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The Exotic East - a Story of Incest

I decided to spend all that I had saved over the year on a trip to the East during the Christmas vacation. My travel agent offered me an excursion trip ticket to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and India almost for a song. I read a lot on the mysterious east, and heard a lot too; and was my chance to visit.

That night while dining with my parents and sister, I announced my travel plans. Julie, my sister, jumped up in her chair. "You are not going there alone, I am coming with you. Why the hell didn't you tell me you are going to the East?' She yelled at me. "That may be a good idea," my dad's voice droned," You can take Julie with her, you know how difficult it will be for a young lady to go to alien land alone."

Julie is a simple-looking, homely girl. She teaches philosophy in the high school, and is three years older to me. She is that typical bookie-type whose world revolves around books, study and research. But, she is a very caring and understanding sister; and a great company too. She is well-read about the eastern philosophy and had a penpal of many years in India who could help us during our stay in India. Moreover, the excursion tickets were on a twin-sharing basis; and I thought it is better to share the room with my sister than with any unknown person.

I had to agree because I had no other option.

A couple of weeks later we were flying to Bali via Singapore.

It was a long flight. I did try to take a nap and also tried a few extra drinks to get sleep. I badly needed to stretch my limbs when the flight landed. We were taken by a coach to the hotel where our rooms were booked. Bali was pleasantly warm, and the resort was exotic. The rain forest grew all around, and the beach was unspoilt and vast. When we checked in, the receptionist handed over the room key and said, "Enjoy your stay Mr. and Mrs. Smith." I had to reply, "Mr. And Ms. Smith", took the keys and went to the room.

"I am going to sleep now", I told Julie.

"Go ahead, but I am going to the beach and get a good tan." She said as we tried to settle down in the room. We unpacked, I had a shower and stretched myself on the settee after switching on the TV. Julie went to the bath-room and came after showering in a bath-robe. "I shall join you after a couple of hours for lunch," she said and left the room.

I tried my best to sleep, but could not. I was tossing up on the settee. Then I decided to have a walk on the beach too. The sun was warm, and so was the beach. It was so different from the climate back at home! As I wandered aimlessly on the beach, my eyes were fixed on a female form - it was Julie lying on a beach towel on the beach and a young guy was applying sun-tan lotion on her back.

Her bikini-bottom was too small to cover her buttocks, the string of her bikini-top was undone at back and a local guy, who must have been in his teens was massaging her back, thighs, legs and sides. I never knew she wore those sexy stuff, she looked so plain. As I approached near her, she saw me and called me, "Come on here." I went near her and she continued, "This boy is giving me a THAI massage, not a thigh massage," she giggled, "they are expert masseurs and massage in this part of the world is famous and is reported to cure many ailments too. Try it out, and your tired muscles will be rejuvenated." She did not bother to cover herself. As my eyes roamed over her uncovered bums and back, she said, "Oh, I got this pair only for getting tanned, you know the large ones leave so much of you untanned." I could see the sides of her big tits pressed on the towel. Her butts were massive, but firm and shapely. For the first time I was seeing her in such a situation, and I was wondering how I could not notice her before. But my cock was getting up.

Not knowing what to say, I just muttered, "They look great on you". "Thank you for the compliment" she replied.

Meanwhile, that boy had pushed her panties down, thus uncovering whatever little was being covered and was applying lotion on her arse-cheeks. The loose-fitting dresses she wore always never let me know what a shapely figure she had. She had firm, big and wide arse below a narrow waist. Her legs were long and athletic with shapely straight thighs and beautiful calves. The sight was a little too much for me to bear, and I excused myself saying, "I'll get going."

On my way back, as I crossed her, she was lying on her back, with her eyes covered. The bikini-top was open and the boy was applying lotion on her breasts. It was an amazing sight. Her conical breasts stood erect without the slightest sign of a sag. On the pinnacle of those cones stood her erect nipples. The boy was applying the lotion on her firm cones, neck, abdomen. The thin front of her panties covered her labia, when her pubic hair peeked out through the sides. I wondered how was that boy controlling himself while massaging such a voluptuous lady, when I being her brother was getting a hard-on? Anyway, happy that she did not see me, I came back to my room. I opened the refrigerator and took out a can of beer and sat in front of the TV. When I was on my third can, the door opened. It was Julie. She had the robe loosely tied to her body. She went up to the refrigerator, picked up a can for herself and sat by my side.

"Had a good tan and a massage?" I inquired.

"Yeah!! I am going to do that every day while we are here so that when I reach home, I will have a good tan." She said. "You can try out the massage, it really makes you feel so relaxed. That boy's touch was pure magic. It took away all my fatigue and strain."

"May be sometimes later I can try it out, but don't know, how much shall I like being massaged by a guy." I tried to avoid the whole subject.

"But these are not guys, you know, they are actually eunuchs. You find them in many parts of Asia. They impersonate girls in many places." she said.

"That means even a bigger no, anyway, let us go for lunch." I got up to my feet. She brought out a loose cotton dress from her suit-case, took off the robe. She slipped the dress over her head, wore her sloes and came out with me. The thin white cotton dress revealed her feminine charm, something which I had never seen or appreciated before. My mind was in a turmoil. Here is my sister, alone with me, exuding her sexy charms all around. She was expressing the other side of her personality which was hitherto invisible. She was a very attractive lady, I was beginning to realize, and very carefree. Not that reserved person, busy with her books always, as she was back home. May be, this new place brought out that hidden self from her.

We had lunch and then went around the temples of Bali in a rickshaw, they call 'becha'. It was too small for two people, and we had to sit very close to each other. Most of the locals were thinking us to be man and wife, like the receptionist did. Any way, after visiting the temples, we came back to our hotel.

"I am going for a swim", I told her as I picked up my swimming gear. "I shall come along too", she said, and slipped off her dress over her head and wrapped herself with a large towel and came out with me. We went to the sea and started running into water like two small kids. I caught her hand and we dashed into the waves. When the large waves approached we ducked under them. We were playing with water when a very big wave rushed towards us. I took Julie in my arms and forced her to duck with me; and in the process fell on her on the sand. The water flew over us, as ripples of excitement shook me. I was right on top of her, my peter wedged between her legs, and I was hard much to my embarrassment. Her breasts were getting crushed under my heavy chest. "I am so sorry," I apologized and got up. She did not speak a word. I could not control my eyes from going to her breasts, which were hardly covered by her bikini top. The nipples were erect and pushing through them. She turned around and started walking as if nothing has happened. I saw her backside, the back of her thong panties had slid into the cleft of her arse leaving those two big moons naked. As she walked, they undulated most provocatively, and the more I saw her, the more was I cursing myself for having such lewd thoughts about her. Her firm buttocks moved in a wave motion as she walked, and was I imagining, she was swaying them more than she usually does!!

I came back to my senses with a jerk, she falling right on me, and this time she was on top of me. "What are you doing, couldn't you see that big wave?" she was reprimanding me as she gathered herself up. Her thigh brushed against my crotch as she got up. And my cock was not following the orders of my conscience. Without making it obvious, but with both of us realizing, during the course of our play, my hands brushed against her tits, buttocks and crotch; and a few times, accidentally her hands touched my crotch. All of a sudden she started splashing water at me, and I was reacting the same way. After a few bouts of throwing water at each other, we fell into each other's arms. I caught her tight, out of affection, love beyond our relationships as she melted into me holding me tight. My hand was moving in her hair which was soaked and patted on her scalp. Without a single word being spoken, we walked back hand in hand.

In the evening we went out for Indonesian dinner and enjoyed their satay (a local dish with peanut sauce). Upon reaching back the room, we were both too tired after a long flight and running around the beach and passed out.
The exotic Bali made our relationship deep, and we developed an intense understanding and bond between each other during staying together. But for the accidental rub or holding each other, there was nothing sexual about the whole thing.

In Thailand, Bangkok, we visited many Buddhist temples. Buddhism is something we were both interested in, and we liked the places we saw. That does not mean we missed out the night life in Bangkok.

"Want to see some real Asian action?" I asked her on our second day in Bangkok.

She understood what I meant, "I don't mind." And nodded approvingly with a mischievous look in her eyes.

The hotel bell-boy told us the whereabouts of such places and we went there. When we entered, the girl at the reception of the show inquired, "Like to have a hostess or a boy?"

"I was about to say no, when Julie said, "You may require the services of one of those hostesses while witnessing the show," she pinched me on my back. "What about you then? You may require a guy too - a local one?" I added. "That is going to be sure fun", Julie said and I requested the receptionist to send a boy and girl with us.

In the dark hall, the stage was at the center. The two ladies sat between we two guys. The girl told me her name was Cindy and the boy's name was Ken. From their looks, one could not make out how old they were. Cindy ordered for drinks for all, and we sat down to watch the show in a row. It started with a strip-tease, and the girl on the stage was joined by another. They were small-built, with small tits and short legs; but nevertheless sexy. They took off their garments one after another, and finally they were dancing to a famous spice girls' music in their g-strings. The gyration of their butts, boob-shaking and copulating gestures had turned me hard. One girl then wore a dildo, which protruded from her crotch like a massive, erect cock. The other one untied the knot of her g-string and knelt in a doggie position. The girl sitting next to me had taken out my phallus through the fly and was stroking it slowly. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her head towards my cock. Sex has no languages, and she knew what I needed. She willingly brought her head toward my cock and lovingly took it in her mouth. I got up to push my pants down, and when I did so, I saw that boy eating out Julie. Julie was throwing her head as ripples of pleasure ran through her body. He was sitting at her feet between her thighs, and she was sitting on the edge of her chair allowing him to savor her. After I pushed down my pants, she caught my balls in her hands and started licking them. She sucked on my balls sending a current of pleasure all through my body. At the same time she was jerking my phallus. When I was close to my final moments, she took my cock in her mouth and squeezed my balls. As I pushed myself up and forward into her mouth. She licked her finger and poked my asshole, and with utmost ease, shoved it in while sucking my dick in utmost earnest. Her finger massaged my prostate from inside my rectum. Her triple action, sucking mouth on my penis, finger massaging my prostate and hand cupping my balls made me erupt like a volcano. I came and came, possibly more than ever in my life.

The guy had vacated the seat only to sit between Julie's thighs on the floor. I could not see what his mouth was doing, but I knew from the thrusts Julie was giving that she was enjoying it thoroughly. Julie had her eyes closed, head tilted back, and pelvis rising and falling with his sucking and licking. When the girl was cleaning up my penis with her tongue, Julie moaned a cry of ecstasy, and her whole body shuddered.

One girl on the stage was fucking the other with the dildo in doggie style, and a then, they started rolling on the floor in a mock wrestling. The girl who had just blown me, left me and sat between Julie and me. As Julie started to come, she opened her blouse in a jiffy and took one of her erect nipple in her mouth and pressed the other breast. After a while she became still, and opened her eyes as if she came back from a trance. Her big blue eyes looked dreamy as she forced a weak smile. I helped her get up from her seat, she straightened her dress and we paid off those fellows. In the cab, Julie broke the silence, "that boy sure knows how to please a lady. His fingers reached some deep place inside which I never knew to exist, and the way he manipulated, my orgasm was immense." "It is nice you enjoyed it," I said. "That girl likewise massaged my prostate as she sucked me and I must have spilled a bucket-full of cum." We came back to our hotel and slept off like logs.

Although we saw each other having sex, we never balled each other. I masturbated on my bed after the lights were switched off, she was aware of it. I was also aware of her frigging herself next to me in the dark.

The next destination was India. It was the mysterious India after the exotic Thailand.

Julie's friend, Rita, came to the Delhi airport to receive us. She was a typical Indian beauty, fair with a very attractive face. Her long black hair cascaded down to her hips. She had like most Indian beauties a heavy torso, and large breasts. She was dressed in a skin-tight jeans and top which although covered her well, revealed the outlines of her sexy figure. She had booked a guest house for us, which had a kitchen. It was a nice cozy place in the outskirts of Delhi. We had plans of visiting the Taj Mahal and Kashmeer.

Taj Mahal was awesome, and we spent one day there. Rita went with us too. "Tomorrow I shall take you to a forest" she said as we walked on the lawns in front of the Taj. "Forest, for what?" I asked quizzically. "I will take you to some one who practices Tantra - the black magic", she said. "I am dropping out then. It is nice to read about it, but I am not sure if I can visit them", I gave my opinion. "Jack has chickened out, forget him, we both shall go", Julie asserted.

We returned the same evening. And the next day, three of us had hired a cab to that forest!!

It was a long drive, and the bumpy roads added to the misery. The cab went through small serpentine roads, and looking at the foliage outside we knew we were climbing up. It was quite cool, not like the tropical places we had just visited. Rita was telling us about Indian black magic, sorcery, and yogi practices like teacher teaching her students. "Will there be other people there?" I inquired. "Yeah, there may be many people including tourists today as it is a new moon day. This is special day for these people", She affirmed. "They will invoke the deities on new moon day, and they will perform their rites."
"It sounds interesting, doesn't it Julie?" I looked at Julie.

"Of course, I have read a lot about their practices and rituals and I am dying to see them" she said enthusiastically.

We had entered a dark forest of pines, and the wind was spine-chilling. The sun had disappeared below the horizon, as our car tore through the darkness making its way through the narrow lanes bordered with trees. We crossed a few houses and villages. And then we reached a place in the heart of a dense forest. There was a small house, and around that were many tents. Rita got down from the car and went to talk to one of the inmates. She came back and led us to a tent. Hot tea was served once we settled down by a local boy. The tea tasted refreshing. We stretched our limbs for a moment and the three of us came out to take a walk in the woods. The breeze through the pine trees was spine-chilling. We could not stand it long, and came back to our tents.

It was close to midnight when the sermon started. There was an Indian guru at the center and in front him, the holy fire was ablaze. There was a big statue of a deity, who looked ferocious. A goat was tied to a post, which was for sacrifice. The guru went on chanting some hymns, which we could not understand, and in between, he was adding oil to the fire. The pitch of his voice increased to a crescendo as the chanting continued. Then he got up, and like a man possessed, he went around the pyre dancing in a frenzy. He suddenly untied the knot of his loin-cloth and absolutely nude, he moved about. His disciples, who were in saffron robes took off their garments and joined him in the dance. All the while they were chanting their hymns. Big wooden bowls containing some foul-smelling liquid were being passed amongst every one. When it came to me, I smelt it, and hesitatingly took it to my lips. Rita whispered, "Go ahead, drink it." My entire throat was in fire as I gulped down that liquid. I passed it on to Rita, who too drank from it although with difficulty. Then it was Julie's turn, and she did the same. After a few rounds of that liquid, which must have had a very high spirit content, or some hallucinogens; I was no more myself. I felt as if I have gone out of my body, and was watching the whole process, including myself as an observer. I could not understand their language, but I felt as if I was able to understand every word of what the guru was saying.

"Come here " the guru called me to him. I obeyed him like a hypnotized man. "take off your clothes" - he commanded. My mind was blank, I felt as if I am the only one existing, and nothing existed around me. I took off my clothes. "Sit here" - he commanded me again. I sat in front of the deity.

He looked around and his piercing eyes were fixed on Rita. "You virgin lady, come here" - he shouted again. I could not understand what he meant by that, but saw Rita walking up. She also was made to take off her dresses. I was looking at her, but she no more looked like an object of lust. Her hair formed a halo around her pretty face. Her boobs were firm and erect. Her lower abdomen had a small bulge around her deep navel. Dark hair formed a triangle between her thighs. She was medium-built, but every ounce of her body was full of beauty. She sat down with her legs folded, a posture which made her pussy to open up.

The guru took a bowl once again and gave it to Rita. She knew what to do with it, and drank it. "Pass it to him" the guru said. I too drank from it, but the liquid did not taste as offensive as it did earlier. We went on drinking from it till we were virtually in a state of stupor.

He made Rita stand on her feet now, and I was surprised how she managed to be steady after so much of that drink. He took the bowl and started pouring it on her head which chanting of some hymns. The drink flowed down her neck, through the valley between her breasts, over her abdomen and dripped down her legs. "Drink it from the virgin mother's body" - he ordered me. The drink formed a thick stream between her legs before trickling down her legs. I knelt before her and placed my mouth on her pubis as a man possessed. She parted her legs to allow me drink the liquid. The guru went on pouring and I drank as much as I could.

I vaguely remember every one drinking the liquid from her body after I had finished. Once this drinking ordeal was over, we sat together. I could see my penis stiffening and it had become bone-hard.

"Take the mother in your lap" - the guru commanded again. Rita came and sat on my lap with her back to me. As her pubis pressed my cock down it hurt a lot. The guru came forward, applied some red powders on her forehead and accosted her, "Take man within you O Mother!! Take him to his place of birth, the purest abode of man." I felt as if we were two puppets controlled by the guru now. Rita raise her torso and positioning my cock at her entrance came down on me as my cock went in a little. She stopped for a moment and making her body stiff, pushed herself down, and my cock went halfway in after tearing her hymen. She was too possessed to cry. Finally she impaled herself on me, taking my dick fully inside.

Some one had by then brought the goat to the deity and with a swift motion of a slaughtering sword, the animal was sacrificed. It did not feel disgusting when the animals blood was mixed with the drink and passed on to every one. Every one drank from it. The chanting was continuing all the while, and now every one was taking off his or her clothes. In front of the deity, and the fire, couples were copulating.

The guru came to us, as we were at the center of all activities. "Worship the mother" -he told me. He made Rita turn around and we started rocking back and forth in sitting position. I kissed her on the breasts and massaged them as she rode me. He touched me and Rita at the lower back and I felt as if a powerful electric shock passed through me and Rita was shivering from a similar feeling. I felt as if each of my cells are emanating a radiation of ecstasy and pure joy. There was nothing in my mind excepting the feeling of celestial joy which started at the root of my cock and spread all over my body. My mind was without any inhibition and limit, and it experienced a new high during the course of copulation, a state of mind which I had never achieved.

Throughout the night the same continued. It went on and on, and no one seemed to have got tired of the act.

After several hours when I came, I saw the fire in the pyre going off. Rita's body spasmed like in an epileptic attack. "She is the source of all creations, she is the creator, she is the one who made you, enter the path wherefore you came. Give your seeds where creation takes place...." the baritone voice of the guru lingered on as a powerful orgasm shook us both. Although I came my prick was still stiff. In the darkness, we somehow managed to get into our tent.

I tried to recollect what had happened. Rita was lying by me. It was dark after the fire was gone, and I could not see any thing. I felt a hand groping its way towards me and catching my cock. I could not make out who it was, and I was not bothered to know either. I knew I could last as long as the night lasted, and I was ready to copulate with any one. I felt a warm mouth enveloping my cock. A hand was playing with my balls. A little later she placed her knees on either side of my waist and holding my cock in her hand lowered herself on the rigid shaft. My shaft disappeared in the slippery tunnel. When I jerked from below, she said, "Fuck me, harder, yes.... drive in deep ... " It was Julie. My cock did not bother it was crossing the ethical limits as it dug into her. I pumped her hard and fucked her from below as she reciprocated from top. Julie's cunt caught my long and thick rod tight, "Keep up the pace Julie..." I moaned. She leaned over me to kiss me full on the lips, and as our lips met, I caught her butts and helped her in her rocking motion. I took her nipples and played with them.

The act lasted very long. Julie had come five times when my cock spurted the juice into her pussy. After that I had passed out.

I was the first to get up. It was a bright morning, and the sun had brought warmth with it. I looked at the two lovely ladies lying by my side. Both as nude as me. The cum had smeared their skin around their pussies. Julie was sleeping on her stomach, with her big butt exposed. Her arsecheeks were inviting. I went near her, spread her legs as her puckered hole showed up. I bent forward to give her a good ass-lick. She squirmed and forced her arse at my face. After her arsehole was soppy wet from my saliva, I positioned my stiff cock and pushed. "Oh no, stop it, it will hurt" she turned her head and pleaded me to stop. I was too excited to stop there. "Don't ask me to stop now, I want to come in your lovely butthole. Just cooperate a little Julie. I promise I shall go slow." I assured her and slowly made my way in. She went stiff, and I stopped. I pushed my hand unto her pussy and fingered her. She now relaxed her sphincter. I pushed slowly and I was half way in. "That is it Julie, I am getting in your backdoor. A little more, and I shall be in your cornhole." She did cooperate. And I was inside her now. I started the in and out movement, and she started responding by meeting my strokes with hers. Her virgin arsehole was too tight. And I wanted to shower her rectum with my sperms. In a few minutes, while giving her clit a massage, and making her come, I ejaculated my juice. She turned after I climbed down. There was a dreamy look on her face. I licked her vagina and then took her clit between my lips and sucked on it. I pushed two fingers in her pussy and was searching for that magic spot. She was now humping her pelvis at my face. I added up another finger and sucked her clit even harder. She opened her eyes smilingly as her body quivered. She was still for some time, and then got up to kiss me on my lips.

"Rita also deserves the same treat", she told me.

As I knelt between Rita's legs to lick her, Julie crept under me and took my cock in her mouth. That liquid, her blood and our cum made her bush matted. I licked her bush and the outer lips. Then pushed my tongue into her quim. She stirred, and I nibbled at her clit. Meanwhile Julie was busy sucking me. When Rita woke up, she started pushing her pelvis at my face. She came soon, and so did I.

We got dressed and came out of the tent and returned to Delhi. The next few days we stayed, Rita came and stayed with us. We indulged in threesomes when she was around, and when she was not there, Julie and myself made passionate love. We traveled in India like a man and wife, teasing each other all day and fucking our brains out at night. Rita was a bit shy to try out new positions, and one day she came with Kamasutra, the Indian sex book. We tried many of those positions.

While Julie had been demanding, expressing herself, her sexual needs openly; Rita was shy, submissive and delicate. Julie makes love like a tigress and milks me dry in every bout of love-making. Whereas Rita is shy, demure and makes love like a tepid deer. The contrast between them makes the threesomes even more pleasant.

After a three week travel, we came back home. Rita plans to migrate here and live with us. We shall be only too happy to get her here. Julie says she gets turned on when she sees Rita, and may be in future, she will make love to her if Rita agrees. But Julie is very confident that she can seduce her. Julie is tremendously talented at giving blow-jobs. She uses her tongue on the underside of my cock, licks my balls and uses her teeth mildly on my cock, and sucks on the head. Finally when she deepthroats me, I go crazy. We have got the replica of that deity, and when we make love in front of her, something possesses us, and we keep on fucking till we pass out. Most nights, after our parents fall asleep, being early-to-bed fellows, we sneak into my room or her room together. Julie needs multiple orgasms once she is aroused, and if my cock goes limp, she knows how to breathe life into it. And the joy we find in each other's arms is not just sexual, it is much more beyond that - it is heavenly.

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