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Family Orgy

Chapter 1

One summer Saturday, shortly after my eighteenth birthday (or sixteenth birthday if you live anywhere else except Canada), I returned home from a noon racquetball game to find my Mom washing her car. I winced as I recalled I had promised to do this for her before my game. I ran up the driveway, dropped my stuff and started apologizing.

"Forget it," she said, "I'm kind of used to your scatterbrains. Honestly, I don't know how you make it in college."

I picked up a sponge and started helping her. It was a hot, muggy day and I was still dressed in the nylon shorts I had worn to play racquetball. My t-shirt was discarded in favor of gaining a tan. Soon sweat was glistening off my torso.

"Say," my Mom said approvingly, "Have you been working out? You look like you've developed a mighty fine body."

I looked up at my mom, surprised that she'd mention something like that. She was leaning across the hood, eyeing me appreciatively. She was also dressed in shorts and a white dago-T. This top gaped open, revealing the tops of her perky little breasts. Trying not to ogle her too much, I mumbled something about lifting at school, then went back to washing.

We finished up and I started collecting the buckets and sponges as Mom hosed off the car. As she swished the water back and forth, she inadvertently sprayed me. "Hey!" I shouted, "you're getting me wet."

"Oh really," she grinned innocently, "I haven't even started." Then she turned the hose on me.

"Hey!" I shouted again lunging for the hose. "Let's see how you like it."

I grabbed the nozzle, but she held on tight. In the ensuing struggle, we both got entirely soaked. Finally she regained control and sprayed me again. I bent down and bent the hose, restricting the water flow.

"Truce!" I called laughingly.

As we grinned at each other, I noticed that I could see her tits through the soaked tee as clearly as if they were naked. The sight gave me an instant hard-on.

Looking up to her face, I saw she was as mesmerized by my shorts as I was by her shirt. I let go of the hose, and she sprayed me full in the face, knocking me over.

"Fine," I yelled. "Clean up yourself. I'm hitting the showers." I needed to jack off this monster before it burst. So I rolled over and made a bee-line for the house.

In the hot shower, as I soaped my rod, my mind was filled with my Mom's petite body and exquisite tits. I rubbed faster, nearing my climax. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. Through the translucent shower doors I saw the vague outline of my Mom step into the room and close the door.

"Hurry up in there," she said. "I'm soaked."

"Tough," I said, hurriedly rinsing away the lather in my crotch. "It's your own fault. Now you can wait your turn."

"The hell you say," she trilled. Then, to my astonishment,

I watched her form through the door as she stripped! The white of the t-shirt went first, then she stepped out of her shorts. All of a sudden I found myself staring at her naked outline and wishing the shower door was clear instead of frosted. But I didn't need to, because the next thing I knew, Mom slid the door back and stepped into the shower with me!

"Mind if I join you?" she said. Then, looking down at my throbbing erection, "My goodness, that's quite a hard-on you have there, son!"

"M-m-m-m-mmom!" I stuttered. "What's going on here?"

"Oh ,come on," she said, "it's not like I've never seen you naked before."

"But, what about you?"

"We're both adults, aren't we?" she said suggestively. As I stared aghast at her she said "Come on, Bill. You've been ogling me for years. It always turned me on, a little. Then, when you got back from school looking like this. Well, I'm only human... and very horny."

I tried one more protest.

"What about Dad?"

"He won't be back from golfing for another three hours. Besides, somehow I don't think he'd mind. Now, how about letting me give you a hand?" she said, stepping forward and grabbing my tool.

"Oh, this is nice," she cooed, stroking my rod "how about a little more soap. There, that's nice and slippery, isn't it. Mmmmmm, you're really hung aren't you, son. Jesus, you're even bigger than your father! It's a shame I didn't latch onto this big cock of yours sooner, honey, we could have had some wonderful times together when your father was away. To think of all the nights I lay awake masturbating, when you had this gorgeous big fucker raring to go, just down the hall!"

My head whirled as Mom's tiny fist danced up and down my shaft. Soon all my protests were forgotten as I shut my eyes and drifted with the pleasure, my favorite jack-off fantasy finally coming true.

"Hey, Bill," she said huskily, "Why don't you touch me, too. I won't bite... at least, not yet."

In a daze I reached out to her breasts and soaped them up. I wiped my hands around them, cupping, pushing, squeezing, lifting. I thumbed her nipples and was rewarded with a long low moan.

"Oh, yes, baby. Play with my titties. Play with Mommy's titties. Oh, yes, Bill." Her stroking of my rod continued, now speeding up a little. But the angle with her facing me was uncomfortable for her wrist, so she dropped to her knees and started pumping me in earnest, fingering herself at the same time. My knees buckled, and I felt myself starting to come.

"Yes," she urged me, "come for Mommy, come for me. Oh come on son. Come in Mommy's face."

Groaning loudly, I obeyed, my Mom to the letter, unloading jets of jism all over her face.

"Yes! Yes!" she yelled, "I'm coming too. Oh I'm coming, Bill."

When our orgasms subsided, she sat back in the tub, water spraying her hot flesh, and began scooping my cum into her mouth.

"Mmmm, yummy," she grinned "but I'd like to taste it fresh from your cock, next time, hon."

Instantly my boner sprang to attention again, as if I had never come at all. "How about now, Mom."

"Sure thing, baby," she said, "but you'll have to do something for me, first."

"Name it," I said.

"Come here," she beckoned, "Eat Mommy's pussy."

She sat down on the edge of the tub and spread her long tan legs. I knelt between them, the water pelting off my back, and applied my tongue techniques to her twat. Soon I had her legs curled around my shoulders, her hands tugging my hair as she urged me deeper into the place I came out of (and, with any luck, would be cumming into before too long!).

"Oh, Billy" she moaned "you lick pussy like a pro. Make me cum, baby. Make your horny old mom cum!"

And I did. Boy, did I. Her legs crushed my face into her crotch. Her back arched so far I had to hold her from falling onto the bathroom floor. Her loud moans echoed off the tiled walls.

As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed her hold on me and I was able to resume normal breathing. (You know, someone ought to invent a nose snorkel for dedicated pussy eaters!)

"That was the best, baby" she breathed.

By this time I was rock-hard and ready to roll.

"How about that blow-job now, Mom?" I asked her, standing so my prick was at lip-level for her.

She looked up at me with a dreamy, satisfied smile on her face.

"Sure son," she said, "but let's dry off and do it right in the bedroom."

This was fine with me and I said so. So we lovingly towelled each other off and headed for the king-sized bed in Mom and Dad's bedroom.

Chapter 2

I hopped up onto the king-sized mattress and planted my ass in the middle. Then I lay out, spread-eagled, with my prick jutting up toward the ceiling. Mom stood in the doorway, eyeing me off appreciatively.

"You know," she said, "You must have inherited that cock of yours from my side of the family. Your dad is nowhere near that big... but mine is."

The dreamy smile on Mom's face hinted that there was something significant in her last comment, however she'd brought up another subject I wanted to avoid but couldn't really forget... my father! My cock wilted slightly as I thought of my dad finding out about this. He'd cut my mother-fuckin' balls off!

"You mentioned earlier that Dad probably wouldn't mind about us," I said, "are you SURE?"

Mom laughed as she sashayed toward the bed, her firm, perky tits jiggling ever so sexily.

"I'm sure," she said, "we've had an open marriage since you kids were little. Lately, when I intimated at more than motherly feelings toward you, he laughed and teased me about it. Said I couldn't wait to get my hands on your cock. He was right, of course, but not mad. I accused him in turn of having lustful designs on Geriann. He admitted it. We fantasized to each other about making it with you kids. I think he'll be delighted that he now has the excuse to finally pursue your sister."

The thought of Dad fucking my sister brought me back to full hardness again.

"I'm certain she'll go for it, Mom. She's always checking out Dad's ass. Mine too, for that matter. But I never dreamed we'd open up this can of worms."

Mom crawled up onto the bed between my spread legs.

"There's only one worm I'm interested in right now," she grinned, reaching for my cock.

She curled up between my legs, her shoulder length blonde hair brushing my thighs. It was still damp, and tickled a bit, but suddenly I couldn't feel it anymore. I couldn't feel anything but her hot breath on my cock. Exhaling heavily, she was bathing my staff in hot breaths, exciting it in ways I never thought possible. Turning it this way and that with her hand holding me at the base, she tingled every surface. I could feel my pulse throbbing through my cock, every nerve ending excited and aware. By contrast, the rest of my body didn't exist, so overwhelmed was my brain by the total sensory overload emanating from my crotch. And she hadn't even touched it yet!

Just when I thought the feelings couldn't get more intense, Mom flicked her tongue out and dabbed at the underside of my erection. The breaths now alternated with tiny stabs of her tongue, one hot and dry, the other cooler and moist. Gradually the breaths were outnumbered by the licks. The tiny flicks became longer sweeps by her tongue. Now she was licking all around, long, wet, slurping licks.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, "you taste great, Son."

The rhythmic licking was actually less intense than the initial blowing, and my mind came down a little from the clouds. But my cock was still high! Finally, Mom pulled her head up and plunged her lips over the head of my cock. She applied a slight bit of suction and began a pistoning motion. At this point, I raised up on my elbows and gazed down at the head bobbing between my thighs. The full import of what was going on hit me right then. There was my MOM! Giving me a BLOWJOB! Talk about a "head" job, she was blowing my mind as well.

As I watched, she casually brushed her hair back behind her ear, unconsciously giving me a better view. She was really into what she was doing, industriously pumping her head up and down. Her lips covered and uncovered the length of my cock, which glistened wetly from her saliva. Her cheeks were slightly hollowed from the suction she was using. If I concentrated (and boy, was it hard to do!) I could differentiate between the feelings made by the cheeks and those emanating from contact with her lips or the slightly raspy tongue.

Mom raised her eyes and noticed me watching. She looked directly into my eyes and smiled around her mouthful of my cock. She chuckled a bit, deep in her throat, and the vibrations sent new thrills coursing through my rod! My eyes rolled back into my head and I dropped back onto the bed. Noticing that effect, Mom began humming as she blew me, creating more good vibes. I could feel myself beginning to lose control, the first intimations of a great orgasm beginning to tense my muscles. Sensing my closeness, Mom went in for the kill. Her suction increased, her pace quickened, her hand began following her lips up my shaft, milking my cock harder and harder. Her tongue tap-danced up and down, urging me to cum!

Suddenly her motion changed. She placed her hands on the bed outside my thighs and plunged her face deeper onto my cock. I felt her nose collide with my pubic hair as she opened her throat and took me ALL the way in. I could feel those stretched muscles constricting the top of my cock as she pumped quickly up and down. That was it! With several quick moans followed by a strangled cry I bucked my hips into her face and shot load after load of cum down my mother's hot sucking throat.

"Ummmm! Ummm! Ummmmm!" she moaned around my cock in time to my spurts.

The feeling of her swallowing around my cock coaxed more and more jism out of my rod. Finally, exhausted, spent, wiped out, blown away, I collapsed back on the bed and came as close to passing out from sheer pleasure as I ever had in my life.

After a few final licks, sucks and kisses, Mom left my now shriveled cock to rest in peace and crawled up to snuggle her soft, naked body against me.

"Mmmmmm! That was the biggest load I ever swallowed," she whispered, "and did it ever taste great. I love you, baby, you were great."

"Mom," I mumbled "You were great too. I... I really don't know what to say."

"Shh," she said, "you rest. Later on we can talk about what happened. And do it again, I hope. Now, let's rest a bit."

So we slept together for a while. Later I stumbled off to my bed to sleep off the rest of the afternoon, while Mom got dressed and went back downstairs. The last thought I had before falling asleep again was of my dad and my sister, Geriann. I hoped that they could find a little bit of what Mom and I did. Then I drifted off to dreamland, where nothing I could dream of could top what had happened that day.

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