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Family Fuck Slave

Part 1. The beginning

Susie lived in a rambling old farmhouse. Her mum had died about two years before so she had taken over the duties of cook and housekeeper for her farther and brothers. Susie had just turned fifteen that summer; her farther had made her give up school so she could do her chores. Her brothers; Dan, twenty the oldest worked full time on the farm with dad, whilst Kevin and Keith the twins were seventeen at Christmas and both still in school doing advanced studies.

The farm was not large and like many in the area had sheep and a few cows. Dad often said how hard it was to make ends meet. Susie was never allowed to go out with her school friends to town, wasting money as her farther called it. She had never had a regular boy friend and new little about sex, all this was about to change.

Dad came home and announced that he and Dan required more help on the farm. Instead of hiring someone he had invited Uncle Richard, Aunt Cath and their son David to come and live with them. Aunt Cath was dads' sister, she had met Richard at college and moved away to Cardiff. They had only visited the family farm twice since Susie was a little girl. Uncle Richard new nothing of farming but dad insisted the with Richard and David to help out the farm could become profitable again. The boys grumbled but the decision was already made and so a week later Uncle Richard, aunt Cath and David Arrived. Susie noted the cousin David was far more handsome than shed remembered he was as tall as her brother Dan was, and broad at the shoulder. Uncle Richard too was tall and dark with deep brown eyes that seemed to the innocent fifteen-year-old to look right into her soul. His eyes always sparkled as if laughing at some hidden joke that only he could see.

Things almost immediately began to improve around the farm, aunt Cath helped around the house making Susie`s life easier, whilst Uncle Richard and David helped dad and Dan. Dad changed too he became happier and much more relaxed.

Cousin David spent a great deal of time following Susie around he would always appear when she was alone in some secluded place. He would press up against her and whisper things about fucking her, telling her how much she'd enjoy it and that she was really a slut. Susie always resisted his advances and would scurry away, but she was always flushed after these encounters and found herself thinking about what he had said.

About a fortnight after her uncles family had moved in Susie discovered the reason for the change in her farther, this discovery was to change her life. It was late about 1 AM. Susie awoke thirsty and when downstairs for a glass of water. She was on her way back to bed when she heard some strange noises coming from her father's room. She tiptoed down the corridor to her father's door and listened, "do it slut suck your brothers cock you bitch." Susie was shocked what was going on, so she knelt down and looked through the keyhole. Her father's room was lit by candles she could clearly see the bed on which was the most shocking sight that her fifteen years had ever seen. Lying against the headboard was her farther naked! Kneeling in front of him on the bed was aunt Cath his sister, she too was naked and kneeling behind her was her husband Richard. Dad had his fingers twisted in aunt Cath's hair forcing her face into his groin, he was bucking his hips and trying to push his cock into her throat, her husband knelt behind her driving his own cock into her all the time calling her a whore and a slut. Susie was horrified this was incest! and disgusting what was her farther doing how could he. But she couldn't stop looking, in spite of herself. Now she noticed something else, Cath's hands were handcuffed behind her back and a thick blindfold was tied over here eyes, they were forcing here to do these things!

"Suck it you slut, you know what he wants," shouted Richard.

"Yeah bitch just like you used to do for our daddy," groaned Susie`s dad.

Susie was shocked but at the same time turned on, her small hands squeezed her tits pinching her hardening nipples. One had moved down to her pussy already swollen with desire her trembling fingers began to touch and stroke that most sensitive area, all the time her eye was glued to the action through the keyhole.

"Time you fucked your brother bitch," grunted Richard.

With that he lifted his wife's gasping mouth off her brother's tool and pulled his own cock out of her dripping cunt. Roughly between the two men they lifted her into a position above her brothers cock and without pause her brother grasped her hips and drove his cock into her. "take bitch, yeah now you're getting it" shouted her brother. "oh fuck! Do me big brother I need your big cock in me so bad" gasped Cath. "don't forget your husband whore," Richard had moved up onto the bed and positioned himself behind his exposed wife, and without pause he thrust his cock into her up raised arse. Cath let out a long whimpering sigh as she found herself skewered fore and aft by the big driving cocks of both her husband and brother. Both men stopped and allowed Cath to feel both cocks deep within her briefly then as one they began to slam their meat in and out of the helpless cuffed woman, all the time telling her what a dirty slut-whore she was. All Cath could do was whimper and moan as the two filled her holes.

Outside the door Susie had two fingers deep within her dripping cunt and the index finger of her other hand buried up her arse, her climax was building fast along with those she was spying on. Her breath was coming in gasps as she watched, her fingers mimicking the actions she was seeing; she was so engrossed that she had not noticed she too was being watched. Cousin David was on his way back from the bathroom when he too heard a strange noise, you can imagine what a pleasant surprise he got when he looked around the corner and saw his sexy fifteen year old cousin on her knees busily fingering her pussy and arse. He stood stunned unable to take his eyes of the luscious sight, his cock grew instantly hard. After a few seconds he quietly approached the unsuspecting girl.

In the room things were approaching climax, both men had picked up the pace and were fucking Cath for all they were worth. Susie eye glued to the keyhole too was quickly approaching the point of coming when a pair of strange hands wrapped around her and grasped her tits. The shock together with the pain sent Susie over the edge bucking and gasping as she came. David worried that someone would hear half dragged half carried the panting teenager back down the corridor into the bathroom. After a minute or so Susie came to she found herself lying on the bathroom carpet looking up at her cousin David. David was naked except for a pair of boxers; he was looking down at her with a strange expression and by the obvious bulge was aroused, seeing Susie coming too David turning and locked the bathroom door. "Well, well little Susie peeps and keyholes" he said in a growly voice. "What will your daddy and uncle say when I tell them tomorrow."

"Oh please don't tell," whimpered Susie.

"Why shouldn't I bitch!" Snarled David, "unless you do what I say from now on the whole family will hear everything right down to you fingering yourself while you watched."

Oh shit thought Susie; David really has got something over me. "Ok David Ill do whatever you say just please don't tell."

David smiled down at her and it wasn't a nice smile. "Well you can start with this bitch," and with that he pull down his boxers to reveal his hard cock. "Suck it slut" David grunted and grabbed a handful of her raven black hair pulling her head towards his cock. Susie was powerless to resist her cousin was very strong all she could see was the purple angry looking head in front of her face with the slit leaking a single drop of milky fluid. "I said suck!" ordered David, and with that he pulled her hair and thrust forward with his hips. Susie had no choice and opened her mouth; the head slipped inside it tasted salty. David grasped her hair with both hands forcing her mouth onto his cock "yeah bitch suck that cock." Susie gasped far air she thought she was going to suffocate, the head pressed against the back of her throat she started to gag. David pulled back a little the thrust again "swallow it you whore" he commanded. To Susie's surprise the cock head passed into her throat it hurt but at least she could take gasps of air in between thrusts, and it felt good! The warm feeling between her legs spread through her slowly one of her hands crept downwards to her cunny. David began to fuck her mouth and throat with a passion driving in holding for a second then withdrawing. He saw Susie's hand stroking her pussy and this urged onto greater effort. "You fuck slut, fingering yourself while your cousin rapes your mouth. I'm going to come soon bitch and you had better swallow it all or ill beat the shit out of you." Susies mind was a whirl, being face fucked by her cousin while she fingered herself in her own bathroom. David's cock seemed to grow, she could hear her grunting about coming, his thrusts became more frantic and the cock jerked and fluid spurted into her mouth and down her throat. David gasped and groaned then slowly released the grip on her hair and pushed off his wilting cock. "You're a great cocksucker slut," he grunted, "see you later." With that he turned unlocked the door and left, leaving Susie on the carpet with spunk dripping down her chin. Sobbing quietly Susie cleaned herself up then went back to bed.

Part 2: The Next Night

After the incident in the bathroom last night Susie tried to avoid her cousin David. She also found it difficult to talk to her farther after what she had seen through the keyhole of his bedroom door. So she spent the day about her chores.

After the evening meal the family settled down to watch television as usual, dad, Uncle Richard and auntie Cath. on the sofa; with the boys scattered about the floor or curled up on chairs. Susie was struck by how normal everything was. As was normal everyone went to bed early.

Susie had only been in bed about half an hour when her door quietly opened. In the shadows she could just make out the tall form of her cousin David "you awake Susie?" he whispered. He approached the bed "you remember what you agreed last night Bitch, your all mine unless you want me to tell everyone what I saw." Susie could only nod she was scared of what her daddy would do if he found out about her peeping at his bedroom door last night. David switched on the nightstand light "now stand up and get that night-dress off so I can see you naked" he snarled. Susie did as she was ordered. David feasted his eyes on his sexy slave; his hardon grew jutting trough the fly of his boxers. "Great tits baby" he grunted reaching out and mauling her pert white flesh, he used his thumbs and forefingers to pinch and twist the pointed nipples. Susie whimpered against this rough handling, but found that the warm glow of excitement had begun to grow within her. After a couple of minutes David suddenly stopped leaving Susie caught in her rising excitement. He turned her around and pulled her arms behind her, she was just about to ask why when she felt the cold steel of the cuffs with which he was securing her wrists together. "No David! Please Ill do whatever you want" she begged. "Shut your fucking mouth slut or ill gag you as well" was his vicious reply. And with that he pushed her face down across her bed. "Great arse slut" he said giving her a not to gentle slap. Susie was helpless, hands cuffed as they were. She felt his hands wander across the small of her back and the cheeks of her arse, his fingers moved into the crack and downward to her pussy. She couldn't help herself she spread her legs and thrust her arse up against his exploring fingers, moaning all the time into her bedding. "That's it slut spread those thighs for me" David said. The next thing Susie new was his warm breath on her inner thigh and his tongue gently stroking her outer pussy lips. The feelings were totally new, shooting explosions of lust and warmth rushed through her. His big hands pulled her thighs and lips further apart so he could have better axis driving his tongue deeper into her. She squirmed, whimpered, grunted and thrust herself back at him in an effort to get even more contact. David felt her climax approaching and waited to the last possible moment then stopped his attentions.

Susie was caught right on the edge she was so close why had David stopped, she desperately ground her thighs in an effort to finish herself off. "Please David don't leave me like this" she sobbed. David climbed onto the bed and grabbed a handful of her hair; he pulled her up so she could look directly into his eyes. "If I make you come you've got to swear to be by slave from now on understand." Susie looked at her cousin as if for the first time the glint of madness was in those eyes. David slapped her face hard "I said do you understand slut."

"Yes David I understand" she stuttered. David slapped her again "not David whore I am your master from now on."

"Yes sorry master" she sobbed. "Good slave now ill give you what you need" and with that he climbed back off the bed.

Susie felt his hands on her thighs again spreading her, then something warm probed her pussy, pushing in deeper and deeper much thicker than his fingers or tongue, his cock! With one steady thrust David buried his cock up to the balls in his young cousin, her back arched, her buttocks clenched David was in control. He reached forward and grasped two handfuls of her long dark hair, gripping them tightly like a horses reins he began to fuck his young cousin hard. Susie was helpless her back and neck arched with David pulling tightly on her hair, of course her hands were still cuffed behind her as well. The pain was intense but that warm glow was still there building and building; bright lights exploded before her eyes as her climax washed over her. As her climax arrived David pulled out, he dragged the gasping girl off the bed onto the floor at his feet "suck me slut" he commanded. Susie still coming around from her climax hardly new where she was but dutifully opened her mouth for her master's cock. His cock was coated with her own juices but she didn't mind, nor did she utter any sound of protest when David grabbed her head and forced his cock down her throat. After a minute of fucking David pulled out and shot his spunk over his cousin's face and tits. He then grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her to her feet, then over to the dressing table mirror. "This is what you look like slut" he growled "any time I want you your mine from now on remember that." He then turned her around undid the cuffs and pushed her onto the bed and left.

Susie slept fitfully that night, the next morning she was sore. But she showered and went down to help cook the breakfast. Everything seemed normal David acted as if nothing had happened, if it wasn't for her aches and pains Susie could have thought that last night was just a dream.

About two PM Susie was doing some of her cleaning chores when David appeared. "Come on slut I need you in the old barn," Susie started to protest but David silenced her with a vicious slap. "Just do what your told you're my slave remember" he snarled.

The old barn was at the top of the fields near to a small wood. As children Susie, her brothers and David had played there often. The barn doors were slightly open but it was dark inside and Susie couldn't see. David stopped her "get naked bitch" he barked, Susie hesitated David slapped her hard and she fell to the ground in a heap. He dragged her to her feet " I said get naked Slut" he threatened raising his large fist. Reluctantly Susie slipped out of her dress, "the undies and shoes too bitch" David growled. Soon Susie was naked, "turn around" David said, once again Susie felt the cold steel of the cuffs on her wrists, but David wasn't finished a thick scarf was used as an blindfold too.

"Lead on whore" whispered David, as he non-too gently pushed her towards the barn. Susie shivered partly because of the breeze that flowed over her naked body but also because in-spite of herself she was turned on to her helplessness. She heard the barn door creak and she was pushed through, she then heard the door being closed.

She was moved forward across the barn until she bumped into something a Table? Strong hands bent her over at the waist across the table, then other hands! Grasped her left ankle. "What's going on David who's there?" she cried. Her pleas were met by another stinging slap "shut your mouth whore I wont tell you again," another vicious slap. Another voice "maybe we should gag her"? David replied "no we might want to use that slut mouth soon." All this time the hand s on her ankles were busy spreading them and tying each to a leg of the table.

Susie was now spread and bend forward across the table, her hands cuffed tightly behind her back totally vulnerable. Someone stroked her arse; other hands groped her tits and pinched her nipples. A finger wormed its way into her virgin arse, Susie cried out at this intrusion, she received another slap for her trouble. The table rocked and hands pulled her hair "suck on this and keep quiet bitch, but you better not bite or ill kill you slow." Susie opened her mouth to the new cock; its owner pulled her head further into his groin driving his length down her throat. A mouth was now at her pussy; hands pawed her arse and tits. How many are there? Susie wondered.

The cock in her mouth began to twitch and exploded spraying cum down her throat. A cock that easily rammed into her, pounding away replaced the mouth at her pussy. Another cock was thrust into her face, now the helpless girl writhed across the table fucked from both ends, her nipples were still being twisted and tortured during all this. In spite of every thing Susie loved the abuse and from the time the first cock started fucking her pussy she kept cumming. The guy behind her grunted and shot his load deep within her; another took his place only this time the cock chose a different entrance. Susie felt the cock head press into her tight arse and bucked wildly trying to fight him off, she couldn't scream as there was a cock rammed down her throat. The cock pushed and pushed until it was all in, Susie was in agony tears streamed down her lovely young face. Just then the cock in her mouth started to jerk its owner pulled out and a stream of milky cum splattered onto Susie's face and the blindfold. Gasping for air Susie just lay there, the pain in her arse was blinding. Then the cock began to move slowly at first in and the out, Susie cried out Hands grabbed her hair and something was forced into her mouth effectively gagging her. The cock in her arse began to pick up pace and although the pain did not go away that warm glow came back, Susie was coming again!

After the first had finished the others also fucked her arse; Susie must have lost consciousness because when she awoke it was dark out side and she was alone. Her clothes lay pilled near her along with a note and some photos. The photos showed her being fucked and although bound obviously enjoying it. The note was a simple threat about telling and reminding her that she was a slave.

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