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Family Fun Revisited #2: Bathroom Fun

Part 1.

Johnny reached for a towel as he stepped out of the shower and began to dry his hair. Suddenly, he heard a noise from the ensuite and realized that he wasn't alone in the large bathroom. Poking his head around the connecting doorway, Johnny saw his mother standing in front of the dressing table with her back to him, brushing her hair. She was wearing one of the shortest, sheerest gowns the young boy had ever seen, and it showed off her exquisite figure to an extent he had never imagined possible. It was black and silky, and so damn short that it hardly covered her tempting behind.

Johnny stared with rising lust at the creamy halfmoons of his mother's ass-cheeks as they peeked cheekily out from under the hem of her gown. He could see the dark, inviting cleft between her thighs flash into view each time his mother raised her arms, and it was effecting him immensely. Looking into the mirror, Johnny's gaze fell upon her large tits. The twin, creamy mounds pressed firmly against the front of her gown, her saucy nipples erect and clearly visible through the thin fabric. As Johnny stared at his mother, his breathing became heavy and laboured, and his young cock began to swell uncontrollably. His hand dropped to grip the stiffening pole, rubbing it slowly as his eyes absorbed the beauty of his mother's youthful, sexy body.

Not knowing that she was being watched, Tina bent closer to the mirror to fix one of her ear-rings, spreading her legs apart for better balance. The movement caused the hem of her gown to ride way up over the cheeks of her ass, and, with her lovely long legs wide apart, Johnny was treated to a good, long look at Tina's naked pussy, framed by the tanned cheeks of her firm, round ass.

Johnny gasped when he realized his pretty mother wasn't wearing any panties. He could clearly see her hairy cunt-mound and the glistening pink slit which ran through it's centre. Johnny moaned aloud. The unbelievably sexy sight was just too much for the horny young lad. Without a second thought, he tossed aside the towel he had held limply in his hand and strode towards his mother, a look of mischievous anticipation on his handsome young face. As Johnny stepped up behind her, Tina noticed him in the mirror, her eyes immediately taking in his muscular naked frame, in particular the formidable erection which bobbed stiffly in front of him.

"Nice ass, Mom!" said Johnny as he walked towards her. Tina was startled at first, but the sight of her son's long, hard prick soon had her heartbeat racing. Her pussy began to tingle, moistening instantly with forbidden desire as she turned quickly to face him.

"Johnny! " she gasped, looking down at the huge hard-on which protruded lewdly from her son's matted crotch. Tina was speechless. She couldn't take her eyes off his prick, it seemed so much bigger than normal.

"I have to fuck you, Mom!" pleaded Johnny, "I got so horny watching you, I almost creamed on the spot!"

Tina looked up at him and smiled, grasping his hard length in both hands.

"Well now... We can't have you wasting it like that... can we, darling?" Tina whispered, rubbing a fist up and down his cock. It felt like steel, and she moaned with pleasure as she felt it jerk strongly in her hand.

"God, sweetheart, your cock is huge! How long were you watching me?" asked Tina, delighted at the length and hardness of her young son's prick.

"Long enough, Mom!" smiled Johnny, feeling his mother's erect nipples brush against his naked chest as she pulled him towards her.

Tina bent her head and kissed him hotly on the lips, slithering her tongue into his open mouth like a soft, sinuous snake, kissing her son passionately, until they both had to break breathlessly for air. They stared deeply into each other's eyes, each aware of the mutual, incestuous passion building like electricity between them, their bodies trembling with anticipation of the inevitable carnal release they both desired and needed. Tina gave a soft cry and pulled her virile young son hard against her trembling body, hugging him tightly.

Johnny groaned and grasped his mother around the waist, pushing his urgent hard-on against her naked cunt-mound. Tina whimpered as she felt his cock press into her seething pussy-flesh. She buried her face in his neck, grinding her hips against him, returning the exquisite pressure of his eager young prick. Tina felt her son shaking in her arms... shaking with incestuous lust for her. She kissed his neck, burning her lips up over his flushed cheeks until her mouth reached his. She kissed him again, more fiercely this time, like they were long-lost lovers, tongue-kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Johnny kissed her back, sucking his mother's hot, wet tongue into his mouth. Tina moaned deep in her throat, squirming her crotch against him, grinding her heated cunt onto his adolescent hardness.

Part 2.

As her passion grew, Tina shoved her hands down and cupped her son's muscular young ass, pulling him as tightly as she could against her feverish flesh. Johnny was busy with his mother's hard tits, squeezing and rubbing the firm, round globes through her filmy gown... much to Tina's extreme delight. Her son's mouth and hands were making her cunt crawl with lust, and it wasn't long before her juicy twat demanded immediate attention.

"Ohhhhhhh! Jesus! Fuck me, Johnny!" she breathed finally. "Do something! anything... I can't stand it any more... My poor pussy is on fire, baby!"

Johnny reached down and inserted two fingers into his mother's slippery snatch, jamming them in as deep as he could until his palm pressed hard against her moist mound.

"Jesus, Mom! You sure are wet down there!" gasped Johnny, wiggling his fingers around inside his mother's hot, clasping wetness.

"Oh, yesss! I'm wet for you, baby! hot and wet for your lovely big prick!"

"Do you like me fingering your cunt, Mom?"

"Oooh Johnny! God, yesss! Can't you feel how hot and juicy it is, darling?"

"You bet, Mom! It sure doesn't take you long to get all honked up, does it?"

"Noooo! N...not with a horny young stud like you around, son! Oouuhhh, rub my clit, baby! Fuck me a while with your fingers while Mommy plays with your big, beautiful cock!"

"Yess! That's it, mom! Pump my meat! Jerk me off while I finger-fuck your cunt!"

"Is momma's pussy hot enough for you, sweetheart?"

"It's hot alright, Mom! hot and juicy! Can we do it now?"

"Let me play with your cock a bit more, baby. I want it as big as possible when you fuck me!"

"Ok, Mom! But don't get too carried away! I want to cum in your cunt, not in your hand! Can you take three fingers up there, Mom?"

"Oh, yesssss! God! Jesus, that's good Johnny! Mmmmmm, so finger-fuckin' good! It feels like a big, fat prick is jammed up my cunt!"

"Not yet, Mom. But if you keep on rubbing me like that, there soon will be!"

"Can't wait to bury your cock in mother's cunt, can you baby?"

"What do you think, Mom! Jesus! I have to fuck you soon or I'll bust!"

"Maybe I should suck your cock a little, huh baby?"

"The hell with that, Mom! I want inside your pussy! Right now!"

"Ooooh, you really do, don't you? Mmmmm, I love it when you want to fuck me this badly, baby. It makes my cunt all tingly and hot... Oh, Johnny, I want you too... I want to fuck you so much, I can almost taste it!"

"Ohhhh, Mom! Jesus, what are we waiting for then?"

"Come on Johhnny, slide that big, fat cock into your momma's cunt and fuck it good and hard!"

"Not this way, Mom, turn around stick your butt out like you were when I first saw you. I want to fuck you from behind this time."

"Ok, you kinky little devil! I don't mind at all. That way we can watch each other in the mirror. I want to see your face while you're fucking me!"

Tina took off her gown and bent low over the dressing table, supporting herself on her elbows so that her round, naked ass stuck up in the air.

"Is this what you want, darling?" said his mother giving her son a sly, sexy grin over her shoulder.

Part 3.

Johnny gazed with hot passion at his mother's bare ass. The skin was lightly tanned and smooth as silk, the dark crack between the cheeks of her ass, moist and inviting. Johnny trembled with lust.

"Spread your legs, Mom!" he panted, "I wanna watch your cunt take my cock!"

Tina giggled like a little schoolgirl.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours, little boy!" she chuckled. Johnny smiled and lifted up his long, hard cock so his mother could see it in the mirror.

"Jesus! You're not little any more are you?" gasped Tina, openly admiring her son's erect cock. "Have you measured it lately? It looks even bigger than your father's... and that's saying something!"

"Ten inches, Mom!" replied Johnny proudly. "Sis measured it the other night"

"Before or after you fucked her with it?" grinned Tina.

"Afterwards, of course!" he answered, "Before we started, she was too busy trying to stuff it into her hot little cunt to measure it!"

"I bet she was." breathed Tina, her eyes glued to her son's enormous prick.

Johnny was still staring at his mother's upturned ass. Her asshole was hidden, and so was her cuntmound. All he could see were a few wisps of curly blonde pubic hair poking teasingly out from between her thighs.

"Spread your legs more, Mom! I can't see your pussy."

"Ok, baby!" she murmured.

Tina slowly and seductively began to part her thighs, spreading her long tanned legs until finally he could see his mother's prominent pussy and the pink-lipped cuntslit that neatly bisected the furry, blonde mound. Johnny moaned deep in his throat and stepped up close behind her. Running his left hand over her tight, creamy ass, he reached down with his right into the steamy valley between her thighs, cupping Tina's plump pussy-mound firmly in the palm of his hand. The moist heat of her cunt excited him and Johnny felt his cock twitch with lust as he lovingly fondled his mother's genitals. He rubbed and probed her moist, velvet folds until she whimpered softly, trembling with intense arousal.

"Mmmmm, that feels nice, baby... You have such a soft, gentle touch..." murmured Tina, wiggling her ass and cunt against his hands. "... and by now you know just where Momma wants to be touched, don't you, lover?"

"I sure do, Mom! I sure as hell do!"

Johnny kept up his dual hand action, squeezing and caressing his mother's cunt with one hand while the other massaged her tight, round asscheeks.

"God you've got a beautiful ass, Mom! How do you keep it so slim and firm?"

"Oh, fucking mostly," she said, smiling at him in the mirror. "I'm usually kept kinda busy in that department lately."

"Yeah! Don't I know it! You can't blame us... I don't know about Dad, but I could never pass up a hot, willing piece of ass like you, Mom!"

"Neither could your father, honey! Hey, anyway... it's not my ass you're gonna fuck, it's my cunt!"

"I'm gonna fuck everything you got, Mom!" promised Johnny, dragging his fingers through his mother's drooling, pussyslit. Tina groaned loudly, pressing herself onto his hand as Johnny stiffened his middle finger and inserted it into her clinging cunt, impaling her up to the second knuckle.

"Stop it, you're teasing me you rat!" complained Tina, with a wiggle of her ass. As much pleasure as her son's finger was giving her, Tina needed more... a whole lot more! "Your cock, Johnny! I want your big, fat prick, baby! Stick it up my juicy cunt you horny stud, and fuck me real hard!"

Johnny knew from the way she was cursing and screaming, that his mother was more than ready to fuck. It would be a good one, he thought. She always fucked better if he could arouse her to the point where she begged him for it. She was squirming her ass and cunt around like a bitch on heat, and Johnny smiled, realizing that that wasn't too far from the truth. God, what a sexy piece she was! His own mother was the best fuck of his life! He looked down at her pussy poking out from between her parted thighs, it was wide open and ready to be reamed by his hard cock.

Part 4.

Tina whimpered as Johnny moved in and pushed his cock at her cuntlips. At last! My darling stud, she thought, reaching underneath to guide her son's prick inside her sopping hole. She grasped his cock with her right hand, directing the flared tip between the tight pink folds of her cunt. As the tip of his cock parted her pussylips and popped inside, Johnny hunched forwards, looking down between the cheeks of her ass as his cock quickly disappeared into her hot, clasping snatch. Tina saw him staring down at her.

"Watch, baby! Watch momma's pussy swallow every fuckin' inch of your prick!" He did, groaning with pleasure as her hot, velvet sheath closed tightly around his straining cock.

"God, I love your cunt, Mom!"

"Ooooh, and I love your big hard cock, sweetheart! Really give it to me, Johnny! Fuck momma deep and hard! Uhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"I'll fuck you, Mom! Unnnnggh, will I ever fuck you!"

Tina was wriggling around like a snake, grinding her cunt back onto her son's pumping prick. Johnny grabbed her hips and held on tight, using them as levers to pull her cunt hard onto his ramming cock with each stroke. Her legs were trembling now, her ass weaving from side to side as Johnny really began to pound his meat into her.

"God, oh, God! Baby! What a cock! I don't think I can stand you fucking your sister anymore. I want your wonderful prick all to myself!"

"Don't worry, Mom!" grunted Johnny. "There's more than enough to go around."

Tina was rapidly building up to a powerful climax. Since she had started fucking Johnny, she found she could have as many as five or six orgasms before her son finally released his hot, incestuous load into her ravaged cunt. It was the forbidden excitement of sex with her own son that turned her on... that and the size of his cock. It was huge, and Tina had always loved big cocks, that was one of the reasons she had married Dave. Before they were married they used to fuck every chance they got. She couldn't wait for school to end so Dave could shove that huge prick of his up her tight, teenaged cunt. It nearly split her in two, but Tina loved it. Sometimes when they were fucking, she would slip one or two of her own fingers inside with his cock, just to find out what a bigger cock would feel like... She was feeling that right now!

Johnny's was the biggest cock she had ever had, it stretched her cunt just the way she had always dreamed a cock should. Like a baseball bat, she thought. His prick felt like a huge bat up her twat, stretching her cunt until she could feel every ridge and wrinkle on it scraping deliciously back an forth along the walls of her vagina. Her crotch was a mess, the insides of her thighs soaked with her cuntjuice. It flowed out of her cunt in torrents, coating his cock and balls, the excess dribbling down her inner thighs. She reached down with her hand to feel his balls, squeezing the swollen orbs one at a time. Her tits were swollen too, so tight and hard that they demanded immediate attention.

"Play with my tits, Johnny! Squeeze my titties while you fuck my cunt!"

Johnny dipped his hand between her thighs first and smeared a couple of handfuls of cuntjuice over her belly and up onto her tits. Her nipples were fully erect and pressed into his palms as he cupped the firm, slippery globes. She began to moan loudly as her first orgasm overtook her. Johnny felt the contractions deep within his mother's bucking cunt and began to fuck her harder, using long, deep strokes which penetrated Tina to her very womb.

"Fuck! I'm coming, baby! Yes! Yes, oh fuck, yes! I'm cummmmming!!"

Tina hunched and jerked her cunt around his pistoning cock, wagging her ass as her virile young son fucked her to a screaming orgasm. Johnny rammed his cock deep his mother's tight, spasming hole, urging her on.

"That's it, Mom! Come for me! Come all over my mother-fuckin' prick!"

Lights blasted in Tina's brain as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her. God, I love sex, she thought, especially with Johnny. He was such a lusty fucker. This was the best reason to have children, wasn't it? Her own son's hard cock had just screwed her to orgasm, and still he fucked her quivering cunt... it was glorious!

"That felt like a good one, Mom!" smiled Johnny.

"It sure was, honey! Jesus, you made me come like a fuckin' freight train!"

"We aim to please, lady," he grinned. "Any thing else I can do for you?"

Part 5.

"Mmmmmm, just keep fucking my pussy like that, baby and I'll think of something in no time!"

"We'll have to do it this way more often, Mom!" suggested Johnny.

"It is nice, isn't it, sweetheart? Your cock seems to get in deeper at this angle."

"Sure does, Mom! and the sight of your cute ass stuck up in the air this way, gets me hot real quick!"

"Honey... the sight of a cute ass at ANY angle gets you hot real quick."

He laughed. She was right of course, but he had to admit that his mother had one hell of a cute ass. Johnny looked down at it while he fucked her cunt, admiring the smooth round curves separated by the dark, humid crack of her ass. On impulse, he pulled the creamy cheeks apart and gazed down at his mother's tightly clenched asshole.

Johnny watched the dark ring of muscle winking at him as he stroked his cock lazily back and forth in her cunt. Using his thumb, he smeared some of the white gooey froth from her pussy up over her tiny asshole, and began to rub it inside. Tina smiled at him in the mirror. From past experience, she knew exactly what the boy had in mind, but she also knew that without adequate lubrication, her son's huge cock would cause her more pain than pleasure, which was the last thing she wanted right now!

"If you're going to fuck me in the ass, honey, use some oil. I don't want you tearing me apart."

"Sorry, Mom! I forgot how tight you were back there... Ok, where is it?"

"In the top drawer. Keep fucking me, baby... I'll get it!"

Tina reached down and opened the dresser drawer, passing the bottle of to her son, who immediately poured a liberal quantity of the scented massage oil over his mother's naked back and asscheeks, spreading it over her soft, creamy flesh with both hands.

Still fucking his beautiful mother with deep, satisfying strokes, Johnny reached round in front of her and applied some of the oil to Tina's neglected boobs, sliding both hands over his mother's slippery tits. He squeezed the firm mounds, one in each hand, and pinched her erect nipples.

"Are you going to give me a tit massage or an ass-fuck, baby?" asked his mother impatiently. Tina was dying for his prick in her asshole now. She wanted her son's fat cock drilling up, her shitter, right up into her fucking belly!

"Patience, Mom! Can't a guy have a little fun first?"

"I want your prick up my ass, sweetheart! Fuck me in the ass... please?"

"Ok, you hot bitch!" groaned Johnny, pulling his cock abruptly out of his mother's tight cunt. "You asked for it!"

Johnny had his prick covered with oil in no time, and began rubbing his greased cockhead up and down his mother's asscrack, getting her ready for him. Tina groaned with pleasure as she felt the tip of her son's cock push urgently against her quivering anus. She returned the pressure, doing her best to relax her ass as Johnny continued pushing his cock-knob at her tiny shithole... and then suddenly he popped inside, sliding his big prick slowly into the hot, buttery grip of his mother's bowels.

"Uuuuuuuhhh! Mom! Christ, that's good!" moaned Johnny as half of his cock disappeared into her steamy asshole.

"Easy, honey. Just go easy at first."

"Hell, Mom, you're wide open!"

"Not yet, baby. Be careful. Just give it a little more time."

She yelped as Johnny pushed the rest of his cock straight up her ass. He was determined to give his mother the best ass-fucking she'd ever had, but Tina wasn't quite ready. Her rectal chute was still contracted and if he kept ramming her with that mammoth cock of his, he'd split her in two!

"Take it easy, Johnny!" she pleaded. "Not so hard. I'm not a rag doll you know!"

"Sorry, Mom! What do you want me to do?"

Part 6.

"Move your cock in and out of me a bit slower, honey. At least until I get used to it. Then you can fuck me as hard as you like, ok?"

"Ok, Mom. How's that?" asked Johnny, ass-fucking his mother as gently as possible. Her rear end felt like a hot, velvet glove around his cock, and it took all his willpower to stop from ramming into her with all his strength.

"Ooooh, that's nice! Nice and slow! Fuck Momma's ass nice and slow, hon!"

Tina continued making an effort to keep her anus relaxed, but as Johnny's cock began to feel more comfortable inside her, her asshole became looser and looser, all by itself. Soon she was moaning with pleasure, arching her back and pushing her hips back onto her son's deliciously penetrating cock.

"Mmmmmm, Johnny! That's it, baby! You can fuck me harder now, sweetheart!"

"Are you sure you can take it, Mom?"

"I think I can take anything you can give me now, baby!" replied Tina, "Do it! Let yourself go, and give your momma the best ass-fuck she's ever had!"

His cock felt so hard up her shitter, like a hard pole rammed up her ass. 'My God, it's the best!', she thought. 'It's the goddamn best there is!' Johnny thought so too as he began to fuck his mother with faster, deeper strokes, reaming out her tight, hot shithole with rapid thrusts. He kept his eyes on his mother's asshole as it strained around his jabbing prick, clasping his pistoning cockshaft in a fantastically tight grip.

Johnny grabbed his mother by the hips, pulling her ass toward him as he thrust forward, and pushing her away form him as he withdrew. Tina was gasping now. Her son's wonderful, stabbing cock was so hard and thick in her ass, it was driving her crazy with pleasure. 'God, you're a slut!', she thought to herself. 'What if the neighbours could see you now... bent over the dressing table with your son's fat prick up your wiggling ass!' Tina smiled. She was nothing but a whore with a hot cunt and asshole, and she loved it! and so did her horny young stud of a son, by the way he was shoving his meat into her shitter! She rolled her hips around his deeply buried cock.

"Fuck me harder, honey!"

"How's that, Mom?"

"That's good! Keep it moving like that!"

Johnny's thighs slapped noisily against his mother's oil-slick ass-cheeks each time he lunged forwards. Tina squirmed against him, grinding her tight, lubricated asshole around his thrusting cock. The boy's teeth were clenched as he fucked into her, gazing all the time at her hot, sucking hole. His mother's shitter was completely relaxed now, the dark ring sucking ever so sweetly on his stiffly sliding prick. Each time he hunched forward a low moan escaped her sweetly parted lips, betraying the intense pleasure his cock instilled in her with every powerful thrust. Johnny watched his mother's ass-cheeks tremble as he pounded into her. Her shithole was as wide open as a cunt, hot and wet and lovely to fuck, quivering around his deeply buried cock like a tiny, sucking mouth.

It wasn't long before Johnny felt his balls begin to swell with cum. It wouldn't be long now, he thought, and he wanted his mother to come with him. He reached down over her belly, into the steamy swamp between Tina's wide-spread thighs and rubbed his fingers through the woman's gaping slit. Her prominent clit pulsated and throbbed under his fingers as Johnny stimulated his mother's pussy, at the same time fucking her tight, writhing ass.

"God your ass is tight, Mom! I'm gonna come any minute!" he screamed, trying to hold back the tide of jism rising rapidly in his young balls.

"It's ok, baby! Come! Come up my fuckin' ass! Fill me, lover!!"

The sound of his mother's words begging him to come was all Johnny needed to push him over the edge. In an instant, his balls exploded, sending a thick stream of red-hot jism out the end of his prick.

"Oh, baby, I can feel it!" screamed Tina. "So hot... so fuckin' hot!"

Part 7.

Johnny cried out as he emptied his balls into his mother's shit-tube. What a joy it was to fuck her ass like this. Even as he was coming, he kept his eyes on her asshole to watch his spunk ooze out in a bubbling froth around his sliding cockshaft. His climax seemed endless, his young cock spurting jet after jet of incestuous sperm deep inside his mother's sucking ass. Johnny collapsed finally over her back, his hands gripping her tits, his teeth nibbling her neck, and his cock still buried deep within her fantastically tight asshole.

"Oh, Christ, Mom!"

"Was it good, baby?"

"God, yes! It's always the best with you! Did you come too, Mom?"

"No, I have to admit I didn't, but I was very damn close, baby!"

Johnny pulled his limp cock from Tina's battered ass and she turned to face him. Her arms went round his shoulders and she hugged her son tenderly.

"Want me to suck you off, Mom?" grinned Johnny, knowing how much his mother loved to have him lick her cunt.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm! My pussy's still red-hot honey! Feel up to a little pussy sucking?"

"I've got a better idea! How 'bout we suck each other off. Looking at your tits is making my cock hard again! See..." said Johnny, proudly showing her his semi-erect penis.

"You horny little prick!" laughed his mother. "Doesn't it ever go soft?"

"Not with a hot fuckin' cunt like you around, Mom!" replied Johnny with a cheeky grin. He loved to talk dirty to his mother like this... it turned him on something fierce, and he knew his mother liked it too.

"Well, honey, if I'm gonna suck that gorgeous cock of yours, we better get it cleaned up first, hadn't we?" said Tina. She took hold of his shit-streaked organ and began soaping it up with shampoo and warm water.

"Mmmmm, that feel's good, Mom. You haven't washed me like this since I was about eleven or twelve."

"I know, baby. That's because you started to get hard every time I touched it!"

"Why did you stop? Just think, we could have been fucking each other years earlier, Mom!"

"I don't know. It didn't seem right, then. You were only a child."

"I would have fucked you if you'd just let me, Mom! I remember lying in bed sometimes after you'd washed me, jerking my little prick like crazy!"

"Did you think of me when you were jacking off, baby?"

"Sometimes, Mom. I remember sneaking looks at your tits and up between your legs when you sat on that stool beside the bath, washing my cock."

"No wonder you got a hard-on! Maybe I should have let you screw me. If I remember correctly, you were almost as well hung then as you are now!" said Tina wiping off her son's rapidly swelling cock.

"Not quite, Mom! But I would've given you a fuck to remember all the same."

"I'm sure of that, sweetheart!" smiled Tina, leading him towards the bedroom by his prick. "... and now that I've got your little peter all nice and clean again, I want you to come to bed with me and show Momma what a virile young stud you are!"

Johnny followed his mother into the room, watching her smooth, naked hips swaying provocatively before him. Her large, firm tits hardly even jiggled as she moved sensuously over to the bed and turned to face him. She oozed sex, and from the look of burning lust in his mother's eyes, Johnny could tell that he was in for one hell of a good time.

"Kiss me, baby!" she husked, pressing her tits against his hairless chest.

With one hand still firmly grasping her son's hard cock, Tina threw the other around his neck and pulled him to her, plastering her hot mouth firmly over his. The boy felt his mother's tongue enter his mouth as he returned her open-mouthed kiss, frenching her with equal fury. The heat of her soft, naked body against his skin was intoxicating, and Johnny could feel every contour, every curve, every delicious bump as his horny mother pressed herself suggestively against him.

Part 8.

Tina was shameless in her lust for her handsome young son, grinding her pubic mound against his rigid cock as they kissed, rubbing the hard tip though her tight, juicy slit, begging him to fuck her! Tina pulled her lips from his.

"Lie down, darling!" she gasped, almost pushing her son backwards onto the bed. "Let's get a little bit more comfortable, shall we?"

Johnny loved it when his mother got rough with him. It meant she was really turned on, and that he was in for some really wild sex with her. He lay in the middle of the bed, flat on his back with his hard cock sticking straight up, jerking with intense hardness. Tina licked her lips at the gorgeous sight, her cunt twitching with incestuous need! She longed to jump on top of her son's waving cock and fuck it till she dropped. But she was determined to wait, to hold back until she had experienced every possible pleasure his insatiable mouth and tongue and cock were capable of giving her. Even if it took all night, she was going to fuck him dry!

Johnny watched as his mother crawled onto the bed on all fours, her eyes blazing like a tigress about to devour some poor defenseless animal. She straddled his thighs, pausing as her cunt hovered above his throbbing cock. Rolling her hips, Tina teased him, her eyes like twin points of fire.

"Are you gonna fuck me, Mom?" groaned Johnny, raising his hips eagerly.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" purred Tina. "You'd like it if mother sat on your big, fat hard-on and fucked you, right?"

As she spoke, Tina inched her way up his body, finally resting her open, leaking snatch on his stomach.

"Oh, yes, Mom!" he groaned, opening his mouth wide as he felt the wet heat of his mother's cunt on his flesh. "Jesus! I want you to f-fuck me!

"I might fuck you..," Tina said in a thick, husky voice. "I might just fuck you good. But..."

"But what, Mom?"

"... only if you're nice to me," whispered Tina, rotating her pussy in tiny, wet circles over his tormented flesh. "... and, if you're really, really nice to me, baby... maybe I'll fuck you."

"I'll be nice, Mom! I promise."

"Of course you will, lover!" she breathed, sliding her cunt higher until she had it on his chest. She twisted her ass, smearing her hot, wet pussy in searing trails up over her son's naked flesh.

"You'll do anything mother wants... as long as you get fucked. Right, baby?"

"Ohhhhh! Yes, Mom!"

"You'd even suck mother's cunt, wouldn't you?"

Johnny's eyes widened as he stared at his mother's face. She was totally engrossed in her 'forceful mother' act. Johnny knew she got a tremendous kick out of pretending she was seducing him, so he played along with it. His mother was always a much better fuck when she was really turned on... and if he played his cards right, she'd be so fuckin' hot, he could suck and fuck her tight, juicy cunt till dawn!

"Well, wouldn't you like to suck your mother's tasty cunt, Johnny?"

Tina waited for his reply, rubbing her drooling snatch close to his neck now. Her cuntslit was so close to his face, Johnny could smell her urgent need.

"Oh, Mom! Give it to me!" he yelped, sliding his arms around her hips, pulling her gaping twat towards his mouth. "I'll eat your cunt... I'll lick it and suck it and tongue your clit and... God... fuck, sit on my face, Mom!"

"Oooooh, my darling boy! I knew you would."

Tina gurgled with pleasure, lifting her pussy off his chest, sliding higher. She knelt with her hairy crotch directly over her son's upturned face and held the lips of her pussy wide open.

Johnny gazed up at his mother's cunt, his eyes burning and his tongue licking at his parched lips. A drop of pussy-juice dripped onto his tongue, and Johnny pulled it into his mouth, shivering with anticipation. The taste of his mother's cunt always turned him on. It was almost like an aphrodisiac to him, and as usual, his prick began to harden and swell to mammoth proportions.

Part 9.

"Oooooh, Johnny! Kiss Momma right on the cunt, baby!"

Holding his mother's naked asscheeks with both hands, Johnny pushed his face into her wide-open crotch. Tina gasped in delight, dropping her cunt over his sucking mouth as her young son rubbed his face about in her soft, wet pussy-flesh. His tongue darted and probed, sliding repeatedly over her clit as her ass jerked back and forth.

"Inside!" squealed Tina. "Push your tongue inside! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Johnny opened his mouth wide, and plunged his tongue deep into his mother's squirming cunt, his hands gripping her firm, creamy ass as he noisily slurped up her free-flowing juices. Tina whimpered with ecstasy as she whipped her ass about, rubbing and twisting from side to side, smearing her drooling pussy onto her son's willing lips. She looked down between her bobbing tits at his face, seeing only his eyes above the soft, curly mass of pussy hair. Her son's long tongue felt fantastic in her cunt. She especially loved the way he licked the full length of her slit before burying his tongue deeply in her quivering fuckhole, sucking all the while.

"Uuuuuuhhhh! Eat me... eat me!" she squealed. "Suck my cunt, Johnny! Oooh, baby, baby! Suck mother's hot cunt! Fuck me with your tongue! Mmmmmmm, suck it, suck it, suck it! "

She had forgotten all about sucking his cock, all that mattered now was the blinding pleasure of his mouth and tongue on her cunt. Clinging to his mother's grinding ass, Johnny sucked and licked hungrily, driving his tongue hard and fast into her mound, his fingers squeezing deeply into her asscheeks, leaving red marks in the soft yielding flesh. Her juices flooded into his mouth but he swallowed every tasty drop with relish, eager for more. He twisted and twirled his tongue inside his mother's pussy, sucking at her rigid clit, licking over every delicious inch of her lust-swollen twat.

Tina began to jerk her cunt up and down on her son's face, rubbing hard, her hands now behind Johnny's head, mashing his mouth as tightly as possible against her burning cunthole.

"I'm gonna come, Johnny!" she screamed. "Uhhh, make mommy come! I want to come on your face... in your mouth! Ahhhhhh! Uhhhh!"

Tina bucked like a mare in heat, her tits jiggling and her long hair flying. Johnny held on to her hips for dear life, his mouth glued to his mother's spasming pussy as she came. Wave after wave of intense pleasure filled her cunt as the most powerful orgasm Tina had ever experienced, engulfed her panting, trembling body.

"Oh, Jesus, baby! That was fantastic! You suck momma's cunt better than anybody!" Johnny lifted his juice-smeared face from her cunt and smiled.

"Even better than Dad does, Mom?" he asked, reaching up to fondle his mother's dangling tits.

"Yep! Don't get me wrong... your father's good, but in the cunt sucking department, you've got him beat a million ways, baby!"

"I don't get many complaints, Mom!" grinned Johnny.

"I bet you don't! What about Julie, does she like you to suck her pussy?"

"She sure does, Mom! Sis goes crazy when I eat out her hot little cunt. I'm surprised she doesn't wake up the whole house some mornings."

Tina slithered her cunt down over his body until she was lying on top of him, rubbing herself all over his hard, sweaty flesh.

"Does she like to suck you off too?" gasped Tina, reaching for his cock.

"Mmmmm, oh, yes! She sure does, Mom! Ohhh, that's nice! "

Tina moved her fist up and down the length of her son's stiff young prick, squeezing the bloated head of his cock gently each time. God he was hung! She could hardly get her fingers around it's thick circumference. As she stroked his cock, Johnny's hands roaming his mother's body, massaging the smooth, tanned flesh of her tits and ass, pressing her naked, trembling body against his own. Tina kissed her son briefly on the lips and whispered hotly into his ear,

"Do you want me to suck your cock, honey?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!" breathed Johnny, his prick throbbing wildly in her hand. Tina looked down at it.

Part 10.

"Mmmmmmmmm, baby! You're so nice and big and hard for Mommy!!"

She slid down between his legs and feasted her eyes on her son's mighty erection. She took it in both hands and, with her mouth directly above the tip, she looked up into his excited face, her eyes burning with lust.

"I'm gonna suck you, Johnny! I'm gonna suck you till you cum right in my mouth, and then..."

The boy shook with desire as his mother spoke. Her mouth was so close to the head of his prick, Johnny could feel her hot breath blowing over his tortured flesh.

"What, Mom? what are you gonna do then?" panted Johnny, lifting his hips in anticipation.

"Well, honey... I hope you've got lots of cum in these big round balls of yours... 'cause after you've come in my mouth, I'm gonna suck you some more till you're good and hard..."

Johnny's prick throbbed and jerked wildly in his mother's hand. Her tits were pressed against his lower thighs and she rubbed her leaking cuntmound against his leg as she spoke.

"Christ, Mom! You're making me hot! I can't wait to fuck you again!"

Tina smiled wickedly. "You won't have to fuck me, sweetheart. Momma will fuck you! I'm gonna sit on your big, thick cock and ride you like a pony! You'll just have to grab onto momma's tits and hold on, baby! 'cause momma's gonna fuck your balls dry! Would you like that, baby?"

"Oh, God yes! Jesus, Mom! Do it! For christ sakes do it!" he screamed.

"Alright honey!" smiled Tina. "But I want you to play with my cunt while I suck you. It's hot and bothered and needs a little attention right now."

"Ok, Mom!" panted Johnny. "Slide around a bit so I can reach you better."

Tina shifted her position so that she lay alongside her son with her head over his crotch and her feet near his head. She lay partly on her side and opened her creamy thighs, bending her knees and spreading them wide so that Johnny had free access to her pink, glistening cunt. She turned her head towards him, a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Play with my pussy while I suck your cock, honey! tell me what you'd like to do to me... tell me everything! I want to hear all your fantasies baby... 'cause momma's gonna make 'em all come true... every one!"

Her excited young son groaned loudly as Tina dipped her head and closed her hot moist lips over the tip of his cock. She sucked on the large flared knob for a few seconds before opening her mouth and sliding her tight lips slowly down over the length of his shaft, swallowing the boy's hard cock as best she could.

At first, Tina couldn't get all of him into her mouth, but once she relaxed her throat and became accustomed to the size of his prick, she was able to deep-throat her son's cock all the way to the base of his throbbing shaft. Her lips pressed into his fuzzy pubic hair. His balls were hot on her chin and her mouth was very, very full. She ran her fingers up his thighs, caressing the smooth, hard muscles. Then, cupping his naked ass, Tina began to move her mouth eagerly up and down on her young son's prick. Johnny loved it! he was in seventh heaven! his mother's hands squeezing his tight asscheeks and her hot mouth wrapped around his cock like a tight wet cunt, were an unbeatable combination and, with a grunt, Johnny began to fuck his prick in and out of her mouth.

"Suck it, Mom!" he groaned. "Suck my big, hard cock! Ummmm, swallow it all!"

Tina moaned, his prick pushing down her throat with each lunge. She closed her lips tightly around it her tongue pushing the shaft to the roof of her mouth, making it as tight as possible for him. Her mouth watered with the hot, musky taste of him, reminding her how much she loved to suck cock, especially the one in her mouth right now... that of her own horny young son. Forbidden fruits always tasted better, she thought with a smile. She had sucked many cocks, but Johnny's cock felt and tasted better than any of them. It tasted fresh and salty, and each time she took him fully into her mouth, Tina nostrils filled with the excitingly musky, male odour of her son's hairy young crotch.

Part 11.

The smell made her cunt twitch and she began to twist and writhe her ass, bunching it tightly, pressing herself against his arm, silently begging him to touch her pussy... to feel how hot she was for him. Tina was so strongly aroused by now, that the insides of her thighs were saturated with her fuck-juices, the blonde pubic hair on her cuntmound moist and matted around the deep, glistening slit. Johnny quickly got the message and reached down, inserting two fingers inside his mother's well-lubricated cunthole.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Urrmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" moaned Tina, her mouth too full of cock to make any sense at all.

"You like that, don't you?" Johnny panted. "You like it when I finger-fuck your cunt, don't you, Mom?"

Tina only grunted an unintelligible reply, her mouth a blur as her head bobbed up and down on his hard, saliva-covered prick. Johnny's fingers made distinct slurping sounds as he stabbed them deeply into, his mother's gaping slit, adding a third finger as he felt her cunt loosen up a little.

"You know what would really be a turn-on, Mom?" he said, pausing for effect. "... having you suck me off in public!"

Tina almost choked on his cock. She looked up at him with wide, questioning eyes... she was shocked, but even so, her mouth never missed a stroke.

"Jesus, Mom!" chuckled Johnny. "You should see your face!" He smiled down at her, happy in a way that he had shocked his normally supercool mother.

"I wasn't talking about in the middle of the street, Mom," smiled her son. "I meant... in a public place, but kinda hidden, so nobody could see us do it... Wouldn't that be cool, Mom?"

Tina took her mouth off her son's cock long enough to ask him a question.

"Mmmm, sounds interesting, baby... what did you have in mind?"

"Well, I really don't know, Mom. We could do it in on a bus or an elevator... Ummmmm! or better still, mom... how 'bout in one of the change cubicles in the women's clothing department down at the mall. You could pretend to try on some clothes... I could sneak in while nobody was looking and you could suck me off wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties... or I could suck you, Mom... or fuck you up against the mirror!"

Tina's head was spinning with the possibilities. She loved the depraved images her son was planting in her brain. The thought of sex with her own son in the middle of a huge department store, with all those people only feet away and none the wiser, was just too much! Johnny could see the effect his words were having on his mother, and it excited him too.

"Maybe we could coax a cute little sales assistant in to join us, Mom!" he continued. "She could suck my cock while I sucked your cunt... then I could fuck you while you licked her hot, dripping slit... what do you think, Mom?"

Tina loved it, but she was too busy sucking his cock to tell him. She hadn't really thought about sucking another woman's cunt before, but the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea, especially if she was getting her son's huge prick stuffed up her cunt at the same time. 'God, what a time they were going to have!', she thought, grinding her cunt savagely onto his hand. Johnny redoubled his finger movements inside his mother's snatch, rubbing and probing her twat with deep, regular thrusts.

"How about if Julie came along, Mom? Then I could fuck and suck you both... one at a time or both together, whatever we wanted. Wouldn't it be great, Mom? Just think of it, we could have ourselves a nice cozy family orgy and all those sexy women shoppers passing by would never even know." Tina pulled her mouth off his prick once more, panting for breath.

"You'd like to fuck those women, wouldn't you, baby?" she gasped. "You'd like to fuck them all... wouldn't you, you horny little stud?"

"I sure would, Mom!" replied Johnny. "If I worked down there, there'd be more fucking going on in those change rooms than in a brothel! Especially if the women all looked and acted the way you and Julie do, Mom!"

"Thank you, sweetheart!" said Tina. "I'll take that as a compliment."

Part 12.

She smiled at him and winked suggestively before returning her insatiable mouth to his prick. Her tight lips closed around his cock once more, and using her hands under his ass, Tina urged her son to fuck her mouth.. Johnny watched her full, red lips squeeze his cock. He pumped his cock into her throat, listening to the soft, gurgling sounds his mother made as he rammed all four fingers into her squirming pussy. Tina sucked her son's rigid cock for a few more minutes, enjoying the feel of his hand in her cunt. But pretty soon, her super-heated pussy demanded more! It quivered and twitched around Johnny's delving fingers, just aching to be filled by the thick pole of cock-meat the boy had crammed into her gulping mouth.

Suddenly, Tina wrenched her mouth off Johnny's erection and sat up. His fingers pulled out of her tight, juicy gash with a wet plopping sound. She was hot and horny, and desperate for cock... hard young cock! She knew only too well, that at his age, her virile young son could fuck her all night long and still have a hard-on at dawn. She wanted him now... she wanted his lovely, big prick filling her pussy, stretching her cunt like she knew it would! Her eyes were glazed and wild looking as she clambered over him, her thighs spread wide. Tina was so highly aroused by the prospect of fucking her young stud of a son, she could hardly think straight. She quickly straddled his thighs until her drooling snatch was directly above the tip of the boy's perpendicular cock. It jutted up a good ten inches from his crotch now, an angry red spike, ready to split her in half. Tina stared at it eagerly.

"Momma's gonna fuck you now, baby!" she muttered, grabbing hold of her son's thick throbbing shaft. "Momma's gonna sit on your big ol' cock and fuck you good, honey!"

"Ohhh! Jesus, yes! Fuck me with your cunt, Mom!" stammered Johnny, staring at his mother's large, swollen tits. They were hanging close to his mouth as she bent forwards, squatting her cunt over his cock. Tina rubbed the flared tip into the gaping lips of her twat, teasing them both with the exquisite contact. "God, that feels nice, Mom!" gasped Johnny. "Your cunt is so hot and wet! Ummmmm! Do it! Sit on my cock, Mom! I can't wait to feel it inside you."

"Me either, lover!" groaned Tina, spreading her thighs even wider. "Lift your hips when I bear down, honey. I want you as deep up inside me as possible this time, okay?"

"You bet, Mom!" said Johnny, grabbing the cheeks of his mother's ass for leverage. Tina moaned deep in her throat and grasped his cock at the base, holding it upright between her thighs. Then, inserting the fat, purple head between the gaping lips of her cunt, she sank down slowly on top of him, letting her weight do all the work. Her tight, juicy cunt enveloped his cock steadily, an inch at a time. Tina didn't stop until she felt Johnny's pubic hair press against her flared cuntlips and she knew his prick was in her all the way. Her cunt finally felt complete, open and stretched, and very, very full... filled with the bulk of her son's hard, pulsating cock.

"Oooh yes! God, that's good! I love fucking you like this, baby! Your prick is in me, so fuckin' deep!" wailed Tina, squirming her cunt down as hard as she could. Johnny hunched his hips upwards, causing his mother to give off a sensuous sigh of satisfaction. She sat on him like that for several long seconds, his hard, young prick buried to the balls in her cunt. Her son's cock felt so much bigger to her when they fucked this way, and for the moment, Tina was content to let her body adjust to the size of it. She leaned down towards him, letting her lush tits brush tantalisingly against his hairless chest.

"How does it feel, baby?" asked Tina, gasping for breath. "How does it feel to have your cock stuck up your mother's horny cunt again?"

"Hot, Mom! It feels hot and wet, and fuckin' tight!" moaned Johnny, pulling her tits lower so he could suck on her nipples.

"Just the way you like it... hot and ready to fuck, right, baby?"

"Christ, yesss! Jesus, Mom, I can't stand it any more... Get that sweet, juicy cunt moving on my cock and ride me, baby! Fuck it hard as you can!" Tina giggled like a teenager and began to bounce up and down on her son, sticking herself again and again on the rock-hard column of his wonderful prick. Tina sat up and clutched her tits in both hands, bearing down on his cock with all her strength.

"Watch me Johnny! Watch your cock fill my cunt!" she screeched. "Watch mother fuck you, baby!"

Johnny looked down between his mother's creamy thighs, his eyes wide at the lewd sight of is hard, glistening shaft disappearing time after time into her belly. His hips moved in time with hers, pumping his hard meat into her writhing hole as best he could. Tina gave out a loud squeal and began to pound up and down, faster and faster, slapping her pussy onto the base of her son's driving cock, then lifting her hips until she almost lost it, only to ram down again, grinding her swollen clit hard against his pubic mound. Tina gasped hotly, fucking on Johnny's prick.

Part 13.

"Ahhhhhggghh! Uhhhhhh! God, give me your cock, baby! Give momma your big, fat, mother-fuckin' prick!!"

Her cunt juices flowed like a river, forming a white froth around the base of his cock, coating his young balls with a thick, creamy lather. Tina gurgled and sobbed with pleasure, clutching at her naked tits. Her back was arched in ecstasy as she rode him, fucking her young son with all the energy she could muster.

"Oooh, baby, this is fantastic!" she whimpered. "God, what a cock you have, Johnny! So hard... so long! I can feel it pressing way up inside my belly! Fuck me, baby ! Fuck Mommy!"

Johnny began to thrust his cock upwards as she came down, his crotch making loud, wet sounds as it slapped against her juicy cunt.

"I am fucking you, Mom!" he shouted. "I'm fucking you good! Throw that tight, hairy pussy at my cock like that, Mom and I'll fuck you all night!"

She fell forwards supporting her body on straightened arms either side of her son's head, dancing her ass about, grinding her cunt into his crotch every time she plunged down.

"Suck my tits, Johnny!" panted Tina. "Suck my tits while I fuck you, sweetheart!"

The boy did as he was told, licking his mother's hanging breasts and sucking her stiff nipples into his hot mouth. Her eyes were closed as she fucked faster and faster, her cunt on fire, burning with wild, incestuous lust for her son. God what a stud! He knew how to fuck her better than any male alive! Frantically, she brought a hand to her pussy, rubbing and agitating her swollen clit as she stuffed her cunt with his cock... over and over. Her naked ass whipping about, sliding back and forth... up and down.

Johnny held his mother's thighs, his fingers gripping near her cunt, his eyes wide as he watched her hairy fuckhole devour his prick. He moaned and gasped as her cunt rammed up and down the length of his impaled shaft, pounding so hard she was making the bed bounce. Her cunt was so tight and so hot he couldn't hold back the creamy tide rising in his young balls much longer. Tina felt it too and reached back behind her whipping ass, clutching his swollen balls, squeezing them, pulling them.

"Johnny! Ohhhh, Johnny, your balls are so swollen!" she gasped. "Give me your jizz, honey! Squirt your hot cream up mother's cunt! Come in momma's pussy... I want it in my cunt, baby!"

"Are you gonna come, Mom?"

"God, yes! Any second... come with me, Johnny!"

Tina sat upright again, her ass bounced faster and faster. She was stabbing herself down on his cock in a frenzy, grinding her cunt against him and squealing loudly in total abandon. Her hands flew once more to her jiggling breasts and she squeezed the hard, digging her fingers into the firm flesh, her nipples protruding between her knuckles. She stiffened and screamed at the top of her voice as her orgasm peaked.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Oh, Johnny, fuck me! Momma's cumming, baby!"

"Me too, Mom! Oh God, I can feel it! Jesus, you sexy fuckin' bitch! Come! Come for me, Mom! Fuck! I'm cumming tooooo!"

Part 14.

As she came, Tina's pulsing twat gripped him in flexing waves, gripping and squeezing her son's prick as wave after glorious wave of contractions gripped her jerking cunt.

She screamed loudly, her head twisting and her long, blonde hair flying wildly. Johnny almost lifted off the bed, his hands darting past his mother's hips to grab her churning ass. With a grunt, he came, spewing his thick, incestuous load deep into his mother's cock-filled cunt. As his head and shoulders came off the bed, Tina stuffed one of her tits into his mouth. Johnny began to suck frantically on her large, pink nipple, his fingers digging into the hot crack of his mother's ass. His cock squirted time and time again until Tina thought he was never going to stop, flooding her pussy. She cried and gasped, her orgasms coming stronger and stronger, her cunt almost squeezing his cock off at the base.

"Suck my tit, lover!" she squealed. "Suck my fuckin' tit and come in my cunt!"

Johnny sucked his mother's tits one at a time as he emptied his balls into her sweet fuckin' cunt, and, as the final spurt of cum splattered her hungry womb, Tina fell forward, crushing her son beneath her shaking body, the spasms of her quivering cunt still working at his softening cock. After a minute or so, Johnny rolled his mother's almost dead weight off his body. Her final climax had been so powerful, she had fainted with sheer pleasure and now lay beside him, radiating flushed beauty as only a freshly fucked woman can. Johnny looked at her cunt. It was open, and leaking a sticky mixture of sperm and cunt juice. The boy lowered his face to his mother's gaping slit and tested the liquid with his tongue. It tasted good.. just like she always did, except maybe a bit saltier. That was probably because of his jism, he thought.

Johnny found the taste exciting, and licked his lips as he stared at his mother's naked body, spread out so lewdly before him. Her tits were firm and swollen, rising and falling as she breathed, the rosy nipples stiff and erect with latent passion. But it was her open slit that attracted his full attention, the pink lips gaped sweetly, and the dark, glistening hole continued to ooze that wonderful elixir he had tasted only moments before. Johnny rolled his unconscious mother onto her back and spread her legs, pushing them back and bending them at the knees until her swollen cunt lay before him, exposed to his hungry gaze like a juicy, rare steak on a platter. He lowered his lips and kissed her gooey mound, licking the juice from her cunthair before dipping his tongue into her liquid cunt.

Tina began to come 'round at the touch of her son's mouth on her pussy. At first she was still a little dazed, but when she realized what he was doing, she smiled and pressed against the back of his head, pushing his mouth deeper into the bubbling swamp of her cunt.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice, baby! Suck momma's cunt!" she moaned dreamily.

When Johnny realized that his mother was awake he turned around and straddled her head, lowering his cock into her mouth before she could say another word, and returned his mouth to her cunt as if nothing had happened. They sucked each other off and climaxed simultaneously, Johnny cleaning out every last drop of juice from his mother's cunt, and Tina gulping down a second load of her son's creamy jism. Then they fucked and sucked till morning, indulging in every sexual fantasy they could think of, taking only brief rests between sessions to recover. It was a night of depraved, incestuous delight they both would remember for a long, long time.

The End

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