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Fairy Tale Two: A Dog's Life

Douglas sighed happily as his wife gently took his penis in her mouth. Was it really only a year since they were married? It sure didn't seem like it! Time sure flew when you were having fun! Valerie swirled her tongue around his shaft, looking up at him with a mischievous glint in her eye. She slowly settled her mouth over him, relaxing, letting him enter her throat. There was a time she would never do this, but that was before they met Honey. Honey was a fairy, a Fairy Godmother, by trade, and also a bit of a flake. In her own unique style, she had cast a spell on them, forcing them to exchange bodies, until Valerie; under the influence of powdered unicorn horn had actually raped her own virgin body! Honey grew so aroused by this; she seduced a squirrel that was passing the window. In her rush for release, first she forgot to cast a contraceptive spell, and then accidentally whacked the poor rodent in the face with her bag of unicorn horn dust! He fucked the startled fairy with such force, that she passed out, allowing Douglas and Valerie to get her wand! After admitting she had only moments to prevent pregnancy, Val locked the wand away for six hours. Afterwards, Valerie let her stay on, when her Fairy Godmother's license was suspended for a year. The three had become good friends since, although Douglas was a little miffed over the details of her suspension. The infraction was 'Misuse of power' but it wasn't against the humans! It would seem a fairy isn't permitted to use drugs to force a noble forest creature into a romantic liaison! Anyway, Douglas had better things to think about now, like how near he was to exploding down Val's tight throat!

"Momma, is aunt Val going to bite uncle Doug's thingy?" a small voice whispered in the candle lit bedroom.

Val very nearly did, as she jumped up, falling off the bed. "Honey! What are you two doing here!" she demanded, rubbing her bottom from her hard landing.

"Don't mind us. " Honey said conversationally. "Rocket wanted know about sex, so I thought you guys could demonstrate for her."

Rocket was the result of her squirrelly love affair. With her gray hair, and bushy tail, she took after her father, but the slim sexy body, and full pert breasts, was unmistakably due to her mothers influence. Although only a year old, the pretty little fairy was already a fully-grown adult. She was born on their wedding day, and by the time they came back from their honeymoon, Rocket appeared to be nearly two years old! The humans were amazed at this growth, but then again, Honey was amazed at how slow their 6-month old son, Donny, was growing. Rocket landed on the bed next to Douglas, with the speed that earned her nickname. He never had the nerve to tell Honey about Rocket J. Squirrel from the Bullwinkle cartoons. "Does that feel good, uncle Doug?" she asked, uncertainly.

"Um, yes it does, sweetie, but you shouldn't be watching this!" he managed to stammer, as he pulled the sheets over his wilting erection.

"Why not?" Rocket's bushy tail drooped. "How am I going to know what to do if I don't see it first?"

"Rocket, dear. " Valerie finally got her emotions under control. "Tonight is our anniversary. Humans like to spend this time alone together."

"Oh come on, guys!" Honey butted in. "We've seen you sucking Douggie's thingy Val, why not the rest?"

Valerie looked at Doug. He smiled. "It's up to you, baby. If they want to watch, I guess it's ok with me. " Apparently, it was more then ok, judging by the growing lump forming in the sheets.

Val thought for a second, but Rocket looked so hopeful. She shrugged her shoulders, and got back in bed. "Now where was I?"

"Uncle Doug's thing was in your mouth!" Rocket chimed in helpfully.

Val giggled at Doug's blush. "Thank you dear. Now watch what I do, I bet guys of any species like this!"

She closed her lips around Douglas's shaft, and once more, eased him into her throat. Somehow, having the fairies watch made it so much more exciting! Doug gave her leg a little pull; Val got the message, and turned around, never releasing his cock while she lowered herself onto his waiting mouth. "That's called 69. " Honey said in a stage whisper. 'If two people really like each other, they often use their mouths to make the other's sex feel really nice. " Honey was thoughtful for a moment. "I wonder why they picked 69? Why not 96, or even dp? Um, never mind! Keep watching, baby, Douggie's semen should be coming out soon!" Honey was right. Douglas was gripping Valerie's bottom tightly, as the woman bobbed her head faster. He stiffened and groaned into her, as his shaft shuddered in her warm mouth. Val wasn't far behind, and trembled joyfully as Douglas stabbed deeply with his tongue.

"Wow!" Rocket exclaimed, when she saw a few drops of shining fluid dripping from Val's lips. "That looked really neat!" she looked a little worried, and turned to her mother. "Momma," she whispered. "I feel funny. My tummy is all trembly, and I think I wet myself a little!"

"Oh baby, that's normal. It's your body's way of asking for a little treat, just like Val and Douggie just did. " Honey gently drew her daughter in her arms. "Would you like to try that with me, Rocket?"

Val and Douglas were shocked. They knew Fairy Folk were rather uninhibited, but this? This was something totally beyond belief! "Oh Momma, could we?" she asked excitedly, not waiting for an answer as she pulled off her tiny halter and shorts. "That looked like such fun!"

To Honey, it was the most natural thing in the world, to want to please her daughter. The fairies didn't even seem aware of the shock they caused their human friends. "You lay down, Rocket. I'll do you first. I want you to just relax, and let me show you how nice it feels. " Rocket lay down, and made herself comfy, as Honey quickly removed her own clothing. Honey gently spread her daughters shapely legs, and lay between them. Rocket's body gave a little shudder, as Honey lightly dragged her lips, over her beautiful little girl's inner thighs.

"Oh Momma, that feels nice!" Rocket happily whispered. The whisper turned into a sigh, as Honey began to tease Rocket, gently licking the swelling lips, but never touching the growing nub of her clitty. Rocket's breathing started to get heavier, and the watching humans could see the magical glow of her skin getting brighter. Val couldn't take just watching. She laid, head next to the mother and daughter, and pulled her willing husband over her. Even in the passion of their own love making, the two humans couldn't tear their eyes away. "Momma!" Rocket sounded both worried, and ecstatic. "W-what's happening to me!" Honey didn't answer she just intensified her efforts. "Momma more! Please more!" Rocket cried, unable to keep her body still under her mothers care. Douglas thrust madly into his beloved wife, as Rocket started to rise into the air! Val had trouble keeping her eyes on the two sexy fairies, as the slowly drifted about the room. The sight was so fantastic, that she felt her own orgasm approaching with remarkable speed! "I love you Momma!" Rocket breathed, as her glow began to drown out the candles. Suddenly, with a scream, the young fairy went off! Literally! Her glow intensified rapidly, and then with a blinding flash, announced the fairy's very first climax! Valerie and Douglas were only seconds behind, as his seed erupted into his wife's trembling body. Honey helped her daughter land, the girl was hardly conscious.

"Oh Rocket, I love you too, baby! Did you like that?"

Rocket focused her eyes, and smiled at her loving mother. "Momma, that was wonderful! I want to feel like that again!"

Honey held her daughter gently stroking the strikingly gray hair. "Oh you will, baby! Any time you like! Would you like to see how I taste now?" Honey said with a gleam in her eyes. Of course she did! Later, in that timeless night of love, Valerie and Douglas decided having company on your anniversary night, might not be so bad, after all!

A few days later, Val was out for the day, shopping, and taking little Donny for a checkup. Douglas stayed at home. He was supposed to be working on his novel, but was idly cruising the Internet, looking at some very pornographic images. Rocket, hidden from view, in a potted plant, was watching too. She had discovered that if she used her fingers just right, she could bring back a little of that wonderful shaky feeling her mother showed her. It wasn't nearly as good, but Momma had just got her license back, and wouldn't be home from work, until late. Uncle Doug found a new, and very exciting web page. It had women playing with doggies! Rocket was just a little disappointed. As Uncle Doug clicked from picture to picture, she never saw even one squirrel! Uncle Doug stopped at one picture, of a woman being fucked by a large German Shepherd, and just stared, as he hastily pulled down his shorts. "Well I'll be a son of a bitch. " He said to himself, as he started to stroke himself. "I wish Val would go for that!"

Rocket sprang from her plant, and flew straight to her uncle, pulling her brand new training wand from its sheath. "Oh Uncle Doug, thank you!" she cried. "You're giving me my very first wish!"

Doug spun around in his chair, almost in terror. How could he be so careless to use the 'W' word? "No! I didn't mean that!" he screamed, as the wand tapped his nose Doug felt a sickening twisting in his bones, and his flesh shifted across his body. He fell from his chair, thudding to the floor.

"Momma will be so proud of me!" Rocket declared, standing atop the head of a large German Shepherd. The dog struggled to escape the clothing he was all twisted in, and then seemed to notice the fairy sitting on his head. Douggie didn't know why, but he was mad at the tiny ones. Usually he liked them, but not today! He growled at her, and shook his head, then gave chase! The tiny one flew away, giggling at him. As Douggie ran, he forgot his anger. As he moved through the bedroom, he paused. The Lady's smell was here! Douggie knocked over the clothes hamper, and excitedly sniffed at Val's clothes. He felt something stirring inside. Deep in his doggie heart, he hoped The Lady would offer herself to him! Rocket saw his red penis emerging from its sheath, and giggled again. "Don't worry, uncle Doug, aunt Val should be home soon!" Douggie saw her, and gleefully gave chase again. This was fun! Rocket flew all over that house. She was enjoying this new game too! "Uncle Doug!" She cried breathlessly, as the front door opened. Douggie scented The Lady instantly, and ran to the one he loved.

"Oh my God!" Valerie yelled when she saw the fierce dog, chasing Rocket veer towards her, as the poor girl cried for her uncle. She made a quick grab, catching Rocket, and then slammed shut the front door. She put down Donny's carry-seat, and whipped out her cell phone. Val put the dazed fairy in the seat with Donny, and called the police animal control division. In only a few minutes, they sent over a van, and captured the stray dog. Douggie whimpered as the strange men took him from The Lady and The Boy. He just couldn't understand why she was so scared of him!

Val knelt by the carry seat, and gently picked up Rocket, before Donny woke up, and started to play with her. "Rocket dear, are you ok?"

Rocket blinked her eyes, and shook her head. "I think so. " She answered. "What happened?"

"That awful mean dog almost got you!" Val said kindly. I had to grab you to keep you safe. I'm sorry if I was a little rough."

"The Dog, were is he?" Rocket asked, looking all around.

Valerie misunderstood, and thought the fairy was frightened. "They took him away to the animal shelter. After he's neutered, he'll be much gentler. I'm sure some nice family will take him in."

Rocket suddenly wasn't so proud of her wish granting any more. "Um, aunt Val, I, I have to go do something!" As soon as she was out of sight, Rocket took out her wand once again, and cast an emergency-summoning spell. "Momma! Help!" The desperate fairy almost screamed into her wand. "I think I've made a big mistake!"

Honey was just a tad busy. She was watching two rabbits, doing what rabbits do best, and really getting into it too. Carefully she inserted her wand into herself, and let it start sliding in and out; under it's own power. When the energy of the summoning discharged from the wand, it felt like a thousand tongues were attacking her clit at once! Honey arched her back, and screamed with joy, as she shot into the air. After a timeless moment, Honey withdrew the wand with trembling fingers, and licked it clean. "Rocket?" she said softly. "Your timing is wonderful!"

"Momma! You have to come home quick! We have to find uncle Doug!"

Honey wasted no time flying home, as Rocket told her what happened. She made it in record time, and hugged her frightened daughter. "It's not your fault, baby. It was a wonderful first wish! Don't you worry, we'll find Douggie in no time!" Honey tried not to show how worried she really was. If something were 'altered' on doggie Doug, even if changed back to a human, he still would be 'fixed'! The two fairies searched every shelter they could find. As the sun was setting, they finally hit pay dirt!

Michael brought the German Shepherd into Doc. Mary's examination room. "Sorry Doc. This guy just came in. " He smiled at the pretty vet. "Do you want to wait for tomorrow?"

Mary smiled. "Nah, let's do him tonight. It won't take long. " Maybe then you could finally ask me out, she left unsaid.

"Eep," Honey gasped. "I think we just made it!"

"What do we do?" Rocket said, trying to keep calm. "She's gonna snip uncle Doug's goose eggs!"

"Oh, I think not. " Honey snickered. "Watch this!" Honey waved her wand, and pointed at the woman, casting a very powerful inhibition-canceling spell.

Mary suddenly felt a shudder run through her body, and turned to smile at Mike. He body moved on it's own, as she slowly walked over, and slid her hand between his legs. 'What am I doing?' she thought wildly, as she heard her voice speaking in a sexy whisper. "There's something else I'd like to do first!" Mary tried to fight it, as her fingers undid Mike's belt. It was as if her libido had taken over conscious control of her body!

Mike couldn't believe it. His fondest wish was coming true! "Oh Mary!" He gasped, as his rapidly expanding cock sprang into view. "I've wanted this so long!"

"You just had to ask, silly!" 'No! I'm not like this!' Mary screamed in her mind, as she tried to ignore her body's growing need. She slowly sank to her knees. 'Oh shit! I've never done this!' she opened her mouth, and took the throbbing member inside. She tried and tried to stop, but she just kept bobbing her head, swirling her tongue around the rigid shaft.

"Oh God! I'm gonna cum!" Mike panted, as his body stiffened.

Mary sped up, even as she desperately tried to pull away. 'Not in my mouth!' she begged wordlessly, as thick salty fluid gushed over her tongue, and made it's way down her throat. The compulsion left her as soon as it came. Mary looked up at Mike's still hard penis, and thought, 'what the hell!' as she stood and removed her lab coat. "Don't just stand there, Mike! Don't you want to make love to me now?"

Mike did, and started eagerly. Rocket had to drag her mother away, as they snuck out the back door, with the now forgotten Doug. "Aw, shoot! That was getting good too!" Honey complained. She looked down at Doug's sad eyes. "Ok Doggie Douggie, let's get you home. " Several people spotted a flying dog that night, but not one had the nerve to report it to anyone. The two fairies flew Doug through the open bedroom window, and hid themselves as Valerie entered the room.

"What the hell!" she stopped dead in her tracks. "How did you get back here, dog?" Doug just sat there, happily thumping his wagging tail against the floor. Val took a step forward, and the handsome Shepherd gave a happy little bark. "You don't seem mean just now. Maybe seeing Rocket flying just got you all worked up. I'll tell you what, dog. You can stay until Doug gets home, and then we'll see if we can find your owners. " Val turned to the computer, to check her email, and gasped when the screen came to life. The last picture Doug was looking at was boldly displayed to her. "Oh shit! That's sick! I'm going to kill Doug for leaving that there for me!" she glanced nervously at the dog in her room, and then shut down the computer.

"Let's not give you any ideas!" she said with a little chuckle. Val checked on Donny, asleep in his crib, and then went to relax in the bath. She was mad at Doug all right, but she was also looking forward to making up, afterwards! Leaving the bathroom door ajar, she started the water running, and began to disrobe. If she were lucky, Doug would come home, and catch her in the big cast iron tub. Val knew from happy experience, that it was plenty big enough for two. Doug watched The Lady remove her clothes, and sniffed the air, as her wonderful sent grew stronger. He felt that feeling deep inside, and restlessly began to rub his growing member against the rug, as it emerged from its sheath. "Damn!" Val dropped the cap from her bubble bath. It sank into the growing bubbles. "That's just great!" she said, as she got on her knees, leaning over the edge of the tub, to feel around for it. Doug's heart nearly burst with happiness. The Lady was offering herself to him! He watched for just a second, as she waggled her bottom at him, and them charged into the room. He mounted her back, and then began humping madly at her, trying to gain what he needed. Val almost drowned, as a sudden weight pushed her head into the warm water. "Get off! You dumb dog!" she sputtered, as soap suds ran into her eyes. She became aware of something warm hard, and wet, stabbing against her thighs. "Oh shit! Get the hell off!"

Val tried to get up, but wasn't a very large woman. About a hundred pounds of German Shepherd had her pinned against the side of the tub. She couldn't get out of her awkward position! She tried to get her hand, between him, and his goal, but when she moved, he pushed her face into the deepening water again! "Stop it!" she yelled, and then tried to calm herself. She didn't want to scare Donny awake. "Get off! Bad dog!" she hissed, as she attempted to dodge his thrusts. Doug was in doggie heaven. The Lady wanted to be his bitch! The way she was moving was driving him mad with lust. He needed to breed her, show her how strong and powerful he was! Val's eyes opened wide. He got the tip in! She didn't want to admit it, but by now she was so wet, he managed to stab completely into her! "Oh God no!" she gasped. "Get out of me!" she whimpered, as the huge dog thrust with amazing power. Doug slammed into his bitch, being driven by instincts older then time. "No! Stop!" Val said weakly, as her body betrayed her.

Suddenly she remembered how funny Timmy looked to her little girls eyes, when as a child, her beloved dog was serving as stud at her fathers kennel, and got stuck to a girl dog for several minutes. It wasn't funny any longer! She could feel something growing inside her, stretching her to the limits. She whimpered again, but more in pleasure then pain. Val gave up her struggle, and submitted. She was this dog's bitch! She felt him shudder, as a massive amount of doggie semen was pumped deep into her tummy. The swollen knot was putting pressure on her clit, and Val shook in return, as she was overcome. Val panted like a bitch, as she waited for the cock trapped in her, to soften enough to finally slip out. "Oh Doug!" she cried. "How can I face you? I, I liked it! I liked being a bitch!" as she sobbed, she felt something weird.

The doggie legs around her waist weren't furry any more. She managed to grab a paw, without drowning, and was shocked to feel fingers grow, and then clasp her hand!

"Valerie, please forgive me!" Douglas whispered into her ear. "I, I sort of made a wish!"

Rocket landed on the faucet, looking rather upset. "I'm sorry, aunt Val. I almost messed up my first wish! Momma and I found uncle Doug in time though, so you were able to have sex with him! Did you like it? How about you, uncle Doug?"

Honey flew down, and looked between Doug's legs, at the penis, still in the pretty human's pussy. "Wow, look at all the stuff seeping out! I think it's safe to say they liked it!"

Val opened her mouth to yell, then paused, and looked at the hopeful little fairy. How could she stay mad? "It was a terrific first wish. " Doug grew hard almost instantly as she continued. "Rocket, listen carefully. I wish we could do that again!"

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