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Family Initiation

"Oh yes!"

Haijen still couldn't speak sharp English, but he did know how to moan, grunt and plead in the language as well as anyone. At least, when he came up for air from sucking Mr. Stevens' hard cock, he could. Otherwise, the 18-year-old Korean foreign exchange student had to hold it in as little Stacey took his Asian cock into her pussy underneath him while Jeremy gave it to him from behind. Haijen endured a lot these past weeks away from his real family, but this family was taking great care of him now. Today's camping trip had turned into one of the most exciting experiences of his life.

It was only early August when Haijen had come to America for his senior year in high school as part of the Student Exchange Program. Haijen was to be hosted by the Stevens family, while 17-year-old Josh Stevens went to Korea to stay with Haijen's family.

Haijen had been nervous and it had shown so obviously that first day when the Stevens' picked him up at the Valley International Airport in Port Grey, Wisconsin. That was when Haijen first met the Stevens family, minus Josh who was already in Korea; the father, Mr. Stevens, a 45-year-old saw mill worker; Jeremy, the 16-year-old slightly-overweight teenage son who would share a room with Haijen; and the daughter, Stacey, the 15-year-old green-eyed beauty who made Haijen feel like a pedophile during his entire stay at the Stevens house.

It was hard in the beginning for Haijen. He usually understood what the Stevens' said to him, but other times he had to pass off an answer for a smile. Jeremy was a good roommate though. Haijen had grown close to him as the two would usually succeed in having conversations about pretty girls at their high school. Jeremy also seemed to have the same taste as Haijen in movies; Jean Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwartzenegger. They must have watched "Terminator 2" and "Blood Sport" three times each before August was through.

Haijen was shy toward Stacey, and the 15-year-old mostly seemed to pay him little attention. Haijen figured she must not have been happy about having a stranger in the house. This upset Haijen slightly, but that anger was vented when he would masturbate in the shower while thinking about her. His fantasies usually were fuelled whenever he saw Stacey swimming in the family pool in her skimpy two-piece swimsuit. He had never seen a girl that age wear such revealing clothing, despite Korea's many pedophilic undertones; many of the country's pop singers were sexy young teenage girls. But they always wore baggy jump suits. Haijen had to use his imagination to jerk off to them. With Stacey and her swimsuit, there wasn't much left to the imagination.

Mr. Stevens wasn't in the house much, but when he was, he made Haijen feel very welcome. The divorced father always had a smile on his face and seemed to never need to raise his voice to either of his kids. This was a change for Haijen. He was used to his own father being very disciplinary. But Mr. Stevens obviously had brought his kids up well, because the house was very orderly and calm. The result was a comfortable stay for Haijen. Mr. Stevens and his family were great hosts.

They had done many things together, especially before school had started. On Haijen's first weekend, the entire family drove to the Grand Canyon. Then the family took Haijen up to Mackinaw Island in Michigan. Haijen loved that trip. Before coming home, they went to Niagara Falls in Canada too. But it was that trip in mid-September that highlighted Haijen's tour of America.

The Stevens family had a camp site they visited annually right next to Lake Michigan. It was Camp Timbers and it looked beautiful to Haijen when the Stevens' car first entered through the gates. The trees were so high, the grass so green and he could smell that mixture of pine and water in the air. It was hot for a September weekend in Wisconsin, but it seemed as if nobody caught on. There were only five other tents set up at the camp site.

Mr. Stevens picked a camping spot right in front of the beach of the lake. Haijen couldn't have picked a more beautiful spot himself. They set their tent up at the edge of the grass where the beach started to form. Behind them were the luscious trees that hid any sign of outside civilization. And in front of them was Lake Michigan, blue and crashing against some large rocks farther out, while the tide rolled quickly but smoothly into the sandy beach. One of the other five tents were set up about 70 yards to the left. It was a family of four, but the Stevens' decided not to intrude on their space with the hope that the favor would be returned.

By 7 p.m. they were settled in. They had shared a picnic dinner together and immediately after, Stacey went into the tent and came out wearing her black two-piece and ran for the shore. Mr. Stevens and Jeremy were still sitting on the picnic blanket with Haijen, so he didn't dare peak up at her young ass as it ran past him.

"Daddy, it's so nice out here," Stacey yelled toward her father after splashing her way out into the lake until she was neck-high. Camp Timbers was especially popular because of how warm the lake was during the summers. In most other lake-side camps, the water could be intolerably cold.

Mr. Stevens turned to Jeremy. "Why don't you join your sister, Jeremy?" he said. "Haijen and I can start the fire."

Jeremy didn't say a thing as he pulled off his t-shirt. Jeremy had smooth skin, with a bit of a pouch for a belly, but didn't seem to mind being shirtless. He got up and joined his sister in the lake.

Mr. Stevens then got up from the picnic blanket and walked over in front of the tent, where other campers had left behind some charred wood that had once been a fireplace. He took out a box of matches. "Not very boy scout-ish, am I?" Mr. Stevens said with a smile. He lit a match and threw it into the wood. A bit of smoke started coming from deep within the timber. "Come help me get this going, Haijen," Mr. Stevens said as he picked up two thick branches on the ground and threw one to Haijen. Haijen got up from the picnic and helped push the wood around, as the flames started to build.

The sun was nearly below the horizon and the sky was purple by the time the camp fire was going. Haijen could hear Stacey and Jeremy talking and swimming in the distance. Mr. Stevens had been keeping an eye on Haijen as they backed away from the rising flames. Haijen could tell something was on Mr. Stevens' mind. He had sensed this all day by the older man's unusual quietness. Could Mr. Stevens' have suspect Haijen's lust for Stacey? Was he about to get kicked out of the house?

Mr. Stevens finally broke the silence. "Come walk with me, Haijen." Mr. Stevens began walking along the shoreline, in the opposite direction of the other family's tent. Haijen followed along beside him. The two of them walked as the sun slowly set on the beautiful lake, but panic was starting to enter into Haijen's thoughts. "Haijen, you've been with us nearly two months. I hope you've been having a great time. I hope we've been good hosts."

Haijen answered quickly, in as best English as possible. "Uh- yes. Oh, oh, yes, I've very enjoyed my time."

By now they were nearly 100 yards down the beach from their tent. Mr. Stevens turned around and started walking back and Haijen followed along his side. "Good, good," Mr. Stevens said. Haijen was awaiting the worst. "Because we've enjoyed having you with us." Then Mr. Stevens reached over and took Haijen's hand in his as they walked on. Haijen thought this was strange, but went along with it, figuring it was some form of American custom.

"Oh, uh- sank you," Haijen replied, thanking the older man. But he could tell Mr. Stevens wasn't done yet.

"We've missed Josh dearly, don't get me wrong. But we feel like we've also found a new family member in you, Haijen."

"Sank you," Haijen said, his mind still racing over what Mr. Stevens was getting to. They were nearing their tent again as they held hands and Haijen could see Stacey and Jeremy still in the lake, even with the dimming sunlight. The camp fire was beginning to take over the darkening sky.

Then Mr. Stevens stopped and turned to face Haijen. "What I'm trying to say is that we love you."

Haijen was about to thank him again, but then suddenly Mr. Stevens put his hands on Haijen's shoulders and pulled their bodies together. In an instant, Haijen felt Mr. Stevens' lips press against his. The shock was overwhelming, but Haijen didn't pull away from the homosexual exchange, afraid that it would anger his Exchange Parent. Instead, he let the older man kiss him passionately upon the lips. Haijen also noticed that Stacey and Jeremy had gone silent in the lake. They were undoubtedly watching. Haijen couldn't believe that Mr. Stevens would do something like this right in front of them. And Haijen couldn't believe he was letting Mr. Stevens do this.

Finally Mr. Steven pulled his lips away and looked at Haijen. The 18-year-old Korean looked awkward standing there. "It's ok, Haijen," Mr. Stevens said in a soft voice. "They feel the same way," he said as he looked over Haijen's shoulder and out into the lake. Haijen followed Mr. Stevens' glance and turned around, and there were Stacey and Jeremy rib-deep in the lake, looking intensely at their father and Haijen. Then Haijen heard Mr. Stevens from behind, whispering into his ear, "Go to them."

Haijen couldn't believe this. This couldn't be an American custom. This couldn't be a joke, either. These people were serious. And as much as he wanted to turn away from this, the thought of kissing Stacey overwhelmed him. Haijen couldn't turn this down, and so he began walking toward Jeremy and Stacey.

The two teenagers stood in the lake and watched as Haijen walked toward them. The Korean boy was obviously so disorientated by this new course of events that he forgot to take off his shirt as he walked deeper into the lake. His eyes were mostly locked on Stacey's, but he looked over to Jeremy a few times. Haijen was now standing there, only a foot from both the Stevens kids. The sun was below the horizon and only a brilliant red haze filled the sky. Stacey's body was a perfect silhouette against it.

Haijen felt hands at the sides of his shirt. They were the hands of Mr. Stevens, who had followed behind Haijen into the water, and was now pulling Haijen's shirt off. Haijen felt the older man's lips kiss on his naked shoulder blade. And at the same moment, Jeremy reached forward and touched Haijen's smooth chest. Stacey just looked at him, with her small breasts hanging just above the water in the cups of her black bikini. She finally moved forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her young, moist lips against his. Haijen felt his body surge with excitement as his dreams were answered.

Jeremy took away his hand from Haijen's chest and let Stacey press tighter to the Korean. Then Jeremy moved behind his younger sister and caressed the back of her long, wet brown hair. He then pushed it aside, over her shoulder, and kissed between both her shoulder blades. He looked up to see her head weaving and realized she was really getting into her kiss with Haijen. So Jeremy reached up and pulled the straps of her bikini off her shoulders and tugged them off her body. He then kissed her completely-naked back.

Haijen suddenly felt Stacey's bikini cups slip from between their bodies. Now there was only the feel of her hard nipples against his chest. He couldn't see them, with the two of their mouths kissing so tightly, but Haijen could definitely feel how small-but-firm they were.

Mr. Stevens kissed and felt along Haijen's back with his hands. The young man was smooth everywhere and his skin had an unusually sweet taste to it. Mr. Stevens guessed it was from years of using herbal soaps in Korea. He let his tongue out against the small of Haijen's back and tasted it even stronger against his tongue. Haijen seemed to tense at the feel of Mr. Stevens' tongue and his skin was getting hotter, from the sexual fever. So Mr. Stevens' cupped some water in his palms and poured it down Haijen's back. The lake water was getting cooler now that the sun was out of the sky, and Haijen tensed his back even more against the sudden cool sensation.

Jeremy's penis was at a full erection now, as he watched from behind Stacey as his sister kissed Haijen. Jeremy's hands wandered below the lake water and found Stacey's round ass, grabbing it hard. He could hear Stacey giggling against the muffle of her kiss with Haijen. She still had her black bikini bottom on and Jeremy acted immediately to change that, as he sunk below the water to pull the panties down her legs and off her feet. When Jeremy came back up and hung the bikini bottom over Haijen's shoulder, he could almost immediately see the sexual fever rise in Haijen as he realized Stacey was completely naked.

Stacey was enjoying her exchange with the foreign boy. She liked the golden-brown tint of his skin, and despite his nervousness, he was an amazing kisser. From behind, she suddenly felt her brother's warm cock spring from his trunks as Jeremy undressed and began pressing his manhood against her buttocks until she was tightly sandwiched between him and Haijen. She didn't mind this feeling at all. Haijen's shorts weren't off yet, but she could definitely make out the Asian's erect penis pressing against his Levis. And with their kissing, Stacey didn't even notice that her father was now pressed up tightly behind Haijen, as the four of them were sandwiched together, rib-deep in Lake Michigan.

"Let Jeremy kiss him, Stacey," Mr. Stevens said over Haijen's shoulder. Stacey obeyed her father and unlocked her lips from the Korean's. She turned her head and smiled over her shoulder at Jeremy, who pressed tighter against her back. Jeremy didn't bother to make her move out of the way; instead he just leaned his head over her left shoulder and placed his lips against Haijen's. Jeremy could tell Haijen was uncomfortable kissing someone of the same sex, but knew that the love-making to follow would change his perspective completely.

While watching the two teenage boys making out, Mr. Stevens was rubbing the sides of Haijen's arms, comforting him. Then the older man looked at his daughter, who seemed to be enjoying watching the gay kiss that was going on over her left shoulder. Finally Stacey caught her father's stare and knew what he wanted. And she obliged. In one quick movement, she and her father lunged their mouths together over Haijen's left shoulder. She knew how much her father enjoyed tonguing, and so she let hers out, pushing it between his manly lips. Mr. Stevens tongued his daughter back as he brought his hands away from Haijen's arms, and placed them on the sides of Stacey's naked hips. By now, the darkness was completely taking over and the lake was getting colder. But the four didn't seem to notice much, as their kissing seemed to take up all their attention.

Mr. Stevens broke the kissing first, as he pulled from his daughter's lips. Jeremy followed his lead and pulled away from Haijen next. Haijen looked dazed, still so overwhelmed with all these new feelings, but Jeremy was excited for him. The best was right around the corner. Mr. Stevens then took Haijen by the hand and turned him around to look at him face-to-face.

"It's time to show you how a real family shows their affection for each other..." Mr. Stevens said as he started walking toward the shore, leading Haijen with him. Haijen's other hand was taken by Jeremy and the three males began walking hand-in-hand toward their camp site. As their bodies came up from the cool river, the air hit their wet bodies. Haijen was afraid to look, but he could see Jeremy's naked cock bouncing with their walk in the corner of his eye. Mr. Stevens still had a pair of shorts on, like Haijen.

They walked up to the camp fire and stood near its side on the long picnic blanket. Haijen began worrying that the neighboring tent would notice this, but realized the raging fire would block their view. Suddenly Haijen was turned around by Mr. Stevens, and there, he beheld his own personal fantasy in front of him. Only it was true; Stacey standing in front of him, naked. He saw her breasts for the first time, round and smooth. She was only a B cup, but they were still amazingly perfect. And between her legs was a mat of wet pubic hair, and the amazing 15-year-old cunt hidden beneath it. Haijen could almost smell her pussy. Her legs were skinny and smooth and her abdomen was tight. And her face-- God, her face was like an angel's right now. Or maybe it was the devil's, because Haijen could feel the sin electrifying between their bodies.

Stacey made the first move. Both her father and brother let go of Haijen's hands and his entire body was hers... and so she walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders and leaned into him, kissing him full on the lips again. She could feel Haijen's body jerk slightly when his shorts had suddenly been thrust from his hips by her dad. His underwear came down just as quickly and Stacey felt the moisture build inside her as Haijen's naked penis sprang from his undies, against her tummy between them.

"Oh yeah..." was Jeremy's first reaction when his dad pulled Haijen's underwear off. Haijen's round, smooth, golden-brown ass turned Jeremy on. His cock twitched a bit. Mr. Stevens turned to his son and saw the attraction in Jeremy's eyes toward the Korean exchange student. He smiled approvingly at his son, and Mr. Stevens began pulling his own shorts off. All Jeremy could do was watch in amazement, just like he always did. He was daddy's slut.

Stacey pushed down on Haijen's shoulders, and he knew exactly what to do as he lowered himself first on his butt, then on his back. Now only his erect penis stood up, swaying in the air as Haijen settled down comfortably on the picnic blanket. He felt the eagerness in his stomach as Stacey stepped above him. With a smile on her face, she lowered herself down to straddle Haijen. Now Haijen's cock poked at the entrance of her vagina and Stacey began teasing him. It was driving Haijen's hormones insane, and all he could do was rub her thighs as he looked up at the 15-year-old body hovering above him. Then Stacey finally reached down between her legs and grabbed the stiff cock. She positioned it straight and finally made her move.

"Oh!" her and Haijen let out a moan together as their bodies connected. His penis sunk deep into her young vagina and the feeling was more than he had imagined. Haijen had only fucked one other girl in his life, but nobody had ever turned him on like this all-American piece of ass. Stacey felt his hands clasp tightly on her thighs as he braced himself for the ride. She let his 5.5-inch cock sink to the base, before rocking upward, letting the penis slide out quickly before moving back down. The fucking was intense, as Stacey dipped and dived faster and faster down on his hips.

It was so intense that Haijen didn't even bother to look toward the commotion going on behind his head. He could hear low grunts and a few slaps of skin coming from where Mr. Stevens and Jeremy were. But Haijen couldn't take his eyes off of Stacey's body, as her small breasts jiggled with her rocking motions. Haijen soon noticed that Stacey's eyes were looking in the direction of those other noises and she was obviously as turned on by their source as she was by Haijen's penis in her pussy. Then suddenly her panting was interrupted when she said almost desperately "Oh fuck yes."

Haijen realized her response was triggered by what she was watching behind Haijen's head, so he finally took his eyes off her body and looked behind him. There he saw Jeremy on all-fours, and Mr. Stevens now getting up to his feet from behind his son, after obviously fucking him. "Bring it over here, daddy," Stacey said in that desperate tone again. Suddenly Haijen's eyes opened wide at the sight of Mr. Stevens' penis. It must have been at least 9 to 10 inches long with a monstrous girth. Haijen had seen cocks like that in movies, but the sight of one in person was almost overwhelming.

His eyes couldn't look at anything else, even with Stacey still humping him. He followed the cock in a trance as Mr. Stevens walked over his shoulder. And suddenly, like unsuspecting helpless prey, the penis was engorged by Stacey's mouth. The sight of Stacey barely fitting her daddy's huge sex tool in her mouth brought Haijen back to his senses. He let his eyes wander back and forth between Stacey's body as it continued fucking him, and her face as it stuffed her father's swollen penis in her mouth.

"Yeah, honey... Ooooh yeah, you know just how your daddy likes it," Mr. Stevens said toward his submissive daughter. Stacey pushed it in and out her mouth with all her effort. Her lips were opened as wide as they could. She could still taste her brother's ass on her father's cock from their previous anal sex. This turned her on even more, and with one hand, she reached down and started rubbing her clit as she humped Haijen faster. By now, Haijen was grabbing onto her ass to keep her from falling off his lap.

Then Mr. Stevens pulled his penis from Stacey's mouth and gave her a look, as if he wanted her to read his mind. Apparently Stacey got the message. A moment later, she tumbled off from on top of Haijen, and grabbed him by his shoulders, so that he rolled on top of her. Haijen had a surprised look on his face, but still managed a smile toward Stacey, who was now beneath him. She was on her back and Haijen was on all-fours, with his hips nestled between her legs. Without hesitating, Haijen adjusted to the new position and began bucking his hips back and forth between her legs, pushing his cock in and out of her pussy.

Haijen realized that his ass was exposed and vulnerable. And when Mr. Stevens signalled Jeremy to come over where the action was, Haijen had some idea of what was about to happen. Despite his skepticism on taking part in gay sex, Haijen continued fucking the Stevens daughter. She moaned and clawed at his back now, while lifting her head and kissing his lips at times. Then it happened.

He felt a wet finger touch his anus, and slightly crawl inside of it. Haijen winced slightly. He realized his asshole was being prepared for a fuck. He thought about protesting. But one look down at Stacey's beautiful face, and Haijen decided he did not want to possibly disturb what was going on, and what could go on between them at home, by going against the flow.

So, when he felt two hands take the sides of his hips and steady them for a moment, Haijen did not resist. And when the sudden pain of a cock popping into his asshole, all he could do was... "Oh!!"

"Oh yeah..." Stacey said up to him. She had a huge smile on her face as she realized what was going on at the other end of Haijen's hips. She closed her legs around the backs of a smooth pair of thighs that were settled behind Haijen's, and realized who it was that was fucking Haijen. "Fuck him good, Jeremy."

Jeremy soothed his penis deep into the Korean's ass. His eyes were locked down on the act, as he watched Haijen's anal walls opening wider as he pushed his dick inside slowly. Jeremy wanted to hurry this slow, cautious portion of the sex to come, so that Haijen could start humping Stacey again. Jeremy loved his sister dearly and didn't want her left hanging. As soon as the base of his cock was entirely inside of Haijen, Jeremy pulled out quickly, then back in quickly, pushing Haijen's hips forward too. As a result, Haijen sunk back into Stacey.

The three of them rocked back and forth together now. Haijen's hip slapped back and forth between Jeremy and Stacey. As Haijen felt his own cock pushing out of Stacey, Jeremy's penis entered him from behind. And when Haijen pushed in Stacey, Jeremy's cock slipped out. The result was a rhythmic dance between the three teenagers' bodies as they surrendered to the sin and sex.

Haijen's head was swimming with sexual intensity as he looked down at Stacey when Mr. Stevens re-entered the picture. Haijen turned his head to the left and saw the older man on his knees, with his huge penis hanging toward Haijen's neck. Haijen looked at it in awe again, oblivious to its purpose at first. Then Stacey spoke up. "Take it in your mouth, Haijen," she said between her panting.

Haijen looked up to Mr. Stevens eyes to see his response. He looked back at Haijen seriously. He was such a nice man. And his cock was impressive. If Haijen was ever going to suck a cock, it was going to be this one. So he did.

"Whew!" Stacey cheered Haijen as she watched him wrap his moist, lusty lips around her father's penis. Jeremy saw this too, and stopped fucking so hard, letting Haijen concentrate on going down on his first man.

"Mmmmmm." Haijen slid the dick into his mouth until it touched his tonsils. He could get it more than half-way in and Mr. Stevens obviously loved it. The older man's hands ran through the short, dark hair of the foreign boy who was performing oral sex for the first time. As Haijen began adjusting to the new experience, and bobbing up and down at a decent rate, Jeremy resumed the gay ass sex. As a result, Haijen's sex with Stacey also picked back up.

Mr. Stevens watched as the young threesome grinding their hips into each other, in that raw, passionate way that young love-makers do. And that one of them was taking the time to suck his cock was making the sight even more appealing.

The camp fire raged on and shot off an orange glow against their glistening, sweaty bodies as the four of them seemed to melt together in this beautiful experience. And when Haijen coughed out Mr. Stevens' penis, Jeremy also pulled out from behind him. The two men could tell he was about to ejaculate inside Stacey, and when they saw his hips begin to shiver against her and heard his moan, they knew they were right. "Oh yeeaaaahhh..." Stacey moaned too as she felt his warm semen spill out inside of her. Haijen let it flow all out of him before he rolled off of her and onto his back beside her. He was deep in an afterglow.

"Wasn't that beautiful, Haijen?" Mr. Stevens said. Stacey and Jeremy both got to their knees at both of their father's sides and the three of them wrapped their arms around each other's backs as they looked down to Haijen, smiling. Jeremy's cock was glistening against the glow of the fireplace, wet from being inside Haijen's anus. Mr. Stevens' penis was moist too, from Haijen's saliva. And tiny beads of drying come dangled from Stacey's vaginal hair. "Welcome to our family, Haijen," Mr. Stevens said with a smile as he also looked over at both his children. He kissed the two of them on the cheek. "You two go in the tent... I'll be right there."

Stacey and Jeremy both got up and walked together into the tent, closing the seal behind them. Mr. Stevens sat down next to Haijen. He ran his hand seductively across the younger man's abdomen and chest. "So beautiful...," Mr. Stevens started. "I love my children, Haijen."

Haijen gave him a smile. After sucking his cock, Haijen figured he could be candid with Mr. Stevens now. "I know."

"You aren't mine, Haijen, but I love you too. And I want to show you it like I show my children... What I'm trying to say, Haijen, is that..." Mr. Stevens paused and then let a grin out. "...Are you going to be ready for the rest of your stay here in America?"

The thought what Mr. Stevens was suggesting brought a grin to Haijen's face too. He let out a soft laugh. "Yes."

Mr. Stevens leaned in suddenly and kissed Haijen full on the mouth. The two lips seemed to stay there forever, pressing lovingly against each other. Mr. Stevens finally pulled away. "Good..." was all the older man said as he got up to his feet and smiled back at Haijen as he walked toward the tent. Haijen took a look at the older man's ass and lusted for it. Haijen suddenly realized that he had enjoyed more than what he did to Stacey tonight. He enjoyed feeling Jeremy's cock inside his butt. He had enjoyed the intimate kisses with the three of them... even the man and the son. And most of all, he had enjoyed the fleshy taste of penis in his mouth, thanks to Mr. Stevens. Wow, Haijen thought to himself, I turned bisexual tonight. The next few months were definitely going to be something else.

Mr. Stevens opened the tent seal and Haijen could see both Jeremy and Stacey laying next to each other, in each other's arms as they kissed. They both heard their father enter and turned their heads to look up at him. Then Mr. Stevens closed the seal behind him, and Haijen could only watch their silhouettes as the tent lamp threw their shadows against the tent walls. They had done so many freaky things that night as Haijen could barely make out what their silhouettes were up to. But when a splatting sound knocked against the inside of the tent, Haijen knew that only a cock of Mr. Stevens' magnitude could shoot jism that far.

Yes, this was going to be quite an exciting stay in America.

Epilogue- On the other side of the world; Seoul, Korea...


Josh wasn't the greatest in speaking the Korean language, but he only needed moans and grunts to let Sooni and Eshona know that they were doing an excellent job.

Josh pumped his hips back and forth into Eshona's asshole, feeling her anal walls wrap warmly around him. Below, he could feel Sooni switch from sucking his nuts to licking her sister's pussy. Josh could feel the come rising in his cock and he was just about ready to spit it out all over one of the women.

Turns out it was Sooni. She sensed Josh's climax approaching, and reached up to snatch his penis out of her sister's butt. Sooni then stuck the cock in her mouth just in time to catch the first shot of pearly jism against her tongue. Josh closed his eyes as he let her take the rest of it.

When she was done, Josh fell to his back and watched the two sisters engage in the wildest lesbian sex. When they both came together in a 69, Josh smiled at his accomplishment. He had gotten the 23-year-old and the 21-year-old in bed with him at first, and then together. He wondered if they would make a move on their younger brother when Haijen returned home. At the same time, Josh couldn't wait to get home himself to see daddy, Jeremy and Stacey.

But this wasn't so bad, was it? Josh smiled.

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