to knock first May walked in. "Brian I'm done in the bathroom if you....oh my god!!" she exclaimed as she saw her older brother jacking his giant meat.

Startled Brian looked up, "MAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??" he asked. May blushed and looked at the floor, "I just wanted to tell you I'm done." She said and then scurried off.

Smiling Brian got up and went to the bathroom. Closing the door behind him he locked it and started laughing as he thought of the events that just took place.

Part 3

It was 10pm. June was mad. The family had had yet another dinner without Ted. He was late again. "When is that bastard going to come home??!!" she asked herself. Ted, who had just come home fresh from a day of boozing smiling, "Here I am bitch!" he exclaimed.

"TED!!! Where have you been? We've been worried sick!!" June said. "No you haven't bitch. Don't lie to me. Go get the kids. We're having a family meeting.....NOW" he ordered.

Surprised and a little worried June went upstairs to fetch the kids. When they all came down Ted was sitting in the living room. He smiled when he saw them. "Well well well, if it isn't my sweet loveable family." He started. "You know that ever since we had kids I have HATED!!! This family?? Do you? No you don't because you don't pay attention!!" Ted continued.

Brian was starting to get mad now. "Look dad, what the FUCK is it to you??" he yelled. "Quiet please Brian don't upset your father." Said June.. Ted smiled, "Shut up bitch. Don't speak unless you are spoken to. As for you, Brian this is what the FUCK it is to me." Yelled Ted as he pulled out a handgun.

The entire family gasped as Ted cocked the gun. "Now listen. I want things to be the way they were before we had kids June. I realise that you probably don't want that and I've come to grips with it. I've moved on. I've had a lot of time to think about this too. I lost my job 6 months ago. I've met a girl. She's your age Brian I think you might even know her. Susie Kandall." He ranted.

"Tonight will be our last night together. After tonight, no more failure of a wife. No more failure of a son. No more failure of a daughter. But I'm not leaving without making my mark." He smiled.

"You will ALL do what I say or you will die. Don't think I wouldn't love to do it anyway so don't give me a reason. I am going to make my loveable, happy family do the worst thing a family can do....incest." he laughed.

June gasped, "Ted what are you saying?? Think about this, we are you're family!!" Ted laughed, "You don't get it do you bitch? You aren't my family anymore. Now shut up or die."

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" yelled Brian. Madly he got up in a rage, Ted expecting this was quick to his feet and he swung the butt of his gun grazing his son but enough to knock him down for a while.

"You like that bitch?? Huh you stupid piece of shit??" Ted yelled excitedly. Turning to May he smiled, "Now May, my darling little bitch. I've seen the way you look at your big brother. How he looks at you. I bet you want his cock stuffing your little cunt. Well, daddy's going to give you your wish. Strip." He said flatly.

May began to cry, "Please daddy now, I don't want to do this. Please, please don't make me do this." Ted smiled he walked over to his wife and held her tight. Pressing the nozzle to her head he smiled at his one and only daughter. "Strip." He repeated.

Frightened May began to undress. Tears ran down her cheeks as piece by piece she undressed in front of her family. When she was completely nude Ted whistled, "Nice rack you got their honey, daddy's going to enjoy those. Now strip your brother as he comes to." He ordered.

Moving slowly to her knees May crawled to her big brother. Now coming to but still on the floor. Weeping she began to undress her big brother. Somehow she could not help but think of earlier today and their encounter.. She began to get excited beneath all the hurt.

When Brian was totally nude she took in the sight. Her eyes were glued to his big giant cock. It was so big. It would hurt so much when he fucked her. June too was in awe of her son's penis. Now bound and gagged she watched helplessly as Brian rose.

Ted smiled, "You like the view son?" he smirked. "You move an inch towards me, try to stop any of my orders in any way and I WILL kill your mother. So be a good boy and do as I say." He smiled.

Frustrated Brian sighed. He looked down at his sister, naked and on her hands and knees. She looked so beautiful through the present situation. Slowly his cock began to rise. He hated himself for it and closed his eyes. Trying to fight it.

Ted meanwhile loved it. Laughing he said, "I knew it you sick fuck!! I knew you wanted to give it to her." Smiling down at May he ordered, "Now take that hot little mouth of yours and suck your big brother like the whore you are"

Brian looked down at his sister, "Its ok May, you don't have to. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." May managed out a smile and felt a great amount of passion for her brother. Here he was fighting an erection, trying to save her the humiliation their father was trying to inflict. She shook her head, "No Brian its ok. He will hurt mommy. Just let me suck your penis." She replied.

Timidly May took hold of Brian's thighs. His cock was now extremely hard as she took it into her mouth. Closing her eyes she tried to pretend it was something else. Not her brothers cock. But it was no use. It was so big and hard and thick.

In the background she heard her father laughing and clapping. She continued to take Brian's cock in her mouth as she began to suck. She tried to fight it but she couldn't. She loved the feeling, the sensation.

She gripped his ass now pulling his cock into her mouth, down her throat. Sucking madly on her brother's cock she lost herself in the lust. Brian too was finding it hard to fight. May was very good at sucking cock and her looks didn't hurt any.

June was horrified. Her son and daughter seemed to actually like it. What was worse was she was getting terribly excited too. Ted loved it. He knew she was a little whore. Just look at her trying to get more of his cock.

As May's sucking continued the inevitable happened. Brian's cock went rigid and seconds after that he began to spew his hot love juice deep down his sister's throat. May loved it. She loved the salty taste as it washed through her mouth.

Pulling his cock from his sister's mouth Brian had weak knees. That was by far the best blowjob he had ever received and it was from his sister! May collapsed onto the floor full of lust. Her virgin pussy was experiencing the biggest orgasm ever.

Ted smiled pressing the gun against his wife's temple he ordered, "Now Brian, get down and fuck her. Fuck her like the whore she is. Do it or your mother dies." Brian's lust washed away in a flat second. He hated being ordered around.

He looked down at his sister. Her legs spread, her pussy drooling it was so inviting. But there was no way he was going to take her virginity. Especially not here. Not matter how badly he wanted to.

Ted chuckled, "you better listen to me boy, fuck your sister or watch me blow you're mom's brains out. You're choice." May looked up at her brother. "Please just fuck me Brian just do what he says, mom and I know you wouldn't hurt us." She said from love and lust.

May's words were too much for Brian. Moving down her straddled his younger sister. He looked up and she smiled at him, his cum leaking from the corners of her mouth. Her pussy drooled as he ran his big hard tool along her pussy.

Grabbing hold of her he bent down and whispered, "It will hurt, I'll try not to hurt you too much. With that Brian pushed into his sister's tight cunt.

The feeling was amazing. For both Brian and May. May's cunt was so tight it literally gripped onto his cock as he slid into her cunt. Likewise, Brian's cock was so big May felt like she was being split open.

Feeling her virginity Brian stopped and then pushed down, breaking her cherry. May screamed out in pain and bestial lust. She immediately began to pound up against his big rod. The pleasure was immense as brother and sister began to fuck each other madly.

June watched in absolute horniness. Her son and daughter were fucking each other like long lost lovers. She watched her son's big cock slide deeper and deeper into her daughter's little twat. She moaned as an orgasm hit as she watched the mating below.

Brian continued to fuck his little sister. Fucking her harder and harder.. Pounding her hot little box for all she was worth. May gave it back as good as she good it. Revelling in the pleasure of the big baseball bat buried in her cunt.

It was too much for May and soon she shook as she experienced the largest and most powerful orgasm ever. Brian sensing his own orgasm building pulled out of her cunt with a pop and spewed his jism all over her tits.

Ted laughed out loud. Half of his perfect family had just committed incest and the fun was far from over. Using the time his son and daughter lay together in sexual exhaustion he quickly stripped his wife naked.

June's pussy was pouring juices as it was set free. Ted smiled, "Get down there whore! Clean your daughter now!" he ordered. Then it hit June. Watching was very different from doing. She couldn't believe herself from the feelings she had and was having.

Slowly she went to her daughter and began to lick her son's sperm from her daughter's pussy, belly and breasts. The taste was addictive and she found herself wanting more. She was to get it.

Ted ordered May up beside him and quickly tied her up as he watched his wife lie on the floor naked with his son. "Now June, darling get those slutty lips around your sons cock and suck him just like your whore daughter did!" he commanded.

A tear ran down her cheek. She couldn't believe herself. She was on the verge of sucking her son's cock and she wanted to. Stubbornly she stayed there on her hands and knees, looking at the floor.

"Damnit bitch DO IT!!" Ted shouted. He brought the gun to his daughter's head and cocked it once more. Slowly June crawled to her son. He smiled that sad defeated smile and she returned it. Moving between his legs she smelled his cock.

Moving closer she began to lick his thick meaty shaft before devouring it into her mouth. To Brian it was the most amazing thing imaginable. As good as May was, his mom was even better.

Ted loving the sight took out his own cock as he began to play with it. "Grab her head! Treat her like the whore she is!!" he yelled. Losing himself in lust once again Brian reached up and took hold of his mother's hair. Grabbing it he pushed her mouth deeper around his cock as she began to suck him harder and deeper.

June lost herself in the erotic pleasures of having her sons cock deep in her mouth. She sucked it eagerly and deeply. Moaning as her pussy quivered with her mouth embedded around his thick piece of cockmeat.

Brian smiled as he felt himself coming to yet another orgasm. He couldn't believe how many his mother and sister had caused him. Moaning aloud he shot his load deep down his mothers throat.

June surprised by the force of his explosion began to milk his cock hungrily. Dying to have his hot, salty tasty sperm in her belly. As Ted watched his wife and son together he jacked his meat even more. He hand trailed to his daughter's pussy as he began to play with it.

May was struck with sickness as her father touched her. She wanted to scream out to Brian to make her father stop but Brian was gone. June lay back practically begging Brian to fuck her.

Not waiting for his father to tell him Brian mounted his mother and forcefully slid his cock home. Ted watched as his son took his mother and began fucking her like a whore. He watched his big cock slide in and out as he fucked her. Listening to her incoherent moans and groans as her pussy melted around his cock.

Watching them fuck Ted got jealous for the first time as he saw the one flaw in his plan. He had turned his wife and daughter onto his son. When he left they would surely be riding his cock until they could not move.

At the same time Brian reached another orgasm as June writhed under his manmeat. Unable to pull out he shot his sperm deep into his mother. Moaning and thrusting until his pulsating cock could cum no more.

Ted now enraged got up and struck his son. He popped out of his wife and feel back, blood oozing from his forehead. He looked at his wife in disgust, "YOU BITCH!!! YOU LIKED IT!! YOU LIKED HIS COCK FUCKING YOU!!! YOU DIRTY BITCH!!" he yelled.

June now terrified started to cry. Ted began to pelt her with kicks to her midsection as she cringed in pain. He smiled, "I'll show you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna show your precious little girl what a whore her mommy is and then make her fuck her daddy like the bitch she will. Maybe I will even take her on the road with me." He chuckled.

Part 4

Turning June over he spread her ass cheeks. June began crying as she relived all the brutal rapings Ted had given her in the past. She felt his now hard cock pound into her asshole. Violating her in front of her children.

Ted moaned as he felt his cock slide in her asshole. June jiggled slightly as she cried. Letting Ted fuck her used asshole. "Please don't do this Ted....Please don't hurt May..." she cried.

Ted smiled as he though of his daughter, beneath him. His sperm flowing into her. Knocking her up as his goodbye present. Feeling himself near orgasm he pulled out of his wife and shoved her away.

May was now livid with fear. Bound and gagged she was unable to stop her father as he spread her juicy legs apart. Her nipples no longer erect, her pussy no longer wet she felt his cock slide in her cunt.

It was much smaller than Brian's was and she cried now. Ted was laughing as he fucked his daughter. "What a tight little cunt you are May. Daddy should have done this LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG ago." He laughed.

Ted picked up the pace, enjoying the juicy cunt beneath him he felt himself close to orgasm. He felt May tense and then look upward. Turning around he say Brian just before a chair split over his head.

Part 5

Brian shoved his father off of his sister. Untying her bonds he ungagged her. Happily May hugged Brian lovingly. Not wanting to let go. Moving down to his mother he cradled her in his arms as she groaned in the pain.

May started to cry as she thought of her father fucking her. Wiping her pussy she tried to get any and all pre-cum away from her cunt.

Meanwhile Ted was starting to come to from the hit. Things were blurry at first but then he felt enormous rage. Getting up he grabbed his gun and smiled. "You think you got me? You don't even know what's in store for you all!" he yelled.

Pointing the gun at his family he led them downstairs to the cold and now empty basement. "You will all spend the night down here. Rest up because tomorrow, my construction friends will be over and we will be fucking ALL you're holes." He smiled. "Oh and Brian? Tim has a special plan for you." He laughed and then locked the door

Turning on the light Brian took in the situation. There was barely anything in the room. Helping his mother down to the floor he and May wrapped her in the only blanket as he bruises began to show.

As June fell asleep Brian lay down, May close behind. "I'm sorry May.. I'm sorry I didn't stop him. I'm sorry I didn't defend you and mom." He said. May smiled, "There wasn't a whole lot you could do brother. Dad had a gun. I'm just glad he didn't cum in me. I was disappointed you didn't though." She said as she bit her lip.

Brian smiled, really? I mean I wanted to but....I didn't want to knock you up." He said. May smiled, "I wouldn't have minded. If dads done one thing, its bring out my true nature. Feeling our cock in my cunt was heaven. It made me want to be your whore." She smiled.

Smiling Brian looked at his horny younger sister. Moving his face closer to hers he kissed her passionately on the lips for the first time. May moaned against his mouth as she felt him mounting her once again.

Wrapping her legs around his waist May held her brother close. Sighing as she felt his cock slide in her hot wet cunt. Brian moaned as he began to fuck his sister once more. Fucking her harder and deeper than before.

They fucked into the night. Not stopping until May was filled with her brothers hot and juicy sperm.

Part 6

Brian woke up the next morning. His cock buried in his sister's cunt as she slept on top of him. Brian smiled as he took in her aroma. "How could I not have fucked her all these years?" He asked.

Sliding her off his pole he took in their surroundings once again. Getting up he spotted a iron pipe. Smiling he got up and stood by the doorway waiting. Slowly his mother and sister began to come to.

May was scared at first, scared her father had taken Brian away but when she saw her brother she smiled. June too smiled as she realised how much of a man Brian had become. She couldn't wait to get this entire ordeal over with and move onto her new life.

At seven precisely Ted walked in. "Up and at em whores!! Daddy's going to go call his friends now for a little breakfast." He crooned. Those were the last words Ted ever spoke.

Brian reared back and the iron pipe came down on the back of his father's skull. Ted fell to the ground with a shocked expression on his face. June and May jumped up in exhilaration. Hugging and kissing each other.

Part 7

The family now 3 went upstairs. Despite the recent events they were reasonably calm. June made some breakfast for the family as they were all starved. All three remained naked as it was still quite a turn on.

Through out the entire breakfast not a word was said until the end. June said, "Well I don't know about you two but after last night, I want to leave this town and house forever. I want us to begin a new life."

Smiling May chirped in, "I agree I want to leave her and never come back. I want to go somewhere where it will be the three of us and we can be together." June smiled. "As whores. I don't know about you two, but I loved what we did last night and I would die if I didn't get your mammoth cock up my cunt daily." She moaned.

The entire family laughed as Brian's cock swelled and peaked over the edge. With breakfast finished and there future plans set everyone got up to do their jobs. The last of their now old life.

June got dressed and called the police as May and Brian went up to pack.

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