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Family Farm Frolic

I was born and raised on a farm just south of Atlanta. Our farmhouse is one of the old style homes with a porch running around three sides of the first floor. I used to climb out on the porch roof and run around to the old apple tree on the side of the house when I wanted to get out without my parents seeing me. One night when I was sneaking out to go with some friends I passed by my younger sister's window and noticed that her shade wasn't pulled all the way down. Leaning down, I looked into her room to see her in front of her full length mirror dressed only in bra and panties. Apparently she was admiring her budding fourteen year old body since she twisted and turned, watching her reflection. She turned sideways and sucked in her breath, forcing her chest outward and her flat stomach even flatter. Her hands went to her breasts and she lifted them higher, watching the white flesh bulging out of the top of the cups. I decided that my friends would have to do without me that night, and I sat on the porch roof and watched her reach behind to unsnap her bra, letting the cups slide down her arms and onto the floor.

Her nipples were as big around as a silver dollar and the whole nipple stood out from her firm breast, but there was no evidence of the hard, pointed nipple like my girl friend has. She cupped her breasts and lifted and massaged them, watching all the time in the mirror. Her fingers pinched at the nipple flesh, rubbing and caressing the exciting redness. Rolling her panties off her legs, she opened the soft petals of her pussy with her fingers, watching the pink flesh appear through the soft brown down of her cunt hairs. She licked her finger and rubbed her clit, twisting it and poking as she watched with fascination, her juices starting to run down her soft, shapely thighs. Suddenly her hand started moving faster and faster, and I pulled my cock out and started rubbing along with her. As my cum spurted from my prick in long streams of sticky, hot fluid, she shuddered and came, her body jerking in response to the pleasure. From that night on, whenever she went to her bedroom, I would climb out on the roof and try to watch her. Fortunately for my schoolwork, she usually closed her shade so I could go back to my homework, but occasionally she left an inch or two uncovered and I could watch her undress and play with her body.

One night when my folks went to Atlanta to a party, she took my Lab upstairs when she went to bed. I was kind of ticked off anyway since I had to stay home on Friday to babysit, so I pouted in the den watching television. Then I remembered! I raced upstairs and out onto the roof. I could see from the light on the roof that the shade was partially open so I crept up to the window. Kathy was on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide as Prince licked her cunt, his long pink tongue painting her entire pussy with each stroke. I could hear the slushing sounds as his saliva mixed with her pussy juices, the overflow dripping off her ass onto the floor. Her fingers were busy caressing her tits, pulling and squeezing the prominent nipple flesh as her body convulsed in orgasm. Excited by the taste and aroma of her juices, Prince's cock was poking pinkly from his black crotch, and he tried to mount her, but she resisted, sitting up and stroking his head. She got off the bed and sat at his side. She coated her tits with peanut butter and brought Prince's mouth to her tits. His tongue flicked out and licked the sticky substance from her body while she jacked him off with her hand. She dipped her hand into the jar and coated her cunt with the brown butter, drawing Prince's head to her crotch as she lay face up below him, her dainty hand still jacking his prick. As the ball rose in the dog's prick, Kathy started to twist and squirm from the pleasure of his cunt licking. Long streams of cum shot from his cock and coated her chest and stomach as she hunched her pussy into the air, groaning with the pleasure as the second wave of orgasm wracked her young body. Watching her getting it on with my dog caused me to cum twice also, but I was still hard when she turned off the lights and got into bed, Prince sleeping on the rug by her bed.

I waited for her to have plenty of time to get to sleep and then turned off all the lights in the house. I carefully opened her door and crept into her room on hands and knees. Prince's tail started wagging and hitting the floor, so I had to quiet him by stroking his massive black head. I crept closer to the bed and listened to the even sounds of her sleep as I touched her arm gently to make sure she was sound asleep. I raised the cover and sheet, putting my head under with my small flashlight in my mouth. Her pajamas had small buttons down the front, with snaps on the front of her bottoms. Her breasts poked the front of her pjs into twin peaks of beautiful roundness as I carefully undid three buttons, exposing an inch of tender flesh to her navel. Gently, I pulled the top back to each side, completely exposing her small but magnificent breasts. Her beautiful, large nipples looked as if they were begging to be sucked, and it was all I could do to restrain myself. I licked one finger and rubbed the moistness into her sensitive flesh, making one nipple gleam in the flash light.

She twisted in her sleep, her legs spreading slightly so that I could see a few tufts of light brown hair through the loose legs of her panties. I took my cock out and began stroking as I carefully pulled her pants leg to one side, exposing her entire slit. Downy light brown hair was only starting to cover her cunt, so her pink pussy lips shone in my flashlight, and I could smell her erotic aroma. My hand beat faster and faster, drawing the third blast of cum that night. As I rubbed the sticky white cum into my skin, I felt Prince's tongue licking my fingers and the knob of my cock! The unexpected warmth and wetness was fantastic, and I started cumming even again as his tongue licked the entire length of my shaft.

Completely sated, I suddenly realized what I was doing. If Kathy awakened or if my folks came home, I was dead. Gently I slipped out of the covers and crept to the hallway, with Prince following behind. Softly closing her door, I ran to the kitchen and got the jar of jelly and took Prince to my room. I coated my cock and balls with grape sweetness and let Prince lick and suck the purple passion from my shaft. Once I was soaking wet from his saliva, I spread jelly on my crotch, from my balls to my ass hole and let him lick it while I masturbated. The sensation of his tongue on my ass hole and balls was more than I could stand, and I forced his head over my cock as I started to spurt once again. The warm wetness of his mouth was wonderful as I came for the fourth time that night. And I had been mad because I wasn't going to be able to have any fun!

That afternoon, my mother told me I was going to have to babysit again that evening because my father was in the working on a "big deal" and they had to go to Atlanta again to meet with his prospective partners. I had to argue and sulk or she would immediately get suspicious, but secretly I was excited at the prospect of repeating my erotic encounter of the night before. Mentally and secretly I urged Kathy to go upstairs and get ready for bed. She was lying on the floor in front of the TV with her calves in the air. From my position, I could see the crotch of her white cotton panties under her short skirt and just the hint of the thrust of her breast pushing out the front of her sweater.

At 9:00 she reached up and turned the TV off, rolling onto her side and spreading her legs so that her skirt bunched up at her waist, completely exposing her crotch. "I enjoyed what you did last night," she said. "After you left, I rubbed myself off two more times. But you've seen me and I haven't seen you. I want to see you and touch your thing while you touch me again." She got up and told me to wait, leaving the room and walking to the stairs.

I started rubbing my prick through my jeans and I could feel it growing down my left leg, the shaft squeezing through the tight, blue material. I heard Kathy walking down the stairs and she appeared before me in her pajamas, the same ones that she had on the previous night. "Take off your shirt," she said, and I complied. "Don't touch me," she warned as her fingers explored my chest and shoulders. Her fingers went to my nipples and she rubbed and prodded them, asking, "Are they as sensitive as mine?" As I nodded "yes" she pinched one between her fingers saying, "Sometimes I like to pinch mine hard. It makes my pussy tingle and start to get wet." I felt the sharp pain radiate to my cock, and it grew even more.

"Oooh, did I hurt you? Let me kiss it and make it well." Her mouth descended to my nipple and I felt her warm lips engulf the hard skin and her tongue licking its tender surface. "Does that feel good? I like it when Prince licks mine," she said as she stepped back and began to unbutton her pajama top. Holding the front together she asked, "Do you think my breasts are funny looking? All the other girls have hard, pointed nipples and mine are just one rounded shape. Mine are larger than theirs and all of my nipple pokes out, not just the tip." I assured her that her breasts were exciting and beautiful. I told her that I wanted to kiss hers just like she kissed mine.

She took her top off and cupped her breasts in her hands, pinching her nipples between her finger and thumb, pulling the tender flesh out from her body. I reached for her breasts and began to stroke the soft mounds of white teenage flesh. At fourteen, her breasts were still growing and there was no sag. They were shaped like melon halves, and were nearly as firm. She put her hands on top of mine and crushed her breasts with my palms, rubbing the firmness up and down as my calloused skin drug her tits along. "Suck them," she commanded as her hands forced my head to her chest. I opened my mouth and took her entire tit, licking the nipple as I sucked her breast. I could feel the ridge of her nipple against my tongue as my saliva bathed the soft whiteness, making it slippery and shiny.

"I want you to bite them," she said, pulling her tit from my sucking mouth. I took her nipple between my front teeth and nibbled softly, pulling at her tenderness gently. "Harder!" she commanded through clenched teeth, and I increased the pressure on the sensitive skin at the base of her nipple. She grabbed my head and twisted and pulled it, causing my teeth to drag and pull on her nipple as she moaned, "Enough! I can't take any more. Kiss it and make it well." I opened my mouth and began to lick and gently suck the blood back into her tortured flesh as her hands started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. Stepping back, she told me to take my pants off. I shoved my jeans down and took off my shoes and socks. As I stood, my cock poked toward her like a flag pole, its surface red and shiny. Her small hand reached out and touched just the head of my cock as she giggled, "It looks like a mushroom." Her soft hand stroked its entire length and played with my balls. "They're funny," she said as her fingers tested the contents of my bag. A small bead of cum appeared in the slit and gleamed as her finger smeared it all over my knob. She put the finger in her mouth, tasting my cum. "Its kind of salty," she said, "but I think I like the taste." Putting both hands on my shaft, she inquired, "Can I make it squirt? If I keep rubbing you, will it cum?" I nodded "yes" as her soft white hands jerked my bone hard cock, making my sperm rise out of my balls and shoot pearls of whiteness onto her stomach and hands. Rubbing my cock on her belly, she looked at me and asked, "Can I kiss it?" She leaned down and let her tongue flick pinkly out at my cock, caressing the head with its warmth. God, this was much better than Prince!

Leaning back, she looked at me and asked if I liked having her lick my cock. Nodding "yes", she stood and asked if I would lick her also. As I reached for her, she quickly unsnapped the front of her pajama bottoms and let them drop to the floor, reaching down and spreading her pussy lips. "I want you to lick me," she said, spreading her legs and fingering her clit. I knelt at her feet and touched her clit with my tongue. Her aroma was overpowering, and I really didn't mind the taste of her pussy as my cock continued to revive.

"That's it. Lick my button. Suck it into your lips and work it with your tongue," she whispered as I continued to lick and tongue her cunt. I ran my tongue down her crack to her vagina, letting my tongue snake wetly up her pussy as she moaned softly, "Oooooh yes! Stick your tongue inside me. Suck up my juices." I felt a furry head pushing against mine and another, larger tongue sloshing inside her cunt. Prince had come into the room and was trying to get his mouth on her pussy. Her body shuddered and twisted as she climaxed, her sweet pussy juices flowing into my mouth. Her legs gave way and she collapsed on the couch, her ass hanging over the side, and Prince and I competed for her pussy.

"Let me lick yours while Prince licks me," she offered. I climbed up and put my cock at her mouth, watching the dog continue to lick her. She moaned again and came in waves of pleasure while her tongue and lips continued to caress my bone-hard prick.

Suddenly, Prince reared up and put his front paws on each side of her body and drove his slim prick into her soaking pussy. She tried to scramble away, but he had her impaled on his pink cock, hunching up and down rapidly. "Oh God! I can feel the ball inside me. It's rubbing up and down," she said as the dog continued fucking her, faster and faster. Finally, Prince jerked quickly as his spunk shot up into her virginal cunt, filling her pussy with his sperm. As he came, I started cumming in her mouth and she let my cock drip its whiteness on her face as Prince started licking my knob.

Later that same evening, Kathy sat on my cock and let Prince shove his prick into her ass hole. But that's another story.

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