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Family Fun Revisited #3: Kissin' Cousins

Part 1.

As Johnny, followed Lisa and Jenny down the hallway to his room, listening to records suddenly became the last thing on the young boy's mind. The sight of their tight, little butts bouncing invitingly along in front of him, made Johnny's cock swell alarmingly in his pants. He couldn't make up his mind which of his two cute little cousins had the nicest ass. A sudden impulse seized him, and unable to resist, Johnny reached out and playfully squeezed Jenny's jiggling backside, feeling the taut young flesh give very little under the pressure of his fingers. 'Yep, not a single ounce of fat...' he thought with a smile, '...and tight as a drum!"

Johnny expected Jenny to turn around and hit him, or at least pull away from his intimate touch, but to his pleasant surprise, she did nothing, letting her cousin's exploring hand roam over her compact little backside as if nothing was happening. "Nice ass, Jen!" said Johnny with a slightly embarrassed chuckle. Jenny glanced back over her shoulder and gave him a sexy smile, wiggling her cute little behind back against his hand. Emboldened by the girl's obvious invitation, Johnny ran his middle finger down between the crack of her ass, rubbing it into Jenny's hot little crotch from behind. Although he couldn't quite reach it, he could feel the wet heat of her pussy through the fabric of her shorts. 'This is going to be easier than I expected', he thought with an impish little grin.

By the time they reached his room, Johnny's cock was bulging from the front of his shorts like a tent pole, and it was impossible to hide the fact from the two girls. Lisa's eyes opened wide as soon as she saw it, trying not to stare at the growing lump in the front of her cousin's pants, but it was far too obvious, and finally she had to say something. "Johnny's got a hard-on!" giggled the pretty young girl pointing at her cousin's bulging crotch. Johnny smiled and looked at Jenny. "It's Jenny's fault!" he said, sitting on the bed with his legs wide apart, giving them both a good look at the huge swelling in his shorts. Lisa turned to her sister.

"What does he mean, 'it's your fault', Jenny?" she asked, totally confused. Jenny sat down beside Johnny on the bed, a curious smile playing over her pretty lips. "What he means little sister, is that his cock is hard because I let him feel me up on the way down the hall!"

"Jenny!" gasped her sister, "You didn't... did you?"

"Yeah, why not? I saw the way Johnny's been looking at us all night," replied Jenny, "Besides, I haven't had a decent fuck for weeks!" Jenny smiled at the look of utter shock on both their faces. Lisa's mouth moved, but no sound came out. Finally, the younger girl found her voice.

"God, Jenny! You're really disgusting sometimes!" spat Lisa, heading for the door. "Where are you going?" Jenny asked quickly, "Don't you want to see his prick?" The smile on Jenny's pretty young face was positively wicked, and Lisa hesitated, with her hand on the doorknob, looking uncertainly back and forth between Johnny and her shameless sister. She had to admit that recently, anything to do with boys interested her, and the bulge in Johnny's pants had certainly effected her strongly. Her pussy tingled with a pleasant but unfamiliar sensation every time she looked at it! "Johnny wouldn't show us his co.. uhh, I mean... his thing," she stammered, "... would you Johnny!"

"Oh, I don't know. I guess I could, for a couple of cute chicks like you two!" he smiled, stroking his cock through the material of his shorts. Lisa let go of the doorknob and moved back towards the bed, watching her cousin's fingers as they rubbed up and down the lump in his crotch. "Why don't you take it out for me, Jenny!" said Johnny, placing the girl's hand on his cock. He lay back on the bed to give her more room. Lisa moved closer, a look of excitement building on her sensual young face as Jenny undid Johnny's pants and pulled them down over his muscular thighs. Both girl's gasped aloud, as Johnny's long, hard cock sprang into view.

Lisa's mouth dropped open as she stared at her cousin's impossibly large organ, and even Jenny, who was used to seeing the occasional stiff male member, couldn't believe her eyes! It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen! "Jesus! It's huge!!" she gasped, letting out a little cry of delight as Johnny's prick filled her tiny hand. Lisa watched her sister's tiny fingers wrap around their cousin's cock and moaned softly as Jenny began to jerk her fist up and down the throbbing shaft. "What does it f... feel like, Jenny!" asked young Lisa, so close now that Johnny's knees brushed her thighs. "It feels like the biggest, hardest cock I've ever had! That's what it feels like!" groaned Jenny, dropping her mouth hungrily over the upthrust shaft.

Part 2.

Lisa looked on in awe as her big sister tried to swallow Johnny's prick whole! But it was too big, and she had to be content with just the first six or seven inches. The eagerness of her attack on his cock surprised the boy. "Ohhh! Jenny!" he groaned as the girl's tight young lips slid up and down his cock. "God! I didn't think you'd do it! Uhhhh! Suck it, baby!" Johnny looked up at Lisa and saw the look of desire in her young, inexperienced eyes. Her hand had dropped automatically to the crotch of her shorts, and she was rubbing herself openly as she stared at Johnny's cock disappearing in and out of her sister's sucking mouth. "Take them off, Lisa!" muttered Johnny, "Take off your clothes! If you're gonna watch, I wanna see some tits and cunt!"

Normally such a request would have sent Lisa into a frightened panic, but seeing her sister sucking so eagerly on her cousin's mammoth erection, had reinforced the strange feelings the young girl had been having for some time. Even though she was still a virgin, boy's and men's cocks had filled her dreams and been the centre of her waking attention for months now, and the sight of Johnny's big, lust-stiffened cock had fueled her unconscious desire to breaking point. Almost in a trance, she began to take off her clothes, her eyes glued to Johnny's glistening cock. Her pussy had been throbbing and itching like crazy, ever since she had set eyes on it. Lisa's shorts were so tight that they cut into her crotch, digging sharply into her moistening cleft, making the girl more aware of her body's insistent demands.

Lisa quickly unfastened her shorts, slid them down over her shapely thighs and stepped out of them in one fluid movement. Johnny watched her firm little tits wobble provocatively under the thin material of her tee shirt as she straightened up. "Jesus, baby! Let me see those tits!" breathed Johnny. The sight of little Lisa undressing so willingly in front of him was a powerful turn-on for the young lad, and his cock swelled even more inside Jenny's hot, bobbing mouth. Lisa pulled her tee shirt off over her head and tossed it onto the floor, standing proudly before him clad only in her white cotton panties.

As her creamy young breasts came into view, Johnny's mouth watered at the delicious sight. They stood out without the trace of any sag... firm, young tits, with big, pink nipples, just made for sucking. With a moan, Johnny reached out and pulled Lisa towards him, running his hands over her soft, round ass as his mouth closed over her left nipple. "Ooooooooh! Johnny! What are you doing?" squealed Lisa, surprise quickly giving way to delight as her cousin's tongue flicked around the sensitive bud. "Mmmmmmm! Jesus, that's nice! Ooooooh, suck them both, Johnny!!!" Johnny moved his mouth to her other nipple and sucked it into his mouth too, all the while squeezing and kneading the girl's firm little ass through her panties.

Jenny tugged Johnny's pants down over his legs and then began to remove her own clothes as best she could while still sucking him. It was difficult, and at times she had to temporarily remove her lips from his prick, but soon she too was clad only in a pair of pink panties. Jenny's tits were almost as big as her sister's, and Johnny felt her hard nipples scrape tantalizingly over his naked thighs as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. Her mouth action was so good, that Johnny had to pull her face from his prick before it was too late, and he wasted his load down her tight, hot little gullet. "Sorry, baby!" he said as Jenny looked up at him, disappointment showing clearly on her pretty young face. "I you don't stop, I'm gonna come, and I don't want to do that just yet!"

"Ok, Johnny! You're the boss!" giggled Jenny, flopping onto the bed next to her sister. She lay in front of him, with her legs wide open and began to rub herself shamelessly through the wet crotch of her panties. "Jesus, Johnny! I've been so fuckin' horny all day! I need a cock badly!" whimpered Jenny. Beside her, Lisa had slipped a hand under the waistband of her panties, and was fingering her own lust-moistened slit. He smiled at them. 'Christ, what a pair of nymphos! Wait till Uncle Ray finds out what he's had under his own roof all this time!', thought Johnny. Since they seemed to be well and truly hooked on sex, he decided to have a little extra fun with them. It would make his final pleasure all the more intense.

"Take your panties off! Both of you!" he ordered, "I want to see your juicy little cunts, naked!" Jenny acted immediately, sliding her panties down and off over her thighs without a second thought. Lisa on the other hand hesitated, still a little unsure of what she should do. Johnny smiled at her and fisted his cock, jerking his hand up and down the massive shaft. Lisa took one look at her cousin's erect cock and slowly began to remove her panties, her eyes wide with adolescent lust. Johnny stared excitedly at the smorgasbord of pussy revealed before him. Jenny was brunette, like her mother, and her dark bush of pubic hair curled lushly up over the base of her belly, almost concealing her scarlet-lipped slit.

Part 3.

Lisa on the other hand was blonde, like her father, and the hair on her pussy was very sparse and light, failing completely to hide her glistening, pink, cuntslit. Johnny was drawn to it like a fly to honey. He had never seen such a cute little cunt. "Spread your cunt-lips and let me see some gash!" he barked, his eyes gleaming with lust. Both girl's did as they were told, but Johnny's eyes were fixed on Lisa. Her fingers parted the soft, puffy lips of her slit, exposing the dainty, flaring inner lips. They resembled petals of some rare, delicate flower... rosy pink, and moist with juicy arousal.

Jenny saw Johnny's interest in her sister's cunt and dropped her other hand to Lisa's pussy, inserting a finger into the little girl's tight, wet hole. It only penetrated to the first knuckle before encountering a thin rubbery barrier. Lisa moaned, pressing Jenny's hand into her cunt. "She's cherry, Johnny!" grinned Jenny, "Wouldn't you like a taste of virgin pussy?" She removed her finger from Lisa's wet slit and held it out to him. Johnny leaned forwards and opened his mouth, sucking Jenny's finger clean of the younger sister's musky, cuntal juices. "Yummy, isn't it!" asked Jenny, dipping her finger back into Lisa's juicy pussy. Johnny watched the older girl carefully as she pulled it out again and put it in her own mouth, sucking her sister's tasty secretions just as eagerly as he had. He looked from Jenny to Lisa and back again, his mouth agape.

"Why don't you eat out her cunt, Johnny!" suggested Jenny, "I've got a feeling that after tonight, my dear little sister won't taste like a virgin anymore!" Johnny was all for it, but he looked at Lisa, seeking her consent. "Can I, Lisa?" he asked with excitement, "Will you let me suck your cunt?" Lisa's young eyes were flashing with eager lust as she answered him. "Oh, yessss, Johnny! I want you to! I want you to lick my pussy!" Johnny literally fell between his little cousin's wide-spread legs, pressing his mouth into her juicy, pink cunt. The girl screamed in ecstasy as his stiff tongue sliced between the slippery, elastic lips of her virginal pussy, locating the hard little button at the top of her juicy gash. "Aaaaah! Yes, that's my clitty, Johnny!" she gasped. Her hands slithered up through his hair and took hold of his scalp, pushing his mouth into her virgin slit like a sex-starved little demon. "Oooooooh, lick it some more!"

The boy dutifully obeyed, holding onto his cousin's firm young asscheeks with both hands as she writhed her tasty little cunt against his mouth. Johnny sucked Lisa's tiny clitoris into his mouth and rammed his tongue deep into her tight little cunthole until he felt the hard, flexible barrier of her hymen prevent further entry. Lisa writhed her hips up around the delightful lingual penetration, screwing her virginal pussy hard against her cousin's loving tongue, her cuntal fuzz caressing his smooth cheeks. Lisa's raging genital heat surprised him. She was so hot and wet down there, that Johnny seemed to be drowning in her warm, sweet flesh, and this pleased the lad a great deal.

Lisa was on the verge of the strongest orgasm of her young life. Johnny's lips and tongue were sending her into orbit. Her own fingers, which she used often to stimulate herself to climax, didn't even come close to matching the pleasure her sixteen year-old cousin was generating deep within her cunt with his wonderfully long tongue. The final straw that drove her over the edge was Johnny's nose mashing hard against her throbbing clit as the boy attempted to dig his tongue deeper inside her hot little hole. "Oooooooh...oooooohhh...OOOOOOH!" she moaned loudly. "Johnnnnnneeeeee!" Johnny felt the gush of hot girly cum engulf his tongue as Lisa climaxed on the spot, squealing like a little pig as his expert mouth brought her suddenly to a state of mindless, quivering ecstasy.

While Johnny was sucking off her little sister, Jenny watched their every move with mounting passion. She had been making out with boys since she was Lisa's age. They were usually a lot older than her, and that was the way she liked it. Boys her own age were still more interested in television and baseball than sex, so Jenny had found it necessary to tempt older boys and sometimes men to satisfy her considerable sexual hunger. With her looks it wasn't hard either. As soon as they realized she wasn't just teasing, they couldn't wait to get into her hot little pants. She had even let her netball coach fuck her in the storeroom at school when she was just thirteen. He was thirty-five and happily married with two kids, but he soon forgot them as soon as he got a look at what was under those tight little panties he was always stealing glances at.

Her coach was the first to suck her cunt, and after that Jenny was a true convert to oral sex. So, as Jenny watched her handsome hunk of a cousin tongue-fucking her sister, she knew only too well the intense pleasure his stiff tongue was generating inside Lisa's furry little honeypot. Watching them soon made Jenny so excited that she dropped a hand to her pussy and slipped two fingers into the slippery, steaming gash. It wasn't long before the excited young girl had worked her hot little cunt into a creamy foam, occasionally stroking Johnny's dangling cock with her other hand. The size and hardness of it surprised her. It was at least as big as her netball coach's, and he had the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life! She couldn't wait to feel it slicing deep into her itching cunt.

Part 4.

Just then, Ray opened the door and strode into the room. He had been watching them secretly for some time, waiting for the right moment... and this was it! His two lovely teenaged daughters were stark naked, one was getting her cunt eaten out, and the other was frantically fucking her tightly stretched little snatch with her fingers while she jerked off her cousin's stiff cock. 'What a wonderful domestic scene', he thought smiling inwardly. On the exterior he looked like most fathers would look upon catching their daughters in this sort of situation... angry. But inside Ray was seething with desire... unnatural desire for his two beautiful daughters.

"Just what the fuck is going on here?" he barked moving closer. The three naked young girls on the bed snapped their heads around in unison. Their mouths were still agape as Ray stopped beside the bed and looked down at them angrily. "Well?" he repeated, "What do you think you're doing?". Lisa jumped up and ran to her father, tears streaming down her pretty little cheeks. "Oh, daddy!" she wailed, "We didn't mean to do anything bad." She flung her hands around her father's shoulders and pressed herself against him. She hadn't done it deliberately, but her little pussy mound was snuggled firmly up against the pronounced bulge in Ray's pants which proceeded to grow rapidly in response to the wiggling pressure.

Jenny joined her sister, throwing her arms around Ray's neck as she kissed his cheek, sniffling as only young girls trying to appease their fathers can. Ray winked at Johnny and slid his hands slowly down over both sets of firm, round buttocks, squeezing their tight little asscheeks in a warm, fatherly manner. "Don't cry." murmured Ray in a low reassuring tone. "I'm not really angry at what you did."

"You're not?" asked Jenny incredulously. "No, baby. I think it's normal for a couple of good looking young girls like you to want sex, especially at your age. That's when the urge for sex is at its strongest." As he spoke, Ray's fingers became more and more daring, stroking and fondling his daughters' trim young butts with growing urgency.

Ray looked down at their puzzled faces and smiled. "In fact, I think you should have sex as often as you want," he said, exploring the dark, humid crack of Lisa's ass with his fingertips. His other hand slipped round to Jenny's cunt and began stroking her wet mound. The two girls looked at each other and giggled. "But, there's one condition," he added. Jenny was beginning to like the feel of her father's hand on her pussy and pressed herself against it. "What's that, Daddy!" she murmured. "I want to join you."

"You... you mean, you want to fuck us, Daddy?" asked Jenny, trying to conceal her excitement at the very thought of it.

"Don't you like the idea, baby?" replied her father, slipping a finger into her tight, hot wetness. Jenny squirmed herself onto his fat digit. "Oo...ohhh, yesss Daddy! I love it!" she squealed. "What about you, honey?" said Ray looking at his youngest daughter. Lisa hugged her father with all her might and kissed him on the lips, she opened her mouth wide and her pert little tongue suddenly came alive, slithering wetly into her father's mouth, halfway down his throat. Ray crushed his daughter's naked body against him, one asscheek in each hand. They necked like long lost lovers for what seemed like ages before Lisa reluctantly broke the steamy kiss. "Does that answer your question, Daddy?"

"You bet it does, sweetheart!" said Ray breathlessly.

Ray stood back and began stripping of his clothes. The two girls helped him, tearing off his pants like two hungry little animals. Lisa gasped as she saw her father's erection spring into view. "Daddy! It's so big!" squealed Lisa, wrapping her fingers possessively around his large shaft. Jenny tried to get closer, but Lisa pushed her away. "I want to feel it too, Lisa!" cried Jenny, a note of disappointment in her voice. Lisa was too busy trying to cram the head of her father's cock into her little mouth to bother with what her sister was saying. "Hey, Jenny! I got one just as big and hard over here!" grinned Johnny. Jenny spun around and saw her cousin lying flat on his back, his huge erect cock in his fist. It was at least ten inches long and as hard as steel.

Jenny gave a small whimper of lust and scrambled onto the bed, her firm, conical titties bouncing cutely as she straddled Johnny's prick. She squatted above it, grasping the hard, thick shaft in her fingers, and began rubbing the tip of her cousin's cock through the hot, juicy slit of her cunt. She loved the feeling of expectation as it slithered up and down her gash, and soon, low moans of delight escaped her pretty young lips as she probed and teased her hard little clit with it, pressing it into her cunthole until the boy's whole cock was covered with her slippery juices. "Come on, Jenny..." he gasped loudly, "...my cock is dying for some pussy!"

"Ohh, yes Johnny, put it in me! I want your cock in my cunt, now lover!"

Part 5.

Johnny grabbed his young cousin's squirming asscheeks and thrust his hips upwards at the same time as Jenny bore down on him, impaling herself on his throbbing organ. The hot, little teenager squealed with pleasure as Johnny's lust-hardened cock entered her cunt, filling her tight little hole with more hot cockmeat than the young girl had ever experienced in her entire life! "OHHHHH! GOD!" she screamed, "FUCK, BUT YOU'RE HUGE!! JESUS!!!!" Jenny moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt the rigid thickness of his long prick stretch her tight little cunt until finally he was buried inside her to the hilt, their pubic mounds meshed tightly together.

"Ahhhrrrrhh! Shit, that's tight pussy!" groaned Johnny as his sexy, young cousin began to wiggle her hot little cunt on his deeply imbedded cock. Jenny felt every ridge and vein of his prick scraping against the wet, slippery walls of her snatch as Johnny began to move his cock inside her. He reached up and pulled her boobs into his mouth, squeezing and sucking them hard. Jenny was so hot, she hardly even felt it, her ass was bouncing up and down, slamming her pussy onto his fucking prick as hard as she could. Johnny sucked her little pink tits into his mouth, his hands gripping her firm young ass real hard, guiding her tight, clasping cunt up and down over his stabbing cock.

Ray had maneuvered Lisa over to the edge of the bed, where the little girl sat, sucking on her father's massive erection like it was her favourite lollypop. The tight, wet pressure of his daughter's mouth moving up and down the length of his cock was absolutely fantastic. After Lisa had been sucking him for a few minutes, Ray began groaning and grunting deep down in his throat, and soon Lisa didn't have to bob her head back and forth anymore because her father began jerking his hips and pumping his cock deep into her mouth, fucking her throat. Ray reached down between his daughter's creamy thighs and pressed a hand into her hot little pussy. Immediately, Lisa slid her naked little butt to the edge of the bed and spread her dimpled knees wide apart, parting her thighs in shameless invitation to her father's eager incestuous fingers.

Ray ran his hand over her hairless little pussy-mound before parting the tight, puffy lips of her cunt and slipping his middle finger inside. The delicious penetration was enough to make Lisa pull her mouth off his cock for a second, as she looked up at him seductively. "Mmmmm, yes, Daddy," she sighed, "play with me. Put your finger up my cunt! Oooooh, God, your finger feels so big... so good up there! Fuck me with your finger, daddy! Ahhhhh, yessssss!" Lisa's slimy cuntflesh closed around her father's invading digit like a hot, velvet vice, clasping it tighter and tighter as Ray inched his finger into her cunthole as far as possible. "Jesus, Lisa!" moaned her father, "Fuck, but you're tight, honey!" He probed deeper, but only managed to get his finger in her cunt halfway before it was stopped by the tightly-stretched barrier of her virginity.

Lisa returned her lips to her father's cock and sucked it deep into her mouth, feeling the hot fuck-juices begin to rise and bubble inside her cunt, coating his finger's with her hot, sticky cream. Ray glanced at the other two, fucking noisily on the bed beside them. Jenny was wrapped around her cousin's muscular young body like a boa-constrictor, her sweet round ass was bobbing and weaving wildly over his cock as Johnny rammed the huge, pole of fuck-muscle deep into her tight, young cunt. Her legs were spread wide apart so as to get more of Johnny's hard prick into her hungry hole, and Ray could see his eldest daughter's cute little pink anus winking at him each time she raised and lowered her hips.

He wished he was close enough to bend over and probe the puckered little opening with the tip of his tongue. He wondered if she had ever had a cock up her hot little ass before. He hoped she hadn't, because then it would mean he would get two cherries tonight.. one from each of his horny little daughters. Ray worked another finger into Lisa's juice-filled little twat, rubbing and jabbing until the young girl began to squirm her crotch hard against his hand, grinding her erect little clit against his massaging palm. "Ohhhh, Jeez, Daddy!" gasped Lisa, removing her pink swollen lips from her father's cock, "My poor little pussy's on fire! It needs your cock, Daddy!" Ray knew she was ready, just by the way her hips writhed and squirmed onto his hand. He little cunt was so wet that his fingers made little squelching sounds each time they pressed into her juicy pink flesh.

"Tell me, baby!" he breathed, "I want to hear you say it! Tell me exactly what you want me to do!"

"Oooooh, God, I can't stand it any longer! I want you to fuck me, Daddy! I want you to stick your big, fat cock into my pussy and fuck me till I come!" Ray smiled down at his highly aroused little daughter. "I'll do better than that, Lisa honey!" he replied, "I'll fuck you till you come, then fuck you some more... Baby, I'm gonna fuck your tight little cunt until you can't come any more!" Lisa squealed with delight and fell back onto the bed, her slim tanned legs flung wide, exposing the narrow, pink slit of her cunt. Ray took a second to explore his daughter's naked young body with hungry eyes.

Part 6.

Lisa's firm, pointed tits stood straight up from her heaving chest, wobbling only slightly with each heavy breath the girl took. His eyes travelled down over her smooth, flat stomach to rest finally on her shamelessly exposed little pussy. The young girl had watched him intently as Ray's eyes moved down over every inch of her naked flesh. Her father had never looked at her like that before, and Lisa found she liked it! She especially liked the way he was looking at her pussy... like a hungry lion. Lisa bent her knees and pulled them up beside her body, at the same time spreading her thighs as far apart as she could. She slid both hands down to her juicy slit and parted the lips of her cunt in wanton invitation. Lisa heard her father gasp and felt his weight on the bed between her legs as he stared at the dark, glistening hole she had so shamelessly exposed for him.

"Oh God, baby! You're beautiful!" panted Ray, as he bent low over his daughter's glistening scarlet cuntslit. "So, pink and fresh and juicy!" Lisa felt his hot breath on her tortured flesh and moaned with expectant pleasure when she realized what he had in mind. He pulled the lips of her cunt open even wider, and Lisa listened as her father told her what he was going to do to her. He whispered real low, talking real dirty... telling her what a nice cunt she had... how hot and wet it was, and how he couldn't wait to stick his tongue inside and lick up all of her juices. "Jesus, yessss! Do it! Suck my pussy just like I sucked your cock, daddy!"

Ray dragged his tongue once through her lewdly offered gash, just to savour the taste of her. Then he turned around and straddled her head, lowering his cock over her pretty little face, his own face directly above her eager young snatch. "Now we can suck each other, baby!" he said, returning his mouth to his daughter's virginal pussy. As his tongue pushed between the tight, elastic lips of her cunt and entered her cunthole, Lisa wrapped her lips around his hanging cock and sucked it deep into her mouth. She quivered with pleasure, as much from the exquisite sensations his mouth and tongue were producing in her pussy, as the thought that she was having sex with her own father... and loving it!

He made her feel so damn good, and the fact that they shouldn't be doing it, was all the more exciting to her young mind. After Johnny had eaten out her cunt before, and she had sucked on her father's cock, Lisa found that sex, particularly with members of her own family, excited her to such a degree that she couldn't wait to get her brother, Billy to fuck her too. It wouldn't be hard, he was a randy kid, and had copped a free feel many times as he passed her in the bathroom doorway at home. Even her Uncle Dave was fair game, he just as handsome as her father, and just as well hung too if the bulge she saw in his shorts this afternoon was anything to go on.

As father and daughter settled down into a mutually satisfying sixty-nine, Jenny and John were still at it close beside them. The two young teenagers were really fucking up a storm. Both had come at least once, but at their age, their staying power was at it's peak and after Johnny had squirted a load of hot come up into Jenny's bouncing twat, his cock remained erect... much to the young girl's obvious delight. Johnny had rolled her off him onto her back, and quickly got between her legs, ramming his hard, gleaming prick back into her gaping pussy before she had time to even take a breath. His hands were on her tits as he fucked her, grasping the twin conical mounds strongly as he thrust his cock into her hot, clinging cunt, pounding her with everything he had.

"Ahhhhhh! G...God, Johnny, where did you learn to f... uhhh... fuck so good?" Jenny whimpered, draped her legs over his shoulders. "Right here, baby... right here at home!" gasped Johnny. "What do you mean?"

"I learned most of it from fucking my Mom," he said, smiling devilishly down at her bemused young face. "You mean, you fuck Aunt Tina?" Jenny looked up at her cousin in disbelief. "Yeah, sure! Mom let's me fuck her any time I want." said Johnny, grinning down at her. His cock never missed a beat as it slid in and out of Jenny's tight little cunt like a hot, greased piston. "She says she can never get enough of my cock," Johnny added proudly. "D...does your father know?" asked Jenny with a moan, grinding her clit up against the base of her cousin's thrusting prick.

"Sure!" he replied. "Sometimes Dad and I even fuck Mom at the same time! Johnny watched the look on her face. Her shocked look was turning him on! "I fuck Julie too..," he added,"... and so does Dad. She's a real nympho!" Jenny groaned with mounting lust as her cousin confessed the lurid details of his family's incestuous sex life. How the whole family had sex wherever and whenever the urge overcame them, whether it was son fucking mother... father fucking daughter... brother fucking sister... husband fucking wife... it didn't matter, and by the time he had finished, Jenny was almost out of her mind with lust. Johnny's graphic description of goings-on in the Simpson household had excited her so much, that the young girl orgasmed immediately. But this time, as her girly cum gushed around her cousin's deeply buried prick, her mind was filled with visions of other forbidden cocks.

Part 7. She pictured her Uncle Dave, her brother Billy and even her own father, taking Johnny's place between her open thighs, filling her with their big long cocks, fucking her powerfully, one after the other until she fainted from the sheer pleasure of it all. Jenny clung to her cousin like a leech as a massive climax rocked her young adolescent cunt. His steel-hard prick continued to plow into her spasming hole even after she came, sending her over the edge once more, and Jenny screamed as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her quivering little snatch... again and again and again. "OOOOOOHHH! FUCK ME, JOHNNNY!! FUCK ME HARD! JESUS, I'M CUMMMMMMMING!"

He felt Jenny's pussy twitch around his cock as she came real hard, her young cunt muscles squeezing his prick in a tight, hot grip until her powerful contractions finally faded. Johnny smiled down at her again, this time with that mischievous look he got as soon as he realized that his hardon was going to last for hours. His mother knew that look only too well, and many were the times Johnny had fucked her until dawn, stopping only when they were both totally exhausted... he felt like that now. Jenny had the hottest, tightest cunt he'd ever had the pleasure of slipping his cock into, and he wasn't about to give up until he'd fucked his hot, sexy little cousin senseless!

Johnny rolled the panting girl onto her side. She was still limp from the series of intense orgasms she had just experienced. He rolled her further over onto her belly and lifted her hips up until she was kneeling with her back to him, her face pressed into the bed, and her cute little ass stuck up into the air like a bitch in heat. Her venus mound was puffy and swollen, and stood out like a ripe succulent peach, the gaping pink slit of her tiny cunt glistening wetly with their combined juices. Johnny pressed the head of his prick between her legs and rubbed it up and down her wet gash. The girl moaned with pleasure until Johnny slid the hard knob up between the creamy cheeks of her little ass. Jenny suddenly came out of her stupor and realized how vunerable she was in this position, his cock nudging at the entrance of her nether hole.

"Johnny! What are you gonna do?" cried his young cousin with alarm. Realizing what she meant, Johnny laughed, trying to reassure her. "Don't worry baby! I'm not gonna backdoor you just yet! Trust me!" As tempting as her puckered young anus was, Johnny wanted to keep that pleasure for later. Right now, he was eager for more of her hot little teenage cunt... this time from a different angle. He knelt behind her and spread the girl's thighs apart, slipping his cock easily into her drooling cuntslit from behind. Gripping her around the waist, Johnny thrust forward, pulling her against him as he rammed his cock-shaft savagely into her slippery hole. Jenny's eyes rolled back into her head as the massive pole of hard muscle penetrated her pussy to the hilt. "Ohhhh, Jesus, God!" screamed Jenny as she felt her cousin's fat cockhead slam against her tiny cervix. "God, it's in deep! and it feels so big... Uhhhhhhhh, Johnny, Fuck me! Fuck me like a dog! Ummmm! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Ray turned to look at them as Jenny squealed out her lewd request. He was just in time to see Johnny's cock disappear balls deep into his eldest daughter's hungry cunt. Her cuntlips seemed to envelop the boy's cock like a juicy, pink mouth, and Ray knew from the look on Johnny's face that she was tight... real fucking tight! Lisa wondered why her father had taken his wonderful mouth off her throbbing cunt, especially when she was so close. "Put it back, Daddy! Please put your mouth back on my pussy and suck me!" Ray took another look at Jenny's cunt wrapped tightly around Johnny's cock and made a decision. "It's time, baby! I can't wait any longer. I've got to fuck you, honey!" He leapt off Lisa's slender form and turned round, crouching over tiny naked body like a ravenous beast about to devour its prey.

Roy was beside himself with lust for his sexy little daughter. The fact that she was more than willing to let him fuck her, turned him on like nothing had ever done before. With a loud moan, Roy lowered his hips until the head of his enormous prick poked against his daughter's juicy little cunt-slit. Lisa gazed up at her father, a look of smouldering fuck-lust in her pretty blue eyes.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me with your big, fat cock!" she begged. "Make me a woman Daddy! Ooooooh, take my cherry so we can fuck properly." Ray resisted the urge to fall on top of the horny little kid, shove his cock into her belly to the hilt, and fuck her sweet young brains out. Anyone else might have, but he was her father and he loved her, he wanted her first time to be something wonderful to remember, not something painful and unsatisfying. For all her brave words, Lisa began to get a little apprehensive as she looked down and compared her father's enormous cock to her tiny little slit. "Ooooo, Daddy! It's very big! Are you sure it'll fit into my pussy?"

Part 8.

"Don't worry, darling!" replied her father, "It'll fit perfectly. I'll be real gentle with you, baby... I promise." Ray crawled forward, between her open, trembling legs and positioned the tip of his cock against her hairless little cuntslit. "Hold onto it baby!" gasped Ray. "Use both hands if you have to. Just slide it up and down in your cunt for a while, ok?" Lisa eagerly wrapped her hands around her father's long, hard prick, pulling it eagerly against her pussy. "Ok, Daddy!" she breathed. "Is that alright?" Ray was having great difficulty in resisting the animal urges that began to cloud his lust-heated brain.

"Mmmmmm! Yes, b...baby! That's p... perfect!" he stammered, feeling his daughter's tight young cuntlips open as she rubbed his cocktip along the length of her pussyslit. Soon, Lisa began to breath heavily, and churn her little ass madly around on the bed as she dragged her father's prick through her flooding gash. Ray could feel the hard little bud of her clitoris at the very top of her slit and noticed how she lingered on it more and more each time, rubbing the head of his cock against her love-button harder on each pass through her moistening twat. It wasn't long before young Lisa instinctively needed more than just the tip of her father's cock in her squirming little cunthole. She tried to push his entire cock into her tight, wet little hole, but only a few inches would penetrate before the thin, rubbery barrier of her hymen prevented further entry... much to the young girl's obvious frustration.

"Oh, Daddy! Do it now!" pleaded Lisa, in wild abandon. "Bust my cherry, Daddy! Uhhhh, God! I need your cock! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good!" Ray couldn't wait any longer either, his daughter's words drove him over the edge. He grabbed his cock with one hand and pushed it into her cunt, lunging forwards with his hips at the same time. Lisa screamed out at the sudden sharp pain that ripped through her. Her father's cock seemed to falter for a second before the fragile membrane split, and his massive prick slid easily into her, filling her young cunt completely with his throbbing hardness. "Ohhh! Godddd! Unnnhhh! Oooooh! F... fuck!" Lisa gasped for breath. Her father's cock, buried deeply in her belly for the first time, seemed to take her breath away. The pain was gone, replaced by a warm, full feeling.

"Christ, baby! You're like a goddamned vise!" he grunted, struggling to get the last few inches of his prick into her. "Fuck, that's nice pussy!" Ray couldn't move. His daughter's cunt was so tight, his cock hurt. It was a wonderful warm tightness he'd never felt before. Even in his early years Ray had never been lucky enough to score a cherry, and it made his prick swell and throb just to think that it was his own baby daughter's virginity he had just taken. He left his cock inside her clasping cunt, letting it soak in her hot juices, as Lisa's tightly-stretched cunt slowly grew accustomed to the long, hard thickness filling her narrow tube. Ray flexed his prick inside her occasionally, an action which brought little whimpers of delight from his daughter.

"How does it feel, honey!" asked Ray. Lisa gasped and looked up into her father's eyes. "Is it all the way in, Daddy," she whispered, raising her hips up off the bed. Ray looked quickly down between their joined bodies before answering. "Yes, baby! It sure is! How do you like your first cock, sweetheart?"

"Ohhhh, Daddy, I love it! It's wonderful! Move it in me, please!" Ray began to grind his hips gently down onto her small slim frame. He was still a little afraid of hurting her, but Lisa had other ideas. "No! I want you to really do it me, Daddy! God, I want you to f-fuck me!" Now that the initial pain was fading, the thought of her father's big, hairy prick shoved up her twat made Lisa wild with lust, Ray too lost all control. "Ok, baby! " he said suddenly, "...you asked for it! Now you're gonna get your hot little cunt fucked... but good! Are you ready, sweetheart?"

"Ohhhh, yes, Daddy! Fuck me now! Fuck me like you fuck Mommy!" The first couple of thrusts were a little painful for Lisa, but then as if it had never been there, the pain left, and a new kind of sensation began to sweep through her young loins. Lisa could feel every ridge and groove on the shaft of her father's cock as he slid it in and out of her tightly-stretched fuckhole. With mounting pleasure, she felt it moving against places that had never before felt the touch of a man's cock. Ray moved slowly at first, but as their excitement mounted, he began to stroke a little quicker. Her father's prick felt wonderful to the young girl. She really had nothing to compare it with, but it was making her pussy feel so... so cummy.

His long, hard rod felt warm inside the juice soaked recess of her young cunt. Each thrust and retreat made it feel warmer still, and the thrusts were coming faster and faster. The world was beginning to look and feel different now. His throbbing penis was making her feel alive... alive with an all-consuming hunger for sex. It was the most erotic pleasure her young body had ever felt. It was more thrilling than having her pussy licked... better than having a finger in her twat, and far more exciting than having a hand squeeze her tits. Nothing felt as good as her wonderful Daddy's prick as he fucked her for the first time... nothing at all!

Part 9.

She could feel her cunt adjusting to the size if his cock, helped by her abundant juices which bathed and lubricated the thrusting pole until it slid in and out of her cunt like a well-oiled piston. Her pussy walls were spreading to give her father's cock room enough to move freely. His cockhead poked at the very deepest part of her pussy, and she felt his bristling pubic hairs press against the lips of her hairless little pussy with each downward plunge. He drove so deep, Lisa could scarcely believe that the huge, fearsome organ she had watched disappear slowly into her tiny virgin pussy, was buried so completely inside her now. The base of her father's cock rubbed repeatedly over her clit with maddening effectiveness, and soon little Lisa began to moan and buck her hips up at his thrusts with youthful vigour, her passion multiplying with each delicious stab.

Lisa felt very small beneath her father's masculine body. It made her feel very dainty. Her buttocks worked instinctively to push her hips and pubic mound up toward her father's heaving body until finally, the young inexperienced girl was moving rhythmically, in time with her father's pistoning prick. With every deep penetration, Lisa loved it more and more. She was glad it was her father that took her virginity and not some 'slam bam... thank you mam', teenager. Her father was the only man she had really loved for all of her young life, and it was only natural that he should be the one to take the most precious gift a woman can give a man... besides, her Daddy sure knew how give a girl pleasure!

Holding onto Jenny's smooth round buttocks, Johnny continued to ram his prick into his little cousin's lewdly raised cunt from behind. Jenny had her head buried in a pillow to stifle her loud cries as the boy's cock pierced her young twat to a depth the girl had never known before. Hearing Lisa's moans, Johnny looked down at her. Her eyes were wide open like a frightened animal, staring intently at her father's face as they fucked. But soon her moans became louder and the look on her face changed. Johnny knew that look well, he had seen it on his mother's and sister's faces every time he fucked them, just before they came. The boy smiled as Lisa saw him looking at her and they exchanged lustful glances. Almost of one mind, they dropped their eyes to each other's genitals... Lisa staring at Johnny's enormous cock as it slid into her sister's raised rump, while Johnny stared at Lisa's hairless, little cunt, completely filled by her father's massive cock.

When their eyes met again it was as if each was fucking the other rather than their partners. Johnny pushed Jenny forward onto the bed until she was lying on her stomach with his cock still buried in her cunt from the rear. He continued to fuck her savagely, except now he could twist over and reach Lisa's sexily parted lips. The two horny teenagers kissed passionately, each fucking another yet together in their lust for incestuous fulfillment. When they finally broke for air, Lisa whispered into his ear. "Uhhh! Fuck me next, Johnny! I want your cock! Promise you'll fuck me next!"

"Mmmm! You bet, kid! Ufff! I'll fuck you just like I'm fucking your big sister," panted the boy, giving Jenny's cunt a couple of extra hard jabs for emphasis. Jenny wailed with pleasure at the sudden deep penetration, pushing her drooling cunt eagerly back against her cousin's ferocious stabs. "Ohh, Johnny! God! Yes, just like that! Fuck me hard! Ohhh, yes, deeper!" squealed Jenny. Johnny increased his tempo, fucking the whimpering girl just like she'd asked... long and hard... all the time staring hungrily at Lisa's squirming, cock-filled cunt. He watched with envy as his uncle's thick, hard prick stretched Lisa's tight little twat to the limit. On each stroke, the little teenager's taut pink pussylips clung to her father's cockshaft like a small, sucking mouth. The lewd sight had a tremendously exciting effect on Johnny and he began to fuck his cock into Jenny with deeper, harder thrusts.

Lisa looked up at her father, adolescent lust burning brightly in her baby-blue eyes as she jerked her slim young hips up to meet his pile-driving cock-thrusts. Her father's huge prick was giving her hot little cunt so much pleasure, Lisa felt like she was going to faint with sheer ecstasy. "Ohhhh, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Uhh! Uhh! I'm gonna cum any second!" squealed Lisa. "Goddd! Fuck meeee! I love it! Unnhnhnnnnhhhhh!" Ray grabbed his whimpering daughter by the asscheeks and lifted her up, driving his plunging cock deep into her squirming cunt as she came. "Ooooooh, God! I'm cumming, Daddy! It feels so good! Yes! Yes! Yesssss!"

"Uhhhg! Jesus! I'm coming too, baby!" yelled Ray, hunching into her, "Up your cunt! Cumming up your tight, sweet, little cunt! Arrrggghhh!" Lisa's eyes fluttered wildly as her father's cock jerked inside her, filling her quivering twat to the brim with load after load of hot, scalding cum. "Uuuuhh yesssss, give it to me Daddy! Come in my cunt!!!" Lisa screeched, her little pussy convulsing around his throbbing prick. "Cum, Daddy! Cummm!" As they climaxed together, Ray continued to drive his spurting cock into the girl's frothy hole, never letting up for an instant as he fucked his squirming daughter with all the strength he could muster. Lisa thrashed her ass about, writhing and squealing in frenzied abandon, her titties so firm and tight that there was almost no movement in them at all.

Part 10.

As her father repeatedly rammed his prick into her to the hilt, Lisa felt a familiar sensation begin to spread rapidly from deep inside her juice-filled cunt. Her blue eyes opened and closed and her blonde hair flew as another powerful orgasm wracked her tiny body. "Oh God! Oh God! Ooooh, I'm cumming again, Daddy! Uuhhhh, I love cock... love your big hard cock, Daddy! Fuck me and come in my cunt... Ahhhh! and I'll suck you off... and you can lick my pussy and...ohhhh, I don't ever wanna stop cumming!"

Ray smiled to himself as he listened to her excitingly depraved words. "Oh yes, Honey," he grunted, slamming into her cunt, "Yes, yes and yes!" He marvelled at the change in his sweet little daughter. Lisa was no longer the demure young teenager he knew and loved. In only a few short hours, she had lost her virginity and gained an appetite for sex that seemed almost unquenchable. At the touch of his cock, his little girl had turned into a wild, passionate young woman, willing to do anything and everything to fulfill the powerful feelings of adolescent lust that pervaded her nubile young body, and Ray vowed to give her everything her little heart desired.

Johnny felt Jenny's cunt tighten around his cock as his horny young cousin climaxed for the second time. Her tits were flattened against the bed and she moaned loudly into the pillow as she came, bucking her ass up to meet his every thrust, trying to get his cock in better contact with her throbbing little clit. "Johnnnnny! Uhhhhhggghhh! I'm... ohhhh, fuck... I'm cummmming again!" she wailed, "Yesss, yesss! Fuck me! Oh fuck, yessss!" Johnny wanted deeper penetration. Knowing he had brought her off a second time, triggered his ejaculation, and he wanted her to really feel it when he came inside her tight little cunt. He put his palms under her trembling thighs and lifted her ass up off the bed, spreading her legs wide at the same time.

Jenny's legs and lower body were suspended in mid air, and her wide-stretched cunthole clung desperately to his long, hard cock as Johnny began thrusting deeply into the moaning girl. Each time he hunched forward, Johnny pulled Jenny's pussy onto his ramming cock with equal force. The new angle of penetration was so tight that after only five or six powerful jabs, Johnny climaxed violently. "Unnngh! Get ready, Jen! Here it comes! Arhhgggh! Here it fuckin' comes!!" Jenny was ready alright! She shook with wild incestuous passion as she felt her handsome young cousin coming inside her. Johnny gave her cunt one last powerful thrust, fucking her to the hilt as his deeply embedded prick began to spurt hot jism, way up inside her belly.

"Ohhh! Jesus, Johnny... give it to me... come in me, pleeeease! Ooooh, yes!" she screamed, as the boy shot load after load of hot, sticky jism up into her quivering young fuckhole.

It was just the beginning of some new "family fun"...

The End

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