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A Family Pact

It was one of those fantastically languid moments. The intensity of the orgasm left my mind blank, spent. My whole body was weak as I lay on the couch, afraid that I might just flow off it into a puddle on the floor. I open my eyes and see Nina's back, lightly tanned, and the twin, creamy firm orbs of her paler buttocks, mechanically, automatically, rising and falling over my softening cock. My wife is still milking the last out of her intensely powerful orgasm, but I am spent.

I hear a noise, and there in the doorway is Sue, our youngest daughter. Only thirteen, but so grown-up looking and womanly-wise.. She has been watching us make love... watching my long, thick cock pound up into her mother's bouncing cunt until finally we both achieved the delicious release we were striving for. Sue stares at us through passion-glazed eyes, her own voyeuristic arousal patently obvious. The crotch of her white leotard has bunched between the lips of her young pussy, and her wetness has stained through to darken the thin strip of fabric pulled into her slit . She is such a gorgeous-looking girl, her long, blonde hair cascading down her back, her long legs muscular and tanned. I feel the need to say something to my wife, warn her that our daughter is watching us make love... but I'm so spent that I cannot speak. Somehow it doesn't seem wrong to let her watch. It all seems so... so natural.

My cock softens so that the head drops out of the grasp of my wife's tight clinging cunt and thuds against my stomach. It is oiled with our fluids, gleaming in the light of the fire that burns next to us. Nina's rhythmic motion is so subtle now I can only discern it from the contractions of her shoulders, I cannot detect the small rise and fall of her body. She still straddles me, and beneath the cleft of her buttocks I can see the stringy droplets resulting from our friction spilling from her and sticking to the dewy hair on my upper thighs. Her right hand reaches behind her, between her parted thighs, and I feel Nina's fingers curl around my limp prick. I can feel her finger-tips adhere to the goo that coats my cock, and the tightness of the sticky bond when she pulls her hand away.

Nina lifts herself off me, swinging her leg over my chest. I can see her thighs gleam from our spill. She walks over to the chair were the towel lies spread, our pubic hair scattered and stuck to the threads by the shaving lubricant we used earlier. From her silhouette projected on the wall I watch as Nina wipes herself clean. I look around the shadowy room with the flicking flames casting a varied depth of light, but cannot see Sue. Nina leaves, after finding the towel was soiled, to wash herself. I lie naked on my back and close my eyes.

I remember our love-making.

I can feel the walls of Nina's cunt engulf me, slipping over my erection like a soft suede glove flexes and grips my fingers. And the way her vaginal muscles rippled over the length of cock once it was fully embedded in her. At that moment I was lost, clenching and unclenching my scrotum and feeling the vibrations pulse along my length. My eyes closed. Nina pulsing my cock. I don't know where I was, somewhere in the agony before the ecstasy. Another universe. Then I feel one of Nina's fingers joining my cock in her cunt. Tonight she feels the not infrequent need to really have her cunt really stretched. It felt good.

Nina's cunt massaged me, her finger massaged me, the nail at its end scratching against the underside of my cock head, its hardness muted by the wetness of Nina's secretions. It was so weird. I just lay there, trying to control my eruption. Then Nina spasmodically rose and dropped hard onto my prick. I knew she was coming. Her finger pressed against my cock and her palm ground against her clit with the rhythm of our fucking, and I came too.

I return to the present. Reliving that orgasm, each sensation is some catharsis to reenter the real world. My brain is here. The room is dark, and only red embers glow from the fire place. The wood is damp and the room smoky, it reminds me of the wet Appalachian apple orchards of the harvest times of my youth. Naked I throw some more logs on the coals and stoke the fire. The little light from the fireplace emits a gauzy reflection off the window panes, but I see a slender figure beyond them on the screen porch. The flames behind me warm my back and backside, but my chest feels cold. I can almost feel the damp coldness wash over from the lake through the close door.

Sue does not turn when I come out to the porch, but stares at the ice dark lake water, or perhaps the fast-moving cumulus clouds that are the silver lining of a starry sky. For the first time I hear the wind whistling. I feel I must talk to my daughter, say something to her... explain... anything. I sense that she is troubled by what she saw, but I don't know it is embarrassment, guilt or even jealousy. I put my hands on her shoulders, in a fatherly gesture. She does not flinch, she knows I am there. I want to press my body against her, but she is obviously upset... there should be space here now. It is hard for both of us to come to terms with the intimacy she has witnessed. I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to share it with her.

Sue has shared our parental love for her, but never actually witnessed our physical love until now. It's as if she's been in our lives, loving us both, but in a cameo role. I can understand the indignant flexing of her back, and the way her shoulders melt into my palms. I ask Sue if she would like to come back inside, now that the fire is roaring. It is cold out here.

She turns, and for the first time realises that I am still naked. Her eyes seem to sparkle mischievously in the firelight and I seem to detect a tiny smile lift the corners of her mouth as my cock brushes inadvertently against her thigh. I shiver at the momentary contact, but not because of the cold. Come on inside, I tell her with a grin, before your poor old Dad catches pneumonia. I sit her on the couch in front of the fire and go in search of my wife.

Nina is in the kitchen. I tell her everything, except the fact that the idea of our own daughter watching us have sex actually turned me on. But Nina is no fool. She nuzzles my neck and whispers; "You want to fuck her, don't you?" What can I say. I shrug my shoulders non-committally and just stare at her stupidly. I could never successfully lie to Nina. "It's okay, leave everything to me," she whispers, "Now go keep her company while I get us some drinks" I shake my head in disbelief, but do as Nina says. I always have.

Sue is still on the couch where I left her, fidgeting uneasily. We sit beside one another, separated by a palm width of propriety, she in her gleaming leotard while I am still naked. I watch as the light from the burning logs flickers over her beautiful face. She has her mother's fair looks, serene yet with a tantalizing hint of devilment about her. There are freckles on her cheeks that almost glow as the tongues of flame lick outward in the fireplace. I can feel my daughter's flush rise from the warmth of the blaze before us. I long to savour that young animal heat rising from her tender flesh with my hands, but to feel it is inappropriate. We stare at the depth of the fire, apart, together.

Nina comes into the room. She bears a tray with a bottle of wine and three glasses and sets it down on the table in front of the overstuffed couch catty corner to the Ottoman where I sit beside Sue. Nina is wearing a silk wrap around gown that barely reaches to the top of her thighs and that is translucent in the roar of the fire. Nina's light brown hair drops over this fine material and seems to be organic, pulsing in the light of the flames. She tells me to clean myself, and I realize that our outpourings have gelled on my lower body. I leave, as instructed and wash my genitals in the sink of our white tiled bathroom. The warm water from the faucet flows over my nether parts, the bar of soap cleaning the evidence our strenuous coupling away with its bubbling lather. In the bedroom I find a pair of grey cotton drawstring pants and a black T-shirt and put them on.

Five minutes have passed when I return to the room. From the top of the varnished stairs I can see the fire has ebbed, and that Nina and Sue sit close together on the couch. Their bodies are white, but the luminance of Nina's gown glares over the whiteness of Sue's body suit. Their arms and heads are dull shadows, Sue's blonde head a nightlight, Nina's light brown hair a texture in the penumbra of her radiance. I walk down the stairs behind the couch. For a moment I think that Sue is crying. Her head is almost buried into the crotch of her mother's armpit, and Nina is caressing Sue's back. My bare feet let me move silently across the hardwood floor but Nina looks up as I approach. I catch her glance and its message.

Slowly Nina's caresses pull the straps of Sue's leotard off her shoulders. I place my hands on Sue's neck, my fingers dwelling over its nape, tracing over the shape of the vertebrae. I help push the straps down my daughter's upper arms and palm the corner of each shoulder with each hand, as I held her earlier on the porch. Again I want to press my body against her back. Nina nuzzles Sue's cheek and neck. I watch as Nina slowly works the top of Sue's leotard down. I can see from my vantage point, behind the couch, the creamy swell of her firm young breasts emerge to the light. Sue's nipples are distended, almost like grub worms, in their erectness. I long to pinch them, or at least cup her breasts like I do her shoulders, but instead I watch as Nina's nose and mouth trace a line of kisses and pressure to the cleavage between Sue's breasts.

For a moment I am entranced. Watching my wife in an intimate embrace with our daughter is hard to believe, but the sight is an incredible turn-on. I watch as my daughter's young breasts are revealed in all their glory. She is so young and perfect. I feel drawn to her, compelled to worship her gorgeous young body as my wife is doing, so I kneel on the floor. I press my face under her hair and kiss the space against her neck that Nina just recently vacated. I can feel Sue's breath expelling downwards on to my face, with its aromas of Shiraz, apple and Nina. I close my eyes and bury my face behind Sue's left ear, drowning in the sea of my daughter's silky blonde hair.

Blinded, my left hand explores on its own. I sense it tracing down Sue's forearm and can see in my mind's eye it forays over Sue's speckled tanned skin. Instinctively I know that Nina has moved on. As I kiss Sue's hair line behind her ear, my hand bridges that gap between her ulna and ribs and my fingers feel the crease where her left breast meets her chest. My fingers reach upwards over the spherical incline until I feel her knotty nipple between the cleft of my middle and index finger. I squeeze my digits, clasping her breast and pinching Sue's nipple warmly, not tightly. God, I am feeling up my own daughter! Pure heaven.

To check on Nina I remove my face from the nest of Sue's hair. Nina is almost kneeling on the couch. Sue's leotard has been pulled down to below her waist and rests tightly over her tips. My right hand slips from Sue's shoulder to mirror-image my left. It holds her breast, and I gently pinch my fingers together and feel the stiff nubbins of my daughter's nipples enveloped in the soft web of flesh between my longest fingers. Emboldened by her moans of arousal, my mouth finds hers, and we kiss. Sue's eyes close when our lips entwine, but I look down and watch as Nina's tongue swirls around and into Sue's navel. A part of me can't believe this is happening, as I watch my own wife pay homage to our 13-year-old daughter with her mouth.

I can see Nina pulling down the bunched leotard with her left hand, trying to bring it over Sue's jutting pelvis, while her right hand strokes the tops of Sue's thighs. Almost imperceptibly Sue's legs begin to widen. I kiss her harder, and think I see the damp spot over the crotch of her leotard expand. The sight is incredibly arousing.

Nina lifts her head from Sue's stomach and kneels on the floor. Swiftly she lifts Sue's legs over her head and lays them lengthwise on the couch. This movement breaks my kiss with Sue, whose head falls onto the seat of the sofa. I kneel in a vacuum behind the couch. Nina pulls at the leotard bunched at Sue's waist, and I watch as Sue lifts her hips so as to allow her mother to fully undress her. I watch as the white clothing is stripped down Sue's legs and hoops through the final hurdle of her ankles. My eyes travel up my daughter's legs to her naked crotch. Her cunt-hair is almost non-existent and in the dull fire-light, the blonde fuzz covering her plump mound is completely transparent.

My cock leaps to attention at the sight of my little daughter's sweet sex, so lewdly exposed. Nina rests her head on the tops of Sue's thighs, and I gasp as my wife's tongue extends and licks tentatively at the girl's naked cuntslit. Sue's legs widen, almost reluctantly, and Nina's tongue slides over the pebble-like clitoris and darts between Sue's outer labia. My fingers touch Sue's temples, and trace downwards over the outline over her cheekbone to her chin. She turns her face so that her mouth can entrap my right index finger to the second knuckle and sucks its length hard. She gazes up at me as she does so, and the look of pure lust on her pretty little face tells me that she'd rather be sucking her Daddy's cock.

I escape Sue's mouth. My fingers trace over the sharp outline of her collar bone, and down the ridge between her breasts. Her skin is soft but somehow my fingertips can feel the dimple of every pore. My hands are instinctively drawn to and dance over the incredibly firm mounds of my daughter's breasts. I lean over the back of the couch and grasp a nipple in my mouth. I let my teeth clench it while my tongue washes it with my saliva. I pull my face away, still gripping the erect flesh, almost trying to strip it of its skin, and then give the same attention to its twin. My tongue then plies its trade around the swollen aureoles at the base of each nipple. Sucking my daughter's nipples like this has my cock as hard as a rock. I can feel it trying to escape through the waistband of my pants.

Suddenly, Sue moans loudly and I feel her whole body shudder. When I look down, I can see Nina's reddening cheeks. Nina's whole mouth is locked around the opening of our daughter's pussy and she is sucking like she sucked my cock earlier, drawing the blood to Sue's tissue surface and sucking Sue's aroused young clit. While I can't see it I know that as she sucks, Nina's tongue is working. I have seen my wife with other women before and I imagine her stiff, wriggling tongue probing the tasty recesses of Sue's hairless young pussy, darting deeply into our daughter's tight little fuckhole, flicking maddeningly at her engorged clit. I watch Sue's stomach convulse, knowing what Nina is doing to the young girl with her tongue. Knowing that she is making her own daughter... our daughter.. climax into her mouth.

As Sue relaxes, Nina release her cuntal kiss, and looks up at me, her lips and chin glistening with our daughter's secretions. I stand and step out of my pants. I walk to the front of the couch after moving the coffee table to give us some more room. I kneel next to Nina, who is kissing and licking the area between Sue's navel and slit, and kiss Sue. She is shaking, and it is hard for our lips to press together, but I feel her hand instinctively run up my thigh, gently touch my balls, and then ring her thumb and fingers around the base of my cock. I feel her tiny fist follow my length, stopping beneath the flared head, gently squeezing. I can't believe the feeling. I have had many women fondle my erect prick before, but this is my own sweet, sexy little girl... my daughter... my baby! It feels like I am having my cock touched for the very first time....

Sue's digits massage my foreskin, attempting to pull it over the stretching head of my prick. I can feel Sue pull me toward her. Nina moves aside to let me at our daughter and I crawl on the couch. All this time Sue's fingers are locked around me, pulling, coaxing, squeezing. I look down into my daughter's eyes and see my own animal lust reflected there. There is no need for me to ask. She wants this even more than I do! As I lower myself, Sue guides the head of my cock against the glistening folds of her young cunt, rubbing the head once or twice through the slit before popping it eagerly into the tight ring of her juvenile fuckhole.

Pushing my hips forward, I enter her easily. Like any father, I am somewhat disappointed. My little girl is not a virgin, and I silently curse the boy (or man) who took that ultimate pleasure away from me. However the feeling of loss lasts but a moment as my cock is gripped by my daughter's little-used cunt-muscles. The walls of her little pussy clasp my prick tightly but allow me to slide easily into her. This is not like the snug familiar confines of her mother. My baby's pussy is hot, and wet and very, VERY tight!

Slowly, so as not to hurt her tiny hole too much, I begin to thrust in and out. I enjoy every fold of Sue's hot young flesh rippling over my length. Her upper thighs grip my hips, and then slowly move up my body, clenching my waist, then the lower reaches of my ribcage. I keep my thrusting slow, but then withdraw to swing her legs over my shoulders, enter her again and feel the backs of her knees clenching my shoulders. I will not speed up this slow deliberate rhythm, though I sense my daughter wants me to push harder and faster.

Nina has lifted Sue's head and now sits on the couch, cradling Sue's head in her crotch. Nina's robe has opened, and I can see the erectness of her pink nipples. I look at Nina's face as she watches me fuck our daughter. She is extremely excited and whispers encouragement as I begin to plow Sue's hot, slippery little slit with more and more force.

"Fuck her!" snarls Nina. "Fuck her horny little cunt!" My wife's words are incredibly exciting. And I stare into her wild, lust-filled eyes as I fuck our gorgeous willing daughter.

In a motherly gesture, Nina wipes the sweat from Sue's brow and her body jerks slightly with each thrust of my cock into Sue. I can almost taste the smell emanating from my daughter's pussy as I fuck her, the moaning little girl seems to emanate sex from every pore of her body, but I'm locked in my stare with Nina. I am about to cum in Sue's tight, sucking cunt but Nina whispers; No, not yet, and shakes her head. Reluctantly I withdraw my cock from Sue, and stare down into her wide young disappointed eyes apologetically.

Nina instructs me to lie down and helps our daughter to climb on top of me. I lean back against the arm of the couch and watch as my wife maneuvers our daughter over my cock. Sue squats on my glistening cock, I can feel her middle finger against the underside of my shaft as she directs its length into her tiny cunt once more. The soft folds of her adolescent pussy-lips engulf my cockhead as Sue lowers herself onto me. The finger pressing against my prick enters with me and Sue cups my balls with the palm of her hand. Sue lifts and drops in a slow rhythm that matches the slothful pace I took fucking her mother earlier.

Sue's eyes are closed, her cute little mouth open and panting. I feel her pubic bone crush against my own as she grinds her slender young hips over my pumping pelvis. I can feel her adolescent cunt-walls gripping and ungripping me powerfully, much more tightly than her mother, yet at the same time very familiar. Her tiny breasts are crushed against my chest, sweaty from our exertions. Sue's elongated nipples rubbed against my own. I close my own eyes and start to fuck my cock up into her belly strongly. Just knowing that it is my own, sweet, sexy little daughter who is bouncing her cunt down onto my raging prick is enough to make me come on the spot, but I try to hold back, wanting to make our first incestuous fuck truly memorable.

Nina's hands intervene. She is behind our daughter, and cups Sue breasts. At first I thought it was to aid our sensuality, but Nina tries to pull Sue's back down to the couch. Sue does this, pulling my cock down to an obtuse angle that makes it hard to fuck her. In a frenzy of lust, Nina tries to aim her shaven crotch onto our daughter face, but I can see this makes Sue uncomfortable. I take Nina's hand as I slide down the couch so that I now lie flat on my back, away from resting on the sofa's armrest. Sue grabs my cock and straddles me again, reinserting my long, sticky shaft back into her tight young cunt where it belongs. Soon she begins to rise and fall over the length of my cock once more, throwing her head back and moaning with pleasure at the deep penetration. Her slippery cunt almost loses grip at the apex of her rhythm, but the strong downward force of her body holds me in place. I am surprised at her technique. And absently wonder how many other cock's she has fucked like this. It can't be many because she's only 13 and she's as tight as a virgin, but still I envy each and every one of them with a father's jealousy.

Sue has quickened her pace, bouncing up and down on me now, like she saw her mother doing in this very spot, less than an hour ago. Nina sits on the arm of the couch and slowly lower her hips. I reach out to touch her with my tongue. I can see her dew condensing on the inner opening between her puffy red cuntlips. My wife is very aroused, so I see, from the swelling and darkening of her labia. She lowers her crotch on my face, so that my nose pushes against the tight orchid of her anus and my mouth and tongue dwell over her cunt. I work my lips and tongue on her, tasting every drop that emanates from her tantalizingly wet hole.

I can't believe it. Here I am lying on my living-room sofa, with my daughter's tight cunt impaled on my cock and my wife's gooey cunt sliding around on my face... Jesus, I'm fucking them both! Sue is working my cock, ever faster. I feel her cup my balls and squeeze them, while her other hand holds the base of shaft with two fingers and a thumb and rubs it in a beat totally different from the hips that pound around me. I feel like I have two cocks, fucking or be fucked at different paces. And they are both about to come.

Nina leans forward and kisses Sue. One of Nina's hands caresses the point of union between me and our daughter as I fuck her, her fingers forming a ring above Sue's and matching Sue's crazy hand jive; another finger strokes Sue's clitoris in that same rhythm. Nina's other hand floats over Sue's tiny breasts squeezing and massaging them. Soon I feel one of Sue's hands passing through the shaven crotch above my face, and my tongue laps the index finger that finds it way into my mouth. I can feel Sue's pubescent lust mount as she pounds me urgently. Nina starts to rub her cunt across my face. My left hand joins Nina's rubbing the outer reaches of our daughter's hairless cock-filled little crotch. Nina is gushing into my mouth. I think my pelvis will shatter from Sue's pounding. I fell my prick being sucked by my daughter's powerful orgasm, and as it is released momentarily my welling come gushes into her, filling her heaving, little womb with my sperm, the same sperm that had gushed into Nina thirteen years ago to give her life. Sue rises again gripping, almost sucking, and thrusts down again as another spurt escapes me. Nina is literally grinding into my face. Then, with a loud scream, my wife comes too, filling my mouth with her juices as I fuck the last few spurts of fatherly jism into our writhing, squealing and very satisfied daughter.

Later, as we lay entangled in front of the fire in the after-glow of our first familial fuck, we made a decision... a family pact if you like... no secrecy, no locked doors, no false modesty, and above all, where sex was concerned... no holds barred!

Sue is 20 now and married to a very nice young guy named Dave. Luckily Dave comes from an equally broad-minded family. Otherwise he would have stormed out of the house on Sue's wedding day when he found Nina and I giving Sue a little 'bon voyage' fuck right there on the very couch where it all started, seven wonderful years ago. Instead, Dave just grinned, took off his clothes and shoved his huge cock into my more-than-willing wife. As Dave fucked Nina to orgasm after orgasm, on the floor, I did for same for my beautiful, newly-wed daughter. Kissing the bride was never so much fun!

Sue and Dave are regular visitors here now and the same 'family pact' we agreed on all those years ago still applies. Sometimes Dave brings some of his equally broad-minded family with him... All I can say is that Christmas reunions at our house these days are a real BALL! :) ;)

The End.

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