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The Evans Family Part 3 -- The Raunchy Ranch

Part 1

A lot had changed for the Evans Family. For one they were now the Snave family but preferred to keep their first names. It had been 6 months since they left their old life and began there new one.

With the city life behind them they bought a Ranch (many times the Evans family had experienced Ranch life) with acres and acres of land to live off of and provide for themselves.

May enrolled in the local high school. The family thought it important that she at least get her high school diploma before spending the rest of her days at the ranch with her brother and mother.

Brian and June bought a stud racehorse that was their pride and joy and on the side gave trail rides to tourists and anyone who would pay. During their spare time the Snave family would spend their time with endless sex.. Driven by the strong passion shared between them and the urge to never be apart for long.

May loved to ride horseback bareback and naked. She especially loved to ride her brothers fat cock will galloping along on one of their horses. She and her mother loved to pose in erotic poses all over the land. Before long the family had volumes and volumes of pornographic family albums. Many nights were spent on a bed with a tape recording to document their lustful incestuous affair.

May and June were getting fucked daily. Their pussies and asses conforming more each day to Brian's hot thick rod. Yes it was true. May and June were addicted to Brian's healthy mammoth cock. Just the same Brian was in blissful heaven with the two most beautiful women in the world.

Part 2

Brian ran his hand across his brow as he waved bye to the Glickman party. He had just finished his last trail ride of the day and was intent on relaxing the rest of the day. It was just after lunch, May was at school so Brian went in search of his mother.

"Mom? Mom? Come out come out wherever you are you hot little pussy!!" he called. June giggled in the barn she loved it when Brian called for her like that.

"I'm in the barn my big cocked hunk of man!!" she replied.

Eagerly Brian trotted to the barn. The sight of his mother bent over as she finished up her chores greeted him. Her extremely tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination.

Moving up slowly behind her, Brian reached out and grabbed her ass, giving it a good squeeze, "Gotcha!!"

"OOOhhhhh!!" June exclaimed. Turning around June smiled as she melted into her son's body. Mother and son locked in a passionate embrace as Brian's hands felt his mother's ass while her tongue probed his mouth.

Brian's hands moved to the front of his mother's jeans. Undoing them slowly as they locked in their incestuous embrace. June's jeans fell to the ground exposing her soft silky thighs leading up to her skimpy frilly panties.

Pulling her face from her sons June looked at Brian. She could already see his hard rod making a huge tent in his pants. Moving closer to him she helped him take off his top. Running her hand seductively over his chest, making sure to kiss and suck his nipples.

Brian smiled, "How about we get naked and go for a ride in the country mom?" he asked.

"Mmmmm you know just what I want baby."

Hornily June's hands ran into his pants as she threw them to the floor. Moaning she took his boxers off, loving the sight of his pulsating hard cock.

Using all the will power he had Brian brought his mother up face to face with him.

"Let's hold off for a sec mom, soon we will get what we both want oh so fucking bad."

Now it was Brian's turn as he helped June off with her small tight white T-shirt. Her gorgeous melons bouncing free in the country air. June's panties were soaked now in the thin fabric. Brian's cock was at full mast he slipped his fingers under her panties and pushed down.

Giggling June slipped off to get a horse. The family had a special section of the barn used only for the purposes of the Snave family. Sexual or non. Throwing a blanket over Name Horse Brian helped his mother up in front of him before he slid in behind her.

Grabbing his mane June yelled and Name Horse exited the barn. Moving almost instantly into a gallop Brian sighed. Holding close to his mother he watched as her hot tits bounced madly with the horse.

June too moaned. Loving the feel of Brian's hard cock against the small of her back. Craving to have it stuffed up her cunt. Giving her the fucking she oh so deserved. Brian and June galloped across the land. Brian's hands slowly made their way down to his mother's cunt as he began to finger her. Going deeper and deeper as the horse galloped.

June moaned, feeling at first one and then a second finger enter her soaking cunt. Needing her son's cock June pulled on Name Horse's reins as they slowed down. When they came to a full and complete stop June turned around and kissed her son madly on the lips. Feeling his mother's horny body press against his Brian's cock rose even more. Slipping through his mother's hot cunt lips.

June moaned as Brian helped her off. Spreading the blanket on the ground Brian commanded her on her back. Legs spread. Smiling June complied, maybe even too fast. Entranced by her soaking pussy Brian slid up between his mother's legs. Licking her smooth thighs as he made his way up to her cunt.

Finally reaching he began to eat her like a starved dog. June reached down and ran her fingers through his hair. Wrapping her legs around his neck making sure he got good access to her cunt.

Brian's hands went up her body as he began to pinch and squeeze his mother's erect nipples. Nibbling and biting June's pussy lips as he felt her pussy quake beneath him. Brian opened his mouth as much as possible as he soaked in her orgasm.

Returning his focus once more to his mother Brian continued eating her out. His tongue slithered into her hot cunt as he felt her grip his head. Moaning loudly June ground her cunt into his face.

Turning around on the blanket June brought the two lovers into 69 position. Grabbing onto his strong ass June greedily sucked his cock into her mouth.. Feeling his cock enter his mother's mouth like a vacuum made Brian push a finger in his mom's asshole.

June moaned as she felt the second intrusion and responded by taking his hot meat deep down her throat. Sucking his cock madly like the cock-craving mother she was June began to play with his balls. Rolling them in her hand as she took his cock down her throat.

Brian began to fuck her face just like June was doing to his. Making sure to give her face a good old fashioned fucking. June moaned again as she orgasmed once more. Smiling Brian responded by sliding another finger up her hot ass.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhh," June moaned into his thick cock. Feeling his balls against her soft chin as he fucked her mouth was heavenly. His cock to the hilt in her mouth as her tongue swirled over his cock deep in her mouth and throat.

Suddenly he went rigid and without warning coated his mother's mouth with his warm hot sperm. June's eyes bugged out in initial surprise. She was always captivated by the power of his orgasms. Closing her eyes she began to milk her son's spurting cock.

Happily Brian slid away from his mother. His cum on her upper lip like in the milk adds. He moaned as her long sweet tongue ran over her upper lip cleaning up all of his tasty cum. "That's it whore. I need it and I need it now. Get on all fours and let your son fuck your tight mommy asshole." Brian ordered.

June shook with lust. "Oooohhh that's it! You know what I want. Give it to mommy. Fuck her good and hard!!" she yelled. Smiling Brian got behind his mother. Lining his stiff cock up to her tight ass.

Waiting a couple seconds for fun Brian slammed into his mother's hot tight ass. Grabbing her sexy hips Brian immediately began to fuck his mother for all she was worth. June was moaned madly as she felt her son penetrate her tight ass. Her husband Ted (remember him?) never gave it up the ass.

June shuddered in orgasm as Brian continued to give it to his mother hard.. His cock pistoning in and out of her juicy asshole. Brian grunted as he felt the familiar slap of his hairy balls banging against his mother's sweet sexy body.

Losing himself in white hot lust Brian began to rant, "Mmmm fuck you horny little bitch fuck my cock with your hot ass... give it to me. give it to me!" June melted with her son's words. Working her ass back against his cock she began to frantically fuck him back for all he was worth.

Feeling his mother respond sent Brian over the edge as he gripped her soft skin, leaving fingerprints as he erupted up her hot motherly ass. June yelled out in extreme pleasure, experiencing yet another orgasm as her son filled her ass with his sperm.

Pull out of his mother's now cum soaked ass Brian smiled. June fell on her back, her legs spread. Her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Seeing his mother spread eagle brought Brian back to life.

Sliding down between her legs Brian mouthed his mother. June felt him and looked up just as his hot cock slid in her warm sweet pussy. Wrapping her legs around him Brian came down until his mother's breasts pushed against his chest.

June's legs held him tight as Brian started to fuck his mother royally. Moaning June accepted his cock eagerly. Loving the feeling of his cock in her cunt. Nothing ever had felt better. Brian continued his zealous fucking. POUNDING into his mother's cunt deeper and deeper with each thrust. Filling her pussy with his cock

Brian closed his eyes, his hands on June's shoulders as he fucked her. Their bodies rubbing close together. Her globes rubbing against his madly chest as he screwed his horny mother.

June was giving it all she had as well. Ramming her horny cunt up against his cock as it slammed home. The two incestuous lovers fucked and rolled madly on the ground. Covered in sweat as they fucked under the son.

Rolling on top of her son June began to ride Brian like a cock-starved whore. Bouncing happily on his prick until she flushed and experienced yet another orgasm. Feeling his mother's motherly juice rush over his cock and Brian let go, filling his mother's wanting cunt with his sperm.

June rolled off of her son and cuddled with him as they lay on the blanket. Loving the feel of his hands on her naked body as they let his cum settle in her pussy.

Part 3

Brian smiled. He had just fucked his mother royally. If it were anyone else they would have been too tired to walk. Not Brian, knowing May was at school waiting to pick up him game him new energy.

May was excited also. She hated school. Not all parts of school, contrary to most teens she liked to learn but hated all the attention she got from boys asking her out. No means NO. She kept telling them. It wasn't like she could say, "Hey I don't want to go out with you because I'm perfectly happy to go home and fuck my brother into exhaustion."

May smiled as she thought about it. She was so lost in thought she didn't notice as her friend Robin walked up.

"May!! Hey May???" she called.

May shook her head and smiled when she saw her friend, "Oh hey Robin, what's up?"

Robin was a sweet black girl. They had bonded in gym class when May had entered school as she began her new life. She was made fun of originally but Robin stuck up for her and the two were now the best of friends.

"Will Brian be picking you up today?" asked Robin as a smile crossed her face.

Robin had been interested in Brian since the day the Snave's moved to town. Every time she asked May about her brother she was always told the same thing -- he was involved. Yet no one seemed to know to whom.

May sighed, "Yes he is Robin. You aren't going to throw yourself at him again are you? That gets old after a while."

Robin grunted. "So what if I throw myself at him! All want is some fun! You should try it you NEVER do stuff with any guys."

"Oh yes I DO! I fuck Br..." she started before catching herself.

Robin was one of her best friends, one of her only friends but she sure pissed her off sometimes. Robin was bewildered.

"You fuck who?" she asked.

May smiled and looked at the ground HOPING Brian would be here soon.

"No one, I don't fuck anyone," she replied.

"Yes you do! You were going to say his name and then you stopped! Who's Br?"

At that very moment Brian pulled up in the pickup and May jumped up excitedly.

"Brian!" she said cheerfully as he got out to hug her hello. May could feel Brian's hard cock and guessed he had just fucked mom. She couldn't wait until she was home.

Robin looked up as Brian drove up.

"Brian?" she said aloud. Getting up she went to hug her friend's big brother. He was so big and sexy. All the girls at school wanted him even if he didn't go there. And the fact he didn't care for any of them only made them want him more.

Robin could feel his hard cock just like May did and she ground her horny little cunt against it. It would be so hot to fuck him! Brian was surprised when Robin hugged him and even more when she ground her little pussy against him. His cock responded like and normal male and Robin felt special.

"Can you drive me home too?" she asked sweetly.

Brian looked over at May and shrugged. "I guess so."

Brian opened the door as the horny little girls got in.

Robin struggled with May to be in the middle and smiled as Brian slid in beside her. As Brian began to drive down the dirt road to her house she thought about who May was fucking.

"What name starts with Br?" she asked herself.

Looking up at Brian it hit her. "OH my god!" she exclaimed out loud.

Brian slammed on the brakes and looked down, slightly annoyed.

"What?" he asked.

Robin looked over at her friend and smiled, "You're fucking your brother!" she exclaimed. "THAT's why you never go out and why you always tell me his dating someone when I tell you I want to fuck him!"

Brian damn near lost it as Robin unravelled their dirty little secret. It was May who spoke first.

"Ok ok so I fuck Brian what's the big deal?" she asked.

Robin smiled, "He's you're brother!"

"SO!" said May. "You don't know how we started so you can't judge us. Besides, if I want to fuck my brother NO ONE is going to stop me!" she said hotly.

Robin looked at her mad friend, "relax May, I'm not gonna tell. As long as I get to fuck him too..."

Brian smiled. Two horny teenage pussies. Damn, if he had to fuck a horny girl to shut her up that damnit he was the man for the job. May could see the smile on her brother's face.

If Robin fucking Brian would shut her up than so be it. Maybe she could get his cock in her now rather than later. "Ok Robin but ONLY if you don't tell anyone." May said. "I cross my heart and swear to die!" said Robin.

Brian started to drive again, this time pulling off the road into the dense forest. Putting the pickup in park he looked over at the two friends. "Alright you two, in the back" he commanded.

May was drooling with anticipation. Scampering from the pickup she moved around back as she quickly got ready for her brother to fuck her. Not to be outdone Robin followed her friend copying her position as they leaned against the cab of the pickup.

Brian was the last to get to the back and smiled as the horny girls stared at him. "Alright, here's how it's gonna go. May I'm going to fuck you first mainly because I've been dying to all day since this morning."

May smiled with pride as her brother continued.

"And Robin, you watch me fuck May and get ready for me to do the same to you. Ok?" he continued. The horny girls could only nod happily as they quickly scurried out of their clothes.

Brian stood up in the pickup, making a show as he discarded he shirt and then his boxer-less jeans. Robing stared in awe at Brian's big prick. It dangled to and fro as he moved down between May's hot legs.

May moaned with anticipation as she was finally going to be fucked by her big brother. She had been dreaming about it all day. "Yes Brain, fuck me fuck your horny little cunt hard!"

Brian pushed down into her pussy as the horny 14-year-old girl moaned around his cock. Smiling he began to fuck his sister good and hard, making sure to put on a show for Robin.

He thrust down masterfully into her extra juiced up cunt. May wrapped her legs around her big brother and fucked back on his thick rod as he pounded down into her cunt. Moaning softly as he fucked her deeper and deeper.

"Yes Brian, fuck me... God I want it... fuck me like daddy made me that first night, fuck me... I want it so bad... OOOOOhhhhhh fuck me." She moaned on and on and Brian continued to travel deep down into her cunt.

May happily fucked back on her brother as he continued to pound her cunt. The pickup began to shake mightily as brother fucked sister. His cock slamming down into her with new-found strength.

It felt so good to have him in her. Her full tits shaking, her nipples hard as she cooed and whimpered beneath his cock. He fucked her harder and harder never going slower. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she yelled out and orgasmed all over her brothers bloated prick.

Robin watched in a horny state of awe. She wanted Brian's cock so bad. She had been dreaming of it since the day she saw him. Brian pulled out of May as the horny little slut sighed heavily, catching her breath.

Brian looked at Robin as she smiled and parted her young legs. He brought his knob down to her virgin opening and pushed down. Robin moaned as she felt his cock slide in her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt.

Brian slid in until he felt her hymen and then stopped. 'This is it Robin... no turning back."

Robin smiled up at Brian. "Fuck me" she pleaded. And with that she bucked up like she had seen May do causing Brian to take her cherry.

Robin yelled out in initial pain but that brought pleasure as Brian began to fuck her hot tight little cunt. She moaned deeply with satisfaction, as she felt her first of what she hoped would be many fucks from Brian.

He fucked down into her as she squealed in pleasure. Sloppily thrusting back up into him as he fucked her harder and deeper. His thrusts almost hypnotic as she found herself feeling dizzy from the fucking. She moaned and writhed about in happiness as she felt herself shudder and then explode all over his cock.

Brian felt her warm cum rush over his cock and could hold out no longer as he let go and filled her horny little cunt with all his potent sperm.

Part 4

Brian and May dropped of Robin as they promised they would do it again. Brian watched the hot little girl waddle into her house, her panties now in her bag. Robin was dying to tell everyone she had fucked Brian.

May reached over and began to suck her brother's big cock as they drove home. May couldn't wait until she and her mother were double teaming Brian.

Brian couldn't wait until his next adventure with Robin and his family.

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